Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 34.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audioletter, Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is May 26, 1978,
and this is my Audioletter No. 34.

The time has now come for me to take pause and to take stock
of the desperate situation facing us. I have worked as hard and
as faithfully as I know how to do for five years, and I believe I
should give you my honest evaluation of the success or failure of
what I have been trying to do. I am not making a career of this.

My three special topics for today are:

Topic #1--Eight months ago tomorrow, on September 27, 1977, the
United States lost the most decisive battle of the 20th
Century--the Battle of the Harvest Moon. Not since the early
days of World War II has there been anything remotely like it in
significance. Ever since the sleepy Sunday morning of December
7, 1941, the words "Pearl Harbor" have meant far more than the
geographical location of the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet of
the United States Navy. From that day onward, Pearl Harbor has
been a synonym for surprise attack of the most devastating
variety. To every American who heard the chilling, unbelievable
news bulletins on the radio that day, the Pearl Harbor attack
still remains as a searing memory. For us, it was the beginning
of a nightmare called World War II. The emotional impact of the
Pearl Harbor attack still lingers on; but the full meaning of
that attack was lost on most of us then and is even less widely
understood today, for it was not until six months later that the
true significance of the Pearl Harbor attack was revealed in the
decisive Battle of Midway, and by then we Americans were too
preoccupied with fighting the war to stop and notice the broader
meaning of particular battles.

In Audioletter No. 14, nearly two years ago, I referred to the
fact that just prior to the Pearl Harbor attack President
Franklin D. Roosevelt had taken steps to arrange for our three
aircraft carriers based there to be absent when the Japanese
attacked; and in Audio Book Talking Tape No. 7-B, which I
recorded over two years ago with my friend Colonel Curtis B.
Dall, Colonel Dall tells the whole story of the TREASON of
America's leaders in conjunction with the Pearl Harbor attack.
There's no time to review all of that again here, it's enough to
say that Pearl Harbor was held out to the Japanese as an enticing
target for attack as a ruse to get America into the war. By
virtue of the Tripartite Act between Japan, Germany, and Italy,
this automatically involved America in the European war as well.
As a result, our Secret Rulers emerged from World War II in
control of the formerly British oil concessions in Saudi Arabia.

But returning to the Pacific, the sequence of events from the
Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941 to the Battle of Midway six
months later, had a profound impact on American military strategy
for decades to come. In the realm of naval strategy, the rise to
dominance of the aircraft carrier was confirmed during that
period in the Pacific over 35 years ago, and today the aircraft
carrier is still a dominant factor in most American naval
thinking. But far beyond that, those first six months of the
Pacific war became the primitive model for an entire grand
strategy for world domination that was set in motion two decades
later in 1961; only this time, the secret strategy backfired. In
June 1942 the Battle of Midway, the turning point of the Pacific
war, was won by the United States--but in September 1977 the
Battle of the Harvest Moon, another turning point, was lost by
the United States.

As World War II began, most Americans still thought of
battleships as typifying naval power. We had heard about
aircraft carriers, submarines, and other kinds of ships, but it
was the battleship with its awesome big guns able to pound
landing beaches or other ships twenty miles away that
automatically came to mind. If we had been asked, most Americans
probably would have answered that the battleship was the key to
naval strength--but we, the public, were behind the times. A
revolution was taking place in the technology of naval weaponry
and top strategists knew that the days of the battleship were
already numbered, thanks to the rapid emergence of effective
aircraft carriers. In 1941 this turn of events was still so new
that even within naval ranks it was a matter of heated debate,
but at the highest levels of strategic thinking it was understood
in Japan as well as in the United States.

When Admiral Yamamoto, the Japanese naval chief, launched the
surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, he used a
naval force built around six aircraft carriers. Like all
military commanders, Yamamoto knew that surprise would be the
most powerful of all weapons, and every precaution was taken to
insure that it would be achieved. Long before battleships or
cruisers would have been close enough to start shelling Pearl
Harbor, Yamamoto's aircraft carriers began launching dive
bombers, torpedo planes, and fighters into the first rays of
dawn; and at 7:55 A.M. Honolulu time, wave after wave of Japanese
aircraft swept in to attack Pearl Harbor. Not a single American
fighter rose to meet the first waves of Japanese attackers
because the surprise was complete. Battleships, cruisers, and
destroyers were caught were they lay peacefully at anchor,
bottled up in the harbor; and American aircraft grouped together
on the airfield as a precaution against sabotage were turned into
gigantic towering bonfires even as American pilots tried in vain
to start their planes and take off. Yes, tactical surprise had
been achieved at Pearl Harbor by Yamamoto, but it was Yamamoto
who was surprised in the strategic sense, because just as he had
used aircraft carriers for the attack, his principal targets at
Pearl Harbor had been our three aircraft carriers based there.
Falsified intelligence reports had been used to convince Yamamoto
that these prize targets were there, but when Japanese aircraft
swarmed over Pearl Harbor that December morning, all three
carriers were missing. As a result, the decisive blow that
Yamamoto had tried to deliver to the United States Pacific Fleet
had not been achieved, but incredible carnage and terror had
taken place--just the right medicine our Secret Rulers needed to
cure American reluctance to go to war.

Just five months later the seriousness of the failure of the
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor began to make itself felt. A
large Japanese task force was preparing to invade some islands in
the Solomons using powerful battleships and cruisers to cover the
invasion; but the United States Navy intervened, using aircraft
carriers to good advantage. The resulting Battle of the Coral
Sea ruined the Japanese attack plan by turning the entire
engagement into a battle between aircraft carriers. The Japanese
were never able to make use of their battleships, cruisers, and
landing craft and had to withdraw.

But it was the following month, June 1942, that the decisive
Battle of Midway sealed Japan's fate for the rest of the war.
Admiral Yamamoto launched an attack against Midway Island, an
important American air and naval toe hold in the South Pacific.
Yamamoto's force included not only four aircraft carriers but a
seemingly overwhelming force of battleships together with
cruisers, destroyers, and submarines. But once again the United
States Navy turned the whole thing into a battle between aircraft
carriers. Under the command of Admiral Chester Nimitz, American
forces built around the three carriers that had been deliberately
saved from the Pearl Harbor surprise, attacked the Japanese from
an unexpected direction. In a single day, June 4, 1942, all four
of the attacking Japanese carriers were sunk. Now the vast fleet
of Japanese battleships and other vessels were robbed of their
air umbrella and became useless. They couldn't get close enough
to Midway to attack and had to turn away. Without their carriers
they were defeated regardless of all their seeming power

The Battle of Midway was the turning point of the Pacific War.
It came only six months after Pearl Harbor, and the war continued
with great loss of life on both sides for more than three years
afterward. But with the Battle of Midway, the ultimate outcome
of the war between Japan and the United States became only a
matter of time because the loss of the four carriers sunk in the
Battle of Midway broke the back of Japanese naval superiority in
the Pacific. From then on, American productive capacity enabled
the United States to gradually pull ahead and outstrip all
Japanese capabilities, and Japan was doomed.

The events from Pearl Harbor to Midway over a generation ago
provided lessons that our arrogant Secret Rulers thought they
could apply on a far bigger scale once again. By means of Pearl
Harbor, they had lured an intended victim, Japan, into an attack
that united the American people into support for war. Meanwhile
they had held back in reserve the essential weapons of
retaliation which were to enable the victim to be
defeated--namely, aircraft carriers. At the time, carriers were
still so new as a real naval force that their true significance
was lost on the public at large. But by banking everything on
this new decisive technology of war, they had succeeded in
destroying Japan as the planned outcome of the war.

Twenty years later in 1961 a replay of the same basic strategy
was set in motion by our Secret Rulers. This was the elaborate
two-pronged strategy for world domination about which I have
given many details, beginning last September in Audioletter No.
26 and in other Audioletters since then. The intended victim
this time was to be Soviet Russia, the only military force on
earth rivaling that of the Rockefeller empire. Once again the
intention was to lure the victim, Russia, into a Pearl
Harbor-type attack under carefully controlled conditions. As
before, the terror and carnage would be inhuman with many
millions of lives being snuffed out this time since the attack
would be nuclear. But as before, our Secret Rulers intended to
keep in reserve a decisive ace in the hole in terms of new
weapons technology with which to destroy the intended victim when
the time came. In the Pacific war over 35 years ago it was the
new aircraft carrier whose umbrella determined the usefulness of
almost all other weapons. Today it is space weaponry that plays
the same role, and the ace in the hole our Secret Rulers had kept
aside was the secret American Moon Base in Copernicus Crater.
Armed with Beam Weapons, the Copernicus Base was to be an
invulnerable location from which any populated spot on earth
could be put to the torch instantly, and at will. But last
September 1977 the whole diabolical plan backfired, as I told you
in detail that month in Audioletter No. 26.

First, on September 20, 1977, the first operational Russian
Killer Satellite, Cosmos 929, manned and armed with charged
Particle Beam Weapons, blasted an American Spy Satellite into a
giant fireball over the Petrozavodsk Observatory located in
northern Russia. It was like the Battle of the Coral Sea in May
1942, for suddenly the rules of battle were undergoing a dramatic
change, only this time it was happening in reverse. This time
the tables were being turned against us, not by us. Then only a
week later the Space Age equivalent of the Battle of Midway took
place--out of the public eye, and without any public suspicion of
what was taking place. Suddenly, without explanation, the Soviet
Union expelled European community fishing vessels from its
northern waters where its mammoth Northern Fleet is based. Then
on September 27, 1977, the Battle of the Harvest Moon ended in a
stunning upset--the Soviet Union had knocked out the secret
American weapons base in Copernicus Crater. It was a
turning-point battle, no less than the Battle of Midway in World
War II.

Since that time, as I have chronicled for you in my tapes
month to month, Soviet Russia has turned the tables against the
United States militarily just as surely and just as decisively as
did the United States against Japan in World War II. All-out war
between Russia and America has not yet broken out, but the
ultimate outcome appears to have been decided already by the
turning-point secret Space Battle of eight months ago. In the
same way, the bulk of the fighting between Japan and the United
States in World War II took place after the Battle of Midway, but
the turning point at Midway set the course for the remainder of
the war that Japan could never reverse.

Topic #2--In the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in
1918, centralized control of food production and distribution,
food rationing, purges and other factors led to the horrendous
Russian famine of 1919 to 1921. The vicious new masters of
Russia, the Bolsheviks, who are now being expelled from Russia,
used hunger as a deliberate tool for political control. The
awesome and tragic effects of hunger on people were described as
a lesson to all by the late P. A. Sorokin, the great Russian
sociologist who fled Bolshevik Russia and founded the Department
of Sociology at Harvard University. To all who are wise enough
to care about the lessons of the Russian experience in this area,
I strongly recommend Sorokin's book titled "HUNGER AS A FACTOR IN
HUMAN AFFAIRS." It's available for $12.50 from the University of
Florida Press, 15 Northwest Street, Gainesville, Fla., zip

In my very first tape, Audio Book No. 1, I mentioned the
planned role of shortages and even starvation in America as
factors in the coming depression and war. Many things have gone
awry in our Secret Rulers' time tables since then, but the
prospects for hunger in America have, if anything, increased. In
recent tapes I have mentioned the weather modification role which
can be played by Russian Cosmospheres. Their charged Particle
Beam Weapons when fired in a de-focused mode produce not only air
blasts like those that were first heard along our East Coast last
December but also electrical charges in the upper atmosphere that
alter our weather patterns.

Now, for the very first time, I can confirm that weather
control by our own Secret Rulers is also far advanced as it
pertains to the United States. On December 12, 1977, an article
was planted in a Canadian newspaper which has been circulated
very widely throughout the United States. It claimed that an
electronic weather barrier had been set up by the Russians to
change our weather. The alleged Russian barrier was described as
running all the way from Alaska to Chile, and it was blamed for
the unusually severe winter that was in progress. Here, my
friends, is a perfect example of dis-information--it was designed
to mislead the public and many, many people have been taken in by
it. There is a weather modification Grid System along our
shores, but it's not as described in the article, and it's not
Russian. It's controlled by our own Secret Rulers. This Grid
System consists of three (3) tremendous underwater cables laid
along the Continental Shelf of our East, West, and Gulf Coasts.
The West Coast cable runs from Cape Cook on northwest Vancouver
Island down the West Coast past Baja California, to a point
opposite Tuxpan, Mexico. The East Coast cable runs from the tip
of a peninsula at the northeast end of the Bay of Fundy, Nova
Scotia, southward to a point near Jacksonville, Florida. The
Gulf cable runs from a point northwest of Tampa near Buena Vista,
Florida, westward to a point 77 miles due east of Corpus Christi,
Texas. Each cable is powered by an underground nuclear power
plant. These three underground nuclear power plants are located
at Cape Cook, at the peninsula I described in Nova Scotia, and
near Buena Vista, Florida.

You may have read articles speculating that very powerful
radio waves might be used to alter the weather, but that's not
how the Coastal Grid System works. Instead, each grid cable can
be made either positive or negative relative to the earth. The
nuclear power plant that feeds it acts like a giant battery with
one terminal connected to the cable, the other grounded. These
three Coastal Grids combined set up electrical fields that span
the continental United States, excluding Alaska, with parts of
Mexico and Canada affected as well. Electric charges in the
upper atmosphere move in response to these fields, producing jet
stream shifts which in turn alter our weather. The process
absorbs enormous amounts of power, which is provided by the three
underground nuclear power plants that feed the Grids.

In the bitter winter just passed, killer storms were created
by weather control that was only partly due to Soviet
Cosmospheres--for the most part they were caused by the Coastal
Grids, which I am able to reveal today for the very first time.
At the present time the West Coast Grid is negatively charged,
while the East Coast Grid is positive. But I am informed that
beginning just six days ago on May 20 an experiment got underway
involving frequent changes in polarity of the Gulf Grid.
Yesterday, for example, the polarity was changed from negative to
positive at 4:20 P.M., and then reversed from positive to
negative again barely 7 hours later at 11:30 P.M. In light of
all this, ponder the words of Merlin Williams, Director of the
Federal Government's Weather Modification Office in an interview
published just yesterday, May 25, in the New York Times. A sense
of urgency about improved storm warning was conveyed as he
pointed to communities on the southern Florida coast as being
particularly vulnerable. He said it is likely that "the kind of
storms that killed only a few people in the past, will kill
thousands. The time is ripe for such a killer storm, and I am
afraid it could very well come this summer or fall."

These Grids, my friends, are being used by our Secret Rulers
to manipulate our weather for their own purposes. Last winter
tremendous storms 'just happened' to coincide with efforts of a
gas lobby to de-regulate natural gas prices; and now, strange
weather conditions have seriously delayed the planting of spring
crops in our breadbasket areas, and have caused crops to be
washed away in others. What is going on now is weather warfare,
involving not only weather modification weapons of the Soviet
Union but also of our own Secret Rulers. The era of weather
strategy has dawned with America as the battleground. These
secret Coastal Grids tend to produce regional and nation-wide
weather modification effects, while the Russian Cosmospheres
produce more concentrated, localized effects. But now, with even
more Cosmospheres overhead than the 216 I reported to you last
month, a battle royal is shaping up for control of America's
weather. I cannot say who will win, but what I can say for sure
is that strange weather will be widespread this summer and
perhaps even more so next winter--and the losers will be you and
me, the American people.

This disruption of our food supply by weather modification has
already begun, reflected in skyrocketing vegetable prices at your
local supermarket; but a much more dramatic disruption in those
food supplies that come from our West Coast could occur at any
moment. I am referring to the effects of man-made earthquake and
tidal wave disaster I first warned about a year ago in
Audioletter No. 24. In that tape I gave the locations of seven
(7) Russian fission-fusion-fission superbombs that had been
planted in deep undersea trenches around the Philippines. As I
explained then, the Philippines sit like a keystone in the long
arc of geological faults that ring the Pacific--the so-called
Ring of Fire. A major earthquake erupting in the Philippines
could work its way around the Pacific rim and ultimately
devastate America's west coast--and that's exactly what is

Since I made that tape, I've also reported the planting of
lower-yield undersea weapons around the Pacific and elsewhere by
the Soviet Union. Many of these have been detonated, and during
the past year strong earthquakes have been very frequent along
the Pacific rim--everywhere except the Philippines. What the
Soviet Union has been doing, my friends, is to release tensions
in the earth's crust everywhere except around the Philippines,
where the stresses are building to tremendous levels. When the
time is ripe, according to Russian stress-monitoring instruments
in that area, the bombs around the Philippines will be set off.
Soviet scientists anticipate that earthquakes and tidal waves of
unprecedented proportions will be triggered as a result and that,
as one result, America's west coast will be laid waste. For
further details of the plan, I suggest you listen again to
Audioletter No. 24.

A few days ago a volcano in the Philippines began erupting,
indicating that the stresses in that area are building up; and in
the past few days the Russians have triggered strong earthquakes
in the 6.5 Richter range in quick succession near Taiwan, Japan,
and the Aleutians. My friends, the first major disaster in the
secret geophysical war now underway lies just around the corner.

Topic #3--My friends, it's now been five years since my
published. The book led to appearances on countless talk shows
all over America, followed by cassette tapes, and beginning three
years ago next month my Audioletter monthly cassette series. All
of this has come as an unexpected interruption in my own
professional career as a financial and legal consultant with
clients world-wide; and I think it's time to take stock, to
evaluate what if anything has been accomplished, and to tell you
what I have learned from these five years of effort. But before
I do that, let me say that for nearly five years, from 1968 to
1973, I had been helping in the development of private
international business in the Republic of Zaire in Africa and had
many projects in the works there. For me, Zaire will always be a
very special place, for it was there in the bush of Africa that I
came to know, to love, and to walk with our Lord Jesus Christ in
a way that I cannot describe. It has to be experienced, and from
this experience--and a spiritual experience, if I may say--I was
forced to take time out.

Over the years I had been learning more and more about the
real causes behind the political, economic, social, and military
developments of our time. My contacts at high levels of business
and government had involved many dealings also with the
international intelligence community, which today serves big
international business as much or more than it does government or
you and me. Putting it all together, I had learned that a
handful of incredibly powerful men were bent on wrecking your
future for their own private gain, and so I wrote the book "THE
CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR." I felt you had a right to know,
and it's now five years since I last saw Zaire. I am still
looking forward to the day when I'll be able to return once
again, but today Zaire is under attack by the very forces I have
been trying to expose and combat here in America. Zaire, like
the United States and ultimately the entire world, is caught in
the middle, ensnared in the power struggle between the rising
empire of Soviet Russia and the crumbling empire of the
Rockefeller cartel.

"THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR" became a best seller, and
I found myself on local radio talk shows all around the United
States as well as in Canada. Many of the facts, dates, names,
events, and plans I revealed in that book were common knowledge
in the corridors of real power in America and abroad; but to most
members of the public at large, these things were completely new.
There appeared to be a thirst for this new knowledge about the
true reasons behind the strange, tortured behavior of our world
today. Gradually I began to acquire more and more new sources of
information in business, in government, and in intelligence both
here and abroad. There have been many whose alleged tips I have
had to discard since cross-checking has proven them to be
inaccurate or even in some cases deliberately fraudulent; but
there have been many others whose information has proven reliable
and who have increasingly made me their exclusive channel to you.
Time and again I have been told of specific instances, which I
have checked and found to be true, in which certain of my sources
have given crucial information to certain well known commentators
and organizations only to be betrayed in various ways. So in one
sense it's a great honor, privilege, and heavy responsibility for
the Dr. Beter Audioletter to serve increasingly as a source of
exclusive information to you; but in a broader sense it's a sad
indictment of the many other public information channels who are
now denied access to this crucial information.

Is the so-called "almighty dollar" which is collapsing really
what's important? Will no one who claims to serve the public
really do it? In short, is there no honor left in America? As
I'll explain in a few moments, my friends, these are not just
rhetorical questions--they go to the very heart of our desperate
condition today.

Beginning nearly two years ago in the summer of 1976,
exclusive information in my Audioletter cassettes began
mushrooming. The reason for this was the role played by the
Audioletter in the Soviet underwater missile crisis of 1976--a
crisis which still has never been made public by the United
States government nor by any major media commentator. Those of
you who are long-time listeners to my Audioletter broadcasts
already know the story of the Soviet underwater missile crisis
all too well. You were living through it while most of your
neighbors slept on, unaware or not caring that we were teetering
on the edge of nuclear war; but for my newer listeners
especially, I believe a brief review is in order.

This crisis, with its aftermath, was a major turning point for
the Audioletter and for the United States. On July 19, 1976, I
recorded Audioletter No. 14. For months I had been relaying to
my listeners the growing fears of key trustees of the
Rockefeller-controlled major Foundations that a double-cross of
America's Secret Rulers by its allies the Soviet Russia, was
imminent. Those fears were not shared then by our Secret Rulers;
but as I revealed in Audioletter No. 14, the Russian double-cross
was already underway. Soviet Russia was at that time preparing
for a surprise nuclear attack. Like the surprise attack on Pearl
Harbor in 1941, the Russian attack plan in the summer of 1976 was
based on naval strategy. The purpose of the surprise attack that
was in preparation was to be the utter destruction of the United
States Navy aside from vessels at sea at the time of the attack.
And the key weapons in the impending Russian surprise attack were
to be not ICBM's or bombers but short-range missiles with
multiple nuclear warheads planted in underwater launch sites in
our own territorial waters. They were being planted so close to
their targets as to provide zero warning time when launched. If
an attack like this were carried out, my friends, there would be
no doubt about the outcome of the ensuing war, especially in view
of the overwhelming Russian advantage in civil defense. The
United States would ultimately lose. And so in July 1976 I made
public information I had received from my intelligence sources
about the underwater missiles which were then being planted by
the Soviet Navy. Only two weeks later, on August 2, 1976, I
followed up with the Audioletter No. 15. In that broadcast I
explained the naval strategy that was involved, and gave the
navigational coordinates of 64 Soviet underwater missiles which
by then had been planted world-wide. This was necessary because
this crucial information was being blocked from reaching the
Joint Chiefs of Staff by agents within our own government, and
only by making it a public issue was there any hope that action
would be taken. By mid August, Canada and Great Britain became
the first nations to take action to have the missiles around them
removed, and by late August 1976 the United States Navy was fast
at work too, pulling up Soviet missiles in our own waters.
General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
had succeeded in urging then President Gerald Ford to overrule
Henry Kissinger and give the order for the missiles to be
removed. The removal operation was completed on August 31, 1976.
The very next day a letter was sent out over General Brown's
signature to me and to thousands nation-wide who had pressed the
Pentagon for action. The letter said in the present tense that
in effect no Russian missiles were in our waters. Many people
wrongly concluded from this that there had been nothing to my
charges about underwater Soviet missiles in our coastal waters.
But a week later I alerted General Brown that I had begun
receiving coordinates for a second round of missiles which the
Russians had just begun planting. I requested a meeting with him
in person to relay these coordinates, and my request was granted
without delay. The meeting was arranged for 3:00 P.M. September
16, 1976, in General Brown's office at the Pentagon. By that
date I was able to give him 48 new locations around North America
recorded on a cassette tape for his ears only. When my associate
who accompanied me to the meeting handed the special tape to
General Brown, the General inspected it briefly then put it into
the inside jacket pocket of his own Air Force uniform, refusing
to turn it over to anyone else at that moment. And a few days
later I received word that the United States Navy was again hard
at work pulling up Soviet missiles without a word to the public.
The Pentagon has publicly confirmed in newspapers such as the
Norfolk, Va. Ledger-Star of Sept. 27, 1976, and the Chicago
Tribune of Dec. 4, 1977, that my meeting with General Brown for
over an hour did take place exactly as I have told you, and in
Audioletter No. 16 for September 1976 I told my listeners many
more details of those tense days on the edge of nuclear war. I
also alerted my listeners that General Brown would need
overwhelming public support in order to continue to do his
Constitutional duty to the American people. As I said then,
General Brown was confronted by powerful forces within the United
States government who were bent on stopping him; and sure enough,
on October 17, 1976, just a month and a day after my meeting with
General Brown, a vicious major media blitz was launched against

As I revealed in Audioletter No. 17, a fateful reversal in
America's fortunes had taken place on October 1--thanks to
squalid blackmail, threats, and intimidation of then President
Gerald Ford. Now beginning in mid October, General Brown found
himself standing alone. Many of those who had peppered the
Pentagon with demands for action two months earlier were somehow
just a little too busy to follow up with the praise and support
when it was critically needed. General Brown had gambled
everything on the American people--and he had lost. In
Audioletter 23 over a year ago I revealed just how much General
Brown had lost. I also warned of the possibility of personal
harm to General Brown, and for months now we have seen no more of
Gen. Brown in public as if he had been liquidated in the Russian
KGB style. He has long since been replaced to all intents and
purposes by General David Jones, a man whose similarity to
General Brown begins and ends with his own Air Force uniform.
General Jones has far more in common with Jimmy Carter, who broke
with all tradition in order to make Jones the new Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs. Jimmy Carter wanted his "own kind of man", a "Yes
man", and now he has one.

Another turning point for our nation took place a year ago.
At that time the Soviet program of nuclear sabotage in the United
States in preparation for war began mushrooming. As you know, I
suspended the Audioletter for a period of three months, late May
to late August 1977, in hopes of assisting in efforts nation-wide
to expose and stop the fast growing sabotage campaign; but when I
resumed the Audioletter with issue No. 25 in August, I was forced
to tell you of the failure of this effort--thanks primarily to
official inaction at all levels including disbelief and
unwillingness to investigate. Since that time, we have seen more
and more of the emerging tip of the iceberg of the unprecedented
threat we face. The Russian sabotage campaign that began last
spring with major dams and reservoirs has long since spread to
other kinds of targets--such as bridges, major public buildings,
grain elevators, refineries, and for several months now
railroads, especially tank cars. But having allowed our country
to fall into this desperate condition, the Federal Government is
making no attempt to correct the sabotage itself. Instead,
throughout the United States intensive training programs are now
secretly underway for state police and selected local law
enforcement agencies to cope with a virtual breakdown of society
that could be brought about by massive sabotage. It has now
become a part of "Operation Garden Plot" about which I first
alerted my listeners nearly three years ago in Audioletter No. 2.

Many other parts of the iceberg of imminent danger are also
visible now besides sabotage. For example, there were the
unprecedented Air Quakes or mystery air blasts last December
through February along the east coast and elsewhere. They were
produced by Russian Cosmospheres, as I have detailed in previous
broadcasts. But, my friends, regardless of the issue--whether
political, economic, or involving our very life and death--the
reactions of the American people as a whole to the information I
have made public are quite different from what I would have
expected when I began five years ago. To me, it can only be
described as abnormal and suicidal. Having been made the
sovereigns over the United States of America by our Constitution,
we the people have forfeited that sovereignty. All we can say
is: What can we do? When confronted with massive documentation
of fraud by the United States Treasury concerning our gold
supplies, we do not as a people respond normally or logically.
Instead of forcing our alleged public servants to prove their
faithful stewardship, which would be a simple matter if no fraud
existed, we simply believe their self-serving lies because they
speak 'with authority'. Then we go blissfully on our way
wondering why our economy is continuing to fall apart. When
confronted with the evidence of our own eyes that something is
terribly wrong with our true national security, we do not
demand--much less force--our so-called public servants to do
anything about it. Instead, we listen to pleasant words that
acts of terrorism like those overseas are not a worry here in the
United States. Thus reassured, we just scratch our heads as if
we had not a clue to the cause when we see grain elevators,
railroad tank cars or other targets exploding in rashes without
any precedent.

My friends, we the people of the United States of America have
defaulted on the most glorious chance that any people in the
world ever had. And the time has now come for me to confess to
you that my efforts up to now appear to have failed in their
original purpose. That purpose was to help enable the American
people to save our beloved Republic by making public the
information that could have been used to put our Secret Rulers in
the docket and to set our government on an honest course once
again. My hope was that the final collapse of the United States
together with the deaths of millions could be and would be
prevented. My hope was that for once an entire people would be
able to raise their eyes from the manufactured distractions of
the day and to look ahead to see disaster coming and to take
actions to prevent it. That is what I had hoped would happen;
but as it stands now, my friends, there is no way disaster can be
prevented except by divine intervention. To those who have no
faith in God, these are the words of total defeat--and total
defeat is what lies in store for our Secret Rulers. But what of
the rest of us?

I am always asked: What can I do to save my country? For
those who want my answer to this question, I have to say in all
honesty: You cannot save anyone or anything until and unless your
own soul is saved, and that can happen only if you accept our
Lord Jesus, the Christ--in your HEART, in your mind, and in your
soul. There is no other way except by Jesus' power. Only then
will you be able to point yourself in the right direction, only
then will you begin to understand what needs doing, and only then
will you realize that your Creator comes first--not country, not
self, not anybody but your Creator. Then will you begin to do
what is right simply because it is right.

In months ahead, God willing, I hope to continue to keep you
informed of events and their significance to you just as I have
been doing. But I also will try, God willing, to tell you more
about what could be done to replace the evil system that is now
collapsing around our ears. The Republic which was created by
our Founding Fathers is no more--except for a crumbling shell;
but if we like our Founding Fathers will commit our way into the
Lord's hands we might yet have an opportunity even greater than
theirs. On the ashes of a Republic that stood for 200 years,
there might still be built one that would last until the end
destined by our Lord, for we have not only the eternal principles
that guided our Founding Fathers but also the lessons of what
went wrong with what they created. One year ago in Audioletter
No. 24 I used the historical precedent of the fall of Babylon to
illustrate the total and imminent collapse of the United States.
But we can and must pray that instead another historical
precedent of long ago will take its place--that of ancient
Nineveh. We are told that Nineveh, like Babylon, fell into evil
practices of all kinds, and that both the leaders and the people
forgot all about God. Then one day a man named Jonah began
walking through the streets of Nineveh calling to mind all the
evil that was rampant in the city from top to bottom, and he
warned that for turning away from God the city would shortly be
utterly destroyed. His words struck home, and both the people
and the rulers of Nineveh turned aside from their ways and turned
back to God--and Nineveh revived, becoming a great city once
again for generations.

We now face a trial by fire, my friends; and if at some point
we as a people wake up and turn back to our Lord, then and only
then might the remnant of our once great nation be spared.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless and protect each and every one of you.

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