Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 43.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audio Letter(R), Box 16428, Fort Worth,
Texas 76133

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter in Washington. Today is
Feb. 28, 1979, and this is my Audio Letter(R) No. 43.

All across the United States millions of Americans are growing
weary of a long, harsh winter. Over large areas of the country
winter storms this year have been abnormal and unpredictable.
Time and again America's industrial heartland in the Midwest has
been paralyzed by unusually heavy snowstorms. Powerful
rainstorms have battered California, which supplies a major share
of America's food supply. The major population corridors of the
Northeast have endured storm after storm, taxing energy supplies
and human patience. In the Southwest and elsewhere storms have
caused losses of electrical power on an unprecedented scale, and
even here in Washington, D.C., the biggest snowstorm in over 50
years has just taken place. For days, the nation's capital was
brought to a standstill by two feet of snow, and we are still
digging out. And strange weather patterns have struck also in
Europe this winter.

Four weeks ago on January 31, NATO ground forces gathered in
Germany for their first winter maneuvers in six years. When they
began, conditions appeared ideal, the ground was frozen solid to
the depth of five inches, making a nice firm footing for NATO
tanks and other vehicles. There was also a convenient amount of
snow on the ground, a little less than a foot. This was enough
to make the war games seem realistic without actually making
things difficult. The NATO teams were divided up into mock
invaders, called the "Orange Force"; and defenders, called the
"Blue Force." At one minute after midnight January 31 the Orange
Force began its make-believe invasion. It was right on schedule
without the element of surprise that would exist in a real
invasion. Even so, the attacking Orange Force soon outflanked
the Blue defenders, and for the next two days the Orange Force,
representing the Warsaw Pact, rode southward across the West
German landscape. Meanwhile the so-called Blue Force,
representing NATO defenders, were getting set to counterattack.
On the morning of February 2, the third day of the make-believe
war, the Blue Force was almost ready to go; but then, the
unexpected happened. Suddenly the weather changed, strong warm
winds blew up out of nowhere, and soon these were joined by rain.
Within hours the ideal maneuvering conditions vanished--the snow
melted, swelling streams and causing local flooding; and the
frost melted, causing the whole area to turn into a mud bog.
Tanks churned and groaned as they sank into the mire. Meanwhile
NATO's alleged new wonder weapon against enemy tanks, the A-10
Close-support Aircraft, turned out to be absolutely useless.
They were grounded by dense fog. Flooding caused a rush
evacuation of a Field Hospital, and for three days NATO troops,
tanks, and artillery sat stalled in a so-called "Administrative
Hold." Finally, NATO Commander General Alexander Haig flew over
the scene by helicopter and then called off the whole thing. And
so the NATO exercise, which had been named "CERTAIN SENTINEL"
ended on a very uncertain note. Meanwhile, 200 miles away in
Czechoslovakia, Warsaw Pact maneuvers were under way too; and
when the weather changed, they went on as if nothing had
happened. It's almost as if the weather itself had turned
against the United States and the NATO alliance. And, my friend,
it has!

Over a year ago in Audio Letter No. 29, I revealed that Russia
had begun the operational deployment of Hovering Weapons
Platforms. These remarkable machines, which the Russians call
Cosmospheres, are armed with Charged Particle Beam-weapons. When
I recorded Audio Letter No. 29, seven Cosmospheres were on
station over the continental United States, and they were causing
the famous 'air blasts' now called AIR QUAKES. These were the
by-product of weather modification experiments using their
Beam-weapons in a defocused mode. Fourteen years ago the late
General Thomas Power, former Commander of the United States
Strategic Air Command, gave a public warning in advance about
these hovering military craft. In Audio Letter No. 32 I reviewed
General Power's efforts to warn America before it was too late,
but he was ignored and Russia developed these machines, while
America did not. And today they are on station over our missile
bases, major dams, and cities, ready to pulverize targets on
command. They are also manipulating the weather over the United
States, and a squadron of Cosmospheres used the weather to turn
NATO's so-called "CERTAIN SENTINEL" maneuvers into a farce. The
purpose was a bloodless object lesson to the Western European
members of NATO. The Kremlin is trying by every possible means
to persuade Western Europe to stay out of the coming
thermonuclear war between Russia and America, while most
Americans still are blissfully unaware of the reason for much of
this winter's unusual weather. All they know is that they are
tired of winter and looking forward to the first signs of spring.
And yet, my friends, if the "new Bolsheviks" who now control the
American government have their way, the season of real trial and
hardship is only beginning, NOT ending. Their intrigues are
accelerating toward a climax, and as winter melts away the world
is heating up with the danger of WAR.

Six months ago in Audio Letter No. 37, I revealed in detail
the top secret plans of America's rulers to initiate nuclear war
with Russia. For the first time in American history it is now
the master strategy of the United States to strike first in a
major war, and in this same Audio Letter I outlined the steps
which were being planned to lead up to full scale war with
Russia. The strategy of the "new Bolsheviks" to launch an
American nuclear first strike against Russia is already far
advanced, and moving fast. Many elements of the top-secret plan
which I revealed last August have already become highly visible.
First, the Camp David summit of last September 1978 set the plan
in motion. The plan I had revealed was followed to the letter,
and the so-called surprise "Peace" accords were signed with big
smiles by Carter, Begin, and Sadat on nation-wide television.
Likewise, the Bolshevik plan to throw the Roman Catholic Church
into their own fight against Russia has been moving along right
on track. Pope John Paul I, elected only the day before I
recorded Audio Letter No. 37, quickly left the scene, and today
the anti-Russian policies of the Vatican are becoming more
visible by the day. More recently the crucial importance of Iran
and China in the first-strike plan has caused them both to
dominate the news. As planned six months ago, Iran has been made
a source of concern to the American public; and China, whose
western province of Sinkiang is essential to the American
first-strike strategy, forced the United States into full
diplomatic recognition over two months ago. Now we are moving
rapidly toward the stage of 'oil shortages' and 'gas rationing'
as the crisis atmosphere intensifies prior to war. And exactly
according to plan, Saudi Arabia is being painted more and more as
a threat to peace by politicians and the controlled major media.

My friends, springtime is always a time of unrest and possible
war. It is the easiest time of the year to trigger violence; and
as spring approaches, preparations are under way jointly by the
United States and Israeli governments to trigger an incident that
will cause war to erupt in the Middle East. The nuclear
destruction of Saudi Arabia's oil fields is intended to follow
soon afterward. In Eastern Europe too, the coming of spring is
accompanied by great danger this year. Last month I revealed the
Bolshevik plan for the "Pope's Revolution" to erupt in Krakow,
Poland, this May. The key to the plan is to be the visit to
Poland in May by the 'actor Pope', the man who calls himself Pope
John Paul II; and just six days ago it was revealed that the Pope
now plans to be in Poland May 13 through the 15th. For the
reasons I revealed last month, my friends, it will be the
beginning of the end for the West if the "Pope's Revolution" does
take place. That means the next two months or so could well
determine the future course of human history. If that history is
written according to the Satanic Bolshevik plan, it will be
written in our blood, and it will be a story of thermonuclear
catastrophe, unparalleled destruction, tragedy, suffering,
torment--all on a scale that is beyond human comprehension. And
yet, my friends, I must remind you once again of something I
pointed out in my very first talking tape recorded over four
years ago in October 1974. That was Audio Book No. 1 titled:
WORLD WAR." The information I make public from my own
intelligence concerns the plans of men. These human plans are
not unchangeable. The men who make these plans like to play God,
but they are not gods. Their plans do change, their timetables
do slip, they do make mistakes, and the unexpected does happen.
During the past several weeks, my friends, the unexpected HAS
happened, dramatic events are taking place hidden from the
public, which will inevitably have profound effects on the course
of events both here and world-wide.

My three topics for this month are:




Topic #1--Last month on the evening of January 26 the life of
Nelson Rockefeller suddenly came to an end. Five days later when
I recorded Audio Letter No. 42, I was able to report that he had
been murdered by a single expert shot to the head. Immediately
Rockefeller aides and spokesmen were put to work in a feverish
effort to cover up what had happened. For the reasons I
mentioned last month, Nelson's surviving brothers, David and
Laurance, felt that it would be too dangerous to have the public
know he had been murdered. It would have raised too many
questions, and so Rockefeller spokesmen spouted one set of lies
after another for public consumption. Meanwhile, Nelson
Rockefeller's body was cremated quickly to make sure that the
multiplying public questions about his death did not lead to an
autopsy. By the time I recorded Audio Letter No. 42 on January
31, key Rockefeller family spokesman, Hugh Morrow, had run
through three versions of the circumstances surrounding
Rockefeller's death and each new version demolished what he had
already said. About a week later, the third version began
falling apart. News reports quoting unnamed sources within the
Rockefeller family said that the person who had called the New
York emergency number 911 for an ambulance was not Megan
Marshack. Miss Marshack, Rockefeller's young aide, had been with
him in his townhouse at the time of death; but the 911 call, it
was now said, had been made by Miss Ponchitta Pierce. Miss
Pierce, a New York television personality, was said to be a
friend and neighbor of Marshack. On Saturday night February 10,
Ponchitta Pierce put an end to several days of questions and
rumors by releasing a statement through her attorney; but her
statement triggered new questions as it ruined all previous
statements by Rockefeller spokesmen about Rockefeller's death.

In her statement, Ponchitta Pierce said that Megan Marshack
had called her between 10:50 and 11:00 P.M. on that evening of
January 26. That ruined the official story of Rockefeller
spokesmen to the effect that Rockefeller had suffered his "heart
attack" at 11:15 P.M., and it revived the early questions to the
effect: Why all the delays between Rockefeller's alleged heart
attack and a call for help? The Pierce statement added to the
mystery in another way too. She said that she got to
Rockefeller's townhouse about 11:15 P.M., called the 911
emergency number to request an ambulance, and then left quickly
to go back to her own apartment. The natural question is: Why
would anyone flee from the scene of a heart attack? Especially
since contrary to some reports Ponchitta Pierce had known Nelson
Rockefeller for more than 10 years! Why didn't she stay to
help?...unless he was obviously beyond help.

On the same day that Ponchitta Pierce released her statement
to the press, the New York Post quoted Steven Rockefeller, Nelson
Rockefeller's second eldest son, as calling for clarification of
the whole situation; and two days later his son, Steven, Jr.,
Nelson Rockefeller's 18-year old grandson, reportedly said, "We
just want the truth. The issue is simply whether he could be
alive now. Had he been a more practical man, thorough in his
bodyguard protection, maybe this would not have happened." These
words of Nelson Rockefeller's grandson Steven, Jr. were
dangerously close to the mark. Last month I explained how Nelson
Rockefeller had been caught in a weak moment with "his guard
down" and with his normal large contingent of bodyguards off
duty. Two days later, February 14, his father Steven made a
complete turnabout: he joined with his brother Rodman and
sisters, Ann and Mary, in a joint statement aimed at cutting off
the controversy. The statement said in part: "Since we are
convinced that nothing could be done to save Father, and that all
the people who tried to help acted responsibly, we feel that it
is wrong for us to take part in a continued debate over the
details. Consequently, we do not intend to make any further
public comment."

But the circumstances surrounding the death of Nelson
Rockefeller have an important bearing on the future of the United
States, not just the future of the Rockefeller family; so the
questions about those circumstances will not go away just by
wishing it so. As a footnote to what I made public last month, I
can now reveal the reason for the long delay between
Rockefeller's shooting and the 11:16 P.M. call for an ambulance.
Rockefeller did not die at 11:15 P.M., nor even at 10:15 P.M.,
as stated in the earliest news reports. The death actually took
place between 9:30 and 10:00 P.M. After Megan Marshack recovered
from her semi-state of shock following the shooting, she placed a
call which still has not been made public. As a result of this
call, a doctor quickly arrived who was prepared to handle the
situation. The single gunshot wound in Rockefeller's forehead
stopped bleeding in less than an hour. The doctor then filled
the bullet hole with Calamine Lotion, which hardened. After
cleaning off all the blood, the doctor's job was done. It would
now be possible to remove the body by ambulance without the true
cause of death being apparent at a glance to casual bystanders.
The doctor's make-shift work on the scene did fool bystanders,
but if you will look on page 39 of LOOK magazine for March 5,
1979, you will discover that the job was not quite perfect. The
photo at the bottom of the page is of Nelson Rockefeller's body
as it was being carried out of his townhouse on a stretcher. The
picture is grainy and shows little detail; even so, look closely.
One to two inches above the bridge of the nose and slightly
toward the left eyebrow you will see a roughly circular dark
area. That, my friends, is the hastily disguised bullet hole.
The Calamine Lotion did not completely hide the discoloration and
was not smoothed to perfection.

Last month I alerted my listeners to the fact that the man who
stood to gain the most from Nelson Rockefeller's death was his
protege of 25 years, HENRY KISSINGER; and Kissinger wasted no
time in pushing ahead with his bid to fill Nelson Rockefeller's
shoes in the inner family circle of the Rockefeller empire. His
campaign was already well under way on Friday February 2, 1979.
On that day a memorial service for Nelson Rockefeller at the
Riverside Church in New York was attended by well over 2000
people from 71 nations. Eulogies were delivered by a daughter,
Ann Rockefeller-Roberts; by a son, Rodman C. Rockefeller; and by
brother David Rockefeller, and by Henry Kissinger. It was
Kissinger whose eulogy received all the attention from the
controlled major media--and no wonder. The huge audience was
hushed as Henry Kissinger made his way to the pulpit. Then,
seemingly with tears in his eyes, Kissinger began to speak of
Nelson Rockefeller. As his choking voice echoed through the
great sanctuary of the Riverside Church, Kissinger referred to
Rockefeller as: friend, inspiration, teacher, and "my older
brother." Kissinger's eulogy was a masterpiece and brought tears
to the eyes of many. The final passage was about sitting with
Nelson Rockefeller "on the veranda overlooking his beloved Hudson
River in the setting sun." And as the last words of the eulogy,
Kissinger claimed that Rockefeller would occasionally say: "Never
forget that the most profound force in the world is Love."

With those final words echoing through the church, the man who
had plotted the death of Nelson Rockefeller turned and slowly
left the pulpit. What Kissinger did not suspect was that he had
just said his final words in public. The following evening,
Saturday, February 3rd, Kissinger was reportedly in Seattle with
the stated intention of seeing China's Deng Hsiao-ping. In fact,
the Washington Post two days later reported that Kissinger saw
Deng in Seattle on Sunday morning, February 4; but the Post was
wrong about that. At about the same time that the Washington
Post said Kissinger was in Seattle, he was actually at Dulles
Airport outside Washington, D.C. Just past noon at 12:30 P.M.
Washington Time, February 4, Kissinger took off for London on the
British Airways Concorde. Less than 11 hours later, Kissinger
arrived at Chaumont in the Loire Valley, France, where it was the
morning of February 5th. From there Kissinger flew nearly 200
miles west to Blois, France, in time to breakfast there. By late
that evening of February 5, Henry Kissinger and his wife Nancy
were in London. At approximately 11:00 P.M. London Time, they
took off for the United States in a private jet; and as they did
so, they were subject to continuous surveillance. A network of
26 Russian cosmospheres were on station at that time above the
air lanes between America's east coast and Europe. At 7:12 P.M.
Eastern Standard Time, February 5, all contact with the jet
carrying Henry and Nancy Kissinger was abruptly lost. The jet
did not arrive at its destination, and Henry and Nancy Kissinger
are nowhere to be found. Kissinger aides claim that he is "on
vacation", meanwhile articles keep being printed about Kissinger
which keep his name before the public, but he himself has dropped
out of sight.

On February 15, I stated publicly that Kissinger was missing
on the Ray Briem Talk Show over Radio Station KABC, Los Angeles;
and on February 17, I appeared on the Bob Snyder Talk Show over
Radio Station WINQ, Tampa, Fla. On that program I not only
reported that Kissinger was missing but stated that he had been
so since February 5. I also gave Kissinger's itinerary
immediately preceding his disappearance--that is, Washington to
London, to France, to London again--and then missing.

Now there is already an attempt to head off public awareness
that Kissinger is missing. His aides are now giving out a cover
story, which has already found its way into print. In the New
York Daily News for February 26, just two days ago, the "People"
section contained an item titled: "K Soothes Sorrow in Europe."
It began: "Where is Henry Kissinger hiding?" Saying that an
unnamed Washington commentator suggested he was missing, the
article says: "Well, forget it all. The fact is Henry and his
wife Nancy left town shortly after the death of his close friend,
Nelson Rockefeller, for a vacation from the news hounds. Henry
left New York February 4, went to England, then France, back to
London, and is now in Mexico." As I mentioned before, Kissinger
left Washington on February 4, not New York; and his plane did
not land in Mexico or anywhere else after leaving London on
February 5. But the New York Daily News article says Kissinger
is expected back next month; and just for good measure, a
Kissinger aide is quoted as saying: "He is alive and well, and
may show up anywhere in the world because he is welcome

My friends, I can only say that it will be a miracle if the
real Henry Kissinger is ever seen again; and speaking as a
lawyer, I can tell you that only the real Henry Kissinger could
bring legal action against me for what I have told you concerning
his criminal activities against the life of Nelson Rockefeller.
Henry Kissinger has vanished from the scene just as he was on the
threshold of the ultimate grab for power that was his dream. But
Kissinger conspired with others to bring about far more than the
mere death of Nelson Rockefeller; and the startling events he
helped to set in motion have continued despite his own mysterious

Topic #2--On February 7, two days after the disappearance of the
Kissinger jet over the North Atlantic, Megan Marshack emerged out
of hiding. She was seen briefly in New York and was photographed
wearing a raccoon coat. That was the last time she was seen in
public. That night she and David Rockefeller boarded one of
David Rockefeller's private jets and took off for London.
Arriving in London the morning of February 8, local time, they
headed for separate destinations. She went to a location in the
western end of London, while he had business in the Seven Oaks
section of South London. Early the following morning David
Rockefeller received an urgent message to go to Megan's location
in the west end of London. There had been some trouble.
Arriving there he saw for himself. Megan Ruth Marshack, the only
known witness to the actual murder of Nelson Rockefeller, was
dead. She had died as Rockefeller had, with a single bullet in
the forehead. Megan Marshack was far less well known in England
than she had become here in America, but the psychological
profile of David Rockefeller would show that his reaction in this
new crisis would be much the same as it had been when his brother
had been murdered. David Rockefeller would insist upon
overseeing arrangements to make sure that the public did not
learn that Megan Marshack had been shot to death. And so, he
stayed on the scene just long enough to become a target himself.
Within a few hours the body of Megan Marshack was on its way to a
morgue in northeast London without identification of any kind.
But then, David Rockefeller died in the same way--a single bullet
to the head. Early that afternoon, February 9, David
Rockefeller's body was placed aboard the private jet that had
brought him and Megan Marshack to London the previous day. The
jet took off for the United States. Just as the Kissinger jet
had done four days earlier, it was running a gauntlet of
surveillance by Russian Cosmospheres; and apparently the Russians
did not know that David Rockefeller was already dead as his jet
streaked westward across the North Atlantic. At a point within
100 miles of the last known location of the Kissinger jet, all
contact was abruptly lost with the jet carrying David
Rockefeller's body; and the jet never arrived at its destination.

On Sunday morning, February 11, Ponchitta Pierce was seen on
her television program by viewers of New York's Channel 4, WNBC;
but the program was on tape as usual. Ponchitta Pierce herself
was nowhere to be found. The previous evening she had released
her statement to the press about her actions on the evening of
Nelson Rockefeller's death, and had raised all sorts of new
questions in the process--and since that time Ponchitta Pierce
has been missing. Meanwhile, her television program is going on
each week just as usual. She is said to have already taped
programs until some time in May. When questioned, her office has
been saying lately that she is "on vacation." The same thing is
now being said of Megan Marshack at her office--"on vacation."

On the evening of February 13, the body of Hugh Morrow, the
long-time Rockefeller family spokesman, was discovered.
Following the death of Nelson Rockefeller, it was Morrow who was
given the heaviest responsibility for carrying out the cover-up
campaign. Now the death of Morrow himself is the subject of
cover-up efforts. Morrow died of a bullet between the eyes on
February 13 and that is the real reason why we are hearing no new
pronouncements from him these days, but his office claims that he
is "on vacation." Early Saturday morning February 17, the third
generation of the Rockefeller dynasty came to an end. Laurance
Rockefeller died in the same manner as Pope John Paul I did last
October--of a bullet to the nape of the neck, and the next
morning both Laurance Rockefeller and Hugh Morrow were cremated.

In my appearance of February 15 on the Ray Briem radio show in
Los Angeles I mentioned all of these missing persons, except for
Laurance Rockefeller who was still alive then. Two days later on
the Bob Snyder show in Tampa, Florida, I listed them all and
stated how long each had been missing. And according to the New
York Post for February 15, 1979, it was claimed that Rockefeller
security aides, Andy Hoffman and William Keogh as well as
chauffeur Lonnie Wilcher, cannot be found.

My friends, according to high intelligence, what has just
taken place is nothing less than a bloody coup d'etat involving
the real rulers of America; and those responsible are none other
than those former allies of the Rockefellers--the "new

Now, the plundering of the Rockefeller family fortune is
beginning without the Rockefeller fourth generation suspecting a
thing. After all, as I have always made clear in the past, the
fourth generation Rockefellers were not party to the machinations
of the four brothers. As a result they are not aware of the true
implications of the recent upheavals that have wiped out the
third-generation brothers, and they are being duped into public
silence about these chilling events in the mistaken belief that
silence is in their own best interest. The fact is that their
silence is playing into the hands of those who want to loot the
Rockefellers of their wealth, and it is also serving the interest
of those who are working feverishly to throw the United States
into the fires of DICTATORSHIP and WAR--the "new Bolsheviks."

During the recent past the four Rockefeller brothers made one
final great mistake that has now cost them their lives. That
mistake was brought on by panic over a year and a half ago. In a
stunning upset on September 27, 1977, the United States was
defeated by Russia in the most decisive battle of the 20th
Century. It was the still secret BATTLE OF THE HARVEST MOON in
space--history's first true Space Battle. In a single blow the
Russians had undone the Machiavellian Rockefeller two-prong
strategy for world domination, and now it was Russia that was
suddenly calling the shots. The Rockefeller brothers knew they
were in deep, deep trouble. In a state of near panic, the four
Rockefeller brothers began casting about for a way to stave off
Russia, and that is when they made their final fatal mistake.
Certain of their advisers reminded them that the
Rockefeller-Soviet alliance was not really with Russia itself but
with the BOLSHEVIKS in Russia. The new Russian regime had
already begun weeding out and expelling the old Bolsheviks from
Russia. The advisers argued that since they were the real allies
of the Rockefellers and since they knew Russia, the old
Bolsheviks should be welcomed to America and placed rapidly in
positions of power. In their panicky need to do something fast,
the Rockefeller brothers accepted this line of reasoning. but in
doing so they were forgetting the true nature of their alliance
with the Bolsheviks.

When I recorded Audio Letter No. 7 in December 1975, over
three years ago, the long-standing secret Rockefeller-Soviet
alliance was still functioning. In that Audio Letter I explained
the nature of the alliance--it was an alliance between CORPORATE
SOCIALISTS on one hand (the Rockefellers) and the STATE
SOCIALISTS on the other (the rulers of the Soviet Union). As I
explained in Audio Letter No. 7, Corporate Socialism and State
Socialism are two sides of the same coin--both are systems for
amassing great wealth and power into the hands of only a few
people, so an alliance between the rulers of two separate
countries having these two systems is natural. But what the
Rockefellers forgot--their fatal mistake--is that Corporate
Socialism and State Socialism cannot co-exist in the same
society. Corporate Socialism has as its goal giant monopolies
that are completely exempt from governmental regulation; State
Socialism seeks the exact opposite--that is, total governmental
control and regulation of everything and everyone. To bring them
together under the same roof is to guarantee a head-on collision
between the two; and that, my friends, is what is beginning to
happen now.

It was in Audio Letter No. 29 for December 1977 that I was
first able to reveal that a new Bolshevik Revolution was getting
under way here in the United States, with the aid of the
Rockefeller brothers! By the time I recorded Audio Letter No. 38
last September, the handwriting was already on the wall for the
four Rockefeller brothers. Already the oldest of the brothers,
John D. III, had suddenly vanished from the scene; and in Audio
Letter No. 38 I pointed out that: "Increasingly, it is not the
Rockefeller brothers who are using the Bolsheviks, but the other
way around. Soon the remaining three Rockefeller brothers will
fade from the scene, but that will not undo the cancer of
Bolshevism with which they have infected the West." (End of
quotation from Audio Letter No. 38.)

The kingpin among the "new Bolsheviks" in America was to be
HENRY KISSINGER. He was Nelson Rockefeller's protege for 25
years, but he played both sides of every street! With his easy
access to the plans, the personnel, the resources of the
Rockefeller empire, Kissinger was the most important single
person among the "new Bolshevik" faction in America. Kissinger
truly believed that he could replace Nelson Rockefeller and some

My friends, the known witness to Nelson Rockefeller's death,
Megan Marshack, as well as others close to that case, have
vanished from the scene. The entire pattern of events, except
for Kissinger's disappearance, is typical of Bolshevik purges,
which always include measures to cover their tracks. The "new
Bolsheviks" are now in control of America through their grip on
the United States government, but it still remains for them to
spread and consolidate their power base. And to this end, they
will perpetuate the fiction as long as possible that David
Rockefeller, Laurance Rockefeller, and Henry and Nancy Kissinger
are still alive. In this way, actions can be taken in the name
of these other people that would not be possible if they were
known to be dead. Surviving members of the Rockefeller family
have been led to believe that their own security, even their
physical security, depends upon their maintaining silence about
the events of recent days; but the truth is that their silence is
being used against them. Unlike the late four brothers, the
fourth generation Rockefellers do not wield great influence over
the far-flung Rockefeller cartel of banks, multinational
corporations, Foundations, etc. They are largely at the mercy of
managers of all these assets. By their silence they are leaving
many of these managers with the power to plunder the collapsing
Rockefeller empire of its riches. To preserve their power
governmentally and otherwise, it is crucial right now that the
Bolsheviks suppress any news of the disappearances I have told
you about. Therefore, "doubles" or look-alikes may begin to
appear on the scene for these people. What is amazing,
especially in the case of Kissinger, is that they have been able
to stifle public questions for so long in his absence. But the
Bolsheviks know that "doubles" fool only the public. An intimate
friend of David Rockefeller, for example, would not be deceived
for long in a face-to-face meeting; and so "doubles" would be
used only as a last resort.

My friends, with the four Rockefeller brothers out of the
picture, and with Henry Kissinger gone, a new ad hoc gang of four
has emerged who are now in control of the United States
government. These four are:

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser.
In 1973 Brzezinski did the leg work for David Rockefeller in
organizing the Tri-Lateral Commission. Like the late Henry
Kissinger, he is foreign born.

W. MICHAEL BLUMENTHAL, Secretary of the Treasury, Tri-Lateral
Commission member, and foreign born. As a former head of Bendix
Corporation, Blumenthal has important ties to the Rockefeller
corporate aristocracy. This is particularly true in the area of
arms and defense, which is the real topic of his present trip to
Red China.

HAROLD BROWN, Secretary of Defense, Tri-Lateral Commission
member; and

JAMES SCHLESINGER, Secretary of Energy. Schlesinger is not an
official member of the Tri-Lateral Commission but he is of like
mind with the others. His approach is: Control from the top, and
heavy governmental regulation of everything. Schlesinger
formerly headed the Atomic Energy Commission, the CIA, and the
Department of Defense.

One common thread that runs through the background of all these
men is their preoccupation with matters of warfare, weaponry, and
international maneuvering. In every possible way they are all
trying to hurry along the Bolshevik strategy for a NUCLEAR FIRST
STRIKE AGAINST RUSSIA. My friends, all of them are very
dangerous men; but the new gang of four cannot truly replace the
four Rockefeller brothers. For the first time ever these men no
longer have anyone to give them instructions and pave their way.
They are trying to carry out the very detailed plans which have
already been set in motion, but they are doing it without the
same power base which the four Rockefeller brothers had at their
disposal; and so the question is: CAN THEY BE STOPPED?

Topic #3--Over 100 years ago the United States of America began
falling under the spell of Rockefeller power. Slowly at first,
but then faster and faster John D. Rockefeller, Sr. moved to the
head of the line of America's robber barons. As the 19th Century
was on the wane, the Rockefellers were forming alliances with
other powerful groups, not only here in America but overseas.
Through their influence on America's leaders, they began turning
the United States away from the virtues extolled by George
Washington and toward the vicious ways of Machiavelli.

Mora than 80 years ago the Spanish-American War broke out as a
shadow of things to come. The war was brought about by the
United States, not Spain, yet most Americans were lured into
supporting America's acts of shame. America began to trade
national honor for prestige as a world power. In this way the
stage was being set for the 20th Century. It was to be the
century of OIL POLITICS, of war after war--each worse than the
one before--and ever expanding Rockefeller power. In all of this
the United States of America was to be no more than a springboard
in the Rockefeller plan to finally control the whole world. And
so, as Rockefeller power became ever more complete in America,
our country's behavior became increasingly foreign to our own
traditions and values. As a nation, we began to court our
enemies while punishing our friends. The Land of Opportunity
gradually was twisted into the Land of Regulations, and the
original American concept that all men are equal in the sight of
the law was gradually warped into the idea that all human beings
have to be the same in all respects. Our value as individuals
began fading from our own minds so that we might be molded more
perfectly into a society of perfect slaves.

Down through the years millions of Americans have been alert
enough to feel at least vaguely that something was wrong, but the
real source and reason for all these disturbing trends was always
kept hidden and so there was no one to challenge or hinder the
master program of Rockefeller conquest. In recent years
America's drift toward nuclear war has also been more and more
apparent; but here, too, Americans sat paralyzed as the
Rockefeller planners dragged us closer and closer to the fire.
For decades now, most Americans have fallen into one of two
groups. By far the larger group has consisted of that great
"Silent Majority", so called. They have been silent about
Rockefeller power and intrigue because they did not know about
it. The other main group, much smaller, has consisted of those
who did know about Rockefeller power and felt it was too great to
be challenged. Down through the years only scattered individuals
have both known the truth and dared to actively oppose what was
happening to America; and those few, my friends, have always been
easy to isolate and neutralize in various ways. But now, for the
first time in a century, the situation has changed.

Almost over night the centralized control of the world-wide
power of the Rockefeller Empire has been shattered. The four
Rockefeller brothers of the third generation are no more, and
there is no one who can really fill their shoes. But the new
eager to set themselves up as our undisputed RULERS. Left to
themselves they will lead America into thermonuclear national
suicide. But their dreams of replacing the four Rockefeller
brothers are insane. What will they do, my friends, when it
becomes known in the corridors of power world-wide that David
Rockefeller is no more?

Who will hold the intimate, private dinner gatherings with the
Powerful here and abroad by which David Rockefeller kept everyone
on the same track?

Who will take his place, giving word from 'on high' on big policy

unison as he did?

Who will coordinate the actions of the top 200 industrial
corporations and banks of the world as he did?

Who will guide the policies of the Business Council or of the
Business Round-Table as David Rockefeller did?

Who will take his place in assigning tasks to his former private
detective agency--the CIA?

Who will decide the global issues that he did? And force unified
action to implement those decisions--Brzezinski? Blumenthal?
Brown? Schlesinger?

It is in the nature of people to form their own opinions about
things if they are not forced to accept and implement certain
policies. And so think of the free-for-all that will soon start
developing behind the scenes on all sides! Within the industrial
community, for example, honest differences of opinion will start
cropping up as to how to handle new situations as they arise.
Without David Rockefeller to act as arbitrator, these differences
will not just go away. Industrial leaders will begin to break up
into factions built around different policies, but no faction
will be able to impose its will on all the others as David
Rockefeller did. And so, inevitably, that phenomenon which John
D. Rockefeller, Sr. denounced as a "sin" will begin to rear its
battered head. It's called COMPETITION. If we can avoid a
suicidal disaster in NUCLEAR WAR I, the same thing will also
begin happening in all other areas of life--in banking, in
business, in politics, even in religion. A new freedom of
independent thought may yet be reborn--IF war can be prevented
between Russia and the United States.

Soon the inevitable internal conflict here in the United
States will be getting under way. On one side there are the
Corporate Socialists of the now headless Rockefeller cartel; on
the other side there are the Bolshevik State Socialists who are
now in control of the United States government. Right now the
Rockefeller Corporate Socialist Empire is still more powerful
than the United States government. If they wake up in time, they
could put a stop to the Bolshevik plan which is now directed AT
THEM; and if the people also awaken, then the inevitable re-birth
of competitive enterprise could lead gradually to a new era of
freedom and prosperity in the West. By breaking their silence
about recent events, the fourth generation Rockefellers could
help bring about this turn of events.

As the conflict builds up between the Corporate Socialists and
the Bolsheviks, Jimmy Carter will be caught in the middle.
Already he is racked by leukemia and by cancer in his head, in
his intestines, and now in his lungs and bladder. If he does not
die first, watch for him to flee from the presidency under these
pressures. When that happens, my friends, you will be faced with
a choice which you cannot avoid. Carter's hasty departure from
the presidency will be the first public sign that the rout of the
Bolsheviks is beginning here in America. At that point you must
decide to do one of two things--to act, or not to act! If you
decide to act to help save America from the Bolshevik nightmare,
you will be choosing FREEDOM, LIFE, and the SURVIVAL OF
CHRISTIANITY. But if you decide to step back and do nothing, you
will be casting your vote for BOLSHEVIK CONTROL over America; and
if you do that, you will be choosing SLAVERY, DEATH, and the
SATANIC HELL of Bolshevism.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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