Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 06.
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Hello everybody, this is Dr. Beter. Today is November 14,
1975, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 6.

As I speak to you today, the four Rockefeller Brothers--David,
Nelson, John D. III, and Laurance--operating as a unit, are
nearing the goal line in their merciless drive to enslave
America. Even so, as I discussed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
2 for July 1975, they have been partially tripped up recently by
unexpected obstacles, both here and abroad--obstacles caused by
your increasing awareness of what is going on. Their grip on the
ball has been loosened a trifle, and they are beginning to lose
their balance. They can be stopped; but this will only happen if
each of us keeps doing our part, spreading the word by all
possible means about what is happening. Otherwise they still
can, and will, reach their goal line of DICTATORSHIP.

One thing we should always keep in mind is that you and I are
not alone in this fight. There are many, many members of the
United States Intelligence Service who do not agree with the
horrendous perversion of their activities that is going on under
the control of the Rockefeller Brothers, so they give me
information and I pass it on to you. I'm fighting on their
behalf, among other things, especially for over 500 ex-CIA and
ex-FBI officers and agents who are now "dead" on file, agents who

Last month I mentioned the electronic techniques of
psychological programming which are now in use. Similar
techniques are used on agents themselves in Operation DEEP
FREEZE, enabling them to assume false identities so completely
that they can even pass lie detector tests. They are programmed
this way for an assignment and are supposed to be deprogrammed
afterward, releasing their minds from this artificial state. But
some of these agents have been double-crossed by the CIA and FBI
for certain reasons--pronounced "dead" on file and dumped out on
the street without being de-programmed. They are left without
access to jobs, welfare, or in most cases even their families.
Many of those in this situation are the very men who most want
what is right for America--not for the international conquests of
the Rockefellers; and, therefore, I'm fighting their fight as
best I can.

The three topics I want to discuss today parallel the three
AUDIO BOOKS that I have recorded so far for Audio Books, Inc. In
those I have tried to give you essential background information.
In my monthly AUDIO LETTERS, on the other hand, I am trying to
keep you continually informed of the latest plans and
developments on a current events basis.

My first AUDIO BOOK released October 1974 warned of the coming
depression and war, and today my Topic #1 is:


My second AUDIO BOOK released March 1975 explained the "Fort
Knox Gold Scandal" and its crucial role in destroying our economy
and our Republic. And today my Topic #2 is:


My third AUDIO BOOK released July 1975 tells you all about the
"NEW CONSTITUTION" which has already been written secretly for
America's conversion into a dictatorship, and today my Topic #3


Topic #1--Last month in my AUDIO LETTER No. 5 I explained how the
four Rockefeller Brothers are preparing to sacrifice New York
City as one way of triggering what will be called "The Ford
Depression", and on October 17, 1975, a dress rehearsal was held
for the default of New York City. Sudden news bulletins the
previous day said that New York City was on the brink of default;
and for 24 hours the TV and radio news was filled with dire
speculations about what might happen. The cliffhanger ended with
a default being avoided only by a matter of minutes, and in the
process the financial term "default" was transformed into a
household word--and a frightening one at that.

For weeks President Ford and his spokesmen have been opposing
any federal aid to prevent default, and so had Vice-President
Nelson Rockefeller--that is, until October 11, 1975, just a week
before the near-default in New York. On that date, October 11,
Rockefeller suddenly launched a public campaign of speaking in
favor of aid to New York, even while still working behind the
scenes in Congress and the banking community to prevent it. Thus
began the carefully-orchestrated public split between Ford and
Rockefeller that is to leave Ford holding the bag when our
financial catastrophe arrives very shortly. Twelve days later,
on October 29, Ford crawled out still further on the limb that
Rockefeller is sawing off by announcing that he would absolutely
veto any kind of legislation Congress might send him to bail out
New York City; and only four days after that, Rockefeller put
further distance between himself and his lackey Ford by removing
himself from the Vice-Presidential ticket for next year. Many
people are falling right into Nelson Rockefeller's trap as a
result, discounting Rockefeller in their thinking and leaving
Ford 100% in the spotlight.

Because of considerations such as those I discussed last
month, the effects of a default by New York City, or State, would
not merely ripple through our economy--a tidal wave would be a
better term. Even if the federal government or Federal Reserve
does step in to apply financial band-aid, the Rockefeller
Brothers, through their control of the Federal Reserve System as
well as the Government, have it within their own power either to
intensify this process or to soften it. But as of now, they are
preparing to pull out all the stops. Meanwhile, Government
economic spokesmen are lying when they say our economy is
recovering. The United States dollar is sinking overseas, and
our domestic economy is on the ropes ready for a knock out punch
from a New York default, stock market crash, or other such blow.

A lot of attention is being paid especially to the effect a
New York default would have on the nation's banks. Well, there
are quite a few banks around the country that would be in
trouble, but the big New York City banks owned by the
Rockefellers are not among them! They hold vast amounts of New
York City bonds but that's in trust for other investors--the
banks themselves do not own them. The Rockefellers, as I said
before, bailed out months ago; and, after the crash, they will be
thoroughly liquid ready to buy up everything in sight for a penny
on the dollar. Of course they could force one of their own banks
to fail for the sake of appearances; but if they do, it will be
strictly voluntarily on their part.

A more telling warning of the impact of default came from the
Bank of America, the largest bank in the world and also
controlled by the Rockefellers. They revealed that over
two-thirds of New York City bonds are held by individuals, not
banks. The life savings of many people are, therefore, directly
at stake. The economic calamity now brewing in the United States
is, as I have explained before, to beat us into such a submissive
condition that we will accept a dictatorship under the new
Rockefeller Constitution a year from now.

Already the building attack on the Food Stamp Program is
leading into something called the Federal Work Job Program. It
will seem to offer food and benefits to those in need as the
depression deepens--but at the expense of signing away your
present CONSTITUTIONAL rights in the fine print. Its actual
purpose is the conscription of people into slave labor--which may
not be immediately apparent since no barbed wire compounds will
be involved at first; but when the time comes, they are scheduled
to be packed up and sent to the Middle East to help reconstruct
that area after the coming war--never to be heard from again!

To get Americans to accept such schemes, the food shortages I
have been warning about for over a year now are being engineered.
One factor in this has to do with shutting off the flow of
natural gas used to make fertilizer in California, which supplies
up to 40% of some of the food supplies used in the United States.
Another factor is the continuing shipments of grain to Soviet
Russia on so-called "sale terms" which are only 10% down, the
rest guaranteed by YOU, the American taxpayer!!

Official estimates of the Soviet grain crop keep being revised
downward as an excuse and cover for additional shipments, but no
evidence of Soviet crop failures has ever been given to the
United States Agriculture Department--and it never will be,
because the alleged Soviet "drought" is fictitious. Instead, the
Soviet Union is stockpiling for the coming Asian war!

As it now stands, my friends, the war in Asia could come as
much as one year earlier than was indicated by my information
just a few short months ago. As of now, the Rockefeller Brothers
and their Soviet partners have set a target date of February
1976, just a few short months from now for initiation of
hostilities, which are planned to begin in the Middle East. Such
a shift in timing is unnerving, but so far the information I have
been able to give you has been more accurate than that which
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sometimes provides in
confidential briefings of top businessmen. For example, in the
early fall of last year Kissinger briefed a group of about 100
American businessmen who do business in the Middle East, and told
them that by late spring of 1975 there would be war in the Middle
East. The war he was talking about is a war that is now set to
begin in February 1976. What Kissinger was really talking about
was his diplomatic objectives. My own information, however,
indicated that conditions would not be ripe yet for a Middle East
war at least through the summer of 1975, and that information
turned out to be correct.

But the war preparations are indeed moving quietly now, and
very quickly. First, David Rockefeller must obtain an
international monetary agreement on exchange rates at the January
meeting of the International Monetary Fund, since a floating
currency during wartime would be unmanageable. Meanwhile in the
diplomatic ring, Kissinger's Sinai Accord is the key feature.
You may have been left with the impression by our kept press that
the Sinai Accord is between Egypt and Israel with 200 American
technicians being sent there just as a sort of glue to make it
stick. But, my friends, this is just not the case. It is in
reality two (2) separate treaties--one between the United States
and Israel, the other between the United States and Egypt. They
are executive agreements in effect considered as being treaties.

By ratifying these so-called treaties comprising the Sinai
Accord, the United States Congress has sold the American people
right down the road to war! They have now set the stage for
America to be involved in something we have not had for 30
years--a declared official war.

The 200 American advisors, or technicians so called, are
already in the Sinai, as President Ford admitted in a slip of the
tongue on "Meet the Press", November 9, 1975. And they have two
(2) purposes. They are the vanguard of a secret American limited
nuclear strike force, and they are also to be the deliberate
targets for a provocation that will be used to ignite the war.
Now that we are officially at peace with Egypt by way of the
Sinai Accord treaty, we will have to officially breach that
peace--that is, declare war, in order to retaliate against this
rigged attack on the Americans.

The Anti-Zionism Resolution which has just been passed in the
United Nations is also part of this plan. The Arabs have fallen
into a terrible trap by pushing through this Resolution which
will be used to whip up fears that Israel is being surrounded and
will be snuffed out if America does not respond militarily to the
provocative actions mentioned a moment ago.

The fighting between Moslems and Christians in Lebanon has
been fomented by Libya, which is controlled by the Rockefellers,
for two (2) reasons. For one thing the excitement there
distracts attention away from the true, larger picture of war
preparations in the Middle East; but even more importantly, the
fighting in Lebanon has given the Rockefellers the excuse they
wanted for pulling their own companies out of that area prior to
the coming war. As of now, all of the big United States
multinational corporations formerly based in Lebanon have pulled
up stakes and headed for London, out of the war zone.

The American foreign policy known as detente with Soviet
Russia has, in reality, hardened into an alliance, in spite of
recent remarks by Secretary of State Kissinger for domestic
consumption. While the United States bargains away its defense
capabilities at the so-called SALT talks and receives nothing in
return, Russia goes right on doubling and redoubling their
military build-up with Kissinger and the President Ford and
Rockefeller consent.

Meanwhile the United States is being turned into a factory to
supply the Soviet Union. The Rockefeller Brothers think that
they and the U.S.S.R. will thus end up as partners ruling the
world; but the horrible risk, my friends, that they are taking is
that after the coming Asian war is out of the way, Russia will
double-cross the Rockefeller Brothers and take over the whole
world for itself.

Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger was fired by Nelson
Rockefeller through his puppet President, Gerald Ford because he
was getting in the way of this alliance. Schlesinger insisted,
very properly, that true detente must be balanced with a strong
defense, and he refused to knuckle under. So he had to go, but
as he went he said some words that should be burned indelibly
into the mind of every American, and I want to quote here:

"Some years from now someone will raise the question, 'Why
weren't we warned?' and I wanted to be able to say, 'Indeed you

The Red Chinese can see what is developing, that is why they
accorded Secretary of State Henry Kissinger such a frosty
treatment during his recent visit. Red China is being encircled
by the Soviet Union with the help of the Rockefellers through
their manipulation of the wealth of the United States.
Indo-China has been delivered into Soviet hands in return for
turning over the rich offshore oil leases of North Vietnam to the

The coming war is intended to suck up India, Red China, and
all of Africa into complete domination by the Rockefeller-Soviet
alliance. In the process, it is also to slap down Europe and
Japan, which are trying to squirm free of the Rockefeller bonds
that already grip them.

Here now is the grand strategy for the war which I can reveal
to you for the very first time; and, as always, I reveal it in
the hope that doing so will throw a monkey wrench into these
plans and cause them to fail.

World War II was used by the Rockefellers to bring Britain
down to her knees, as explained in my first AUDIO BOOK last year,
and also to make great inroads into Western Europe. Since World
War II, Britain has been generally subservient to the
Rockefellers, but lately both Europe, and Japan, which has been
the special domain of John D. III since the War, are showing
signs of struggling to break free. However, 99% of Japan's oil
needs are supplied by the Middle Eastern Arab members of OPEC,
and 67% of the oil needs of the European Economic Community come
from there also.

On top of that, India, one of the prime targets of conquest in
the planned war, is also heavily dependent upon OPEC oil. And
Africa, another target, leans heavily upon Europe for all kinds
of support and will be easy picking if Europe is neutralized.
The OPEC nations of the Middle East, therefore, hold many of the
keys for accomplishment of the Rockefeller-Soviet joint
objectives in the Asian war.

Plans now exist for the Americans in the Sinai to be attacked
and for over 100 of them to be killed, enraging Congress and
public opinion in the United States. On top of that, the drum
beat which has begun with the United Nations "Anti-Zionism
Resolution" will by then make it appear that Israel is in danger
of extinction. War will thus be declared by then-President
Rockefeller's rubber-stamp Congress. Cobra helicopter gunships
have already been delivered secretly to the Sinai, and these will
be equipped with air-to-ground tactical atomic missiles which
have been in the Sinai secretly for two (2) years under strict
American control.

After hostilities break out, this limited nuclear strike force
is to put the OPEC oil wells out of action with atomic blasts.
No nation in the Middle East, including Israel and Lebanon, will
escape radioactive fallout from this limited nuclear strike. And
the oil wells themselves, due to radiation, will remain unusable
and capped off for a period of approximately 10 years.

The United States, which currently gets about 19% of its oil
from the Middle East, will experience manipulated shortages far
worse than those during the Arab oil embargo two years ago, and
this will help further rip our domestic economy to shreds.

But the effect on Europe and Japan will be far more drastic.
At one stroke the heart of Europe will be crippled and completely
at the mercy of the merciless Rockefeller Brothers; and Japan,
which is being rudely rebuffed by the Soviet Union and wooed by
China these days, will be thrown fully into the arms of China.
China has begun developing its own vast oil deposits and could
provide some to Japan in return for an alliance against China's
mortal enemy, the Soviet Union. Thus will the Sino-Japanese
alliance be cemented. The already bitter clashes between China
and Russia on the one hand, plus lesser skirmishes between China
and Russia's client state, India, on the other hand, will set the
stage for the larger Asian war, which is planned to follow very

Africa, cut off from its ties to Europe, will be like a ripe
plum, ready for the plucking by the Rockefellers, and this
includes Rhodesia and South Africa.

I turn now to Topic #2.

Topic #2--The French have a saying that "The more things change,
the more they remain the same." How true that is, and how

It's been over a year and a half now since I first exposed the
FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL during Congressional testimony. Long ago
I offered publicly to go to jail as a rabble rouser if I could
not prove my charges in an appropriate legal forum. And has
Congress acted? NO!

And now the gold manipulations have entered a new phase.
Gold, my friends, is now coming back into the United States along
with huge amounts of illegal drugs--in return for American-made
guns and weapons which are being sent abroad for use in wars,
revolutions, and terrorism! The gold now coming in is not
reflected in Treasury records. Instead, it is being hidden
around the country by the CIA for the Rockefellers. The
Rockefeller interests want to have it handy for sale to the
Government for war purposes or for other purposes at the elevated
prices that will soon prevail.

Meanwhile, as I revealed last month, the Fort Knox Gold story
has taken a deadly new turn; and, as before, Congress is doing
absolutely nothing about it. The Central Core Vault of the
Bullion Depository at Fort Knox contains canisters of liquid
radioactive superpoison processed from Plutonium 239, the
deadliest substance imaginable. These canisters are leaking due
to corrosion, and the radioactive leakage is escaping through the
porous concrete walls of the Vault and through the dehumidifying
system and getting out into the countryside to be carried away on
the winds, contrary to what officials tell you. The prevailing
winds in that area for the past several years have been very
unusual--from essentially due west rather than from the
northwest, as is more common. As a result, the thin invisible
fog of radioactive poison from Fort Knox is being carried from
the Depository (which is located south of Louisville) eastward in
the general direction of Lexington and West Virginia, and onward
approximately toward Washington, D.C.; and this leakage has
already been going on for several years in sufficient quantity to
be having an initial impact on health statistics now.

My own investigators have reported to me that many doctors in
the region east of Fort Knox are baffled lately by a large
increase in the incidence of cancers of all types; and on
November 7, 1975, just a week ago, the Government itself released
statistics that show the same thing. The National Cancer
Institute announced that so far this year the cancer death rate
nation-wide is up by 5.2%. This is five times the rate of
increase that has prevailed over a period of many years, and they
frankly admit that they are at a loss to explain it. But buried
in those same official Government statistics is a regional
breakdown, and that east-central states containing Fort Knox and
the area east of it shows an astronomical 17 to 18% increase!

Now, before I go on, there is something I feel I must make
clear; and I am not just sitting back and saying, "Well here's
something sensational to talk about." Any such callous attitude
on my part would be impossible. It so happens that my beloved
father and other members of my family are in my childhood home of
Huntington, West Virginia, smack in the path of the Fort Knox
radioactive killer fog. They are among the millions of people
who have already been exposed to the first whiffs of plutonium
poison, and I fear for their lives if nothing is done to stop
this leakage, which is steadily accelerating; and the feeling I
have for them carries over to millions of others--men, women, and
innocent little children who are in the same boat all because of
the insane efforts of the Rockefeller Brothers to seize power at
any cost and by any means.

Some will also say, no doubt, that I shouldn't tell you things
like this because it will cause alarm; but, my friends, this is
something to be alarmed about. It's no joke. If I did not tell
you, I would be just like a Civil Defense official who, warned of
an imminent attack by enemy bombing aircraft, would say: "I'm not
going to turn on the air raid sirens because that might frighten
people." But, you may say, wouldn't the Government warn us and
take the necessary measures to correct such a situation at Fort
Knox? My answer is: NO. The Government is stonewalling it; and
up 'till now major newspapers, news magazines, and the TV and
radio networks are also sitting on this life-and-death story with
one exception.

Two days ago, on November 12, 1975, the Louisville
Courier-Journal broke the Fort Knox plutonium story on its front
page, in the best traditions of newspaper reporting. Their
courageous exercise of free speech guaranteed by the First
Amendment to our CONSTITUTION may make it impossible even for the
Rockefeller-controlled major media to ignore the situation
indefinitely. In any case, top business and financial people
here and abroad are being kept aware of the Fort Knox fiasco,
thanks to specialized newsletters of all kinds. While the major
media try to brainwash you with slanted news and distract you
with all kinds of entertainment, these newsletters tell what is
really going on. One of the best of these, which began informing
its readers about the strange goings-on at Fort Knox over a year
ago, is: Myers Finance and Energy, edited at P.O. Box 5531,
Station A, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

In his Oct. 31, 1975 issue Mr. Myers caps off a story on Fort
Knox by quoting the following letter of my able associate, Mr. Ed
Durell, to the Acting Director of the Mint, quote:

"I now ask you for the record, please, to confirm or deny the
existence of the Central Core Vault at the U.S. Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox, Ky. I refer to the single, large,
centrally located underground chamber serviced by elevator."

As Mr. Myers asks in his Newsletter, quote:

"Why can't the Acting Director of the Mint answer simply YES or
NO? The whole nation is asking a question. Why won't they

For two months now we have received a dead silence from the
Government. Every one of their past evasions has confirmed and
deepened their guilt--and they know it, so they are stonewalling

What then is Congress doing? Is it, too, just writing off
9,000,000 people rather than sound the alarm and get the deadly
situation at Fort Knox corrected? YES.

Listen. As just pointed out, the United States Government has
to this day never admitted the existence of the Central Core
Vault, which was not mentioned to the 100-odd visitors of Fort
Knox last year on September 23, 1974. To admit its existence
would all by itself prove that the so-called "Gold Inspection
Visit" by Congressmen and newsmen was a total fraud, and also the
so-called "Audit" done by the GAO and the Treasury together. And
since the Central Core Vault is where the leaking plutonium
poison is, they want desperately to keep you from knowing that
the Vault exists.

I am now going to reveal previously confidential discussions
which have been held between Congressman Otis Pike, Chairman of
the House Intelligence Investigating Committee, and myself and
associates. I'm making it public now because Congressman Pike
himself has breached this confidentiality in the worst possible
way by turning over our information, without our consent, to the
Church Committee in the Senate. As I explained last month,
Senator Church is already sitting on the plutonium poison story
while he plays games with you and me; and now, for whatever
reasons, Congressman Otis Pike, too, has let America down.

In mid September I held private discussions with Congressman
Pike about the situation at Fort Knox. At that time I did not
yet know about the plutonium poison stored there, but I did know
that the CIA and FBI were tied in with the theft of America's
gold from Fort Knox on behalf of the Rockefeller Brothers. He
appeared to be generally interested and courageous as well--a
quality which has virtually disappeared from the United States
Congress today; but his major sticking point which he came back
to time and time again was the Central Core Vault at Fort Knox.
Its existence had never been admitted by the Government, so
Congressman Pike could not believe that it did exist. The No. 1
requirement that he placed on us was, therefore, that we prove
that the Central Core Vault does exist.

So on September 26, 1975, we met again with Congressman Pike
and two of his top staffers in his office, and this time we had
with us no less than a former Commanding General of Fort Knox,
Lieut. General John L. Ryan, Jr., U.S. Army (retired). General
Ryan commanded Fort Knox from 1956 to 1959. He had also served
two earlier tours at Fort Knox, the first being in the late
1930's when he was placed in charge of the Army contingent that
was assigned to help store the nation's gold in the Bullion
Depository for the very first time. All of the gold was put in
the Central Core Vault at that time, having been constructed
specifically for that purpose. The many small jail-cell-like
storage compartments seen by the Fort Knox visitors last year
were also in existence at that time but were not intended for the
storage of gold but for other valuables. General Ryan stated
that for the entire duration of his long experience with Fort
Knox, the gold was always kept in the Central Core Vault. He
also said he was mystified as to why the gold would ever have
been removed from the Central Core Vault and placed in the small
jail-cell compartments on the levels above, which offer a much
lower degree of security.

Congressman Pike then asked us for certain further
information, including specific connections between the Fort Knox
affair and the Intelligence community which is within the
jurisdiction of Congressman Pike's Committee. We agreed to
provide what he asked, and it was in following up the connection
between Fort Knox and the Intelligence industry that my sources
informed me of the hideous plutonium poison in the Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox.

But when we returned to Congressman Pike ready to provide
witnesses and other evidence about the plutonium and other
things, Mr. Pike's response had changed. It is now the classical
position that is always used to say 'good-bye' on Capitol Hill,
quote: "We're too busy to work on this." Our information given
to him in confidence has been unceremoniously dumped on that
dead-letter office, the Church Committee; and Congressman Pike's
opportunity to stand head, shoulders, and waist above everyone
else in Washington by simply doing his duty, has been forfeited.
Only an informed, aroused public can now move Congress in the
right direction.

One of the unanswered questions when I recorded AUDIO LETTER
No. 5 last month was why this insane radioactive plutonium poison
was ever made at all. Now I can tell you. During the early and
mid 1960's over 200 pounds of this superpoison was made for the
CIA and FBI Intelligence communities. It was processed in four
plants--two in Louisville, Kentucky, one in North Dakota, and one
in southern California. One thing it is handy for, in very small
doses, is putting troublesome individuals out of the way. But
why so much plutonium poison? For political blackmail, my

In 1966 the CIA divided up this poison and sent about 60
pounds to each of four Latin American countries--Peru, Panama,
Bolivia, and Argentina. There threats were made that it would be
used to contaminate United States planned and built water
aqueduct systems--can you imagine?--unless certain political and
economic actions were taken. In Argentina this successfully laid
the foundation for the return to power of the Peron group; and
then the poison was no longer needed there, and so it was
returned to the United States in 1968.

But a problem arose: where to store this illegal nuclear
poison. CIA agents within the Treasury, however, knew that the
Central Core Vault at the Fort Knox Bullion Depository was being
emptied of gold and suggested that it be stored there. This was
done with all but 12 grams (less than half an ounce), which the
CIA extracted from one canister to experiment with. This 12-gram
sample of the plutonium poison, whose full effects still were not
fully understood at that time, was taken to the White Sands
Proving Grounds in New Mexico for evaluation purposes.

During the experiment there, about 3 grams 'accidentally'
leaked into an underground water supply which was being used by
12 families in that sparsely settled area. All of them died
quickly from the poison; and the CIA mounted an elaborate
cover-up, burying those innocent victims secretly. Perhaps you
will recall, in fact, some strange news items several years ago
about the sudden disappearance of some ranch folk out West, a
disappearance that never was explained. Well, now you know what

At about the same point in time, by the way, IT&T was involved
in the so-called "Mole Hole Project" to drill deep into the
earth's crust, for reasons which were never made clear publicly.
Its purpose, I can reveal, was to reach a hypothetical
underground 'world river', so-called, and contaminate it with the
plutonium poison to deny its use to everyone. After spending
vast amounts of taxpayers' money, it was abandoned as an
impractical project. Insane? YES. Fiction? NO.

The CIA agent who was put in charge of getting the poison to
the Latin American countries under cover of his multinational
company, was named Harold Leroy White. Once he became fully
aware of the details of the project, however, he became disgusted
and sick at heart and decided to go to--guess who?--Senator Barry
Goldwater with the story. He arranged to see Goldwater but died
on the way, apparently because his intentions became known to the
wrong people.

Whether Goldwater knew what White wanted to see him about is
not clear from my information so far, but it does seem strange
that we keep running into Senator Goldwater in all of this.
First there was the crucial Chapter 12 of the unpublished Tatom
manuscript on Fort Knox, which Goldwater obtained from Tatom's
widow after Tatom's death under suspicious circumstances.
Goldwater has never released the manuscript, even though I
challenged him to do so in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 1 for June
1975. Now, there's the Harold Leroy White case. Did Goldwater
know what was afoot or not? And now he has come out in strong
public opposition to any further investigation of the CIA and
other United States Intelligence agencies. What's going on here,
Senator Goldwater??

Since I first revealed the presence and leakage of the
radioactive Plutonium 239 superpoison in the Central Core Vault
at Fort Knox, I have been astonished by the failure of some
people to stop and realize what it means. My associates and I
were hoping to obtain a court injunction to open the Vault and
prove that the gold is gone--but now, God forbid. The whole
Depository should be abandoned immediately and covered up with a
pyramid of lead, cement, and stone--whatever it takes to shut off
its deadly contents from the environment before its effects
become a runaway disaster. It would be a pyramid with a poison
core for thousands of years, but that is apparently the best that
can be done now.

Topic #3--If the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox is indeed
abandoned and entombed under a giant pyramid to shut it off from
the world, it would be an ironic symbol of the miscarriage of
Rockefeller power and ultimately a symbol of the self-destruction
which the four Rockefeller Brothers are bringing upon themselves.

If you will take out a $1.00 bill and look at the back as I
talk, you will see what I mean by this irony. On the left side
you will see the pyramid and eye symbol that today signifies the
power of the Rockefellers. They did not invent this symbol, but
in 1933 they appropriated it as their own property. In that year
their puppet President, Franklin D. Roosevelt came to power, and
this symbol appeared on our money for the very first time, and
it's been there ever since.

Many people attach patriotic and religious meanings to the
various parts of this symbol, but that is not what it means to
the Rockefellers who put it there. The 1776 (MDCCLXXVI)
inscribed at the base of the pyramid refers not to the founding
of our Republic but to "May Day" 1776, the day celebrated today
by the Communists and radical Socialists the world over.

The pyramid itself symbolizes the pyramid of power. At the
bottom are you and I, the general public; and its successively
smaller layers above us are fewer and fewer people with more and
more power. Floating above the pyramid, seemingly unattached to
it, is the very hub of power, the essence of which is secrecy--no
visible connection with the rest of the pyramid--and spying,
symbolized by the mysterious eye with a view in all directions.
The words "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" on the banner underneath mean
"New Order of the Ages"--or freely translated, "New Deal."

Little understood symbols like this are one way our secret
Rulers have of signaling to one another the progress of their
grab for power. They are all around us today, even on postage
stamps, and you should watch for them. The same pyramid symbol
often appears over Walter Cronkite's shoulder these days when he
discusses the economy on CBS TV news. It is also embodied as a
triangle at the top of the headboard and footboard of Nelson
Rockefeller's celebrated $35,000 bed, which was designed by an
artist of Satanic symbols, Max Ernst.

Another symbol to watch for on Walter Cronkite's TV News is
the Rockefeller Road to the Bicentennial emblem, showing a road
heading into the center of a circle of stars. Count the
stars--there are not 13, but 10 stars in the circle standing for
the 10 'new states' which are to replace the 50 we now have,
under the new Rockefeller Constitution.

The shake-up of the Ford Cabinet over the weekend of November
2 coinciding with Rockefeller's announcement that he will not run
with Ford, or as Vice-President, in 1976, is a clear signal that
Ford's remaining days in office are distinctly numbered. CIA
Director Colby and Defense Secretary Schlesinger were fired at
Nelson Rockefeller's behest, but these unpopular moves were hung
like an albatross around President Ford's neck by having him say,
"I wanted my guys."

At the same time Henry Kissinger was ostensibly taken down a
peg. I have always warned that Kissinger would have to go as
soon as Nelson, his long-time boss, made his takeover move,
because their egos will not permit them to actually work together
without terrible friction. Kissinger knows this too, and is a
Little Hitler waiting in the wings under the illusion that he may
be able to displace Nelson Rockefeller and become our Dictator
himself under the provisions of the new Rockefeller Constitution.
But he has already begun to find out otherwise, and in all
likelihood will be successfully removed from the scene regardless
of what moves he may make against Nelson.

What is already being called the "Sunday Night Massacre" by
some of the barking dogs of the Rockefeller media, is only a
prelude to bigger shake-ups ahead. Once the onus of the coming
crash is firmly stuck to President Ford, the stage will have been
set for him to retire from the scene, voluntarily or otherwise,
to be replaced by Nelson Rockefeller riding out on his "white
horse" to save the nation--just like F.D.R. did in 1933.

As it stands now--and please remember that they often change
their plans when they are spotlighted--the timetable is as

On or about November 20, 1975, New York enters another crisis on
the way to default, which will probably come while Ford is off
drinking tea in China.

Also on November 20, Ronald Reagan, the consummate actor who is
Nelson Rockefeller's good friend and America's most two-faced
Trojan horse, will make an announcement about his own candidacy.

On or about December 20, 1975, Nelson Rockefeller now plans to
publicly take the reins of the presidency from the floundering
President Ford, the new Herbert Hoover. Ford's image is already
in the process of being torn to shreds in a systematic campaign
now under way.

On January 20, 1976, President Nelson Rockefeller expects to
deliver his first "State of the Union" message, which is now
being written secretly, and electrify Congress and the nation as
he proposes the writing of a New Constitution for America. He
will speak of the moment as a solemn one in the nation's
experience, a time when the past is being conditioned to the
future, and when a law fundamental to all other laws must again
be created as it was by our Founders in another time of national

For the remainder of the Rockefeller scenario, ending with our
acceptance of the New Constitution by National Referendum on
rigged voting machines, I refer you to my AUDIO BOOK No. 2

Finally, around February 1976, war is supposed to break out in
the Middle East, to be followed by the greater Asian War.

Yes, my friends, this is what is going on.

Meanwhile our United States Congress is doing nothing whatever
except playing games with you and me. Both the House and the
Senate are packed with members who are totally ignorant of the
big picture, intimidated by Rockefeller power, and weakened by
skeletons in their own closets. Interspersed among them are the
Hugh Scotts, the William Proxmires, the Henry Reusses, and the
Hubert Humphreys--on both sides of the aisle and in both houses
of Congress--who provide the active leadership to lead Congress
and the nation down the primrose path being laid out for us by
the Rockefeller Brothers.

My friends, only public opinion--massive, powerful, focused
public opinion--will move Congress in the right direction. It is
therefore up to us--you and me, our neighbors, our friends--to
save our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC for ourselves and our children
by becoming aware of the truth, spreading awareness of the facts
to others, and focusing that awareness into such pressure on
Congress that they will realize they must stop catering to the
special interests dominated by the Rockefeller Brothers. I hope
to have more to say in this vein soon, but for now, use your own
imagination, your own resources, and DO WHAT YOU CAN. The hour
is late!!

Until next month, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.

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