Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 31.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audioletter, Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is February 27,
1978, and this is my Audioletter No. 31.

Before I discuss anything else today I want to take a moment
to thank all of you who have been writing, sending news
clippings, and your specially-made tape recordings. My mail has
become so overwhelming that it's physically impossible for me to
answer most of you personally. But I do want you to know that
even those things which I may not acknowledge for some time, are
read--the clippings, the tapes, and other personal tips you send
me are studied, and it's all very helpful and appreciated; and I
thank you again.

The task of sorting out and analyzing the intelligence I
receive nowadays from sources world-wide, is a full time job for
me. On the other hand, the United States Intelligence Community,
which employs more than 100,000 persons to do the analyzing for
the government costs the taxpayers billions of dollars a year;
and moreover, the United States Intelligence establishment is
hamstrung at the top by over-centralization and a politicized
analysis process that has produced a disastrous intelligence gap
for America. So today, I receive a continuing flood of
high-level intelligence from sources who believe you and certain
other top officials world-wide should know.

From time to time I refer you to other sources of important
information so that you can broaden your perspective or get
further details. Sometimes these other sources return the favor
by expressing very uncomplimentary opinions about me, personally;
and some of you have written to me greatly shocked over this.
But, my friends, I ask you not to lose heart at a few ugly words
when they appear; instead, look beyond them to the facts that are
documented. Compare those to my warnings, and then decide for
yourself. There are some who say I should keep quiet about the
things I tell you, that I am frightening the people; but, my
friends, if I did keep quiet, it would be like an Air Raid Warden
who refused to turn on the siren to warn of approaching bombers
because that would frighten people. And there are those who say
I will ruin my credibility by revealing even hard intelligence
about matters that depart so far from popular beliefs. But in
the words of General George Keegan, recently retired Chief of Air
Force Intelligence: "I'd rather be right than credible."

Five years ago I described in detail how the United States
dollar would be destroyed deliberately and lead to monetary
chaos. It seemed incredible; or, as David Rockefeller put it:
"Interesting science fiction." But today the dollar is following
the so-called incredible course I warned about in my book, "THE
CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR"; and all the comfortable, credible
monetary projections of that day are in the trash bin.
Stagflation is confiscating our assets, as it was planned to do.
The intelligence I am revealing today is every bit as solid as
that which I made public five years ago--and which is proving
true today. But because you still are not being told the truth
by the Federal government or by the controlled major media, which
gives me the silent treatment, the intelligence I make public
leaves many people shaking their heads--just as they did five
years ago.

There have been many over the years who have warned that some
day, if we didn't watch out, the Soviet Union would outstrip the
United States militarily. Now "some day" has arrived, the Soviet
Union has achieved dramatic military superiority over the United
States, and we are in mortal danger! Now people are asking,
"What can we do?" My friends, in December 1975, over two years
ago, I recorded an entire one-hour talking tape entitled "WHAT WE
CAN DO TO SAVE AMERICA" in order to acquaint you with some of the
things every American citizen could do; and periodically in my
Audioletter tape series, I have made specific suggestions about
things you could do under our Constitution to help bring our
outlaw government back under our control. But now, more than
ever, the most important thing you can do is to help to bring
about total public exposure of the facts of our terrible
predicament. Don't expect the controlled major media to do
it--they're doing all they can to prevent this exposure because
they are being used to control your thinking, not honestly inform
you. The time left to us to spread the alarm is very short
indeed. For reasons I will explain today, our secret rulers now
believe they may have as much as two to three years in which to
devise an effective response to the present overwhelming Soviet
military might. As I will also explain, they are wrong; but in
any case, you and I have very little time left before wartime
controls and restrictions start binding and gagging us all.

My three topics for today are:

described the new imperialism of the international Rockefeller
empire. It's an imperialism in which economic power of
multinational corporations and banks, monetary manipulation, and
big-money politics are used to control entire nations and to reap
the profits of East-West trade. The techniques of econo-strategy
and econo-politics are the means by which great economic might
are translated into the domination of others. These techniques
are powerful, but they now face an unprecedented challenge, for
in recent months the Soviet Union has suddenly burst into the
world arena with its new techniques of cosmo-strategy and
cosmo-politics. In these techniques, unlike those of the
Rockefeller establishment, money is a very secondary
factor--important as a tool but nothing more; and in the newly
unveiled Soviet approach to world domination, the earth is viewed
basically from the perspective of space--the cosmos.

The new era of Soviet cosmo-strategy and cosmo-politics dawned
in earnest five months ago on September 27, 1977, and our secret
masters are still reeling from the shock. On that day, with the
first two operational Soviet Killer Satellites called Cosmos
Interceptors in orbit, America lost the first full-fledged space
battle in history. The secret American Moon Base in Copernicus
Crater was to have been the ultimate ace in the hole for the
Rockefellers in the coming war, armed with powerful beam weapons
able to strike the earth; but in the Battle of the Harvest Moon,
the Moon Base was put out of action by Cosmos 954, the Soviet
Killer Satellite that crashed in Canada last month on January 24.
Using a Neutron Beam weapon, Cosmos 954 killed the entire crew of
the Copernicus Moon Base with a stream of deadly neutron
radiation. Our rulers got their first taste of the new Soviet
cosmo-strategy that same day, September 27, 1977. After a very
harsh speech against the United States in the United Nations,
Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko demanded and got a hastily
arranged unusual evening meeting at the White House with Jimmy
Carter and Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. Breathless reporters
assured us that there had been a breakthrough in the SALT
negotiations, and thereby painted this rush, rush meeting as a
good thing. But as I told you in Audioletter No. 26, the only
real breakthrough that had occurred was the Soviet breakthrough
in the awesome Particle Beam weapon. Gromyko's message at the
White House was an ultimatum to begin the process of surrender by
disarming America under the guise of SALT II. In Topic #3 I'll
bring you up to date on the current status of the struggle over
SALT surrender.

The Kremlin is playing a deadly game of chess in its bid for
world conquest. In any chess game, moves are planned far in
advance, in sequence, according to careful strategy--they're not
simply made in isolation. And so it was with the Battle of the
Harvest Moon last September. The Particle Beam weapons which are
now in orbit on Soviet Cosmos Interceptor Satellites are the
product of a 10-year crash program, but other crash programs have
been underway as well in the Soviet Union ever since the Soviet
humiliation in the Cuban missile crisis 15 years ago. The plan
was to develop in total secrecy a spectrum of new superweapons
systems which, taken all together, would leapfrog past the
capabilities of the United States. They were to be developed,
tested, produced in the numbers required for operational
deployment and when ready, held in constant readiness for massive
deployment when the time came. That time came five months ago.

On September 27, 1977, the Soviet Union dealt the United
States a staggering blow, unknown to the public at large because
the government refuses to tell you about it; and just two days
later the Soviet manned space program began making spectacular
headlines after years seemingly in eclipse. On that day the
Salyut 6 Space Station was launched, the same space station whose
crew are rapidly closing in on America's space endurance record
of 84 days. America's Moon Era had just ended, but that of the
Soviet Union was about to begin.

Meanwhile Russia was adding rapidly to its fleet of
operational Cosmos Interceptor Killer Satellites. The two that I
mentioned in Audioletter No. 26 were joined by six more in
October 1977, and as of now there are over 30 Soviet Cosmos
Interceptors orbiting the earth, all of them manned, and all of
them armed with Particle Beam weapons. On October 4, 1977,
Defense Secretary Harold Brown shocked reporters by confirming
part of what I had already revealed in Audioletter No.
26--namely, that the Soviet Union had achieved an operational
Killer Satellite capability; but by refusing to explain how they
worked, Dr. Brown succeeded in misleading the reporters into
presuming that the Soviet Killer Satellites worked by gliding up
next to their target and then exploding. By now this concept is
widely accepted as if it were fact, which it is not; but earlier
this month on February 2, 1978, Dr. Brown almost told Congress
the truth. He said that the Soviet laser-firing Killer Satellite
already operational will be substantially improved by the mid
1980's. My friends, a laser is a beam weapon, so Dr. Brown has
now contradicted the assumption that the Soviet Killer Satellites
are of the old explosive type. To tell the complete truth, he
should have told Congress that they use Particle beams, not
lasers; but perhaps that would have been too embarrassing. After
all, it was none other than Harold Brown's Livermore Laboratory
that failed to develop a Particle Beam weapon--if Livermore Lab
couldn't do it, neither could the Russians.

All kinds of cover-up operations are now under way by the
United States government to try to hide from the people what is
really happening. For example: in Audioletter No. 27 I told you
about the destruction of America's 85-ton Space Station known as
SKYLAB. On October 18, 1977, a Soviet Cosmos Interceptor blasted
Skylab into a giant fireball that was seen by people along a path
all the way from southwest Texas to Arkansas and Missouri. Nine
days later the cover-up began with government stories that Skylab
"is unexpectedly sinking toward earth", and at the beginning of
this month the Skylab cover-up story was revived in such a way as
to thoroughly confuse the public. Now we are told it looks as
though Skylab may crash too soon for the Space Shuttle to save
it. It may crash in late 1979, or then again it may crash by
late this year. Pretending that Skylab is still up there, some
NASA spokesmen say the engines should be fired to make it tumble
slowly to keep it in orbit longer. Others say it should be made
to tumble so that it will come down sooner, say over the Indian
Ocean. As I explained in Audioletter No. 26, the beauty of the
Indian Ocean is that over long areas there are no witnesses to
observe such things.

While Soviet Cosmos Interceptors were multiplied in earth
orbit in October, the Soviet manned Moon Program also started in
a rush. On October 4, 1977, the 20th anniversary of Sputnik One
was celebrated by launching Soyuz 25 from the same launch pad.
As a cover story, Soyuz 25 was said to have returned to earth
after a few days, having failed to dock with Salyut 6 Space
Station; but, in fact, Soyuz 25 went on to make a manned landing
on the moon on October 16, 1977, landing on the far side in Jules
Verne Crater, for reasons I explained in Audioletter No. 27. In
the new Soviet cosmo-strategy, the massive deployment of men and
equipment to the moon was just the space-age equivalent of a
military deployment by air lift. The men, the space craft, the
Particle Beam weapons, everything--had been prepared for this
giant military operation in space. And given the Soviet network
of several major space ports, which they call Cosmodromes, launch
rates unheard of in the United States were and are possible.
Over the past five years the Soviet Union has consistently
launched satellites six and one-half times as frequently as the
United States; and that is based only on those that the Soviet
Union has reported so that they can be tracked by the West.
There have been hundreds of secret launches of satellites that
have never been positively detected or tracked in the West.
During October and November, as I have detailed in previous
tapes, the moon was quickly converted into a military base of the
Soviet Union. Today there are seven (7) separate Particle Beam
weapons installations on the near side of the moon plus a back-up
and supply base on the far side; and as I revealed in December,
the lunar Particle Beam weapons have been test-fired at the

In December I also revealed that Particle Beam weapons were
being fired in a de-focused mode of operation off the east coast,
causing mysterious air booms called Air Quakes. These Particle
Beam weapons are carried by floating platforms which are not
satellites in orbit. They can operate all the way from ground
zero to altitudes of at least 800 miles. Normally they stay high
enough to be outside the atmosphere. These platforms which use a
principle known as Electrogravitics, could have been developed
long ago by the United States, but were not; and now we have no
defense against them. When I say platform, I am speaking in the
military sense of a vehicle on which weapons are mounted. A
naval ship is sometimes thought of as a gun platform. In the
same way, an attack helicopter may be called a platform for the
guns it carries. The Soviet floating Particle Beam platforms,
according to my latest information, are actually spheres known as
Cosmospheres. As with the other aspects of the sudden, decisive
Soviet leap into cosmo-strategic weapons, the Federal government
is trying to keep a lid on the Cosmosphere story. The White
House is trying desperately to come up with some kind of story to
explain those air quakes, which have rattled nerves and broken
windows. Within a few days the Naval Research Laboratory is
supposed to deliver a preliminary report explaining what the air
quakes are. Every effort will be made to focus attention only on
the east coast, but air quakes are beginning to be heard
elsewhere also as other Cosmospheres announce their presence.
For example, at about noon Friday February the 3rd, two air
quakes were heard off the Texas gulf coast near Port Lavaca.
There were two booms in quick succession heard over an area of
four large counties--then, silence. The Coast Guard reported no
aircraft on radar at the time and there were no military aircraft
in the vicinity. They were typical Air Quakes, my friends. The
story was embargoed until four days later, Tuesday; and released
only over the Texas wire of the Associated Press. As a result,
they received no national publicity; and there have been, and
will be, others around the country.

When I recorded Audioletter No. 30 last month, the
Cosmospheres over the United States had all descended to
relatively low altitudes, ranging from 15 to 60 miles. As of my
latest report on February 23, they have climbed back up to more
normal altitudes of around 400 miles except for one over the
Detroit area. This one, reported on that day to be at a height
of 140 miles, was at lower altitude earlier this month; and at
that time there were many sightings around the Detroit area of an
object that may well have been this Cosmosphere.

As I explain in Topic #3, footdragging by our secret
rulers--that agreed to surrender by means of SALT II--is
provoking once again an increase in Soviet acts of intimidation.
For that reason I think I should alert you to the latest
locations of the Soviet Cosmospheres over North America:

The Cosmosphere recently stationed over the Detroit area is
the same one that formerly was over the Carolinas and caused many
air quakes along the east coast. Another is over the western
Pennsylvania-West Virginia area. Another formerly stationed in
the vicinity of Quincy, Illinois, is currently over the
Minneapolis-St. Paul area. There is a Cosmosphere roughly over
the Mississippi River east of Little Rock, Arkansas. Another is
over the Red River between Oklahoma City and the Dallas-Fort
Worth area. A Cosmosphere is hovering almost directly over NORAD
headquarters in Colorado. Another is over Hoover Dam on the
Nevada-Arizona border, and another is over the Glen Canyon Dam in
northern Arizona. There is another over western Montana, and
those over southern Alaska and just west of Hawaii are still on
station. There is one new Cosmosphere reported this month
located at last report over the waters between the southern tip
of Florida and Cuba.

When I recorded Audioletter No. 30 last month on the evening
of January 28, I had just received word that the crew in capsule
of Cosmos 954--the Killer Satellite that had crashed in
Canada--had been picked up by a Soviet Cosmosphere previously
stationed over Ottawa. I can now finish the story with the news
that just before midnight that same night Eastern time, the
Cosmosphere landed in a wilderness area north of Lake Superior at
coordinates 48-18 North, 85-42 West. There the crew and capsule
were transferred to a truck driven by Soviet agents, after which
the Cosmosphere departed. It's presently on station 212 miles
north of Ottawa at an altitude of 300 miles. Needless to say,
the search by Canadian and American teams for pieces of Cosmos
954 has no hope of ever turning up anything legitimate except
auxiliary chunks of the satellite. Cosmos 954 was one of the two
Soviet Killer Satellites which were operational when I recorded
Audioletter No. 26. The other launched last July was Cosmos 929.
Cosmos 929 was the first operational Cosmos Interceptor
Satellite; and as I discussed in Audioletter No. 26, it destroyed
an American spy satellite over Russia on September 20. Early
this month on February 2, Cosmos 929 fired its retro-fire engines
and re-entered the atmosphere over the Soviet Union, contrary to
other published reports.

Space operations in support of Soviet cosmo-strategy are
continuing on all fronts. Progress I, the Spacebus with nine
cosmonauts aboard that was described as a robot supply ship by
Moscow, transferred supplies to Salyut 6 and then detached
itself. Progress I is still in orbit awaiting the next stage of
the project of building a mammoth new space station in space. As
I told you last month, Progress I is to become one part of the
new space station; and on February 16 the cosmonauts on Salyut 6
accomplished another space first. They had started up an
electric blast furnace which had been brought up by Progress I,
and the cosmonauts were to begin acquiring experience toward
building large stations in space.

A few days ago Moscow correctly announced that the crew of
Salyut 6 have also been busy observing from their ringside seat
in space various weather phenomena and natural disasters--and no
wonder, since geophysical warfare is also an operational part of
the new Soviet cosmo-strategy.

Beginning in Audioletter No. 24 last May, I have been warning
about Soviet preparations to cause deliberate earthquakes and
tidal waves as weapons of undeclared war. That month I gave the
navigational coordinates where seven (7) Soviet
fission-fusion-fission superbombs had already been planted in
strategic undersea locations around the Philippines. And a year
ago this month I referred to the fact that major Soviet
experiments in weather modification were known to have been
carried out on certain occasions. Last August I revealed that
cobalt bombs were being planted in the oceans at strategic
locations to serve in a build-up of earthquake activity prior to
the big catastrophe that awaits the Philippines and America's
west coast, and I have revealed since then that some of these
have been set off. Only recently I have been informed that some
of the cobalt bombs have purposes other than earthquakes. In the
north Pacific two large warm-water zones were discovered last
fall. These warm-water zones are pumping huge amounts of
moisture into the air streams that sweep across America from the
Pacific and creating tremendous air turbulence in the process.
The result: blizzards, high winds, and floods which could very
well affect our food supply in the near future. These hot-water
zones have been caused by the deliberate cracking of the sea
floor to vent volcanic heat into the ocean. The center of one
hot-water zone thus created is located at 50-37-8 North,
170-32-51 East near Attu in the Aleutians; the other is at
25-34-23 North, 151-18-41 West, between Hawaii and California.
At both of these locations Soviet cobalt bombs were planted and
set off last summer.

Last April I alerted you that Soviet nuclear sabotage of the
United States had begun, focusing at first on our dams and
reservoirs; and last May before suspending the Audioletter for
three months in an all-out effort to expose and stop the mounting
Soviet sabotage campaign, I told you the Soviet strategy to use
water against us as a weapon. Last month a severe two-year
drought in California was broken by unrelenting torrential
rainstorms. Now there is a threat of such heavy spring runoff
that floods will be a problem instead of drought. And now,
thanks to Soviet modification of America's weather, our major
dams are being filled up just as they must be to produce maximum
destruction when they are blown apart by Soviet nuclear mines.

Topic #2--In the past I have repeatedly given a warning about the
deliberate, crushing shortages which are being arranged to strike
America along with the collapse of the United States dollar and
vanishing freedoms and property; and beginning in Audioletter No.
10 nearly two years ago, I have made public the Presidential
Executive Orders which already exist under which the "Declaration
of a National Emergency" can be used to intensify shortages and
suspend our Constitution. Today the controlled Carter
administration is silently preparing for the intended Declaration
of a National Emergency.

Overseas, the Middle East is going faster and faster down the
one-way corridor that is leading to war. And as I said last
November, the attempted peace initiative to Israel by President
Sadat of Egypt, was an unnatural move for which he was programmed
without his knowledge by certain elements within the CIA. Its
purpose, unknown to Sadat himself, was to alter the situation in
the Middle East in such a way that it would lead to war--not
peace; and day by day now, Sadat is becoming visibly more
dejected and desperate. The controlled Carter adminstration has
discovered that it is not possible any longer to turn aside the
Middle East war momentum. Thus the Carter administration, flying
the banner always of Peace, Peace, is now proposing a huge new
sale of combat aircraft to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The
real target in all of this is Saudi Arabia, which has made the
fatal mistake of allowing itself to be dragged in now as a
confrontation state against Israel. These maneuvers are
continuing the public relations trickery of our secret rulers
that began several months ago, giving the image to the public
that we are becoming more aloof from Israel. At the same time,
more and more excuses are being set up to make Israel appear to
be threatened in a vital manner. Thus the cover story is being
established for a pre-emptive limited nuclear strike against Arab
OPEC oil wells.

The war plan which I revealed in Audioletter No. 6 for
November 1975 is being up-dated and set in motion now, and when
it comes the cut-off of Middle East oil will give our secret
rulers the excuse to greatly intensify the regulation and
limitation of our personal activities. As a prelude to this,
America's longest coal strike is still under way. Last Friday
evening, February 24, Jimmy Carter had announced that he would
reveal drastic measures to end the strike in a speech scheduled
for 9:00 PM Eastern time; but instead, two hours before that he
announced a negotiated settlement reached at the last minute
between the miners' Union and the Rockefeller-controlled coal
operators. He presented it to the nation as if there were
nothing left to be concerned about, but the whole thing is
nothing more than a ploy to waste time and finally provide an
excuse for really harsh Federal action. Every possible means is
being used to insure that the miners do not ratify the latest
settlement, just as they turned down the earlier one several
weeks ago. On one hand, the proposed contract is strewn with
flaws designed to displease the rank and file miners; and on the
other side of the coin, the miners are quietly being provided
with many forms of support to deliberately minimize the pressure
on them to settle. They are encouraged to pretend to outsiders
that they have no money and thereby qualify for food stamps,
unemployment and welfare assistance. In addition, credit unions
are providing many miners with practically interest-free loans,
creditors are placing a moratorium on miners' accounts, and banks
are not trying to collect miners' debts. Major creditors,
controlled by our secret rulers, are setting the pace and others
are following their example. And so, if all goes according to
plan, the early days of March will see the supposed new coal
strike settlement break down. Jimmy Carter, as before, will
delay and delay; but with utilities running out of coal and the
winter still not over, those drastic Federal measures will be
imposed at last. The Emergency powers of the President will be
invoked, seemingly for limited purposes, but at the same time the
bureaucracy for the coming unlimited National Emergency will have
been set in motion.

Topic #3--In 1972 Colonel Raymond S. Sleeper, U.S. Air Force
(retired), wrote an article for the American Security Council
entitled "USSR-FIRST IN SPACE POWER." It was published on March
6, 1972, in the WASHINGTON REPORT No. WR-72-4 of the American
Security Council. In his article, Colonel Sleeper describes how
Russia's space bomb satellite had already demonstrated its
ability to blow up an enemy satellite in space--a concept that
has now been superseded by the operational fleet of Cosmos
Particle Beam Interceptors. He also describes other facets of
the widening lead in Soviet military use of space, and says:
"They already have the capability to launch a major military
space force to bludgeon the United States to accommodation on a
particular request or demand." Illustrating how it could work,
he begins with the words: "Assume for the sake of an example that
the impasse continues in the negotiations between the United
States and the USSR for the limitation of strategic weapons (that
is, SALT) and that the Soviet-sponsored European Security
Conference is convened to reduce 'tensions' on the continent."
Pointing out the vulnerable status of Europe relative to the
Warsaw Pact forces, he continues: "The USSR launches several
orbital satellites. It tells the world they are orbital bombers.
United States space detection systems verify the satellites'
presence. The Soviets assert that the satellites are able to
destroy any target in Europe or the United States, but that their
real purpose is to insure a peaceful Europe." With the West
confronted with a dilemma over these satellites, Colonel Sleeper
continues: "Then to climax their ploy, the Soviets detonate a
nuclear explosion over the eastern Atlantic Ocean 50 or 100 miles
out in space. All of Europe would be suitably impressed, and
would accept what, in view of this demonstration of Soviet
military power, now seem very reasonable proposals for 'peaceful
coexistence' between the nations of eastern and western Europe.
The United States, powerless, would be excluded." (To obtain
more details from Colonel Sleeper's account, I suggest you write
to the American Security Council at Boston, Virginia, zip 22713.)

To bring Colonel Sleeper's scenario into virtual reality
today, it is only necessary to add the elements of widespread
sabotage, replace the hypothetical space bombers with Cosmos
Interceptor Satellites and Cosmospheres, and realize that only
government leaders are let in on these things today--not the
public. Every time new snags develop in the SALT talks in
Geneva, new explosions and other acts of Soviet intimidation
increase in the United States. In recent weeks the earlier
predictions of an early SALT agreement have been replaced once
again by stalling by our secret rulers, and once again disasters
are striking seemingly at random around the United States.

Last month I told you that the Soviet Union is now ready
militarily to destroy the United States in nuclear war and to
survive our counter attack, if any; but I also informed you about
a drastic new change within the Kremlin itself. With Leonid
Brezhnev physically incapacitated, the hawks have taken over in
the Kremlin since early December, and as a result Soviet policies
have become openly more aggressive lately. The situation, as a
result, is highly volatile--anything can happen. There's a major
threat, as I warned you last month, that the military KGB Secret
Police faction that now controls the Kremlin may step up the
plans for war and strike without warning, which they are well
able to do. Soviet nuclear mines now dot the United States,
Soviet underwater nuclear missiles infest our territorial waters
including the Great Lakes; and as of my latest report, the Soviet
submarine armadas I told you about last month are still there
along our Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts. But in spite of
this volatile situation, and extreme danger, I should also give
you the assessment of our secret rulers themselves so that you
can understand their approach to the current situation.

For more than two months following America's loss of the
decisive Battle of the Harvest Moon in space last September, the
controlled Carter administration was in complete disarray. In
mid October, with the American satellites evaporating in
fireballs world-wide and the Soviet fleet in a pincers movement
threatening imminent attack, the Carter administration sent its
capitulation to Moscow. In other words, surrender by means of a
lopsided SALT II agreement would proceed. Both Soviet and
American declarations indicated that SALT II was moving fast, and
agreement by the end of December was the deadline set by
Brezhnev; but in November violent cross currents began surfacing
over SALT. As I explained then, our rulers were stalling for
time, using controversy in Congress as a shield. Immediately
Brezhnev tightened the screws with undersea detonation, the
destruction of Toccoa Dam in Carter's home state of Georgia, a
violent rail blast in Iri, South Korea, and other measures. Soon
administration actions and statements appeared to be once again
following the dictates of the Kremlin. In early December with
the original Brezhnev deadline on SALT II drawing near, Soviet
intimidation of America began mounting in rapid fashion. On
December 2, 1977, the first of the mysterious air quakes along
the east coast began, courtesy of Soviet Cosmosphere No. 1 in the
list of seven I made public that month. That same month
California experienced unprecedented sand storms with 100-mile
per hour winds, as major Soviet weather modification measures
began to take effect. And just three days before Christmas
Soviet nuclear mines began destroying grain elevators and other
important targets in a continuing rash without precedent in our
country, but by then Leonid Brezhnev was a very sick man. He
sickened rapidly, and I can now reveal that Leonid Brezhnev died
in Moscow in early January. Beginning several weeks ago, a
ceremonial double for Brezhnev has been making public appearances
in order not to let the world know about the turbulence now going
on within the Kremlin; but our unelected rulers know, and now
they are using whatever time that is left to move desperately in
a crash program to ally themselves with Red China and turn China
into a credible threat against Russia. And wherever possible,
military research and development is being cranked up secretly in
a crash program to produce new weapons in time to effectively
oppose the awesome military might of the Soviet Union.

The United States tilt toward China is reflected in the
foreign policy statements of American officials. As recently as
last November 16, Defense Secretary Harold Brown told the
Japanese that decreasing American commitments in the area would
have to be expected and yet early this month he revealed in a
foreign policy speech in California that the United States is
giving renewed emphasis to our commitments in Asia. He is
hurrying to reassure and bolster South Korea with new fighter
aircraft, and privately there is some re-thinking being done
about the announced policy of withdrawing American troops there.
He is also talking very differently than earlier about the
necessity of retaining the major naval and air force facilities
in the Philippines.

My friends, our secret rulers and their advisers are telling
themselves that they can hold off the Soviet Union for perhaps
two to three years before the internal consolidation of the
Kremlin bureaucracy takes hold. By then, our secret rulers hope
to have Red China firmly in hand ready to throw into the fray
with Russia, and in all of this the tremendous financial grip of
Japan by our secret rulers--the four Rockefeller brothers--is
being used as a major tool. Japan has just signed a historic
8-year $20,000,000,000 trade agreement with China which already
is thawing the diplomatic ice between these two Asian giants.
Meanwhile Rockefeller doors are being flung wide open for Red
China here and abroad, and Red Chinese trade delegations are
hustling around the United States, Europe, Asia, and Japan in a
rush of activity. All of this may sound as if the mighty
Rockefellers are going to pull a rabbit out of that hat once
again, as they have done in the past, and still end up on top;
but what they are actually doing, my friends, is digging an ever
deeper, wider grave for themselves and for America. The Soviet
Union saw long ago what is now happening and has already prepared
Japan to join in agreements to offset those with China. Japan
will in due course sign in principle a draft of a Treaty of
Friendship and Cooperation in spite of Japan's demands for the
return of four Japanese islands seized by Russia at the end of
World War II. The Rockefeller economic power in Japan is
formidable, but the Japanese want "out" from under the
Rockefeller yoke. Quoting now from my book, page 76: "This
situation could continue for a reasonable length of time,
culminating in Japan's causing China and the Soviet Union to join
with her in agreements, opening huge economic markets stretching
from East Germany to the far reaches of east Asia. These
agreements would constitute, in effect, a military alliance
between the three Asian powers, and thus would be born in this
century another Axis, a Moscow-Tokyo-Peking Axis--a new gigantic
Asian power block, cemented on Moscow-Tokyo-Peking relations,
three Asian giants." (End of quotation from my book.)

The Rockefellers helped Soviet Russia to grow into the world's
No. 1 military power only to lose control over their Frankenstein
monster, but it seems they never learn. Now the process of
building up Red China as fast as possible has begun, and that
will end in utter catastrophe. Ultimately the forces tending to
join Russia, China, and Japan in a giant new Asian Axis, far
outweigh the minor influences the Rockefellers can bring to bear.
The Rockefellers are right in believing that a process of
settling-in and consolidation lies ahead for the Kremlin; but
they are wrong, dead wrong, in believing this will weaken the
Kremlin to such a point that the present overwhelming Soviet
military advantage will be allowed to slip away. The Soviet
Union, increasingly under the influence of Defense Minister
Marshal Dmitry Ustinov, is keeping a close eye on the military

The Rockefeller dream of overturning the Soviet advances in
military technology in the space of two to three years is
unrealistic to the point of arrogance; but just to make sure,
Soviet sabotage of key plants and installations nation-wide has
already been carried out. For example, consider a small sampling
in my own home town of Huntington, West Virginia. The
International Nickel plant now contains three Soviet nuclear
weapons; the Owens, Illinois plant, two; and the Houdow plant
where secret work is underway, two. In addition to sabotage, my
friends, there's a campaign of espionage by the Soviet KGB
against America.

On February 9, earlier this month, a sensational Soviet spy
case broke in Canada. Last April in Audioletter No. 23 I
revealed that Soviet agents were planting nuclear weapons in dams
and reservoirs in the United States, and the following month I
detailed the role of Canada being used as a staging area into the
United States by the KGB. In Audioletter No. 24 I revealed the
crucial role played by the RCMP, the Mounties, in attempting to
stop the growing sabotage of the United States while American
authorities were doing nothing whatever about it. Now we have
been told publicly that the Mounties have been involved since at
least last April in a counter-intelligence operation against KGB
operations in Canada; and the RCMP has received a lot of praise
in place of the usual abuse, for their breakup of the celebrated
KGB spy ring. Thirteen spies, diplomatic personnel at the Soviet
Embassy in Ottawa, have been expelled. In recent years, Soviet
espionage cases have been boiling over repeatedly in the
West--major cases, involving top military and governmental
officials and the compromise of massive amounts of sensational
and sensitive material. It has happened in Canada, in Britain,
which recently expelled over 100 Soviet spies, in Sweden, in
Denmark, in West Germany, and even in Switzerland. But here in
the United States, the biggest of all Soviet espionage targets,
the KGB has become so powerful that no such exposures happen. A
big deal was made recently of spying activities by a single
diplomat from a superpower known as Vietnam, but not a word about
the thousands of KGB agents which have been crisscrossing our
land planting nuclear mines for the coming war. The situation
would be different had J. Edgar Hoover not been murdered, but
then Nelson Rockefeller always said the FBI was a fascist
organization. Can you imagine? But in spite of the good
publicity the Mounties received from the big spy case in Canada,
the RCMP is not happy because the KGB won rather than losing in
that case. The Ottawa spy ring case was deliberately exposed
prematurely by a Soviet agent who fed the story to a Canadian
reporter. The story was printed, the RCMP's cover was blown, and
the massive KGB operations now underway in Canada were rendered
safer than ever because in Canada as here, the KGB has friends in
very high places.

At the present time big Aleutian air liners of the Soviet air
line Aeroflot, together with Cuban, Polish, and Czechoslovakian
air liners, can be seen frequently at the Mirabel and Dorval
airports in Montreal--this despite the fact that very few
commercial air travelers fly between Canada and eastern Europe.
In addition, camouflaged Soviet troop transports, each able to
carry 50 fully-armed troops with supplies and bearing no
identification marks, have also been passing through the Montreal
airports in large groups. Operating under the protection of
certain very highly-placed agents in the Canadian government, the
KGB has established no fewer than twelve (12) guerrilla camps in
remote areas of Quebec Province. At the present time over 3,000
KGB trained personnel are in Canada, able to speak fluent English
and prepared to infiltrate into the United States at will.
Unlike the Canadian and American citizens who have acted as
Soviet agents in planting nuclear mines nation-wide, these are
trained guerrillas prepared to undertake important insurgency
operations against targets either in Canada or in the United
States by weather modification, by sabotage, by espionage and by
other means. A secret war is now underway between the Kremlin
and the United States over SALT II, which is to be America's
surrender treaty.

The casualties in this secret war are civilians, and the toll
is rising. The men, women, and children killed in the Toccoa
Falls Dam collapse are casualties in this secret war; the workers
and inspectors killed and injured in the explosion of sabotaged
grain elevators are casualties in this secret war; those who have
died in artificial killer storms are casualties in this secret
war; and those who were killed and injured recently in the
propane explosion at Waverly, Tennessee, are casualties in this
secret war. Last time it was Iri, South Korea, back in
November--a railroad car full of dynamite was used as the perfect
cover for the detonation of two fairly large buried nuclear
mines. This time it was brought closer to home. In Waverly two
tank cars full of propane were derailed on Wednesday, February
22, but they lay there safely till Friday until just before
workmen were about to start emptying them. Then without warning
and with no apparent cause, one tank exploded--as some witnesses
said "like an atomic bomb." A huge black mushroom cloud billowed
into the sky leaving over nine dead, scores injured, and the
downtown area flattened and burning. Philip Hooper,
Vice-President of the L & N Railroad, said: "It was unusual.
These derailed cars were there for 24 hours and did not leak. We
had a call from our expert at the car that they were going to
begin the transfer in eight minutes--then it blew! It did not
follow a normal explosion--it ruptured, then it exploded." Thus
another KGB sabotage operation within our own country drew to a
close--sabotage brought about the derailment, and the explosion.
Sabotage targets also include oil tank farms, oil pipe lines, and
other like installations.

In the closing words of my book, I warned five years ago that
"If the new Asian forces are not understood but are met with
ignorance and arrogance, then the world will indeed be headed not
for a generation of peace, of which President Nixon has so
proudly boasted, but for World War III." Today our secret rulers
are meeting the new Asian forces with the ignorance and arrogance
of those who do not recognize any power higher than themselves.
By so doing, they are bringing the wrath of God upon themselves
and upon all the rest of us. We will be chastised as well as
cleansed in the process.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless and protect each and every one of you.

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