Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 45.
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This is the Dr. Beter Audio Letter(R), Box 16428, Ft. Worth,
Texas 76133

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter in Washington. Today is
April 27, 1979, and this is my Audio Letter #45.

This evening the last in a 10-part special series of reports
called "Second to None?" was shown on ABC's World News Tonight
program. For two entire weeks the series has drummed away night
after night about America's military weakness compared to Russia.
Full-page newspaper ads have urged viewers to watch the series;
so have various newspaper articles. And the series itself has
carried so much impact that it has made an indelible impression
on millions of Americans. Most of all, the nine-minute
installment on April 17 describing the outbreak of nuclear war
between Russia and America left many viewers badly shaken. The
frightening picture painted in the ABC news series is accurate as
far as it goes, but it also would have been accurate three to
four years ago. We were not shown these things then, so the
question is: WHY NOW? One reason that has been given is that we
might be about to sign the SALT II treaty with Russia, and that
we ought to look before we leap. But if that were the real
reason, a series like this should have been shown more than 18
months ago; because that is when SALT I expired and the air was
full of promises of a new SALT treaty then.

My friends, the people who put together the ABC documentary
series did a very good job indeed; but the reason our Bolshevik
rulers want it to be shown now is to help add to the atmosphere
of war tensions. They also want to make sure that SALT II, if it
is signed, will generate a storm of controversy and be defeated
in the Senate. If that happens, it will be like closing the door
to peace and telling the world that war with Russia is
inevitable. In more and more ways the atmosphere of mounting
crisis and the threat of war is being stoked up by the Bolsheviks
here in America. The low drum beat of BRING BACK THE DRAFT keeps
coming back over and over, a little louder each time. The
specter of gas rationing keeps haunting the news as the
artificial crisis in the Middle East heats up. For example,
former Defense Secretary Melvin Laird now says the government
should institute gas rationing just to make the crisis seem more
real to people. Can you imagine?

My friends, I realize that today, as in the past, many people
are skeptical about what I have to reveal. After all, these
things are probably contrary to what they have heard from
friends, family, teachers, and the news media. They do not have
my intelligence sources; and if I were to reveal these sources,
they would dry up. But I believe that my duty is simply to
reveal the truth--not cover it up just because it may be hard to

This month events have been moving very fast in startling
ways. Four days ago I said over the Ed Busch Show on WFAA,
Dallas, Texas, that the take-over here in the United States has
already taken place. The people you will see on your television
screens are not the people you think they are! Now I can say

My three topics this month are:




Topic #1--As dawn was breaking over Pennsylvania 30 days ago on
March 28, it looked like the beginning of just another ordinary
day. It was a Wednesday and there were jobs to go to, schools to
attend, errands to run. The streets of Harrisburg, the capital
city, were coming to life as people began their day's activities.
East of the city the rich farm lands of the Pennsylvania Dutch
country were coming to life with the bloom of spring. For
generations the Pennsylvania Dutch have been famous for their
life close to God and far from modern technology; but on that
Wednesday morning of March 28, 1979, the Pennsylvania Dutch were
completing their first year with a landmark of modern technology
almost on their doorstep. It was the THREE MILE ISLAND NUCLEAR
POWER PLANT located in the Susquehanna River southeast of

In the first rays of morning light the distinctive outlines of
the nuclear plant gave no hint of the danger within it. The
plant appeared quiet and peaceful; in fact, quieter than normal.
Two of the four giant cooling towers 37 stories high had stopped
belching steam. That meant one of the two nuclear reactors on
the Island had been shut down for some reason; and, in fact, some
residents near the power plant had been awakened in the pre-dawn
hours by a thundering roar of escaping steam. But no one seemed
to be really worried. A few minutes before 7:00 AM someone close
to the plant might have detected the first clear signal that
something ominous was happening. An emergency siren began to
wail telling workers to abandon immediately certain critical
areas of the power plant. Several workers made a dash for their
cars in an attempt to escape. Two cars raced out of the power
plant site across the bridge to freedom--then the gate was closed
to make sure no one else could leave! A few minutes later at
7:02 AM officials of Metropolitan Edison called the Dauphin
County Civil Defense authorities. A site emergency had just been
declared at the nuclear powerplant. By this time, Three Mile
Island Plant No. 2 had already been in a state of growing crisis
for more than three hours; and for nearly an hour the computer
designed to monitor conditions inside the reactor had been
printing question marks instead of numbers. The reactor was
overheating so badly that the computer system could no longer
measure the temperatures.

It had all begun shortly after 3:00 AM when trouble developed
in a key water pump. Soon the pump failed, halting the flow of
water to the steam-driven power turbine. Automatic devices
immediately shut down the turbine in a situation known as a
"turbine trip." Superheated steam at enormous pressures was
diverted from the turbine and vented to the outside, producing
the thunderous roar that wakened nearby residents. At the same
time, other automatic devices were shutting down the nuclear
reactor itself in a so-called "scram"--that is, a rapid emergency
shutdown. Normally when a nuclear reactor is started up or shut
down, it is done gradually. This allows temperatures throughout
the reactor to rise or fall gently, avoiding thermal stresses
that might do damage. It also allows the start-up or shutdown
process to be monitored carefully at every step to make sure
nothing unexpected happens. But on that Wednesday morning of
March 28 there was no time for all that. With the pump failure
and "turbine trip", the nuclear reactor was left producing
enormous quantities of heat that had no place to go. So the
automatic control system "scrammed" the reactor. Within seconds,
all the reactor's control rods were dropped into the core to make
the fission chain reaction die away. But even with the rods in
place, the hot reactor was still generating heat, at a slower
rate. So to cool it down, the automatic control system turned on
three big standby pumps--two were meant to flood the reactor core
with cooling water, while the third had a related safety purpose.
The three pumps roared to life, but nothing happened. There was
no water for them to pump, because before the episode began
someone had turned off the valves ahead of the pumps. It was far
more than a mere breach of regulations! Shutting those valves
was an act that could not have been more expertly calculated to
bring on a potential catastrophe. All three valves were closed,
thereby defeating the redundancy which was built into the backup
systems for safety purposes. It was an unthinkable thing to do!
It threatened a power plant worth nearly one billion dollars with
possible destruction. It threatened untold thousands of lives;
and if done by an employee, it even threatened the life of
whoever closed the valves. It was, in short, a kamikaze act of
sabotage!! But perhaps because it was so unthinkable, it worked.

A number of workers have stated that they noticed the valves
closed and tagged in the days just before March 28; and everyone
who worked in the vicinity of the valves knew very well how
critical they were. So the tendency was to assume that there
must be some good reason why they had been closed. After all,
they even had tags to show that they were closed. It was an
obvious and serious violation of safety procedures, but it seemed
unthinkable that this could be unauthorized and deliberate. And
so the valves remained closed, and no one did anything to correct
the situation. In this way, the stage was set for Wednesday,
March 28, 1979. As the reactor was "scrammed", the backup pumps
screamed in vain, trying to draw water through valves that were
closed. No fresh water went to the reactor to cool it, pressures
built up in the reactor, and a safety valve popped open.
Superheated radioactive water began flashing out of the reactor
into the huge concrete containment dome, and the water level
started dropping in the reactor itself. Then the valve stuck
open, instead of closing as it was supposed to do. Radioactive
water kept right on gushing out of the reactor. Strangely, it
was more than two hours before the Control Room button was pushed
to stop radioactive water from escaping.

My friends, all this was going on while neighbors of Three
Mile Island were drifting back to sleep. They had been awakened
by the brief roar of vented steam when the turbine tripped, but
then all had quieted down again. All seemed peaceful and normal
again around the nuclear power plant; but inside the Control Room
of Three Mile Island No. 2, claxons were blaring, alarms were
ringing, and trouble lights were flashing. The reactor was fast
losing water and heating up rapidly. Soon the last-ditch
emergency cooling system automatically turned on; but within a
few minutes one of the emergency pumps was shut off by person or
persons unknown for unexplained reasons. Six minutes later the
same was done to the other emergency cooling pump--once again
redundant emergency systems had been thwarted by human
intervention! Soon there was a radioactive pool of water on the
floor of the huge containment dome where it had spilled out of
the reactor. Sump pumps began sucking the water out of there
into a nearby auxiliary building which is not equipped to seal in
radioactive materials. From there radioactive materials soon
began to filter outside to be carried downwind.

Strangely enough, while pumps critical to safety were being
turned off right and left, the one pump that should have been
turned off, the sump pump, was left running! As a result, it was
guaranteed that radiation from the reactor would find its way
outside to contaminate the countryside. Within 20 minutes after
the episode began, someone discovered that all the water to the
reactor had been cut off, and took corrective action. Cooling
water began rushing into the reactor, and for a while the
situation was under control. But within an hour, the unthinkable
happened again! All four water pumps were quietly turned off
again, and the reactor started heating up fast. Soon the
monitoring computer began printing question marks, thousands of
small cylinders of uranium fuel in the reactor began coming apart
at the seams with heat, highly radioactive uranium and fission
products bubbled out of the reactor with the still-escaping

At 7:02 AM the first call was placed to Civil Defense. By
7:20 AM Metropolitan Edison had to call Civil Defense officials
again. Radiation levels in the containment dome were
skyrocketing, and now the Three Mile Island situation had been
upgraded to a general emergency. Yet, to the public at large,
there still was no word that anything was wrong at Three Mile
Island. Thousands of commuters in Harrisburg drove to work
without a hint on their car radios that anything unusual was
taking place. Mothers hurried to get their children packed off
to school on time, farmers in the neighboring countryside set
about their daily chores without giving the nuclear plant a
second thought. Meanwhile traces of radioactive uranium and
fission products from the crippled reactor were already wafting
downwind and beginning to contaminate the Pennsylvania landscape
for miles around.

It was not until 9:06 AM, more than five hours after the
episode began, that any public notice of the emergency was given.
It was a brief report over the Associated Press news wire marked
"Urgent" to the effect that a general emergency was underway at
Three Mile Island. From then on, Three Mile Island became like a
domestic Guyana story--and in more ways than one! Like Guyana,
it captured the headlines for a week and more; like Guyana, it
seemed unthinkable--and yet there it was right before our eyes.
Just as with Guyana, news stories about the events at Three Mile
Island were marked by confusion; and in Pennsylvania as in
Guyana, large numbers of innocent American civilians were the
victims. In Guyana they were poisoned by means of potassium
cyanide; in Pennsylvania thousands have been poisoned by varying
amounts of radioactive uranium and its fission products, such as
xenon and krypton gases.

Right now doctors in the vicinity of Three Mile Island are
reporting many patients who are now exhibiting symptoms such as
nausea, headaches, diarrhea, nervousness, insomnia, and eye
trouble. Many doctors are not aware of it, but these are among
the classic symptoms of low-level radiation poisoning. The
Government is telling a half truth in saying that the
contamination from Three Mile Island should not lead to an
increase in cancer. The reason is that the particular elements
released in the nuclear accident do not cause cancer but other
disorders. The word cancer, for that matter, has been turned
into a medical scare word that hides more than it reveals.
"Cancer" is a Latin word meaning "crab." It is used to describe
a certain kind of growth or tumor that grows with tentacles in
various directions, giving it a crab-like appearance. What makes
cancer so frightening is that it grows fast, consuming healthy
tissue as it goes; so any tumor that grows rapidly is labeled as
cancer, while tumors that remain stable or grow very slowly are
usually called "benign."

In the 1920's Dr. Otto Warburg earned the Nobel Prize for
determining exactly what cancer really is. He was able to prove
that the malady called cancer is just a condition of blocked cell
oxidation. Today, more than 50 years later, we hear year in and
year out about new ideas about what cancer might be. Meanwhile
Warburg's conclusive findings of long ago are ignored. Billions
of dollars and millions of lives have been wasted over the years
in efforts to figure out how to kill cancer when it occurs. The
reality, my friends, is that cancer is itself the conversion of
normal tissue into a kind of living death. True elimination of
cancer can only be achieved not by agents of death, but by
restoring life.

In the area surrounding Three Mile Island though, cancer is
not the problem. Uranium and its derivatives can produce a
fungus that leads to lumps and tumors which often are
misdiagnosed as cancer. If the fungus enters the bloodstream, it
produces a disease known as cystic fibrosis. With this disease,
the entire body undergoes weakening and gradual degeneration. It
often strikes children, and is usually considered fatal. The
best protection against these disorders produced by radiation as
well as against cancer and other diseases is to make sure your
body cells are provided with the things they need to stay
healthy. A key to this lies in four key minerals which need to
be in proper balance in your body at all times. The therapeutic
value of these minerals was established by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler
of Basel, Switzerland a century ago and has been confirmed in
countless ways since then. In order of importance, these four
are: potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. It is best to
obtain these four minerals in as non-toxic a form as possible.
Ordinary table salt, for example, is sodium chloride--an
inorganic poison to the cell. It has to be de-toxified by the
liver and companion organs of the body before assimilation.
Likewise, many forms of potassium are toxic, even though
potassium is vital to good health. So it is important to get
these minerals in an organic form--such as citrate, gluconate, or
oyster shells. In the United States proper supplements like
these are especially important because most American food is
badly demineralized, and this is most true of potassium, the most
vital mineral of all.

The episode at Three Mile Island blanketed hundreds of square
miles and possibly a million people with low-level radiation; but
the miracle is that it was not much worse than it was, for most
of the radioactive materials released during the episode are
still confined to the power plant site itself. The huge concrete
containment dome around the reactor became so radioactive inside
that no one could enter it without dying almost instantly; and
the reactor itself was damaged so badly that today, 30 days
later, the shutdown of the reactor is just reaching its final
stages. The damage and contamination at Three Mile Island Plant
No. 2 are so extreme that there are serious doubts as to whether
it can ever be cleaned up and used again. Already there have
been suggestions by some that it should be encased in a tomb of
concrete and abandoned.

My friend, that is an echo of the suggestion I made about the
United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox 3-1/2 years ago in
Audio Letter No. 5. The Depository had been contaminated by a
leaking radioactive CIA superpoison secretly stored there, and it
remains contaminated to this day. Three Mile Island has proven
that there are great potential hazards from nuclear power plants,
but those proven hazards lie in the area of vulnerability to
sabotage that can produce terrible consequences. The available
evidence strongly indicates that the emergency at Three Mile
Island was not an accident--it was a criminal act. Its effect is
to help speed up the plan to shut down American freedoms by means
of energy shortages, economic disruptions, and government

Five months ago in Audio Letter No. 40, I revealed in detail
how hundreds of American civilians had been deliberately
sacrificed by the American government in Guyana, and why. I
warned then that the gruesome tragedy at Jonestown, Guyana, is
only a pale shadow of what lies ahead for the entire United
States if the cancer of Bolshevism is not stopped. And now, a
domestic Guyana has taken place at Three Mile Island. A
completely unnatural sequence of events took place causing a
nuclear crisis to take place which had never even been analyzed
in official studies.

Those responsible--the Bolsheviks among us--were hoping to
achieve a full-fledged disaster at Three Mile Island with massive
releases of radiation. This would have killed many people
outright, sickened many more, and required a mass evacuation of
several counties in the Harrisburg area. That would have
accomplished two things. For one thing, it would have increased
the general air of crisis, of emergency, and of a need for
decisive federal action; but, more importantly, it would have
turned all nuclear power plants into objects of fear and hate by
the American public. This would have justified an immediate
shutdown of all 70 nuclear power plants across the United States.
In one blow America would have lost 13% of its electric power.
The virtual rationing of electricity by various means would have
followed quickly as one means of tightening governmental control
over American life. But the Three Mile Island episode never
quite reached the level of catastrophe except in terms of damage
to the power plant itself, and so the Bolshevik plan for now is
to settle for half a loaf.

Three Mile Island Plant No. 2 was built by a company named
Babcock & Wilcox, which has also built eight other nuclear
plants, including the No. 1 plant on Three Mile Island; so the
plan now is to blame that company in various ways and to shut
down those eight plants, as was ordered today by the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission. In the areas affected, the cutbacks in
electric power will have the disruptive effects planned by the
Bolsheviks. The Bolshevik scheme to rob America of part of its
electric power by shutting down the nuclear plants is elaborate.
In recent months, controversy over nuclear power has been stirred
up to unprecedented levels, and in mid March two actions were
taken to set the stage for Three Mile Island. First, the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission abruptly shut down five plants in the
northeast, ostensibly over earthquake worries; then the movie,
"The China Syndrome", was released--and, my friends, there is
more to come. By means of Bolshevik coup d'etat and revolution
an international group who were once more powerful than the
Rockefellers are making a new bid for power here in America. But
the outcome in the turbulent events now going on behind the
scenes is impossible to predict, because there is now a
clandestine war going on involving not one but several major
intelligence agencies. The prize: CONTROL OF AMERICA!!

Topic #2--Long before the American Revolution for Independence, a
famous principle was formulated in Europe. It was:


The man who originated this dictum used it to launch a family
dynasty of unprecedented wealth and power. His name: MAYER
AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD (pronounced as Rothsheeld). The power of the
Rothschilds, or Rothschilds (pronounced with long "i") as many
people call them, grew fast in Britain and Europe. By the time
of the American Revolution, the financial affairs especially of
Britain and France were in the Rothschild pocket. The taxation
schemes which brought on the Revolution actually originated not
with King George but in the House of Rothschild. After the
Revolution, Rothschild agents were on hand to try to return
America to Rothschild control. One of the most powerful of these
was Alexander Hamilton, but his maneuverings were ended by the
famous duel with Aaron Burr. America managed to steer clear of
Rothschild control until the Civil War provided a new
opportunity. In Audio Letter No. 26 I mentioned how Russia, then
the greatest Christian nation on earth, came to America's rescue
in 1863. Britain and France were preparing to dismantle the
United States, but Russia prevented it. For that and other
reasons, the Rothschilds thereafter marked Russia for utter
destruction. At the same time the Rothschilds were determined to
take over America and decided to do it by promoting powerful
groups already within our country. The era of America's robber
barons was spawned and with it a new superdynasty--the
ROCKEFELLERS. By 1917 Rockefeller power in America had become so
great that they were strong partners with their former mentors,
the Rothschilds. The Bolshevik cancer to destroy Russia was a
Rothschild creation, but it was the Rockefeller interests who
actually injected that cancer into Russia.

As the 20th Century progressed, the power of the aging
Rothschild dynasty finally was eclipsed by that of the upstart
Rockefellers. Where Rothschild power had begun with the control
of money, Rockefeller power was rooted in the control of ENERGY;
and with Saudi Arabia in their grasp after World War II, the
Rockefellers soon began to out-distance all rival power groups
world-wide, including the Rothschilds. But, my friends, the
Rothschild interests bided their time. They waited for the
Rockefellers to start making mistakes, and not long ago it began

In Audio Letters No. 38 and elsewhere, I have described how
the atheistic Bolsheviks who used to run Russia have recently
been overthrown. This final overthrow is the culmination of six
decades of determined effort by a tough, tightly-knit band of
Russian Christians. When the final phase of undisguised
overthrow began two to three years ago, it was the
Rothschilds--not the Rockefellers--who learned about it first.
For 60 years the Rockefellers had been secret allies of the old
Bolsheviks in Russia. But the Rockefellers were sadly mistaken
in their belief that they actually controlled the Bolsheviks.
Instead, it was always the Rothschilds who secretly controlled
the Bolsheviks in Russia--and who now control them here in the
United States. In the past, the interests of the Rockefellers
and Rothschilds always coincided well enough that this
distinction did not really matter; but after the Battle of the
Harvest Moon, which I made public in Audio Letter No. 26,
everything changed.

Recently I explained the fatal mistake which the four
Rockefeller brothers made in their panic following the Battle of
the Harvest Moon. That mistake was to open America's doors to
the old-line Bolsheviks, who are being expelled from Russia now.
It was a suicidal act for the Rockefellers because their own
Corporate Socialist empire could not hope to coexist with those
Satanic State Socialists--the Bolsheviks. But the Rockefellers
accepted the recommendations of certain advisers to do so--and
those advisers, my friends, were Rothschild agents! During the
past several months a Bolshevik coup d'etat has taken the lives
of all four of the Rockefeller brothers, as I have made public in
my tapes. The Rothschild interests of today are making a
desperate bid to regain their former status as the world's No. 1
power group, and they are doing it through their own forces of

Last month I tried to warn the remaining members of the
Rockefeller family that they must join forces and act now to stop
what is happening. If they do take action as I said last month,
they could help save not only themselves but all of us here in
America; but if they do not act, and quickly, they will suffer
the historic fate of all overthrown dynastic families--they will
all be tracked down and killed by their Bolshevik enemies. So
far, I'm sorry to report, the Rockefeller survivors remain
fragmented and neutralized, persuaded wrongly that they do not
have enough power to act; and now, my friends, another prominent
member of the Rockefeller family has been killed--murdered near
Paris, France; but a double has already been substituted.

My friends, if the Bolshevik coup d'etat and coming full-scale
revolution are successful, our land faces a future of agony and
despair. Christians will have to hide their Bibles and hope for
some day long in the future when it will be safe to read them
once again. When the Bolshevik revolution swept across Russia
six decades ago, that was the way it was. Our Lord Jesus Christ
is a thorn in the side for the atheistic Bolsheviks, and their
hatred for Him will be expressed in merciless persecution of His
followers. No doubt about that!

There are those who say today, "America is too big, no one
could take over our whole country"; but, my friends, the
continental United States has only four (4) Time Zones.
Sixty-two years ago smaller numbers of Bolshevik revolutionaries,
using cruder techniques than today, succeeded in taking control
of Russia--and Russia spreads almost half way round the world,
with eleven (11) Time Zones! The Bolsheviks, doing the bidding
of the Rothschilds, are working fast; and yet in recent days the
situation has become much more complicated than before. The
struggle for control of America has now mushroomed into a secret
intelligence war, involving not one but several major
intelligence agencies of the world. Where it is all leading is
by no means clear right now. All I can do at this point is to
report the facts to you and urge you to keep your eyes open. At
the present time, for example, the Bolsheviks are planning to
ignite a Middle East crisis around mid May. The Pope's
revolution was also planned for May when I first made the plan
public in Audio Letter No. 42, but that has now been pushed back
to June. But these and other plans have been thrown into
question by recent eruption of intelligence warfare by means of
"doubles", look-alikes, and impostors.

For example, earlier this month on April 11, Vice-President
Walter Mondale reportedly left Washington on a trip to Iceland,
Scandinavia, and the Netherlands; but, my friends, the man and
woman on Air Force II were not Mondale and his wife but actually
"doubles." The real Walter and Joan Mondale had been spirited
away. The following day Jimmy, Rosalyn, and Amy Carter, the real
ones, left the White House for a 10-day Easter vacation in
Georgia. The first 8 days were to be spent offshore in seclusion
at Sapelo Island. Carter was looking more haggard by the day,
racked by leukemia and multiple cancers. His visible loss of
weight lately had prompted cover stories about his alleged
success at dieting. He was fast losing the ability to work at
all, and news stories said he was going to Georgia to seek
solitude. And so for a week and a half surrounding Easter, the
President and Vice-President of the United States were out of
public view. A few low-key reports appeared in the papers about
the alleged activities of Mondale on his trip. Otherwise all was
quiet here in Washington. The real purpose of the trip by
Mondale's Bolshevik "double" was to try to obtain oil for Israel,
but in this the Mondale "double" failed because very recently
Russia's Marshal Dmitry Ustinov--the man now in charge in the
Kremlin--had visited Norway personally, and Norway has now come
to terms with Russia.

The weekend after Easter things happened fast, completely
unseen by the public. On Friday night, April 20, the real Walter
Mondale was being held incommunicado by Bolshevik captors in New
Richmond in western Wisconsin. Sometime between 9:30 and 10:00
PM local time, Vice-President Walter Mondale was executed!
Mondale had been one of Nelson Rockefeller's closest political
allies and had been prominent among the mourners at Rockefeller's
memorial service at Riverside Church in early February. Now he
had died on a Friday evening, as Rockefeller had, at almost the
same local time and from the same cause--a bullet in the
forehead. Barely an hour later, Mondale's body was dumped into
Lake Superior at a point about 12 miles southeast of Taconite
Harbor, Minnesota. Meanwhile Air Force II was already on its way
westward across the Atlantic with a Mondale "double" aboard.
Mondale had been scheduled to return on Sunday, according to
public announcements, but his plane was returning a day early for
security reasons--but it did no good. Air Force II, a duplicate
of Air Force I flown by the President, was a specially outfitted
military Boeing 707 known as a VC 137-C. Its remains all except
for the left wing are now lying under thousands of feet of water
in the North Atlantic. The navigational coordinates are 57 - 30
- 35 North, 26 - 38 - 20 West. That's about 150 miles north of
where the Kissinger jet crashed in February. The left wing of
Air Force II is lying on the ocean floor about 13 miles to the
east of the rest of the plane. The flight crew were unable to
radio details, but a blast close to the fuselage tore off
practically the entire left wing in flight. The wing fluttered
away like a leaf while the rest of the plane spiraled downward 7
miles into the sea. At present Mondale's office claims that he
returned Sunday April 22 at 1:00 PM, but the next person you see
in the news as Mondale will be his second "double", recruited to
fill in for the first "double" who died in a North Atlantic crash
of Air Force II. A replacement for Air Force II will no doubt
appear as soon as one can be outfitted.

On Saturday April 21, Jimmy Carter flew secretly from Georgia
to Camp David unaware that Mondale was dead. After lunch he went
to Bethesda Naval Hospital for a checkup on his cancer and then
to the White House briefly. It was not until roughly 8:00 PM
that night that the real Jimmy Carter returned to Plains. There
about 10:30 PM Jimmy Carter, President of the United States, was
shot between the eyes, but incredibly he retained some signs of
life. He was rushed from Plains to Andrews Air Force Base
outside of Washington, arriving shortly after midnight. By 2:00
AM Sunday April 22, he was in surgery at Bethesda Naval Hospital;
but it was hopeless, just as it was in 1963 when President
Kennedy was shot in the head. With Rosalyn Carter in shock, the
body of the late President of the United States was disposed of
quickly. That evening the real Rosalyn Carter was at the White
House under heavy sedation, but shortly after midnight she, too,
was executed with a bullet between the eyes.

During the past several days Jimmy Carter No. 2 (that is,
Carter's "double") has been seen repeatedly in public--and what a
change! Jimmy Carter No. 2 looks and acts 10 years younger than
the real Carter did. Listen now to the tired, halting voice of
the old Carter as he read a prepared statement just 17 days ago
on April 10 (sound track follows):

"We have already begun to hear a good deal of talk from the oil
companies about so-called 'plow backs'; but what this talk covers
up is that this proposal, as it will be presented with the
Windfall Profits Tax, already provides six billion dollars in
increased revenue."

Now compare that with the more shrill voice--forceful, vigorous,
and confident--of Carter No. 2 just two days ago on April 25
(sound track follows):

"The bottom line is, that if there is an effort to cheat on the
SALT agreement including the limits on modernizing ICBMs, we will
detect it."

My friends, the flat, awkward speaking style of the old Carter is
gone. In its place is a new style of delivery which imitates the
old Carter but has better phrasing and more lively inflection of
the voice. The eyes which were becoming glazed with pain and
sedative are now gone, and in their place are eyes that are
piercing and alert. Gone is the old Carter under siege. In his
place is a man who is talking about storming the country by
entering every Democratic Presidential Primary in the nation, but
he is making do with only a weak imitation of that most famous of
all Carter campaign assets--the face-splitting Carter grin. The
change in appearance and behavior are so striking that something
had to be done to focus peoples' attention in a way that would
explain it all away--in other words, distraction. And so the new
Jimmy Carter, the "double", is receiving great publicity over the
fact that he parts his hair on the left; the old Carter, of
course, parted it on the right. So now anyone who looks at him
and thinks, "Carter sure looks different these days", will also
think, "I guess it's the hair that does it."

My friends, strange things are going on and you should prepare
yourself for big surprises in the days ahead. Besides the
clandestine services of the United States and the Rothschild
interests, there are at least three other factions secretly busy
here now. These are the Intelligence Agencies of Russia, Great
Britain, and Israel. Within the past two months, Britain has
secretly come to terms with Russia, and the Russian underwater
missiles around Britain have been removed; and the "doubles" for
Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter have been at the Russian Embassy here in
Washington a great deal this past week, avoiding the White House
as much as possible.

One thing, my friends, is certain: whatever these things mean,
the Russians are taking it all very seriously. Since last
Sunday, April 22, there have been 24 Russian Cosmospheres
deployed over the Washington metropolitan area. Something
important is afoot, and however it turns out, the Russians intend
to be ready.

Topic #3--One week ago today, April 20, was Lenin's birthday. In
the past it has always been a day that demanded a properly
reverent attitude on the part of all Russians; but things are
changing in Russia today. Brezhnev No. 2--the "double" who
replaced the real Brezhnev after his death in January 1978--is
used today to convey Russian policy positions to the world, and
this year Brezhnev No. 2 was conspicuous by his absence from
Lenin Day celebrations. Instead, he went to a hockey match and
one which had little significance to Russia, whose team was not
one of those playing. It was a graphic way of saying in effect:
Lenin doesn't live here any more. Meanwhile other members of the
Russian leadership were giving signals about what does matter in
Russia today. The hockey game attended by Brezhnev No. 2 was
taking place on Good Friday, as reckoned in Russia. At the time,
a Congressional delegation from the United States was in Moscow
meeting with leaders including Prime Minister Kosygin and Foreign
Minister Gromyko. In James Reston's NEW YORK TIMES article of
April 24, 1979, some surprising behavior by the Russian leaders
is mentioned: "Paradoxically they arranged with the Congressmen
on Easter weekend to go into the old Christian church at Syzran
and watch, if not take part, in the ceremony of the
Resurrection." More than a week earlier the Easter season had
begun in Moscow in a way that stunned many outside observers. On
the evenings of April 13 and 14 the Moscow Conservatory, the most
important concert hall in Moscow, was packed with capacity
crowds. They were there to hear something not heard in Russia
since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917--they were there to hear
Handel's MESSIAH. And in the capital city of the land our
leaders want us to hate, the Moscow Conservatory thundered with
those triumphant words of the Hallelujah Chorus: "THE LORD SHALL

In an interview by the British Broadcasting Corporation on
February 3, exiled Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn said he
wants to return to Russia. He says there is a rejuvenation of
society going on there now--and no wonder! During the Easter
season just past the Russians have been celebrating not only the
Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, they have also been
celebrating the resurrection of Christianity itself in Russia.

My friends, it's a fact that Russia is no longer ruled by
Satanic Bolsheviks, but by native Russian Christians. Yet it is
also a fact that the Kremlin today is in command of the most
powerful military machine the world has ever known. Russian
underwater missiles are poised within our own territorial waters,
ready for launch in a devastating nuclear strike at a moment's
notice. Russian submarines armed partly with neutron weapons now
patrol continuously along our East, West, and Gulf coasts.
Russian charged Particle Beam-weapons are on the Moon, in earth
orbit, and on floating Electrogravitic Platforms over our
country. Our major dams and many other targets have been
sabotaged with hydrogen bombs which are already in place ready
for detonation upon satellite command.

If the kamikaze war plans of our Bolshevik rulers are not
stopped, there's no question what the outcome will be. All of
America will be turned into a funeral pyre, and the American
dream will end in a nightmare. Looking at all this, ever so
often someone asks me: "If the rulers of Russia today are
Christians, why would they want to hurt us; much less, kill us?"
My friends, to begin with, their actions have already proven that
they do not have a desire to destroy us at all. Over a year and
a half ago Russia defeated the United States in the still secret
Space Battle of the Harvest Moon. Ever since then Russia has
been increasingly in a position to destroy America at will--but
the Russians have not done it in spite of continuing treachery by
America's Satanic rulers.

As I detailed last September in Audio Letter No. 38, the
rulers of Russia do plan to wipe BOLSHEVISM off the face of the
earth. Even so, it's now clear that if they find a way to do it
without resorting to full-scale war, they will try to do it; but
the problem is that our own rulers who are now the Bolsheviks are
making war increasingly unavoidable. First, the Bolsheviks want
to bring us all under their own TOTAL DICTATORSHIP. Then they
will be able to mold America into a much more efficient war
machine than it is now; and under the conditions of Bolshevik
dictatorship, you and I will be powerless to stop it. Russia's
rulers will then be faced with only two possible choices. One
choice will be to allow Russia's people, who have suffered beyond
belief at the hands of the Bolsheviks, to suffer again when the
American nuclear first strike is launched. The only other choice
will be to put America out of action. In that case, untold
millions of American Christians will be killed; but the attitude
of Russia's rulers is that if we allow the Bolsheviks to carry
things that far, we will have only ourselves to blame!

Last month I proposed that a "Pilgrimage for Peace" to Moscow
be formed by American Christian leaders. It's purpose would be
to begin building bridges of trust between the peoples of Russia
and America as the only real foundation for peace and friendship.
I appealed to Christian leaders of all denominations and at all
levels to respond in great numbers by April 30. That way there
was a chance Russia's rulers could be proven wrong in their
conviction that America's churches are infiltrated by Bolshevism.
Now, my friends, it is time to report the results. In all of the
United States there have been only a tiny handful of
independent-minded pastors and church officials who have
responded. There is no chance that such a tiny group would
convince the Kremlin of anything; and so I am forced now to
repeat the question I asked in Audio Letter No. 21, and that is:

But there is still a ray of hope, my friends. My call for a
"Pilgrimage for Peace" last month was directed only to church
leaders, who for the most part have not responded. Yet there has
been a spontaneous outpouring of interest from lovers of our Lord
Jesus Christ in all other walks of life; therefore, I am hereby
expanding my proposal for a PILGRIMAGE FOR PEACE. The name
Christian originally meant "Christ one"--that is, anyone who
loved and followed the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I am appealing to
all Christ ones in all walks of life:

Would you be willing to join me in a "Pilgrimage for Peace" to

Do you want Russia's Christian rulers of today to understand that
there is still a backbone of decency, honesty, and truth in

Would you be willing to spend some of your time and money on a
pilgrimage to Russia if it might prevent thermonuclear war???

My friends, if you could participate in a Pilgrimage for Peace
in any way, please contact me BY THE END OF MAY 1979. If you
could go yourself, or if you could help sponsor someone else to
go, please let me know. To streamline things as much as
possible, please do not call but--

WRITE to me (Dr. Peter Beter) here at:
1629 K Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. zip 20006
WRITE the word "Pilgrimage" in the lower left corner of the
Please give your name, address, telephone number, occupation, and
whether you are available to go yourself or to sponsor someone

It remains to be seen whether Russia's rulers will approve such a
visit, but I believe that depends mostly on you. If they see
that the people of America truly want peace, and trust, and
friendship, I believe their response will be favorable; but if
they are not convinced that we are serious, there will be no
Pilgrimage, and the consequences for America and the world will
be very grave.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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