Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 32.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audioletter, Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is March 29,
1978, and this is my Audioletter No. 32.

Over a century ago, in 1873, an inventor in New York began
exhibiting a strange new device which he said would convey the
human voice through wires over long distances. Calling his
invention a Telephone, he tried to attract financial support, but
it was reported in the press that well-informed people knew it
was impossible to transmit the human voice by wire--that wires
could transmit only dots and dashes, such as the Morse Code.
Furthermore, it was said that even if the so-called telephone
could do this, it would be of no practical value. And so having
been condemned as a fraud by self-styled authorities, the
inventor was bundled off to jail. The inventor was discredited,
and for three more years the public was denied the opportunity to
judge for itself about the merits of the telephone. And as an
old Lebanese proverb says: "The error of a scholar is like the
wreck of a ship: it sinks and scuttles others with it." But far
from being impossible, as claimed by the self-styled scholars of
that day, the telephone was inevitable--an idea whose time had
come. In 1876 another inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, unveiled
a working model of the telephone. Today Bell's name is a
household word, and all the false prophets who had said 'It can't
be done', are forgotten forever.

Today there are many self-proclaimed authorities who condemn
as nonsense anything they don't understand. It happened with the
telephone, the automobile, the airplane, space travel, and so on.
Today it is happening in regard to underwater missiles, particle
beam weapons, floating Soviet cosmospheres, and other life and
death matters. Today our secret rulers are trying to cover up so
many things in so many ways that it's becoming increasingly
difficult to do so. As always their own secret political and
economic plans and maneuvers are kept under wraps until they are
ready to spring on the unsuspecting public--only now their plans
no longer work smoothly, as they once did. But beyond that,
elaborate efforts are being mounted to hide from the public the
disastrous military and space setbacks suffered by the United
States in recent months.

Soviet sabotage operations about which I have been giving a
warning for nearly a year are now taking an increasing toll; and
government spokesmen are working overtime to make exploding grain
elevators, exploding factories, exploding refineries, exploding
railroad tank cars, and explosions in power plants all seem
unrelated; and to keep the lid on events related to Russia's
total military domination of space, not only government personnel
but also selected Congressional, academic, industrial, and
scientific spokesmen are being pressed into service. They think
that by siding with the Soviet Union, the winning side, they will
end up being treated very well; but traitors are traitors and can
never be trusted. So collaborators are always the first to be
eliminated after a country is conquered. As for our secret
rulers themselves, together with their intimates, the precedent
they themselves established in the Nuremberg trials after World
War II will be applied. In the aftermath of the coming nuclear
war, the traitors who have destroyed America from within will be
tried for war crimes and duly executed.

Today my three special topics are:



Topic #1--On a sleepy late spring day in June 1957, members of an
engineering society gathered in Los Angeles to hear about the
efforts of the United States Air Force in space technology. The
speaker: General Thomas Power. The following month General Power
would become Commander in Chief of the Strategic Air Command
(SAC), but on that day in June 1957 he was completing three years
as head of the Air Force's Research and Development Command. As
such, General Power was then America's leading authority on the
overall military potentials of space, so his audience expected to
hear about these potentials from General Power; but in General
Power's own words published eight years later, he said: "I had to
disappoint them. Guided by official policy, I carefully avoided
any reference to satellites, space vehicles, and man in space.
Instead I talked about the Air Force's high altitude studies, the
impact of solar phenomena on communications and related

Less than four months later on October 4, 1957, mankind was
thrust into the Space Age by the beep, beep, beep of Sputnik I
launched by the Soviet Union; and thanks to the disgraceful
'official policies' that muzzled General Power and others, the
American people were caught totally off guard. Fifteen months
ago, in Audioletter No. 19, I told you the rest of the story
about the so-called Sputnik I surprise--a disgrace which need
never have happened.

To General Power, the Sputnik shock itself was bad enough, but
he drew from that experience even more important lessons for the
future. To him, given the other military and technical facts in
his possession, Sputnik I was only an omen of far more serious
things to come, and he fervently believed that only an informed,
aroused American public could prevent eventual disaster for
America, so he decided to put his warnings into print. In April
1959 as the Eisenhower era was on the wane, General Power,
Commander of the Strategic Air Command, followed required
procedures and submitted his book to the Defense Department for
approval prior to publication. The book contained no military
secrets, yet it was banned instantly by the Secretary of Defense.

Unknown to General Power, America's secret rulers had already
decided upon a complete revolution in America's military strategy
to begin in 1961 with the new administration. It was to be a
two-pronged strategy, half visible and half invisible. The
visible part would involve the gradual weakening and disarmament
of the United States which our rulers would always sell to us as
initiatives for "peace" but which would actually lead to war.
The hidden part of the new strategy, however, would involve the
continued secret development of new super weapons with which the
Soviet Union could be utterly destroyed in the war to come; and
the centerpiece of this two-pronged strategy for world domination
was to be America's Moon Program, sold to the public as a
peaceful venture but actually intended for military purposes. It
is this two-pronged secret military scheme of our secret rulers
that unraveled just six months ago on September 27, 1977. It is
this scheme that led to America's disastrous defeat in the secret
Space Battle of the Harvest Moon which knocked out America's
secret moon base in Copernicus Crater, and it is this scheme that
would have been threatened by publication of General Power's book
in 1959.

In 1965, after General Power retired, he finally succeeded in
having his book "DESIGN FOR SURVIVAL" published in extensively
revised form. The publisher was Coward McCann of New York, but
the original banned version was never published. After nearly 20
years, I believe the time is long overdue for the American public
to hear some of the things about which the late General Thomas
Power tried in vain to give a warning. After considerable effort
and expense, I have at last been able to obtain a copy of the
original banned manuscript by General Power which will be under
lock and key by the time you hear this recording. As I read his
words to you, keep in mind please, that they were written two
decades ago. Only in that way can you realize just how much is
being kept from you by the Federal government.

On page 60 of the banned manuscript, General Power says that:
"Deterrence is the sum total of many diverse elements which, in
combination, serve to convince our enemies that if they choose to
precipitate a nuclear war the United States will survive and they
will not." Three years after General Power wrote these words, he
was proven right in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, but his
book remained banned so this lesson was not driven home in
American minds and true deterrence was gradually allowed to

On page 67 of the banned manuscript, he speaks of a Soviet
decision to start a war against the United States: "First, there
must be adequate assurance that the war will result in a decisive
victory for them and unconditional surrender on our part." A few
lines later he said: "The second condition that must be satisfied
before the Soviet rulers would undertake aggression against the
United States is the assurance that they can prevent a
retaliatory counterattack from inflicting unacceptable damage
upon them." My friends, in light of these criteria, judge for
yourself about the significance of the runaway Soviet military
superiority over the United States. For example, consider just
one small part of the picture--the incredibly massive Soviet
Civil Defense Program versus non-existent civil defense in the
United States. Does it matter that according to government
figures the Soviet Union might lose 5,000,000 people while the
United States could lose 160,000,000 in a nuclear exchange? Or
are government spokesmen right when they assure you this
imbalance means nothing?

On page 68 of the banned manuscript, General Power says that:
"An added problem is the reaction of the Russian people. There
can be no doubt that in a nuclear war they would accept heavy
losses without protest so long as they believed that the United
States, not Russia, was responsible for the war." In light of
this, my friends, where is Jimmy Carter's so-called tough talk
against the Soviet Union lately really leading? Does he himself
even know what he is saying? Already his words and those of
Secretary of Defense Harold Brown have become the basis of an
intense propaganda campaign inside Russia about the increasingly
threatening posture of the United States, and some diplomats are
already saying that Soviet-American relations are now the worst
they have been since the Cuban crisis over 15 years ago.

On page 141 of the banned manuscript, General Power says that
since the Soviet Union must destroy both our military muscle and
our power to rebuild that muscle, "The objective of a Soviet
attack would be a thorough destruction of the country." And on
page 142 he gives a Soviet military authority's words: "Atomic
and hydrogen weapons alone without the decisive operations of the
ground forces with their contemporary materiel cannot decide the
outcome of war." In other words, after the initial nuclear
attack an invasion of the United States will follow.

Describing the true status of the extensive Soviet
technological and industrial effort two decades ago, he said we
were already in a neck-and-neck race. And on page 212 he warned
of: "the danger that the Soviets may pull ahead of us in the
technological race if they can maintain their present pace and we
fail to accelerate ours. They are matching our military effort
although their economy is only about 40% of ours. Because of
their ruthless methods and low living standards, they can buy
more progress in military technology than we can buy for an
equivalent amount. Most importantly, they are getting it a great
deal faster than we do." And I continue with this very important
quote of General Power: "While we must advance painstakingly step
by step, the Soviets use their uncanny technical intelligence to
profit from our efforts, saving their own efforts to leapfrog
over us to spectacular successes. What we try cautiously on a
small scale, the Soviets often will do on a far bigger and more
impressive scale."

Looking ahead 20 years ago, General Power could clearly see
that space warfare would revolutionize military strategy.
Quoting from page 225 of his banned 1959 manuscript, "The old
military mandate 'Take to the high ground' is as pertinent in the
dawning space age as it ever was to the rifle-bearing soldier.
In wars of the past, high ground meant elevations and hills
measured in tens or hundreds of feet. Fighting downhill was
always easier and more advantageous than fighting uphill. When
the airplane became a tool of warfare, high ground meant
thousands and later tens of thousands of feet. Again, the
greater height or altitude represented an important advantage in
aerial combat. As the struggle for the strategic advantage of
the 'high ground' continues, altitude above sea level gradually
becomes distance from the earth, and limitless space beckons as
the ultimate battlefield."

Continuing on the same page, General Power penned the
following prophetic words: "There can be no doubt that the
strategic use of space will revolutionize military doctrine again
as much, and perhaps even more, than the airplane. Distance on
the surface of the earth will lose what little military
significance it has left, because the earth itself will become
merely the focal point for the space theater of operations: and
the continued compression of time for both action and reaction
will, in effect, assume the role of a new dimension in military
strategy." Two pages later he summed it all up in the phrase,
"Whoever will control space will control the earth."

In these crystal clear words of 19 years ago, General Power
tried to let the American public in on the coming new era in
military strategy based on space. He did not succeed, because
our secret rulers did not want you to understand; but today this
new military dimension is a reality. Since the Battle of the
Harvest Moon six months ago, it has become the exclusive domain
of the Soviet Union, and they call it cosmo-strategy.

In his banned manuscript of 1959, and even in the revised
version that was finally published six years later, General Power
warned in clear terms about the strong prospects for surprise in
our technological race with the Soviet Union. He pointed out
that a long-range military planner of 1939 could not possibly
have foreseen the jet bombers, supersonic fighters, hydrogen
bombs, and intercontinental missiles of 1959. And because the
pace of technological change is accelerating, he tried to warn
that the very best projections possible in 1959 could likewise be
rendered obsolete by unexpected, sudden, new military
developments. But General Power's warnings were silenced and
ignored, because they did not fit the two-pronged strategy of our
secret rulers for world control that I mentioned earlier. As a
result, America lost the most decisive battle of the twentieth
century--the Battle of the Harvest Moon six months ago. And now,
the cosmostrategy of the Soviet Union is like the nightmares of
General Power come true.

One of the most startling weapons today in the cosmo-strategic
arsenal of the Soviet Union is the Electrogravitic Floating
Platform, or Cosmosphere as they call it. They are armed with
charged Particle Beam Weapons; and as I first revealed in
Audioletter No. 29 last December, they are responsible for the
violent air quakes along the east coast and elsewhere which the
Federal government is trying frantically to explain away. As
early as 1962, over fifteen years ago, some of America's top
military officers could see the threat of floating platforms on
the technical horizon and wanted to start working on a defense
against them. Gen. Thomas Power, then Commander of the Strategic
Air Command, was one of these men. In the summer of 1962 the
Cuban missile crisis was in gestation, but General Power was
already looking ahead to a possible space-Cuba of the future that
would be even more serious. At a secret meeting at Maxwell Air
Force Base, General Power described the floating platform concept
that was already within reach of American technology; and he
expressed frustration and worry over the refusal of the Kennedy
administration to begin developing any defense against a
potential Soviet version of these platforms. Already the
dismantling of America's military power under the guiding hand of
then Defense Secretary Robert McNamara was underway. In 1964
General Power retired after heading the Strategic Air Command for
seven years.

In March 1965, thirteen years ago this month, the revised
version of his book "DESIGN FOR SURVIVAL" was published at last,
and on pages 243 and 244 you will find a warning by General Power
that points specifically to the floating Soviet Cosmospheres that
are now hovering over the United States and elsewhere world-wide.
Beginning on page 243 General Power gives a warning of the urgent
requirement of defense against a military threat from space. He
says: "An aggressor would make the fullest use of the element of
surprise. This would apply to the timing of the attack as well
as to the employment of some radically new weapon or technique
for which we are not prepared. It is quite possible that the
Soviet surprise weapon would be an offensive space system, but
beyond this assumption we can only speculate." Further, on page
244, he says: "For instance, it is conceivable that we may wake
up one morning and find a number of Soviet satellites floating in
stationary orbits over every part of the United States." And a
few words later he emphasizes: "We certainly must anticipate such
a contingency which is by no means farfetched or far in the
future, and make sure that we have operational defensive systems
or measures to cope with it."

There, my friends, you have it! Security restrictions
prevented General Power from describing these hovering devices in
detail in his published book, so he used the word for them that
the public could most easily grasp, and that word is Satellites;
but as the former head of Research and Development for the United
States Air Force, General Power knew very well that no true
satellite can hover over any location in the United States. True
satellites can hover only over locations on the earth's equator.
What General Power tried to warn us about thirteen years ago are
Electrogravitic Floating Platforms, known today as Cosmospheres.
General Power's warnings created a temporary sensation in 1965,
but in the end they were ignored. One morning in December 1977
America did wake up with Soviet floating Cosmospheres overhead,
and airquakes began shaking houses and breaking windows in a mild
illustration of what they can do. Today there are 70 Soviet
Cosmospheres deployed world-wide, and we have no defense against

Topic #2--Last month I gave a warning about the mushrooming
activities of the Soviet KGB in Quebec Province, Canada. Soviet
bloc aircraft including camouflaged Soviet troop transports, have
been passing through the Mirabel and Dorval airports in Montreal
in large numbers. As of last month I was able to reveal the
existence of at least 12 guerrilla camps in Quebec Province and
over 3,000 KGB trained personnel in Canada. Today I can tell you
more. The things I was able to tell you about last month are
part of a much bigger picture involving France, the United
States, Britain, and the Soviet Union in a complex power play;
but the bottom line is that the Kremlin is already making
preparations for the invasion of the United States that is to
follow the initial surprise nuclear attack. As always, the chess
players in the Kremlin are planning their moves in sequence and
far in advance.

We are hearing a great deal today about the Separatist
movement in Quebec Province; but in fact, Quebec is being planned
behind the scenes to be no more than a pilot project for all of
Canada, which is intended ultimately to go the way of Quebec. In
all this, the matter of language--French versus English--is only
a superficial ploy or cover for the much more serious issues

Years ago France saw the handwriting on the wall for Europe
given the domination of the NATO Alliance by double-crossing
rulers in the United States, so France pulled out of NATO to go
her own way while quietly coming to terms with the Soviet Union
in certain areas. Today there's a quid pro quo between France
and the Soviet Union with respect to Canada. The Soviet Union is
desirous of using Canada as a base for military operations
against the United States, and has induced France to provide
entree to Canada through Quebec Province for this purpose. Even
though Quebec is part of Canada and therefore nominally in the
British fold, French influence there is very powerful. The
inducements held out by the Soviet Union to persuade France to
cooperate in this venture include both the carrot and the stick.
The carrot is the prospect for France to expand her influence
over all of Canada at the expense of her old rival, Great
Britain; but the stick over France's head is the threat that if
she doesn't play ball, the increasingly powerful French Communist
Party will take over and end the existence of the French
government as we know it--and so far France is going along, and
for that reason Moscow called off her dogs in the recent French
election. That's why the French Communists behaved so strangely,
wrecking the Socialist/Communist coalition and causing the
leftist coalition to lose the election when they looked like sure
winners to many. Within Canada itself, all this is cemented by
an element at the highest levels of the government. This element
is working actively toward the goal of French-speaking Marxist
Republique Populaire du Canada--Peoples Republic of Canada. This
powerful faction in the Canadian government is not only
cooperating with France in permitting Soviet entree through
Quebec but has also negotiated secret arrangements directly with
the Soviet Union as long as two years ago. As a result, Soviet
personnel infiltrated into Canada through Quebec Province are
fanning out all across Canada.

There remains another important segment of the Canadian
government who are not party to the Soviet-French intrigues now
underway who instead are pro-Canadian, pro-Britain, and generally
pro-American. It is they who have been responsible for the
efforts in Canada to stem the tide of Soviet activities there,
ranging from nuclear sabotage operations into the United States
last spring and summer, to the recent sensational spy case. But
this loyal segment is now losing influence relative to the
faction who are party to the Soviet-French intrigues. This is
due in large part to the self-destructive, weak behavior of the
United States since the summer of 1976. Most of all, the total
lack of effort by the United States to defend itself against
mounting nuclear sabotage starting last spring, has strengthened
the hand of all those who say the United States is "done for" and
deserves no further help. So now the Soviet Union is preparing
already for the invasion of the United States. A joint operation
by the KGB and the Soviet Army is now underway in Canada and in
Mexico as well, although my reports there are more fragmentary so

In the summer of 1976 the Soviet Union began planting
underwater missiles in our own territorial waters in preparation
for a nuclear surprise attack. The strategy was to strike from
inside our defenses from short range that would afford us no
warning time. Now, the Soviet Army is embarking on a parallel
strategy in preparation for attack when the moment comes. The
Soviet Army is today the best equipped and best trained in the
world, able to fight nuclear, conventional, or chemical warfare
day in and day out. We hear about the threat the Soviet Army
backing up the other forces of the Warsaw Pact poses to western
Europe. But my friends, the Soviet Army is not interested in
western Europe, because Moscow has already become the de facto
capital of Europe. NATO is in shreds, and Europeans have had
enough of fighting wars, generation after generation. Most of
all, they see no hope in the direction of the United States. We
have double-crossed, stranded, and sold out other allies too many
times; and the controlled Carter administration is confirming
that Europe too is expendable.

Instead of Europe, the United States is the prime target now
for the Soviet Army. While we have our military forces deployed
at presumed front-line positions world-wide, the Soviet Army is
now in the process of camping on our own doorstep--in Canada and
Mexico. Squads of Soviet troops are fanning out all over Canada
to preassigned waiting stations which are separated from one
another in most cases by at least five miles. As of my latest
report on March 27, two days ago, Soviet squads had begun
reaching waiting stations in every Canadian province except the
Yukon. By the time you hear this report, squads will be there

The heaviest concentrations of the Soviet troop squads are in
southern Canada near the United States border, especially in
Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Alberta. Otherwise
they are dispersing thinly throughout Canada.

Right now the task of the Soviet troops is simply to reach
their dispersed waiting stations, mostly in rugged or remote
areas, establish themselves there in ways that do not attract
attention--and just wait. They are to maintain themselves and
wait however long is required--weeks, months, or longer until
they receive orders to start preparing for an offensive. Only
then will the widely dispersed Soviet troops gather up their
caches of arms, which include tactical neutron bombs, and start
forming up into combat formations. Literally overnight the
previously invisible Soviet Army in Canada and in Mexico will
suddenly become visible as a massive fighting force that is ready
to invade the United States. Just as the Soviet Navy has done
with its underwater missiles, the Soviet Army is now in the
process of positioning itself inside our main lines of defense.
If all goes according to plan and if this operation is allowed to
proceed like the other Soviet activities against America, the
140,000 combat-ready American troops now secretly stationed near
our border with Canada will be surprised and overwhelmed, and the
battle for North America, like the Battle of the Harvest Moon six
months ago, will go to the Soviet Union.

Topic #3--I have pointed out in the recent past that nowadays
wars are planned--they do not happen by accident. Those who are
entrusted with our national security always include an inner
circle who, doing the bidding of our Secret Rulers, know when war
is coming because they themselves are helping to bring it about.
But even as we are being set up for another round of needless
suffering, waste, and carnage, we who are intended to be
sacrificed are always kept in the dark about what is really going
on--always in the name of National Security.

The instinct for cover-up by our Secret Rulers is always
powerful, but nowadays it is even more rampant because they are
now trying to hide terrible mistakes and failures on their own
part. Nowhere is this more true than in the military environment
now dominated by Soviet Cosmo-strategy. Take Skylab for example,
which is fast becoming the 'Fort Knox Scandal of Space.' Like
the alleged tremendous United States gold hoard at Fort Knox, the
85-ton American Space Station known as Skylab no longer exists.

As I reported last October in Audioletter No. 27, Skylab was
blasted out of the sky on October 18, 1977, by a Soviet Cosmos
Interceptor--that is, a Killer Satellite! The Cosmos Interceptor
fired its charged Particle Beam Weapon at Skylab, and Skylab
erupted into an enormous fireball that was seen all the way from
southwest Texas to points perhaps 800 miles away in Arkansas and
Missouri. Nine days later the cover-up began. Suddenly NASA
released a cover story to the effect that for some reason Skylab
was sinking out of orbit, years earlier than expected; and since
that time, the story has been revived periodically--each time
with a little more pessimism about the chances of saving Skylab.

Just as was done in the Fort Knox gold swindle, much ado is
being made about something that does not exist, purely to fool
the public. At Fort Knox in September 1974, a small single
compartment of strangely reddish junk gold was shown a delegation
of visitors (no gold experts among them), and the United States
Treasury Department then proclaimed: "See, it's all here." And
today, stories about Skylab are accompanied on television by file
film and in print by photographs of Skylab to reinforce the
assumption that Skylab is still up there. Now even the bogus
Gold Audit, so called, has its parallel in the Skylab coverup.
The Martin-Marietta Co., which is controlled by our Secret
Rulers, has been given a nine-month contract to spend $125,000 of
American taxpayers' money to study the Skylab situation. Can you
imagine? And what next? At Fort Knox, the Treasury argued that
it would be too costly to perform a gold inventory that would
answer conclusively my charges about deficiencies in the gold
supply, even though such an inventory had been carried out 20
years earlier without difficulty in only 9 weeks! So don't be
too surprised if one of these days NASA should announce, with
deep regret, of course, that budgetary factors will make it
impossible to carry out a Skylab rescue mission.

But more serious than the Skylab cover-up is the frantic
cover-up efforts by the government of the Soviet Cosmospheres now
floating over the United States and elsewhere world-wide. These
are the very devices General Thomas Power was concerned about so
long ago. They are armed with charged Particle Beam Weapons
which can do chores like destroying our ICBM's in their silos.
They can also shoot military or other aircraft out of the sky,
such as the Air India Boeing 747 that was blasted out of the sky
early in January by a Cosmosphere near Bombay. But so far they
have been used over the United States primarily in a weather
modification role. For this purpose the Cosmospheres fire their
Particle Beams in a de-focused mode causing the beam to be
absorbed in the atmosphere instead of penetrating all the way to
a target on the ground. In this way, the Cosmospheres are able
to alter drastically the electrical charges in the upper
atmosphere which in turn strongly influence our weather. Many
decades ago the electrical wizard Nikola Tesla predicted that
weather control would someday be possible by altering these
electrical charges. Now, with the aid of their Particle Beam
Weapons, the Soviet Union has proven him right--thanks to the
tremendous energy release achieved by Particle Beams. This
energy is only a tiny fraction of the total energy contained in a
large winter storm, for example, but it serves to trigger and
guide these storms.

As a by-product of firing their Particle Beam Weapons in this
de-focused mode for weather control, the Cosmospheres create
tremendous air shocks or airquakes. These first began to be
heard up and down the east coast of the United States on December
2, 1977, as Soviet Cosmosphere No. 1 in a list I revealed that
month, began firing. Cosmosphere No. 1 was floating at that time
off the South Carolina coast. Thousands of people from South
Carolina to Connecticut were frightened by the powerful, rumbling
blasts rolling in from the ocean, and windows and dishes were
shattered in some areas. More recently, as I pointed out last
month, these airquakes have also been heard elsewhere than along
the East Coast, but no national publicity has been allowed to
leak out about these other airquakes.

Meanwhile, events in the Middle East are careening along ever
faster toward war. The long-planned limited nuclear strike from
the Sinai against Arab-OPEC oil wells, which I first warned about
in Audioletters Nos. 5 and 6 in the fall of 1975, is fast
approaching. The principal target in this strike is to be Saudi
Arabia, and for that reason the Rockefellers arranged to sell the
oil fields back to Saudi Arabia, thereby saving their own money
nearly two years ago. Saudi Arabia has never participated
directly in any of the past Middle East conflicts, but now a
relentless propaganda campaign is underway to paint Saudi Arabia
as a major threat to Israel. United States Senators are
beginning to spout the line that it is actually Saudi Arabia that
is the source of support for Israel's bitter enemy--the Palestine
Liberation Organization, the fighting arm of Al Fatah.
Meanwhile, for more than a year, Israeli fighter-bombers have
been secretly carrying out practice raids against the Saudi
fighter base at Tabuk, deep inside the northwest corner of Saudi
Arabia. As a result, Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly eager
to obtain American F-15 Fighters, or if not F-15's then Mirage
F-1's from France to match the Israeli presence in the air. And
in turn, a new Senate Report has emerged which says that if we do
sell F-15's to Saudi Arabia as part of the Carter
administration's so-called package deal, Israel may well feel so
threatened as to mount a pre-emptive strike against Saudi Arabia.

In all of this, both Israel and Saudi Arabia are being treated
as expendable pawns by our own Secret Rulers. A cutoff of Middle
East oil supplies precipitating a National Emergency and
dictatorial controls in the United States, is still part of the
objective, just as it was in the original plan two and a half
years ago. But now, faced with the catastrophic shift in the
military power balance toward the Soviet Union during the past
six months, our Rulers view the coming nuclear doom of OPEC as a
scorched-earth policy--that is, the oil riches of the Middle East
are to be denied to the Soviets by capping off the oil wells with
deadly radioactivity. After this is accomplished by an American
strike from the Sinai disguised as an Israeli raid, Israel will
be abandoned to fend for itself. But regardless of the wishful
thinking of our Secret Rulers, these maneuverings and intrigues
are not lost on the Kremlin.

Three large Israeli Air Force Bases have been built in the
occupied Sinai with United States funds--one at Eytam near Al
Arish on the Mediterranean coast, one at Ofira near the southern
tip of the Sinai, and one at Etzion fifteen miles southwest of
the Israeli port of Elath on the Gulf of Aqaba. Etzion alone
cost over $4,000,000,000 and can handle the most advanced
aircraft. Seemingly this would provide decisive control of the
area. But floating over the Sinai now are 5 Soviet Cosmospheres;
and there are 10 more over and around Israel--one over northwest
Saudi Arabia between the Etzion Air Base in the Sinai and Tabuk,
the Saudi Arabian Air Force Base; four over western Jordan
arranged along Israel's east border; one over southwestern Syria
near the Sea of Galilee; one over a spot about 10 miles offshore
near Eytam Air Base, another about 10 miles off shore midway
between Haifa and Tel Aviv; and two over Israel itself, one in
the north and one in the south. They are all at an altitude of
only 12 miles except the two over the Mediterranean Sea which are
only 7 miles high. In addition, 4 undersea cobalt bombs for
earthquake and tidal wave generation have been planted at
distances from 40 to 60 miles off shore in an arc from southern
Lebanon to north of the Sinai--they threaten Haifa, Tel Aviv, and
the entire Israeli coast.

It's clear that the Soviet Union has no intention of allowing
any military action to take place in the Middle East that is not
to Soviet advantage. For example, the Cosmospheres could stop
any Israeli or American strike against Saudi Arabia in its
tracks, if desired; or, if that strike will help in the Kremlin
campaign to mobilize the Russian people for war, they might sit
by, watch the nuclear strike take place, and then destroy the
planes on their way back to the Sinai. Anything can happen.

Meanwhile, the erratic behavior of the controlled Carter
administration, and of Jimmy Carter himself is being turned to
the advantage of the Kremlin. Less than two weeks ago on March
17, 1978, Jimmy Carter gave a major foreign policy speech at Wake
Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It has been
widely described as a tough talk even though his threats had to
do with little more than cutting back on economic and scientific
cooperation with Russia, but the tone of the speech was perfect
for internal Soviet propaganda purposes. Immediately the Carter
speech was seized upon to fuel a fast-growing Kremlin campaign to
convince the Russian people of an American threat so that they
will support nuclear war when it comes.

Then two days ago, on March 27, 1978, the Kremlin unleashed a
new ultimatum to the controlled Carter administration to accept a
SALT II Surrender Treaty. It was six months to the day after
Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko had delivered the first
SALT II ultimatum on the basis of America's loss of the Battle of
the Harvest Moon. This time the ultimatum was delivered in
Pravda, the official organ of the Soviet Communist Party. The
Pravda article urged the United States to make up its mind
quickly on whether or not it wants a new agreement on strategic
arms limitation. American rejection of the new agreement,
according to the Pravda ultimatum, would "torpedo international

My friends, it's been said by some that Jimmy Carter is the
last United States president with the chance to make decisions
that will prevent the loss of American freedom, but that's not
really true. Jimmy Carter is fast hammering nails in our coffin;
but it was Gerald Ford who, as President, failed America at the
most crucial point in our history. In Audioletter No. 17 in
October 1976, I revealed in detail how President Ford knuckled
under to squalid threats of a personal financial scandal and
agreed to the treasonous Red Friday Agreement on October 1, 1976.
In so doing, he undid the go-ahead he had given General George S.
Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to remove and
continue removing the Soviet underwater missiles in our
territorial waters.

The Soviet rulers reached a profoundly important evaluation of
the United States at that point. They had tried to surprise the
United States in a double-cross in nuclear attack. They had been
caught, tripped up by public exposure through my tapes, limited
though that exposure was, and yet they had ended up paying
nothing for their failure. Instead, their formal secret allies
wanted to reinstate the former secret alliance as if nothing had
happened--even to the extent of permitting underwater missiles to
be planted along our shores thereafter without interference! And
so the Soviet Union concluded that it might as well pull out all
the stops in preparing to destroy America once and for all,
because those who rule America behind the scenes had become so
decadent and weak that they had lost touch with reality. The
Anglo-Saxon West was ready to lie down and die. What a shame!
What a tragedy!

My friends, the actions of the controlled Carter
administration are leading us ever deeper into quicksand; and by
military power alone there is no hope that America can be saved,
nor is there any hope that our present leaders, elected and
otherwise, will snap out of a lifetime of deception,
double-dealing, lies, and blackmail and truly act in the West's
best interest. The ONLY HOPE, my friends, is for the American
People to turn back to our Lord Jesus Christ, to throw out and
punish those who are leading us to slaughter, and to pray that
God in His mercy will turn away the plans of the Soviet Union to
destroy us together with our evil rulers.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless and protect each and every one of you.

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