Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 03.
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Hello everybody. This is Dr. Beter speaking. Today is August
21, 1975 and this is my monthly Audio Letter #3. Today I want to
discuss three major topics. The first two are in response to
some things people have asked me about and the third topic has to
do with some major shifts which are now in the works in the plans
of the Rockefeller brothers. These topics are:

1. The Truth about the Assassination of President John F.
2. Some little known examples of economic power held by the
Rockefellers and how they hold that power.
3. How the Rockefeller Plans for World War III are being
altered by Indira Gandhi's crackdown on the CIA in India.

Before I launch into these three topics, however, I want to
respond to numerous inquiries I have received in a different
vein. There are a number of specialized newsletters which deal
with various aspects of political economics and I am often asked
if I can recommend any of them. I believe I have a
responsibility to direct you toward reliable information sources,
which in general do not include the Rockefeller-dominated major
news media. One dealing with general news is the Daily News
Digest, published by

Research Publications
P.O. Box 27496
Phoenix, Arizona 85061

The other, which focuses primarily on financial affairs, is

International Moneyline
16 East Trail
Derian, Connecticut 06820

These complement rather than duplicate one another, and I suggest
that you write to them both and decide for yourself. And now,


On November 22, 1963 the Nation and the World were shocked and
stunned by a horrible news bulletin from Dallas, Texas. If you
heard that bulletin, you probably remember exactly what you were
doing when you first heard the impossible news. President John
F. Kennedy, riding in a motorcade past thousands of friendly
onlookers, had been shot.

All too soon our worst fears were realized as we were told
that our President had been assassinated.

In remarkably short order, attention focused on a single
suspect named Lee Harvey Oswald, who was promptly rounded up and
jailed. Oswald's background was thoroughly documented in
government files and was the type that would normally have
subjected him to intense surveillance by the Secret Service
during the President's visit to Dallas.

And yet, the fact that Oswald was an employee of the Texas
Schoolbook Depository, right on the parade route, seemingly
escaped attention ahead of time.

But immediately after the shooting he was immediately traced,
cornered, and arrested. He was very nearly killed in a shoot-out
in a movie theater, but instead shot and killed a police officer
there and wound up being taken alive. Oswald's survival,
however, was quickly remedied and on nation-wide television, no
less. Arrangements were made for Oswald to be transferred from
the Dallas jail to another location and TV crews were on hand to
cover it.

As he was enroute from his jail cell to a waiting police car,
a man named Jack Ruby, well known to the Dallas police and
instantly recognized by them, was permitted to make his way to
Oswald's side while still inside the police station.

Millions of people watched in utter disbelief as Ruby
proceeded to shoot and kill Oswald before their very eyes.
Oswald had been protesting over and over that he had been made a
patsy but now he would never get to explain what he meant.

Then Ruby himself was the next to go. Tough, rugged, healthy
Jack Ruby strangely became ill and soon died while in jail. But
Dorothy Kilgallen, the syndicated columnist, who was also famous
as a panelist on the TV Show "What's My Line" announced that she
was about to blow the case wide open. She said that she had
talked with Ruby and was about to publish explosive material he
had given her in her next column. By odd coincidence she never
wrote the column, or at least, it was never published. Instead,
she allegedly died from a mixed dosage of drugs and alcohol even
though she reportedly had no history of using either to any
significant extent. Thus began a nightmare of confusion, doubt,
frustration, and fear for the American people.

Key people with information bearing on President Kennedy's
murder died or vanished left and right in the months that
followed, defying all laws of chance. The government's official
investigation of the assassination was carried out, of course, by
the Warren Commission appointed by our new President, Lyndon
Johnson. The Commission was chaired by the then Chief Justice
Earl Warren, who was actually guided to a considerable extent by
a senior member of the Commission--then Congressman Gerald Ford.

Ford's political star rose continuously from then on and, of
course, he is now our first appointed President.

The basic proposal for the 25th Amendment to the United States
Constitution, under which both Ford and Nelson Rockefeller
acquired their present offices by appointment, was introduced in
the Senate only three weeks to the day after President Kennedy
was killed--almost as if it was ready and waiting. This proposal
was introduced on December 13, 1963, by Senator Birch Bayh, who
had been put into office by none other than Nelson Rockefeller.

After the Warren Commission completed its work, Ford wrote a
book strongly defending it. There is now a growing hue and cry
to reopen the case. But if you think President Ford will ever do
it, at least voluntarily, you had better think again.

All of this is no doubt familiar to you, thanks to the efforts
of numerous others who have uncovered and publicized various
matters relating to the assassination. But my friends, firm and
clear answers still have not been given you by anyone, to my
knowledge, on two absolutely central questions:

1. Why was John Kennedy killed?
2. And How?

Over the years we've been inundated with facts, allegations
and theories through articles, books, radio and television
programs and what have you. Yet, these most central questions
remain unanswered. I think this is why I am being bombarded with
questions about the JFK assassination and I think the time has
come for me to tell you what I can about it.

First, the question of why President Kennedy was killed.

During the summer and early fall of 1962, Senator Kenneth
Keating of New York embarked on a campaign to alert Americans to
the presence of nuclear warhead missiles in Cuba aimed at the
defenseless underbelly of the United States. For months he was
ignored, scoffed at and ridiculed by appointed officials in the
government. He might just as well have said "the gold is gone
from Ft. Knox." Obviously such a thing was too mind-boggling to
be true. But after a while President Kennedy became concerned
personally--that there might really be something to Senator
Keating's charges. He decided that in any case they should, at
least, be seriously investigated so that the country's fears
could be put to rest if they proved untrue.

Such a course of action is nothing more than common sense and
once the President took a personal interest in the matter it was
quickly discovered that Senator Keating's patently ridiculous
charges were true. We all know that within a matter of days,
with the United States on a world-wide military alert, President
Kennedy went on nationwide television to tell Americans about the
missiles and to demand that Russia remove them immediately. The
Cuban missile crisis was upon us!

A lot of Monday morning quarterbacking has been done in the
years since. Many things have been debated such as whether or
not he was wise in not demanding on-site inspections of Cuba
afterwards to guarantee that all the missiles were really gone.

But regardless of any of these arguments, John Kennedy's
courage in doing what he did was even greater than most Americans
realize. For, he was not only confronting the Soviet Union in a
deadly showdown, but he was also doublecrossing the Rockefeller
interests, who had enabled him to become President in the first

By exposing the Cuban missile build-up and stopping it just
short of fully operational status, John Kennedy threw a massive
monkey wrench into an attempt to speed-up the schedule of nuclear
blackmail, which is part of the Rockefeller plan for complete
control of America, in cooperation with their ancestral
home--Mother Russia.

Thanks to Kennedy's action, an entirely new missile base in
the Caribbean would now have to be found and developed to replace
Cuba. As I say these words this job has been accomplished. The
Republic of Guyana, a neighbor of Venezuela, has been turned into
a complete police state by Forbes Burnham, who was put in office
for that purpose by David Rockefeller. The Temehri Airfield in
Guyana, 25 miles outside of Georgetown, bigger than JFK Airport
in New York, was prematurely turned back to Guyana in 1965 by
President Johnson in obedience to Rockefeller orders and it is
now ringed by offensive nuclear missiles targeted on the Panama
Canal and on cities in the United States. I have been warning
about this situation for more than a year, but to no avail.

The removal of the Cuban missiles also meant that Russian
military superiority over the United States would have to be
achieved by a slower and harder way over a period of years.
American military research and development would have to be
stalled while Russia went all out to catch up and surpass us.

The Vietnamese conflict into which we were already being
dragged for other purposes, could prove the ideal tool for this,
causing us to waste our military resources by grinding up massive
quantities in war without focusing much on improving military

But here too, Jack Kennedy was getting in the way. Before he
was killed he had already initiated a sequence of events which
were to reverse an increasing Vietnamese involvement and extract
us from the Indo-China combat scene relatively quickly. All of
this meant that Jack Kennedy would have to go. He had launched
his New Frontier with an idealistic view of an ambitious
governmental program, which had been put together for him by
Rockefeller agents for purposes quite different from those he
himself envisioned.

But, he was beginning to see the light about what was really
going on, even stating in a broadcast that "Castro was a tool of
an international conspiracy." Had he been given the chance he
might in time have added up too many things correctly.

For his great act of brave patriotism in the Cuban Missile
Crisis, President John F. Kennedy thus became a marked man.
Agents of the CIA, which has been strictly a tool of the
Rockefellers ever since it was started in 1947, arranged a series
of possible assassination setups in 1963. As it happened, the
one which was actually carried out was the one in Dallas. This
brings us to how the assassination was actually carried out.
Unfortunately, I know of no delicate way to discuss this aspect
of the case which is critically important. But contrary to the
Rockefeller agents who dominate the United States government
today, I remain convinced that the American people are not
children, that we all want the truth, can handle it if it is
given to us straight and can sense when it is not being given to

As you know the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey
Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy. But this
conclusion, which has been elaborately and vigorously defended by
Gerald Ford, Walter Cronkite, and many other camp followers of
the Rockefellers, rests on a premise that is a complete insult to
the intelligence of every American. This premise is the
so-called single bullet theory.

According to this theory, my friends, which was the official
judgment of the Warren Commission, a single bullet fired from a
barely operable 20-year-old rifle by a poor--repeat,
poor--marksman named Oswald, passed through President Kennedy,
changed course, went through a car seat, struck Governor John
Connally, smashed a rib or two, then smashed his wrist, then
injured his leg, leaving behind fragments which Connally still
carries in his body today, and then ended up in perfect
laboratory specimen condition, completely undamaged except for
the ballistic marks used to trace Oswald's gun.

This single bullet theory is such nonsense that we would
probably throw a mystery novel in the trash in disgust, if it
contained an episode so silly and amateurish. But this
fairy-tale was the only way that the Warren Commission could end
up with their predetermined conclusion that Oswald acted alone
and that we should therefore put the idea of a conspiracy out of
our minds. Of course, Oswald was not around to tell his side of
the story, but never mind. A note was conveniently found which
we were assured Oswald had written explaining that he planned to
kill President Kennedy.

Well my friends, that single bullet did not kill President
Kennedy, nor did any other sniper's bullet. In fact, technical
analysis of the famous Zapruder and associated films done
secretly for me reveals the President was murdered by means that
were far more reliable than even the best sharpshooters.

Before I tell you what did happen, based on my own
information, let me review several facts which to my knowledge
have until now never been explained satisfactorily. These facts
are gruesome, but they have to be observed and analyzed
objectively if the truth is to be known:

Fact: Before the fatal shot, President Kennedy had already been
hit from behind by a shot which had caused him to lean slightly
forward and face downward.

Fact: He was then killed by a shot that literally blew the upper
rear portion of his head off. Several square inches of skull
were blown away.

Fact: This fatal shot snapped his head and body violently
backward and somewhat upward in his seat.

Fact: Debris from President Kennedy's head exploded to the rear,
landing all over the left rear deck of the open top limousine.
Kennedy was sitting in the right rear seat.

Fact: At the instant of the fatal shot the Zapruder film shows
what appears to be a rush of something--a blast of some sort into
Kennedy's face from downward and in front of him from a position
within the car. This has never been commented upon, to my
knowledge, by TV commentators when the Zapruder film has been
telecast. But watch for this blast from within the car. It's

Fact: The Presidential limousine in which the assassination
occurred was dismantled and destroyed within 48 hours. This was
a grossly illegal destruction of material evidence.

Fact: Pathologists and researchers, who have recently been
admitted to the National Archives, report that the remains of
President Kennedy's brain, another crucial piece of evidence, is
strangely missing, misplaced, gone!

Here now is my conclusion based on these facts, plus technical
opinions which have been provided to me confidentially. I
challenge the United States government to prove me wrong.

The Conspirators left nothing to chance or the vagaries of
marksmanship. President Kennedy was killed by device--mounted
inside the limousine and fired at him from point blank range.
The murder weapon was, of course, hidden, mounted inside the seat
upholstery in front of the President.

Based on the appearance of the blast in the Zapruder film,
it's possible that the murder weapon was essentially an extremely
sawed off shotgun, hidden in the seat upholstery ahead of him.
But it appears much more likely that the blast was produced by
what is known as a shaped charge in a special mounting. A shaped
charge is a specially configurated explosive device which
essentially produces a focused explosion--that is, an explosion
that mostly aims in one direction instead of going in all
directions like a stick of dynamite. A shaped charge is what
enables a bazooka to blast a Sherman Tank out of action and
shaped charges come in many sizes including some small enough to
have been hidden easily in the Kennedy limousine.

An advantage of the shaped charge, from the Conspirators' view
point, is that contrary to a gun or shotgun it would not produce
a bullet or buckshot which might be found by someone in the
vicinity and cause undesirable questions to be asked. The only
problem with the shaped charge would be its noise. Such a bang
would tend to attract the attention of others in the car.
However, the Conspirators knew that Jackie Kennedy would be too
distraught and preoccupied with Jack himself after the blast to
have such details register, and the driver of the car would also
be preoccupied with the urge of business of trying to maneuver
out of the ambush. But that still left Governor John Connally,
riding in the front seat ahead of the President. The sound of
the shaped charge could be expected to attract his attention,
even if it was muffled and partially lost in the confusion of
gunshots from snipers.

The possibility existed that Connally alone might be able to
detect that some sort of device had been fired just behind him
inside the car. Therefore John Connally was a specific target in
the ambush along with Kennedy. He was not, as has often been
supposed, merely the victim of a stray bullet, much less the
victim of a bullet that had first struck Kennedy as alleged by
the Warren Commission. Connally was potentially the single most
dangerous witness to the assassination. So, it was imperative
that he be incapacitated or killed outright. It did not really
matter whether Connally was killed or just seriously injured, so
long as his ability to observe events clearly was ruined. This
they, of course, accomplished.

Thus multiple sharpshooters were firing at the motorcade for
several purposes as it passed through Dealey Plaza. First they
were to create an ambush environment--a distraction so that the
murder blast from within the car would not be recognized for what
it was. Second they were to shoot Governor Connally. Merely as
a third priority they were also to hit the President with a shot
or two just as insurance against any possible malfunction of the
murder device mounted in the car. Vice President Lyndon Johnson
was not a target at all.

Once it is recognized that the murder blast came from within
the car from a position of firing slightly upward into Kennedy's
face, all the contorted and forced explanations you have heard up
to now about a lot of things cease to be necessary. The
bazooka-like blast very naturally threw him violently backward,
inflicted the incredibly massive head wounds that killed him and
threw debris all over the rear deck of the car. Furthermore, it
is now all too clear why the Conspirators would have wanted such
an elaborately rigged car destroyed quickly afterwards--something
which could scarcely have been done, by the way, without orders
or at least approval from the new President Lyndon Johnson. It
is also obvious why Kennedy's preserved brain has been spirited
away from the National Archives. One look at the wounds
inflicted by the murder weapon in the car would cause all of the
conclusions of the Warren Commission to be thrown in the garbage
bin--exactly where they belong.

With their new puppet Lyndon Johnson in the White House, the
Rockefeller plans were once again safe. Indeed the Rockefellers
squeezed every bit of mileage they could out of JFK's death.

As already mentioned, the basic outline of the 25th Amendment
cooked up by Nelson Rockefeller years before was proposed to
Congress only three weeks after Kennedy died. Also, seizing on
the complete lie that he had been killed by a lonely loony with a
cheap gun, a powerful campaign was launched to disarm the
American people under the euphemistic banner of gun control. LBJ
was used to ramrod massive chunks of the disastrous Rockefeller
governmental program through Congress--all the time saying "Let's
do it for Jack."

And the Vietnam War spigot, which Kennedy was preparing to
turn off, was now opened wide by Johnson. The Rockefeller
interests were thus served admirably. American technological
creativeness was siphoned off to the benefit of Russia.

Deep involvement in Indo-China helped the Rockefellers to
eventually attain control they desired over vast high quality oil
reserves in that region which rival those of the Middle East and
South China Sea. And the Rockefellers, who are the biggest
munition makers in the World--the merchants of death--reap
tremendous profits at the expense of taxpayers money and GI's
lives and injuries.

But some important questions still remain to be answered
concerning the murder of President Kennedy: 1. Was the device
which was the approximate cause of Kennedy's death triggered by
someone in the limousine or on the limousine, or outside it? 2.
Who prepared this device for the execution of President Kennedy?
3. Who had control over the limousine immediately prior to its
use in Dallas? To generalize is to omit. It is in the details
of things where the truth lies. There is no doubt in my mind
that a number of persons were involved in the conspiracy to kill
President Kennedy--no doubt at all.

It took a group of experts to install the death device. It
took another group to cause distraction and it took only one
person to trigger the death device--the shaped charge outside the
limousine by remote control through a radio signal. President
Nixon once said that only 3 persons in the United States
understood power--one was himself, another was Nelson
Rockefeller, the other was John Connally, who was almost
eliminated in the Kennedy ambush. We all know that power
corrupts and that thieves eventually fall out among themselves.

Nixon has been eliminated and now only Rockefeller and
Connally remain. Which will win the power play to rule us all?
Are we reduced to these two power blocs? Are there no other
alternatives? Who will remain to use the CIA as his own personal
tool? Why not abolish this CIA, this private super Gestapo
agency, now controlled by the Rockefeller brothers themselves?
Why not have a Congressional investigation and a grand jury
investigation by opening the Kennedy Assassination to answer
these and other questions? I leave it to you dear listeners.


I turn now to Topic #2.

Topic #2--A generation ago the so-called "Third Generation of the
Rockefellers" began rapidly taking over the reins of one of the
world's biggest economic empires from their father, John D.
Rockefeller, Jr. Of the six members of the Third Generation
(five brothers and a sister), two proved to be relatively
easygoing and content, by Rockefeller standards, with their
immense inherited wealth. These two were the sister Abby and the
late Winthrop Rockefeller, who served as Governor of Arkansas for
a time. But the other four brothers were incredibly ambitious,
more so than even their grandfather, John D, Sr., and more
ruthless as well. They considered the immense empire they had
inherited to be merely a convenient springboard from which to
launch really big things.

Their father, John D., Jr., had been in the forefront of those
who sought to dismantle the Christian faith and remake it into a
humanistic man-made philosophy; and in this connection he had
brought up his children to believe that they were uniquely
endowed and chosen to rule the world. In the case of the Four
Brothers--John D. III, Nelson, Laurance, and David--this training
"took", and for several decades these four brothers have worked
tirelessly as a unit in a relentless conquest for control of
America and domination of the world for their own Mother Russia.
In this connection they were simply carrying forward some of the
things that their father and grandfather had already started, but
they did so with greater diligence and vastly greater resources
than their forebearers had had at their disposal.

The Four Brothers long ago divided up the world into spheres
of influence for each to concentrate on. John D. III carved out
Asia and Africa for his special attentions and also emerged in
the forefront of many so-called philanthropic activities,
although the philanthropic image or halo is one cultivated by all
of the Rockefellers. As I mentioned in my monthly AUDIO LETTER
No. 1 for June 1975, John was personally involved in the spy-nest
plotting at Lee, Massachusetts, which laid the groundwork for the
Pearl Harbor attack which dragged an unwilling America into World
War II. His participation in this plotting was done under the
cloak of a supposedly philanthropic international activity called
the "Institute of Pacific Relations", or IPR. After the war the
IPR was abolished after Congressional investigations exposed its
infamous role against America.

It's interesting that John is taking a more visible stance
than usual these days, heading the propaganda drive that is
intended to pave the way for the secret "NEW CONSTITUTION" I've
described in my latest AUDIO BOOK on that subject. For example,
the Rockefeller-controlled "Hertz Rent-A-Car Company" has just
launched a new magazine for customers called "NUMBER ONE", and
the inaugural issue contains a cover article titled, quote: "JOHN
SECOND REVOLUTION." In that article John's involvement in the
IPR is paraded as if it were something to be proud of; but it
doesn't mention that after Japan was defeated in the War (that
the IPR helped bring about), John D. Rockefeller III swooped down
with his entourage and proceeded to take over the Japanese
economy lock, stock, and barrel, consolidating great chunks of it
into a huge cartel called the Zaibatsu.

The so-called economic miracle of Japan is in fact no more
surprising than the remarkably American appearance of this Asian
giant since the War. Since World War II both America and Japan
have been under Rockefeller control. After all, even SONY stands
for nothing more than the former Standard Oil Company of New

Turning now to Nelson, I have said much elsewhere,
particularly in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 1; and suffice it to say
that he carved out the United States and Latin America for his
special focus, and has played the role of "inside man" in our
Government ever since the days when he was the so-called "closest
advisor" of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was a complete puppet of
the Rockefellers. To enhance his Latin American image, Nelson
has for many years pretended great enthusiasm over Latin American
art of all kinds; but in Latin America itself his rapacious
economic activities in the past helped create the image which has
been termed "The Ugly American", and he was long ago labeled
"Public Enemy No. 1" by certain Latin American newspapers.

Then there is Laurance Rockefeller, who received some
unfavorable publicity during the confirmation hearings for
Nelson's Vice-Presidency. It was Laurance, of course, who
financed the celebrated anti-Goldberg book to help brother Nelson
in his gubernatorial reelection campaign in 1970; and judging
from the testimony, shelling out $60,000 for this purpose
apparently took about as much deliberation as buying a box of
paper clips would for you or me. Moral scruples don't appear to
have been a problem but appearances were, since the $60,000 was
carefully laundered through a roundabout legal route so that the
source of the book's financing would not be readily apparent.

Lest anyone should consider such shenanigans suspicious
though, the testimony contains a beautiful example of the kind of
logic the Rockefeller Brothers use, regulated to befuddle their
critics. It was stated that this circuitous routing and
disguising of funds for the book wasn't laundering at all but
merely a very common practice in Rockefeller dealings. In other
words, they hide what they do all the time, so therefore it must
be OK. Here, my friends, is just one hint of the fact that
Rockefeller control is extremely pervasive throughout our
society, but it is hidden from our view more often than not. At
any rate, Laurance's domain includes the airlines, aerospace, and
arms industries of the Rockefellers who are the world's biggest
and most aggressive "merchants of death." It also includes the
Stock Market and its manipulation. As you see the stock market
crash I have been warning about developing before our eyes, you
can send your Thank You notes to Laurance Rockefeller.

Finally we come to David Rockefeller, the youngest of the four
brothers and the most powerful of them all. David is Chairman of
the mammoth Chase Manhattan Bank, one of the two or three largest
bank networks in the world with over 2000 branches in some 98
countries throughout the entire world. Chase Manhattan is a
prime source of loan funds to the largest companies in America
and abroad, and its Trust Department owns huge amounts of stock
in companies that constitute the backbone of the American
economy. By granting or denying loans, by hiring ex-CIA agents,
by applying pressure on companies that are in debt to Chase
Manhattan (including pressure to change the make-up of Boards and
Directors of corporations, banks, insurance companies, etc. by
selectively buying and selling stocks and by other means), David
Rockefeller is in a position to pull some very powerful strings
just through Chase Manhattan alone.

But even Chase Manhattan Bank is the only tiny visible tip of
David Rockefeller's iceberg. David Rockefeller is no ordinary
banker--he is the key custodian of the incredible world-wide
Rockefeller financial empire and through it he is the most
powerful international banker in the world. The Rockefellers
control not only Chase Manhattan Bank but many of the other key
money houses both in America and abroad. They control the First
National City Bank of New York, the largest in New York City,
plus a number of the other major New York banks. They also
control many banks where their Cartel is not widely
recognized--such as the Bank of America which is the largest bank
in the United States, and also the multinational banks abroad
including many investment banking houses here and abroad.

The fact that the Rockefellers have succeeded in taking over
the huge Morgan interests, which used to be the biggest
competitors of the Rockefellers in America, comes as a distinct
shock to many people. After all, Morgan Guaranty Trust
reportedly maintains a stock portfolio worth 23-1/2 billion
dollars at the present time, the biggest in America.

Well, my friends, no less than 16 of the 24 Directors of
Morgan Guaranty Trust are now Rockefeller agents; and since some
have found it unbelievable that Morgan Guaranty is now
Rockefeller dominated, I am now going to name these 16 Directors
and Rockefeller-controlled organizations in which they are
kingpins. They are:

J. Paul Austin--of Coca Cola.

R. Manning Brown, Jr.--of the N. Y. Life.

Frank T. Cary--of IBM, one of the five multi-nationals which the
Rockefellers used in 1971 to 1972 to launch STAGFLATION through
monetary manipulations in Europe.

W. Graham Clayton, Jr.--of the Southern Railway.

Emilio G. Collado--of Exxon, the largest corporation in the world
and the apple of the Rockefellers' eye.

Chas. D. Dickey, Jr.--of Scott Paper.

John T. Dorrance, Jr.--of Campbell Soup.

Louis W. Foyle--of Bethlehem Steel.

Thomas S. Gates--formerly of the Defense Department.

Howard W. Johnson--of M.I.T.

Donald P. Kircher--of the Singer Co.

Donald E. Procknow--of Western Electric.

Warren M. Chaflee--of Ralston Purina.

Geo. P. Shultz--one of the Ft. Knox gold conspirators, who has
been paid off with the presidency of the Rockefellers' Bechtel
Corporation and as a consultant to many of David Rockefeller's

Olcott D. Smith--of Aetna Life & Casualty.

Henry S. Wingate--of International Nickel Company of Canada.

Their financial empire also includes many of the largest life
insurance companies. It also includes control of the privately
owned central bank system that causes our money to be
printed--the Federal Reserve System.

Through control, direct and indirect, of both the Federal
Reserve and the top officials of the United States Treasury,
David Rockefeller was able to remove America's gold, as I have
discussed elsewhere. For details on that, I refer you to my
AUDIO BOOK on the "FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL" and to the update in
my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 2 for July 1975. David Rockefeller
himself is a Director of the New York Federal Reserve Bank Board
of Directors. Paul Volcker is now President of the New York
Federal Reserve Bank, and he was a former Assistant Secretary for
International Monetary Affairs, and he helped David to take the
gold from Fort Knox with the other people involved.

The Fort Knox Gold Scandal cover-up conspiracy keeps right on
spreading as they try to cover their tracks. The Chairmen of the
Senate and House Banking Committees--Senator Proxmire and
Congressman Henry Reuss, respectively--are trying to keep the lid
on the Fort Knox gold controversy long enough to let the Treasury
devise some sort of publicity gimmick to trick the public once
again, as they did with the so-called Gold Inspection visit in
September 1974. And to this end I have just been informed that
an attempt is now being made to put some borrowed gold bars into
the "Central Core Vault" at Fort Knox, whose existence I revealed
for the first time last month, and which has been empty up to
this point; but it is going to be very, very difficult to return
over 753,000 bars of gold to that Central Core Vault.

All of these things and much more, my friends, lie within
David Rockefellers' bailiwick. It was David Rockefeller who
single-handedly turned our Middle East policy around in February
1974 in order to prevent his Middle East oil empire from being
wrenched out of Rockefeller control in connection with the Arab
oil embargo. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was, as you will
recall, a key to the success of that unified Arab action; and in
doing what he did, he was placing what he judged to be the Arabs'
best interests above those of the Rockefellers. For 30 years
since acquiring the Saudi oil fields by means of World War II and
developing them initially with free G.I. labor at taxpayers'
expense, the Rockefellers had had their own way. The net price
of Arab oil to the Rockefellers during that 30 years--thanks to
charge-backs and various devices--was only five (5) cents a
barrel. Imagine! Crude oil at 5 cents a barrel for over 30
years! What immense profit inured to the Rockefellers. But King
Faisal had now decided to put his own peoples' interest
first--just as John Kennedy had done for America in 1963. Both
actions amounted to a double-crossing of the Rockefellers, and
both resulted in assassination little more than a year afterward.

It is not possible to discuss the dimensions of Rockefeller
control more than superficially in so short a time, but perhaps
you can begin to grasp some idea how it works. They own
controlling interests in over 300 multinational banks and
corporations, hiding the bulk of this ownership through the use
of many thousands of nominees and so-called street names.
Through their control of banks and foundations they are able to
create well-disguised director interlocks through which they are
able to run their entire giant economic empire as one huge
cartel. The monopolistic practices of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
pale by comparison with the runaway international monster that
has been put together by the Four Rockefeller Brothers; and this
economic empire built around multinational corporations, which
yield allegiance to no country but to the Rockefellers instead,
is increasingly a political empire as well. As time goes on,
their control over what remains outside their grasp is spreading
even more rapidly.

On July 30, 1975, the Rockefeller interests took a decisive
step toward consolidation of their control over still another
major power base in America--the Teamsters Union. On that day,
according to information which has just reached me, the abduction
of former Teamster President James R. Hoffa was accomplished on
behalf of the Rockefellers. The reason: Frank Fitzsimmons, the
current Teamster president, is being drawn into the web of
Rockefeller control. Hoffa, embarking on a concerted drive to
regain control of the Teamsters, constituted a distinct threat to
Rockefeller progress in this area, and the Rockefellers seek
every bit of control that they can possibly achieve over the
distribution systems of our nation as a critical tool in
producing massive supply disruptions and shortages in the near
future. These, in turn, are to form part of the economic
breakdown by which they plan to make us accept their dictatorial
"NEW CONSTITUTION." The stakes are very high, and Jimmy Hoffa
got in the way, possibly without ever realizing it.

I turn now to Topic #3.

Topic #3--In October 1974 I recorded my first AUDIO BOOK
AND THIRD WORLD WAR." In that tape I reported that World War III
was being planned to begin in a few short years--that it would be
NUCLEAR war with America as the main battleground, and that it
would drag for over a year. Then in March 1975 in my AUDIO BOOK
reported that the war plans were still on track, and explained
their purpose to you more fully.

As I mentioned in that second tape, the Rockefellers were
beginning to be thrown off balance by their difficulties in
keeping the lid on the Ft. Knox Gold Scandal which, if it ever
breaks into the open, could blow them out of the water in so far
as their dictatorship plans are concerned. And as I say these
words, these and other problems have so far prevented Nelson
Rockefeller from making good his plan to expel Gerald Ford from
the presidency and confer that office upon himself. There are
ominous signs lately that he is now gearing up to do this as soon
as the time is ripe. It hasn't happened yet. Yes, Nelson
Rockefeller has probably made me look foolish in the eyes of some
people because he failed to become President on his schedule of
June 1975. I began publicly spotlighting Rockefeller's plan to
do this over a year ago before Gerald Ford became President and
before he surprised everybody by selecting Rockefeller, from an
initial field of fifteen, to nominate him as Vice-President.
But, my friends, my very purpose in revealing the confidential
information I receive about these things is to prevent them from
happening if I can.

I am not one of those who by psychic or other means go around
predicting doom and gloom, and then gleefully saying, "See, I
told you so" if it comes true. The things I am trying to warn
you about are terrible things--not just for you but for me too.
I don't want them to happen. This is a beautiful, wonderful land
that God has given to us to live in, and I want my three small
children as well as yours to have the blessings of freedom with
which to enjoy it when they grow up. In this spirit, I am glad
to be able to tell you of changes in the Rockefeller plans
whenever these reflect failures or slippages in their diabolical
scheming. And I can report to you that alterations in the war
plans are now in the works, not because of anything I have done
but because of what Indira Gandhi of India has done.

You probably have heard some short-lived news reports in
connection with recent events in India suggesting that the CIA
might have been involved in some way. These suggestions were
quickly brushed aside and hushed up by our own Government, but
they happen to be true. If you share the image that most
Americans have of India, you probably think of teeming
over-populated cities filled with underfed people, sacred cows
wandering through the streets, vast bureaucrats problems, and
much else--and not much else at that. But India is much more
than that, possessing a very considerable industrial base and
relatively unexploited natural resources, such as always attract
the greedy attention of the Rockefellers.

For five years now the CIA has been working its way into
position to stage a take-over of India, just as has been done
elsewhere repeatedly. Just as Portugal was thrown into
revolution over a year ago under a ten-year Rockefeller plan; and
just as the Union of South Africa is scheduled for extinction by
the Rockefellers three years from now, India was under attack.
And Indira Gandhi, the only really strong leader in India today,
was being systematically undermined by an Indian-style Watergate
staged there, as here, by the CIA in behalf of the Rockefellers.

But Indira Gandhi has confounded everybody. She confounded
everyone with her ferocious counterattack. It's tragic that at
this point at least she has gone so far with this counterattack
that she appears to have destroyed the very foundations of
freedom she intended to defend. But what triggered the recent
events in India was the meddling of the CIA in her internal
affairs. As a result, the war plans I have warned you about up
to now are being put on a back burner. They could come to the
fore again; but India is such a huge prize that the war plans are
now being revised on India's account.

The new plan that is rapidly emerging now calls for war to
begin in March 1977 with Red China and Japan attacking India.
The alliance under which this would occur is already forming now.
While our eyes were focused recently on the Helsinki Summit
Conference to ratify Soviet conquests in Europe, the real action
was going on in Asia. The Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and
Friendship is now being negotiated as the first step toward a
military alliance. As things are progressing now, these two will
attack India in 1977 and Russia will come to the so-called aid of
India. The United States will then be sucked into the fray,
serving as a factory to supply Russia and India, and the purpose
of all would be to take over India in a different way.

All of this reflects a rapid and major change away from the
trend that existed prior to the recent events in India. This war
is planned sooner than the original schedule for World War III
since the new plans no longer call for Russia to join the new Far
East Axis but instead to be on the other side. And, of course,
the new plans do not involve hostilities on American soil as they
stand right now. Keep in mind though that further changes can
and probably will occur. In particular, should Indira Gandhi be
toppled from power again soon, it may well enable the CIA to put
the original take-over plans back on track, and that would
probably restore the original plan for war on the United States
by way of an attack on the Panama Canal by atomic missiles fired
from Guyana. The Helsinki Summit Conference now frees Soviet
Russia to turn her attention to the East--that is, to China and
try to encircle China.

Let's all pray that the ugly plans for conquest by the
Rockefeller Brothers will yet be stopped, and let's all do our
part as citizens to cause these plans to be stopped! Let's bring
them to justice for stealing our gold, and from there let's start
restoring sanity, integrity, and true representation in our

The CONSTITUTION, my friends, protects all of us, and we
should vote out all of those people who are now in the control of
the Rockefellers. We should break up their large socialist
corporations and re-establish free enterprise. We should
eliminate the large corporate and subsidized farms and return the
land they own to individuals for small farms. And we should
eliminate the Personal Income Tax with its resultant enslavement
of the middle class and the poor, while the Rockefellers go
relatively free of tax by their use of tax-free foundations and

Thank you. Until next month, this is Dr. Beter. God bless
each and every one of you.

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