Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 11.
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Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter. Today is April 24, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 11.

This year of 1976 is of course our Bicentennial, the 200th
anniversary of the founding of our beloved country. It should be
a time for reflection on our hard-won unique heritage and for
thankful celebration of it. At the same time, it is only fitting
that we also look ahead and give some thought to our future
destiny and that of our trusting children. But on all sides we
Americans are being bombarded with propaganda enticing us to
focus only on the future without bearing in mind the lessons of
the past. Bicentennial programs and articles dealing with our
nation's early days keep the spotlight narrowly focused on the
Revolution itself most of the time instead of on the wonderful
free Republic that was the product of that Revolution. This is
no accident. It is intended to gradually make us more revolution
minded in order to make the so-called "Second American
Revolution" being promoted by John D. Rockefeller III seem more
and more acceptable to us.

The wise first President of our Republic, George Washington,
left us with advice in his "Farewell Address" that was so
forward-looking that it is still valuable today, and time after
time he referred to experience as, quote: "the surest standard"
by which to judge existing and planned governmental measures.
This stands in stark contrast to the approach that is preached
regularly by the man who wants to preside over the end of our
free Republic, Nelson Rockefeller. He keeps saying, quote:
"Forget the past and let's look to the future."

To what sort of future does Nelson Rockefeller ask us to look
if it has nothing to do with our past? It is the future that was
spelled out as early as 1924 by the father of Nelson and his
brothers, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., in a talk to a group of
students. John Jr. was quoted by his attorney, agent, and
biographer Raymond B. Fosdick as saying on that occasion, and I

"We are standing tonight on the mountain top with the world
spread out at our feet--your country, your country, my country,
all of us--so it may come to pass that some day, some day the
people of all nations will stand on the mountain top together and
no one will speak of 'my country' but we will speak of 'our

So, my friends, the real question of America's destiny that now
confronts us is one which has been forced upon us by the Four
Rockefeller Brothers--David, Nelson, Laurance, and John D.
III--pursuing this objective spelled out by their father. It is
essentially the same question that faced President Abraham
Lincoln just over a century ago: whether or not the United States
of America was to be destroyed. The threat then was one of
destruction by dismemberment and fragmentation, and it was met by
the use of federal powers to maintain the Union. The threat
today lies at the opposite extreme of overcentralization of
power, and it can be met only by reasserting individual and State
powers and rights under the CONSTITUTION.

To explore the radical change of direction in America's
destiny that is being plotted and manipulated by the Four
Rockefeller Brothers and their allies, I want to talk about the
following three topics today:




Topic #1--One of the strangest and most sensational kidnap
episodes in history began on February 4, 1974, when a young lady
named Patricia Hearst was kidnapped from her apartment in
Berkeley, California. Her kidnappers soon identified themselves
as a radical group called the Symbionese Liberation Army, or SLA.
Thus began a nightmare of impossible demands, tape recordings,
merciless publicity, shoot-outs and unrelenting pressure behind
the scenes for Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hearst.

On April 3, 1974, a tape recording announced a "new twist"
that Patty Hearst had joined the SLA under the new name Tania,
and a few days later Tania helped rob a bank as if to prove what
she said. Just for good measure, a few days after that Tania was
seen spraying bullets from an automatic rifle to cover SLA member
William Harris as he left a store where he had allegedly been

Soon the SLA was all but wiped out in the spectacular
shoot-out in Los Angeles, but somehow Tania just happened to be
elsewhere watching it all on television. Tania had escaped, and
for more than 16 months in spite of an alleged manhunt
nation-wide by the FBI, she and her SLA companions William and
Emily Harris reportedly continued to evade capture. But finally
on September 18, 1975, the manhunt suddenly ended as abruptly as
it began. Tania and the Harrises were found right in San
Francisco, no less, where it all began, and the trio were quickly
rounded up without much fuss.

I mentioned briefly in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 7 that the SLA
was a CIA operation, and that its purpose, in which it was
successful, was to bring about a Rockefeller take-over of the
huge Hearst empire. But now I believe the time has come to tell
you more, for two reasons: First, I fear for the life of Tania,
the impersonator of Patty Hearst who is currently in custody; and
second, I am now convinced that Mr. and Mrs. Hearst, Patty's
parents, do not know that the girl captured last September is an

Until very recently there were indications that they knew this
but were keeping their silence about it to protect the rest of
their family. For that reason I have refrained from discussing
the details of the Patty Hearst case other than to tell you about
the Rockefeller take-over of their holdings. The Hearsts of all
people have good reason to fear additional CIA-engineered
reprisals against them and I would never want to usurp their
personal prerogatives; but I have at last obtained evidence which
convinces me beyond question that Mr. and Mrs. Hearst are still
in the dark. And it is for their sake and for the sake of the
life of the girl whoever she is, that I am about to reveal the
truth in the Patty Hearst case, for I truly believe that the
truth even when it is unpleasant, is always to be preferred over
lies no matter how pleasant or convenient; and only the truth can
provide the basis for justice to be done.

The Hearst newspaper chain first incurred the wrath of the
Rockefeller Brothers three decades ago when they led the campaign
to expose major abuses spawned by the Rockefellers. For example,
it was the Hearst chain that publicized secret Congressional
testimony showing that America's atomic secrets were handed over
to the Soviets--not stolen by them--even before our first atomic
bomb was finished; and that the Rockefellers were directly
involved in this. This was very easy for the Rockefellers, by
the way. The world's first controlled nuclear reaction was
achieved at their own University of Chicago late in 1942; and the
Manhattan Project worked outward from there. Even this name
"Manhattan" for the atomic bomb project was chosen as a subtle
acknowledgment of the real bosses of both atomic energy and the
nation's power centers in Manhattan, the Rockefellers.

The Rockefeller interests launched savage counterattacks on
the Hearst empire, using financial and other means to force many
of the Hearst newspapers out of business, just as they are
presently strangling the Star here in Washington by means of an
advertising boycott. But the Rockefeller Brothers never forget,
and their ultimate goal was to eventually take over complete
control of those portions of the Hearst business complex that
managed to survive the initial Rockefeller counterattacks. Patty
Hearst was the pawn they used in order to do so.

The first tapes after Patty was captured were full of fear and
urgency, and relayed crushing demands to her parents as
conditions for her release. Mr. Hearst was coerced into
incredible outpouring of his resources in a giveaway program only
to have the demands from the SLA keep rising until they became
unreachable. Then, after a period of silence, came the first
Tania tape claiming that Patty was disgusted with her parents and
was joining her captors. But, my friends, the real Patty Hearst
was no longer alive by that time. On February 28, 1974, just 24
days after her abduction, Patty was drowned in a bathtub by three
SLA men against whom I am told Patty put up a tremendous fight.
Afterward cremation was used to prevent any chance that her body
might be discovered and identified. This is common practice in
covert CIA executions, by the way and I am reliably informed that
this was also Jimmy Hoffa's fate after his abduction late in July
1975, which I discussed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 3.

The rest of the charade up until the capture last September of
Tania, the impostor who is alleged to be Patty Hearst, had just
one purpose--to maintain unmerciful pressures on the Hearsts in
order to crack their control of the Hearst interests. And the
prime pressure point in this campaign was Tania herself who was
used in order to convince the Hearsts that their daughter Patty
was still alive.

Any loving parents in the position of Mr. and Mrs. Hearst
would cling desperately to the hope of having their child
returned to them, and the Hearsts are no exception. So long as
she was not captured there would be no chance for the Hearsts to
discover Tania was an impostor; and by allegedly being spotted
from time to time, the assurance was maintained that she was
still alive. Thus in the best Rockefeller-CIA traditions, Mr.
and Mrs. Hearst were tricked into believing that they were
bargaining for the life and for the return of their daughter
Patty even after she had actually been murdered.

This deception continued for nearly a year and a half until at
last the CIA achieved by way of the SLA what the Rockefellers had
sought all along--a transfer of the control of the far-flung
Hearst interests to the Rockefeller Brothers. As soon as the
arrangements were made for this transfer of control, the bargain
was for Tania (alias Patty) to surface, and surface she did.
This was a simple matter since the FBI had known even before
Patty's kidnapping that her abduction was planned, and was aware
of her whereabouts and that of Tania, Patty's impersonator
throughout the so-called manhunt of 19 months duration.

The Hearsts gave up practically everything in a deal to get
their Patty back; and the last most critical part of the SLA
operation was to convince them that they had gotten what they had
bargained for--namely, their daughter Patty. Tania, therefore,
had to be captured and convince the Hearsts that she is their
daughter Patty; and the psychological profiling techniques which
were so useful in Watergating Richard Nixon and his aides out of
the White House were also used on the Hearsts in order to
minimize the risk that they would see Tania as a fraud.

The Patty Hearst-Tania manhunt was dragged out over 19 months,
and during that entire time the Hearsts were subjected to cruel
psychological pressures of all kinds for the purpose of damaging
their capacity to perceive anything from a normal perspective.
During most of that time the Tania charade was utilized to get
them gradually accustomed to the idea that if they ever did see
Patty again she would be drastically changed by her ordeal and
therefore not like they remembered her. And Tania, for her part,
was herself schooled and psychologically programmed in order to
be as convincing as possible in brief encounters with the Hearsts
after her alleged capture.

Even in spite of all this, the whole elaborate trick almost
broke down when Mr. and Mrs. Hearst first got to see their
alleged daughter after her capture. She was even more different
than they had imagined, and afterward Mrs. Hearst sadly said to
the press, quote: "That girl just isn't our Patty." She
apparently meant it in a figurative sense, but her words
unconsciously expressed the literal truth. But the natural
deep-seated wish to believe that Tania is Patty apparently won
out, reinforced by all the inhuman pressures which even now still
rest heavily on the Hearsts. For the moment the Rockefeller
Brothers have won their gamble, they have fooled the Hearsts.

Now there remains just one more detail to be attended to--the
girl herself, Tania, the girl who is alleged to be Patty. She
has now completely served her purpose and it is her turn to be
double-crossed. The one thing the Rockefeller-CIA agents cannot
permit to happen is for Tania to be released and have extended
contact with Mr. and Mrs. Hearst. It is one thing for Tania to
hoodwink the Hearsts into believing she is Patty during brief
encounters under tense unnatural conditions in unfamiliar
surroundings and against a two-year backdrop of nightmarish
events. But it would be quite another matter for Tania to return
home with the Hearsts and continue to convince them she is their
daughter during the course of an ongoing relationship in what
should be familiar surroundings. The Hearsts would without any
doubt soon see that something was terribly wrong about the girl
who is supposed to be Patty Hearst, and that, my friends, is why
I fear for the life of this girl who has called herself Tania in
the past. She cannot be allowed to go free; and now that her job
is finished as far as the Rockefeller Brothers and the CIA are
concerned, she has become a liability for them. If she is very
fortunate she may just be locked up out of sight and the key
thrown away; but I fear for her life because if she is silenced,
the deception of the Hearsts will have been sealed permanently
and any chance that she herself might some day blurt out the
truth will be ended as well. If this happens, Tania will have
gone the way of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and many others
before her.

The Patty Hearst case is a tragic example of the way in which
individuals are seen as nothing more than pawns to be pushed
around on the chessboard of power by the Rockefeller Brothers and
their helpers. But you do not have to be a Hearst, or a Nixon,
or a Hoffa to become a Rockefeller CIA pawn.

I revealed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 5 for October 1975
that electronic psychological programming techniques are being
used by the CIA to program people like human robots to do all
kinds of things they normally would not do. There is now a
rising demand by the CIA for people who can be made to run
involuntary errands for them this way, busy as they are with
bombings, terrorism and other projects to warp America's
Bicentennial to Rockefeller purposes. But people vary
considerably in their receptiveness to such programming, and a
catalog of highly receptive individuals is therefore of great
interest to the CIA. Therefore the CIA has secretly aided in the
establishment of a chain of centers which offer to help you quit
smoking, lose weight, or stop drinking almost overnight.

What they use are psychological conditioning techniques which
are related to the very much more advanced techniques used by the
CIA; and if you go to such a center and your therapy reveals a
very high susceptibility rating, your name, with or without the
knowledge of the particular center you visit, will end up in a
special CIA file for possible future use. If you contemplate
using such therapy, you should be warned of this hidden
liability. If you have already used it, I can only suggest that
you exercise due caution whenever you must receive medical care,
especially if hospitalization is involved. If possible, stick
with your family doctor or others you know you can trust.

On March 24, 1976, President Ford announced still another
effort to treat us as pawns, and this time every man, woman, and
child in the United States is intended to be involved. I refer,
of course, to the trumped up Swine Influenza threat, and the
proposal to inoculate everyone against it.

The stated medical reasons for this totally unprecedented
project are so patently flimsy that everyone from the World
Health Organization to individual doctors all around the country
have sharply questioned what is proposed. Many doctors have gone
so far as to openly ask what the real political reason for it is,
so unconvincing is the medical basis for it. Meanwhile the
Rockefeller-controlled major media are beating the drums in favor
of it. Some groups have questioned whether perhaps something
sinister is to be added to the vaccine; but while this could be
done, it is not the underlying reason for the Swine Flu program.
The whole Swine Flu swindle is an elaborate cover-up, the most
diabolical so far of the truth about the horrible CIA radioactive
plutonium super poison which is now contaminating the entire
southeastern portion of the United States and is even beginning
to show up now in traces nation-wide. This is the poison which
was stored in the Central Core Vault of the Bullion Depository at
Fort Knox, as I first revealed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 5,
October 1975.

As part of the federal government's cover-up, they made
matters a thousand times worse when they deliberately dumped it
into underground streams under Fort Knox during January, as I
have previously reported. Now they are beginning to realize the
hideous extent of their folly; but instead of honest remedial
action, their response is still cover-up.

First, the Swine Flu campaign began by alarming everyone with
its alleged threat. Then it was pointed out that even those who
do get the vaccine run a considerable risk of getting sick anyway
due to side effects. And to cap it off, officials expressed
public doubt by the end of March that it would be possible to
produce and administer enough vaccine to inoculate everyone by
late this year, when the Government allegedly fears a Swine Flu

The whole thing is intended to condition us all to the idea
that this will be the cause if and when Americans start dying
like flies in some area soon due to poisoning from the spreading
CIA plutonium poison from Fort Knox. And just for good measure,
preposterous stories have also found their way into print
recently, alleging in effect that plutonium is practically
harmless based on records which have 'suddenly' been discovered
recently about people who were injected experimentally with
plutonium years ago. It's all big game of "look over there"; and
you, your children, and your loved ones are the pawns in this
cold-blooded game.

Topic #2--Down through the centuries, war has always been an evil
which the vast majority of individuals have feared and wanted to
avoid, yet we all know they keep right on happening. And why?
Because there also have always been small groups of men who have
viewed war from a very different perspective. To them, war is
just one more tool to use in both the exercise and the expansion
of their own political and economic power.

In the 20th Century, wars have become bigger, more frequent,
and more savage than ever before. For nearly three generations,
one place or another around our planet has been aflame with the
fires of war and revolution; and now, having already suffered two
World Wars, we are stepping across the threshold of a third!

What's wrong? It's said that "From a little acorn, a mighty
oak will grow"; and where war is concerned, a very important
acorn was planted shortly before World War I. The Trustees of a
tax-exempt foundation, known at that time as the "CARNEGIE
ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE" which involved an alliance
with the Rockefeller and Carnegie interests, spent a full year
debating just one question: Is war the best way by which to alter
the life of a nation? And incredibly, my friends, the conclusion
they decided upon was: Yes.

Shortly thereafter World War I began. President Woodrow
Wilson, a Rockefeller puppet, was enthusiastically supported by
the Trustees of the Carnegie Endowment when he got America into
the war; and on at least one occasion, they even sent Wilson a
telegram urging him not to let America's involvement in the war
end too soon! They did not want to cut short all those desirable
changes in America that were to be expected as a result of our
involvement in that war--"desirable" according to their criteria,
of course, not yours or mine.

By the time World War II was brought about by the Rockefeller
interests and their allies, this philosophy was even more
entrenched and more powerful. The United States was deliberately
dragged into World War II by means of Pearl Harbor with the
active help of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; and as in World
War I, World War II was also deliberately dragged out longer than
necessary, in order once again to bring about major changes in
national life--not only in the United States but in other
countries as well. For details on this subject I refer you to
the recent two-volume AUDIO BOOK talking tape No. 7 entitled "THE
TRAGIC TRUTH ABOUT THE FDR ERA" recorded in February 1976 by
Colonel Curtis Dall and myself. FDR was Colonel Dall's
father-in-law, and Colonel Dall speaks from personal knowledge
about many very important things.

Three years ago in my book "THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE
DOLLAR", I pointed out the very intimate connections that linked
politics, economics, and matters of war and peace. And in this
regard I tried to call attention to the very powerful, important
new economic and political forces now emerging in Asia, and I
ended my book in these words, and I quote:

"If the new Asian forces are not understood, but are met with
ignorance and arrogance, then the world will indeed be headed not
for a 'generation of peace' of which President Nixon has so
proudly boasted, but for World War III."

In the same context, I referred to the crucial importance of
the Panama Canal, and on June 1974 on a radio program in Dallas,
Texas, I relayed Intelligence information I had just received
confirming that the Temehri Airfield in the Republic of Guyana,
next to Venezuela, is now ringed with atomic missiles aimed at
the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal and at cities in the United
States. But, as usual, the federal government still refuses to
this very day to permit an honest investigation of this
life-and-death situation. And, by the way, Temehri Airfield is
being used by Cuba nowadays to ferry its mercenaries and supplies
to southern Africa for more wars there. Temehri Airfield, 25
miles outside Georgetown, Guyana, is larger than our Kennedy
Airport in New York!

In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 last November, I was able at
last to reveal the whole grand strategy of the coming war,
including the opening rounds in the Middle East and the
succeeding stages by which it is presently intended to mushroom
into a full-fledged world war. And on April 19, 1976, just five
days ago, the United States Government gave the official green
light for the Middle East war to begin. On that day, April 19,
the White House quietly dropped its previous opposition to all
outside military intervention in war-torn Lebanon.

All of the blocks in the Middle East war plan are now falling
rapidly into place. On March 13, 1976, Saudi Arabia sealed its
own doom when the negotiations with American top oil people in
Panama City, Florida ended in an agreement for Saudi Arabia to
buy the remaining 40% of the assets of ARAMCO, the four-company
Rockefeller oil combine that operates in Saudi Arabia. Oil
minister Sheik Yamani revealed that the take-over transaction
will be carried out all at once within four to six weeks. What
they do not realize is that after the Rockefellers get their
money, the oil wells will be bombed out of existence by an
American limited nuclear strike emanating from the Sinai. The
White House go-ahead signal April 19th to get the ball rolling in
this war, came exactly five weeks after Sheik Yamani's

Meanwhile Prime Minister Vorster of South Africa injected his
country into the Middle Eastern fray by making a secret visit to
Israel two weeks ago for the sole purpose of obtaining military
hardware in exchange for raw materials. By doing so, he also
left his country open to infiltration by a client state of the
Rockefeller-controlled CIA. On top of that, he inflamed the
Arabs and most all of Black Africans. So, South Africa has
jumped from "the frying pan into the fire." And Henry Kissinger
on his African trip will be handing out millions of American
dollars to the so-called Liberation Fronts who are bent on
liberating Rhodesia and South Africa for the Rockefellers. And
so the Black leaders here and abroad will be used by the
Rockefellers in their attempt to help their ally, Soviet Russia,
do the dirty work for them in southern Africa for the rich
mineral resources there.

The war situation we face, my friends, is increasingly
dangerous; and as far as the first stages of it are concerned,
imminent. But before I leave this subject, I should add that we
must now not allow ourselves to lose our resolve to halt this
trend into disaster. I believe we can still do it, and WE MUST

Until recently, Rockefeller propaganda sought to create false
optimism about our foreign policy, military posture, and other
factors in our national strength. But now people are waking up.
They know something is wrong. So now we are entering a new phase
of defeatism propaganda designed to ruin our morale so that we
will just lie down conveniently to be conquered.

An example of this on the domestic scene was the statement by
Senator Frank Church last summer to the effect that Americans
would have no way to resist in the event of a take-over by a
dictator, so vast are the spying abilities of the federal
government. This alleged warning, greatly exaggerated for
effect, came from one of the earliest accomplices in the cover-up
now in progress about the hideous CIA plutonium poison!

Other voices are also lending their weight to the defeatism
campaign but on an international scale. One voice stands out
above all others--that of the allegedly exiled Soviet author
Alexander Solzhenitsyn. A recent quotation from Solzhenitsyn,
which is a condensation of practically everything he publicly
says today, is and I quote: "I wouldn't be surprised at the
sudden and imminent fall of the West." Then he goes on regularly
and at great length to build up an image of Soviet power,
supposedly matchless in its propaganda and quickly becoming
invincible militarily. He speaks of all this in disapproving
terms, thereby sounding as if he is on our side; but the image he
paints, my friends, is still one of defeatism for us and imminent
victory for our real enemies. He spreads seeds of
hopelessness--not of hope as some would have you believe. Such
hopelessness could cause the West to be defeated from within,
just as France was in the 30's and early 40's. Even when he
admits for a moment that the West could still save itself from
complete take-over--which it still can, my friends--he follows
that up by putting down any notion that he actually expects that
to happen. But Solzhenitsyn is very powerful in his use of
words, and he has become a Pied Piper with patriotic,
freedom-loving individuals and organizations following in his

What will be the effect, my friends, if a year or two from now
with war and economic and political chaos on all sides,
Solzhenitsyn should dramatically announce: "The West is doomed,
I'm going back home to the home of Communism, the wave of the
future"? Might not this be the crowning stroke the Soviets need
to collapse remaining patriotic morale in the West? Apparently
the Rockefellers and their Soviet allies think so.

That's why their controlled media are now giving Solzhenitsyn
tremendous publicity; and according to highly reliable
intelligence information I have received recently, this is the
real purpose for which Solzhenitsyn was sent to the West, while
other Soviet dissidents remain unable to follow his path.

Whether Solzhenitsyn himself is consciously involved in this,
or whether he is simply the victim of psychological profiling and
programming, the defeatism he is spreading could prove to be one
of our most mortal enemies. Remember, it was Lenin who also was
in exile in Zurich and who longed for the collapse of Russia! So
why could not Solzhenitsyn, who also is supposed to be in exile
in Zurich, long for the collapse of the West?

Topic #3--If you have one of the newly-issued $2.00 bills in your
pocket, please take it out and look at the back, which depicts
the signing of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE in 1776.

The seated gentleman that is No. 7 as you count from the left
is supposed to be Robert Morris according to the original
painting of this scene by John Trumbull. Morris was then a
wealthy financier who gave his all for the cause of freedom and
independence, and ended up penniless as a result. In his
original painting, Trumbull honored Morris for his sacrifices in
the cause of freedom by depicting him prominently in a shining
light with a proud look of determination on his face. After all,
if it had not been for Morris, the rag-tag Army of the United
States might have collapsed for lack of funds.

On the new $2.00 bill, Morris' important role is also
symbolically acknowledged--but by people who want to undo the
freedom which his sacrifices helped bring about. On the bill,
Morris is darkened into obscurity, just as our Unseen Rulers want
to obscure and blot out our freedom. As I have mentioned before,
such subliminal propaganda messages and signals are all around
us--such as the State flag postage stamps which say "Bicentennial
Era", code words which refer specifically to the so-called
"Second American Revolution" program of John D. Rockefeller III.

In more direct ways, too, Rockefeller propaganda is designed
to advance their program toward dictatorship. On April 18, 1976,
the Rockefeller-controlled Atlantic Richfield Oil Co., known as
ARCO, began taking out full-page ads nation-wide for something
they called a "Tricentennial." It pictures a mock American flag
consisting of 300 white stars on a field of blue with the number
2076 in computer-style numerals against a field of red, and below
that it encourages you to write and tell what changes you want to
see in America--without even a passing nod to the fact that you
might like some things to remain as they are. The crux of the
whole ad is contained in the words, and I quote:

"In about six months we plan to gather your responses, analyze
them, and make a full report of what we found out." And, quote:
"We'll make sure it reaches the people who are in positions to
consider and act on it."

What people do they mean? The Rockefeller Brothers and their
helpers, that's who! The new ARCO Tricentennial campaign is
nothing more or less than a replacement for John D. Rockefeller
III's National Committee for the Bicentennial Era, which was
forced to shut down a while back after its Bicentennial
Declaration ad of a year ago was exposed as the kickoff for the
secret new Rockefeller Constitution.

Meanwhile, Rockefeller progress toward implementing their
secret and dictatorial "New States of America Constitution" is
proceeding as fast as they are able. During the first week of
this month, April, a so-called "critical appraisal" of the UNITED
STATES CONSTITUTION was held in Philadelphia with over 100
attendees representing universities, business, labor, civil
rights groups, the judiciary, Congress, and others.

Prominent names from the WATERGATE investigation were on the
list, including Henry Ruth, Jr., who served as the Watergate
Special Prosecutor in the final phases. Can you imagine?

Labor was represented by Victor Gotbaum of the AFL-CIO; and
Stephen Schlossberg, General Counsel of the United Auto Workers.

On the business side were Board Chairmen of three corporations:
J. Irwin Miller of Cummings Engine Co.; John DiBold of the
DiBold group; and Fletcher L. Gramm of Coppers Company, an
especially outspoken proponent of ideas which appear in the
Rockefeller "New States Constitution."

The Presidents of the Council on Foreign Relations, the League of
Women Voters, and Common Cause were there; as well as the
Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union; and the
Co-Director of the admittedly radical, anti-capitalist Peoples
Bicentennial Commission, Jeremy Rifkin.

Top representatives were present from Time Magazine, the Federal
Reserve System, and the American Bar Association. Nearly a dozen
federal judges were in attendance; plus a retired Supreme Court
Justice; and the head of the General Accounting Office himself,
Elmer Staats.

It's hardly any wonder that Professor Marvin E. Wolfgang,
President of the sponsoring American Academy of Political and
Social Science, confidentially declared at the meeting, and I

"Neither the Congress nor the White House can ignore what we
say here."

And this is no idle academic comment, my friends, because on May
12, 1976, the Philadelphia World Affairs Council, a unit of the
Council on Foreign Relations, plans to come to Washington to
begin seriously pressuring Congress in preparation for formal
adoption of both the dictatorial Rockefeller "New States of
America Constitution" and the treasonous "Declaration of
Interdependence" first introduced last October in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile the four Rockefeller Brothers continue working to
position themselves to take full command of the dictatorship they
hope to create soon. Front man Nelson is rapidly emerging now
with the publicity campaign I mentioned he was planning in my
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9 two months ago, and he is pulling out
all the stops. On one hand to one audience he says: "Forget the
past, and let's look to the future"; but to another audience he
professes to be an unabashed believer in, quote: "the
old-fashioned virtues." Can you imagine? He says living by
example is his key religious precept; but, of course, he doesn't
mention any of the examples of his past record that I revealed
for you in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 1. Most recently he has even
begun lashing out at old friends and allies, even close family
friends of long standing--such as Dr. Dorothy Fosdick of Senator
Henry Jackson's staff--in his consuming ambition to harness for
himself the so-called "Conservative sentiment" that is now
sweeping across America.

Nelson Rockefeller and his brothers are still playing their
deadly end game of tactical maneuvering to meet contingencies,
trying to time political and economic events here in the United
States to mesh with fast-breaking events overseas in the build-up
for war. To this end, my latest information is that two prime
options have now been developed for Rockefeller's take-over of
the presidency; and, as usual, I reveal them in the hope that by
doing so such actions as may be necessary may be taken to prevent
their happening.

Option 1 may be exercise of the forces for Middle East war
that have now been unleashed to progress very rapidly leading to
war there and a "Declaration of Emergency" here before the
conventions this summer. In that event, President Ford may be
removed from office one way or another before the Convention, in
which case Rockefeller will become President and serve out Ford's
term until January 20, 1977.

But, my friends, Option 2 is now at the top of the Rockefeller
preference list. I can now reveal that Nelson Rockefeller plans
to use his infamous 25th Amendment to the Constitution again--but
in a different way. He has already made Ford to agree that he be
his Vice-Presidential candidate. Rockefeller now plans for Ford
to be nominated for President and himself for Vice-President
regardless of what happens in the Primaries! Then, after the
Convention, the plan is for President Ford to be incapacitated
for one reason or another, thereby activating Clause 4 of the
25th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Under this Clause, and I quote: "...a majority of the
principal officers of the executive departments"--who are now 99%
Rockefeller client followers--will send a written declaration to
the President pro tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House
of Representatives that, and I quote: "...the President is unable
to discharge the powers and duties of his office..." Thereupon
Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, who himself is the President
pro tem of the Senate, quote: "...shall immediately assume the
powers and duties of the office as Acting President."

Now get that, Acting President! Rockefeller plans to achieve
this on or about September 19, 1976; and in this capacity under
the provisions of the 20th Amendment he will serve, quote:
"...until a President shall have qualified..." But that could be
indefinitely, because part of the plan is also to call off the
elections because of the very abnormal circumstances and
attendant confusion--all of this paving the way for acceptance of
their dictatorial "New States of America Constitution" by a
National Referendum!

And if you think such a thing just couldn't happen, just
remember: The banks were closed and the people's gold was
confiscated by FDR in 1933--and the people accepted it because of
the abnormal circumstances.

And World War II--Japanese Americans were rounded up and herded
into Concentration Camps. An unthinkable act, yet it was
accepted due to the abnormal circumstances.

And would you have believed, just four years ago that both a
Vice-President and a President could be hounded out of office and
be replaced by two appointees?!!

My friends, our Founding Fathers realized that the day might
come when our governments, both federal and state, would fail us
and their Constitutional duties to represent the people. It was
for that reason that they included ARTICLE X of the Bill of
Rights. Often it is called the States' Rights Amendment, but it
should be called the Peoples' Rights Amendment. It reads, and I

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the
Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to
the states respectively, or to the people."

I repeat: "reserved to the people." So we have to look to
ourselves, and it has now come down to that--to you, to me, to
all the people of the United States! It is time for us to highly
resolve, as did Abraham Lincoln:

"...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of
freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for
the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Until next month, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.

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