Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 53.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), Box 16428, Ft. Worth,
Texas 76133.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter in Washington. Today is
January 21, 1980, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 53.

It has now been seven weeks since I recorded AUDIO LETTER No.
52 on the last day of November, 1979. I want to thank each and
every one of you for your patience during this unavoidable delay.

The headlines in recent weeks have been filled with one shock
after another. For example, the alleged former Shah of Iran has
made sudden surprise moves--first to Texas, then to Panama. The
world has been jolted by a radical change in the behavior of
Russia, starting with massive intervention in Afghanistan. And
even more startling, the United States is answering Russia with a
revival of the Cold War. Meanwhile the gold skyrocket is
seemingly streaking higher and higher in panic buying, and
hanging over it all is the dark cloud of the expanding Iran
crisis. In a matter of weeks the international climate has
undergone a dramatic change. The blue skies of peace and
prosperity are fading away. Suddenly the atmosphere is filled
with the smell of approaching war, and the events in the
headlines are only a pale shadow of what is taking place behind
the scenes. Since I spoke with you in AUDIO LETTER No. 52, I
have been receiving an avalanche of urgent Intelligence reports.
Drastic secret developments have been taking place world-wide
which have turned the international scene upside down. The most
important of these have taken place right here in the United
States, and in Russia. Now at last I am in a position to bring
you up to date on what has happened.

My friends, during the weeks just passed, the prospects for
world peace have been shattered. Here in the United States
powerful forces who are bent on war are fast gaining the upper
hand. And in Russia the "peace faction" in the Kremlin has been
toppled from power. It began as a family squabble among the
secret new Christian rulers of Russia, and it ended in tragedy
for some. The result has been a return to power by the
hard-liners among the secret sect that now rules Russia. The
rise to power by the Christian "peace faction" in Russia was a
miracle, but it was a miracle that was short-lived. It is now
over, and now the world is once again moving down the path to
THERMONUCLEAR WAR. The hard-liners now running the Kremlin are
members of the same religious group as the "peace faction." The
hard-liners and the "peace faction" disagree on only one major
point. The "peace faction", who are known as the "White Doves,"
believe nuclear war must be prevented if it is humanly possible.
By contrast, the hard-liners believe nuclear war is inevitable;
so, my friends, their guiding military strategy is not to prevent
nuclear war indefinitely but to WIN it when it comes.

My three special topics this month are:




Topic #1--Four nights ago on Thursday, January 17, millions of
Americans tuned in the ABC television program "20/20." The
program that night presented a heavily-edited interview by the
British television personality David Frost. The person
interviewed was said to be the former Shah of Iran. The
individual we saw on the David Frost interview looked, sounded,
and acted very much like the Shah, but he looked much healthier
than the sickly-looking Shah in New York two months ago. This
was true even though news reports had been saying the Shah's
condition was deteriorating. Almost every time he answered a
question the face became expressionless, and the eyes froze into
a glassy stare. He spoke slowly, haltingly, as if groping around
in a fuzzy memory to find the answers. And time after time he
just gave up and said simply, "I don't remember that."

Later that same evening ABC presented its nightly special on
the Iran crisis. The program began with some follow-up
discussion of the David Frost interview program. Dr. Joseph
Sisco, former Under-Secretary of State, was among those asked for
his reactions to the interview. Sisco appeared to be shaken by
what he had seen. He said the Shah he knew had always been able
to discuss the intricacies of geopolitics, not only as they
affect the Persian Gulf but world-wide. By contrast, the man he
saw on the David Frost interview was, quote: "Uncertain in his
speech; a completely different man from the one I knew."

My friends, Dr. Sisco could not have been more right. The
individual interviewed by David Frost in Panama was not the Shah
at all. In fact, he was not even a human being. It was a kind
of living robot, known as a "synthetic automaton", or more
briefly, a "Synthetic." I first revealed last October 1979 in
AUDIO LETTER No. 51 that Synthetics were beginning to appear on
the scene. They are being deployed as a tool of intrigue by the
warlike Bolsheviks here in the United States. They are the
Bolshevik answer to another type of biological robot which the
Russians began deploying earlier in 1979. The Russian type is
known as an "Organic Robotoid", and I first made them public in
AUDIO LETTER No. 46 last May. Both the Russian "Robotoids" and
the Bolshevik "Synthetics" are remarkable creatures. They are
manufactured by radically different technologies; but they have
one thing in common--they are both artificial life-forms which
live and breathe but have to be programmed like computers, and
they are the products of three decades of spectacular scientific
discoveries out of public view. I have given a little of the
scientific background in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 47 and 51, but
Robotoids and Synthetics remain perhaps the most secret of all
Intelligence weapons.

In my previous tapes about these biological robots, I have
mentioned that their most critical feature is their biological
computer brain. In that regard, the Russian Robotoids are far
superior to the Bolshevik Synthetics. That's because of their
holographic brain, which I described in detail in AUDIO LETTER
No. 47. In AUDIO LETTER No. 51 I mentioned the low brain quality
of the Synthetics; and if you were watching the alleged Shah of
Iran in the David Frost interview the other night, you saw a
perfect example with your own eyes. Synthetics easily pass for
human beings, but they act dull-witted compared to the humans
which they simulate. When David Frost interviewed the Synthetic
"double" for the former Shah, he no doubt thought he was talking
with the real thing; but by that time the real Shah had been dead
for well over a month. He died in the early morning hours of
Sunday, December 2, 1979.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 52 last November I explained why the Shah
had been brought to New York City in the first place. He did
undergo medical treatment, but that could have been done
elsewhere. The once mighty Shah arrived in New York as a mere
pawn in a deadly world-wide game of chess. For more than two
years a secret war has been in progress between the new rulers of
Russia and the overthrown former rulers of Russia, the
Bolsheviks. Having been expelled from Russia by the tens of
thousands, the old Bolsheviks have been flocking mainly here to
the United States. They are in a rage to strike back at Russia,
and they plan to do it using America's military power.

Over the past two years and more a sophisticated new Bolshevik
revolution has been under way without fanfare here in the United
States. I have kept my listeners informed about this situation

The Bolsheviks are in a do-or-die frenzy to throw America's
military might at Russia; and in AUDIO LETTER No. 37 for August
1978, I revealed how they plan to do it. The Bolshevik war plan
is based on an American nuclear first strike against Russia; and
the chain of events to lead up to the first strike was to begin
with a crisis over Iran. That is what I made public nearly a
year and a half ago, and that is what is going on now right
before our very eyes. My friends, we are on the road to NUCLEAR

In AUDIO LETTER No. 52 I explained the purpose for which the
former Shah of Iran was lured to New York City in late October.
This was a Russian ploy carried out using their own Robotoid
replacements for certain powerful Americans. They had discovered
that the Bolsheviks here in America were setting in motion the
dreaded Iran crisis. It was already too late for the Russians to
prevent the crisis from erupting, so instead they maneuvered the
Shah here in a pre-emptive strategy to change the course of the
crisis. I gave the details of all this in AUDIO LETTER No. 52,
so I won't repeat it again here. The Russian maneuvers involving
the former Shah of Iran were set in motion while the Kremlin
"peace faction", the White Doves, were still calling the shots.
They succeeded in their plan to make the former Shah the center
of the Iran crisis, contrary to the Bolshevik plans; and later,
when the time was ripe, they were planning to use their control
over the Shah to make the crisis fizzle out. But, as I detailed
in AUDIO LETTER No. 52, the Russians had their hands full in
trying to sort out the Iran crisis. The Shah's trip to New York
City was arranged on short notice. Having accomplished that
much, the Russians put the Shah "on ice" during November 1979
while they concentrated on other pressing aspects of the crisis.
As December 1979 began, Russian agents here in the United States
were preparing for new moves involving the Shah. For over five
weeks the Shah had been holding court and receiving medical
treatment at the New York hospital, Cornell Medical Center, in
New York City. His suite on the 17th floor was walled off by a
special barricade of bullet-proof glass. Everything having to do
with the Shah was subject to intensive security precautions.
Unknown to the Shah himself, he was the key to Russia's plan to
unravel the Iranian crisis without war; so the one thing the
Russians could not afford was to have something happen to the
Shah at that time.

By the time I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 52 on November 30,
1979, plans were being laid to move the Shah. The Russians had
begun to penetrate the Bolshevik strangle hold on Iran and were
establishing a dialogue with the Khomeini government. The time
had come to remove the Shah from the hospital. The advance
preparations at the hospital were subtle--but not subtle enough.
They were detected by Bolshevik agents within the hospital, and
they were successful in learning the details of the plan to move
the Shah before it took place. Shortly after 4:00 A.M. on the
morning of December 2, 1979, the Shah left his hospital room in a
wheel chair. He was accompanied by armed guards, including FBI
agents brandishing submachine guns. They entered an elevator on
the 17th floor of the hospital and went down to the subbasement.
From there the Shah and his guards traveled along an underground
tunnel to the Payson House staff residence on East 71st Street.
There the Shah's party entered a parking garage. The Shah was
wheeled up to a blue-green FBI van. The Shah was helped out of
his wheel chair and into the van. As soon as the Shah was
inside, the doors of the van were shut and the van started
moving. As it did so, three FBI cars joined up as an escort.
The four-vehicle motorcade drove carefully toward the exit of the
parking garage. As they did so, one of the Shah's guards in the
van pulled out a powerful gun equipped with a silencer. He and
the other guards in the Shah's van turned out to be Bolshevik
Synthetics. By the time the Shah's van reached the exit of the
parking garage the Shah's body lay slumped on the floor inside.
Like his former patron Nelson Rockefeller, the Shah had died of a
single bullet to the forehead. The other Synthetics in the front
of the van did exactly as programmed. They drove on as if
nothing had happened. FBI agents in the other cars detected no
hint that anything was wrong. The motorcade drove the rest of
the way to La Guardia Airport without incident. Only when the
van was opened at the Airport was it discovered what had taken

News reports that day and the next were filled with headlines
about the Shah's mysterious move to Texas. On television we were
shown an Air Force DC-9 taking off in the darkness at La Guardia.
We were told that the Shah was aboard, but he was not! His body
was kept in a remote location at New York's La Guardia Airport
until around 6:00 P.M. that evening, after which it was flown to
a southern state for disposal. When the DC-9 was shown landing
at the Air Base in Texas, we were told again it was the Shah's
plane. Normally Lackland Air Force Base is unrestricted, but the
Air Base was suddenly closed after the plane landed. There was
confusion. Initially, Air Force officials at the Base said there
would be a Press Conference that afternoon, but soon they
reversed themselves. They not only canceled the Press Conference
but told all reporters to leave the Base immediately or be
forcibly ejected. The public relations plans which had been made
ahead of time just fell apart. Instead a cover-up was hastily
set in motion on orders from certain Russian agents in the

In the days that followed, all was mystery concerning the
Shah. He was said to be in certain hospital quarters at
Lackland; but as days passed and no one saw the Shah, questions
began to multiply. Had it been suspected that the Shah was
already dead, the Bolshevik agents holding the American hostages
in Tehran might have killed the hostages, and that could have led
very quickly to nuclear war. Meanwhile the Bolsheviks here in
America were preparing to take control of the Shah controversy.

The Bolshevik Synthetics are programmed by a technique
completely different from that used by the Russians with their
Robotoids. It is not as good, but it also does not require a
cerebral hologram. Bolshevik agents in New York had been able to
obtain the genetic samples needed, and on Saturday December 15
there was a new surprise regarding the Shah. He was said to have
left Texas that morning for a small island off Panama. Then the
invisible Shah seemingly reappeared in the form of a Synthetic,
and since that time the Shah's image has been utilized by the
Bolsheviks. As I told you earlier, it was a Synthetic that was
seen in the David Frost television interview four nights ago.
What happened to the late Shah of Iran is only part of a much
larger pattern of recent days.

The Bolshevik deployment of Synthetics began in earnest three
months ago, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 51. As a
by-product of this, bizarre cattle mutilations are once again
taking place in North America. A few years ago there was a rash
of these incidents in the western United States. At that time
the earliest large-scale experiments were under way with
Synthetics. Now, after a lull, the Synthetics are being deployed
operationally, and the cattle mutilations have resumed. Right
now, however, they are taking place primarily in Canada to
minimize attention to them here in the United States. My
friends, the cattle mutilations are nothing more than a modern
twist on cattle rustling. The Synthetic process uses certain
glands and tissues of cattle as raw material, as I explained in
AUDIO LETTER No. 51. To obtain these raw materials, the cattle
involved have to be destroyed in a very wasteful manner; so the
Bolshevik agents who are manufacturing Synthetics do not use
their own cattle, instead they let others suffer the losses
involved in slaughtered herds. The cattle mutilations may turn
into an epidemic that is too big to ignore, because during the
past three months the Bolshevik circles have started deploying
Synthetics in great numbers.

A covert war of biological robots is now raging world-wide
between the Russians and their old Bolshevik enemies. The
Russians got a head start by deploying their Robotoids first,
last spring; but they knew their advantage would not last long,
and they tried to use it fast to nail down approval of the SALT
II treaty. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko summed it up
last June 25, 1979. In an unprecedented two-hour news conference
in Moscow he paused at one point and said simply, "Fantastic

My friends, the dangers we face now are fantastic, but so was
aerial warfare until World War I, the atomic bomb until World War
II, and moon flight until Project Apollo. The Bolsheviks in our
midst are obsessed with their schemes for revolution and war,
rule or ruin. Using their Synthetics, they are fast regaining
the power they were losing at the hands of Russia's Robotoids.
Unlike the Russians, the Bolsheviks have an entrenched power base
here in the United States; and so the Russians are now losing the
invisible war of the biological robots. With every day that
their power increases, the Bolsheviks here in America redouble
their frenzy to seize still more power.

To advance their revolution here, the Bolsheviks are gradually
shutting down America. Tremors are shaking our economic system,
and the United States dollar is awaiting the moment of collapse.
In April 1974 I gave a warning in Congressional testimony about
plans which were being laid for a gold skyrocket. I testified
that the plan called for gold to streak upward past $2,000 per
ounce, and I described how this was tied to the secret theft of
America's monetary gold supply by international forces. I later
offered to present evidence and witnesses under oath, but
Congress was not interested. Then I went public with my
warnings. But lies and maneuvers by the United States Treasury
Department were swallowed like honey by most Americans, so
nothing lasting was done to stop the plan for our economic
destruction. Now, the gold skyrocket is a matter of daily
headlines. Since I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 52 less than two
months ago, the price of gold has more than doubled. Gold
auctions by the gold-poor United States Treasury have stopped, as
I alerted you they would in December of 1978, AUDIO LETTER No.
41. Thousands of people are lining up to turn in their gold and
silver, thinking they are receiving good dollars in exchange.
But that's because the dollar is still being propped up
artificially. When the time is ripe in Bolshevik plans, the
props will be pulled out and the dollar will crash. The dollar
is on the road to repudiation, which will make it worthless; and
many of the wealthy abroad now believe that the United States
does not have the gold it claims to have. The very few who do
know about the plan to repudiate the dollar are not selling their
gold and silver. They are holding on to it, and even buying

As the Bolsheviks press ahead in taking control of the United
States, they are also working overtime to get ready for war.
They want to destroy Russia, and they want you and me to do their
dirty work. They already know that NUCLEAR WAR ONE will kill
three out of every four Americans, but that does not worry them.
Using their positions of privilege and power here in America,
they believe they will survive, so they can't wait to throw the
United States into nuclear war against Russia.

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 52 last November 30, the
official line we were hearing daily was that Moslem students were
holding our hostages in Tehran. Those stories were lies, and I
told you so. The situation in the Embassy is controlled by
Bolshevik agents. They are not true Moslems at all, and are
beyond the control of Ayatollah Khomeini. Now more than a month
later, you're hearing a distorted echo of what I told you then.
It is now being admitted that Ayatollah Khomeini does not control
those who are holding our hostages, but you are being fed only
half truths designed to rally your support for war. Thirteen
days ago on January 8, 1980, a Synthetic "double" for our late
President Carter said, quote: "The most powerful single political
entity in Iran consists of the international terrorists, or the
kidnappers who are holding our hostages"--but their Bolshevik
ties are not mentioned! Instead, you are being given the
impression that they may be Russian inspired in some manner. Two
months ago all Iranians were being lumped together, and the
Bolsheviks were whipping up Americans into hating them all; but
now we are suddenly hearing about the threat to Iran from Russia.
We are being prepared for war with declarations that we may have
to defend Iran militarily.

The Bolshevik military strategy remains as I described it
nearly a year and a half ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 37. I will now
repeat, word for word, the warning I gave you then:

"The American public will demand that it is time for the United
States to stand up to Russia; and with full public support,
American troops and weapons will pour into Iran. From that point
onward, the outbreak of NUCLEAR WAR ONE will be all but
impossible for the public to follow by way of the so-called

Topic #2--For nearly two years beginning early in 1978, Russia's
policies were controlled by the "peace faction" in the Kremlin,
the "White Doves." Meanwhile their Bolshevik enemies here in the
United States have continued their relentless drive for war. As
a result, the policies of the Kremlin "peace faction" have now
been abandoned. Recent events in both the United States and
Russia have brought about this change. My friends, you will not
be able to understand events in the days to come if you do not
understand the recent Kremlin take-over by the Hard-Liners; and
to understand that, you need to remember the background of events
which have led up to this point during the past several years.

I first began discussing the new rulers of Russia in AUDIO
LETTER No. 28 for November 1977. Later on I revealed much more
about them in AUDIO LETTER No. 38, which was a special issue
dealing entirely with Russia. Russia's new rulers struggled for
six decades to overthrow the Bolsheviks, and through this long
and bitter struggle the secret Kremlin Christians came to know
the disease of Bolshevism more intimately than anyone else on
earth. As I revealed also in AUDIO LETTER No. 38, they are
embarked on what they consider a holy war to wipe out Bolshevism
from the face of the earth. So long as it still survives
anywhere in the world, they are convinced that both Russia and
Christianity itself will be in mortal danger. Even so, there
have always been two factions within the secret sect of Kremlin
Christians on the issue of nuclear war. They all agree that
nuclear war would be horrendous, but they disagree on whether it
can be avoided. The minority faction, the White Doves, believe
it is possible to avoid nuclear war; but the majority, the
Hard-Liners, believe otherwise. They are convinced that no
matter how many times nuclear war may be delayed, their Bolshevik
enemies will eventually bring it about; and so they insist that
the only realistic thing to do is to make sure Russia will win
the war when it comes with as few casualties as possible.

The secret Kremlin Christians first began to outweigh the
Bolsheviks in power when Joseph Stalin died in 1953. From that
time until early 1978 the Hard-Liners were in power, and they
were anxious to speed the day when Russia would break free not
only from the Bolsheviks in Russia but also from the Rockefeller
Cartel. In the summer of 1976 Russia began preparing for a
limited nuclear Pearl Harbor attack against the United States,
Great Britain, and other countries. It was the Underwater
Missile Crisis of 1976, which I revealed in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 14
through 16. It was a desperate situation, as my long-time
listeners will recall; and yet the strategy of Admiral Gorshkov,
the head of the Russian Navy, was one of limited war. If his
naval strategy had worked, the initial attack on strategic
coastal targets would have made further warfare useless. As I
outlined in AUDIO LETTER No. 18, the world's ICBM's and other
nuclear weapons would never have been used. But the limited
public exposure of the underwater missile crisis through my AUDIO
LETTERS had its consequences in the Kremlin. The Russians lost
the critical element of surprise, and so the White Doves argued
that the result of the Hard-Liners' gamble could easily have been
not limited war but total war. They insisted that Russia must
never again try to deliberately trigger nuclear war. From then
on, the influence of the White Doves grew steadily, but the
Hard-Liners headed by the original Leonid Brezhnev stayed in the
driver's seat until the end of 1977. It was the Hard-Liners who
presided over Russia's lightning-fast deployment of her secret
new "Space Triad" of weapons during late 1977. I reported the
deployment as it took place in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 26 through 29.

All three legs of the Space Triad are built around Particle
Beam Weapons. Up to now, Russia is still the only nation to
deploy Particle Beams as operational weapons. The first leg of
Russia's Space Triad are the Cosmos Interceptors. These are
manned killer satellites armed with Particle Beams. I first
reported that they were operational in September 1977. They
began destroying America's fleet of Spy Satellites. An
especially equipped Cosmos Interceptor, Cosmos 954, fought
history's first true space battle--the Battle of the Harvest
Moon, September 27, 1977. Firing a special Neutron Particle
Beam, Cosmos 954 knocked out America's secret military base on
the moon.

The Russians then quickly deployed their own military bases on
the moon, and these constitute the second leg of the Space Triad.
Today Russian Particle Beam Weapons are located in seven (7)
places on the near side of the moon. They can strike any visible
spot on earth less than two (2) seconds after pulling the
trigger; and they can deliver a blast of devastating force, as
proven in the test firing of November 19, 1977, which I reported
in AUDIO LETTER No. 29 the following month.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 29 I also reported the beginning of
Russia's deployment of the third leg of her Space Triad. These
are the Cosmospheres--electrogravitic weapon platforms which can
hover over any spot on earth. They can operate in altitudes from
ground level to about 800 miles, and are armed with Charged
Particle Beams. The first few Cosmospheres to be deployed over
the United States were used in an effort at intimidation. In
late December 1977 they began firing their Beam Weapons into the
atmosphere off the east coast in a defocused mode. The results
were the mysterious giant air booms which came rumbling in from
the Atlantic Ocean to rattle and shake thousands of homes.
Government and other spokesmen put out all kinds of stories to
try to explain away the booms. One of the favorites was based on
the Concorde supersonic transport. Somehow, we were told, the
shock waves must be racing far ahead of the plane and causing the
booms. Can you imagine? As I told you at the time, explanations
like that were just ridiculous cover stories and lies; and
recently a scientific study at Cornell University headed by
Professor A. R. George proved exactly what I told you two years
ago--that is, a freak shock wave racing ahead of the Concorde
could not have produced those bone-rattling booms. But two years
ago, the stories served their purpose. People swallowed them and
calmed down.

With the deployment of the secret Russian Space Triad during
the closing days of 1977, the Russians were acting more
aggressive by the day, but the No. 1 Hard-Liner in the Kremlin
then was Leonid Brezhnev and his health was failing. He died on
January 7, 1978, as I revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 33. I also
revealed that the new No. 1 man in the Kremlin was then Marshal
Dmitry Ustinov, the Defense Minister. Ustinov was the leader of
the White Doves, the "peace faction", and from then on the
Kremlin concentrated on preventing nuclear war by using SALT II
to begin disarming their Bolshevik enemies here in America.
After they deployed the Robotoids last spring, they almost
succeeded with SALT II; but during the past few months they have
been dealt one reversal after another by the Bolsheviks, and with
the Synthetics now entering the picture, heated debate broke out
in the Kremlin early last October between the White Doves and the
Hard-Liners. Then tragedy struck in late October 1979. Suddenly
the men who had been ruling Russia since early 1978 began dying
of poison. These included Marshal Ustinov; Leonid Brezhnev No.
2, the ceremonial "double" for the late real Brezhnev; Chief of
Staff Nikolai Ogarkov; and a number of others. Since then they
have all been replaced by Robotoids. The men who died were
members of the "peace faction." They had accepted the fact that
their mandate to govern was at an end. The new ruling group in
Russia today are the Hard-Liners, and their leader is Admiral
Sergei Gorshkov.

Topic #3--The final legacy of the White Doves was their plan to
use the Shah of Iran to unravel the Iranian crisis. The new
Hard-Liners followed through with that plan out of reverence for
their fallen friends; but when the Bolsheviks assassinated the
Shah on December 2, they were ready to shift very quickly to more
aggressive policies. The pace of events since then has been
speeding up fast.

On December 12 NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels
agreed to the new American plan for nuclear missiles to be aimed
at Russia. Immediately the Kremlin totally withdrew all offers
for negotiating arms control agreements in Europe. The Russians
declared that NATO had destroyed the basis for negotiations. The
Russians had also learned that the Bolsheviks in the United
States were preparing to seize the Iranian oil fields, using the
American hostages as an excuse. Russia prepared to move into
Afghanistan. On December 27, 1979, a pro-Russian coup in Kabul
brought the new regime of Babrak Karmal to power, and within days
tens of thousands of Russian troops were pouring into
Afghanistan. It was a classic case of chess-playing by Russia's
rulers. When an expert chess player makes a move, he always does
so in anticipation of other moves to come. He evaluates the
moves which his opponent will be forced to make in retaliation
and has already planned how he will respond to those. Whenever
possible he tries to provoke moves by his opponent which will
work to his own advantage. And so it was in Afghanistan.

First the Bolsheviks were deliberately provoking Russia by
means of large-scale insurgent operations in Afghanistan. These
were supported by at least 18 separate rebel bases in neighboring
Pakistan and involved Bolshevik CIA operatives and Chinese agents
there. Afghan insurgents had already taken control of two-thirds
of the country, and operations were also under way to stir up
Moslem unrest in the whole region. Since Russia has 40-million
Moslems of her own, these actions were bound to draw a response
from Russia. The Bolsheviks here in America were fostering these
operations in order to lure Russia into aggressive-looking
behavior near Iran. Their plan, as I revealed in AUDIO LETTER
No. 37 is, quote: "Incidents and clashes will condition the
American public to the increasingly aggressive behavior of
Russia." But, my friends, the Russians know that is the
Bolshevik war plan so they have looked one step beyond the
Bolsheviks, and they are letting the Bolsheviks of America walk
right into a military trap.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 37 I explained the plan for an American
nuclear first strike against Russia. Its basic objective is to
destroy the ground bases in Russia for her awesome Space Triad.
There are six targets in this plan--four are rocket bases called
Cosmodromes, the other two are the Cosmosphere installations in
south central Siberia. The plan calls for the targets to be
attacked by American secret weapons, which I described in AUDIO
LETTER No. 37. The four Cosmodromes are to be attacked from
bases in northern Norway and the Caspian Sea coast of Iran.
Hybrid machines called "Submersible Aircraft" or "Subcraft" are
to be used. As for the Cosmosphere installations in Central
Siberia, the original plan was to use Sinkiang Province in
western China as the base. In AUDIO LETTER No. 52 I stated that
Sinkiang Province is not available; but early this month, on
January 4, a Synthetic "double" for Defense Secretary Harold
Brown went to China to try to change that. The Bolsheviks want
to use Sinkiang Province to launch high speed pilotless aircraft
called RPV's into Russia.

After Russia took action in Afghanistan, the Bolsheviks here
in the United States began whipping up war fever quickly. On
January 4 the Carter Synthetic then in the White House spoke on
television about American retaliation for Russia's intrusion into
Afghanistan. Calling Russia's rulers a, quote: "atheistic
government", the Carter Synthetic fired a series of broadsides.
Invoking the old Bolshevik weapon of hunger, he embargoed
17-million tons of grain from going to Russia. To dramatize the
crisis in a universal way, he threatened to pull the United
States out of the Summer Olympics in Moscow; and to further kill
hopes for peace, he suspended consideration of SALT II.

In the days that followed, we began hearing more and more
about the alleged threat to Iran from Russia, and within the past
week or so the message suddenly started getting through to
people. Everywhere I go I hear people talking about the threat
of war, and THE THREAT IS REAL, my friends. Several days ago the
military preparations for conflict shifted into high gear. Many
Reservists are being called up all over the United States without
a word about it in the news.

On January 12 the Kremlin issued a statement in the name of
Leonid Brezhnev denouncing the Carter Administration. It spoke
of the United States as having become, quote: "an absolutely
unreliable partner in international ties." It said the United
States was, quote: "sending to the shores of Iran a naval armada
armed with atomic weapons and including a considerable part of
the United States Carrier force." And, quote: "If there were no
Afghanistan, certain circles in the United States and NATO would
surely have found another pretext to aggravate the situation in
the world."

As the supposed Brezhnev statement was issued, two American
Carrier Task forces were in the Arabian Sea near Iran built
around the Midway and the Kitty Hawk. Two days later a third
powerful Carrier group arrived. It includes America's newest and
biggest Carrier, the nuclear-powered Nimitz, as well as the
nuclear-powered Cruisers California and Texas.

On January 17 the Russian Navy began deploying fast toward the
Indian Ocean. A late model Kara-class Cruiser and four other
ships were spotted sailing south through the Japan Sea that
morning. By the following day, January 18, there were over 180
Russian Submarines on the way and still more were being ordered
to join them; and at the same time Submarines were swarming into
position around the United States armed with Neutron Missiles.
Meanwhile a State Department spokesman helped heat up the crisis
atmosphere. He said, quote: "Our commitment to Iran's
territorial integrity stands, despite their violation of
International Law represented by their continued holding of our
people." The same evening, just last Friday, some television
news programs tossed in items to say any conflict over Iran could
quickly lead to nuclear war. And as these events were unfolding,
Russian Cosmospheres were forming up over the crisis area. By
early Friday evening there were 144 Cosmospheres on alert
hovering over the Arabian Sea and adjacent land areas from Saudi
Arabia to southern India. Last Saturday, January 19, robotoid
Ambassador Thomas Watson returned to Moscow after weeks of
absence. When he arrived at the airport he said, quote: "There
is no doubt but what we are in a very serious situation"; and as
he spoke of hopes for good will and effort on both sides, echoes
of Pearl Harbor were in the making.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 34 I described how Japan was lured into
making an attack on Pearl Harbor. First, Japanese anger at the
United States had been stirred up by a variety of boycott
techniques. Then, our fleet at Pearl Harbor was held out as an
enticing target. Most of our Pacific fleet were conveniently
bottled up in the harbor and they sat peacefully at anchor unable
to respond quickly in an emergency, but our three Aircraft
Carriers had been pulled away to safety because they were
indispensable to the plans for counterattack against Japan.

Today it is four decades later and we live in a new era of
weaponry, so now it is the Aircraft Carriers themselves which
have been demoted to the status of bait in a war trap. As of my
latest report yesterday evening, all three American Aircraft
Carriers near Iran are sitting at anchor. All are near the
entrance to the Persian Gulf along the coast of Oman. The Midway
and Kitty Hawk are resting at opposite ends of the Island of
Masira; and the big prize, the Nimitz, is about twenty-five miles
southeast of the capital, Muscat.

American statements have been designed to fuel Russian
suspicions of an American military strike into Iran. This is
intended to draw Russia's Navy into the region in order to
counter the United States military build-up there; and by
ordering the Carriers to sit at anchor, the Bolsheviks in the
United States military establishment hope to provoke the Russians
into an attack but it is all a gigantic diversionary action. The
purpose is to distract the Russians from the real preparations
for a nuclear first strike against Russia. These preparations
are the ones I warned about in AUDIO LETTER No. 37. When
American military sources detected Russia's massive naval
deployment beginning January 17, it indicated that the plan was
working. By the following day the Bolsheviks were sure. The
Russian Navy was converging toward the Arabian Sea with breakneck

At that point the real action got under way in the Caspian Sea
and off northern Norway. The Subcraft with Israeli pilots were
on their way. They were traveling under water on the first legs
of their attack missions. By late Saturday night, two nights
ago, the number of Russian naval vessels in the Arabian Sea was
approaching 400. The majority of these were Submarines of all
types; and as anticipated, the Russian fleet was fanning out into
a band stretching from Saudi Arabia to India. The Russians were
sealing off the southern portion of the Arabian Sea. As a
result, American naval forces in the area, including the three
Aircraft Carriers, are trapped. They are bottled up and
hopelessly outnumbered, but all of this was exactly as expected
by the American Bolsheviks; and so late Saturday night,
Washington time, a coded signal was flashed to the Subcraft to
continue as planned. By that time, the northern contingent of
Subcraft were in the White Sea. The southern contingent had
reached the north end of the Caspian Sea. It was already
daylight Sunday morning, the 20th, for the Subcraft contingents.
Their orders were to wait out the day under water, out of sight;
then, after nightfall they were to continue their steady approach
to get close to their targets. The Subcraft were maintaining
strict radio silence. They were also deep enough under water to
be invisible from the air to either the eye or radar, yet they
were also hugging the shorelines in water too shallow for Russian
sonar to pick them up, and their infrared signatures were
negligible as the result of extensive development. In short, by
the standards of Western technology, they were undetectable; but
in AUDIO LETTER No. 42 I revealed Russia's master secret weapon.
It is called "Psychoenergetic Range Finding" or PRF. It is
unlike sonar and similar techniques. PRF tunes into the actual
atomic signature of a target, and there is no method known by
which PRF can be jammed.

By deploying their Navy to the Arabian Sea, the Russians are
pretending to be fooled by the Bolshevik distraction with the
Aircraft Carriers. In this way they encouraged the Bolsheviks to
launch the Subcraft toward their targets. They waited until the
Subcraft were far away from their bases and out of sight of the
Bolsheviks, who are directing the American first-strike
operation; but the whole time they were being tracked by
Cosmospheres overhead using PRF, and shortly after 1:00 A.M.
yesterday morning Eastern Standard Time the Cosmospheres began
firing their Charged Particle Beam Weapons. There were 10
Subcraft in the White Sea. Each disappeared in a blinding
blue-white water spout of steam, smoke, and fire. In the north
end of the Caspian there were 19 Subcraft--they, too, met the
same fate.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 33 for April 1978 I revealed that the
United States no longer has Spy Satellites which can spy on
Russia. By that time, Russia had already destroyed them all,
using their Cosmos Interceptors; and so the Bolshevik
war-planners here in America were unable to observe the
destruction of the Subcraft. The Subcraft had also been
instructed to maintain strict radio silence, ironically to escape
detection. So their total silence now has aroused no suspicions
on the part of the Bolsheviks.

At this moment the Russian Navy is still deployed in the
Arabian Sea as before. They are still pretending to be misled by
the Bolshevik ploy with the Aircraft Carriers, because the
Subcraft contingents were only half of the first-strike plan I
described in AUDIO LETTER No. 37. The other half is to involve
the RPV's in Sinkiang Province, China. When synthetic Defense
Secretary Harold Brown went to China earlier this month,
agreement was reached to allow American RPV's into Sinkiang
Province. They are on their way there now, and are due to be set
up for attack at the earliest possible moment.

The Bolsheviks here in America believe their Subcraft are now
waiting at their final checkpoints for the order to attack the
Cosmodromes. They intend to give that order as soon as the RPV's
are in place in Sinkiang Province. But the Russians intend to
ruin the plan. Presently stationed along Russia's border with
Sinkiang Province are four special Russian Commando detachments.
They are an elite corps, highly trained and armed with
battlefield nuclear weapons. They are there to attack and
destroy the RPV's upon arrival before they can be fired. As a
back-up, there are also 18 Cosmospheres overhead, but those will
not be used unless it becomes absolutely necessary. The Russians
are saving their most powerful weapons for the big war to come
for maximum surprise. Right now they regard what they are doing
as an operation to begin pulling the fangs of the Bolshevik
dragon. They used Cosmospheres to destroy the Subcraft because
their enemies were unable to observe it and learn anything; but
there will be witnesses, even if they say nothing publicly, in
Sinkiang Province.

The coming operation against Sinkiang Province is essential to
the Russians, and so the operation is under the command of a top
member of the new ruling group of Kremlin Hard-Liners. He is
Victor Paputin, an engineer and formerly second in command of
Russia's National Police. Early this month on January 3, the day
before the Harold Brown synthetic left for China, Pravda carried
an announcement about Paputin. It reported his "untimely death",
but this was only a cover story to explain his sudden absence
from Moscow. He was actually on his way to the Chinese border to
be one step ahead of the Bolshevik first-strike plan.

My friends, the decade of the 80's is starting off as a decade
of mortal danger; but if the tempo of events continues at this
rate, the danger will not last very far into the decade. One way
or another it will all be over, soon.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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