Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 22.
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Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is March 27, 1977,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 22.

Few things are certain in life, but one thing we can depend
upon is that things are always changing. Today a flower blooms
in all its glory; tomorrow it will be withered and forgotten,
leaving behind only a beautiful memory. Today a child at play
scrapes a knee, and the whole world revolves around a mother's
tender care. Tomorrow the knee will be healed, leaving behind
only a lesson of caution and comfort. Today you and I pass
through this world for a little while; tomorrow we will not be
seen, leaving behind only the legacy of our choices for good or

Last month in AUDIO LETTER No. 21 I alerted you to the
possibility that we may have already failed in our efforts to
prevent NUCLEAR WAR ONE, which is drawing closer by the day. My
question is not "Can the war be stopped?" but "Will it be
stopped?" There is nothing in this whole world that would please
me so much as to be able to tell you: "Good news. We have
prevented the war. We have won." And when I recorded monthly
AUDIO LETTER No. 16 on September 25, 1976, it seemed as though I
might soon be able to give you such good news. Public reaction
to my AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 14 and 15 for July and August 1976 had
thwarted an attempted Soviet double-cross of the Rockefellers by
means of underwater missiles along our coast lines, and it had
produced a direct meeting between General George S. Brown,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and myself. But then came
the terrible reversals for America that I revealed the following
month in AUDIO LETTER No. 17; and far too many of those who had
pressed the government for action during August 1976 failed to
follow through and support General Brown in his efforts to
continue to protect our beloved country. Now, as a result, we
have lost General Brown as an effective force for good.

Now the job of stopping NUCLEAR WAR I is even harder. It can
still be done, but WILL WE DO IT? My deep hope is still that the
answer is YES, otherwise I would not be speaking these words. I
am doing all in my power to bring the truth to you. So long as I
continue to have access to vital information that bears on your
life and your well-being, I will feel a deep responsibility to
communicate it to you, but then it becomes your responsibility to
choose what you will do about it.

I have made many suggestions of things you might do to help
save our country. ln December 1975 I even recorded an entire
tape devoted to nothing else, entitled "WHAT WE CAN DO TO SAVE
AMERICA"; but all I can hope to do is open your mind as to what
you, as an individual, can do. In this great nation of some
215,000,000 individuals, every person is different. No two of us
have the same set of abilities, the same opportunities, or the
same avenues for possible action. There is no way that I, just
one person, even with the help of my associates and information
sources, can provide a simple, cut-and-dried prescription for
what to do; but I am convinced that scattered throughout America
is all of the knowledge, all of the ability to organize, and all
the resources necessary to save our beloved land IF WE WILL BUT

My three topics for today are:




Topic #1--For over four years now I have been trying by every
means at my disposal to alert the American people to the progress
of far-advanced plans to destroy our beloved country as we know
it. We are seeing the final stages of a plan to create a
world-wide dictatorship acted out before our very eyes with
ourselves ensnared as the victims. This commitment for a
ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT under the control of a super wealthy elite
was set in motion in the early years of the 20th Century, using a
small group of powerful tax-exempt Foundations to coordinate and
direct the program. This program of conquest long ago became so
massive, so powerful, and so complex that the average citizen had
no hope of grasping what was really going on. And the ONE WORLD
plans were and are so evil that the normal person simply cannot
believe they are real without overwhelming proof.

But how are things like this proven? Such a long-range
commitment is a sophisticated form of conspiracy; so, how are
conspiracies exposed and proven? Well known in legal circles,
and especially in the United States Department of Justice, are
the words of Special Judge Advocate John A. Bingham during the
trial of the conspirators involved in Abraham Lincoln's
assassination. This trial took place in Washington, D.C. in
1865. Listen to Judge Bingham's words, and I quote:

"A conspiracy is rarely if ever proven by positive testimony.
When a crime of high magnitude is about to be perpetrated by a
combination of individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly
and secretly. The purpose formed is known only to those who
enter into it. Unless one of the conspirators betrays his
companions and gives evidence against them, their guilt can be
proved only by circumstantial evidence. It is said by some
writers on evidence that circumstances are stronger than positive
proof. A witness swearing positively, it is said, may
misapprehend the facts or swear falsely, but that circumstances
cannot lie."

Judge Bingham's words may come as a surprise to you if you're not
a lawyer. Contrary to the impression you may have received from
fictional detective stories, circumstantial evidence can be very
powerful indeed and has decided the outcome of vast numbers of
court cases.

Furthermore, it is the incriminating power of circumstances
that makes any conspiracy most vulnerable to just one
thing--exposure. If the plans of even the most powerful of
conspirators are made public and put on record before the plans
are executed, often the plans have to be abandoned; because even
if the conspirators succeed in carrying out their plans without
being caught in the act, the circumstances that result from their
criminal actions cannot be hidden, and the advance exposure of
their plan then causes the finger of guilt to point straight at
the conspirators.

This is the principle I invoke every time I publicly reveal
anything about the plans or actions of those who are conspiring
to destroy America. As I have always tried to make clear, my
purpose in exposing these criminal plans is to prevent them from
being carried out. In this way I share a common goal with my
associates and the many sources who provide me with vital
confidential information. The best achievements of Intelligence
gathering, like diplomacy, often lie in what did not happen--the
crisis quietly deflected. And our efforts up to now have been
partially successful in that regard.

But the commitment for world domination that was forged over
two generations ago has grown into an incredible monster with
countless tentacles and tremendous momentum. As a result, the
four Rockefeller Brothers and their co-conspirators have found it
impossible to completely cover their tracks even though many
modifications in their detailed plans have been made. So a brief
review of the circumstances that have been developing around us
over the past years is very, very revealing.

First: Consider Nelson Rockefeller's unsuccessful attempt so
far to become our unelected President and Dictator by way of his
25th Amendment to the United States Constitution. On October 11,
1974, I recorded my first AUDIO BOOK talking tape entitled: "HOW
WAR." At that time Rockefeller still had two months to go being
confirmed as Vice-President; but I revealed that if confirmed,
Rockefeller intended to become President by June 1975. In June
1975 during a trip to Europe, President Ford suddenly began
taking serious falls--once down an aircraft ramp, and persons
close to him said he also looked pale and unsteady. The public
was quickly fed stories about the trouble being an old knee
injury from football, even though Ford's doctor stated flatly
that his falls had nothing to do with his knees.

The following month in AUDIO LETTER No. 2 I relayed
information that I had been given to the effect that Ford's
troubles had been caused by a powerful virus of unknown origin
which had been arrested successfully.

The next month I revealed in lectures and also in AUDIO BOOK
Special Tape No. 1 that by September or thereabouts we should
know whether Nelson Rockefeller was to be stopped in his drive to
seize the presidency. And on September 5, 1975, an alleged
attempt on Ford's life was made by Lynette Fromme; but as I
warned in AUDIO LETTER No. 4 that month, this was only a dress
rehearsal intended to frighten Ford into resigning. But Ford
refused to resign, and on September 22, 1975, a real attempt on
Ford's life took place. During a visit to San Francisco, Ford
became the target of Sara Jane Moore, and it truly was only by
the grace of God that he escaped injury. It had been planned for
Ford when he came out of the St. Francis Hotel to cross the
street and shake hands with people in the crowd. And there
waited Sara Jane Moore, standing exactly where Ford was supposed
to enter the crowd, armed with a pistol she had bought with a
Treasury agent by her side the previous day, and with her mind
programmed for assassination by electronic programming
techniques! But at the last moment the assassination plan fell
apart. A Secret Service agent told the President not to cross
the street, so he headed straight for his limousine. At that,
Sara Jane Moore raised her gun to fire across the street at Ford,
but her shot was deflected by another onlooker--a Vietnam veteran
in a wheel chair.

As it turned out, this was indeed the real turning point in
Nelson Rockefeller's hopes for succeeding Jerry Ford as
President. He ran through a series of additional back-up plans,
all of which my sources enabled me to reveal in advance in my
monthly AUDIO LETTERS--and he failed for the time being. But he
recently whispered to reporters as he left a White House Award
ceremony, "I'll be back."

And then there is Fort Knox. I recorded my first AUDIO BOOK
tape in October 1974 less than three weeks after the so-called
Gold Inspection Visit to Fort Knox by 6 Congressmen, a Senator,
and about a hundred newsmen. Here was a perfect example of a
case in which the true circumstances alone--namely, the absence
of the huge hoard of gold shown on Treasury and Federal Reserve
books--would have been sufficient all by themselves to prove the
existence of a tremendous financial conspiracy. Therefore great
care was taken by the Treasury Department to prevent these
circumstances from being detected. Instead of an objective,
honest inspection of the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox by
independent gold experts, the Treasury substituted a public
relations peep show involving people who had no way of knowing
what they should look for. And while the public was loudly
promised an independent audit by the General Accounting Office of
Congress, the actual so-called Audit Committee consisted almost
entirely of Treasury personnel; and the tiny Audit Report that
was finally issued several months late presented no findings of
fact, concluding only, quote: "We believe" the gold is there!

My associates and I have amassed mountains of evidence in
connection with the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL. This twin scandal
involves not only the theft of America's monetary gold supply but
also the storage of leaking canisters of CIA super poison
processed from radioactive Plutonium 239. From time to time I
have made portions of this evidence public, such as in monthly
AUDIO LETTER No. 2 for July 1975. In that tape I was able to
reveal the sworn statement of former Congressman Frank Chelf
attesting to the constant flow of gold out of Fort Knox during
the mid 60's and the unsatisfactory answers he received from the
Treasury and the White House about what was going on. I also
revealed that the official listing of gold shipments from Fort
Knox omits major shipments. One example of which we had
photographs took place on January 20, 1965; and in response to
such a specific challenge, the Mint admitted the shipment had
taken place.

But the most important item about Fort Knox that was revealed
in AUDIO LETTER No. 2 was the secret "Central Core Vault"--a huge
central gold storage vault whose existence was not revealed to
the September 1974 visitors and was later denied in writing by
then Treasury Secretary William Simon--another interesting
circumstance because the Central Core Vault was described and
confirmed for us and for Congressman Otis Pike by a former
Commanding Officer of Fort Knox, General John L. Ryan, Jr. Both
Simon's lie and General Ryan's confirmation are quoted in monthly
AUDIO LETTER No. 8, January 1976. The Central Core Vault is the
key to the whole Fort Knox Scandal.

The joint Rockefeller-Soviet program to conquer the world is
so all-encompassing that many other aspects of it have been
discussed too in the monthly AUDIO LETTER. But the most
overriding issue of all now is the rapid approach of NUCLEAR WAR
ONE on American soil. In my very first tape recorded in October
1974 I explained the basic purposes for which the Rockefeller
Brothers were betraying America into nuclear war. I also
revealed the target schedule for the war to begin--mid 1977 to
mid 1978. Today some of the details of the war plan have
changed, and the economic and political scenarios being planned
by the Rockefellers at that time, while still on track, are
behind schedule. But of all Rockefeller plans, the one for
nuclear war on America is most crucial and, as of now, the time
schedule for war is still practically unchanged. For reasons I
will explain in Topic #2, the Rockefeller Brothers are straining
all their resources to prevent a slippage in the timing of the

In July 1975, Indira Gandhi clamped down on her own India in a
manner that stunned the world. She was condemned most bitterly
of all by the Government of the United States!! The following
month in AUDIO LETTER No. 3 I told you what had actually happened
in India. Despite all appearances, Indira Gandhi was trying to
save India's freedom--not destroy it. What she had done was to
smash a CIA project that had been under way for five years to
take over India. In the same tape I went on to reveal that the
joint Rockefeller plans for war were being revised on India's
account. The plan for nuclear war on American soil was put back
on a back burner until India could be taken over by war in Asia.
The target date for India to be attacked under the revised war
plan was March 1977, this month.

I also told you, quote:

"The new plans do not involve hostilities on American soil as
they stand right now. Keep in mind though that further changes
can and probably will occur. In particular, should Indira Gandhi
be toppled from power any time soon, it may well enable the CIA
to put the original takeover plans back on track, and that would
restore the original plan for war on the United States."

When I revealed these things 19 months ago, they probably
seemed remote and improbable to you; but by relaxing the
Emergency control she had imposed and holding election on March
21, six days ago, she lost--tragically for not only India but
America as well. Once again things are not what they seem to be.
The CIA succeeded in toppling Indira Gandhi by subverting the
free election she wanted for her people--and did so this very
month, March 1977. This was the original target date for war on
India in the plans I revealed 19 months ago.

With India taken care of, neutralized for the moment, NUCLEAR
WAR ONE on American soil no longer faces any delay on India's
account. In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 for November 1975, I
revealed the grand strategy for the huge Asian war that was to
precede nuclear war on America. It called for hostilities to
begin in the Middle East with a severe provocation arranged to
justify a limited nuclear strike from the Sinai Desert at
Arab-OPEC oil wells. This cut-off of oil supplies would cripple
the heart of Europe and Africa, disable Japan, and force
dictatorial measures such as gas rationing and other measures on
the American people by Executive Orders with all of these being
brought about more completely under the domination of the
Rockefeller-Soviet alliance.

But now, India has been rendered easy prey for a complete
takeover and has therefore dropped in priority. The war in the
Middle East has been delayed several times. The most decisive
failure in this regard occurred late in December 1975 when OPEC
oil ministers were kidnapped in Vienna by terrorists in the pay
of the CIA. Several were supposed to be killed, inflaming
passions and leading to war, but the job was botched and they all
escaped with their lives. This caused a tremendous slippage in
the plans for war and conquest; and for bungling this top
priority assignment, the CIA station Chief in Athens, Richard
Welch, was executed by the CIA itself, as I revealed in monthly
AUDIO LETTER No. 8 for January 1976.

In that same tape I publicly revealed the super secret White
House Merge Directive. This Directive requires that life in the
United States be so altered that it can be comfortably merged
with life in the Soviet Union, and it has been in existence since
the days of Stalin! Such a way of life is totally alien to
America; but today, under the puppetized administration of Jimmy
Carter, the federal government is now openly run by aliens with
alien philosophies. Our life is being merged with that of the
Soviet Union. Even so, the greed and lust for power that
motivates both the Rulers of the Soviet Union and the real Rulers
of America today knows no bounds. And as early as November 1975
in AUDIO LETTER No. 6, I began warning of the threat of a Soviet
double-cross of the Rockefellers and their Corporate Socialist
intimates here in America. By the spring of 1976 I reported that
certain Trustees of the Rockefeller-controlled major Foundations
were increasingly concerned that such a double-cross was brewing.
But not so the Rockefeller Brothers and their closest
collaborators, because they have more faith in the Soviet Union
than they do in America.

Last summer, of course, the Soviet double-cross actually
began. First, as I reported in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 13 for
June 1976, I received Intelligence information that a nuclear
weapon had been planted at Seal Harbor, Maine, between the summer
homes of David and Nelson Rockefeller. Soon afterwards I was
notified that the Soviet Union was planting short-range nuclear
missiles within our own territorial waters ready for launch from
undersea resting places upon remote control. We were in danger
of an immediate Soviet nuclear surprise attack, not only here but
world-wide, that would destroy all effective naval opposition to
the Soviet Union and thereby guarantee Soviet victory. Thanks to
the Intelligence gap created by Henry Kissinger as Secretary of
State, the information reaching me about the missiles was not
reaching the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Intelligence sources
informed me that the only way action could be brought about to
save the situation was by making it a public issue, so that is
what I did by means of AUDIO LETTERS 14 and 15 last summer--and
it worked as I recounted for you in AUDIO LETTER No. 16 for
September 1976.

But the four Rockefeller Brothers long ago passed the point of
No Return. In spite of what has happened last summer, they are
continuing with the joint program of conquest with the Soviet
Union, trying to convince themselves that their long-time
alliance is back on track. But at the same time they are trying
to hurry up NUCLEAR WAR ONE because in the Soviet-Rockefeller
rivalry, time is now on the side of the Soviets.

My friends, we are now surrounded by circumstances that prove
the existence of a grand conspiracy to rob us of our freedom and
even our very lives. It is up to each one of us to open our eyes
and see these circumstances for what they really are before it is
too late.

Topic #2--Last month in AUDIO LETTER No. 21 I explained what the
words "NATIONAL SECURITY" really mean to those who control
America's government today. To them National Security begins and
ends with the protection and the advancement of our unelected
Rulers themselves--not you and me. Nowhere is this more vividly
proven than in the realm of war. We are taxed to the breaking
point in order to support so-called National Security. But when
in this Century has all of this prevented a war? And for all our
vaunted Intelligence gathering and Early Warning Systems, when
have you and I ever benefitted by being warned in advance of an
imminent conflict by the Government?

It has been proven beyond question, not only by circumstantial
evidence but by documentary evidence as well, that every single
major conflict in the 20th Century involving America has been
known about, in advance, by our Rulers. But this advance
knowledge has never been communicated to us, the nation at large,
except once. In 1962 President John F. Kennedy did notify
America of the warnings he had obtained of the imminent Cuban
missile threat. It was a frightening experience for us all, but
the result was that a successful Soviet surprise attack was
rendered impossible. Barely a year later, Jack Kennedy died at
the hands of the CIA for ruining this Rockefeller-Soviet gamble
by acting in the interest of true national security--our
security. But in the cases of two World Wars, Korea, and
Vietnam, a different pattern has consistently applied.

In 1916 Woodrow Wilson, the first American president to be a
total puppet of the Rockefeller empire, narrowly achieved
re-election with the peace-oriented slogan, "He kept us out of
war." Meanwhile he was rapidly maneuvering America into war.
Five months after his re-election on April 6, 1917, America
declared war on Germany, and soon American doughboys were off to
fight "The War to End All Wars." There thousands died in
trenches while Trustees of the "Carnegie Endowment for
International Peace" encouraged Wilson to extend the war because
of the desirable changes it was producing in American lives!

In 1940 with Europe once again aflame with war, President
Franklin D. Roosevelt, like Wilson before him, appealed to peace
sentiment in order to be re-elected. Even now, my friends, I can
still hear those campaign words of F.D.R. ringing in my ears, and
I quote:

"And while I am talking to you mothers and fathers, I give you
one more assurance. I have said this before but I shall say it
again, and again, and again: 'Your boys are not going to be sent
into any foreign wars.'"

But even as he won an unprecedented third term in this way,
F.D.R. was moving the United States rapidly toward war. On May
27, 1941, only six months after his re-election and with Pearl
Harbor still six months in the future, F.D.R. proclaimed an
"UNLIMITED NATIONAL EMERGENCY" to get ready for war! In the
ensuing months everything possible was done to provoke a Japanese
attack on Pearl Harbor; and when this attack was known to be
imminent, most of the United States Pacific fleet was
conveniently bottled up in Pearl Harbor as a tempting target.
Only our Aircraft Carriers were kept far away from danger, since
they would be indispensable for retaliation against Japan.

Certain officials in the American government knew well in
advance that war with Japan was coming. Proof of this can be
found in many places today, some of them quite unexpected. One
example is the autobiography of the Rt. Reverend Edward Randolph
Welles II published by Learning, Inc., Manset, Maine 04656. The
book entitled "THE HAPPY DISCIPLE" is not basically about
politics or economics at all but about the career and life of an
Episcopal minister. But it so happens that in the fall of 1941,
Bishop Welles was the rector of Christ Church in Alexandria,
Virginia, the church of George Washington. And on page 62 one
reads the following, and I quote:

"Another of my friends was Norman H. Davis, President of the
American Red Cross, who was elected to our parish vestry. He was
very close to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and saw him
frequently. On November 6, 1941, I had lunch with Mr. Davis in
Washington and learned of the approaching war with Japan which
would begin within five weeks. I was shaken, and asked Mr. Davis
to urge the President to appoint a national day of prayer, and
handed Mr. Davis a letter I had written to President Roosevelt on
the subject. Mr. Davis did hand my letter to the President, who
did appoint the following New Year's Day as a 'National Day of

I was so moved by the luncheon revelations that later that
very day I sent our mimeographed postal cards to the congregation

'The rector is preaching a sermon at 11:00 A.M. service on
Sunday, November 9, which he feels is sufficiently important to
call to your attention. The sermon will assess the desperate
situation that confronts America this Armistice Day, and suggests
basic Christian attitudes and actions.'

On Sunday in the course of that sermon I said:

'Few people realize how great is the possibility that we
shall actually be at war with Japan within thirty days.'

The congregation was deeply shocked; and in response to many
requests, my booklet of sermons was reprinted with this sermon
added. Twenty-eight days after that sermon came, December 7, the
Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the war was on."

(End of quotation from Bishop Welles' autobiography.)

Bishop Welles, of course, had no way of knowing that President
Roosevelt's advance knowledge of the impending Japanese attack
was due to conspiracy to bring about that attack, but he did know
that people should be warned about it--and he did just that. The
federal government, of course, could have warned all of America
of the impending Japanese attack, but then the attack would never
have taken place. And F.D.R., doing the bidding of the
Rockefellers and their allies, wanted the attack to take place so
that America would go to war!

In the two-volume AUDIO BOOK talking tape I recorded a year
ago with Colonel Curtis B. Dall, the detailed story of Pearl
Harbor is told by Colonel Dall--and Colonel Dall, who was the
son-in-law and close friend of F.D.R., knows what he is talking

Next came Korea. On June 21, 1950, Assistant Secretary of
State Dean Rusk testified before Congress to the effect that
there was no indication of any impending North Korean attack on
South Korea. Several days later John Foster Dulles went to
Seoul, South Korea, to give reassurances that there was no danger
of invasion from the north. Then he left quickly because the
North Korean invasion was already being launched!

As for us, the American people, another nasty surprise.
Vietnam, too, followed the old pattern. The last thing the
American people wanted was yet another bloody war. And during
the election campaign of 1964, Lyndon Johnson knocked down straw
man Barry Goldwater by playing on the Peace theme. Goldwater was
portrayed as the dangerous man who would get America into a big
war; Johnson, as the 'great compromiser' who would keep us away
from any such danger. But Johnson had already obtained the
Tonkin Gulf Resolution as the tool he needed, and within 3 months
after his landslide election, Johnson started turning Vietnam
into another big disastrous war. By June 1965, the commitment of
American combat troops to the nightmare of Vietnam had begun
under the orders of one more president who had promised America
Peace and Prosperity.

Today it is all happening again. Jimmy Carter, the puppetized
president who works for David Rockefeller, is raising many
Americans' hope that this time it will be different. This time
we have a president who wears sweaters and blue jeans and must
therefore be a man of the people. He must be determined to have
peace since he is so aggressively seeking disarmament; and he has
promised us all that he will never lie. Yet in a short space of
only two months, President Carter has succeeded in alienating and
angering governments the world over. Under the guise of
folksiness, he is systematically insulting visiting ambassadors
with undignified receptions and by refusing to attend luncheons
given by the ambassadors. He is preaching to the world about
"human rights", while doing nothing whatever about the violation
of our own human right to breathe clean air free of contamination
by Soviet plutonium attacks, among other things.

In the case of the Soviet Union with whom he says he wants to
negotiate arms reduction to prevent war, he is breaching an
agreement not to interfere in one another's internal affairs that
was signed by President Nixon back in 1972. He says he wants
peace; but the circumstances he is bringing about with great
speed are exactly those that could well lead to war.

The fact is, my friends, that Jimmy Carter is sweeping us
along swiftly toward NUCLEAR WAR ONE--and the sooner the better,
according to his Rockefeller bosses. Does he himself know where
he is taking America by following orders? Bear in mind that he
is conspicuously trying to emulate F.D.R. in every respect right
down to launching his campaign last summer where F.D.R. did in
1932--Warm Springs, Georgia, and reviving the Fireside Chat as
president. And listen to Carter's own words from a recent
Fireside Chat, and I quote:

"I remember another difficult time in our nation's history when
we felt a different spirit. During World War II we faced a
terrible crisis, but the challenge of fighting against Fascism
drew us together. I believe we are ready for that same spirit

The Rockefeller Brothers want very badly to have NUCLEAR WAR
ONE begin as soon as possible, for several reasons. The military
balance is shifting ever more rapidly in favor of the Soviet
Union and away from the Rockefellers even in the realm of secret
super weapons. As of now, according to all the information I
have been able to obtain, the CIA undersea super missiles in the
Atlantic and Pacific, which I revealed two months ago in AUDIO
LETTER No. 20, are still the most awesome nuclear missiles in the
world. But as I revealed then, these CIA missiles which are to
protect the Rockefellers--not you and me--have become inoperative
in several cases, and there is no way to predict how long those
that remain will last before they, too, fail and start leaking.

But there is another even more basic worry the Rockefellers
must think about. As of now, the United States has no
anti-missile weapons at all, and the Soviet Union has only the
Galosh ABM, whose effectiveness against ICBMs is questionable;
but that situation is on the verge of changing drastically very
soon. Major General George Keegan Jr., who retired on January
1, 1977 as head of Air Force Intelligence, is a man who has
repeatedly been first to detect major new developments bearing on
the military balance. He has said recently, quote: "A global
conflict is in gestation." And, my friends, he is right.
Furthermore, he has been sounding the warning that the Soviet
Union is already testing a death ray type weapon called a
"Particle Beam." Once this weapon is operationally deployed in
the very near future, it could destroy incoming missiles and
render the Soviet Union invulnerable to any ICBM attack,
including an attack by means of the Rockefeller CIA undersea
super missiles.

Meanwhile the Soviet Union is continuing right now in a
relentless program of planting underwater missiles along the
coastlines of the United States and other countries around the
world. And in spite of the "Red Friday Agreement" of October 1,
1976, which I revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 17, the Soviet
Union is not honoring the "Nuclear Safe Zone" in planting these
missiles. The Rockefellers believe that the threat of their CIA
undersea missiles will prevent the Soviet missiles inside the
Nuclear Safe Zone from actually being launched in NUCLEAR WAR
ONE, but that is strictly a gamble on their part because the
threat is there.

During the latter part of this month, I have been receiving
reports from my own Intelligence sources about the current status
of the world-wide Soviet program of planting short-range
underwater nuclear missiles. When I recorded monthly AUDIO
LETTER No. 15 last August, I gave the coordinates for 64 missiles
and bombs around the world, including 16 in American and Canadian
waters. That was sufficient to give the Soviet Union the
capability of a surprise knockout punch against all the naval
power in the world opposing the Soviet Union; but now, thanks to
the insane Red Friday policy of the Rockefellers, the situation
has been allowed to become far worse. Now redundant targeting
insures that any such Soviet attack has a very high probability
of success. And in addition to naval and other military targets
close to the sea, Soviet underwater missiles are now being aimed
as well at increasing numbers of non-military strategic targets.

As of my latest tally, the Soviet Union has so far planted a
total of 372 nuclear weapons, mostly missiles but a few bombs, in
coastal waters of the world. Of these nearly half, 158, are
planted in American waters. This includes 130 around the
mainland 48 States, 9 more around Alaska, 15 in Hawaiian waters,
and 1 each at Midway Island, Guam, Christmas Island, and the
north approach to the Panama Canal. The Soviet Union is also
preparing to be able to strike with additional plutonium cloud
attacks against America. On March 1 America extended its
territorial limits to 200 miles, and Soviet submarines have moved
out beyond this new limit; but now remote control canisters are
being planted along our west coast within 3 to 5 miles of the
coastline. So far 16 of these have been planted, and more are on
the way.

There are 29 missiles around the British Isles and 11 in
Canadian waters. Europe and the Mediterranean are currently
surrounded by 46 Soviet underwater missiles. Ten of these are in
the Mediterranean. Along the Atlantic and North Sea coasts,
Spain is targeted by one, France by 3, the Netherlands by 5, and
West Germany by 6. Three Soviet missiles have been planted in
Danish waters, 7 near Norway, 6 near Sweden, and 5 near Finland.
In addition, 7 Soviet underwater missiles surround Iceland.
These are ready to decimate NATO Air Bases there, enabling the
new Soviet supersonic long-range Backfire Bomber in its naval
version to interdict all our vital sea lanes across the North

The rest of the pattern world-wide is: First on the Pacific
and Indian Oceans--Australia 7, New Zealand 6, New Guinea 4,
Philippines 6, Indonesia 6, Malay Peninsula 2, Thailand 1, Burma
1, India 1, Taiwan 3, Red China 7, border between Red China and
Vietnam 1, Japan heavily targeted 19, South Korea 8.

Around southwest Asia, Africa, and the Middle East--Caspian
Sea coast of Iran 3, Persian Gulf coast of Iran and Saudi Arabia
5, in the Oman Gulf 1 (target Iran), Red Sea coast of Saudi
Arabia 2, Black Sea coast of Turkey 1, southern Africa 8.

And along the coast of Latin America--Mexico 11, Guatemala 1,
British Honduras 1, Honduras 1, Nicaragua 1 even though Nicaragua
itself is being used for certain naval purposes by the Soviet
Union, Costa Rica 3, Venezuela 4 including one in the Orinoco
River, Chile 5, Argentina 1. The British possession of West
Falkland near southern Argentina is also targeted by 1 Soviet
missile as is the Island of Bermuda.

The government of any country I have named may obtain the
navigational coordinates of the threatening Soviet underwater
missiles from me upon official request. Up to now only one
government, that of Great Britain, has requested these latest
coordinates and I have gladly supplied them. Great Britain is
quietly living up to her majestic name, because alone of all the
nations on earth, the British Government is fending off the
Soviet naval threat with grim determination. I do not think it
would be in the best interest of the British people for me to
tell you all of the measures being taken in this regard beyond
the fact that the Soviet missiles are being removed from British
waters. But I will tell you that the British are proving one
very important fact up to now. Given the will to do so, the
Soviet war threat can be staved off. For all their modern
weaponry, the Soviets are not supermen except in comparison to
the treasonous jellyfish who control America's government today.
What is necessary is to recognize circumstances for what they
really are, and then to summon the spirit and determination to do
what must be done; and that, my friends, is exactly what the
British are doing right now.

Topic #3--A few days ago the Reverend Billy Graham was quoted in
newspapers as saying he likes, quote: "symbolic gestures made to
the American people" by President Carter. He expressed
particular pleasure at the fact that Carter not only plans to go
to Sunday School but even to teach there. But as for the
substance of the new administration, Dr. Graham said it is just
too early to assess that.

Millions of Americans are placing their trust in Jimmy Carter,
an untried newcomer to national politics, mainly because of his
Sunday School teacher image. In the rush, rush world of today,
Jimmy Carter's highly visible piety almost seems like something
out of the past. A hundred years ago the following words might
have been written about him, and I quote:

"He became a regular attendant at the Erie Street Baptist
Church, and vigorously did Jimmy give himself to his work. Jimmy
was publicly baptized in the fall of 1854. Not long after, Jimmy
was made Clerk of the church, an unusual responsibility for a
mere youth, and indicative of the impression of maturity and
responsibility that he gave to others. Before many years passed,
he was teaching one of the largest classes in the Sunday School.
As a bright High School graduate, a faithful attendant, a most
staid and responsible young man, Jimmy soon took a prominent part
in all church activities. He threw himself into them with
characteristic single-mindedness. As we have said, the church
offered this unemotional youth an outlet; but it also offered his
mother, brothers and sisters the best part of what social life
they enjoyed."

My friends, I did not just make up these words to fit Jimmy
Carter. I have simply substituted the name "Jimmy" for the name
"John" in excerpts from the biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
by Allan Nevins. The striking thing about John D. Rockefeller
was that his vigorous church activities never throughout his
entire career translated into fair, honest, or ethical dealings
in business! And in a similar vein today, Jimmy Carter, whether
he realizes it or not, is preaching good but doing evil. How far
might some dictators, past and present, have gotten if they had
eliminated church opposition by themselves going to church? It
may be that Jimmy Carter is being misled and is not knowingly
doing that which is evil; but either way, my friends, that is no
excuse for the rest of us to blindly follow along like sheep to
the slaughter. If we do so, history shows clearly what will

The end of the world came for the organized church in Russia
after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Within a few short years
more than 20,000,000 Russians met death at the hands of the
Soviet government. And while a struggling underground of
believers has persisted to the present day, the church as an
organization that can influence events directly no longer exists.
And it will not exist so long as Communism remains the official
religion of the Soviet Union.

In mainland China, too, the same thing happened when Mao
Tse-tung took over. The church in China was much smaller as a
percentage of the population than it had been in Russia, but its
fate was the same--the end of the world aside from a struggling
remnant of believers forced under ground. After killing more
than 60,000,000 of his own people, Mao succeeded in turning
Communist China into perhaps the most rigidly regimented society
on earth. And David Rockefeller, who made Jimmy Carter president
and calls the shots now, has expressed strong approval of this
state of affairs. For example, several years ago he said, and I

"The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership
is one of the most important and successful in human history."

Now, my friends, if we allow it to happen, we are
next--America and the whole western world. The elaborate plan
which I revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 for November 1975,
is being revised and updated for application in the present
circumstances. Certain of my sources have expressed great
concern to me recently that a provocation for war in the Middle
East is now being established that will be unlike anything we
have ever seen before. I repeat, the Rockefellers are
increasingly desperate to get NUCLEAR WAR ONE under way before
they lose what control they still have over events. To achieve
that purpose, plans are being seriously considered which, if
carried out, could instantly throw all three major religions of
the western world into turmoil in the course of igniting a Middle
East conflict. My hope is that by warning you of the existence
of such plans, I am making them too dangerous for the
conspirators to carry out. But in case they are carried out, I
hope that you will now be able to recognize it immediately when
it happens. We must not allow ourselves to be tricked,
stampeded, or neutralized, my friends. We have important work to

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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