Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 56.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER, 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
D.C. 20006

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is July 30, 1980,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER No. 56.

Yesterday an "Emergency Session" of the United Nations General
Assembly came to an end. It was treated as a non-event by the
controlled major media of the United States, and many Americans
have paid little attention--but it was only the seventh Emergency
Session in the 35-year history of the United Nations!

My friends, the stakes involve NUCLEAR WAR ONE. The
Bolsheviks who now control the United States Government are
determined to bring about nuclear war with Russia, one way or
another; but their most preferred path to war lies through the
Middle East. I first gave details about this nearly five years
ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 6. Since then there have been continual
revisions and up-dates of the planning for war by way of the
Middle East. I have kept my listeners abreast of these
developments in later AUDIO LETTERS, especially Nos. 22, 28, 37,
and 46.

Ever since late 1977 the Middle East war plan has grown to
include Iran as a central factor, because the main military
strategy of the controlled United States Government is now a
"first-strike" strategy; and Iran, nestled against Russia's
underbelly, is a tempting base for attack against Russia. But
the preferred initial focus of the Middle East war would not be
Iran, but Israel.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 50 I reviewed the common roots of the
Zionists who control Israel and the Bolsheviks who now control
America. They always work together, hand in glove, because they
are derived from the same source. That ancient source was the
mis-named "Kingdom of the Jews", the Khazar Kingdom, which
existed a thousand years ago in what is now southern Russia. The
Bolsheviks and Zionists are identical in their goals and
tactics--except for one thing. The Zionist dream is for eventual
world domination from Jerusalem, whereas the Bolsheviks want to
control their former homeland of Russia and rule the world from
there. But the Bolsheviks have largely lost the power they
gained in Russia in 1917, and they are now using the United
States as their main power base.

The Bolshevik-controlled United States is virtually the lone
sponsor of Israel. In return, Israel performs many favors for
America's rulers, especially in military and covert spy matters.

The United Nations Emergency Session which just ended amounted
to a referendum by the world against Israel. For years the Begin
Government of Israel has been pressing ahead in a relentless
program of acts designed to inflame the anger of Israel's Arab
neighbors. While protesting loudly that she only wants to be
left alone in peace, Israel has been systematically doing the
things that can only lead to war--and it is a war which can very
quickly engulf the entire world. That is why a majority of the
members of the United Nations were worried enough to petition for
an Emergency Session; and after the six-day debate was over, 112
nations lined up together against Israel. They declared Israel's
settlements in the occupied Arab territories illegal, and
demanded that Israel start pulling out before November 15 of this
year. Their common position was summed up by Guinea's United
Nations ambassador in the words: "The process of war must come to
an end." Israel's ambassador at the United Nations tried to
paint the whole debate as a meaningless gesture, even though the
United Nations created Israel in the first place. And following
the Zionist lead, the Bolshevik-dominated major media here in
America treated it as a non-event!

The fact is, my friends, that Israel actions are fast bringing
the Middle East to the threshold of war. War fever is rising,
and it is being reflected by the thermometer of war, the price of
gold. Last January 21, 1980, gold traded at an all-time high of
$875 per ounce; and as I revealed that month in AUDIO LETTER No.
53, a secret nuclear first-strike operation was then being
attempted against Russia. It failed, and gold prices dropped off
for several months. But now war danger is rising again.

The Bolsheviks here are becoming increasingly desperate in
their war plans against Russia. If we as a people are ever going
to act to save ourselves from final ruin, NOW is the time we must
begin. The stakes are: life and death, peace or war; but the key
to our own effective action is not military. It lies with the
thermometer of war, GOLD.

My three special topics this month are:


Topic #1--Not many years ago millions were fascinated by the
fictional exploits of an imaginary British spy. His name was
James Bond, and he was the creation of the late British author
Ian Fleming. It was Fleming more than anyone else who created
the image of the modern "super spy." All the Fleming spy stories
had two major characteristics in common that made them stand out.
For one thing, every story was about a world-shaking situation
which was kept secret from the public. The other common
ingredient was always a dazzling display of secret high
technologies of every description--things unknown to the public.
These two unique features of his stories eventually catapulted
Ian Fleming into world-wide fame. He was the undisputed leader
in his field. As always happens many others tried to copy him,
and spy stories were all around us in the late 60's. But he
always remained one of a kind. Try as they might, none of his
imitators could ever match his work. It was as though he had a
secret advantage, a secret weapon of his own--and, my friends, he

In writing his stories, Ian Fleming was drawing upon his own
secret weapon. That weapon was knowledge. Fleming had been a
high-ranking officer of Britain's crack Intelligence agency
called MI-5. It was the British who practically invented and
perfected the modern concept of Intelligence, and to this day
British Intelligence remains the equal of any in the world.

When Fleming left Her Majesty's Secret Service to become a
writer, he was severely limited in what he could publish. He was
bound by the restrictions of the British "Official Secrets Act."
Under that Act, Fleming would have been liable for punishment for
revealing any official secret without authorization. And so Ian
Fleming, the former British Intelligence officer, became what is
known as a "fictionalizer"--that is, he started with factual
knowledge but rearranged and modified it in order to create
startling stories of fiction. He was always extremely careful
about how he did this. He always knew that he was skirting the
fringes of the Official Secrets Act. He could not afford to make
a mistake, because it would have meant prison for him and
possible forfeiture of pension rights; and so he always altered
every situation, every secret technology, and every personality
enough to avoid revealing actual secrets. It was a long and
meticulous process both to protect himself and to make each final
story readable. For that reason Fleming completed a new James
Bond novel only about once a year. If it had all been
imagination, as many people believe, he would have been capable
of producing a new book every few months, making himself far
richer. But because his stories were all rooted in fact, secret
fact, he did not dare speed up and run the risk of making a

Ian Fleming had two purposes in writing his famous series of
spy novels. One purpose, of course, was to earn a very
comfortable living; but beyond that he was also trying to subtly
open the eyes of the reading public by the medium of fiction.
Because of the Official Secrets Act he could not publish the
facts that he knew as fact without modification, so he did what
he felt was the next best thing, and that was to use his stories
to open our minds to at least think in terms which were otherwise
hidden from us. Fleming truly believed that this was something
which somehow had to be done, because knowing what he knew he was
not an optimistic man.

More than three decades ago he could see that the public was
beginning to be left behind by secret new weapons, new
technologies, and new techniques to enslave us all. A public
awakening was the only hope he could see to prevent eventual
disaster, and so beginning in the early 50's Fleming started
writing exciting fiction in order to hint at secret facts. His
plan was "Fictionalize to open eyes." By the early 60's the
one-man campaign of Ian Fleming was starting to gather steam.
His fictional hero James Bond started gaining popularity in
ever-wider circles; and even though his exploits were understood
to be fiction, people were beginning to think of possibilities
which they had never seen before. James Bond movies were in the
works. After years of gradual growth, the power of Ian Fleming's
fiction was about to explode into a world-wide craze. Countless
millions were on the verge of being encouraged to think
unthinkable thoughts about what goes on in secret. Simply by
encouraging people to think new thoughts for themselves, Ian
Fleming was endangering secret plans of very powerful men--and
he almost got away with it because they were slow to realize what
he was doing. But just as the James Bond craze was beginning,
Ian Fleming's plan was brought to an end. Sixteen years ago next
month, on August 12, 1964, Ian Fleming died an untimely death at
age 56.

By making us think, Ian Fleming had posed a real danger to
secret long-range plans of a powerful few. And even after he was
removed from the scene, his fictional efforts to awaken us could
not be stopped overnight. The momentum of public interest was
just too great because he had caught the imagination of millions
upon millions. The James Bond craze could not be stopped, and so
the other choice was to control it. Experts in propaganda and
public deception studied the problem and quickly hit on the
solution. Fleming's plan had been "Fictionalize to open eyes."
He wanted to make us see possibilities which were being hidden
from us otherwise; but with him out of the way, the new plan
became: "Fictionalize to close eyes." It was a plan to make
secrets more secure than ever by making the truth unbelievable to
us, and this technique of blinding us through fiction has been a
major factor on the American scene now for 15 years.

A perfect example of all of this took place with a book
Fleming published 21 years ago in 1959. It was titled "GOLD
FINGER." The starting point for the book was knowledge about
certain secrets. Fleming knew that there was a long-range plan
to create monetary chaos for private gain and power. He also
knew that a central feature of the plan was to be the secret
disappearance of America's monetary gold hoard at Fort Knox, and
he knew that the kingpin of this international plot was a man
with legendary greed for gold. His name: DAVID ROCKEFELLER. It
was a plan that was totally unsuspected by the public. It was
still the Eisenhower era, the heyday of the so-called "almighty
dollar." The dollar was good as gold, because it was backed by
the world's largest monetary gold hoard. Fort Knox was thought
to be impregnable; and in those days, my friends, no one dared
speak ill of the Four Rockefeller Brothers.

Ian Fleming decided to write a book that would begin to alert
people to what was afoot. He could not tell the whole story, nor
tell it as fact because of the Official Secrets Act; but by
fictionalizing he was able to cause people to think of
possibilities which would never have occurred to them otherwise.

For example, in the 50's it was a rare American who considered
even the possibility of monetary turmoil. The dollar was good as
gold, and that was that. Why even think about gold? Individual
citizens could not own it except in jewelry. Wasn't all the rest
of it thought to be sealed up in Fort Knox? Everyone knew no one
could get in there, and so we didn't even think about it. But in
his book GOLD FINGER, Fleming brought several key thoughts to our
minds. He devised a fictional scheme to show that Fort Knox
might not be impregnable after all. He raised the question:
"What would happen to the dollar and other currencies if the Fort
Knox gold were no longer available?" And he proposed the
unthinkable thought that someone, if they were rich enough and
greedy enough, might want to get their hands on America's gold.

The actual GOLD FINGER story, of course, was fiction; but the
basic points which I have just mentioned were fact. GOLD FINGER
was published in 1959; and barely two years later in 1961, the
hemorrhaging of America's monetary gold supply began. Agents of
David Rockefeller within the United States Government provided a
cloak of authority called the "London Gold Pool Agreement"; and
then for seven years until 1968, big Army trucks loaded with gold
bullion rolled out of Fort Knox constantly--and all without a
word to the public!

Some of the gold shipments during those seven years were
recorded on a list kept by the United States Mint. Almost
without exception the shipments listed went to the New York Assay
Office, where they disappeared without any further accounting.
As you may recall, the New York Assay Office was the focus of a
scandal in December 1978 involving missing gold. Over 5,000
ounces had simply disappeared; but that, my friends, was a very
small tip of a very large iceberg, and so the controversy over
the missing millions in gold at the New York Assay Office was
quickly smoothed over and covered up. They could not afford to
allow any real investigation which might let the public know the
truth. According to the official list of shipments I mentioned
earlier, a large fraction of America's monetary gold went to the
New York Assay Office in the 60's. There it disappeared, never
to be seen again.

But, my friends, the real situation was even worse. Long ago
my sources gave me hard evidence of many large gold shipments
from Fort Knox which were not even listed. Five years ago this
month in AUDIO LETTER No. 2 I revealed a specific example of
this. It was a shipment on January 20, 1965, in which four (4)
tractor-trailers loaded up at Fort Knox and then headed for
railroad tracks across the river at Jeffersonville, Indiana. My
sources provided me with details, including photographs, of the
operation. But the shipment was one of many which did not show
on any official Government list of shipments.

In June 1975, Mr. Edward Durell and my other associates were
able to confront officials of the United States Mint with this
example of missing shipments, and for once the confrontation took
place under circumstances in which the Mint was under great
pressure to respond. In the most specific terms the Bureau of
the Mint was asked what was shipped out of Fort Knox in the four
tractor-trailers on January 20, 1965. The written answer dated
June 19, 1975 came from the then Director of the United States
Mint, Mrs. Mary Brooks. She confirmed that this unlisted
shipment amounted to more than one and three-quarter (1-3/4)
million ounces of gold--and, my friends, it was not junk gold
melted down from old coins which were confiscated from Americans
in 1934. The shipment was part of America's true monetary gold,
good delivery gold which is .995 fine or better. After this
admission in writing about an enormous secret shipment of gold
out of Fort Knox, one would have thought that there would be
fireworks, but not so!

My friend Mr. Durell showered the appropriate officials
throughout the Government with this evidence of massive fraud at
Fort Knox, and he notified the major media and all of the
appropriate leaders in Congress about this evidence. For reasons
which I will explain later in this message, I believe it's time
to call attention to one of these people. He is Senator William
Proxmire of Wisconsin, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Proxmire loves to parade as a great defender of our financial
interests in Washington. He's famous for his so-called "Golden
Fleece Award." Proxmire searches through the Federal Budget with
a fine-tooth comb, and he's always able to find some project or
contract which rightly or wrongly will look ridiculous to the
public. He then trots it out, announces how much it costs, and
with a great flourish gives it his Golden Fleece Award. By this
and other means Proxmire is a master at maintaining his image as
a protector of the American economy.

But if ever a situation deserved the Proxmire Golden Fleece
Award, it is the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL. The petty examples
usually chosen by Proxmire fleece the American public out of
perhaps hundreds of thousands or a few million dollars. It makes
good publicity for Proxmire, but it's insignificant. By
contrast, the Fort Knox Gold Scandal is fleecing every one of us
out of the shirt on our back. It has undermined the dollar
itself, which is on its way to destruction. It has set off
ever-worsening inflation even while our economy is stagnating.
The Gold Scandal is fleecing us all, but what has Senator William
Proxmire done about that??

Let me tell you what he has, and has not, done. For more than
five years Proxmire has been among the top American leaders who
have been kept informed about major developments and evidence in
the Gold Scandal. He has been given the evidence I mentioned
earlier about the missing shipment from Fort Knox, as well as
other evidence of major discrepancies; but up to now, Proxmire
has kept his lips sealed about discrepancies about America's gold
supply--with one exception. That exception took place in
December 1978. Word had leaked out about the 5,000-or so missing
ounces of gold at the New York Assay Office worth over $3,000,000
at today's prices. As Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee,
Proxmire immediately jumped on the story. Frowning in
disapproval, he proclaimed that this would have to be looked
into. Hearing those words from the champion of the Golden Fleece
Award, the public relaxed and quickly forgot about it. And
almost as quickly, Senator William Proxmire made sure he forgot
about it too. To this day, no real investigation has ever taken
place over the missing gold at the New York Assay Office.

Proxmire's failure to follow up that $3,000,000 gold
discrepancy was bad enough, but it's nothing compared to his
apparent disinterest in investigating the truth about the Fort
Knox Gold Scandal. The case of the missing Fort Knox shipment is
a case in point. At today's prices, that one shipment alone was
worth more than one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000)--not a mere
million but 1000 times a million! And that, in truth, was only
one example. There were many unreported shipments like that.
That is why the Treasury figures, which show a huge remaining
American gold hoard, are a fraud--a total fraud. And that's why
the United States could auction off only a small amount of junk
gold over a period of time and then had to stop. And that's why
the United States dollar is no longer "as good as gold"; instead,
it's fast becoming worth less than the paper it's printed on.

Senator William Proxmire, like many others trusted by the
American public, has been given massive evidence about all of
this; but his actions so far have helped only those who have
taken our own gold in order to fleece us of everything we own.
Later in this message I will have more to say about Senator
William Proxmire and the Fort Knox Gold Scandal.

But for now I want to finish the story of Ian Fleming's
aborted efforts to alert the public about things like these. As
I already explained, his principle was "Fictionalize to open
eyes"; but after his untimely death in 1964 his stories were
seized upon and warped, especially in movies, for the opposite
purpose. The new purpose became "Fictionalize to CLOSE eyes."
Nothing could be done to alter and neutralize Fleming's books
once they had been published, so instead attention was drawn away
from the books to the James Bond movies; and as the movies were
in preparation, disinformation agents were planted on the scene
to guide the process. As a result, the James Bond who emerged on
film was a very different character from the one in Fleming's
novels. The basic story lines remained the same, but in many
subtle ways the psychology was radically changed. The movies
retained the adventure, fast action, dazzling secret
technologies, and bold plots which Fleming had pioneered; but by
clever use of satirical humor, every James Bond movie ended up by
laughing at itself. Secret weapons were exaggerated or twisted
so as to make them entertaining but also ridiculous; and by
filling the movies with strange characters and never-ending
gimmicks, viewers were distracted from the underlying warnings of
the basic plot.

The GOLD FINGER story was a perfect example of all this.
Fleming's original novel called attention to something which most
readers would never have thought about otherwise. That was the
potential relationship between Fort Knox gold and international
monetary chaos, and through his fictional plot he also planted
the idea that the legendary Fort Knox bullion depository might
not be invulnerable after all. But these lessons were rarely, if
ever, realized by those who saw only the movie; instead, the
typical viewer walked out of the movie laughing. It was obvious
that what he had seen could happen only in fiction, and from that
point onward he was programmed to react with disbelief if he
should ever hear of tampering with Fort Knox gold. Such a thing
could only be fiction--it was just too ridiculous ever to really

This is the attitude I encountered more than seven years ago
when I began giving public warnings about deliberate plans for
economic chaos. I myself was first alerted to the Fort Knox Gold
Scandal by none other than British Intelligence in London after
completing a secret mission for Queen Elizabeth in Zaire; and in
my book THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR, I outlined the overall
plan, including the unseen role of America's gold. I had one
major advantage which Ian Fleming did not have. The United
States does not yet have an Official Secrets Act like that of
Britain, and so I was not forced to fictionalize. Instead I was
able to give the real plans and real names of those responsible
for things to come.

The prototype for Ian Fleming's GOLD FINGER of two decades ago
was none other than David Rockefeller, and in my book I showed in
detail how he played his kingpin role in the plan to destroy our
economy. I described how this was leading to a collapsing
dollar, skyrocketing gold prices, a stagnating economy, spiraling
financial problems for State and local governments, urban unrest,
and eventually NUCLEAR WAR. But when David Rockefeller himself
was interviewed about my book, even he resorted to the technique
"Fictionalize to close eyes." His comment about THE CONSPIRACY
AGAINST THE DOLLAR was: "Interesting science fiction."

But, my friends, the truth is always stranger than fiction.
Today it is fiction that we believe, and fact that we don't
believe. Most people still believe the fiction that David
Rockefeller himself is still alive, but he actually died in a
secret coup d'etat nearly a year and a half ago, as I revealed in
AUDIO LETTER No. 43. What we see today is no longer David
Rockefeller but only his image. My friends, the truth is the
truth, no matter what we choose to believe; and what the late
David Rockefeller dismissed as "Interesting science fiction"
seven years ago is coming true today. Yesterday we would not
believe. Today we are suffering. Tomorrow it will be too
late--if we do not act NOW.

Topic #2--For more than two years now the United States
government under the Bolsheviks has been dragging Americans down
the path toward national suicide in Nuclear War. America's
controlling military strategy today is a kamikaze plan which I
first revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 35 for June 1978. If there
should be all-out war between the United States and Russia, the
United States will be at a hopeless military disadvantage.

The Russians completely destroyed the rough military balance
between East and West during the closing months of 1977. During
those months, as I reported in AUDIO LETTERS No.'s 26 through 29,
the Russians deployed their new secret Space Triad of manned
strategic weapons. And since that time the Russians have had men
in Space constantly on a routine basis.

Meanwhile, the United States can do nothing but sit and watch.
Our famous Space Shuttle, already two years behind schedule, just
keeps sitting on the ground instead of flying into space; and the
biggest American space spectacular in the past three years was
the alleged "Crash of SKYLAB", one year ago this month.

But, as I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 48, even that episode
was a hoax. SKYLAB had actually been shot down twenty-one months
earlier, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 27.

For more than two years we have been at Russia's mercy
militarily. If the Kremlin were the real source of nuclear war
fever today, the United States would already lie in smoking
ruins. But it hasn't happened, and the reason it hasn't happened
is something I've been reporting to you now for two and a half
years. Those who formerly controlled the Kremlin, the atheistic
Bolsheviks, control it no more. They have been overthrown and
expelled by a secret sect of native Russian Christians.

The expelled Bolsheviks from Russia have been flocking in
droves mainly here to the United States for a new start. And so,
unsuspected by most Americans, the true relationship between the
United States and Russia has been turned upside down. The
Bolsheviks, who used to rule Russia, now rule the United States;
and now that they are here they are still as vicious and warlike
as they ever were in Russia.

If America were ruled today by reasonable and honest men,
concerned for the welfare of all the people, they would take an
objective look at our relations with Russia. On one hand they
would see the military fact that Russia now has the means to
level our country a dozen times over in a matter of minutes.
But, on the other hand, reasonable men would also take stock of
the fact that Russia has not unleashed that awesome capability.

Instead, the Russians have, so far, confined themselves to a
piecemeal war of attrition against our own war-making capacity.
Looking at all this, reasonable men would at least consider the
possibility that Russia prefers peace to war.

And so our leaders, if they were reasonable and prudent, would
at least open up meaningful talks with the leaders of Russia.
They would at least make an honest effort to find out if war with
Russia might be avoided without loss of honor.

But my friends, the Bolsheviks are now in control of America's
policies and they are not reasonable men. They are obsessed with
the Satanic frenzy for power. Their Creed is rule or ruin. They
seek only their own personal gain, no matter what the cost may be
to everyone else. They want to start over with a new and
complete Bolshevik dictatorship here in America and from there
work on outward in a new bid for World control. But Russia,
controlled by the new breed in the Kremlin, stands in their way.

The Bolsheviks now entrenched here in America know that they
cannot hope to destroy Russia with America's inferior military
power. This is especially true because Russia's rulers, unlike
our own, have provided extensive civil defense preparations to
protect their people. But the Bolsheviks will be satisfied if
they can only wound Russia grievously enough to badly disrupt
Russia internally. The Bolsheviks here believe that they will
accomplish their purpose if they can kill as many as 20,000,000
Russians in nuclear war. They are convinced that nuclear
casualties that large will be enough to preoccupy the Russians
with their own internal problems for many years. And that will
leave the Bolsheviks here relatively free to make a fresh start
with the smoking remains of the United States. They will be free
to impose their own Bolshevik dictatorship on the haunted
minority of Americans who will survive Nuclear War I.

In order to achieve their goal of killing 20,000,000 Russians,
the Bolsheviks here will have to accept a nuclear war that will
kill at least 160,000,000 Americans. To you and me a plan like
that is insane. But to the Bolsheviks, those odds are very
acceptable because, my friends, in Bolshevik calculations you and
I don't count. We are expendable. The only losses which do
matter to them are their own and the Bolsheviks believe that
their own casualties in Nuclear War I will be very small, because
they plan to choose the moment for war themselves by triggering a
surprise American nuclear first strike against Russia; and
because they will know when war is about to start they will be
able to protect themselves. They plan to use their positions of
governmental power to hide in government war bunkers throughout
the United States.

When Nuclear War I erupts, the Bolsheviks here intend to be
the main occupants of the 96 secret underground cities of the
Federal Relocation Arc. They will pull down the "Temple" on our
heads, while they themselves hide in safety.

There is now a dangerous and destructive war of cat and mouse
going on between Russia's new rulers and the Bolsheviks here.
Each side knows what the other is up to and their strategies
against one another are in a constant state of flux. The
Russians, for their part, know that the Bolsheviks want to throw
America's nuclear might at Russia in a surprise attack. And as I
reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 53 last January, the hardliners in
the Kremlin are now in the driver's seat. Unlike the white dove
faction who lost influence last October 1979, the hard-liners are
convinced that nuclear war is inevitable, and so they are
preparing the Russian people for war with America. But at the
same time, they're using secret warfare to chip away and reduce
America's economic and military strength. For example, Russian
sabotage is taking a steadily rising toll of railroad tank cars,
chemical plants, refineries, and other military targets. Have
you ever asked yourself why all these so-called derailments
involving chemical tank cars? If it were mere chance, it would
often involve box cars, or coal cars, or flat cars, or automobile
carriers, or maybe refrigerated cars full of milk. But no, to
judge by all the supposed rail accidents, you would think that
the trains are hauling nothing but toxic chemicals these days.
And then there is Russia's expanding campaign of geophysical
warfare. One aspect of this involves earthquakes and volcanoes
like Mt. St. Helens, as I discussed last month.

Another aspect of geophysical warfare is weather warfare,
which is now going on with a vengeance in the United States. One
reason I tried so hard to record AUDIO LETTER No. 54 last
February before I was overcome by my heart attack was to give a
warning about weather warfare and food shortages to come. And
this summer, the weather has gone crazy all over the United
States. The Northern Plains are in the grip of a drought worse
than anything since the Dust Bowl of the 30's. The nationwide
heat wave has taken over a thousand lives and is killing cattle,
broiling chickens alive, and wiping out crops. And next, my
friends, we must brace ourselves for hurricanes unlike anything
ever seen in America.

Slowly but surely, the Bolsheviks here are being hemmed in by
the Russians. For the past six months, the Russians have been
gradually pulling the fangs of the Bolshevik dragon. As a
result, the Bolsheviks here are gradually putting more and more
of their eggs into fewer and fewer baskets. With their backs to
the wall, the Bolsheviks here are concentrating on actions that
go for the head of Russia. Their attitude is pure offense, even
at the expense of neglecting anything of a defensive nature. For
example, the Caribbean is now up for grabs. The United States is
paying no attention. Instead the Bolsheviks here are trying to
stir up problems for Russia around her own periphery. The
Bolsheviks can't find a rope big enough to tie down the Russian
Bear. So instead, they're trying to use a million little
threads; and by means of their invasion of the Kremlin itself
with genetic replicas, which I reported last month, the
Bolsheviks are trying to unbalance the Kremlin.

I can now report that during April and May the Bolsheviks came
very close to toppling the new leadership in the Kremlin. Within
the past several weeks, Russia's new rulers have staged a strong
comeback, but the battle is still raging; and all the Bolsheviks
really want is a moment of weakness in the Kremlin, because very
soon now they will have enough Minuteman TX traveling missiles
deployed to make possible a first strike against Russia--thus
triggering Nuclear War I.

My friends, some people have asked me why I revealed what I
did last month about America's secret mobile missile--the
Minuteman TX. The answer is that it is time for us, the American
people, to wage preventive warfare. Ours must be a war of
knowledge and truth--a war to prevent war. We need to stop the
secret spiral of warfare by both the Russians and the Bolsheviks
here, because you and I are the ones who are caught in the

Topic #3--Centuries ago the founder of the powerful Rothschild
dynasty proclaimed a principle which became famous. He said:
"Give me the power to issue a nation's money, and I care not who
writes the laws." Since that time the manipulation of money and
its relationship to gold reserves has been a determining factor
in world affairs. It has fueled ever widening struggles for
world power. That's why Henry Ford, Sr. long ago said, and I
quote: "War will not be abolished until its roots are cut, and
one of its main roots is a false money system and the high
priests thereof. The youth who can solve the money question
would do more for the world than all the professional soldiers in

My friends, in my book seven years ago, THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST
THE DOLLAR, I revealed the basic plan to bring on inflation
miseries which we are all beginning to suffer today. They are
leading toward economic catastrophe, unemployment, dictatorship,
and nuclear war. But they are all rooted in economics and the
control of money, and the deepest root of all is the FORT KNOX
GOLD SCANDAL. So if you truly care about your country and want
to help save it for yourself and for your children, the Fort Knox
Gold Scandal is the place to begin.

In my mail lately I have noticed a dramatic rise in the number
of people asking me: "What can I do?", and I believe that I know
the reason. Years ago the warnings I gave about coming economic
hardship and nuclear war sounded too remote to worry about; but
now the economic problems are pinching all of us worse and worse
by the day, and now the bright skies of yesteryear are giving way
to the gathering storm clouds of nuclear war. Up until now I
have generally resisted giving specific answers to the question
of what we can do. There were many signs that people were asking
without really wanting to do anything, and it simply is not
enough to just stand up once, shout, and sit down again to watch
the world go by, or to meet, eat, and retreat.

If you are really serious about wanting to do something, you
have to be willing to stick with it, because America's enemies,
both within and without, have learned how they can almost always
defeat us. All they have to do is to close their mouths and
wait. They just bide their time while we fuss a while then fall
silent and forget about it. Then they go on their own way as if
nothing had ever happened.

The only way to get results is to hang on like a bulldog. You
have to keep at it in spite of one disappointment after another
until something breaks loose. You cannot let them wear you
out--instead you have to wear them out. A perfect example of
this is provided by the efforts of my friend Mr. Edward Durell
concerning the Fort Knox Gold Scandal.

Six years ago Mr. Durell started in much the same way as you
could start now. He first learned about my charges concerning
the denudement of America's gold at Fort Knox by reading about
them in a newspaper. He had been concerned about the gold
backing of the dollar for many years, but my charges were new to
him. He decided to find out for himself whether my charges held
water, so he began a very informal, almost casual way. He
inquired of one or two officials, including his Congressman,
whether there was anything to the story, and it was their
responses that caused him to start digging deeper and still
deeper seeking the truth--not because those initial responses
confirmed what I had charged, far from it. Instead Mr. Durell
discovered that he was unable to receive a meaningful, conclusive
answer at all about it.

Most Americans today would have just given up at that point.
The easy thing to do is to shrug your shoulders and say, "Well, I
tried. I guess they won't tell me any more." But not Mr.
Durell. He's a man who demands answers, and he refuses to be
satisfied until he gets them. What's more, he knows what too
many of us have forgotten--that under the Constitution it is our
right, it is our duty to seek the redress of grievances; and so
for every unsatisfactory answer he received, Mr. Durell responded
by asking more questions of more people. He kept careful track
of his correspondence including telephone calls, letters,
telegrams, and personal meetings. He did not just swallow the
replies he got but he analyzed them. With each official reply he
asked himself: "Did this answer my question? If not, why not?
Did they contradict what they have told me in earlier
correspondence? If so, why? Does the story I get from Official
A agree with the story given me by Official B? If not, which is
correct?" By confronting people with their own official answers,
or with their silence when they refused to answer, he began
driving chinks into the armor; and because of his determined
persistence, he long ago began catching them in mistakes--serious

For six years now he has kept it up, and now through his own
efforts Mr. Durell has compiled his own file of extremely
damaging evidence about Fort Knox. By these methods Mr. Durell
long ago became an authority in his own right about the Fort Knox
Gold Scandal, and he did it simply by refusing to give up. He
has contacted numerous members of Congress, officials of the
Departments of Treasury and Justice, and many others up to and
including two Presidents--Ford and the alleged Carter. For his
efforts he has received everything from stony silence to outright
provable lies. He has worked long and hard for six years; and
now if there were an honest, public investigation into the Fort
Knox affair, his files might well lead to the imprisonment of
some of the most powerful men in America!

The Watergate scandal was child's play compared with the
covered-up Fort Knox Gold Scandal.

This brings me to the reason for my directing your attention
to Senator William Proxmire, as I did in Topic #1. He's Chairman
of the powerful Senate Banking Committee, and in that capacity he
holds a position of prime responsibility and public trust to
carry out an honest, thorough, and public investigation of the
Fort Knox Gold Scandal. And so, my friends, I would strongly
suggest that the starting point be the evidence about the huge
missing shipment of gold from Fort Knox on January 20, 1965.

For five years now Senator Proxmire has ignored the evidence
given him about that shipment, which was omitted from official
Treasury records. At today's gold prices, this shipment would
have been worth more than a billion dollars ($1,000,000,000)--one
thousand million dollars! But more importantly, that missing
shipment was only one of many which took place from Fort Knox
according to my confidential information. It was only one
episode in the overall program to make America gold poor; and so
the missing gold shipment of January 20, 1965 points at the very
heart of the causes for our crumbling economy today. But to this
day, Senator William Proxmire has not lifted a finger to launch a
Fort Knox investigation. I want to make it clear, however, that
I have no evidence that Proxmire himself is involved in the
illegal gold removals from Fort Knox, but I can prove that he has
consistently ignored large amounts of strong evidence of
catastrophic fraud surrounding Fort Knox. He's made a name for
himself by handing out Golden Fleece Awards for petty
matters--but he has ignored the Gold Scandal, which is fleecing
the entire American people!

Up to now, Senator Proxmire has been seriously derelict in his
duty to investigate publicly and honestly the Fort Knox Gold
Scandal. But what matters most now is not Proxmire but the
SCANDAL itself. IT MUST BE EXPOSED if America is to be saved.
It's that simple, my friends; and so I'm about to give you "Step
One" in my answer to those of you who have been asking me, "What
can I do?" I emphasize that this is only the first step. If you
choose to take it, my friends, then many more steps can follow;
but I must also give you this clear warning: If you will not take
this first step, nothing else can follow!! In the name of
freedom, we must be heard. We must begin a concerted campaign to
open up an honest, public investigation of the Fort Knox Gold
Scandal, and we should all join together in directing our
energies at Senator William Proxmire. It is his Committee which
has the prime responsibility to carry out the necessary public

Our goal is not to attack Proxmire but to bring about the
investigation of Fort Knox. To do that, Proxmire will have to
have public support--just as General Brown depended upon public
support in the Underwater Missile Crisis four years ago. And so
regardless of his inaction up to now, we must let Senator
Proxmire know that he will have our support for a Fort Knox
investigation. It is not his head that we want--it is the TRUTH
about Fort Knox. Let us "open up" Fort Knox!

You may send letters, Mailgrams or telegrams to:

Senator William Proxmire
Senate Office Bldg., Wash., D.C.

If you want your message to be read and to have an impact, you
must do three things:

1. Make it legible. If your handwriting is good, a handwritten
letter is fine; otherwise it's better to type.

2. Keep it short. If you write a long rambling letter it will
just go into the trash basket.

3. Be specific. Tell Senator Proxmire clearly, in your own
words, what you want from him.

If I were writing a letter to Senator Proxmire about this, I
would say something like the following:

"Dear Senator Proxmire. I'm writing to request your urgent
attention to a vital matter that falls within your jurisdiction
as Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. I'm speaking of the
allegations of Dr. Beter about massive fraud involving the United
States gold supplies at Fort Knox.

Looking at our crumbling economy I'm inclined to believe Dr.
Beter's charges that America has secretly become gold poor. Our
economic problems today are exactly those which Dr. Beter has
warned about for years, and yet I have never seen any effort by
your Committee to prove him wrong.

I would like to believe your reputation as a defender of the
public financial interest in Washington, so I hope that you will
launch a full, complete public investigation of the alleged Fort
Knox Gold Scandal without delay. If you will do so, I assure you
of my strong personal support.

As a starting point, let me suggest a piece of evidence which
Dr. Beter says you were provided some five years ago. This was
the written admission by the then Director of the United States
Mint that a giant gold shipment from Fort Knox took place on
January 20, 1965, even though the shipment was not shown on
official Treasury listings.

I anxiously await your reply. I am keeping a copy of this
message, and plan to show it, with your reply, to everyone I

What I have just suggested is just to get you started. By all
means express your own thoughts in your own way as much as
possible; but whatever you do, be sure to keep a file for your
correspondence about this. When you get his reply, don't be
discouraged or surprised if it turns out to be an attack on my
credibility, or lip service, or even silence. Just keep in mind
that the Director of the United States Mint contradicted other
Treasury documents about the missing shipment. That discrepancy
has never been resolved, so don't let yourself be put off easily.

If you receive a reply from Senator Proxmire, you may want to
show both your letter and his to your friends. And to give them
more background about it all, let them listen to AUDIO LETTER No.
2 for July 1975. That tape contains a great deal about Fort Knox
and it's a good starting point. Beyond that, you may wish to
follow up with more letters, always keeping a copy for your file.
And in the months to come if I learn that people are taking this
first step--and it's only a first step--I plan to have more to
say. But now it's up to you, my friends.


It is time to give you my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've tried to call your attention to several things. One
is the fact that the danger of all-out war is coming closer and
closer to the surface. Once again the Middle East is heating up
as the possible fuse to set off nuclear war. War tensions are
being excited primarily by the deliberate actions of Israel. The
situation has become so critical that for only the 7th time in
history an "Emergency Session" of the United Nations has just
been held to discuss it.

Meanwhile the Bolsheviks here in the United States Government
are being hemmed in more and more by the secret Russian warfare
of attrition. Secret military projects are still under way here
in America, but the economic and industrial base that supports it
all is being whittled away.

A few days ago Mount St. Helens, the most spectacular example
yet of Russian geophysical warfare, erupted again; and as usual,
it came as a surprise to all the authorities. Only the day
before, Washington State had started allowing tourists closer to
the volcano because of its seeming stability. And the Russian
weather war against America which I revealed last February is
continuing, and Russia's geophysical warfare against America is
still expanding.

Just two days ago two Russian cobalt bombs which had been
planted in deep caverns in the Midwest were detonated. One was a
short distance west of Cincinnati, Ohio; the other was under the
northwest corner of the huge Fort Knox Military Reservation in
Kentucky. The result was a strong earthquake called "extremely
rare" by the United States Geological Survey. It registered 5.8
on the Richter scale, and shook 12 states from Wisconsin to South
Carolina. It may have been rare before the era of geophysical
warfare, my friends, but now anything can happen!

My friends, many people have been asking me the question,
"What can I do?" I have given you "Step One" of my answer, which
deals with the Fort Knox Gold Scandal. It is something we can
do--if we will. Our goal must be to get back the monetary gold
reserves which have been stolen from us, to restore strength and
confidence to the dollar, and to revive honor and trust in a
newly reborn United States Government--because only in that way
can we hope to remove the causes of war which are now so

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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