Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 41.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audioletter - Box 16428, Fort Worth, Texas

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter in Washington. Today is
Dec. 26, 1978, and this is my Audioletter No 41.

Yesterday my family and I were among the millions of
Christians world-wide who were celebrating the birth of our Lord
Jesus Christ. And yet, Christmas itself may soon become a thing
of the past in America because even as I say these words the
silent Bolshevik take-over of America is showing itself in
drastic changes in church worship in many areas. In every
possible way Jesus Christ is being removed from our minds, and
ideas foreign to Christianity are being substituted in His place.
At this rate it will not be long before Christmas itself is
outlawed by the Bolsheviks, just as they did in Russia six
decades ago. Meanwhile the Bolsheviks in our midst are using the
Christmas season to divert our attention from their Satanic
intrigues, just as they have done in the past.

Economic manipulations are being set in motion to lead to
accelerating STAGFLATION here in America--that is, inflation
combined with depression. Political maneuvering both here and
abroad is setting the stage for BOLSHEVIK DICTATORSHIP--and soon
NUCLEAR WAR ONE! Militarily the Bolsheviks are pressing forward
with feverish preparations to fight a war with Russia that will
kill millions of us. For their part, the Bolsheviks also refuse
to face reality. For them, America is fast becoming their last
pasture to roam around in, and it is their last stand. They
believe they must win here in order to wreak revenge not only on
Russia, which is expelling their kind, but also a Russia which
has become a Christian nation once again.

My three topics for this month are:


Topic #1--A week ago, on December 19, a million-dollar
discrepancy in United States gold reserves made headlines. The
New York Assay Office of the United States Mint of the United
States Treasury is unable to account for at least 5,200 troy
ounces of gold, and some say a lot more may be missing. The
question is: How much more?

My friends, nearly 3-1/2 years ago in July 1975 I recorded
Audioletter No. 2. At that time I gave just one documented
example of how big the discrepancies really are. That example
consisted of the January 20, 1965 gold shipment from Fort Knox to
the New York Assay Office. The shipment came to more than 1-3/4
million ounces of gold, yet it was not shown on the official
Treasury listing of Fort Knox shipments. My friend Mr. Edward
Durell forced the United States Mint to admit this shipment by
confronting them with photographic evidence; and yet subsequent
Treasury listings continue to omit that shipment, as well as
others. The simple truth is that the United States is gold poor.
The official Treasury and Federal Reserve documents that list a
huge United States gold hoard are totally false, as I have
explained in detail in the past. The dollar has no backing--and
it is dying!

My friends, on November 1, 1978, Jimmy Carter announced the
Administration's plan supposedly to support the dollar. As part
of this plan, it was announced that the United States Treasury
would increase the size of the monthly gold auctions from
America's alleged gold hoard. Beginning with this month's
auction on December 19, the amount of the monthly auction was
increased to 1.5 million ounces. The problem is that there is no
way for the Treasury to keep up this charade to fool the public
for long. When the auctions began last April at 300,000 ounces
per month, the United States had only around six (6) million
ounces available, mostly obtained from the International Monetary
Fund and the Exchange Stabilization Fund. And even this small
gold supply is not all in the form known as good delivery gold.
The scheduled January auction will include melted-down foreign
coins as one-third of the total amount to be auctioned off. Can
you imagine? But some excuse has to be found to suspend the
Treasury gold auctions before the small gold supply is used up.
The flap over a few thousand missing ounces of gold at the New
York Assay Office could prove ideal for this purpose, or it could
be that action will be taken in February by the Treasury to stop
all gold sales because they have not stopped the decline in the
value of the dollar here and abroad. Whatever the excuse, be

In the past I have explained in detail how the theft of
America's gold was tied into the larger plan to deliberately
destroy the United States dollar. And nearly three years ago in
Audioletter No. 9 I described how the gold manipulations were
used in March 1973 to force Europe to pay World War II
reparations of $45-billion dollars to the Rockefellers, the
Rothschilds, and their military partners. At this moment David
Rockefeller and company is in the process of extorting a second
pay-off of $45-billion dollars from the Central Banks of West
Germany, Switzerland, and Japan; but this time it is blackmail
pure and simple. And while it is being done under the guise of
the so-called Dollar Support Plan of the Carter administration,
it is actually helping to hurry along the final collapse of the
United States dollar.

The alleged Dollar Support Program announced on November 1
includes, as its most prominent feature, a guarantee arrangement
aggregating $30-billion dollars by the United States Government
alone. This is exactly the same arrangement as that suggested in
speeches by David Rockefeller. Under this arrangement the
Central Banks of West Germany, Switzerland, and Japan each agree
to support the dollar by exchanging their hard currencies for
dollars. In turn, the Central Banks can use these unwanted
dollars to purchase United States Treasury obligations bearing
high interest rates; but, in addition--and this has not been made
public before--each Central Bank is responsible itself for
another $5-billion dollars in support. The total currency credit
package, therefore, adds up to a total of $45-billion dollars.
My friends, this has all been made to appear as a scheme to prop
up the dollar, but it's actually nothing more than a means by
which the Rockefeller multi-national corporations can unload
unwanted dollars and receive in their place hard currencies.
When the $45-billion dollars in so-called support has been used
up, as will soon be, the dollar will be adrift again--even worse
off than before. This plan is a bitter pill for Europe and Japan
to swallow, but they are willing to pay the price for David
Rockefeller not to rock the boat when the new European Monetary
System goes into operation on January 1, 1979.

As I revealed nearly six years ago in my book, THE CONSPIRACY
AGAINST THE DOLLAR, there are five (5) Rockefeller-controlled
multi-national corporations which all by themselves can swamp the
European monetary system. The companies are: GENERAL MOTORS,
assets exceed those of the governments of Western Europe.

Here is how the so-called Dollar Support Plan really works:
First, a Rockefeller-controlled multi-national (for example, IBM)
dumps $10-million dollars in West Germany and demands the
equivalent in Deutschemarks, a hard currency. The Central Bank
complies, buying the dollars and giving IBM the D-marks; but the
Central Bank doesn't want dollars either, and so the Bank turns
around and buys United States Treasury obligations which bear
high interest rates. This increases the national debt--and we
American taxpayers pay the interest. So the Rockefeller
multi-nationals get all the benefit, while you and I pay the

To make these Treasury obligations attractive to the foreign
Central Banks, interest rates in the United States are continuing
to rise. This is making a sick Stock Market even sicker and
leading to a collapse in the real estate market by making homes
impossible for most people to finance. That in turn is producing
a downturn in construction with an increase in unemployment that
will have a domino effect throughout our economy. So, prices are
accelerating while business is headed toward stagnation and
depression. The result: STAGFLATION, as I warned in my book
nearly six years ago. The long-range plan is right on track.
And so the gimmick sold to the public as the Carter
Administration Dollar Support Plan is merely nothing more than a
blackmail payoff, and it is designed to help bring on a major
depression in America.

But the Dollar Support Plan is only half of the plan to
produce a depression with inflation. As I have mentioned, this
plan is having a strong impact on one of the two critical sectors
needed to trigger a depression--namely, CONSTRUCTION. The other
critical sector, my friends, is that of AUTOMOBILES; and there,
too, ominous developments are under way. In Audioletter No. 5
for October 1975 I referred briefly to the wise German economist
whose information was misused in order to bring on the Great
Depression of the 1930's. I studied under this man and we became
good friends. He was the one who taught me to look beyond
effects--to causes; and he explained in detail how the two
critical sectors of Automobiles and Construction were manipulated
to bring on the depression. Today the same scheme that worked
then is being brought into play again.

Last month on November 7, General Motors gave the first signal
of impending trouble in Automobiles. On that day, General Motors
announced a cut by one-half in the dividend rate on GM stock. It
was GM's way of saying, Hard Times Ahead; and the Stock Market
shivered and went into a slump. At that time there was no
apparent reason for the GM dividend cut, since automobile sales
this year have been good. But, my friends, those who control
General Motors know what lies ahead because cars run on petroleum
energy; and as part of the chain of events leading to NUCLEAR WAR
ONE, manipulated oil shortages are on the way.

Throughout the 20th century oil has been a dominant factor in
economics, politics, and war. As I have detailed on past
occasions, World Wars I and II were both fought over oil. In
World War I it was Saudi Arabian and Russian oil, and Christian
Russia was all but consumed in the flames of Bolshevik
revolution. In World War II it was Saudi Arabian oil again, and
this time the back of the British Empire was broken. It was also
about Chinese oil whose attempted development by the Japanese led
finally to atomic fireballs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Today, NUCLEAR WAR ONE is fast approaching between Russia and
the United States. This time it is different, in one
respect--this time it is to be a grudge match. On one side are
the Christian sect who have taken over the Kremlin after a
struggle of six decades; on the other side are their overthrown
deadly enemies, the atheistic Bolsheviks who are rapidly seizing
total control over America. But even in this situation, energy
continues to play a major role. To the Russians, control of
nearby sources of energy is a prime consideration influencing
their diplomatic and military strategy. To the Bolsheviks, oil
is a tool of intrigue and economic conquest as well as a trigger
for war.

To understand the real significance of the OPEC oil price
increase announced on December 17, it must be viewed in this
light of Bolshevik intrigue because, my friends, what has just
taken place is not what it appears to be. Saudi Arabia has now
been lured into a trap; she is to be both scapegoat and victim in
the economic chaos and warfare our rulers are now bringing down
upon us all. The giant oil companies of the Rockefeller cartel
will use the OPEC oil price increase as an excuse to reap
tremendous windfall profits. As the American economy falters,
public bitterness against Saudi Arabia will be whipped up. At
the same time Saudi Arabia will be blamed for destroying the Camp
David accords between Egypt and Israel. Increasingly we will be
told that the United States must disengage and disconnect from
Saudi Arabia. Events will deteriorate in the Middle East, with
Saudi Arabia being made to appear even more sinister. Finally it
is all to culminate in the American-Israeli limited nuclear
strike against Saudi Arabia's oil fields. It's all part of the
elaborate American strategy for a nuclear first strike against
Russia, which I revealed in detail four months ago. So for both
economic and military reasons, our rulers were determined to
bring about a substantial increase in OPEC oil prices. To
accomplish this, they have applied a triple squeeze on the OPEC

The first element of this triple squeeze is the declining
value of the United States dollar. Once America's rulers began
to actively debase the dollar, the dollar in effect was on strike
against the OPEC countries. OPEC oil was being paid for in
cheaper and cheaper dollars causing the real income of the OPEC
countries to decline steadily. In addition, the value of dollars
already held by OPEC countries has been evaporating before their
very eyes. Yet, in spite of all of this, OPEC oil prices were
kept frozen for the past two years and it was Saudi Arabia that
prevented any price increase from taking place.

The second arm of the triple squeeze on OPEC lay within OPEC
itself. Agitation to raise prices was led by Venezuela which
came under Rockefeller control long before World War II. At the
same time, the CIA agents within the OPEC structure made sure
that OPEC would continue to base oil prices on the dollar. Our
rulers wanted to have a visible connection between oil prices and
the value of the dollar for propaganda purposes. What OPEC will
finally be forced to do, my friends, will be to abandon the
dollar within the next six months and begin pricing oil in terms
of a basket of foreign hard currencies. But for now, our rulers
have forced OPEC into continuing to price oil in terms of
shriveling dollars. So now, the predominantly Arab OPEC
countries have been trapped into appearing to be the cause of the
dollar's decline, inflation, and the coming depression here in

The third and final arm of the triple squeeze against OPEC
involved the actual triggering of the price increase. Some way
had to be found to under-cut the leverage and influence within
OPEC of Saudi Arabia long enough to force a substantial price
increase. This was accomplished by means of the recent rioting
against the Shah of Iran accompanied by drastic cutbacks in
Iran's oil production.

The recent trickery involving Iran has been very successful in
fooling almost everyone; and yet, what has just been done is one
of the oldest tricks there is. To illustrate that, let me take
you back for a moment to the spring of 1962. At that time
tremendous riots were taking place in Greece, they were being
labeled as Communist-inspired in the press, and likewise secret
CIA reports were saying that a virtual Communist take-over of
Greece was well under way by means of these riots. Ex-President
Harry Truman, though long out of office, was still very actively
interested in the policies of the American government. Also,
Truman had always worried about Greece due to its strategic
position on NATO's southern flank. Through the Marshall Plan and
other means he had done all he could to keep Greece strong and
pro-Western. When President Truman read all the stories and CIA
reports about Communist rioting in the streets of Athens, he
became very worried. But Truman was always suspicious of the
CIA, feeling that they were feeding him half truths. He
considered Greece to be too important to depend on the probably
slanted assessment by the CIA, and concluded that totally
independent intelligence was needed on Greece. And so President
Truman contacted his close personal friend, Robert Kennedy, who
was then Attorney General. One of the things on which Truman and
Kennedy saw eye to eye was their distrust of the CIA. Both were
convinced that the CIA was actually serving a different
master--and of course they were right. After conferring with
Truman, Robert Kennedy contacted George Docking, the former
Governor of Kansas, who had become a key Director of the United
States Export-Import Bank. In turn, Docking contacted me and
asked me to set up the Intelligence Mission to learn the true
situation in Greece. At that time I was Legal Counsel to the
Export-Import Bank, but my true function was very often the
gathering and analysis of intelligence under the imposing cover
of the Export-Import Bank. And while we were at it, President
Truman wanted us to deliver a personal message to the Greek
leaders. They were laying plans to erect a statue to Truman for
his great help in keeping Greece in the Western camp after the
war. He appreciated the thought, but he had made clear in rather
salty language he did not want any statues.

As a cover for the Intelligence Mission to Greece, we
concocted an Exim Bank (Export-Import Bank) Mission to Austria,
Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and Spain. The story was that we were
checking up on various projects where Exim Bank loans were
involved. On April 18, 1962, the Exim Bank travel group, which
included Governor Docking and myself, left Washington. After
visiting all five countries, we finally arrived back here in
Washington on May 1. The official report on the trip ended up at
46 typewritten pages. Tucked in, almost lost among all the
words, was only one page about Greece. That single page
contained only one statement of true significance, and it had
nothing to do with the rioting which actually prompted the trip.
This statement was: "Mr. Zelatas was particularly concerned about
the steady decline in the gold reserves held by the United
States." Mr. Zelatas was an official of the Central Bank of
Greece, and his actual words were a lot more emphatic. He said
to me that if he did not protect the gold reserves of Greece, "My
people would hang me."

But the real information sought on the trip had been the
matter of the Greek riots and their origin. That information was
contained only in a secret report which I delivered personally to
Robert Kennedy. What I had done in Greece had actually been very
simple in spite of the elaborate cover we had to use for the
Mission. I went out and mingled with the crowds of
demonstrators. Posing as a business man from Lebanon, I asked
what the rioting was all about; was it Communist inspired? The
answers were all the same. "Nonsense" they said. "The
government itself is putting out the story that it's Communist
inspired. You see, that way America would give them more money
than to Turkey." The information which I obtained in this way
turned out to be much more accurate than that given Truman by the
CIA. As we all know, Greece did not go Communist; and today few
Americans even remember the Greek riots of 1962.

In the same way the riots in Iran have been orchestrated so as
to create the image of a threat to accomplish a given purpose.
That purpose was to provide an excuse for a drastic cutback in
Iranian oil production that would help trigger an increase in
OPEC oil prices. CIA-directed funds were channeled into support
for the rioting in Iran, but this fact was camouflaged by CIA
reports beforehand that foresaw no threat to the Shah. The
famous November 11 memo of Jimmy Carter which criticized the CIA
for failing to foresee the rioting in Iran was only part of the
cover tactics to allay suspicion.

In the weeks before the OPEC oil meeting, the crisis
atmosphere surrounding Iran was assisted by certain American
multi-national corporations. They began evacuating personnel
from Iran, and this was played up very big on television. We saw
people flooding into airports at Athens, Tel Aviv, Rome,
Paris--getting out in a hurry from Iran. At the same time
remarks by Jimmy Carter added to fears that the Shah was doomed.
On November 30 he said, "We do not have any intention of
interfering in the internal affairs of Iran, and we do not
approve any other nation interfering in the internal affairs of
Iran." And in further statements on December 1, December 6,
December 7, and December 12, Carter continued to contribute to
the crisis in Iran by refusing to publicly back the Shah. Thus
the United States appeared to be deserting him, and the crisis
continued to build in Iran. Meanwhile the oil flow from Iran was
cut to a trickle. The other members of OPEC were put under an
enormous and expensive strain in an effort to take up the slack.
For weeks before the OPEC meeting in Abu Dhabi, this was the
situation. The result was to pull the rug out from under Saudi
Arabia. On December 17, just nine days ago, an OPEC oil price
increase of 14.5% was announced to occur in four stages during
1979. As planned, everyone was shocked at such a large increase,
but the following day Sheik Yamani, Saudi Arabia's oil minister,
said on the BBC World Service, "With the situation in Iran, the
price of crude went up sharply, and we were not able to argue so
much inside OPEC against an increase like this." For now, the
turbulence in Iran has served its immediate purpose of triggering
a large OPEC oil price increase; but the pressure, my friends,
will be kept on Iran to keep OPEC in line. The recent artificial
turbulence in Iran has been a preview of things to come. We have
now been provided with a careful demonstration of how vulnerable
Iran could be, and how vital her oil supplies are to us and the
world; and when the time is ripe, we will be reminded of these
things for war propaganda purposes.

In Audioletter No. 37 four months ago I detailed the secret
American first-strike strategy to initiate all-out nuclear war
with Russia. Under the plan, the Camp David accords between
Egypt and Israel are to be shattered in a way that will lead to
the nuclear destruction of Saudi Arabia's oil fields. Already
the 'Hate Saudi Arabia' campaign is building up in America's
controlled major media. As for Sadat, he has placed his hopes on
President Carter, but in Audioletter No. 38 I revealed that
Carter had suddenly contracted leukemia and cancer in the left
side of the head. I must now reveal that the cancer has begun
spreading to other areas of his body. This is the truth behind
the recent cover stories about his hemorrhoid problem; and on
Saturday December 23, Carter secretly returned to Washington from
his Christmas trip to Plains, Georgia. He was here for cobalt
treatments at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. My friends, in
Audioletter No. 38 I explained how Jimmy Carter's involuntary
departure from the scene is intended to help ignite war in the
Middle East. Now, those events are drawing closer by the day.

Topic #2--Nearly two months ago, in late October, Soviet Foreign
Minister Andrei Gromyko paid a three-day visit to France. On
October 28 Gromyko held a press conference at the impressive new
Soviet Embassy in Paris. Symbolically, the Embassy is located
next door to the former headquarters of NATO, from which France
withdrew years ago. In his press conference Gromyko said that
his visit had "confirmed the privileged relations" between France
and Russia; and he added: "I want to stress the word
'privileged'." My friends, what Gromyko was talking about was
the unique position of trust that now exists between France and
Russia. It all began long ago when General Charles De Gaulle, as
President of France, began to see the handwriting on the wall.
On one hand the United States was becoming increasingly devious
and untrustworthy in its dealings with other countries. On the
other hand, De Gaulle learned that something was taking place in
the ruling circles of Russia, something that was gradually making
Russia worthy of at least cautious cooperation. De Gaulle was
determined that France should be strong and independent, so in a
very cautious way he began to develop the relations between
France and Russia as a counterbalance to the powerful influence
of the United States. Gradually the process expanded to the
mutual benefit of France and Russia. Meanwhile, American
policies in both diplomacy and defense continued to deteriorate.
As the United States became bogged down in the quagmire of
Vietnam, it became obvious that we were not even fighting the war
in a rational military fashion. The French, for their part, had
learned their Indo-China lesson at Dien Bien Phu in 1954. For
this and other reasons, De Gaulle concluded that the United
States had become unreliable as a military partner. France, he
decided, must go it alone, so in the 60's De Gaulle pulled France
out of NATO. The NATO headquarters building in France was
closed, and NATO moved its headquarters to Brussels, Belgium,
where it remains today. In taking this action, De Gaulle
repudiated American leadership in the defense of Europe. He also
signaled a truly independent attitude in foreign policy and
defense. The door was open to increased dialogue and cooperation
with Russia. Since that time the ties between France and Russia
have grown steadily. There has been a historic affection between
France and Russia that dates back to the time of the czars, and
today it is being restored again through cooperation in all kinds
of areas.

Nearly a year ago in Audioletter No. 32 I revealed the
Franco-Russian intrigues in Canada. For the French, it is
intended to lead to French domination of Canada; for Russia, it
is expediting preparations for the invasion of the United States.
But there are other areas of cooperation between France and
Russia which are much more visible yet generally not recognized
for what they are. For example, the French are contributing
heavily to the instrumentation carried to Venus by the Russian
Venera series of space probes. In the realm of military
technology, France is participating with Russia in ongoing
testing of charged particle beams in space. And last spring when
France carried out neutron bomb tests in the Pacific, Russia
raised not a word of protest. By contrast, the American neutron
bomb is the target of intense Russian propaganda. Yet all of
this does not mean that France has become a secret satellite of
Russia; quite the contrary. France is continuing to pursue a
foreign policy rooted in her own interests, and as a result
French actions sometimes cause Russia great irritation. And
Russia, for her part, is not above applying intense pressure on
France whenever it is necessary. But even in areas where there
is not agreement between France and Russia, there is an
atmosphere of basic understanding. The situation was summarized
in the article distributed by the Soviet Embassy in Paris before
Gromyko arrived there in late October. It was titled:
"MOSCOW-PARIS, AN AXIS OF DETENTE." It praised relations between
France and Russia as a model of peaceful coexistence between
states with different systems, and it noted that their
differences "will continue to predetermine a certain
non-coincidence in the positions of the USSR and France in
foreign policy, but the things which unite them are more

My friends, the unique factor tending to unite France and
Russia today is TRUST. Wherever there are specific commitments
between the two, there is trust that neither side will
double-cross the other. It is this atmosphere of trust that is
missing between Russia's rulers of today and the rulers of
America. As Gromyko said in a toast in France, "France practices
a policy of detente without zigzags." By implication, he was
saying that others, especially America, cannot be trusted. And
so when Gromyko called the relations between France and Russia
"privileged", he was talking about a matter of trust; and the
benefits of that trust can hardly be overstated.

In Audioletter No. 36 last July, I mentioned southern France
as one of the areas that should be spared in NUCLEAR WAR ONE. I
can now reveal that Russia's campaign of nuclear sabotage has now
been extended to Europe. It is by no means as extensive as that
which has been carried out in America, which I first began to
make public in Audioletter No. 23 for April 1977; but as of now,
almost every country in both eastern and western Europe has now
been mined with Russian cobalt bombs in key major cities.
Russia's intention is to use these bombs as blackmail. She wants
to force Western Europe to stay out of the coming war, and she
wants to fend off the revolutions in Eastern Europe which the
Roman Catholic Church, dominated increasingly by Bolsheviks, is
trying to bring about. Of all the countries of Europe, only one
has so far been completely spared of all sabotage by the
Russians--that country is France. In all of the other countries
Bolshevik influence is great enough that Russia does not feel
able to trust them completely; but where France is concerned, the
element of trust is more powerful than nuclear weapons.

My friends, lack of trust is the real reason for America's
coming catastrophe in NUCLEAR WAR ONE. There was a time when the
United States of America was respected and honored for keeping
its word with other countries, but that time has long gone. The
atheistic Bolsheviks, who are seizing control of America, favor
intrigue over honor and deception over truth. As the nationalist
Chinese on Taiwan have just found out, years of solemn promises
and guarantees by the United States no longer mean anything at
all. The only way NUCLEAR WAR ONE could be prevented, my
friends, would be for the Satanic Bolsheviks to be thrown out of
their positions of power here in America. Russia today is
controlled by Christians; and if America were once again
controlled by Christians, trust could be established. But the
Christian revolution which has been taking place in the ruling
circles of Russia is not being repeated here in the United
States. Instead, the atheistic Bolsheviks are using the guise of
Christianity itself in order to attack Russia.

Four months ago in Audioletter No. 37 I revealed that
Bolshevik influences within the Vatican were preparing to throw
the Roman Catholic Church into the Bolshevik war against Russia.
Two months later I explained how Pope John Paul I had run afoul
of this game plan, and what had happened to him as a result. I
also pointed out the tangible evidence which was available to
prove my charges of deceit and fraud within the Vatican. And
now, the real Pope John Paul II has also fallen by the wayside,
contrary to appearances.

As I explained in Audioletter No. 39, Karol Cardinal Wojtyla
of Poland was elected pope because the Bolsheviks wanted to make
use of his anti-Communist image in their war against Russia; but
as Pope John Paul II, he also had a flaw which the Bolsheviks
could not tolerate. From the moment he became pope, Wojtyla made
it clear that he intended to shake up the Vatican bureaucracy
known as the CURIA. Initially, he did not re-confirm any top
officials of the Curia. He merely asked Cardinal Villot of
France to stay on as Secretary of State "until other decisions
have been made." Through these actions and other statements,
Pope John Paul II made it clear that he was planning to
completely restructure the Curia. Any such restructuring, my
friends, would have dealt a serious blow to Bolshevik power
within the Vatican, for it is through the Curia that the
Bolsheviks now exercise their Vatican control; and their key
agent, Giovanni Cardinal Benelli, is one of those who would have
been replaced in a Curia reshuffle. But the Bolsheviks had known
that Cardinal Wojtyla, as pope, would try to change the Curia.
As Archbishop of Krakow, he had often spoken in favor of such
restructuring; so when he became pope, they were already
preparing to make sure he did not carry out his plans. When
Cardinal Wojtyla was named pope on October 16, 1978, it was only
his anti-Communist image that the Bolsheviks wanted. Wojtyla
himself was a strong-minded man, not the type that usually makes
a good puppet; and so, even before his election, Wojtyla's
unacknowledged replacement was being prepared.

For the first few weeks of Pope John Paul II's reign, he was
kept busy with public appearances. On October 27 he began his
shake-up of the Curia by firing a veteran Cardinal, Cardinal
Felici, as President of an important Vatican council. But his
heavy schedule of public activities tied his hands for moving
rapidly on the promised reforms. Then in mid November the Pope
virtually dropped out of sight for a time, but on November 21 the
Vatican released an announcement that was as brief as it was
stunning. As of that date, Pope John Paul II was said to have
confirmed in their posts all of the top Curia officials who had
served the previous two popes, without explanation. We were told
in effect that Pope John Paul II had undone his own plans for
Vatican reform.

My friends, here is what actually happened. During the period
in mid November when Pope John Paul II was seen very little, his
poisoning was in process. Beginning November 18 this took the
form of a very powerful air-borne poison based on plutonium and
zirconium, a variant of the poison that produces Legionnaires'
Disease. The Pope's condition deteriorated rapidly, and he died
at approximately 4:00 P.M. Rome time on November 20, 1978.
Shortly thereafter his body was secretly removed from the
Vatican, being taken first to an interim location about 45 miles
northwest of Rome. By 8:00 P.M. Rome time the following evening,
November 21, his body had been cremated. It was earlier that
same day that the Vatican issued the terse announcement saying
the entire Curia had been re-confirmed by the Pope. Since that
time an actor has been playing the part of Pope John Paul II.
This man is neither Polish nor Christian. Those in Europe who
have more opportunities than we in America to see the Pope should
observe him closely. Pay close attention to the voice, the
mannerisms, the closeness of the photography; compare the
pictures of the dead Pope and this actor, and the exact nature of
his public utterances. These days the 'actor Pope' is the most
visible pope in history, made so by the controlled major media;
and his pronouncements are moving the Roman Catholic Church
closer and closer to open confrontation against Russia.

My friends, in Audioletter No. 39 I explained how the Satanic
fraud surrounding the death of Pope John Paul I could be proven.
Now the fraud has taken the life of another Pope, and 700,000,000
Catholics are gradually being called to arms in the cause of
Bolshevik warfare against reviving Christianity in Russia!

Topic #3--Last month I devoted Audioletter No. 40 to a detailed
explanation of the gruesome events which had just taken place in
the Republic of Guyana. As I explained then, the Jonestown
tragedy was a mass murder, not a mass suicide. It was staged in
order to provide access to Guyana for a military operation--a
commando raid to wipe out a secret Russian missile base. The
base was the same one about which I had begun warning over four
years ago in the summer of 1974. It was basically an American
operation, but with heavy participation by the Israelis because
of their unparalleled experience in such operations. And when I
recorded Audioletter No. 40 last month, I was able to report that
Jim Jones had not died at Jonestown but had escaped. The body
identified by the FBI as that of Jones was that of a look-alike,
a double. Jim Jones had followed an elaborate escape route which
ended up in Israel on November 30, the same day I recorded
Audioletter No. 40. Jim Jones was alive, my friends, but he was
not well. It is time now to finish the nightmare story of Jim

When Jones arrived in Israel he was suffering from cancer--in
his head, in his left lung, in his stomach, and in his colon.
After an intelligence debriefing near Jerusalem, he began
receiving cobalt treatments for the cancer in his head. The
treatments began on December 4, but they did not last long. The
following day Jones was told that it would be necessary to
transfer him to another location where more comprehensive
treatment could be given for his advanced cancer. So shortly
after 5:00 P.M. Israeli time, Jones boarded a small airplane with
a doctor and three other men. The plane headed northwest toward
Turkey, and then inland along the border between Turkey and
Syria. At about 35 miles east of the town of Jerablus on the
Euphrates River, the plane crossed briefly to the Syrian side of
the border. At that point the door of the plane was thrown open
and three men grabbed Jones. In his weak condition and caught by
surprise, he was thrown out of the plane with almost no struggle.

Meanwhile Dr. Lawrence Schacht was making his way to Israel,
unaware of the fate that had befallen Jones. Unlike Jones,
Schacht had been an Israeli agent from the beginning, and now he
was returning home; but just as with Jones, the FBI has been used
to give false reports that Schacht died at Jonestown. It was
Schacht who prepared the cyanide poison mixtures which were
administered, some orally, some by injection, to the Jonestown
victims. The cover stories about Schacht in the controlled major
media of the United States have generally given him an idealistic
image, but a Jonestown survivor who worked with Schacht in the
Jonestown Medical Department paints a far different picture. She
has been quoted as saying: "He was a sadist, he liked to see
people in pain. He didn't do anything to relieve pain." On the
day when Jim Jones was thrown out of an airplane over Syria, Dr.
Schacht was making his way to Paramaribo, the capital of Surinam.
Just before noon Washington time December 9, he left Paramaribo
by jet across the Atlantic, taking with him a large amount of
gold. His route took him to Conakry, Guinea; Bamako, Mali; and
across the corner of Egypt near Wadi Halfa, Sudan, on the way to
the Red Sea. At approximately 3:00 A.M. Israeli time December
11, Dr. Schacht arrived at Jerusalem. Dr. Schacht was afflicted
with cancer in his head and throat; and, like Jones, had been
promised the best in treatment for it upon arrival in Israel.
But Schacht was given only a brief examination near Jerusalem and
then told that he would have to be moved to another location for
better treatment. There was no need for a long debriefing of
Schacht, since Jones had already told everything there was to
tell; and so barely an hour after his arrival in Jerusalem,
Schacht was in the air again in a small plane with four other
men. Three and a half hours later Dr. Lawrence Schacht met his
end, as Jones had done six days earlier--falling from the skies
to a lonely spot along the Turkish-Syrian border.

My friends, it's hard for most of us even to imagine such
diabolical and cold-blooded activities as these; but sadism and
disregard for human life were the hallmarks of the Jonestown mass
murder, and in the end those who sell their souls and their
country for gold always pay the price!

As I mentioned last month, Operation Guyana was successful in
wiping out the Russian missile base there, yet this will have
very little impact now on Russia's ability to pulverize America
in NUCLEAR WAR ONE. What it did accomplish was to buy a little
time for our rulers for the coming war and to help throw the
Russians off balance. Our rulers are also now trying to buy more
time to put off NUCLEAR WAR ONE by a few months by establishing
full diplomatic relations with Red China. In their feverish
attempts to re-arm the United States in preparation for war, they
are willing to do almost anything that will buy a little more
time. Crash military programs are secretly under way, but even
crash programs take time to bear fruit. The ruling circles in
Red China are well aware that our own rulers cannot do without
Red China as an ally against Russia, and so three months ago on
September 19 they applied pressure tactics to force full
recognition by the United States. On that date, as I revealed
that month in Audioletter No. 38, a secret agreement in principle
for a secret alliance was signed between Russia and China. But
the Chinese leadership is far from united, unlike that of Russia;
and while the Hua faction wants to side with Russia, the rival
faction headed by Deng Hsiao-ping wants to go with America for a
while. China can dictate tremendous concessions by the United
States--but can dictate nothing to Russia. And so the ink was
hardly dry on the Sino-Russian agreement of September 19 when it
was used to panic our own rulers. As September 19 followed the
sun around the world from China to America, news of the
Sino-Russian secret agreement was flashed to Chinese agents here
in America by the Deng faction. That same day, September 19, our
rulers were confronted with the reality of this agreement and
they were told that it could be undone only if two things took
place. First, the Deng faction must be assisted in overcoming
the faction headed by Chairman Hua; then, to consolidate Deng's
power and China's allegiance to the United States, full
diplomatic relations must be granted between America and Red
China on China's terms.

The major media, while they have not explained all this, have
drawn attention to September 19 as the critical day. For
example, an article in the Washington Star on December 16 said:
"In the fall the talks entered a new phase. On September 19 the
Chinese consul in the United States visited Carter in the White
House, conferring with him in the Oval Office." The next day the
Washington Post said near the end of a long article about the
China decision: "By this account, the crucial United States
decision was taken September 19, two days after the euphoric end
of the Egypt-Israeli summit meeting with Carter at Camp David."
Soon the great wall poster battle erupted in Peking. Deng was
making a bid to upset the power of Chairman Hua, and he
succeeded; and as the war of words died out, Washington prepared
feverishly to announce full diplomatic relations with China.
That announcement on December 15 was the third major surprise
handed to Russia by our rulers in less than a year. The first
was the Korean air liner intelligence mission into northern
Russia last April; the second was the Battle of Guyana last
month, wiping out the secret Russian missile base there; and now
Red China. But one has to ask: Where is all this really leading?

On December 15, the day of the Red China announcement, there
were only six Russian Cosmospheres on patrol over Red China; but
less than two days later, 105 Cosmospheres have taken up their
positions there. All Cosmospheres are equipped among other
things with exotic lighting equipment for nighttime psychological
warfare. The Chinese, robbed of all religion by their godless
regime, are prime targets for such tactics. Who is to say how
millions of Chinese might react if 100-plus Cosmospheres began
haunting the night skies of China, flashing and hovering at low
altitudes? In any case, our rulers cannot hope to do more than
buy time with China. To achieve that, they are even willing to
bleed off some of America's productive capacity in building up
China. With whatever time that will buy, they hope to improve
their readiness for war by concentrating on secret weapons.

The surprises dealt to Russia during the past year do prove
that Russian intelligence, while it is very good, is not perfect.
They can be surprised. This fact is not lost on the Kremlin
either, and they are preparing some surprises of their own. I
mentioned last month that geophysical warfare is high on the list
of probable techniques to be used by Russia in retaliation for
Guyana, but I can now reveal that the Russian Navy has removed
the seven gigaton-range super bombs which had been planted around
the Philippines when I recorded Audioletter No. 24. The
Philippines, the only Christian nation in Asia, has now come to
terms with Russia. This is true even though the United States
may continue to use the huge Clark Air Force Base and the Subic
Bay Naval Base there.

With the new Russian cosmo-strategic weaponry, these bases are
no longer so important. Instead, the Russians are reinforcing
their network of cobalt bombs along America's west coast itself.
As of my latest report on December 20, there are now 46 bombs
planted where they could devastate southern California. Along
the California coast eight (8) are above the 36th parallel of
latitude, four (4) above the 35th parallel, twelve (12) above the
34th parallel, and ten (10) above the 33rd parallel. There are
nine (9) more between the 33rd parallel in California and the
north end of the Gulf of California which contains three (3) more
bombs above the 31st parallel. Some of these bombs are at sea,
the others are generally underground in caves and mine shafts
where they can help to trigger a massive earthquake. It remains
to be seen how soon these capabilities will be used; but one
thing seems clear, the United States has now had three strikes
against Russia--the Korean air liner incident, Operation Guyana,
and now Red China. Any hope for trust on the part of Russia is
gone; and now, it is Russia's turn at bat.

On the evening of December 17, just over a week ago, the CBS
television program "60 Minutes" devoted its lead story to the
particle beam-weapons race. The program pointed out the
potentially decisive importance of particle beams, and the fact
that Russia is far ahead in this field. Within minutes my
telephone began ringing. Fifteen months ago when I first
revealed Russia's operational status in particle beam-weapons,
they were being ridiculed, so at that time many people paid
little attention to what I revealed; but now, callers were
saying: "Do you see what's on television? You were right!"

My friends, I warned long ago about the false wisdom called
"Wait and see." Now those who have chosen that course have
waited; and now they are beginning to see. If we keep waiting,
my friends, we will get to see it all--and we will all believe on
the day that television programs are interrupted by a surprise
announcement that NUCLEAR WAR ONE HAS COME!

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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