Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 12.
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Hello everybody, this is Dr. Beter. Today is May 26, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 12.

This issue completes the first year of the monthly AUDIO LETTER
series, and what a year it's been!

In his Farewell speech as the first President of the United
States of America, George Washington warned:

"In proportion as the structure of government gives force to
public opinion, it is essential that public opinion be

That is what my monthly AUDIO LETTER is all about. Public
opinion is always wrong when it's based on false and incomplete
information, and that is exactly what is served up daily by the
Rockefeller-dominated major media under the guise of "news."
Every month I try to help you cut through the exhausting flood of
Rockefeller propaganda in order to focus on more basic underlying

This month I want to pull together some of the most basic threads
that run through everything I've been telling you about. After
hearing this issue, I strongly urge you to go back and review
what I have passed on to you in previous tapes--both my monthly
AUDIO LETTERS and the AUDIO BOOK talking tapes I have recorded;
and always keep in mind that it is physically impossible to
repeat everything from one month to the next to remind you of
everything that's going on. Instead, every issue is devoted to
matters which I believe will remain relevant for a long period of
time. Whenever plans are later changed in any drastic way, I try
to alert you to those changes. Otherwise you may assume that
what I've told you in the past continues to have a bearing on
what is happening today.

What I want to do today is to try to give you a peek into the
minds of the Four Rockefeller Brothers and their allies--in other
words, to show you what makes them tick. By this, of course, I
do not mean a peep show or prying into their personal behavior
even though they themselves have launched such gutter level peep
shows lately without total regard for truth or good taste to
debunk the late President Kennedy, former President Nixon, former
Vice-President Agnew, among others; but I do think you have a
legitimate and pressing need to understand in the clearest terms
possible what they are trying to achieve, why they are trying to
achieve it, and how they exercise vast power to suit their own
purposes. As an old saying goes,

"Know your enemy."

The entire program of the Four Rockefeller Brothers boils down
to one of conquest and enslavement by any and all means!
Wherever possible, resistance to their schemes is reduced by
using techniques which are not understood by the general public,
and control of the major media through various "fronts" is used
to help guarantee this lack of public understanding. But all of
their most powerful techniques involve a common denominator,
DESTRUCTION--economic destruction, physical destruction,
destruction of individual choice; and whenever it suits their
purposes, destruction of human life world-wide!

My three topics today are:




Topic #1--In my home state of West Virginia, John D. Rockefeller
IV, also known as Jay Rockefeller, is breaking all records there
for campaign spending in his bid for the governorship. He's
campaigning openly on the theme that he's too rich to steal, and
he won the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary by a landslide. He
spent over $4,000,000 just to win the Primary! Can you imagine?
This is not to say that Jay would steal, but the fact that he can
actually campaign on the "Too rich to steal" theme is a vivid
illustration of what has been accomplished by three generations
of Rockefeller public relations aided and abetted by
ever-expanding Rockefeller domination of the major media.

Jay's great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was
America's first billionaire by the dawn of the 20th Century, but
he most emphatically was not viewed as too rich to steal.
Rather, he was widely regarded as "too rich to trust" because the
source of his immense wealth lay in ruthless grasping and
destruction of competitors. Through these methods, the huge
Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust had been built into a monster that
was depicted in political cartoons of that time as devouring
everything in sight. No wonder.

An honest United States Supreme Court not yet packed by the
Corporate Socialists, ruled in its 1911 Standard Oil Company
dissolution decree, and I quote:

"For the safety of the Republic, we now decree that this
dangerous conspiracy must be ended by November 15, 1911."

The Rockefellers, of course, paid no real heed to this legal
order to dissolve their monopoly. For the sake of appearances
only, their infamous Standard Oil Trust was carved up into
several allegedly separate companies--but behind the scenes,
Rockefeller control was retained over all of them through the use
of nominees, banks, and tax-exempt Foundations which hold the
controlling interest in these companies for the benefit of the

The Standard Oil decree of 1911 exemplified one very basic
fact--the incredible fortune amassed by John D. Rockefeller, Sr.,
was acquired by unjust, corrupt means. It was, therefore,
susceptible to being erased if justice were allowed to take its
course. This posed an ever present danger to the Rockefeller
fortune, to which the Rockefellers responded in two ways:

On one hand they launched the most elaborate sustained public
relations program the world has ever seen in order to create a
more favorable image in the public eye. The centerpiece of this
campaign was, and still is, so-called "philanthropy" through an
ever-growing complex of tax-exempt Foundations. These were sold
to the public as "something for nothing" devices, thoughtfully
set up by the Rockefellers to help them 'give away' their money
for the 'public good' without the slightest thought of benefit to

The other side to the Rockefeller program was to continue the
actual expansion of their monopolistic empire to ever grander
proportions, using these very Foundations to cover and hide their
control and to escape taxation; monopoly in business with the
same motivation as before, greed. Soon this expanded into
monopoly in labor by bringing into their camp more and more of
the most important Labor leaders--they were housebroken. And
monopolistic control of money itself through their
unConstitutional private central banking system--the Federal
Reserve System!

To protect their economic monopolism from being tripped up by
law and justice, Rockefeller efforts spilled over more and more
into control of politics, of our Judicial system, and of

Soon after the troublesome Supreme Court decree of 1911,
Woodrow Wilson became President--the first president to be a
complete Rockefeller puppet! And in 1930, the Supreme Court
acquired a new Chief Justice, direct from the Rockefeller
Standard Oil stables--Charles Evans Hughes. This began the
gradual packing of the Supreme Court, which later reached
scandalous proportions under Rockefeller puppet President
Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Key factors in the successful advancement of Rockefeller
monopolism and the resulting destructive effects on American life
were none other than the very Foundations which were hailed in
Rockefeller public relations propaganda as "philanthropies."

In 1917 Senator Chamberlain of Oregon warned on the floor of

"The Carnegie-Rockefeller influence is bad. In two generations
they can change the minds of the people to make them conform to
the cult of Rockefeller or the cult of Carnegie, rather than the
fundamental principles of American democracy."

Truer words were never spoken; and even as Senator Chamberlain
made these remarks, Rockefeller termites were busily at work on
Congress too, eating away the true representation of the people
and leaving nothing but the weak, hollow shell we have today!

By means of World War II the Rockefellers acquired an economic
weapon which enabled them to make a giant leap forward,
outdistancing all of their rivals both here in America and around
the world. That weapon was their control of Saudi Arabian oil,
whose surrender by Britain to the Rockefellers was the price of
America's entry into World War II.

The Saudi fields were then developed by G.I. labor at
practically no expense to the Rockefellers, who then obtained the
oil for 30 years, up until two years ago, at just five cents (5)
a barrel! Using the tremendous windfall profits that
resulted--hundreds of billions of dollars--the Four Rockefeller
Brothers, operating through various fronts here and abroad, were
able to buy up the industrial base not only of America but of
Europe, Japan, Latin America, and elsewhere. Soon thereafter,
global corporations under Rockefeller control posed an
unprecedented economic challenge to the very sovereignty of
nation after nation.

Today, after three generations of relentless striving, the
Rockefeller empire controlled by the Four Rockefeller
Brothers--David, Nelson, Laurance, and John D. III--is on the
threshold of total monopoly here in America if they can implement
their dictatorial "NEW STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION." But you
may ask: "What does total monopoly really mean? How would it
affect me?" In a total monopoly, my friend, you would be
surrounded, boxed in. You would be a complete slave! And to the
extent that partial monopoly already exists, you are a half-slave

This brings me back full circle to West Virginia once again.
There on a localized scale, you could have seen total monopoly in
action not long ago. I've seen it with my own eyes; and I have
to tell you, my friends, it was not a pretty sight. I have seen
it over and over again all around my home state--miners working
long, hard days in dangerous mines for low wages which were not
even paid to them in currency but in tokens called "scrip." The
miners and their families lived in houses owned by the coal
company, paying their rent in scrip--houses which often would not
have been accepted as meeting minimum standards anywhere else!
For all the necessities of life, the miner and his family had to
go to the company's store, the only place where scrip could be

Years ago I knew a high official of a large railroad which
owned coal fields in West Virginia. One day he tried to bring to
the attention of the Directors of a large financial institution
in Cleveland, Ohio, which controlled the railroad, that prices in
the coal company stores were inhumanly high and kept the miners
perpetually in debt to the company store. He said: "Why not pay
the miners a living wage and reduce prices to a fair level in the
company stores?" At this, the Directors shouted: "Socialism,
Communism"; and within a few months they forced him into early
retirement. Far from being a Communist or a Socialist, my friend
was simply a Christian with a sincere concern about the working
and living conditions of the miners. But the bank itself was
controlled at the top by the Rockefeller interests, who are in
league with the Soviet Union, which is run by nothing but a bunch
of Communists. What irony!

The same sort of thing is all around us today. The
Rockefeller Brothers always make sure that they have plenty of
spokesmen giving a lie that they 'support the free enterprise
system'--when actually they are monopolists through and through.
They are Corporate Socialists, just as their counterparts under
the Soviet system are State Socialists.

The goal of the Rockefeller Brothers for the United States is
that our entire nation be brought under their total monopoly so
that we can all be exploited, as were the coal miners. Living in
company-owned housing, buying the necessities of life at
outlandish prices from the company store, paid in scrip which
could not be redeemed elsewhere, and deprived of educational or
other opportunities to break the vicious cycle they were in, the
miners were economic slaves!

Living a life of hard, dangerous work, they fought an
ever-losing battle against mounting debts to their slave
masters--the coal companies. They were not merely employed, they
were consumed! They were disabled by occupational hazards like
Black Lung and on-the-job injuries. They left destitute widows
and children without pensions. A miner did not last
indefinitely, but the company didn't worry too much when he fell
by the wayside. Generally he would be replaced without any
difficulty by his or another miner's son growing up, caught in
the same economic spider web. And if the Rockefeller Brothers
get their way, we will all end up as their slaves, just like
those miners in the coal fields then.

Topic #2--We Americans today are becoming more and more like the
enslaved coal miners of yesterday. We carry out our financial
transactions in scrip instead of in real money. The scrip we use
called "Federal Reserve Notes" is denominated in dollars but it's
not redeemable by your Government for gold, silver, or anything
else; nor is it backed up by gold, silver, or anything else
except the assurance of a corrupt government that we should think
of it as if it were money. As I know from personal experience,
even the Blacks in the bush in Africa know that if the government
is corrupt, the money is corrupt; but most Americans have been
educated out of understanding that and are therefore learning the
hard way now.

The scrip that used to be paid to the West Virginia miners was
not issued by the Government but by their private, employers, the
coal companies; and in America today our scrip is not issued by
the Government but by the Federal Reserve System owned and
controlled privately by the very same Rockefeller-dominated
corporations and financial institutions which increasingly
control your job, directly or indirectly, and from whom you must
buy most of what you need. So our monetary situation in America
today increasingly resembles that of the coal-mining districts of

We hear a lot about the money supply and the "balance of
international payments"; but as I explained three years ago in my
book THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR, these things no longer
really matter under the monopolistic control of the Rockefellers.
Inflation is produced now not by money supply but as a result of
the combined impact of Big Business, Big Labor, and Big
Government compared with the real ability of the economy to
produce now that our gold reserves have been stolen! And the
"balance of payments" has been rendered obsolete by the
Rockefeller multinational corporations which can make the figures
look any way they want simply by trading back and forth among
themselves across national boundaries.

As I also pointed out in my book, the alleged "Balance of
Payments Deficit" was used throughout the 1960's as a smoke
screen, a cover, to justify the hemorrhaging of America's gold
reserves out of the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox and our other
Depositories and sending it overseas. Now that this has been
completed, however, and the Rockefeller Brothers have cornered
our nation's gold, the Government has just announced that now it
considers overall balance of payments figures to be obsolete and
will stop publishing them.

The United States dollar has been reduced to the status of
pseudo money, scrip--and it's going "for broke." We're coming
closer and closer to the day when the Federal Reserve scrip we
use today, which is disguised for psychological reasons to
resemble our real money of the past, will be replaced in a
reverse split of perhaps 100 to 1 by the "red-backs" now stored
in the mountain vault at Culpeper, Virginia, and other
underground vaults.

Like the coal miners' scrip, the red-backed dollars will not
be convertible to other currency--they will serve only for
domestic transactions as we work as slaves for the Rockefeller
Corporate State and spend our red-backed scrip at various
branches of the nation-wide Rockefeller company store embracing
everything from housing to groceries. The Rockefeller brothers
want to eliminate your independence and to make you dependent
upon them as a slave. That is why they want to control money
itself as well as the means of production, distribution, and
supply of everything that money can buy.

I can now reveal that if you have gold their plan now does not
call for it to be confiscated, but that it is because unlike the
situation in 1933, so very few people now have any gold that the
Rockefeller Brothers do not plan to bother with it since they
have already cornered the United States' monetary gold supply.

We are to be left holding worthless paper money as the fruit
of our labors, while the Rockefeller Brothers themselves hold our
gold as the fruit of their crimes. They plan to make another
great leap forward in their own wealth and power by turning our
entire nation into one big slave-labor camp for them to exploit
at will by destroying the economy we presently have, which does
not yet give them total control.

Topic #3--In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 7 December 1975 I revealed
that the Canadian Government has decided to strike out alone,
instead of being led down the road to Rockefeller domination; and
now Canada is trying to defend itself against political and
economic war being waged against it by the Rockefeller Brothers.
It may come as a surprise to some people but the Canadian
Government, unlike that of the United States, is currently trying
to act in the best interests of its own citizens. For that
reason I seldom go into much detail about what the Canadian
Government is doing because I do not want to upset its efforts to
save itself.

In a television interview in Ottawa on May 11, 1976, David
Rockefeller said to his Canadian audience, quote: "You face a
dilemma. Are you more anxious to be completely independent? OR
do you want to see your resources developed faster with the aid
of others?" He added that Canadians must choose between greater
economic independence or increased prosperity. His statements
reflect the intensifying economic pressure being applied to
Canada by the Rockefeller interests. For example, they are now
backing out of major commitments to develop Canadian oil
reserves. This led a few weeks ago to a bombshell announcement
by the Canadian Government that contrary to all past projections,
Canada will not be energy self-sufficient in the coming years
after all. Meanwhile, the Canadian Government has struck back by
turning down for the moment at least a fleet of Orion military
aircraft built by the Rockefellers' Lockheed Aircraft Company.

Whether it be individuals, companies, or nations, competitors
are always regarded by the Four Rockefeller Brothers as a threat
to be absorbed or eliminated. Where there is competition and
diversity, there is always the chance no matter how small that
they might somehow lose their position of supremacy. Losing
that, they reason, they might some day be exposed and brought to
justice--and that could mean losing everything because their
entire mode of operation is one of corruption, hidden
manipulation, and flaunting of the laws that they impose on us
peasants, as they call us privately. So through a combination of
greed and an ever-haunting concern for security, there arises an
insatiable lust for power. And because evil practices confer
vast worldly power, this leads to a conscious embrace of these
practices that amounts to the worship of evil.

Early in the 20th Century the Rockefellers of that day joined
certain others who shared an identity of interest in such things
to form a commitment to create a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is
what Nelson Rockefeller means today when he refers to "an open
world"--no borders, no North and South Vietnam, no East and West
Germany, no Virginia and West Virginia, and no taxes for his
global corporations--just one stupendous world government, the
most awesome dictatorship of all time with himself as World
President. To direct and coordinate the entire program under the
One-World commitment established two generations ago, the
Rockefellers set up powerful tax-exempt Foundations and used
public relations to give them the halo of philanthropy!

The first stage in this commitment, as I reported to you last
month, was to embark on the deliberate use of war to so alter
national life in the directions they desired.

The second stage, which followed very quickly, was the forging
of a covert partnership between the Rulers of the United States
and those of the Soviet Union whose Communist system was put into
power by the same group of people. The wealth and know-how of
the Western world, especially the United States of America, would
be drained off to strengthen their ally, the Soviet Union,
leading to the forced collapse of the United States!

This would mark the dawning of the third stage--One-World
Government under a partnership between the Soviet Union and an
America reorganized on the pattern of the Soviet system.

To bring these things to pass, powerful forces were unleashed
over 50 years ago--corrupt, dishonest forces. In 1920, for
example, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations arranged
through the Guggenheim Foundation to establish scholarships to
begin the re-writing of American history to create doubt about
the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers. Carefully
selected candidates were sent to certain universities in England
for indoctrination, after which they were brought back and placed
in strategic educational positions at the University of Chicago
and sprinkled through other important institutions of higher
learning. Through their positions of leadership, they would
ultimately influence United States history teaching throughout
America. The objective of this commitment was to bring on
"collectivism" through the downgrading of the individual and the
upgrading of the elitist group that planned to rule the
collectivist world. At the same time propaganda through
entertainment, educational, and news media was to be designed to
render people incapable of believing the truth about what was
happening by making conspiracy theories of all types look
ridiculous, too silly to be taken seriously.

In the more than half century since this One World commitment
was formed, the Trustees of the Rockefeller-controlled
Foundations have moved the One-World Program very far indeed; but
the forces they unleashed are now running out of control! They
have opened Pandora's box and now they are beginning to see that
they, too, are being swept along by the very same forces that
they themselves have set in motion. More and more of the
Trustees of the Rockefeller-controlled Foundations now believe
that the commitment for a One-World Government, as originally
conceived, has jumped the tracks; and now they see the specter of
a horrible end coming into sight just a little further down the
road--a double cross by the artificially strong Soviet Union with
the Soviets picking up all the chips for themselves.

But the mounting fear of the Trustees still is not shared by
the Rockefeller Brothers themselves. Loyal, patriotic members of
the United States Intelligence Community inform me they are
grinding their teeth in frustration because the efforts of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff to upgrade American defenses against the
very real Soviet threat are being vetoed at every turn by Nelson
Rockefeller through Henry Kissinger!

The Rockefeller Brothers firmly believe that war is coming,
and soon; but even now they still believe the Soviets will abide
by their secret agreement for a completely programmed war when
that phase of World War III, or NUCLEAR WAR ONE, is reached which
calls for nuclear warfare on American soil! David Rockefeller
and his affluent intimates still think they hold the upper hand
with the Kremlin bosses through various devices. For example,
there are several casks of radioactive Plutonium-239 superpoison
stored by the CIA on the fourth floor of the central building of
the United States Embassy in Moscow. These were taken there in
1971 from the Fort Knox Bullion Depository by the CIA to be
maintained as a blackmail threat against any tricks by the
Soviets. Like those which remained in the Fort Knox Bullion
Depository, they began leaking long ago and are responsible for
the leukemia now suffered by Ambassador Stophil and others in the
Embassy. This is the truth behind the cover stories you saw
recently alleging that health problems in the American Embassy in
Moscow were being caused by Soviet microwave radiation.

But why expect the Government to worry about a few mere
employees at our Embassy in Moscow? Exactly the same kind of
radioactive superpoison has for months been spreading through
underground streams from Fort Knox into the southeastern United
States! One of the most immediate threats from the CIA
superpoison is an underground concentration centering on
Chattanooga, Tennessee. This hot spot extends 23 miles west, 25
miles south, 42 miles east and northward toward the source, which
is Fort Knox, Kentucky. The water supply for over a quarter of a
million Americans is threatened, yet the federal government still
refuses to tell the truth about this deadly threat.

David and his brothers still believe also that the Soviet need
for trade with their global corporations will keep the Soviets in
line, adhering to their secret commitments--but how wrong they

To get ready for the war, David Rockefeller has just built a
new fortified family hideaway on Bartlett Island, adjacent to Mt.
Desert Island off the coast of Maine where other Rockefeller
strongholds are now in existence complete with bombproof
shelters. The latitude of Bartlett Island is 44 degrees 22
minutes North, almost the exact center of the supersecret NUCLEAR
SAFE ZONE which has been established for the Rockefellers and
their affluent intimates in America during the coming war. This
zone is a band across roughly the upper half of the United States
and including the lowest portions of Canada. It extends from 40
degrees to the South to 50 degrees on the North, and the center
is 45 degrees--almost the exact latitude of the Rockefeller
compounds off the coast of Maine. That, in fact, is why 45
degrees was chosen as the center of the Nuclear Safe Zone.
Members of the Rockefeller inner circle who are "in the know"
about all this, have been buying real estate in Oregon, Idaho,
Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas, as some of you may have
noticed who live in those states. Now you know why. Now you
also know the real reason why our anti-ballistic missile
installations which were located within the Nuclear Safe Zone
were dismantled last year. The upper half of the United States
is to be a virtual de-militarized zone except for some military
installations which have been around too long to deactivate
without arousing suspicion, but they would not be used against
the Soviet Union in NUCLEAR WAR ONE by the United States.

Just look at a map of the United States, my friends. Look at
the enormous nuclear disaster that is in store for us if the
Rockefeller Brothers and their Soviet allies are allowed to carry
out their insane plans for total conquest. Alaska, which lies
above the Nuclear Safe Zone, is scheduled to have its now
uncompleted oil pipeline blasted out of existence. Hawaii, below
the Nuclear Safe Zone, is scheduled to be hit to knock out the
naval installations there. But our real Pearl Harbor this time
is to be the Panama Canal, as I revealed 19 months ago in my

As for the continental United States--California, Nevada,
Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and all states south of them
are immediate candidates for nuclear attack even if there is no
Soviet double cross of the Rockefeller Brothers. As I first
warned on radio in June 1974, not only the Panama Canal but
American cities are already targeted by nuclear missiles in the
Republic of Guyana next to Venezuela, ready to strike from the
south where we are weakest.

Americans really cannot believe the terrifying possibility of
nuclear war, feeling that neither the Soviet Union nor the United
States would risk its own destruction; but the Soviet Union,
spending over a billion dollars a year on massive Civil Defense
preparations, is ready to survive NUCLEAR WAR ONE, unlike
ourselves; and the Rockefeller Brothers and their intimates are
ready to survive it, too, with their fortified hideaways in the
Nuclear Safe Zone. But for the rest of us, my friends, the only
war preparations are the mass burial sites which are now being
quietly set aside without explanation, such as the 80-acre site
in Wood County, Wisconsin!

My friends, this IS WAR; and you, your loved ones, and
everything you hold dear are the targets. We are being attacked
without mercy, and the weapons being used against us are the
CHANCE--not with the power of evil, however, but with the power
of truth, which I still believe is more powerful than the most
evil plans men can devise.

Here is what we must do now:

First: We must stop the insane plans for America's destruction in
NUCLEAR WAR ONE, which I am convinced will be even worse if it is
allowed to take place than the Rockefeller Brothers planned
because of certain Soviet double cross.

All aid and trade with the Soviet Union must be cut off, and
the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be freed to take the proper
measures to protect our country against the Soviet Union.
There's no time to be lost.

Every Governor, every Senator, every Congressman, every State
Legislator, and every Mayor in the states including or below the
40th Parallel plus Alaska and Hawaii, has an immediate duty and
responsibility for the lives of the citizens they represent.
That duty is to demand that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
publicly reveal the secret war plan agreements with the Soviet
Union which established the Nuclear Safe Zone I have described.
These agreements are now in the possession of the Four
Rockefeller Brothers in their hideaways on Mt. Desert Island and
adjacent Bartlett Island off the coast of Maine. Every single
one of the officials I have described must be alerted to this
plan and, if need be, forced by public pressure to demand this
public accounting from Kissinger. Any official who refuses to
pursue this life-and-death duty once alerted and pursue it
vigorously will be knowingly jeopardizing the very life of every
man, woman, and child he has taken an oath to protect.

Second: We must block the program of the Four Rockefeller
Brothers to eliminate our beloved free CONSTITUTION and replace
it with their own dictatorial "New States of America

The same officials I have just mentioned, but for all 50
States, must be alerted to this plan and must be pushed by public
pressure into action. Have no illusions, my friends, neither
Congress nor most of the other officials I have mentioned will do
anything whatsoever about either of these things on their own.
With rare exceptions, they respond only to pressure and usually
that pressure comes only from powerful special interests--which
these days usually means the Four Rockefeller Brothers and their
total lackeys. But, if they are alerted to these terrible
dangers and are kept under constant unrelenting public scrutiny
and pressure, I believe Congress as well as the other officials
can be mobilized on both of these particular matters--the WAR and
the CONSTITUTION--to do what must be done to save our country,
because this time their own survival is at stake as well as ours!

What you must do in this terrible situation is something that
does not come easily to most of us. You must get off the
sidelines and into the fight. You must speak out about what you
know even though many may not yet believe you. You must search
out others who share your concerns once alerted to our common
danger and who will join with you to take action under our
Constitution to prevent disaster; and you must get your
priorities straight.

This situation is not a Liberal, Conservative, Black, White,
Jew or Gentile, Democrat or Republican issue. It's a matter of
survival, literally life and death; and survival as well as of
the system which allows all these individual differences among us
to continue to coexist. You must join with others in your area
even if it is only one or two at first, and figure out what your
particular group can do to bring the pressure for action I have
just described.

Do you have an independent newspaper in your area whose editor
will listen to the truth and perhaps follow up on it with his own
investigation and editorials? Is one or more of you a member of
a lodge where you could bring up these matters and generate
support for action? Can you rent or borrow space in a church or
school to hold public meetings where more people can be informed
through tapes or other means?

Take stock of your own resources whatever they are and use
them, and don't ignore your financial resources be they large or
small. Would you rather use a portion of your worldly goods in
order to preserve an entire way of life? Or would you rather sit
back and let it evaporate uselessly through Rockefeller-induced
inflation and the searing heat of nuclear warfare?

Remember: YOU count.

The Rockefeller Brothers and their affluent intimates are
powerful, but their power is exercised through the willing minds
and hands of millions of others who for the most part do not even
know that is what they are doing.

You and I are not confronted by a whole nation of enemies but
just a very few individuals who have learned how to push and
maneuver others into doing their bidding; so if you feel
outnumbered, don't. As far as our real enemies are concerned
(those at the top), we now outnumber them, so what in the world
is the sense in letting them enslave us?

My friends, I have told you what I think we must focus on, and
fast! In December 1975 I also recorded AUDIO BOOK No. 6, "WHAT
WE CAN DO TO SAVE AMERICA", to give you some thought-starters;
and I know that some of you are pursuing suggestions I made then.
But beyond that, I believe you must use your own initiative to
see how to put things together to work your way, working with
others in your area.

Under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,
you are guaranteed the right of peaceable assembly for a reason.
Use it. You are also guaranteed the right to petition government
for the redress of grievances. Use it. And keep in mind always
that under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments it is to us, the people
of the United States of America, that the ultimate power of our
government is reserved. USE it, or very soon you will LOSE it!

My friends, the time has come in your life when your future
depends on your willingness to face up to reality, and to act. I
understand your attachment to things you have worked so long and
so hard to acquire and achieve. And, yes, there is a risk
involved in doing as I am urging you to do--a risk of being
ridiculed by some, a risk of losing money, and even a risk of
failure; but the element of risk is now reversed from what we
usually think. The real risk now lies in NOT taking action
because if you don't take whatever action you can, you risk
letting the Rockefeller Brothers succeed in their insane
plans--and thereby losing everything!

As I begin the second year of the monthly AUDIO LETTER series
next month, God willing, I plan to keep on providing you with the
information you need in order to do your part to save yourself,
your loved ones, and our NATION.

Will those who have exercised vast power through covert means
on behalf of the Rockefeller Brothers continue now to throw in
their lot with their masters now that they see at last where this
is leading? Or will they choose to begin making amends for the
evil forces they have unleashed against us, the people who are
the United States of America?

Never before in the history of our United States has this
phenomenon occurred that one family controls the destiny of this
country, and whatever happens I consider myself honored to be
placed in the position that I am now in to join with you in the
fight to move our great country forward once again on the path
laid out by our Founding Fathers.

Until next month, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.

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