Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 48.
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Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is July 30, 1979,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 48.

In recent weeks we Americans have been reeling from one crisis
to another--the gasoline crisis, the dollar crisis with gold
peaking at new record levels, the fall of Nicaragua, the alleged
crash to earth of SKYLAB, rumors of a new Russian military
command in Cuba, controversy over the SALT II treaty, and above
all the Carter crisis--with one shocking and unprecedented
development after another. Meanwhile, in the background, there's
a continuing drumbeat of lesser mysteries to worry
about--chemical plants, refineries, and oil storage depots keep
exploding and burning daily all around us; railroad tank cars
keep derailing, leaking and exploding here and there--but these
things have become so commonplace in the past two years that we
hardly even pay attention any more. Instead we wonder, "Why did
those 41 sperm whales suddenly beach themselves and die last
month on the Oregon coast?" Even the marine biologists in that
area leave us with the words: "It may always be a mystery."

But that soon fades from our minds, and instead our attention
is diverted by pathetic television re-runs of America's heyday in
space a decade ago. As we watch the fuzzy picture of a spaceman
as he steps gingerly onto the moon, for a moment it is once again
July 20, 1969; and for a brief moment we thrill once again to
those famous words of Neil Armstrong: "That's one small step for
a man, one giant leap for mankind." For a moment we may forget
how different it is today. Our manned Space Station SKYLAB is
now officially dead according to NASA, while Russian cosmonauts
are setting new records in their Salyut 6 Space Station; and,
strangely, the American Space Shuttle just can't seem to get off
the ground. "What's happened to NASA?", we may ask ourselves;
and "If we could land men on the moon, why can't we solve any of
our other problems?" But before we can think of any answers, our
attention is diverted again. "Here comes another bombshell from
Washington", says the TV, and we forget everything else, absorbed
in the latest bewildering event in the Carter crisis.

My friends, news reports about these events always make them
seem as if they were separate and unrelated. As a result, they
seem to make no sense; and so we do as we are intended to do, we
just throw up our hands. The more evil our leaders have become,
the more we have decided to just trust them; and the more
secretive our Government has become, the more we have lied to
ourselves that we knew what was going on. But the events I
mentioned a few moments ago are not separate and unrelated. They
are all parts of a bigger picture; like pieces of a jigsaw
puzzle, each piece makes sense when you know what the total
picture is. That is why in my AUDIO LETTER series I keep
focusing on the total picture--that is what I said I would do
when I inaugurated the AUDIO LETTER series in June 1975. Each
month I can only highlight a few of the specific events that are
pieces of the puzzle, but each month I try to add more to your
own understanding so that you can learn to see the truth for

For long-time careful listeners of my AUDIO LETTERS, recent
events ought not to be any real surprise. For example, consider
the fluctuating decline of the United States dollar and the
fluctuating rise of gold prices. Lately many former anti-gold
figures have jumped onto the gold bandwagon, as if they had
always been there. Yet they tell you nothing about why these
events are now taking place. My friends, the reasons are those
which I made public six years ago in my book, five years ago in
Congressional testimony, and then in my AUDIO LETTERS.

Those who expected to benefit most from the death of the
dollar began vanishing from the scene early this year of 1979.
This began with the murder of Nelson Rockefeller, which I
reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 42. The following month I reported
that his brothers David and Laurance were also killed and
replaced with "doubles." It is now widely known in international
banking circles that the real David Rockefeller is dead. But
powerful long-range economic forces were unleashed years ago by
the late David Rockefeller and his intimates. The death of the
dollar was just one part of an elaborate plan for Dictatorship
here in America, followed by a One-World Government. Another
element of the plan was to be a Middle East war with the nuclear
destruction of Arab OPEC oil wells. Over 3-1/2 years ago I made
the plan public in AUDIO LETTER No. 6, and in later tapes--for
example, Nos. 28, 37, and 41--I have kept my listeners informed
about the status of this plan; and in AUDIO LETTER No. 41 last
December 1978, I called attention to the "Hate Saudi Arabia"
campaign which was building up here in America. The nuclear doom
of Saudi Arabia was being planned for the spring, and the
American people were being conditioned to accept it. In AUDIO
LETTER No. 37 I had revealed the secret American plan by which
the Middle East disaster was to lead to war with Russia. In
March came the Egyptian-Israeli "Peace Treaty" which was designed
to set the stage not for peace, but for war; but in late April
1979 events behind the scenes altered completely the direction of
events. In AUDIO LETTER No. 46 two months ago, I revealed how
Russia stopped the secret nuclear war plan in its tracks,
especially after the death of David Rockefeller. Meanwhile, only
the tip of the iceberg of all this showed up here in America.
Most Americans only knew that there was a gasoline shortage with
long lines; what we were not told was that the so-called shortage
was artificial. It had been timed to coincide with the Saudi
Arabian disaster, which did not happen due to Russia's
intervention. Now the oil companies are covering their tracks,
releasing more gasoline; and most Americans still have no idea
what the gas lines were really all about.

And then there are those whales which beached themselves last
month in Oregon. It was almost a re-run of the beaching of some
120 whales in Florida nearly 2-1/2 years ago. In AUDIO LETTER
No. 20 for January 1977 I had revealed that some huge secret
American underwater missiles had been planted in the Atlantic
Ocean off our east coast. These enormous missiles had begun
rupturing and leaking plutonium from their warheads into the
Ocean. Early the following month the whales began beaching
themselves near Jacksonville, Florida. The stories then were the
same as we heard recently in Oregon. Somehow, we were told, the
Florida whales must have gotten disoriented; but as I revealed in
AUDIO LETTER No. 21, their breathing had been disrupted by a
fungus in their lungs, and the fungus was the product of the
plutonium from one of the leaking missiles I had revealed. This
time, in Oregon, the whale-beaching was once again caused by
plutonium-induced fungus in the lungs; but the source this time
was not a leaking underwater missile, instead a different weapon
of secret warfare mentioned in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 20 and 21 is
involved. Recently Russia resumed radiochemical warfare against
the United States. Large remote-control canisters have been
dropped at sea at intervals along our Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf
coasts. These are spewing radiochemical warfare agents into our
air on command whenever wind conditions are favorable. Most of
the canisters used plutonium as one of their active ingredients.
These renewed attacks so far are at a low, non-lethal level;
their purpose is not to kill but to promote low-grade ailments
and to sap our strength and national will. But the whales that
beached themselves on the Oregon coast last month, June 16, had
high concentrations of plutonium in their lungs along with the
other canister products. Apparently they surfaced very close to
a canister off the Oregon coast. They breathe the air just as
you and I do, and at that close range the canister gave them a
dose that destroyed their ability to breathe; and so like the
whales in Florida 2-1/2 years ago, they beached themselves to

In other ways, too, the United States is gradually being
rendered incapable of going to war against Russia. In World War
II the Western allies brought Germany's war machine to a crawl by
bombing chemical plants and disrupting rail transportation.
Likewise, today American chemical, petroleum, and rail targets
are being destroyed in a war of attrition by Russian sabotage.
Russia's new rulers are taking no chances, my friends. Of all
people, they know there is always the danger of being surprised
and upset in their plans; and so, even while they are trying to
prevent nuclear war, they are still preparing to win such a war
if it does take place. This even includes continuing
preparations for a possible invasion of the United States from
Canada and Mexico. I first revealed these activities sixteen
months ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 32, and this is the explanation
for the news reports just a few days ago about a major new
Russian Army command structure in Cuba. Cuba is serving as a
staging center for the steady flow of troops and arms into
Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. This is going on secretly but with
the knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican Government. Early
this year President Carter paid a visit to Mexico and was greeted
with official contempt and hostility. Now you know why. Mexico,
like Quebec Province in Canada, has already made her peace with
Russia. Russia's preparations are already far-advanced to enable
her to survive and win all-out war; and yet, as I have revealed
over the past several months, Russia's new rulers are using every
means at their disposal to prevent nuclear war. They are doing
nothing less than taking control of the United States, working
from the top down.

Today I want to call your attention to major current events
which are proving what I have been telling you all along.
Because the AUDIO LETTER stands alone, you must use your own
judgment in evaluating what I reveal, instead of depending on
what anyone else says. The AUDIO LETTER, my friends, is not for
the many but for the few with ears to hear.

My three special topics this month are:


Topic #1--On a midsummer day ten years ago this month, an
estimated half billion people world-wide sat transfixed before
television sets. We were watching a television image that was
fuzzy, flickering, in black and white, and yet it was awesome
because we were watching the impossible take place before our
very eyes. We were watching two American astronauts, Neil
Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first two men on the moon. That
day, July 20, 1969, was a great day to be an American. The
impossible promise of an assassinated President, John F. Kennedy,
had come true. On May 25, 1961, he had told us that America
would put a man on the moon before the decade was out, so when
Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon's surface and called it "a
giant leap", he was right. In barely eight years we had
leapfrogged past Russia to be first on the moon.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 26 I explained why it was so important to
beat Russia to the moon. It was all sold to us as a sort of
Space Age Olympics, a peaceful sporting race to gather moon
rocks; but it was actually a military crash program, ten times
bigger than the Manhattan Project in World War II, and its real
purpose was to establish a secret base on the moon. From there,
revolutionary new Beam-weapons would become the key to ruling the
earth. At the time of the Kennedy announcement in 1961, the
United States was far behind Russia in space, but NASA planners
had figured out a way to jump past Russia in order to get to the
moon first.

The Russians were firmly committed to what is called the
Earth-Orbital Approach to moon flight. Under this approach,
missions to the moon would be assembled and launched from earth
orbit with the aid of Space Stations. This technique has always
been recognized as the surest and safest route to the moon. Even
our own late great Wernher Von Braun had advocated the
earth-orbital approach for more than a decade. The earth-orbital
technique is like building a firm foundation before building the
rest of the house. It's the right thing to do, but it takes
time. NASA planners were given the task of beating Russia to the
moon, and they soon concluded that we were too far behind Russia
to catch up by the earth-orbital method. There was only one way
we could beat the Russians--it was bold, but it was also very
risky. It would be like building a house with almost no
foundation for the sake of speed. It was called the
Lunar-Orbital moon mission. Under this plan, the first priority
was to get men on the moon fast and start laying the groundwork
for a moon base; then with the moon in American hands, we could
drop back and fortify our Space Logistics system. Its keystone
was to be a Space Station known as SKYLAB. And that's how
Project Apollo was conceived, with its predecessors Project
Mercury and Project Gemini. NASA was gambling in several ways at
once, but the gamble paid off--America did beat Russia to the

In December 1972 the Moon Program was supposedly cut off
prematurely with Apollo 17; but in AUDIO LETTER No. 26 I
explained that the flights did not really stop; instead the Moon
Program was simply taken out of public limelight. Moon-launch
missions were shifted from the highly visible Cape Kennedy to the
island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. On May 14, 1973,
less than five months after the Apollo 17 Moon Mission, SKYLAB
was launched. From then on the secretly continuing American Moon
Program began benefitting from earth-orbital techniques. By late
1977, plans called for the American military base in Copernicus
Crater to be armed and operational. The base was to be armed
with Beam-weapons which can blast any visible spot on earth
within two seconds. The weapons were to include eventually both
Lasers and Particle Beams.

In the United States itself, Particle Beam research had been
sent down blind alleys as a decoy, but in other locations
world-wide Particle Beam-weapons were being developed. It was an
elaborate plan--and it almost worked. But on the night of the
Harvest Moon, September 27, 1977, it all ended in catastrophe.
Already the Soviet Union had begun orbiting operational killer
satellites called Cosmos Interceptors. These are manned and
armed with Particle Beam-weapons. Two were in orbit by late
September 1977, and one was armed with a deadly Neutron Beam.
This was used to bombard the Copernicus Base, killing all of the
astronauts there, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 26. Only two
days later, the Russian manned space program suddenly came to
life. The Salyut 6 Space Station was launched into orbit, then
cosmonaut crews began visiting Salyut 6 in a steady stream, which
continues to this day. Even now, the latest Salyut 6 cosmonauts
have been in orbit more than 150 days. This far exceeds any
record ever set by the United States.

All of this is in stark contrast to the fate of our own Space
Station, SKYLAB. Earlier this month on July 11, NASA pretended
that SKYLAB had unavoidably crashed from orbit, but SKYLAB
actually came to an abrupt end 21 months ago, as I reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 27. On October 18, 1977, a tremendous fireball
flashed across the southwestern United States. The sky was lit
up over a track nearly a thousand miles long. It was seen by
thousands across at least five (5) States--Texas, Oklahoma,
Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. Witnesses included pilots,
military observers, and even the McDonald Observatory in far
southwest Texas. It produced headlines all over the United
States. People were asking, "What in the world was that?" That,
my friends, was SKYLAB. As I said that month, it was blasted out
of space by a Russian Cosmos Interceptor. The destruction of
SKYLAB was part of Russia's program to terminate America's secret
military control of space.

Later that month, the SKYLAB cover-up by NASA got under way.
SKYLAB was said to be sinking from orbit sooner than expected,
but at first NASA pretended that SKYLAB could probably be saved
by the Space Shuttle. There was never any chance, my friends,
that SKYLAB could be saved because it was already gone. From
time to time the SKYLAB cover-up story was revived, each time
with more pessimism. Finally, last December 1978, NASA
announced, with deep regret of course, that all plans to rescue
SKYLAB were being abandoned. Those pesky sunspots were just
bringing it down too fast to reach it in time with the Space
Shuttle. From then on, speculation mounted: Where would SKYLAB
crash--India? China? The Andes? Russia? Downtown Chicago?
NASA spokesmen kept insisting that they had no idea. Even on the
alleged final orbit this month, July 11, NASA pretended to be
taken by surprise. They pretended to be trying to bring it down
in the South Atlantic, but it over-shot, they said. Then there
were several minutes of dramatic silence from SKYLAB Control in
Houston. Then came the initial announcement of SKYLAB's official
fate--"Purely by chance", they said, "SKYLAB had apparently
crashed into the Indian Ocean." They pretended that it was a
surprise, but 17 months ago, my friends, I alerted you to the
Indian Ocean as being on NASA's mind for cover-up purposes. The
Indian Ocean provides no witnesses to dispute NASA's claim of a
SKYLAB re-entry there. Nevertheless, NASA finally decided it
would be much safer to provide something for people to see than
to say it just disappeared without a trace; and sure enough, the
initial NASA announcement about the Indian Ocean was followed by
reports of sparkles in the sky over southwest Australia. NASA
then said apologetically that a few portions of SKYLAB had
apparently made it past the Ocean, re-entering over western
Australia. But strangely enough, the Australian Government said
not a word.

My friends, this final chapter of the SKYLAB cover-up involved
another military secret, which I made public in AUDIO LETTER No.
42. There's a large secret American missile base in the Northern
Territory of Australia. The base is controlled by the Military,
not NASA; but SKYLAB was part of a secret military program and so
NASA received some military help in the SKYLAB cover-up.

On July 8, only three days before SKYLAB's fictional crash to
earth, a world-wide military exercise called "GLOBAL SHIELD 79"
began. It received very little publicity here in the United
States, and yet it was the biggest exercise in over 20 years by
the Strategic Air Command. NASA scheduled the fictional end of
SKYLAB to take place during this exercise. On July 10 two
Minuteman III missiles were launched into the Pacific from
Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, but that same day
another missile was also launched under cover of the world-wide
exercise. It was launched from the missile base in Australia in
coordination with NASA. The missile was unarmed, and so the
Russian Cosmospheres overhead observed the launch without
interfering. It was launched shortly past noon Eastern Daylight
Time, which was the middle of the night in Australia. The
missile headed northeast over Indonesia and the South Pacific,
into orbit. Nearly 24 hours later the orbital package was
following a path that would soon bring it over Australia once
again. A small retro-rocket was fired, and re-entry took place
over southwest Australia. It was timed for maximum
effect--nighttime in Australia and midday in the United States.
The orbital package, consisting of ceramic fragments of a special
design, created a nice fireworks display in the night sky. The
very next day reports in the United States said that Australians
were finding pieces of purported SKYLAB debris lying all around;
and in the most famous case, an alleged 17-year-old beer keg
delivery man swung into action like a professional. Traveling by
chartered Learjet, commercial airplane and limousine, he raced to
San Francisco. Carrying a few nondescript black lumps, he beat
the deadline for the $10,000 SKYLAB prize offered by the San
Francisco EXAMINER. Those lumps, my friends, were merely chunks
of volcanic rock consisting mostly of iron and carbon; but
predictably, NASA said a few days later that they were probably
from SKYLAB, and the prize was awarded. Can you imagine?

My friends, NASA has now closed the book on SKYLAB. It's just
yesterday's news now, something we are supposed to forget about;
but if we do forget it, we would deserve whatever may happen to
us because the SKYLAB cover-up was elaborate, and its purpose was
to keep the truth from us. There are still very powerful forces
in America who want to drag us all into war with Russia; but the
message of SKYLAB is that if we let that happen, we will be
committing suicide for ourselves, for our children, and for the
United States of America!

Topic #2--Two months ago I revealed that a revolutionary new
Intelligence weapon was being introduced by Russia. I refer to
their "Organic Robotoids." These are man-made robot-like living
creatures, perhaps best described as computerized animals.
They're designed to simulate human beings almost perfectly in
appearance and behavior, and yet they are not human. Robotoids
are so far removed from the knowledge and experience of most
people that they are very difficult for many people to believe,
but now more and more major surprises are filling the news--that
is, they are surprises if you do not know about Russia's
robotoids. For example, consider the Middle East and the alleged
gasoline shortage. Nearly four years ago on October 12, 1975, I
wrote an article on the Op-Ed page of the Washington Star. It
was titled: "WHO'S TO BLAME FOR INFLATION? It's Time to be Fair
to OPEC." The comments I made then are still true today. For
example, we hear constantly about the increasing price of oil,
but, quote: "You must remember that products from the
oil-consuming countries to the oil-producing countries are
costing more each day" and, quote: "...thus oil price rises
appear to be limited, while the products of the industrialized
countries are unlimited, open-ended. Is this fair?" When I
wrote those words in 1975 I was out of step with the crowd. For
the next 3-1/2 years we were told increasingly that OPEC,
especially Saudi Arabia, was our economic enemy, but suddenly in
the past two months everything has changed. The "Hate Saudi
Arabia" chant in the major media has abruptly stopped, at least
for the moment. Instead, stories are appearing about renewed
trust between the United States and Saudi Arabia; and as if by
magic, the contrived gasoline lines are disappearing with
promises of more gas on the way. It's all the result of the
Russian robotoid shuttles to the Middle East, my friends, which I
reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 46. Russia stopped the War Plan and
robbed the big oil companies of their excuse for shortages.

Now, consider the SALT II treaty. There's a relationship, my
friends, between SALT II and, of all things, the SKYLAB debacle.
There is nothing at all in the major media news about this
relationship; but as my older listeners know, SALT II and SKYLAB
are just tips of the same iceberg, and it's an iceberg that is
already sinking our "Ship of State." Earlier I reviewed how the
real story of SKYLAB's fate began on September 27, 1977. That
was the day America lost the secret "Space Battle of the Harvest
Moon" to Russia. Three weeks later a Russian Cosmos Interceptor
blasted SKYLAB out of existence. The real story of the present
SALT II treaty also began on September 27, 1977. That day Soviet
Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko delivered a speech at the United
Nations. By the time Gromyko spoke, it was already clear that
Russia was winning the Space Battle so he spoke very harshly
about American stalling on SALT II. He delivered what amounted
to a veiled ultimatum, then he left for Washington for a highly
unusual nighttime meeting at the White House with the real Jimmy
Carter and Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. Breathless reporters
told the nation there had been a breakthrough in SALT II; but
when I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 26 three days later, I revealed
what had really happened. The stories about a SALT breakthrough
were lies, cover-stories to allay public concern. That's what my
listeners heard in AUDIO LETTER No. 26, and for the following
year and a half SALT II went nowhere; but early this year drastic
changes in America's rulership began taking place. For the past
six months the AUDIO LETTER has been focusing on these changes as
they have taken place; and they have led, among other things, to
a turn-around on SALT II.

The changes began on January 26, 1979, with the murder of
Nelson Rockefeller. That was the opening shot of a secret
Bolshevik coup d'etat against America's real rulers. As I have
explained in previous tapes, the atheistic Bolsheviks no longer
rule Russia. They have been overthrown by a tough band of native
Christians. Today Christianity is being re-born in Russia--but
here, in the United States, the Bolsheviks want to create a new
Bolshevik revolution. They want to seize control of America and
then to strike back at their bitter enemies, the Christ-ones who
now run the Kremlin. For several months the Bolshevik coup
d'etat was moving fast, important people were being purged and
replaced by "doubles" beginning with David and Laurance
Rockefeller and their intimates; and the week-end after Easter
1979 the Bolshevik purge claimed the lives of President Carter,
Vice-President Mondale, and their families. But as I reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 45, the Russians then began to intervene. A
secret war of "doubles" broke out, and by late April the White
House was already under Russia's control. In AUDIO LETTER No. 46
I was able to let my listeners in on the key to Russia's success.
They are using "robotoids" to replace and simulate powerful
people. The United States is secretly becoming a Russian
satellite state, and the American turn-around on SALT II came
fast. On May 9, 1979, the robotoid replacements for Defense
Secretary Brown and Secretary of State Vance made the initial
announcement: an agreement in principle had been achieved on SALT
II, and with lightning speed the treaty itself was signed in
Vienna barely five weeks later. My friends, Russia signed with
herself through Carter robotoid No. 3 and Brezhnev No. 2, the
human "double" for the late real Brezhnev.

At first the new SALT II treaty brought howls from Capitol
Hill. We heard over and over that it was in serious trouble, but
last month I reported the true situation. SALT II's most bitter
opponents in the Senate are people who are playing ball with the
Bolsheviks here in America. Russia is replacing them with
robotoids, and the earlier hard line against SALT II is slowly
evaporating. The shift is subtle so far, but it is clearly
visible. For example, the late Senator Barry Goldwater worried
constantly in public about verification, but on July 23 robotoid
Goldwater said, quote: "I would not be too exercised over it
now." An even more bitter SALT II opponent was the late Senator
Henry Jackson. Jackson always played up the Russian threat, but
on July 23 he accused robotoid Defense Secretary Harold Brown of
exaggerating that threat. He called it "scare tactics to sell
SALT II." Even our outgoing Ambassador to the Soviet Union
Malcolm Toon is no more. Toon was publicly very suspicious of
SALT II, but now a Toon robotoid has abruptly started campaigning
in favor of SALT II--and he won't explain the change.

Robotoids, my friends, are a very powerful weapon; but as I
pointed out in AUDIO LETTER No. 46, they are also very
troublesome. They do not live long, especially under conditions
of constant exposure and stress. They must also be programmed,
and yet they are also somewhat unpredictable. Last month I
described the process by which the holographic brain of a
robotoid reproduces the memory of a person being duplicated.
Other parts of the brain are altered so that the robotoid ends up
as a robot-like being that obeys instructions. But the memory
includes involuntary responses which sometimes produce unwanted
behavior. This is turning out to be a severe problem in the case
of the Jimmy Carter robotoids, because the real Carter had mental
instabilities which are reproduced partially in the robotoids.
The first signs of erratic behavior by the Carter robotoids came
in public comments about Senator Kennedy. The real Jimmy Carter
had a strong personal dislike for Kennedy and on several
occasions Carter robotoids have simply blurted out these
reactions in very raw form. To a degree, this type of thing is a
danger with all robotoids--they do not possess truly human
judgment. They appear to have it under certain conditions, but
this is the result of programming for those situations. The
problems of instability and short life cause robotoids to be best
suited for interim purposes. For long-term purposes, human
agents are still the best. For that reason, don't be surprised
to see more and more new faces in high positions. Some of the
new faces will themselves be robotoids, but some will be human

The Carter crisis of recent days demonstrates two things at
once: one is the extent of secret Russian control that now exists
in Washington; the other is the difficulty the Russians
themselves are having with their robotoids. On July 1, Carter
robotoid No. 4 returned to Washington from South Korea following
the "Economic Summit" in Tokyo. The scheduled Carter holiday in
Hawaii was canceled, and the next day a Carter Energy speech was
scheduled for the evening of July 5. Then the Carter robotoid
family disappeared to Camp David. Jimmy Carter robotoid No. 4
was burning out, and was disposed of. Robotoid No. 5 was next in
line and had already been tried out several times; but on the 4th
of July, the day before the scheduled speech, Carter robotoid No.
5 went berserk. It was disposed of, leaving only robotoid No. 6
on deck. Each new robotoid is given exposure on a small scale
first, to test its wings so to speak--for example, our alleged
President goes fishing with a few friends or visits a farm
family. But this had not yet been done with robotoid No. 6 on
July 4, so that left the Russians no choice. The speech was
canceled without explanation. The Jody Powell robotoid refused
to answer reporters' questions. The press was stunned, Capitol
Hill was shocked and dismayed, and Carter's own staff (those who
are still human) were caught by surprise. The following evening,
July 5, the White House "Energy group" held a meeting. Afterward
the Washington Star quoted a key Administration official as
saying that, quote: "There was incredible disarray." Meanwhile
Carter's political advisers supposedly were summoned to Camp
David. By Friday evening July 6, Carter robotoid No. 6 was
programmed and ready for initial controlled exposure. Thus began
the so-called "Domestic summit" at Camp David. Puzzled observers
said they could not figure out what Carter hoped to accomplish
with all this. The people invited to Camp David after all were
people whose views were already known to Carter. Almost without
exception, a number of the participants as they left scratched
their heads in puzzlement. "Carter", they said, "had talked
little. He simply sat taking notes and nodding most of the

My friends, two things were going on at Camp David: one was
the controlled exposure I mentioned earlier for Carter robotoid
No. 6; but in addition, key individuals among the visitors were
robotized--that is, the real person arrived, but a robotoid
departed!! The individuals who were robotized at Camp David had
been identified from Nelson Rockefeller's "Hit List", which I
discussed two months ago. Others were invited and left untouched
as a smoke screen. All those on the List who arrived at Camp
David are now dead--in their place are robotoids carrying on in
their places like programmed zombies. The people themselves are
dead, and the robotoids are not conscious of being alive; and so
the "Secret War of the Walking Dead" goes on.

On July 11, SKYLAB Day according to NASA, the Camp David
"Domestic summit" ended abruptly. Carter robotoid No. 6 had
started behaving erratically, Wall Street was rife with rumors
that Carter had suffered a nervous breakdown, robotoid No. 7 was
brought onto the scene, and the next day robotoid No. 6 was
eliminated. Once again Carter was said to be at work on his
Energy speech. On Friday the 13th of July, journalists who met
with robotoid No. 7 described Carter as, quote: "a thoroughly
chastened leader"; others called him a deeply troubled and
worried man. Nevertheless, the next day Carter robotoid No. 7
was sent forth to try his wings. Like a dead El Cid strapped to
a horse, the 7th robotoid copy of the late President Carter
sallied forth. We were told that the President of the United
States visited private homes near Pittsburgh, Pa. and
Martinsburg, West Virginia. Afterward, the Russian Robotoid
Command in Novosibirsk must have sighed with relief. One of the
hosts told UPI, quote: "I feel better about him now. He's acting
more like a president now." That Saturday evening July 14,
Carter robotoid No. 7 arrived on the White House lawn by
helicopter at roughly 6:30 P.M., but the Russians were taking no
chances. An Associated Press dispatch that evening described
another unexplained strange turn of events, quote: "Members of
the Press corps who normally are allowed on the lawn to see and
photograph the arrival, were barred from doing so on Saturday.
White House Press officials gave no reason for the change except
to say they saw no reason for the coverage." The following
evening, Sunday July 15, Carter robotoid No. 7 successfully
delivered the long-delayed Energy speech; but, as it turned out,
Energy was only part of his subject. In that regard, the Russian
program to nationalize the big oil companies was set in motion.
That is what the so-called "ENERGY SECURITY CORPORATION" is
actually all about; and to cut down all bureaucratic obstacles to
Russia's "Energy plans" here, the "ENERGY MOBILIZATION BOARD" is
to be created.

But the speech had a much broader thrust, dealing with the
crisis of the American spirit. Some commentators have joked
about the speech as, quote: "Carter's Sunday night sermon"; but
as I will point out briefly in Topic #3, we would be wise not to
laugh because, my friends, the words of the Carter robotoid No. 7
came straight from the Kremlin, and the Kremlin is not joking.
Even the speech itself was not without its mystery. The
following day an article in the New York Times pointed out,
quote: "Another extraordinary development was that the White
House had no advance text of the speech, the President's ten days
of deliberations notwithstanding. It was the first time in the
memory of veteran reporters that no prepared text was released."

Even so, the speech gave the impression momentarily that
things were finally back to normal, but that impression was
shattered less than 48 hours later. Shortly after 4:00 P.M. July
17, the Jody Powell robotoid issued another brief surprise
announcement to reporters. Something unprecedented had
happened--the entire Carter Cabinet and all senior members of the
White House staff had offered their resignations. Once again the
Washington establishment was shaken to its foundations. But if
the resignations were a shock here, they were a lightning bolt
overseas, because in other countries the resignation of an entire
Cabinet means just one thing--it means the Government has fallen.
For the next few days news reports world-wide were filled with
worried reactions. On all sides we were hearing words like
Dismay, Bewilderment, Disbelief. Senators and others described
Carter as acting erratically. One said publicly, quote: "We are
worried about him having some kind of breakdown"; another said,
quote: "I think the President is nuts."

Soon a Jimmy Carter robotoid may well flee the White House.
That will leave 1980 as "The Year of the Dark Horse", because as
of now, every major potential presidential candidate has been
replaced with a robotoid! Two months ago when I first made
public my intelligence on the Russian robotoids, I gave a
warning. I knew many people would find them unbelievable, but I
also cautioned that, quote: "Events in the days ahead will be
impossible to understand without knowing this secret." And now,
my friends, those events are already taking place.

Topic #3--There was a time in America not long ago when the fear
of God was a meaningful phrase. To be a God-fearing man or woman
was seen as a good thing; such a person could be trusted and
relied upon. But today in America, the fear of God is generally
thought of as an outmoded concept. If we think of our Lord Jesus
Christ at all, it's as a baby in a manger, or as the Healer, or
as the Feeder of five thousand. We forget that He also drove the
moneychangers out of God's house with whips. We have reduced God
to a convenience in our minds, even a servant. We think we can
summon Him anytime we need help, but forget about Him otherwise.

Those are the attitudes in America today which arouse contempt
and even anger in the new Kremlin. In AUDIO LETTER No. 38 I told
my listeners about the struggle of six decades that led to the
overthrow of the atheistic Bolsheviks in Russia. Russia's new
rulers are Christians, and they endured incredible sacrifices.
Now they are continuing their holy war against Bolshevism here in
America by means of robotoids. We in America have not lifted a
finger to save the soul of our own land from the hell of
Bolshevism, so now the Russians are doing it. The Russians
waited until the last possible moment to see if we American
Christians would try to save our own country, but we are as blind
today as Russia was six decades ago. So now, my friends, we have
forfeited the chance to save America from Bolshevism ourselves.
Now the Russians are doing it in their own way. The only
alternative was to permit the outbreak of nuclear war. Rather
than permit that, they are seizing control of the United States.

Last month in Vienna, Leonid Brezhnev No. 2 startled the world
by saying, quote: "God will not forgive us if we fail." Those,
my friends, are words that signify the fear of God; and now that
the Russians have begun taking over America, they consider it
their duty to teach us the fear of God as well.

In his July 15 speech, Carter robotoid No. 7 said, quote: "In
a nation that was proud of hard work, strong families, close-knit
communities, and our faith in God, many of us now tend to worship
self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer
defined by what one does, but by what one owns; but we have
discovered that owning things and consuming things does not
satisfy our longing for meaning. We have learned that piling up
material goods cannot fill the emptiness of lives which have no
confidence and purpose." Those words, my friends, came straight
from the Kremlin. That's why the official daily newspaper Pravda
quoted the Carter speech without comment.

The people who are becoming our new rulers are beginning to
tell us what lies ahead for us. The things which cause us to
take our Lord Jesus Christ for granted will be allowed to fall
away from us. Already the props are being pulled out from under
the artificial United States economy. Soon there will be
economic collapse, hardship, regimentation; and the only way up
will be through hard work, patience, and spiritual strength. In
the hard times that lie ahead, my friends, there will be many who
will say the Russians have no right to let us plunge into such
troubles, but the fact is that we have forfeited the right to
choose our own future. If the Russians had not intervened,
thermonuclear war would now be virtually upon us, so now the
Russians are going to do it their way because our way was leading
to total disaster.

What is beginning to happen now is what I told my listeners a
year ago in AUDIO LETTER Nos. 35 and 36. We are witnessing the
end of a way of life, our own way of life. In AUDIO LETTER No.
36 I said, quote: "The selfish and self-destructive license of
today will be stamped out, but it will give way to real human
freedom rooted in eternal spiritual values." That's what Carter
robotoid No. 7 was talking about on July 15, my friends, and that
is what the Kremlin intends for us as they lay plans to teach us
anew the fear of God.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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