Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 25.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), Box 16428, Ft. Worth,
Texas 76133

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is August 26,
1977, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 25.

It is now almost three months since I recorded AUDIO LETTER
No. 24 on May 28, 1977; and as I warned you then, the plans for
Dictatorship and War are now being speeded up. At that time,
about three months ago, the Soviet program of planting nuclear
weapons in the inland lakes and rivers of the United States had
turned into an all-out, silent attack on our country. Soviet
agents in vans, campers, and trucks were fanning out unhampered
throughout our land turning our peaceful countryside into an
unsuspected battlefield strewn with nuclear mines capable of
destroying our water resources; and at no level of
government--local, state, or federal--was anything being done to
stop it. Local and state authorities when alerted to Soviet
activities in their areas of jurisdiction were shrugging it off
in absolute disbelief. They were saying in effect, "Relax. Just
trust the Federal Government to take care of everything."

With this attitude as an excuse, they were and still are
shirking their sworn duty to at least investigate conclusively
some very specific leads they have been given. But as for the
Federal Government, actions such as the waiving of the Jones Act
by Treasury Secretary Blumenthal to allow Soviet vessels to ply
our inland waterways speak for themselves. And just as in the
case of the Fort Knox Gold Scandal three years ago, there's no
effort whatever now to disprove my charges about the Soviet
nuclear sabotage of America--but only to discredit them.

I think this parallel makes the current status of the Gold
Scandal worthy of comment. After three years of tireless effort
by my friend Edward Durell, the Fort Knox Gold Scandal now shows
renewed signs of breaking into the open in spite of all the lies
and tricks the Rockefeller-controlled Federal Government can do.
The international financial community is now more concerned about
the massive evidence of fraud surrounding America's alleged
monetary gold supply than ever before, because the sheer weight
of evidence now makes it impossible for anyone except the
Rockefeller-dominated major media to ignore it. The Carter
Administration has become so concerned about this that on July
28, 1977, just last month, Treasury Secretary Blumenthal took the
extreme step of going to the Fort Knox Bullion Depository
himself. Can you imagine? He had himself photographed by TIME
magazine sitting on the same stack of warmed-over junk gold bars
viewed at Fort Knox in Compartment No. 33 in September 1974.
Then he went to Louisville to deliver his speech prepared before
he left Washington, saying how impressed he was with the
wonderful hoard of gold he had just inspected at Fort Knox.
Former Treasury Secretary William Simon knew better than to go
there personally, even at the height of the public controversy
over Fort Knox three years ago. Instead he sent poor Mrs. Mary
Brooks, the unsuspecting head of the Bureau of the Mint, to tell
the world, "It's all here." But now extreme measures are called
for in the name of "cover-up" because, while the public sleeps,
the powerful financial community shows signs of awakening with a
roar. If you would like a very hard-hitting, fully-documented
summary of the mountain of evidence that now has the Treasury
Department so worried, send a business-sized, self-addressed
envelope bearing first-class United States postage for two (2)
ounces (24 cents--at the time of this recording) to:

Mr. Edward Durell, P.O. Box 586,
Berryville, Virginia Zip 22611.

Only time will tell whether in fact the Fort Knox Gold Scandal
will at last be revealed truthfully to the American people at
large; but even if it breaks today, it's already more than three
years overdue. The United States Congress chose to ignore my
charges and my evidence when I testified about it in April 1974;
and, my friends, we don't have three years to wait for the truth
to come out about the Soviet nuclear mining of the United States.
We are on borrowed time!

That is why, after recording AUDIO LETTER No. 24 three months
ago, I suspended the AUDIO LETTER to concentrate all my efforts
on a campaign to prove conclusively the presence of Soviet
nuclear weapons inside our country for all to see. I knew that
it was a long shot because none of the citizen groups with whom I
was in contact had access to sophisticated equipment of any kind,
or much money to spend on it or even much free time. But I
believed it was still worth the try, because as I warned in AUDIO
LETTER No. 24, only total exposure of the Soviet threat to our
nation has any chance of turning aside NUCLEAR WAS ONE. It is
therefore painful to have to tell you, my friends, that my
efforts and those with whom I have been working around the United
States have so far been unsuccessful in achieving their primary
goal--the physical recovery and public display in a safe manner
of a Soviet nuclear bomb from a lake or river. There has been
some partial success in spreading the alarm more widely than
before, but the total exposure, which is so vital to our survival
as a nation, still has not been accomplished.

Since recording AUDIO LETTER No. 24 in May, I have responded
to requests from concerned citizens throughout America asking for
the locations of any Soviet nuclear weapons in their areas. In
many cases upon receiving this information, people have tried to
get local or state authorities to investigate, usually without
even a token of success, although in two or three cases there
does seem to be some genuine interest at the local level. Other
people have gone to their local newspapers, but these in general
have not bothered even to contact me to find out more about the
story. Finally, scattered attempts have been made by groups of
citizens in a number of states to send scuba divers down to
search the bottom of reservoirs in an attempt to actually find a
bomb. These private citizens, who by their own choice have
donned diving equipment and spent their own time and their own
money to at least try, deserve all of our thanks. I am not aware
of a single case in which these private searches were able to be
done with the aid of anything more than a hand-carried underwater
light, or in rare cases a commercial underwater metal detector,
and some divers did not even have this much; and yet they have
tried to do that which the Federal Government, spending over
80-billion dollars yearly on so-called Defense, refuses to do.
In one case which has been confirmed, two bombs were found and
retrieved, not from a reservoir or river but from a salt water
cove in a resort area on the east coast; but these two bombs,
instead of being made public, were turned over to the Federal
Government by the individuals involved for their own reasons.
Otherwise I cannot confirm that any other bombs have been found
or retrieved up to now.

Two months ago what may turn out to have been our one best
opportunity to catch some Soviet agents red-handed occurred in
Texas. An individual was driving along a country road after
midnight when he noticed an old-style green-and-white delivery
van with Florida license plates parked for the night on the
roadside. It looked like a hippie van, yet was parked with legal
precision complete with regulation high-visibility warning
markers set out along the edge of the road. Something just
didn't look right about it, and on a hunch my friend found a pay
phone and called to ask whether by chance any Soviet vans were
scheduled to be on that road at that time. One of my
Intelligence contacts quickly checked the available information
and reported back that two Soviet trucks should be parked for the
night on that road--one of them in the exact location where my
friend had seen the green-and-white van. Furthermore, the vans
were still enroute to their targets and still had nuclear weapons
aboard. My friend then spent the next four hours trying in vain
to bring about some decisive action concerning the van. He
called a friend who was acquainted with my warnings about the
bombs, getting him out of bed at 1:30 A.M., and together they
tried in vain to get the appropriate law enforcement authorities
in that area to go with them and investigate the van. Finally,
they drove back out to the van at around 3:30 A.M., stopped
behind it with their car lights illuminating the van, and took
two photographs--one a close-up of the Florida license plate.
The next day they went to the local police headquarters and asked
them for identification information about the van, giving them
the Florida license number. The police used their teletype to
check with Florida, and the State of Florida wired back that the
license number given them was non-existent and the van

And so it has gone, my friends. Those who are ready and
willing to take action on behalf of our beloved country are
hampered by limited resources; and those who do have the
necessary resources and authority to take decisive action refuse
to do so for an endless variety of reasons. Many simply do not
believe, others cannot bring themselves to part with a portion of
their own personal wealth, time, and effort but cast about
forever looking for someone else to do it. And virtually
everyone in a position of authority to act, whether great or
small, is not strengthened by that authority but imprisoned by
it, afraid to run any risk of a wrong decision that might hurt
their career. Meanwhile time has slipped by waiting for no man,
and now the Soviet Union has completed their project of planting
nuclear mines in the inland lakes and rivers of the United
States. Furthermore, since they still have not been impeded in
any way, they are now placing additional bombs at other kinds of
targets which will rank lower in priority than our water

My basic task of warning you in advance about the plans of our
Hidden Rulers for events to come was completed with AUDIO LETTER
No. 24, three months ago. Now, unfortunately, a new phase is
beginning for the AUDIO LETTER, because increasingly it will be
my duty now to chronicle the step by step fulfillment of these
terrible plans as they are carried out. Time and again these
plans have been delayed, tripped up, and brought to nothing by
our merciful God who wanted us to use our heads to see the truth
around us for what it is, and turn to Him; but, my friends, you
know as well as I do that America as a nation has not done this;
so now by our own choice we are going to suffer and the suffering
will get worse and worse until and unless we as a people open our
eyes. I realize, my friends, that these are hard words. Many
will hear them and reject them outright, but this I know: events
themselves are going to put man in his place in no uncertain

My three special topics for today are:




Topic #1--Four and a half years ago in early 1973 I wrote my book
"THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR." I ended the book with the
following words of warning about the Panama Canal:

"The United States presence in the Panama Canal Zone area is a
geostrategic necessity to insure shipping through the canal. It
will also become a geostrategic necessity for the new Asian
aristocracy, just as Europe became for the New Imperialism.

If the new Asian forces are not understood, but are met with
ignorance and arrogance, then the world will indeed be headed not
for a 'generation of peace' of which President Nixon has so
proudly boasted, but for World War III."

(End of quotation from my book.)

By June 1974 I had received hard evidence to the effect that
the Republic of Guyana, Venezuela's neighbor, had become the new
Cuba with nuclear medium-range missiles targeted on the Panama
Canal as well as targets in the extreme southern United States.
I reported this on radio talk shows all around the United States
at that time, together with additional Intelligence to the effect
that the Panama Canal was being planned for use in triggering
nuclear war on America three to four years later on--that is mid
1977 to mid 1978. In October 1974 I recorded my first talking
DEPRESSION AND THIRD WORLD WAR"; and in that tape recorded nearly
three years ago, I repeated my warnings about the plans of
powerful men to deliberately involve America in nuclear war and
the plans to use the Panama Canal to help trigger this war.

Three and four years ago my warnings about nuclear war to come
fell on deaf ears. So-called "detente" with the Soviet Union was
in full bloom, after all; and besides, wasn't the United States
the most powerful nation on earth? And as for the Panama Canal,
most Americans then were not even thinking about the Canal, much
less excited about it. But now it is three years later. In the
short space of a year what was called detente has been shredded
and dumped in the trash basket.

Frightening new estimates of fantastic military spending by
the Soviet Union have been disclosed by the CIA, after playing
down such spending for 10 years. Well known Rockefeller
associates have formed a group called "The Committee for the
Present Danger" to publicize the Soviet drive for military
dominance, and the Panama Canal has become an issue that grows
hotter by the day.

The so-called "surprise attack" on Pearl Harbor nearly 36
years ago disarmed all political opposition to America's entry
into the war in Europe. In one stroke the Pearl Harbor attack
created a wave of emotion to go to war. In the same way, the
Real Rulers of America are now setting up the American people for
another such wave of emotion--this time over the Panama Canal.

The conspirators do not really want any new treaties with
Panama despite the lip service in favor of them by their hired
hands, such as Carter and Kissinger. Their actual goal is the
exact opposite. They want people like Senator Strom Thurmond and
Jesse Helms, not to mention Ronald Reagan, to fight the pair of
new treaties and defeat them; thus giving Panama an excuse to go
to Moscow for help. This is why conservative leaders and
organizations are suddenly getting all the publicity they can
handle on the Panama Canal issue--courtesy of none other than the
Rockefeller-dominated major media.

Since the defeat of the two new Panama Canal treaties will be
blamed on the conservatives, they will also be blamed for the
consequent events in the mindless march toward nuclear war. The
self-styled conservative leaders in Congress, therefore, are
falling into a dangerous trap and taking millions of good and
patriotic people with them. They look the other way about such
things as the Fort Knox Gold Scandal, and they run the other way
rather than investigate the Soviet nuclear sabotage of our own
country; but the emotional appeal and great publicity surrounding
the Panama Canal issue have made it too juicy to resist, and they
have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Whether the Canal is
used as the final trigger for NUCLEAR WAR ONE itself, or whether
it plays only a supporting role in bringing on the war is still
at the option of the conspirators; but either way the
conservatives lose. Even so this is not to say that Jimmy Carter
will win on this issue.

Four days after Carter's inauguration as President seven
months ago, in AUDIO LETTER No. 20, I alerted you that a Carter
Watergate was already in the works; and now, my friends, it has
already begun. In the three months since I recorded AUDIO LETTER
No. 24, the controversy over the personal finances of Bert Lance,
Carter's Budget Director and former banker, has turned into daily
headline news. Because of the closeness of the ties between
Carter and Lance, Carter's image has already begun to suffer, but
this is only the beginning. Not only is Carter's moral
leadership image being tarnished by his defense of questionable
practices by Lance, but more and more questions are being raised
in the major media about Carter's judgment; and once a leader's
judgment ceases to be trusted, he is finished.

Confusion in NATO over what to expect from the Carter
Administration is causing nervousness, and recently this boiled
over into bitter German protests when a secret White House
contingency plan came to light. The plan calls for one-third of
West Germany to be conceded in the event of a Soviet invasion.
Can you imagine? As of now, only one major factor is preventing
a complete rift between the United States and the European
members of NATO. That single factor is the hope that Carter will
proceed with production of the neutron bomb, a tactical weapon.
Without this bomb the increasingly outnumbered and out-gunned
NATO forces will face hopeless odds in any Warsaw Pact attack;
but the American neutron bomb has one weakness that may prevent
it from doing NATO any good. It would not be deployed for
operational use until at least a year and a half from now, in
1979. Meanwhile the Soviet Union already has operational neutron

A neutron bomb is a special version of a hydrogen bomb, so
designed that a shower of deadly neutron radiation covers an area
much larger than the area affected by the explosive blast. In
nuclear weapons terminology, it is a "clean bomb" because it
produces very little fallout or residual radioactivity in
comparison to conventional nuclear weapons. If exploded above a
city, for example, it can destroy all life over a wide area and
yet do relatively little blast damage to buildings and structures
in the area.

Fourteen months ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 13 I revealed that the
Soviet Union already has such so-called clean hydrogen bombs; and
three months ago when I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 24, I reported
that seven (7) trucks bearing nuclear weapons and driven by
Soviet agents had been stopped by Canadian authorities on May 18
just before they attempted to cross over the border from Canada
into northern Idaho. As of the recording date, I had not yet
received any further word about any action taken, but now I can
tell you more.

The seven trucks were driven by a total of 14 Canadian and
American Communists, two per truck. They were apprehended by a
special joint unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Army
Security, and placed under arrest after the nature of their cargo
was confirmed. They were all charged with acts of treason and
incarcerated initially at Wainwright, Alberta, but they have
since been transferred to one or more other unspecified

Each truck was loaded with two fourteen-foot-long crates three
feet square. Each crate contained a small single-warhead
missile, and it was learned by Canadian Intelligence that the
trucks were all bound for Lake Superior. All 14 of these
missiles were the same type as the 53 previously planted in the
Great Lakes, and the warheads were all neutron bombs. Thus the
Soviet Union can still satisfy all of the considerations which
originally led them to agree to the super-secret "Nuclear Safe
Zone" across the upper portion of the United States which I
revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 12 for May 1976.

Since neutron bombs kill people but preserve most real estate,
the great industrial and agricultural heartland of America will
still be usable for Soviet benefit after NUCLEAR WAR ONE; and the
explosion of clean neutron bombs over our northern cities will
not produce significant fallout to drift around the globe and
land on Russia.

After the 14 neutron-bomb missiles were disarmed, they were
divided up--several were sent to Great Britain and several to the
United States while several remained in Canada. Within two weeks
the neutron bombs suddenly became big news in the United States
with Jimmy Carter in the spotlight as the man to decide whether
such a thing would be produced or not. By early July, news
reports said that the United States had already tested a neutron
bomb at the underground test site in Nevada; but what was not
mentioned is that this was a test of a Soviet warhead like those
now lurking in the Great Lakes--not an American device! Canadian
officials are completely baffled at this point by the conduct of
the United States Government in keeping all of these things under
wraps, but the Canadians are abiding by their obligations under
mutual defense treaties not to break the story publicly on a
unilateral basis because certain key officials apparently still
do not believe that top American officials are deliberately
betraying us all into nuclear disaster. And now, my friends, the
nuclear mining of strategic points in Canada too has begun,
beginning around Montreal--while continued secrecy allows the
Soviet Union to build their war trap all around us!

Topic #2--On September 30, 1938, the famous agreement at Munich
was reached which was then hailed by British Prime Minister
Neville Chamberlain as assuring "Peace in our time." For years
the British and French had watched Hitler's Germany as it
re-armed to the teeth, and the only response had been a policy of
appeasement. As a result, at Munich they were negotiating from a
position of weakness. And to further appease Hitler, they agreed
to the partition of a country that was not even party to the
negotiations--Czechoslovakia. But as we all know, the Munich
agreement did not bring "peace in our time." Less than two years
after Munich, on July 10, 1940, the skies over Britain suddenly
filled with Hitler's bombers, and the Battle of Britain had

The lightning warfare that had paralyzed and crushed other
victims was now to smash Britain as well--or so it seemed.
Through the summer and autumn of 1940 the world watched for the
invasion of Britain to be launched across the English Channel,
but the invasion never came. The world watched with growing
astonishment as the Spitfires of the Royal Air Force ruined
attack after attack by Goering's air armada; for the British, in
spite of public pronouncements about "Peace in our time", had
learned the lesson of Munich well, and during the short breathing
space that followed, the British Government had secretly launched
a crash program to prepare for the fight for survival that was
looming ahead.

We in America who had not yet experienced the horrors of war
on our own soil have had our survival instinct lulled to sleep by
propaganda and distractions of all kinds--but not so Great
Britain. Some months ago I revealed that of all the nations of
the Free World, only Great Britain is engaging in a sustained,
determined effort to stave off military attack by the Soviet
Union to the best of her ability. And, my friends, this is still
true, because the lessons of the past are not lost on the
British. On June 18, 1940, Sir Winston Churchill spoke in the
House of Commons to declare that the British were determined to
fight rather than surrender, whatever the odds; and that same
spirit is quietly being rekindled in Britain today. An internal
struggle within the British Government is going on between those
with this view and others, some of them very powerful who are
Rockefeller agents, striving to induce Britain to lie down and
die. But so far there are still enough patriots in the British
Government to carry the day.

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 15 one year ago in August
1976, I revealed the navigational coordinates of 64 newly planted
Soviet underwater-launch nuclear missiles in the territorial
waters of the countries around the world. At that time, Soviet
missiles were planted more densely around the British Isles than
anywhere else on earth, because the Soviet Union views England
like a giant aircraft carrier that must be sunk to help free the
Soviet Navy to explode into the Atlantic unhampered when war
comes. The importance of this to the Soviet Union was
illustrated the following month, in late September 1976. As I
reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 16 for that month, the Soviet Union
carried out a massive, extremely rapid deployment of submarines
into attack positions along our east, west, and Gulf coasts late
in September involving at least 142 submarines. This took place
only a matter of days after I had met for well over an hour at
the Pentagon with General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, to discuss the growing Soviet underwater missile
crisis with him. The purpose of the massive deployment of Soviet
naval power along our shores was a power play to prevent the
United States Navy from being allowed to capture a Soviet
missile-laying mini-sub that was then trapped in Chesapeake Bay.
And as I reported the following month in AUDIO LETTER No. 17, it

The very idea that the Soviet Union is capable of such rapid,
massive, and well-coordinated deployments of its huge submarine
fleet seems unbelievable to many, and many therefore ignored what
I revealed last September about this incident. But just four
weeks ago, on July 29, 1977, NATO Intelligence sources in
Brussels revealed a recent naval exercise by the Soviet Union
that once again exhibited this same capability to fill the oceans
with overwhelming numbers of submarines. According to the news
dispatch by the British Reuters News Service, quote:

"Eighty-nine Soviet submarines swarmed into the Atlantic Ocean
recently in a massive show of naval strength that stretched NATO
surveillance forces to their limits, NATO Intelligence sources
revealed yesterday. More Soviet submarines were deployed between
North America and Europe than ever before, said one senior
Intelligence officer."

And, my friends, this statement is true since the 142 submarines
that threatened the United States last September were not all in
the Atlantic--many were in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific.

Quoting the Reuters dispatch again:

"American and British submarines, which usually trail Soviet
submarines, were unable to cope with the rush and NATO had to
resort to other less effective means to keep track of many of the

Another quote:

"The submarines were accompanied by a large force of surface
warships including the Aircraft Carrier Kiev which bears vertical
take-off and landing Jet Fighters. Long-range war planes,
including some of the 400 supersonic Backfire Bombers that the
Russians now operate, flew over the maneuvering fleet from their
bases in the Murmansk area, the sources said."

Another quote:

"NATO views the deployment of the Soviet submarine fleet to sea
as one of its most important warning signs that a conflict is
about to begin."

That, my friends, is why the stationing of so many Soviet
submarines in attack positions around the United States was so
ominous last September.

Notice who was responsible for letting the public know about
this latest huge Soviet naval exercise. Not anyone in the United
States Government, but NATO authorities in Europe. To quote one
more line from the Reuters dispatch, which was omitted in the New
York Times, quote:

"The United States Defense Department had no comment on the

America's Real Rulers do not want us to know even about Soviet
practice exercises as huge as the one in April 1977, much less
the occurrence of actual confrontations like the one I told you
about last September. Great Britain is acutely aware of all
these things. She is aware of the increasing handicaps that
plague the European part of the NATO alliance, and she's finding
out that the United States can no longer be depended upon for
help in time of crisis. She is determined not to be sunk by the
Soviet Union.

First, the British have been taking an objective new look at
the cold, hard facts of their circumstances. A month ago on July
26, 1977, the Defense Committee of Parliament made public a
report that spelled out in clear terms a number of important
measures needing revision and upgrading in Britain's defense
posture, and the report begins by discarding the comforting but
unrealistic idea that heightened tensions would always provide an
advance warning before any Soviet attack. Instead they're coming
to grips with the need to be prepared for a more likely event of
a surprise attack. The Parliament Committee also warned of the
threat of Soviet mine-laying in the English Channel and the North

Meanwhile, spurred on by the Soviet underwater missile crisis
for a full year now, the British have developed a new
mine-detecting sonar equipment to enable underwater missiles and
mines to be detected. For several months now the Royal Navy has
been using this highly secret new equipment built by the Plessey
Company of England to keep British waters cleared of Soviet
missiles and bombs without depending any longer on the
Intelligence tips I was relaying to them earlier. I would not
mention this now except that a recent incident occurred that has
already compromised this vital new equipment to Soviet agents.

Recently the West German Navy, eager to begin using this same
equipment to start clearing their own coastal waters of Soviet
missiles, was to receive a shipment of the highly classified
equipment from the Plessey Company, but a Soviet agent in Britain
achieved a remarkable feat of espionage by bringing about a
misrouting of this equipment on an East German ship. By the time
this vital equipment finally arrived, overdue and damaged, it had
been thoroughly studied and photographed by Soviet technical
experts. As a result, the Soviet Union may now be able to find
ways to defeat even the sophisticated new British sonar, just as
they are already able to defeat American seabed sonar defenses in
order to plant missiles in our waters.

Despite this setback, the British are working quietly but
quickly to prepare to go it alone if need be when war comes, even
though they realize that they would not be able to hold out
indefinitely under those conditions. Unlike the United States,
Britain is beefing up its surveillance of spies, defense
installations are being hardened and camouflaged, and the RAF is
in the process of going underground just as the Soviet Union has
already done.

The British Government now knows, privately, that Great
Britain has already been deserted by the Outlaw Government of the
United States, and in late last month on July 27, 1977, the
British deserted the floundering United States dollar. For a
generation and more the pound sterling and the dollar have been
linked together in an unofficial way, but no more. The Bank of
England announced it would no longer be required to support the
dollar in an international monetary float, and since that time
British reserves of gold and currency have risen substantially,
strengthening the pound, while the American dollar has been
sinking in international currency markets. It may be that the
British "ship of state" will in the end be unable to stay afloat
through the storm of all-out nuclear war, but so far the British
still prefer to take that risk rather than scuttling their own
ship--as the United States Government under Rockefeller control
is now doing!

Topic #3--My friends, the nuclear mining of America's inland
lakes and rivers has now been completed without incident by
Soviet agents, thanks to their protection from harassment by
Rockefeller agents in the Federal Government. At least three
different models of small hydrogen bombs have been utilized so
far by Soviet agents in this project.

One is a design which has been in use for the greater part of
a decade, as bombs are planted during construction of certain
major dams and water projects.

A second type, oval in shape, 17 inches in diameter and 34
inches in length, has been deployed very widely throughout the
United States in recent months. It weighs several hundred
pounds, and handling is therefore a problem, with the result that
great care is always taken to plant these when the area nearby is
deserted. Usually, but not always, this is done at night. These
bombs are the pride and joy of Soviet boss Brezhnev because they
incorporate technology that originated many years ago in his own
rocket programs. In areas where the bottom is soft and silt
covered, these bombs are able to embed themselves in the silt.
Under ideal test conditions in the Soviet Union it was found that
they were able to penetrate to depths as great as 80 feet; and
there are a few locations in America, primarily in the lower
Mississippi River, where depths that rival this may actually have
been achieved operationally. Best of all, from the Soviet point
of view, is their reliability. This system, by which the bomb
practically blasts its way into the silt by using a powerful jet
of steam at temperatures above a thousand degrees Fahrenheit,
uses no moving parts. The jet is started before the bomb is
dropped in the water and after that it runs until the fuel is
exhausted. The fuel itself, according to my own Intelligence
sources, is the oldest, most reliable, and cheapest of all rocket
fuels--highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide, which leaves no
residue to be detected afterward.

A third type of bomb that is now being used is a small general
purpose "H" bomb whose primary feature is compactness. A few of
these have been planted in water, but these are mostly being used
now in the newest phase of the Soviet nuclear mining program.
First, Washington, D.C. was mined. All of the bridges into
Washington are now mined, as are important buildings throughout
the city. These include the Capitol building, Senate and House
office buildings, the Executive Office building, the Treasury
building, seven bombs at Fort Myer, Virginia, the Pentagon, and
even the White House itself plus many other points--a total of 57
in the Nation's capital! In addition, bombs have now been
planted in at least 33 of the 50 State capitals. Congress, the
President, and State Governments have so far refused to act to
protect the people, but now they themselves are being targeted;
and symbols of our national pride and heritage in Washington are
to be destroyed without a trace!

Time does not permit a complete listing of even the nuclear
devices in the Mississippi River, which now contains 158 bombs.
As of my latest report on July 7, 1977, every lock in the
Mississippi River except No. 2 at Hastings, Minnesota now has a
Soviet "H" bomb in or near it. In addition, almost every bridge
crossing the Mississippi along its entire length has a bomb
planted at one end or the other as of that date; and it was
anticipated that by now there would no longer be any exceptions.
Thus the Soviet Union plans to be able to cut the country in
half, east to west, to anything but air transportation which,
under war conditions, will be totally controlled by the Federal
Government under the provisions of Executive Orders 11490 and
11921. In addition, the Mississippi is to be ruined as a
navigable waterway connecting North and South along the
Mississippi Valley. And the master strategy that has been
applied to the Mississippi has also been applied to the other
great waterways of America, such as the Illinois Waterway and the
Ohio River! Now, it remains only to trigger a declaration of

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 24 in May 1977, just three
months ago, I warned that, quote: "A horrendous new capability is
now in place as an alternate means for creating our 'National
Emergency'; and, my friends, there are ominous signs that this
capability is going to be used very soon." I then gave the
locations of seven (7) fission fusion fission bombs planted
strategically around the undersea trenches east and west of the
Philippines where they can trigger massive earthquakes and tidal
waves. These seven gigaton bombs are the most powerful weapons
ever devised by man, and the disaster that erupts there is
planned to work its way around the "Ring of Fire" to produce an
artificial West Coast disaster centering on California that will
be used to justify a Declaration of National Emergency.

In the three months since I last spoke to you, the Soviet
Union has also deployed ten (10) additional super bombs to assist
in this diabolical attack on the earth's crust itself. These are
less powerful than the seven Doomsday Bombs planted around the
Philippines but are extremely powerful nonetheless. These 10 new
bombs are known as "cobalt bombs", so called because they are
surrounded by a jacket of cobalt.

When the cobalt bomb was first proposed many years ago, it was
universally feared and condemned because while it is less
powerful than the gigaton bombs in the Philippines, it would be
even dirtier in radioactive fallout if exploded in the air.
Pound for pound the radioactive cobalt-60 produced by the
explosion emits 25 times as much deadly gamma radiation as
radium. It decays relatively fast with a half life of just over
five years, but if detonated in the air some scientists believe
the fallout could destroy all human life before the radiation
decayed to harmless levels. But as with the uranium jacket
gigaton bomb, the Soviet Union has found a way to use the cobalt
bomb, deep under the ocean for geophysical warfare; and having
solved the dangerous problems involved in manufacturing and
handling such weapons, the Soviet Union now has available an
intermediate-yield super bomb that is far cheaper than bombs made
from uranium.

Of the 10 Soviet cobalt bombs deployed so far, nine are
positioned along boundaries between the slowly shifting crustal
plates that cover the surface of the earth, while the tenth is
targeted on a prime American naval target--Pearl Harbor. Their
purpose is to produce a pattern of increasing earthquake and
tidal wave activity as a build-up to the big disaster that awaits
the Philippines.

The 10 Soviet cobalt bombs were planted in the following

No. 1: 11 degrees, 8 minutes, 28 seconds South; 118-32-23
East. This is roughly 900 miles southeast of Djakarta,
Indonesia, near the east end of the Java Trench, south of the
islands of Sumba and Sumbawa.

No. 2: 11-0-0 South, 115-8-34 East. This is around 370 miles
west of Location No. 1, deep in the Java Trench, south of the
islands of Bali and Sumbawa, Indonesia.

No. 3: 3-13-33 South, 149-0-0 East. This is in the area of
the Bismarck Archipelago northeast of New Guinea.

No. 4: 10-57-9 South, 159-30-30 East. This is in a
confluence of trenches southwest of Guadalcanal, 1500 miles
northeast of Australia.

No. 5: 15-52-23 South, 172-34-50 West. This is in the north
end of the Tonga Trench, little more than 100 miles southwest of
Pago Pago, Samoa.

No. 6: 12-22-51 North, 145-40-0 East. This is in the
Marianas Trench roughly 75 miles southeast of Guam.

No. 7: 37-35-10 North, 144-5-20 East in the Japan Trench,
around 350 miles northeast of Tokyo.

No. 8: 23-25-46 North, 108-23-14 West. This is in the deep
central portion of the Gulf of California between the southern
tip of Baja California and the mainland of Mexico, and lies along
the same crustal fault line that is known as the San Andreas
Fault where it passes through California.

No. 9: 20-0-0 North, 73-52-16 West. This is in a short but
deep trench off the east end of Cuba, and about 80 miles due east
of the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And

No. 10: 20-54-28 North, 158-48-17 West. This is about 70
miles west-southwest of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the headquarters of
the United States Pacific Fleet.

The Soviet plan is to artificially create a seemingly natural
but disturbing pattern of increasingly widespread earthquakes,
primarily around the Pacific rim. The stars of this preliminary
show are to be these cobalt bombs in the oceans, but several
artificial earthquakes on land are also to be triggered. One or
more of these preliminary earthquakes on land may involve the
collapse of a dam in the United States, adding fuel to the fire
of publicity over supposedly unsafe Federal dams. Finally this
build-up is to culminate in the supposed natural disaster in the
Philippines, produced in reality by the triggering in proper
sequence of the seven Soviet gigaton bombs. If all goes
according to plan, unprecedented earthquakes and awesome tidal
waves will cause death and destruction in the Philippines on a
scale unparalleled in modern history, and not incidentally our
major naval installations and the huge Clark Air Base in the
Philippines will be destroyed. When it's all over, our naval and
other military installations in Hawaii will also be gone, as will
our Guantanamo Naval Base and important naval installations on
America's west coast and in Japan. America will have been dealt
a staggering military blow, but the only declaration by the
United States Government will not be one of war and retaliation
but only of "National Emergency"--in effect, suspending the
remaining tatters of the United States Constitution! It all
sounds too horrible to be true, my friends, but in actual fact it
has already begun!

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 24 three months ago there was
no unusual earthquake activity going on; but based on
Intelligence made available only to me, I warned that this was
about to change, and soon; and just one week ago, on August 19,
1977, an undersea earthquake suddenly erupted just south of the
Indonesian islands of Sumba and Sumbawa. The reports of damage
and casualties are still filtering in today, one week later; but
this quake was rated by some seismic readings as possibly the
strongest quake ever recorded, registering 8.9 on the Richter
scale. A tidal wave 100 feet high swept in from the south and
washed away everyone and everything in its path. This quake, my
friends, was produced by the detonation of the Soviet cobalt bomb
No. 1 in the list I just gave you. And, my friends, the Soviet
Union is wasting no time now. Only this morning just before I
began the recording of this tape, Soviet cobalt bomb No. 2 was
detonated. The result this time was a less spectacular quake,
according to first reports, centered south of Sumbawa and Bali
but with a reading of only 6.3 on the Richter scale.

My friends, during the past 4-1/2 years I've tried in every
way I know to warn America in time for these and other man-made
disasters to be prevented; but I am only a messenger, relaying
vital information to you for which I myself cannot take the
credit. What happens from here on is up to you, your neighbor,
our country as a whole. But until and unless my voice is
silenced by Federal Emergency regulations, war, or other factors
beyond my control, I pledge to you to do all in my power to keep
you fully informed about what is happening and where it is
leading. Meanwhile I can only urge you to continue to place
yourself in the hands of God.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God protect each and every one of you.

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