Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 55.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St., NW,
Washington, D.C. 20006

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is June 28, 1980,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 55. As most of you know I am
resuming the AUDIO LETTER today after a silence of four months.
My feelings at this moment are hard for me to express; but for
all of you who have stood by me when it mattered most, I want to
say a few personal words, because without your loyal support I
might never have returned to this microphone.

Just before I entered my recording studio last February 24, I
began to feel slightly ill. At first there was only mild
discomfort, but somehow I knew that it was something serious. I
tried my best to record AUDIO LETTER No. 54 while I was still
able to do it. I got about two-thirds of the way through the
recording session before I was overcome by a massive heart
attack. I didn't want to let you down, but I simply could not
finish. On the way to the hospital I knew that I would not be
speaking to you again soon, so I gave instructions for the
release of the unrecorded final portion of AUDIO LETTER No. 54 in
printed form.

During the time since my heart attack last February, my
associates have released three progress reports to keep you
informed. I won't go over all of that again now, but it was a
dark and difficult time for a while--not only for me, but also
for my associates and especially my wife and three children.

I entered those hospital doors on the brink of death, and I
truly believed that I had failed in my mission. During at least
the first week of my stay in Intensive Care, I felt no will to
live. At one point I was even told by my doctors that I had gone
through death's door, yet had somehow come back again. The
doctors were prepared for the worst, but yet something of a
miracle began to unfold. From all over the United States, and
then Canada, and then around the world, I began receiving
messages of cheer and encouragement--countless beautiful cards
with equally beautiful personal wishes written on them, telegrams
telling me of prayer meetings on my behalf, inspirational and
religious books and pamphlets of all kinds, letters and books
with suggestions to improve my health. There were flowers, there
were gifts, there were religious relics--on and on until it grew
into an avalanche. For weeks I was not well enough even to look
at all these things, but I could not believe my ears as I was
told what was taking place.

I had entered the hospital spent and exhausted, convinced that
all of my work had been in vain; but several weeks later when I
left the hospital to go home, it was with renewed hope and
determination to carry on. And in that spirit I have been
regaining my strength against all the odds; so it is that I speak
to you once again today. That, my friends, is what you did for
me. I will never forget all of you who stood by me in my hour of
need, and I promise you that I will always do everything in my
power never to let you down.

It was five years ago this month, in June 1975, that I began
recording my AUDIO LETTER Intelligence Reports. It was a shaky
beginning, because I was recovering from my first heart attack;
and yet little more than a year later I found myself at the
Pentagon because of the AUDIO LETTER. I had been invited there
by the late General George S. Brown, then Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff. My conference with America's top military
officer was about the secret nuclear crisis then under way.

Of all the information media in the United States, only the
AUDIO LETTER had made the crisis public. In AUDIO LETTER No. 16
I told my listeners about the crisis conference with General
Brown. General Brown was doing his duty by taking urgent actions
to prevent imminent nuclear war; and yet, America's controlled
major media said not a word! Even after Pentagon spokesmen
confirmed my meeting with General Brown to newspaper reporters,
there was almost no publicity.

From that point onward, America's fortunes have gone down hill
steadily. Having staved off nuclear disaster for the moment,
General Brown found himself deserted and alone. Within weeks
after our crisis meeting, General Brown began to be cut down by
bad publicity. He was quickly neutralized by America's enemies
within. He did not even serve out his tour of duty, except in
name, and soon we were told of his untimely death. In AUDIO
LETTERS 17, 21, 23, and 46 I revealed the facts about the
downfall of General Brown. While America slept, our last great
patriot in government was whittled down, taken away, and finally

Four years ago the prospect of imminent nuclear war sounded
unbelievable to most Americans. Something called "detente" was
still in effect, or so we were told. But public knowledge is
always years behind the truth; so today, war fever is all around

This month I'm beginning anew with my AUDIO LETTER series.
Once again I am doing so on the heels of a heart attack, just as
I did five years ago; but this time there is a difference. Five
years ago very few Americans would listen seriously to warnings
about secret plans for nuclear war. Today it's a different
world. We're all hearing about false nuclear alerts, worries
over Russia's military power, and so on. Most of us are waking
up far too late. We have waited too late to avoid many great
disasters because they have already been set in motion; but if
enough people wake up soon, there may still be hope that our
planet will survive. That is the goal to which I dedicate my
AUDIO LETTER series from this day forward.

As I launch year No. 6 of my AUDIO LETTER, I will try to serve
you better than ever before. For that purpose, I am now
introducing the first change in format of my reports in five
years. As you know, my standard practice is to present some
introductory remarks followed by three major topics, and I will
continue to do this; but from now on, I will also add a brief
final section called the LAST MINUTE SUMMARY. My new Last Minute
Summary will help me do several things better than before. For
example, I sometimes receive urgent information at the very last
minute before recording an AUDIO LETTER. Whenever this happens
from now on, you will hear about it in my Last Minute Summary. I
will also try to highlight major points from the topics I have
discussed. By doing these things, I want to make my AUDIO LETTER
even more up-to-date and more useful to you than ever before.

My friends, during the past several months the drums of
approaching war have been beating louder and louder, and day by
day more Americans are falling into step in the war march. For
the first time in a generation, the word "Patriotism" is being
revived in America; and after years of being trampled into the
dust, the American flag is suddenly being waved high for all to
see. The Pied Pipers of war are using the symbols of America to
lure us into national suicide. They are not trying to revive
true patriotism--which is based on loyalty and love for our
country. Instead, our so-called leaders are selling us a cheap
substitute, "tough guy patriotism", based on hatred.

Today a patriot is anyone who hates Iran, anyone who hates
Russia, anyone who is ready for war. And those who have trampled
on our flag for so long are holding it high today for a reason!
They know that the American spirit is not dead, even though it
has been stifled for so long. They know that even today
Americans by the millions will still rally around the flag, and
so the Pied Pipers are using the Stars and Stripes as their
banner to lead us all to WAR.

My three special topics this month are:


Topic #1--During the past four months I have had to be silent
about the growing dangers of nuclear war, but the visible signs
of approaching war have been speaking for themselves. For
example, there's the Draft Registration issue. Last March when
this Bolshevik Administration first brought it up, tens of
thousands of draft age demonstrators took to the streets. So the
Bolsheviks, who now control our government, put it on the back
burner to cool off. They waited until summer when students would
be home from college, scattered and unable to organize. Then
they acted fast. This month it became law, as did another war
measure--the Standby Gas Rationing plan. Measures like these are
helping to raise the pitch of war fever by one small degree after
another; but to the Bolsheviks here who are responsible for these
measures, something else is even more important. Draft
Registration and Gas Rationing plans are designed most of all to
control you and me.

To the Bolsheviks who now infest America, war, even nuclear
war, is only a means to an end. The end is their own Bolshevik
DICTATORSHIP over us all; and they are so consumed with their
frenzy for control that they no longer care very much whether the
United States wins or loses the war. Either way, they now
believe that they will somehow end up with the remains of America
within their grasp. And so we are plunging down the road to
nuclear suicide.

Another sign of this is the series of nuclear false alarms.
In AUDIO LETTER No. 52 last November 1979 I called your attention
to the first of these false nuclear war alerts, and early this
month, on June 3 and June 6, there were two more false alerts.
As I told you last November, the Bolsheviks here are actually
carrying out deliberate tests by means of these false nuclear

The American Strategic Military forces were designed for the
purpose of retaliation against a surprise attack; but now, those
who control our military strategy are planning for America to
strike first. And so Bolshevik agents are now testing ways to
falsify all of the early-warning signals of a Russian nuclear
attack. Once they have perfected their false-alarm techniques,
they will be ready to set off nuclear war at any moment. By
fooling our entire early-warning system, they will set off
massive retaliation by our ICBMs, missile submarines, and
bombers. The crews of missile bunkers, submarines, and bombers
will do their duty, believing America has been attacked, but in
reality we ourselves will be firing the opening shots of all-out

America's early-warning network involves a number of complex
systems. As a result, several different kinds of falsified data
will have to be fed into the computers in order to simulate an
all-out attack. Each of the false alerts has been testing a
different part of this plan. For that reason, more false alerts
may still take place, but all three nuclear false alarms have had
one thing in common. The first line of defense in our Early
Warning system is supposed to be our fleet of early warning
satellites over Russia. We are told that they keep a continuous
watch for the launching of ICBMs; and sure enough, all three
nuclear false alarms have started with incorrect satellite
signals about Russian ICBMs.

My friends, the satellite signals are the easiest part of the
Bolshevik plans to falsify a Russian nuclear attack. As I
revealed over two years ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 33, the United
States no longer has any early warning satellites over Russia.
They have long since been blasted out of space by Russia's fleet
of Cosmos Interceptor Killer Satellites. Since that time, all of
the alleged early-warning satellite signals monitored daily by
NORAD have been artificial. But it is an easy matter to change
those signals to make them say that Russian missiles are on the

It has now been nearly two years since I first reported
America's shift to a first-strike nuclear strategy; but the first
official admission of this drastic change took place only four
months ago on February 21. On that day Pentagon spokesman Thomas
Ross said that America might, quote: "shoot first" in a nuclear
war. But to this day, most Americans still believe that
America's military posture is a defensive one, and so we cannot
comprehend what we see in the news of mounting nuclear war fever.
It is all around us, my friends, and yet we cannot understand
because we are not told the truth by our leaders.

Day by day we are hearing about nuclear weapons designed for
offensive use, but we are conditioned to see only self-defense in
all these things, which leaves us unable to see what is really
happening. One of the new weapons systems we keep hearing the
most about is the so-called MX Mobile Missile. As with
everything else, we are told that it is strictly a defensive
weapon. It is said that our existing stationary ICBMs might be
knocked out by Russia's incoming missiles, so the new MX Missiles
will have to keep moving around to make them harder to hit. But
the stories we are hearing about the MX program are a mixture of
half truths and lies.

The whole MX controversy is just a smoke screen to hide
America's real mobile missile program. We are told that the
giant MX Missile system cannot be ready for another half decade,
but the fact is that mobile ICBMs are already being deployed here
in the United States. Their deployment began over six months ago
in late 1979. America's real mobile missile is not the MX, and
it is not a defensive weapon. It is intended for use in a
nuclear first strike against Russia, and it is called the
"Minuteman TX"--the traveling Minuteman!

Nearly a year and a half ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 42, I revealed
America's deployment of one type of mobile missile world-wide.
The missiles I talked about then are deployed secretly, not only
in the United States but in Australia, New Zealand, and
elsewhere. But those missiles are only mobile in a limited
sense. They can be set up quickly at unprepared sites, and moved
from one site to another from time to time. But America's new
mobile missile, the Minuteman TX, is another matter. It's
designed to be moved constantly until almost the moment of
launch. The public stories about the alleged MX program serve
several purposes. For one thing they are helping to condition us
to the growing prospect of NUCLEAR WAR. Even more importantly,
the MX is being used as an excuse for funding, which is actually
going into the secret TX project! The latest example of this
funding trickery took place only a few weeks ago in early June.
The Senate Armed Services Committee of the United States approved
over 1.5-billion dollars for the MX program. In addition,
funding was also authorized for deploying 100 more Minuteman
missiles. They look like separate measures, but they are
actually both related to the secret Minuteman TX mobile missile

The publicity surrounding our supposed MX missile program also
serves one other very important purpose. That purpose is to keep
the Traveling Minuteman project a secret, even from most of those
who are working on it. Any large modern weapons program involves
many thousands of people, and the Minuteman TX program is no
exception. There are engineers, technicians, manufacturing
personnel, managers, secretaries, and so on. But the vast
majority of these people are led to believe that they are working
on the MX program. All kinds of projects which are actually
meant for the Traveling Minuteman are carried out under the false
heading "MX." In some cases other known missile programs are
also used as a cover for work on the Traveling Minuteman.

What makes this technique successful is the fact that all of
the work on the program is subdivided into many separate tasks.
For example, one engineering design group may be given the job of
designing a mobile launch tower. They're told that the design is
part of the MX program with operational deployment years away,
but they are also given the explanation that a few are needed now
for developmental purposes. And so they design the launcher,
build a few, and deliver them after doing any necessary testing
and redesign to make it work properly. Next the launcher design
is broken up into several chunks by a secret working group within
the Minuteman TX project. The various portions of the launcher
are then contracted out for production by several different
manufacturing concerns. Each individual chunk is unrecognizable,
so they have no idea that they are making parts for a secret
weapon. And so only a tiny handful of people fully understand
what's going on. They are the people who coordinate the whole
thing and bring it all together.

The supersecret Minuteman TX program is being carried on
almost in the open, but the constant publicity about the supposed
MX makes it all unrecognizable to us. And whenever necessary,
the publicity about the MX cover project is adjusted to maintain
the secret. It's a highly sophisticated technique, and if you've
heard AUDIO LETTER No. 26 it may ring a bell with you. The
cover-up technique for the Minuteman TX is very much like what
was done in America's Moon program.

"Project Apollo" was a military program from start to finish,
but we never realized that because it was flooded with publicity
that made us believe otherwise. Today the clever publicity about
a decoy program called MX is being masterminded by a man who is
uniquely qualified for the task. He is the same man who
orchestrated the great publicity that hid the real secrets of our
Moon program. His name was once a household word, but he was far
more important than we were ever told. He was often called "The
Voice of the Astronauts." His name: Colonel John "Shorty"
Powers. Early this year on January 19, 1980, there were news
reports that Powers had been found dead in his Phoenix home but
that, my friends, was only a cover story to explain his sudden
disappearance. He has been tapped in order to coordinate all the
MX coverup stories which we are now hearing. Powers lived alone,
and it was little sacrifice for him to go underground for his new
secret job.

America's deployment of Minuteman TX mobile missiles is
secret, and yet it is going on right under our noses. If you
live in certain parts of the country you have a good chance to
see for yourself a Minuteman TX railroad shuttle car. You may
even have seen one already without knowing what it was. Let me
describe it so that you will know what to look for.

A TX railroad car is somewhat like a boxcar but wider and much
taller than most boxcars. Also, a TX car does not have a flat
roof like a boxcar. Instead, a TX car looks a little like a
long, slender barn on wheels. The roof has sloping sides several
feet high with a narrow flat strip along the top. This unusual
shape provides the necessary space for the long slender ICBM
resting on supports inside. The design of the TX railroad car
illustrates the rush-rush nature of the whole Minuteman TX
program. It was borrowed in large part from an existing design
for a special railroad car used by certain aerospace companies;
but most TX cars are not even built from scratch. Instead,
flatcars used for carrying truck-trailers are being commandeered.
The flatcar is given extra reinforcement if necessary to handle
the weight of the missile and launcher. Then the odd-looking TX
transporter shell is built on and painted a nondescript brown.
The resulting railroad car is a strange combination of old and
new. The shell on top may be smooth, fresh, and clean but the
base it is built on is likely to have old paint, rust, and the
scars of years on the rails.

In certain parts of the country, TX cars can be spotted fairly
often in the midst of normal freight trains. First, empty TX
cars can be spotted in the areas where they are built--such as
Chicago and St. Louis. The missiles are built in Washington
State, California, and Colorado so the TX cars can be spotted in
those areas. The special mobile launchers are built in Texas
near Dallas and TX cars can be seen in that region. The final
mating of the missiles and their launch-control systems takes
place under direct military supervision. This is done in a vast
underground complex in the southwest corner of Ft. Hood, Texas.
From there the Minuteman TX missile cars head north for
operational deployment.

The deployment is being coordinated from Minot Air Force Base,
North Dakota. The Minuteman TX Traveling Missile is being
deployed along existing railroad tracks in our northern tier of
states. The tracks have recently been removed from normal
freight-hauling service. This has created outcries from farmers
left with no means to get their crops to the market. They are
among the first victims of the secret Minuteman TX Traveling
Missile project. When the missiles are fully deployed, they will
be in every northernmost state from Washington to Wisconsin.

Every Minuteman TX missile now deployed is being shuttled back
and forth over a long stretch of railroad track. It rides in its
mobile-launch car covered against the weather and sightseers. A
locomotive moves it up and down the track according to
instructions called "stochastic programming." These instructions
tell a locomotive to speed up, slow down, stop, back up, stop, go
forward again in an unpredictable fashion. The idea is to make
the missile and its mobile launcher a very difficult target.
Right now, Russian Cosmospheres are hovering on guard over every
TX missile. These platforms (which America decided not to
develop in the 1960's) carry Beam weapons which could blast the
missiles; but as I explained in AUDIO LETTER No. 42, American
military planners are hoping to stun the Cosmospheres briefly as
war begins. And so, they are neglecting the Cosmospheres in
planning their nuclear first strike with TX missiles.

When the Bolsheviks, who now dominate America, decide to set
off NUCLEAR WAR ONE, here's how they presently plan to do it.
First they will use their tested methods to swamp NORAD with
false warning data of a Russian attack. America's entire
strategic retaliatory forces will respond by attacking Russia.
But even faster, our secretly deployed Minuteman TX missiles will
go to war. In the opening moments of the NORAD war alert, a
special attack order will be flashed across the Minuteman TX
system. Within 30 seconds the locomotive pulling each missile
car will brake to a stop. As it does so, explosive bolts will
blast the cover off the launch car, exposing the missile inside.
At the same time, powerful hydraulic pumps will be started. As
soon as the missile car comes to rest, safety locks will release
the missile erector. Within 15 seconds, ear-shattering pumps
will raise the Minuteman TX ICBM to firing position. Moments
later, the launch car will be engulfed in rocket exhaust as the
missile streaks off toward Russia.

Unlike the United States, Russia does still have early-warning
satellites. The American missile attack will be detected, and
within minutes Russian missiles will be on their way. The early
phases of the NORAD war alert will be like the false alarms which
have already taken place; but about 10 minutes into the alert,
the false alarm phase will be over. That is when our ballistic
missile radars along the Arctic Circle will first detect the
approaching swarms of Russian ICBMs. By means of false-alarm
trickery and goading Russia into a missile attack, the Bolsheviks
here believe they will at last achieve their goal--ALL-OUT

Topic #2--Recently a former United States Secretary of Labor,
William Usery, paid a visit to Japan. In more and more fields
the United States can no longer compete with Japan in
international markets. I warned that this was coming in my book
for himself why this is happening. But Usery was not prepared
for the shock he encountered. He visited all kinds of big
manufacturing plants in Japan, and everywhere he went he saw
assembly lines made up of robots. What we think of as Science
Fiction here in the United States is everyday reality in modern
Japan. For example, one of the plants visited by Usery assembles
Datsun automobiles. After his walk through it, the Washington
Post quoted him as saying: "It was downright scary. We walked
for great distances down those aisles and we didn't see anybody."

My friends, we in America are living in the past. Our stores
may be filled with pretty packages, but the other advanced
nations of the world are passing us by. That is one of the
things which I have been trying to make you aware of for years
through my AUDIO LETTER reports, and now a special report is
about to be presented to the White House which confirms part of
what I told you.

To illustrate this, let me remind you of the many disastrous
reversals in America's fortunes which have taken place secretly
in recent years. I have made many of them public through my
AUDIO LETTER. We have been defeated in space; we have slipped
into a hopeless military predicament. As I have made clear in
the past, it is our own leaders who have done this to us!

For example, nearly 20 years ago our leaders ignored the
urgent warnings of the head of the Strategic Air Command. He was
the late General Thomas Power. General Power was worried about a
threat on the technical horizon of electrogravitic levitating
weapons platforms. He wanted the United States to develop these
hovering platforms so that we would not be caught by surprise.
But as I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 32, our leaders paid no
attention. They thought they knew better. They had other plans!

But our leaders were making a grave mistake. It was only one
of many great miscalculations during the past 20 years. They
were underestimating the potentials for technical surprise
because for the most part America's leaders, in and out of
government, are not trained in science or engineering. Just as
General Power had feared, Russia did develop the floating weapons
platforms. They are called Cosmospheres, and their deployment
over our heads began in late 1977, as I first reported in AUDIO
LETTER No. 29. They announced their presence for a while by
creating tremendous air booms along America's east coast and
elsewhere. This they did by means of defocused blasts from their
Charged Particle Beam weapons; and like the Cosmospheres
themselves, Russia's operational Particle Beam weapons came as
another surprise to our Rulers.

The report which is about to go to the White House says not a
word about these life and death secrets, but the report does
describe the scientific backwardness of America's leaders. In
Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and especially in Russia,
the report points out that things are very different. In those
countries the leadership, quote: "has a high level of scientific
and technical literacy."

By contrast, the report describes the progressive splintering
of American society into two groups. One group is the minority
who are trained and work in science and engineering. The other
group includes the great majority of us. We are being left
uneducated about most of the ever changing realities of modern
technology. The report being prepared for the White House is
accurate enough as far as it goes; but what it leaves out is even
more important than what it says, because the division of
American society into two camps--one technically trained and one
not, is no accident! The old axiom "Divide and Conquer" is still
true as ever. On one hand the scientific and engineering
community itself is manipulated constantly without being aware of
it. The secret Minuteman TX Missile project is a typical
example. But for the rest of us the situation is even more
confusing, so the few who are in a position to pull all the
strings have us at their mercy.

Earlier this month an outstanding authority on Constitutional
law passed away, Professor Fred Rodell of Yale University. In a
book titled "WOE UNTO LAWYERS", he wrote some words which are a
perfect description of our situation today. He said, quote:

"For every age there is a group of bright boys, learned in
their trade and jealous of their learning, who blend technical
competence with plain and fancy hocus-pocus to make themselves
masters of their fellow men."

In some ways the problems we face today are not new at all.
Earlier this month this fact was illustrated by a series of
biographical dramas on the Public Broadcasting Service. They
dealt with the life of a British writer who became Prime
Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. Disraeli spent his life struggling
against the things he considered unfair within the British
government, and in a novel he once wrote, quote: "The world is
governed by very different personages to what is imagined by
those who are not behind the scenes." That was true a century
ago, and it is true today. But in other ways, today is different
from the past. The difference is that incredible technologies
which were unthinkable in Disraeli's time are now changing our
world. Throughout history there has always been unseen
skirmishes, undeclared battles, and unofficial wars; but today
these have reached levels never imagined in the past. Even as we
see the multiplying public signs of war to come, secret warfare
is growing more intense by the day.

During the four months of my absence from this microphone,
there have been too many of these events to discuss in detail;
but I have already given you the background for all these events
in past AUDIO LETTERS. So what I will try to do now is simply to
remind you of what you already know to understand recent
headlines. A bird's-eye view of the past several months will
make one thing all too clear. The secret war between the United
States and Russia is becoming more and more violent. The Satanic
Bolsheviks who have been overthrown and expelled by Russia are
tightening their stranglehold on our own country, and the secret
Christian sect who took over the Kremlin are pressing ahead in a
war of attrition. With one hand they are still keeping the lid
on all-out war, but with the other hand they are chipping away at
America's ability to make war.

In the final printed portion of AUDIO LETTER No. 54 last
February, I gave a warning to expect bad weather in the United
States. I described how Russia had begun a campaign of weather
modification to reduce crops in the United States. This is in
direct retaliation for the Carter grain embargo, which the
Russians regard as starvation politics.

As March began, a killer snowstorm blanketed the southeast and
many crops were damaged. A month later killer rainstorms struck
New Orleans, much as they had done in February in California; but
meanwhile the grain-bearing bread basket of the Great Plains was
becoming parched and dry. By the end of April it was already
guaranteed that grain yields in large areas will be reduced this
year. As the spring continued, severe weather turned into a
record-setting epidemic nation-wide. Every single day from May 9
to June 7, tornadoes or other severe and destructive weather
struck somewhere in the United States. During the final two
weeks of that period, the National Weather Service reported 964
cases of violent weather. On May 29 the United States tried to
launch a new weather satellite to watch the fireworks, but the
satellite called NOAA-B never reached its intended orbit.

Earlier this month America's unprecedented weather took a new
turn. There was a strange split in the jet stream. Cool
northern states grew even colder, and warm southern states boiled
over with heat. On June 16 there was even frost in Michigan and
Wisconsin, while the South sweltered. A few days later on June
20 the so-called Carter Administration gave the first hint that
Russia's weather war is really hurting. For the first time there
were hints of possibly lifting the Russian grain embargo, but the
next day the Bolsheviks changed their minds again. They said the
grain embargo will continue, so as of now there is no prospect of
an improvement in America's weather. Instead it may well grow
worse, and the food shortages I warned about last February are in
the making.

In AUDIO LETTERS 53 and 54 I reported the details of secret
warfare involving Iran. Starting in late January the Bolsheviks
here in America tried to carry out a surprise nuclear attack
against Russia. The plan they were following was the one I first
made public in AUDIO LETTER No. 37, with some additions. As I
reported, the Russians used their Cosmospheres to completely ruin
the American attack plan. Nuclear war hysteria had been building
fast here in America, but with our secret defeat the war chant
stopped abruptly. Our defeat in January was kept out of view and
completely secret.

But the Bolsheviks here tried again to set off nuclear war
just three months later, in April. Once again the American war
plan met with total failure, but this time our Rulers could not
hide it completely. The April 25 raid into Iran--supposedly to
rescue our hostages--became a disaster that filled the headlines.
The American Commandoes who were sent into Iran tried their best
to follow orders and do their duty; but unknown to them, those
who had planned the raid did not intend for it to succeed! They
were supposed to reach Tehran, but discover too late that they
were too small a force to do the job. As soon as the Commandoes
ran into big trouble, that was to be used as an excuse for
American Navy jets to strafe Tehran; and with American passion
stirred up, the Iran crisis was to escalate with additional
military moves. But for more than a year now, Russian
Intelligence has been informed about even the most secret plans
in Washington; and so the Russians were ready.

They unraveled the latest Bolshevik war plan in two ways.
First the huge armada of Cosmospheres were floating overhead on
April 25 as the American helicopter force entered Iran. Using
their weather modification capabilities, the Cosmospheres
intensified dust storms in the area. They also utilized
microwave brain-scrambling radiation to cause nausea,
disorientation, and fatigue among the helicopter crews. The
Russian brain-scrambler is the same technology which I first
revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 20. The Russians were hoping to
cause the mission to be given up as hopeless without casualties,
but the American Commando force reached its first check point,
regrouped, and prepared to continue. So the Cosmospheres turned
up their brain-scrambling transmitters to full power. One
helicopter took off but veered off crazily, and sliced into a
C-130 Troop Transport airplane. Two others prepared to take off.
But Cosmospheres overhead fired low-power bursts from their
Particle Beams, rotor blades flew off, and the helicopters went
nowhere. At that point it was obvious that it was all over. The
raid was aborted, and all energy shifted to efforts to explain
away the disaster to the public. Soon the charred bodies of
slain Commandoes were flown home to Dover Air Force Base,
Delaware. It was the second time in less than two years for
Dover to receive bodies from a secret Commando raid by the United
States! The first time they had paid the price for a successful
operation in Guyana, as I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 40; but
this time they died in total defeat.

The Bolsheviks here might still have stoked up a military
crisis over Iran, but the Russians made a chess move to prevent
that. On April 28 the individual known to the public as Cyrus
Vance resigned as Secretary of State in protest. This checkmated
the Bolsheviks by making a public issue of any plans to pursue
additional military moves.

Another headline story in the secret war was the explosion of
Mount St. Helens in Washington State on May 18. This was
followed by a second eruption on May 25, and another major blast
this month on June 13. At the same time there has been a sharp
increase in the number of strong earthquakes along the west
coast, especially in California. The first awesome cataclysm on
May 18 took Government scientists by surprise. They did not
expect anything so violent to happen without plenty of warning;
but when the mountain blew its top, even the unfortunate
Government geologist on the scene detected no warning signs. He
had only enough time to grab his radio and shout "Vancouver,
Vancouver. This is it." Then the radio went silent as the blast
wave reached him. Up until the awful surprise of May 18,
Government spokesmen were playing down Mount St. Helens. "No
reason to expect much", they kept saying; but now, after the
fact, they are changing their tune. Now they say that other
volcanic mountains of the Cascade Range also look dangerous.

There are just too many earthquakes going on, among other
things. At least a dozen mountains in the Pacific northwest now
look suspicious by some accounts, especially Mt. Rainier, Mt.
Baker, Mt. Hood, and most of all Mt. Shasta in northern
California. Mt. Shasta is especially worrisome because it
overlooks a major agricultural center--California's Central
Valley. But it is also worrisome for other reasons. My friends,
what we are seeing are the beginnings of a geophysical disaster
along America's west coast. Powerful natural forces are
involved, but they are being guided and speeded up by deliberate
means. I am talking about geophysical warfare.

The stage has been set for the events now under way for over
three years. I first reported the presence of Russian nuclear
mines in major western dams in AUDIO LETTER No. 23, and one of
the dams I named then was the one on Mt. Shasta. The following
month in AUDIO LETTER No. 24 I reported on Russia's preparations
for geophysical warfare. It involved triggering awesome forces
around the Pacific rim, known as the Ring of Fire. America's
west coast, which is strategic both militarily and
agriculturally, will be devastated.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 24 I listed the locations of seven (7)
undersea hydrogen bombs on the ocean floor west of Washington,
Oregon, and California. I can now reveal that these were
detonated one by one in early March. Their tidal wave potential
was avoided by firing them individually. Instead they were used
to trigger flows of volcanic magma toward the Cascade Mountain

What nature was already doing slowly, started speeding up. By
mid May Mount St. Helens was approaching the eruption point, but
left to itself the mountain might have released the tremendous
pressures inside slowly in one moderate eruption after another.
So the Russians made use of the Cosmospheres to make sure that it
exploded all at once with awesome power. Just after 8:30 A.M. on
that Sunday of May 18, a squadron of Cosmospheres started firing
at the north peak of the mountain. They fired their Particle
Beams in short pauses, one after another in succession. The
result was a series of machine-gun-like explosions and flashes
around the summit of Mount St. Helens. The mountain started
vibrating, cracks opened up, the pressure could be contained no
longer, and the mountain exploded. The Particle Beam flashes
would have been spectacular if seen close up, but almost everyone
close enough to see them died in the overwhelming blast that
followed. The same technique was used again to release the
second blast on May 25, but that eruption was not as violent, and
a few people who saw the flashes lived to tell about it. On May
26 UPI carried a news item giving the reactions of two witnesses.
One said that the volcano, quote: "Rocked out all of a sudden.
We were awake in a hurry, then the flashes woke us all the way
up. The thunder that went with it would rattle your bones. It
was like a million little explosions, then a big crash."

My friends, it remains to be seen just how far the geophysical
warfare now under way will go; but I can only remind you of the
warning I gave last October 1979 in AUDIO LETTER No. 51. The
exact words I used then were: "The Kremlin is debating whether
the time has come after all to unleash the great man-made
catastrophe on America's west coast."

Topic #3--This topic will be very brief because it's based on
information which is very sketchy up to now, but it could turn
out to be very important so I want to alert you now without
further delay.

The world-wide struggle today is between two ancient and
bitter enemies. Both want to control Russia and thereby to
determine the fate of the world. One faction is that of the
atheistic Bolsheviks who seized control of Russia in 1917. The
other faction is a secret native Christian sect in Russia who
worked for six decades to overthrow the Bolsheviks. For years
now the new rulers in the Kremlin have been expelling their old
enemies, the old Bolsheviks, from Russia. And the Bolsheviks
from Russia have been flooding mostly here to the United States,
and right under our very noses they are taking away our freedoms
in a sophisticated new Bolshevik revolution!

I have discussed all this before, especially in AUDIO LETTERS
28, 29, and 38. We are seeing the climax of a larger war of a
thousand years. It's the war between the Russians and the
Khazars, which I described in AUDIO LETTER No. 50 last fall.

In the spring of '79 I revealed that a secret Intelligence war
of "doubles" had broken out in Washington. The Bolsheviks here
had upset America's former rulers, the four Rockefeller Brothers,
and were preparing for war. The Russians responded by
intervening directly within our own government. The Bolsheviks
were replacing key American leaders with doubles, and the
Russians were replacing those with their own doubles. I revealed
the war of doubles in AUDIO LETTER No. 45. The following month I
revealed that Russia was deploying a secret weapon in the war of
doubles. They were not human doubles, but genetic replicas of
the people they were replacing. These are biological robots of a
type known as "Organic Robotoids." They look and act human, but
they are not human. Instead, they are advanced products of
genetic engineering.

Less than six months later, in AUDIO LETTER No. 51, I revealed
that the Bolsheviks here in America were counterattacking with
their own type of biological robots. These are called Synthetic

When I first revealed what I did about man-made genetic
replicas of human beings, I braced myself against ridicule; and I
have been condemned in countless letters telling me that man
cannot create new forms of life. Genetic engineering was not in
the news a year ago, but less than two weeks ago the UNITED
STATES SUPREME COURT handed down a landmark decision. They have
proclaimed that new forms of life created by man can be
patented--and, my friends, there will be a rush to the patent
office. At this very moment there are over 100 patents pending
for man-made life forms! If Professor Frankenstein were alive
today he, too, could patent his monster.

The Russians and the Bolsheviks are locked in a continual tug
of war using their genetic replicas. When the White House is
occupied by Bolshevik synthetics, American policy reflects the
Bolshevik line; but whenever the Russians manage to replace
synthetics with their own robotoids, White House policy is made
in Moscow. The result is a never ending series of policy
reversals, which are mystifying many editorial writers.

A famous example was the United States vote against Israel at
the United Nations last March. It was defended for two days, and
then suddenly disavowed. The anti-Israel vote was ordered by
Russian robotoids, but two days later the Bolsheviks eliminated
them and used their own synthetics to disavow the vote.

For many months now this hidden tug of war has been rocking
the United States Government, but now there is a chance that the
same thing will soon be happening in the Russian Government as
well, because during the past two months the Bolsheviks here in
America have succeeded in penetrating the Kremlin with
synthetics. Several top leaders of the Politburo were recently
killed and replaced with Bolshevik synthetics. One of these was
the Kremlin's strong man, Admiral Gorshkov. The Bolsheviks are
using their synthetics in a new bid to retake control of Russia,
but the ruling group in the Kremlin understand what they are up
against and they are fighting back. A few weeks ago the
Bolsheviks were on the verge of gaining the upper hand, now
though they have lost their initial advantage of surprise. In
addition, the Bolsheviks are apparently having difficulties with
the synthetics which they send into the Kremlin. Several
synthetics have disobeyed their Bolshevik programming.

Right now the situation is far from clear, but one thing is
certain. An unseen battle to the death is under way now in the
Kremlin, and the outcome will affect everyone on the face of the


It is time now to give you my Last Minute Summary. In this
AUDIO LETTER I've tried to give you a bird's-eye view of events
over the past several months. The bottom line is that the drums
of approaching nuclear war are beating louder and louder. Even
more urgently, secret warfare is already under way, and it is
becoming more and more violent.

The explosion of Mount St. Helens last month was brought about
by geophysical warfare. Likewise, the severe weather patterns in
the United States over the past several months have been produced
by weather warfare. The Russians are doing this in retaliation
for the giant grain embargo by the Carter Administration. The
Russian weather war against the United States is intended to
reduce our crops. In the Southwest, brutal heat is baking crops
and killing cattle; and in the northern Great Plains grain is
dying in a five-state region of severe drought. Russia's enemies
here are not you and me but the Bolsheviks, who are now in
control of our Government. The Bolsheviks here are also the
deadly enemies of you and me.

In 1917 Christian Russia was dragged down into the hell of
Bolshevism through the dark tunnel of war. Now the Bolsheviks
are being expelled from Russia, so they are trying to do it all
over again here in America. They are determined to throw
America's nuclear arsenal at Russia, win or lose, because either
way the Bolsheviks expect to pick up the pieces here in complete
Bolshevik dictatorship.

My friends, these are dangerous times indeed, but we must not
lose heart. If you are ever tempted to throw up your hands and
say, "I can't do anything", just think this over. All the
weapons of war, all the propaganda, and all the controls of
government have just one purpose. That purpose is to control
you. If you give up and just close your eyes, you are giving
them the very thing they want most. But as long as you keep your
eyes open, see the truth as best you can and hold on to it, you
are defeating them. Our Lord Jesus Christ said it long ago: "You
shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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