Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 29.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audioletter, Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is December 22,
1977, and this is my Audioletter No. 29. Three days from now
will be Christmas Sunday, 1977. On that day my family and I will
join millions of others around the world in celebrating the birth
of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like other proud parents, I look
forward especially to watching my three small children as they
open their gifts. For them, Christmas is a time of pure joy, and
that helps to make it so for us grown-ups as well. Even so this
Christmas they will not be receiving the one present I wish they
could have most of all, the gift of a future to look forward
to--a future of freedom, instead of slavery; a future of plenty,
instead of scarcity; a future of real peace, instead of
deliberate war. If I had the power to grant my children an
abundant future of freedom and peace all by myself, I'd do it,
but that is not possible. They cannot look forward to a future
like that unless all of our children can do the same; and, my
friends, the future which we as a nation are bequeathing to our
trusting children is one for which we deserve to be chastised
severely by our Lord. Much has been entrusted to us, and we have
not measured up to that trust.

We in America have always looked back at the tragedy Nazi
Germany became and said to ourselves: 'How could such a thing
have happened? Couldn't the German people see that they were
headed toward disaster? Why didn't they do something to stop
it?' But apparently we as a nation learned nothing at all from
their example or from any of the other lessons in history
because, my friends, the United States is headed for a disaster
that dwarfs what happened to Germany, or Japan, or Russia, or
China. It is about us that future generations will say: 'How
could such a thing have happened? Couldn't the American people
see that they were headed toward disaster? Why didn't they do
something to stop it?'

More and more Americans can sense now that something is
definitely wrong. If nothing else, our survival instinct is
ringing a muffled alarm inside all of us, warning of imminent
danger. But so far, most Americans are still on the side lines,
forfeiting all our rights and failing our responsibilities under
the United States Constitution. Instead of analyzing the facts
that are already before us, most of us choose the false wisdom
called Wait and See. Instead of going to the effort to challenge
our rulers about matters that are deciding our fate, we deceive
ourselves with the notion that at the next election we can
discharge our whole duty by casting a vote. Meanwhile we just
sit on the fence while we wait and see. Those who are waiting to
see do not have much longer to wait.

At the beginning of this year in Audioletter No. 20, I pointed
out that we are in the period of undeclared warfare that history
will record as Pre-War, leading up to the planned Nuclear War
One. Today as 1977 is on the wane, the Pre-War period is also on
the wane. The first stages of war itself are intended to erupt
soon, beginning in the Middle East. When I resumed recording the
Audioletter in August of this year after a silence of three
months, I warned you that we are now in a new phase as we watch
increasingly the fulfillment of man-made plans for disaster in
war. Having squandered and wasted the days of grace God gave us
to prevent disaster, we as a nation are going to suffer by our
own choice.

My three topics for today are: Topic #1--CYCLONES, AIR QUAKES,

Topic #1--Last month I told you the locations of the Soviet
Particle Beam weapon installations that are now operational on
the moon, and I warned you that "...if the normal Soviet pattern
is followed, we can expect a test of a moon-based Particle Beam
weapon against some earth target in the very near future. If
this is done, it will probably take place under circumstances
where its effects can be explained away as having some other
cause." Events are now moving very fast, my friends. When I
recorded those words last month on November 21, the first Soviet
test shot at the earth had already taken place, but intelligence
about it had not yet reached me. The perfect opportunity for
Soviet purposes was provided by a huge cyclone in the Bay of
Bengal as it approached the southeast coast of India. Soviet
cosmonauts at two of the Particle Beam installations on the moon
readied their weapons and waited for the angry storm to reach the
best possible position for the test. This occurred on the
evening of November 19, 1977, as the cyclone was lashing the
coast line of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. As millions of
Indians were struggling against the powerful winds and driving
rain of the cyclone, two Soviet Particle Beam weapons a quarter
million miles away silently swung around to point in their
direction. The weapons were aimed at two nearby locations at sea
within the storm. To avoid any chance that the beams might
interfere with one another on the way to the target, they were
not fired simultaneously but in quick succession. Traveling at
virtually the speed of light, each beam reached the earth in less
than two seconds. As I told you in Audioletter No. 26, a charged
Particle Beam rips apart the atoms of anything it strikes,
causing it to explode. That's why, as I said then, it's an
all-weather weapon--it blasts its way through air, cloud, water,
armor plate, and anything else it strikes. When each beam aimed
at the cyclone reached its target, it produced a brilliant air
flash and a tremendous explosion at the water surface. A portion
of the water itself was made to explode by the beam, creating a
localized artificial tidal wave. The result, as described by
victims who lived through it, was broadcast over the BBC on
December 13, earlier this month. A relief worker who had just
returned from the scene described what she called complete
devastation along the coastal area. Everything, including even
strongly-built houses, had been flattened, and the loss of life
was staggering; and what had transformed a bad storm into a total
disaster, my friends, was a single tidal wave that suddenly swept
ashore in the midst of the storm. I now quote the exact words of
the British relief worker as she described what eye witnesses had
told her: "There were two enormous blinding flashes and the
whole sky lighted up as though on fire, then this vast tidal wave
about 30 miles in length along the coast and 18 feet high just
bore down upon them." My friends, a tidal wave is not a normal
part of a cyclone--high waters, yes; flooding, yes; and normal
wind-driven waves, yes--but not tidal waves. And yet, if you
will study the news reports from all sources, you will discover
that a single devastating tidal wave was reported consistently.
Eye witnesses describe it as something that came suddenly,
sweeping away everything in its path, including loved ones; and
it caused devastation inland to unheard-of distances where people
have never had reason to fear cyclones before. For example, a
ferryboat man in the village of Penumudi is quoted in the NEW
YORK TIMES for December 12 as saying, "All my life I have never
been frightened so much. We are 20 miles from the sea, and yet
the wave came all the way to destroy our boats and our living."
With at least 10,000 dead, over 2,500 villages destroyed, and
2,000,000 homeless, it's no wonder that this cyclone is rated as
the worst to hit India in more than a century. From the Soviet
viewpoint, the test was a complete success. The ability of their
lunar-based charged Particle Beams to blast an earth target with
devastating force, has been confirmed; and by carrying out their
test in the midst of a violent cyclone, they succeeded in
camouflaging the man-made disaster by combining it with a natural
one. Both the lunar and earth orbital Particle Beam weapons of
the Soviet Union must now be regarded as fully operational and
tested. But the lunar Particle Beam test was scarcely completed
before tests began with yet another secret Soviet weapon!

Last month I reminded you of the lightning pace of weapons
advancement that was still publicly visible up until the early
1960's; but at the secret level, military technology was
advancing even faster. As early as 1962, top military officers
were seriously worried about a future threat to America that was
then already visible on the technical horizon. This threatened
future development consisted of space platforms capable of
levitating in stationary positions over our major cities or other
strategic locations. These platforms would not be in orbit like
normal earth satellites; instead, they would actually hover for
long periods of time over a single spot. This cannot be done
with orbiting satellites except for those stationed over the
earth's equator about 22,000 miles out in space. So the United
States already had the capability long ago to build these
hovering platforms if desired, manning them with forty-man crews
who would remain aboard for two months at a time. Therefore it
was obvious that some day the Soviet Union would also develop
this capability, and our military leaders wanted to be in a
position to interdict any Soviet platforms that might some day
invade the space over our country. But their urgent pleas for
authority and funds to develop a defense against the expected
threat of floating platforms, were rudely turned aside--they
didn't fit in with the two-pronged program for world military
domination that I explained for you last month. On the surface,
America was to be gradually stripped of its known weaponry; while
in total secrecy, the moon program was to provide America's
secret rulers with the unadmitted ability to destroy the Soviet
Union in a final double-cross.

Now it's 15 years later, the grand design of our secret rulers
lies in ruins--shattered less than three months ago by Russia's
upset victory in the Battle of the Harvest Moon on September 27.
The men and women of America's secret moon colony in Copernicus
Crater lie entombed where they died, bombarded by a Soviet
neutron Particle Beam weapon orbiting the earth--and now, the
Soviet Union controls the moon and from it the earth.
Furthermore, spurred on by the danger of losing the decisive
Particle Beam race, the Kremlin has spent fantastic amounts of
money to develop a bewildering array of military weapons of every
type. Wherever possible they have borrowed and exploited whole
technologies developed in the West at our cost. They have bought
critical hardware to fill gaps in their own technology, paying
for it with United States financed loans guaranteed by American
taxpayers. They have contracted for western multi-national
corporations to build whole manufacturing facilities in
Russia--factories that are unparalleled here at home; and,
relieved of the need to develop so many things for themselves,
they have been able to concentrate on advanced projects that
leapfrog ahead of our own technology in certain areas. And one
of these areas is the hovering space platform, which certain of
our military leaders were worried about 15 years ago.

For many years the Soviet Union has led the world in the field
of high-energy physics and in many areas of advanced mathematics
as well. This enabled them to win the race for the Particle Beam
weapon, and has also enabled them to develop a hovering space
platform design that operates on more advanced principles than
those our military anticipated 15 years ago.

The Soviet hovering-platform concept is built around a branch
of physics most people have never even heard of called
Electrogravitics. At the present time the Soviet Union is using
electrogravitic vehicles both on the moon and in space close to
earth. Theoretically these vehicles will some day be able to
travel directly between earth and the moon and even over
inter-planetary distances, but the transition from the
gravitational field of the earth to that of the moon, among other
things, is potentially hazardous so this is not being done yet.
Instead, rockets are being used by Soviet cosmonauts to travel
between the earth and the moon, but the electrogravitic
levitation is being used on the moon itself. The electrogravitic
vehicles developed so far by the Soviet Union are still very
crude--they can lift themselves vertically up or down, using
their levitation field they produce, but have to use small rocket
motors to move sideways; but crude or not, the Soviet Union now
has these hovering space platforms and we do not; nor do we have
any means of combating them, since our secret masters have
refused ever since 1962 to allow any means of defense to be

I can now reveal that the Kremlin has begun deploying hovering
space platforms over the United States, and elsewhere, armed with

Platform No. 1 is hovering 672 miles above a spot in the Atlantic
Ocean about 170 miles east of Charleston, So. Car. No. 2 is 821
miles above a spot in the Pacific 256 miles southwest of Los
Angeles, California. No. 3 is floating 784 miles above a spot
about 42 miles west of the so-called Four Corners of Utah,
Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. No. 4 is 821 miles directly
above the intersection of the borders of Idaho, Montana, and
Canada. No. 5 is hovering 597 miles above a spot that is about
50 miles east-northeast of Denver, Colorado. No. 6 is 560 miles
above Illinois over a spot about 80 miles southwest of Chicago
and 50 miles east of Peoria. No. 7 is at the same altitude, 560
miles, over a spot about 10 miles northwest of Morgantown, West
Virginia, at the border of southwest Pennsylvania.

The first four platforms are manned, the other three, launched
more recently, are still being checked out by remote control
prior to being manned by crews who will be carried there by
electrogravitic shuttle.

Early this month on December 2, 1977, the crew of Soviet
Platform No. 1 received the orders they had been waiting for from
Moscow. They were to commence de-focused beam tests. A
de-focused beam expands out over a broader and broader area as it
flashes through space; and as a result, when the broad beam
strikes the atmosphere, most of the energy is spent in the air
itself. (This is the exact opposite of the situation on November
19 when the lunar Particle Beams created tight shafts of energy
that passed through the Indian cyclone to strike the sea with
great power.) The crew adjusted their Particle Beam weapon to
de-focus the beam to a prescribed amount, then at approximately
10:00 A.M. they aimed their weapon at a spot in the sea about 50
miles off the South Carolina coast and fired. The air itself
over the ocean east of South Carolina was made to explode with
the force of a hundred tons of TNT. Along the South Carolina
coast thousands of people heard the tremendous rumble from the
blast at sea, dishes rattled, and some windows broke. At the
Lamont-Doherty Geological Laboratory north of New York City,
acoustic monitoring instruments jumped off scale. Everyone who
heard it wondered what had happened. About 3:45 that afternoon,
the crew of Platform No. 1 were ready for a second test shot.
The target area this time was the sea off the New Jersey
coast--650 miles to the north-northeast of Platform No. 1. The
Particle Beam weapon had been re-adjusted to compensate for the
greater distance involved, and then it was fired. At points
along the coast from Cape May, New Jersey, to Connecticut,
thousands heard the powerful blast as more dishes rattled and
more windows broke. Again acoustic monitors were driven off
scale. On December 15, Platform No. 1 began firing again. At
least five blasts were fired into the air over the Atlantic that
day. On December 20, just two days ago, still more blasts took
place; but the major news media had begun to treat the whole
matter as if it were a joke. Most Americans do not live on the
east coast, of course, and have not heard these explosions for
themselves. But listen to these words that a housewife in
Manhattan used to describe one of the explosions to me: "It was
a bright sunny day and my older kids were in school. I was at
home when suddenly there was a tremendous, tremendous boom. It
sounded like it could have been next door, or it could have been
a million miles away--you just couldn't tell. It was a low,
thundering, deep, all-encompassing noise. It sounded like a
bomb, but I thought it might be an earthquake. I grabbed the
kids, my younger kids who were at home, and ran to the wall. I
glanced at the clock and it was just after 1:00 o'clock. I
waited to see what else would happen, but nothing did. I turned
on the radio to find out what had happened, but there was nothing
on the radio, nothing about what had happened. The kids in
school were all scared. The teacher said: 'It's Con-Edison.'
But of course if it had been Con-Edison, the whole neighborhood
would have blown up. It just sounded as if something had hit the
bottom of the earth."

Soviet acts of intimidation are becoming more frequent and
more vicious. Only last night around 7:00 P.M. another series of
so-called mystery explosions were heard off the east coast, and
only today two grain elevators--one in Louisiana, the other in
Mississippi--exploded within hours of one another. The first
explosion took place this morning, December 22, at the huge
Continental Grain Company elevator on the west bank of the
Mississippi River, a few miles upstream from downtown New
Orleans. Eye witnesses said: "It went up like an H-bomb." The
ground shook for several seconds as though in an earthquake, a
huge mushroom cloud stretched perhaps a mile into the air, and
debris from the structure kept falling like feathers into the
river. The entire facility, storing $100,000,000 worth of grain,
was ruined and there were scores injured, perhaps two dozen
killed. The portion of the elevator nearest the river was
completely blown off.

My friends, when I resumed recording my Audioletter last
August with issue No. 25, I warned that there were 158 Soviet
nuclear mines--that is, small H-bombs--buried under water along
the Mississippi River. The destruction of the grain elevator
near New Orleans this morning resulted from the detonation of the
first of these bombs, which was located in the River near the
south end of the loading dock. Other Soviet nuclear mines are
still waiting to be exploded within a few miles of that location.
One is just across the river from the site of today's explosion
in an area known as Carrolton Bend. Another is about a mile in
the upstream direction from the ruined grain elevator under the
southeast end of the Huey P. Long Bridge. Looking downstream,
another Soviet nuclear mine is lurking in the water beneath the
Greater New Orleans bridge. Further down stream there is one at
the entrance to Chalmette Ship Wharf No. 2. There are two in the
inner harbor navigation canal--one just north of the lock, and
another about three-quarters of a mile north of that. And not
only is the River mined--for example, there is a nuclear mine in
Lake Pontchartrain near the south end of the Pontchartrain
causeway. It has now been four months since I revealed the
situation in the Mississippi River. Since that time I have never
been contacted by a single official having jurisdiction of any
kind along the Mississippi River to find out more about the
situation. No one has made the slightest effort to take action,
and now many have lost their lives and many more are injured.
About two hours later, the second grain elevator suddenly
exploded in Tupelo, Mississippi. Like the first, it was
destroyed by a Soviet nuclear mine; but Tupelo is not on a river,
and the mine was buried in the ground nearby.

Having first sabotaged America's water resources, then
important governmental and military sites, the Soviet agents are
still criss-crossing our land unhampered and far advanced in
sabotaging our food-warehousing facilities. Major grain
elevators throughout the Midwest, the Great Plains, and other
grain-producing areas, have been mined already like the one that
exploded today at Tupelo, Miss.

My friends, how long will we continue to just wait and see?
How many will die before the rest of us open our eyes to the
truth as it really is? Will it go on this way until the day
destitute survivors of Nuclear War One are picking their way
through the smoking ruins of America with 160,000,000 dead?

Topic #2--Last May in Audioletter No. 24 I quoted at length from
the warnings of General George Keegan, who retired at the
beginning of this year as the Chief of Air Force Intelligence.
Gen. Keegan is as great a patriot as he is an intelligence
analyst, and it was he who first warned America that Russia was
developing the awesome Particle Beam weapon. Earlier this month,
on December 14, General Keegan was interviewed on the Bob Snyder
radio show, Station WDCL in Clearwater, Florida. General Keegan
described the bleak military picture we now confront in graphic
terms. As his final question to General Keegan, Bob Snyder asked
General Keegan: "You already said that the Russians could
possibly capture Europe in 36 hours. If war broke out between
the United States and Russia, I said 'if'--who would win?"
General Keegan's answer was: "There is no question in my mind
that the Soviet Union would win." (For more information about
General Keegan's comments, I strongly suggest that you write to
Mr. Snyder directly. He publishes a very timely and informative
newsletter, and you can write to him at:
The Bob Snyder Newsletter, Box 15,
Safety Harbor, Florida, zip 33572)

For those who are willing to open their eyes and see, more and
more bits of the truth are surfacing here and there that point to
our true situation; but so far only one major newspaper, the
CHICAGO TRIBUNE, has seen fit to do an in-depth job of alerting
its readers to the possible magnitude of the silent war that is
already going on. When I revealed the Soviet underwater missile
crisis of 1976 during July and August of that year, I alerted you
to the major emphasis that the Soviet Union now puts on its navy.
And in a Sunday edition earlier this month, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE
ran a series of articles in the special report section (Note:
Section 2 "Perspective/Business") entitled "UNDERSEA WARFARE."
Originally the articles were to have run over a period of days
beginning on December 7, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor; but
rather than run the risk of being pressured to halt the series
after it began, the TRIBUNE had the courage to run them all at
once on Sunday, December 4, 1977. I strongly recommend that you
go to your library and read the CHICAGO TRIBUNE articles on
"Undersea Warfare" in their entirety, and read them closely, my

To give you some idea of what you will find, I'll now quote
some passages from the various articles including both the
special report section and the lead article, which appeared on
page 1:

"The cold, dark war underseas is an expensive and essential
element of allied military planning at all levels. Occasionally
its muffled sounds have reached the ears of the public, but not
often. The underseas war is rigged for silent running." "The
reason the ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) programs are cloaked in
so much secrecy, officials said, is that defending the sea has
become the weakest link in the chain of American preparation for
both conventional and nuclear war." Two paragraphs later: "The
high stakes involved have also produced a continuing mini-war on
and below the high seas as ships, submarines, and planes of the
United States and its allies fence with Soviet forces testing
each other's systems. One arena for these so-far bloodless
encounters is the North Atlantic, where the U.S. has positioned
its most effective ASW forces and equipment." Later in the same
article: "But it was learned that the system is far from
completely effective. Frequently, U.S. hunters lose Soviet
submarines after tracking them for a while. As a result, the
U.S. command is confident it knows how many Soviet submarines are
at sea, but little confidence about their whereabouts."

I might mention, my friends, that 2-1/2 years ago, in May
1975, Admiral Gorshkoff, the head of the Soviet navy, declared
that the Soviet Union has solved the problem of tracking and
neutralizing our submarines. In September 1976 I revealed that a
Soviet missile-planting mini-submarine had become trapped in
Chesapeake Bay due to a mechanical malfunction. I urged that it
be captured by the United States Navy and the incident used to
expose to the whole world the Soviet preparations for surprise
nuclear attack. But as I reported the following month in
Audioletter No. 17, President Gerald Ford knuckled under to
Soviet demands in the Red Friday Agreement of October 1, 1976,
and the Soviet Navy was allowed to enter Chesapeake Bay under
cover of night to retrieve the mini-sub, whose crew had died by
then. The very idea that a Soviet submarine could penetrate so
deeply into American territorial waters, struck some of my
listeners as incredible at the time; and the idea that we would
let them get away with it, may have seemed even more far-fetched
to those who do not understand what is really going on behind the

But listen now to quotations from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE page 1
lead story about undersea warfare by Jim Coates and Jack Fuller.
The headline is: "U.S., Soviet subs prowling dangerous waters."
"United States spy submarines have been penetrating Soviet
territorial waters for the last 30 months despite a widespread
belief inside the government that the controversial maneuvers had
stopped, sources have told the TRIBUNE." Two paragraphs later,
after assigning "Holystone" as the code name for the program: "On
one occasion before the 1975 disclosures, the TRIBUNE learned, a
U.S. spy submarine was temporarily grounded beneath the busy port
of Vladivostok. Holystone critics attempted to demonstrate the
seriousness of the penetrations by speculating what American
reaction would be if a Soviet submarine were discovered aground
in San Diego Harbor. While few details were available about the
Vladivostok incident, sources said it apparently occurred when
the vessel was running on low power to avoid detection and struck
the harbor bottom." Further on: "Intelligence insiders said that
the Russians have known about the U.S. missions for years even
when they were carried out under tight security. Because the
Soviets have never publicly complained about the U.S. undersea
forays, some analysts have suggested that a similar Russian
probing of American sea space is under way." And one more
quotation: "Several former government officials agreed to shed
light on the silent battles under the seas. Some said they were
willing to speak in an effort to illustrate the dangers of the
current situation."

My friends, the undersea bombs and missiles I've told you
about now for well over a year multiply these dangers many times
over. So do their close relatives, the underwater mines that are
now planted all around the United States as well as in other
countries. But what makes them most deadly is the failure to
take counteractive measures. It's now been proven that undersea
missiles and bombs as well as underwater nuclear mines planted
near our dams can be located and removed, given the proper
equipment and the will to use it. Last month I warned that the
Kensico Reservoir, Tarrytown Reservoir, and Pocantico Lake north
of New York City all contain Soviet nuclear mines, as did the
Hudson River near the east end of the Tappan Zee Bridge. On
December 7, I received an important call from an official of
Westchester County. It was only the first call, but for once
someone was taking the threat seriously. Within days, action was
quietly being taken to find and remove the bombs in the three
bodies of water, and by late last week I received word that all
three had been successfully located and removed. Meanwhile, the
so-called Federal Dam Inspection Program has suddenly shifted
into high gear, providing a perfect opportunity for the Army
Corps of Engineers to find and remove many more nuclear mines
nationwide. So far I can only confirm that Westchester County,
the home of the Rockefellers, has benefitted from such quick

As for the undersea cobalt bombs that now dot the ocean floor
worldwide, the Union of South Africa has become the first nation
to take action. In late September, I informed the government
through intermediaries of the locations of 10 Soviet cobalt bombs
planted off the South African coast. They were planted along the
coast from a point about 200 miles northwest of Cape Town, around
the Cape of Good Hope, and around to the east to a point about
160 miles east-northeast of Durban. I also relayed the locations
of two bombs within South Africa--one near Johannesburg, the
other close to Kimberley. The South African government is taking
measures to remove these bombs, and so far four bombs from Cape
Town to Port Elizabeth have been found and removed. That's the
good news, my friends; but the bad news is that nowhere is the
public being let in on what is happening. As a result, it's only
a matter of time until Soviet agents secretly replace the bombs
that have been secretly removed from the two reservoirs and the
lake in Westchester County--just as the Soviet Navy has always
replaced undersea missiles wherever they were picked up. By the
same token, bombs secretly removed by South Africa will
eventually be replaced.

The end of all this secret jockeying is demonstrated by the
current plight of the United States, and now Great Britain as
well. Over a year ago the United States Navy was forced to cease
and desist from removing each round of Soviet undersea missiles
from our territorial waters as they were planted. Now over 200
short-range Soviet nuclear missiles infest our territorial
waters, including over 50 in the Great Lakes. Great Britain held
out for a full year longer than the United States, but she too
has finally succumbed. For a year and more the Royal Navy kept
locating and extracting Soviet undersea missiles from her own
waters, but this fact unfortunately was never made public
officially. America's disastrous loss of the Space Battle of the
Harvest Moon in late September rendered the situation untenable,
and in early October British Foreign Minister David Owen went to
Moscow to capitulate; and now as a result, the British Isles are
surrounded by no fewer than 60 Soviet underwater missiles--52
around England, Wales, and Scotland, and 8 around Ireland. As in
August 1976, Great Britain is once again more densely targeted by
Soviet undersea missiles than any other spot on earth; and
Britain, the only other power to join the United States and the
Soviet Union in the so-called SALT talks, is now joining the
United States in the process of surrender through disarmament.
The badly weakened NATO Alliance is now in the process of being
neutralized and dismantled completely. For years the growing
might of the Warsaw Pact nations has been tipping the military
balance in Europe ever more heavily against NATO, but the process
that is now splitting and destroying NATO is not the Warsaw Pact
threat. The coup de grace is being delivered by the controlled
Carter administration. Obediently doing as it is told by the
Soviet Union, the Carter administration is abandoning NATO, and
the Europeans know it.

Very much the same process had been planned anyway under the
Rockefeller grand design that I've detailed for you in the past.
But now, since the Rockefeller plans unraveled in late September,
the Soviet Union is in control; and like a judo throw that
enables a person to use his opponent's strength to defeat him,
the Soviet Union is now using the Rockefeller brothers' own
machinations against them. NATO badly needs the ground-launched
Cruise Missile in order to offset the sheer numerical superiority
of Warsaw Pact forces. Originally, the Cruise Missile was
intended to be what is called a theater weapon, whether used in
the air, on the ground, or at sea. For that purpose the Cruise
Missile would be very useful; but in order to provide an excuse
for the scrapping of the B-1 Bomber, a true strategic weapon
system, the image of the Cruise Missile was upgraded to that of a
fearsome new strategic weapon, which it is not. And now, the
range of the Cruise Missile is being restricted in the SALT talks
so as to cripple its effectiveness. Our NATO allies are watching
helplessly as the Carter administration bargains away their
dwindling hopes for continued survival. The same is true of the
Neutron Bomb which has been given an image that makes it very
hard for European politicians to defend to its public. Yet NATO
military planners see it as the only effective way to erase the
ability of the Warsaw Pact to roll over their countries and
conquer them in a blitzkrieg. The massive armored might of the
Warsaw Pact forces would be neutralized by the Neutron Bomb
because the radiation it produces would penetrate the armor plate
and incapacitate or kill the crews inside, and they would not lay
waste their own countries in the process of defending them if the
Neutron Bombs were used. But Radio Moscow hammers away every day
against the Neutron Bomb, and the Carter administration is now
throwing away the right to give NATO the Neutron Bomb in the SALT
talks. Meanwhile the security of western Europe grows more
precarious by the day. Certain forces within the CIA have
already lit the fuse that is intended to make the Middle East
explode into war by programming President Sadat of Egypt to seek
a separate peace with Israel. At the same time, reports have
reached the West of a rare conference in Moscow of the Soviet
Union's top military leaders in Europe, the Far East, and around
the Soviet frontiers. The entire purpose of the conference was
to alert all Soviet forces to be on continuous alert to go to war
at a moment's notice.

Events are moving steadily forward to the stage of the
horrendous act of terrorism which I warned last March which will
throw all three major religions into turmoil while triggering a
war. Consider these words of Israeli Prime Minister Begin on
Sunday, December 18, just a few days ago. Appearing on the CBS
program "Face the Nation" Begin said, "If we reach an agreement,
as I hope we shall, then I would suggest that President Carter
invites both President Sadat and myself to come to Washington and
then we shall be, let me say, a cycle of friendship and faith--a
Christian President, a Moslem leader, and the Jewish Prime
Minister--and announce to the world 'Peace unto you.'"

When war comes in the Middle East, the Soviet Union now plans
to pick up all the pieces yet leave the United States to receive
the blame of world opinion for helping bring about the war. The
Carter administration is not master of its own house, and has now
been drawn into position of being a party to the separate peace
negotiations that are leading to war. Radio Moscow, meanwhile,
is speaking out continually against the treachery that has
divided the Arab world as never before. When the Middle East war
comes, it will cripple the heart of Europe which depends on the
Middle East for most of its oil. It will be the final straw for
western Europe, which will fall into Russia's hands like a ripe
plum, either by military invasion or by going the way of Finland
and tacitly joining the Soviet sphere of influence. Southern
Africa will be dealt a mortal blow as well, cut off from European
supplies and support and 90% of its oil from Iran. And the
Middle East itself, thanks to the unceasing Soviet denunciations
of what is happening now, will slip back under more complete
Soviet domination than ever before. It will be another Vietnam
for the United States, only far worse. NATO will be no more; and
after expending American lives and losing billions of military
hardware, America's only reward will be the fruits of a cut-off
of oil from the Middle East. Manipulation of the resulting
shortages will make them seem far worse than they really are, and
emergency economic controls will be imposed by our outlaw
government to grind us all down under ever more complete control.

My friends, the situation is grave. The only significant
reservoir of patriotism and loyalty to America that still exists
at the top levels of our government is in the ranks of the
military. In the Soviet underwater missile crisis of 1976, it
was the Joint Chiefs of Staff--not Congress and not the
President--who were responsible for preventing a nuclear Pearl
Harbor attack on America. General George S. Brown, the Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs, took action only within the constraints of
law, but it was he who argued mightily and successfully for
President Ford to overrule Henry Kissinger and give the order for
the Soviet missiles to be removed. The Kremlin can smell the
scent of victory and does not intend to be tripped up again, so
the Carter administration has been ordered by Russia to dismantle
the Joint Chiefs of Staff by making drastic changes that will
destroy its effectiveness. Preparations to do this are now
underway, and already articles critical of the Joint Chiefs are
appearing in order to prepare the public to accept any such
change without giving it a second thought. If anything at all is
to be done to arrest the headlong tumble of our country into
disaster, it will have to include superb strategy and expert
coordination of our weakened military forces. Once the Joint
Chiefs of Staff structure is gone, that chance will be gone with
it. But unless the "Wait and See" attitude of many Americans
changes very quickly, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are finished.


My friends, recently I have challenged the four Rockefeller
brothers, now that their grand plan has been upset by the Soviet
Union, to turn over a new leaf. I have urged them to cast their
lot with us, the people of the United States of America, and to
begin using their wealth and resources for the good of us all.
Even at this late date a sincere new beginning might enable their
names to go down in history with honor instead of with a curse;
but I must tell you now, my friends, that we have their answer.
I have told you in the past about the role of the Rockefeller
empire in helping to finance the Bolshevik Revolution to take
over Russia in 1917, and I have told you about the
Rockefeller-Soviet alliance that grew out of that, and since the
spring of 1976 I have been chronicling for you the collapse of
this alliance in mutual double-cross. What an earlier
Rockefeller generation spawned has gotten out of control of the
third generation. But having learned nothing from this, the four
Rockefeller brothers are now preparing to attempt a repeat
performance--that is, a new Bolshevik Revolution right here in
the United States of America.

Last month I let you in on the secret of understanding the
Kremlin today. The Kremlin is now run, not by the atheistic
Communists known as Bolsheviks but self-proclaimed Spiritual
Communists. Unlike the old Bolsheviks, who were always
internationally minded and cooperated with the Rockefeller
empire, the Spiritual Communists are strong nationalists who want
Soviet Russia to rule the world. As the alliance between the
Rockefellers and the Soviets has been disintegrating, so too has
the internal alliance between the old Bolsheviks and Spiritual
Communists in Russia. More and more the old Bolsheviks are being
expelled from Russia, only to be welcomed into the United States
with open arms; and the key federal regulatory agencies which
govern Americans' lives and commerce are rapidly being packed
with hundreds and hundreds of these arrivals from the Soviet
Union. Just as outsiders sealed Russia's fate in 1917, the stage
is being set here and now in the United States for a new
Bolshevik Revolution. The old Bolsheviks flooding into our
country from the Soviet Union are bitter enemies of the current
regime in Russia. The positions of power and control which they
once enjoyed there have been lost. The Rockefeller brothers too
are now the Kremlin's bitter enemies, so the alliance between
them is a natural one, continuing in fact, an alliance that used
to link Washington and Moscow. The Rockefellers believe that the
flood of Bolsheviks into our government is the fastest way they
have of rooting out the large number of Soviet agents whom they
placed in our government in the first place and who still take
their orders from Moscow. But, my friends, this unholy alliance
within our own land, while it is directed against Russia, is also
directed against you and me. The freedom we love, our
Constitution, our entire way of life is to be destroyed and
replaced by the Bolshevik system of total control over our lives.

My friends, this is hardly the kind of message that I enjoy
recording just three days before celebrating the birth of our
Lord, Jesus the Christ, but it is He who said, "...you shall know
the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32) And
my Christmas wish for you and your loved ones is FREEDOM, now and
in the future. Without truth, freedom is impossible, but it is
easy to be free once you know the Truth.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless and protect each and every one of you.

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