Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 19.
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Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is December 18,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 19.

As our Bicentennial Year of 1976 draws to a close, the United
States of America is in grave danger. Our economy is ravaged by
the twin plagues of high inflation and high unemployment, a
condition which I named STAGFLATION some years ago. Our Republic
is under attack in a far-advanced plan to bring our country under
dictatorship. Our very lives are under the threat of extinction
in a surprise nuclear attack which would be the beginning of
NUCLEAR WAR ONE; and all of these terrible things have been
brought about deliberately by a handful of ruthless, powerful men
here and abroad, bent on world domination.

"But how can this be?", you ask. "How can so few people
control the destinies of all the rest of us?"

After all, it is easy to imagine how far our Secret Rulers and
their henchmen would get if they tried to take over even one
city, much less all of America, with their own bare fists and
brute force. They would be stopped in their tracks in no time
flat because everyone understands that kind of threat and there
are far more of us than there are of them. But those who want to
enslave us understand this all too well; they know better than to
try any kind of frontal attack on us that would be widely
understood. Instead, they have perfected the art of harnessing
our own energies so that gradually, step by step, we are
enslaving ourselves under their control.

The Hegelian principle of thesis, antithesis, synthesis is
being applied so as to gradually merge our life with that of the
Soviet Union at every level! The average working man and woman
in America would never knowingly allow this to happen, and yet it
is happening--gradually, year after year.

1. The first step, called Thesis, is to create and publicize a
problem in education, economics, or otherwise in our daily lives.
In other words, where there is peace, create discord and trouble.

2. Step 2, Antithesis, is to create opposition to the problem.

3. The final step, Synthesis, is to offer a so-called solution to
the problem.

This diabolical, roundabout approach psychologically conditions
people to accept things which they would otherwise oppose
vigorously. Just a look around with this in mind, and you will
see that this technique is being used all around you in a
thousand ways; but the real key to the success or failure of this
method of manipulating the public lies in something Abraham
Lincoln said over 100 years ago, quote:

"With public sentiment, nothing will fail; without it, nothing
can succeed."

So long as we, the people, are simply told the truth about
things, public sentiment reflects the truth. Under those
conditions, real solutions can be found for real problems to
everyone's benefit; but when we are not told the truth, public
sentiment reflects only what we believe and we can be manipulated
into supporting all kinds of things that are not in our best

Here in the United States a subtle, long-range propaganda
technique--known simply as MISINFORMATION--has been used to build
up an artificial and false picture of the world and our own
nation. In the areas of foreign policy, national security,
politics, and economics, the truth has been suppressed and
replaced with an elaborate structure of lies, distortions, and
half-truths. This false picture has come to be accepted as the
truth with the result that the truth itself has been rendered
unbelievable. I don't think anyone in his right mind could do
what has been done to us. Our education, our CONSTITUTION, our
free enterprise system, everything possible has been perverted in
order to confer ever more power on our Secret Rulers.

Now, WAR IS COMING. The wars of this century have been fought
far from our shores, but this time it is coming here--to our
land, to our homes, to our people! It will not be a conventional
war but NUCLEAR WAR ONE. As in all modern wars, it will begin
with a surprise attack. Thanks to the silence of the United
States Government and of the controlled major media, most
Americans will be caught completely by surprise, believing in a
lie called detente until thermonuclear fireballs erupt all around
our nation.

To show how different the truth is from what we are led to
believe by our Secret Rulers, I will discuss these three topics




Topic #1--On the evening of October 4, 1957, Americans were
stunned by the announcement that the Soviet Union had become the
first nation in history to place a man-made satellite in orbit.
Sputnik I, weighing 184 pounds, was circling the Earth every hour
and a half sending out beeps that became famous overnight. The
world was thrilled, and the world press heaped great praise on
the Soviet Union. They inferred from this accomplishment that
the Soviet socialist system was superior to our own in scientific
and technical progress. It was a historical first that can never
be undone--the Soviet Union had beaten the United States into

Less than a month later Sputnik II was launched. It weighed
over half a ton and carried the first live passenger into space,
a dog. The dog died within a week but it was another startling
achievement nonetheless.

Meanwhile poor old America was struggling along trying to put
a tiny 16-pound satellite into orbit by means of the Navy's
Vanguard rocket. Two launches were attempted, but both failed.
In one case the rocket lifted a few feet off the pad only to
settle back into a tremendous fireball as it exploded. It made
exciting footage for the television news that evening. Finally
on January 31, 1958, almost four months after Sputnik I, America
launched its first space satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
It was called Explorer I, and it was launched not by the Navy but
by the Army. We were in space at last, but only after being
thoroughly humiliated before the entire world.

After the Sputnik shock, space flight and rockets were
suddenly the "in" thing to be interested in. Even then Senator
Lyndon B. Johnson arranged for a new "Aeronautics and Space
Committee" to be set up, with himself as its Chairman. He was
thereafter as visible as possible in connection with space
matters, and today the manned space flight center in Houston
bears his name. At the time, I could hardly imagine anything
more hypocritical for Johnson to do. Even though I was a lawyer,
I had been a member of the then named "American Rocket Society"
for a number of years and had vivid memories of Johnson's
attitude toward space in the early 50's. At that time, four or
five years before Sputnik, I was a member of a group headed by
Dr. Wernher Von Braun who approached Johnson in hopes of
obtaining support for a space program. I'll never forget Lyndon
Johnson's reaction to the whole idea. He did not merely say
"No", but jeered at the whole concept as ridiculous and

A few years later the United States was deprived of the chance
to be first in space, but not by Lyndon Johnson. What I am going
to tell you does not affect our national security now, but it
does provide a typical example of what has been happening to
America for many years. And as Wernher Von Braun lies on his
death bed in a hospital near Washington, D.C., I believe the time
has come for the truth to be told about why we were not the first
to put a satellite into space.

In late 1955 or early 1956, the Joint Chiefs of Staff began
the first act of planning for an American space program. Their
goal: To have the United States initiate the world's first
successful space flight at the beginning of the International
Geophysical Year that was to begin on July 1, 1957. After some
controversy as to which Service should sponsor the space project,
it was concluded that the Army was most capable of doing the job.
This was agreed to and approved by the Joint Chiefs and by then
Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson.

The Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama was
fortunate in having the services of the world's foremost rocket
expert, Dr. Wernher Von Braun. From a very early age Von Braun
had been fascinated with the idea of space flight, and he had
spent his life working with rockets. During World War II Von
Braun was pressed into service by Hitler, and the German rocket
program was far ahead of other countries by the end of the war.
When the war ended, many of Von Braun's subordinates at the
German rocket base were taken prisoner by the Soviet Union and it
was they who were forced to develop and direct the Soviet missile
and space programs; but Von Braun himself had resolved well
before hostilities ended that he would surrender to the United
States, and he succeeded in doing so. Our Government then
prevailed upon him to enter governmental research where he would
have the money and resources to pursue rocketry in earnest.

When the Earth Satellite project came under consideration
years later in the mid-50's, the Joint Staff project officers
interviewed the Redstone Arsenal officials along with Von Braun
himself to ascertain their capability. Von Braun stated that his
group could engineer a space vehicle and have it ready for orbit
in only a few months. The Joint Staff pushed for the Von Braun
project; and after it was approved by the Joint Chiefs and
Secretary of Defense, it went to President Eisenhower for final
approval and allocation of Defense Department funds--but there it
stopped! Strangely there was a long delay in getting the
expected presidential approval. Finally the word came down to
the Joint Staff from the President. Incredibly, they were to
disregard the Army's capability and give the Space project to the
Navy instead. Such a decision was all but unbelievable. The
Navy did not even have a blueprint for such a space vehicle!
They would be starting almost from scratch; but the decision
stood, so several large aircraft companies and Navy scientists
gathered to initiate a program called "PROJECT VANGUARD."

As a direct result of this decision, the Soviet Union was able
to put Sputnik into orbit while the United States was still
struggling unsuccessfully with Vanguard. Joint Staff project
officers were most perplexed about the American political
decision to allow the Soviet Union to beat us in this endeavor
when we had the capability to be far ahead of them. It appeared
to follow a pattern of withholding American capabilities and
allowing the Soviet Union the advantage. Later, an aide to
President Eisenhower explained confidentially what had

A select group of scientists and financial leaders got wind of
the American space satellite plans at an early stage. The group,
headed by a man who was later awarded the Lenin Peace Prize by
the Soviet Union, went to the President and pressed him to
sponsor a purely American space project with only native
Americans working on it. They didn't want by any means for a
former German, such as Wernher Von Braun, to give the world and
future historians the impression that the Germans of all people
were superior in the field of space science. This group, who
were actually doing the bidding of the Rockefellers on behalf of
their Soviet allies, were instrumental in forcing America to take
a back seat in the early years of the Space Age when we were
fully capable of being supreme!

Finally, after two Soviet Sputniks and two humiliating Navy
Vanguard failures, Eisenhower became exasperated and told the
Defense Department to get Von Braun into action. Just six weeks
after he received the go-ahead, Von Braun's Army team launched
Explorer I. He did exactly what he had said he could do two
years earlier--and the very first time he tried it; but the
special place in history he so richly deserved had been denied
him forever, just as it had been denied to the new homeland of
his choice, the United States of America. The anti-German
argument that had been used on President Eisenhower was, of
course, a total fraud.

When Sputnik I was launched a short dozen years after World
War II, the Soviet rocket program was even more dependent on the
efforts of captured German scientists than was true in the United
States. Thus only one thing was really accomplished by delaying
the Army satellite effort under Wernher Von Braun: A tremendous
propaganda coup for the Soviet Union and a setback to American
prestige and self-confidence that persisted for years. It is a
grim fact that accolades go to the spoilers and traitors among
us, but no acclaim to our true heroes and men dedicated to
American principles.

Under the enthusiastic leadership of Wernher Von Braun the
United States was able to come from behind to win the race to the
Moon, but soon the world press will have relegated him to the
footnotes of modern history. Like General Douglas MacArthur,
Wernher Von Braun will "just fade away."

Topic #2--When Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger was fired
by President Ford just over a year ago in November 1975, he said,

"Some years from now someone will say, 'Why weren't we warned?'
and I wanted to be able to say: 'Indeed you were.'"

But most Americans when reminded of this parting statement by
Schlesinger tend to be surprised. It is as if his words have
gone out into thin air, leaving no lasting impression at all.
This is a perfect illustration of the way in which the American
public have been left comfortably asleep by the controlled major
media of our country, oblivious to the steadily mounting threat
of war.

Around the world the alarms of impending nuclear disaster are
jangling louder and louder; but these alarms are muted, muffled,
and silenced by the time they reach you. When isolated facts
about American or Soviet military developments are reported, it
is done in such a way that it has little lasting impact on most
people. Thus, for example, you may hear a news item concerning
the debate over the new B-1 Bomber which the United States Air
Force is developing. Taken in isolation you may well wonder what
all the shouting is about and, for that matter, why such a new
bomber is even being considered in this age of missiles. Or you
may hear a brief news item mentioning that the Air Force wants to
buy some F-15 Fighters to augment our air defense system.

Perhaps these things would make a little more sense to you if
you knew that the Soviet Backfire Bomber began to be deployed
operationally over three years ago! The Backfire is a supersonic
long-range bomber capable of delivering nuclear weapons to
targets here in the United States--and that, my friends, is
precisely its purpose, not the so-called peripheral missions
mentioned by some. Knowing this, perhaps it would have struck
you as a little strange that in 1974 after the Soviet Backfire
Bomber began being deployed, the United States virtually
dismantled its air defense system. At the very time that a
renewed Soviet bomber threat was developing, our network of
interceptors was reduced to just six active Air Force Squadrons
plus six more in the Air National Guard! The extensive network
of Nike Hercules Antiaircraft Missiles under Army command was
shut down completely. But now, with war threatening to break
out, the Defense Department is reversing its position on air
defense without telling you why.

The mounting controversy over the relative military strength
of the Soviet Union and the United States has taken many people
by surprise. Almost 3-1/2 years ago the warning was sounded that
the Soviet Navy had become stronger than the United States Navy.
That's what the world's foremost naval authority, Jane's Fighting
Ships, said in July 1973; but if you saw this reported at all by
the major media, did it make any impression? Or consider the
matter of long-range ballistic missiles. Over four years ago on
November 27, 1972, the Soviet Union successfully test-fired a
submarine-launched ballistic missile with a range of 4,500 miles!
By comparison, the most advanced American sub-launched missiles
have a range of less than 3,000 miles. In addition, the
development of a whole new series of Soviet missiles was

Early this month the Soviet Union began a 20-day period of
tests of the new submarine-launched SSNX-18 Ballistic Missile,
firing them into a circular zone 100 miles in radius in the North
Pacific southeast of the Aleutian Islands. The SSNX-18 now has a
multiple warhead capability; and these tests, which are
full-operational tests, extend over the full range of the missile
which is now more than 5,000 miles! Particular attention is
being given to warhead performance in these test-proving flights.
If all goes as planned, the SSNX-18 will be committed to full
production and operational status within a year's time. The
SSNX-18 will give the Soviet Union a commanding lead over the
United States in the realm of submarine-launched ballistic
missiles. But what have you learned from network news reports or
other major media about this missile? Practically nothing.

But the most tortured reasoning I have seen yet appeared on
December 6, 1976, in the New York Times. An editorial on that
date entitled: MOSCOW'S SUBMARINE MIRV begins with the incredible
words, and I quote:

"The Soviet Union's first successful test of a
submarine-launched ballistic missile armed with MIRV multiple
nuclear warheads is good news paradoxically for the United States
and the world."

The editorial then argues, in effect, that since this will
eliminate the one remaining missile advantage held by the United
States, it opens the door for the Soviet Union to make
concessions in SALT negotiations that could prevent either side
from acquiring a first-strike capability.

Such Alice-in-Wonderland reasoning may still serve the purpose
of lulling millions of Americans back to sleep, but it would not
sit well these days with most NATO Defense Ministers. For the
first time many officials of NATO are generally alarmed by the
continuing relentless build-up of Soviet power in Europe where
the best Soviet troops are concentrated.

For example, consider Denmark which sits astride the channels
which lead from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea. Soviet activity
in the Baltic has grown more and more ominous of late. Early in
September a Soviet task force suddenly materialized off the
southeast coast of Denmark, then left, then reappeared. All
kinds of Soviet naval war games are now being carried out
practically on Denmark's doorsteps so close that they could
suddenly turn into attack that would give practically no warning.
Danish Foreign Minister K. B. Andersen said recently,

"I'm astonished at what is going on. This is completely
contrary to the expectations created by the Helsinki agreement."

And yet our kept press would have you believe that the new Soviet
SSNX-18 missile I just told you about is unimportant or even good
news, because of possible agreements the Soviet Union might make
about it.

At the NATO Defense Ministers' meeting in Brussels earlier
this month, Admiral Sir Peter Hill-Norton of Britain warned that
the trend of the military balance between East and West is
continuing to move in favor of the Soviet bloc. He declared that
more money and better planning are needed if NATO is to match
what he called the "relentless determination" of the Warsaw Pact
countries to achieve military superiority. He warned that NATO
can no longer rely indefinitely upon the superiority of Western
technology because massive Soviet spending on research and
development have resulted in vast improvements in Soviet weapons.

As Dutch Defense Minister Vredeling said on December 8, the
day after Sir Peter's speech, quote:

"The situation as far as the balance of forces world-wide is
more serious than many people think."

And there are many other examples of genuine alarm at the
vulnerability of Western Europe to a devastating surprise attack.

What did Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who was and is
a CIA operative, have to say to the NATO ministers? He gave a
brief nod to the wide-spread concern over the Soviet build-up,
but what you heard reported in the news emphasized the following,
and I quote:

"I think the alliance is healthy. I leave my post as Secretary
of Defense next month with a good deal of optimism about the
Atlantic alliance--the fact that it survived some 26 years; the
fact that it's working, I think reasonably smoothly at the
present time; frankly reassured by the fact that there is an
Atlantic alliance, that it's on watch and doing its job."

And so, my friends, we can all go back to sleep, comfortably

Topic #3--One week from today will be Christmas 1976. On that
day most Americans will be celebrating the birth of our Lord
Jesus Christ by giving gifts to one another. The joy of giving
is something most everyone understands to a greater or lesser
extent. When presents are opened on Christmas Day, for example,
parents of small children usually get their greatest fun out of
watching their children open presents, not from opening their own

In the same vein, people usually feel good about it when they
give a portion of what they have to help others or to support a
worthy cause. This is the foundation of what is known as
charity--but unfortunately there are always a very few among us
who are motivated not by a spirit of sharing but by runaway
greed. Their only pleasure in life comes from amassing more and
more of this world's wealth for their own coffers and extending
their power to control the wealth of others as well. Ultimately
those who are motivated this way reach the point where they have
so much wealth and so much power that it is no longer enough just
to add to it just still further. The only thing left in life for
those who have acquired wealth and power through greed is to use
that power and that wealth to play with the lives and destinies
of people. In short, they try to play 'God'.

You may ask: Why would the Soviet Union go to war? Would the
super-wealthy of America want to create a dictatorship here with
themselves in control? You might as well ask: Why does the
mountain climber want to climb the highest mountain? Common
answer is: Because it's there--just like the United States, the
richest country in the world, is there. What a prize.

Early in this century a systematic long-range program was
begun by a small group of immensely powerful people. The goal of
this program was to acquire ever greater control over American
society. This was to lead ultimately to America's merging into a
One-World Government with themselves and their heirs in control.

The method by which this would be accomplished was the
dismantling of the basic structure of American society and its
reconstruction in the image desired by those who had decided to
play 'God'. And to carry out this long-range program, powerful
tax-free Foundations were established and given the halo of
philanthropy. They were explained to the public as simply a
special means the wealthy had devised for giving to the public at
large. Each Foundation was thus given the image of an
institutional Santa Claus.

Instead of questioning what they did, the American people were
led to accept their activities in the confident belief that they
were just showering wonderful gifts on our society day in and day
out. This is the picture that is still accepted as the truth by
most Americans. They believe it just as fervently as millions of
small children believe in Santa Claus. The raw truth about this
network of Foundations may therefore sound unbelievable--just as
it sounds unbelievable to a small child if he is told there is no
Santa Claus.

For months now I've been referring to the role that has been
played by these Foundations in undermining American society and
placing us in the extreme peril we now face. Now I have been
given permission to reveal one of my primary sources of
information about these Foundations, and to repeat for you his
own words about them. He is my friend Mr. Norman Dodd. Mr. Dodd
was Director of Research of the special committee of the United
States House of Representatives to investigate tax-exempt
Foundations in 1953 and 1954. The late Congressman Carroll Reece
of Tennessee was chairman of this very important committee.

Recently Mr. Dodd gave a rare speech here in Washington, D.C.,
and he has given permission to repeat it here for you. I will
now be quoting him.


"This is not going to be a speech. This is a sharing of ideas
born of experience, and I'd like to begin by qualifying myself in
your minds.

I am a product of a strange type of education and schooling.
The education of which I am a product featured the importance of
the question 'WHY?' and then went on to try to instill in us the
importance of the question plus our responsibility as individuals
to find the answers. I happen to have taken this education and
schooling seriously and I have lived accordingly.

In this schooling to which I was subjected, great stress was
laid upon the history of this country to illustrate the feature I
have just mentioned. As a result I participated in and was
witness to something in the nature of a discovery--which was that
in the 200 years of our history many more truths made themselves
self-evident than motivated our Founding Fathers. One of these
truths bears heavily upon the experiences that I shall recite to

The truth, were it to be put in words, would read something
like this. I'll repeat it slowly because it is quite significant
and deserving of considerable thought:

The condition or state of the members of any nation at any
given time reflects the use to which the wealth they have
produced is being put by others than the ones who played a part
in its production.

That brings me to two experiences which I will describe to you.

The first was my response to an invitation from the president
of the FORD FOUNDATION in his offices in New York. His name:
Rowan Gaither. Upon arriving there I was greeted with the

'Mr. Dodd, we invited you to come because we thought that
perhaps, off the record, you would be kind enough to tell us why
the Congress is interested in the operations of Foundations such
as ourselves.'

Before I could think how best to reply, he volunteered this:

'Mr. Dodd, we operate here under directives which emanate from
the White House. Would you like to know what the substance of
these directives is?'

My answer was: 'Yes, Mr. Gaither, I would like very much to
know.' Whereupon he said:

'The substance of the directives under which we operate is that
we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the
United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet

Needless to say, I nearly fell off the chair. As soon as I could
recover myself to reply, I said:

'Mr. Gaither, legally you are entitled to use your grant-making
power for this purpose, but I don't think you are entitled to
withhold this information from the American people to whom you
are beholden for your tax exemption. So why do you not tell the
American people what you have just told me?'

His answer was:

'Mr. Dodd, we would not think of doing that.'

That was one experience that was very informative. It was
incredible; nevertheless, it is the truth.

The next experience involved the acceptance of an invitation
invitation came in response to a letter which I had written the
Endowment asking a few pertinent questions. By 'pertinent' I
mean that they related to the effort of the Congress to determine
if Foundations were engaged in what the Congress said could be
'un-American activities', without defining 'un-American.' I
arrived at the office of Dr. Joseph Johnson, who was then
president of the Endowment. He was the successor to Alger Hiss.
Present were two vice-presidents, relatively new men, and counsel
(a partner in the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell). After
amenities, Dr. Johnson opened the conversation this way:

'Mr. Dodd, we have received your letter. We can answer the
questions but it will be a great deal of trouble. The reason for
its being a great deal of trouble is that with the ratification
by the Senate of the United Nations treaty, our task was done;
and so we bundled up everything in the way of records and sent
them to the warehouse, and adopted a policy of constructing a
building across the street from the United Nations which will
serve as a facility for the benefit of those many organizations
which from this point on will be bound to follow the activities
of the United Nations. So we have a counter suggestion which is
as follows:

If you can spare a member of your staff and send him to New
York for two weeks, we'll provide a room in our library and also
make available to him the Minute Books of this corporation from
its inception.'

My first reaction was that he had lost his mind. I had some
suspicion of what these Minute Books might well contain; but here
was counsel and there seemed to be no disagreement on the part of
the vice-presidents--and all of them were relatively young, so my
guess was that none of them had ever read the Minutes themselves.
As a result, I accepted the invitation and did send a member of
my staff to New York. That member brought back to me on
dictaphone belts the following:

We are now back to roughly 1908 when the Trustees raised the
question, asking themselves:

(1) Is there any way known to man more effective than war,
assuming they wish to alter the life of an entire people?

They discussed this question academically and in a scholarly
fashion for almost a year, and came up with the conclusion that
WAR is the most effective means known to man, assuming that

Then they raised question No. 2:

(2) How to involve the United States in a war?

This was in 1909. I doubt if there was any subject more removed
from the minds of the people in this country at that time than
the possibility of involvement in war. There were intermittent
shows, you will remember, in the Balkans; and my guess is that
not many people in the country even knew where the Balkans were.
They answered the question this way:

'We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United

That brings up question no. 3, which is:

(3) How do we secure control of the diplomatic machinery of the
United States?

and the answer comes up:

'We must control the State Department.'

That fits in with prior findings which we had uncovered;
namely, that the hand of the Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace inside the State Department was a fact.

Finally, we are in a war. These Trustees have the brashness
to congratulate themselves on the wisdom and validity of their
original decision because already the impact of our participation
in World War I has indicated its capacity to alter our national
life. They even go so far as to word and dispatch a telegram to
President Wilson, pressuring him to see to it that the war does
not end too quickly!

Finally, the war is over. The Trustees then take up the
problem which they face: namely, of preventing, as they put it, a
reversion of life in the United States to what it was prior to
1914. They came up with the conclusion that:

To gain that end, we must control education in the United

They realize this is a prodigious piece of work so they seek and
obtain the assistance of the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION. They then
divide the task into parts, giving to the Rockefeller Foundation
the responsibility of altering education as it pertains to
domestic subjects. They retain for themselves the task of
altering our education as it pertains to subjects bearing on our
international relationships. Then they decide together that the
key to this is an alteration in the teaching of American history,
so they approach three of the then existing prominent historians
with the proposition that they alter the manner in which, up to
then, they had presented the subject. They are all turned down

They then decide that it is necessary for them to build their
own stable of historians. They approach the GUGGENHEIM
FOUNDATION, which specializes in the awarding of fellowships, and
suggest: When we discover a likely young person who is studying
and looking forward to becoming a teacher of history, we will
take him to London to pursue his studies. So they take 20 to
London, and these 20 are briefed in what is expected of them.
These 20 return and eventually become the most active influence
in the American Historical Society.

This coincides with the appearance which perhaps you will
remember of book after book the contents of which cast aspersion
on the Founders of this country, cast aspersion on the ideas
which prompted the founding of this country, and relegates them
to the realm of myth!

Finally toward the end of the 1920's the Endowment grants the
American Historical Society $400,000 for the sole purpose of
rendering a report as to what the future of this country promises
to be and should be! This appears in seven volumes. The seventh
volume, of course, summarizes the contents of the other six, and
it ends on this note:

'The future belongs to collectivism administered with
characteristic American humanitarianism and efficiency.'

Well, in essence this was the whole story written down; and
Mr. Reece who was chairman of the investigation--the last
investigation of Foundations--hoped to be able to accomplish
this. He was not able to do this owing to the disinterest on the
part of the committee's counsel and the violent activities of one
of its members. I might mention that that member whose
activities barred the way was none other than Wayne Hays--who has
come to the end of his career, although this marked the start of


Mr. Dodd concluded his talk with some additional comments
which I want to save for another discussion, since they go beyond
the subject of Foundations alone. But you may want to replay
what I have just recited from his speech, noting carefully how
different the truth is from appearances. And remember, the truth
has many enemies!

And so it is that the 20th Century has been an unparalleled
era of increasingly destructive warfare, violence, and terror on
a world-wide scale. By pursuing with relentless determination
the goal of merging the United States into ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,
the Trustees of the key group of major Foundations have brought
us to the threshold of NUCLEAR WAR ONE--to be waged primarily on
American soil.

As I first revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 for May
1976, some of the present-day Trustees of these Foundations have
been awakening to the threat of a Soviet double cross in the
grand plan for world domination--and last summer this double
cross got underway with the planting of short-range
underwater-launch nuclear missiles within the territorial waters
of the United States, as well as of many other countries. But
the world-wide economic and political empire that is today
presided over by the Four Rockefeller Brothers is so huge that it
includes many individuals who still do not believe that any
Soviet double cross will take place, much less that it is already


For example, last month I reported that 18 Soviet submarines
were deployed along our west coast preparing to inject plutonium
particles into the air on November 20, 1976. And our own
EPA--the Environmental Protection Agency--was cooperating by
telling us that on that date a radioactive cloud from a Chinese
atomic test would begin passing over our west coast, when
actually the radioactive cloud from China had not yet left
China's own borders! By interesting coincidence, Russell Trane,
the head of the EPA, arrived in a presumably safe location,
Moscow, on November 19--the day before the plutonium was to be
released by the Soviet subs. With appropriate irony, he arrived
there as head of the United States delegation to the
"Soviet-American Commission for Cooperation in Environmental
Protection." Can you imagine?

The plutonium was released by the subs as scheduled on
November 20; but just as happened when this was done the first
time in early October, unusual weather conditions kept the United
States from being badly contaminated. The plutonium cloud
drifted across the upper part of the United States and had little
effect at ground level. But, my friends, the Soviets never give

Five days ago on December 13 I learned that Soviet submarines
were lining up along the northwest coast of the United States for
the third time for this purpose. This time there are 21
submarines loaded with plutonium poison to inject into our
atmosphere. According to my latest Intelligence sources, 16 are
deployed along the coast from Seattle, Washington to Eugene,
Oregon, while five (5) more lie between Eugene and Eureka,
California. All of these are within 20 miles of the shoreline.

I've already explained in detail the connection between this
radioactive chemical warfare and the Swine Flu hoax being
perpetrated by the United States Government, particularly in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 17. Therefore it is significant that
the so-called Swine Flu inoculation program was halted with great
publicity two days ago owing to death and paralysis suffered by
many who have taken the vaccine. This serves to focus the
nation's attention once again on the terrible threat Swine Flu is
said to be just at a time when the Soviet submarines are once
again prepared to inject a poison into our atmosphere that can
produce severe flu-like symptoms. It may be that, as was done
the past two times, the Soviet submarines will wait for another
announcement from the United States Government that it will serve
as a cover story, such as a Chinese nuclear test, before
releasing the plutonium into our air. But now they have acquired
some experience and it is possible that they will release the
plutonium at any time.

Meanwhile the build-up for war continues. While the mounting
Soviet threat to Europe is fraying the nerves of NATO Defense
Ministers, the most immediate threat to Europe is once again
emerging in the Middle East. In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6
over a year ago I revealed the over-all plan that existed at that
time for war to begin in the Middle East. I ask you now to
listen to that AUDIO LETTER No. 6 again. All is nearly ready
once again for the long planned war in the Middle East to be
ignited. The Rockefeller oil interests now have gotten most of
their money out of the Arab region. Now the title to all the oil
fields have been sold to the Arabs themselves.

The Middle East war will also leave the United States in an
even more defenseless position that we are now in if the Soviet
surprise attack on our country is allowed to take place.


Last month I explained in detail why the underwater missiles
that are being planted along our shores by the Soviet Union are
so crucial to them in their plan to defeat the United States in
NUCLEAR WAR ONE, but I also explained that they are no longer
being removed by the United States Navy.

Since I recorded that tape, 57 more nuclear missiles have been
planted in our own territorial waters. Added to the 36 I
mentioned last month, this brings the total to 93 Soviet missiles
in the waters of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.
In addition, four (4) missiles still threaten the Panama Canal,
and five (5) more missiles now threaten Canada.

I declared last month that I would no longer reveal the
locations of these missiles unless and until responsible
arrangements are made to inform the public of the deadly threat
we are under. Our Secret Rulers had been using my information
from October 1st onward only for their own benefit--and that is
not what it is for.

I intend to continue to hold my silence until action is taken
for everyone's benefit. Nevertheless I am going to make one
exception at this time--it involves Hawaii. World War II began
with a devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and now no
less than nine (9) Soviet underwater missiles now threaten Pearl
Harbor and the Island of Oahu with the same fate a second time.

I will now give the coordinates for these nine missiles only,
in hopes that this time action will be taken to protect the
United States Pacific Fleet from the attack that could come at
any moment. These coordinates are:

Missile #1:
21 degrees/13 minutes/47 seconds North
157 degrees/46 minutes/28 seconds West

Missile #2:
21-18-37 North, 157-57-21 West

Missile #3:
21-17-31 North, 158- 4-17 West

Missile #4:
21-21-19 North, 158- 9- 7 West

Missile #5:
21-36-12 North, 158-12-48 West

Missile #6:
21-36-33 North, 158-11- 6 West

Missile #7:
21-26-54 North, 157-47-17 West

Missile #8:
21-19-27 North, 157-38-36 West

Missile #9: About 25 miles east of Oahu and 8 miles north of
Molokai at
21-21-13 North, 157-15-26 West.

I continue to hope, my friends, that a war can still be
prevented. To find out what you can do in the event war does
come, I suggest you read issue 135 of McKeever's Multinational
Investment and Survival Letter, 1012 Russell St., Baltimore, MD
21230, but my prayer is that you will never need that kind of

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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