Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 57.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER, 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
D.C. 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is August 31,
1980, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 57.

On an August morning 35 years ago, the world we live in
suddenly was changed forever. The day was August 6, 1945. It
began shortly after dawn that summer morning in southwest Japan.
Japanese defense forces detected a single American bomber
approaching at high altitude. It was heading for the City of
Hiroshima. Sirens began to wail and Radio Hiroshima told
residents to take cover. The American bomber, a B-29, was
droning along six miles high, out of reach of Japanese Fighters
and flak. It flew directly over the city, and on out of sight.
A few minutes later it reappeared, flying back over Hiroshima in
the opposite direction. Then it was gone. As the "All clear"
signal sounded in Hiroshima, it seemed like just another false
alarm like other false alarms before it.

There were many people in Hiroshima who believed that a real
attack would never come to that city. There were all kinds of
rumors that America would spare Hiroshima for one reason or
another. Among other things, there was a large Christian
community in Hiroshima. Even the mayor of Hiroshima was a
Christian. There were those who were convinced that America was
being merciful to Hiroshima for that reason; but less than an
hour after the first "All clear" signal on that sunny August
morning, Radio Hiroshima started to broadcast another air raid
alert. Three more American B-29s were passing over the city; but
before the announcer could finish his words, he and 80,000 of his
listeners ceased to exist! They were consumed by a man-made sun
in the middle of the city which boiled upward into a giant
mushroom cloud. Afterward the United States War Department
called it a "cosmic bomb."

Outside the zone of total destruction, Hiroshima was
transformed instantly into a nightmare beyond imagination. The
streets were filled with pathetic victims, whom the Japanese
refer to as the "walking dead." These were people who had been
scorched, irradiated, and dismembered beyond hope but who would
take hours, days, or weeks to die. Men, women, and children
staggered around in agony without comprehension of what had
happened to them. Many had sockets without eyes, and bones
without flesh in the aftermath of the unearthly heat wave from
the bomb. Countless others had been poisoned by radiation from
the blast or the fallout afterward. Within three months 50,000
more people died in Hiroshima.

Three days later it all happened again--at Nagasaki. Like
Hiroshima, Nagasaki had led a charmed life free from American air
attack; and as in Hiroshima, there were those in Nagasaki who had
thought this was an act of mercy by the United States because
Nagasaki was not only a Christian center but the very place where
Christianity had got its start in Japan. But all the illusions
evaporated in a nuclear fireball on August 9, 1945.

Today America is haunted by the quarter-million ghosts of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thirty-five years ago our country became
the first in history to use atomic warfare, and today it is fast
becoming our turn. Our Satanic leaders are trying to make us
forget the human hell of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Instead,
they're trying to make nuclear war more thinkable to us. They
want to close our eyes to the reality of nuclear war, because
that is the only way in which they can trick us into accepting

The legacy of America's war against Japan in World War II is
also returning to haunt us in another way. The Japanese attack
on Pearl Harbor was brought about deliberately in order to get
America into the war; and now the Bolsheviks here are turning all
of America into a nuclear Pearl Harbor--and for the same purpose.
Today we are all on the front lines!

In AUDIO LETTER No. 55 I revealed the plan by which the
Bolsheviks here intend to provoke a Russian nuclear attack. It
involves a deliberate false alert and the use of our secretly
deployed Minuteman TX Mobile Missile. If the Bolsheviks here
succeed in carrying out the plan, the United States as we now
know it will cease to exist. Pearl Harbor USA will die in a
thousand Hiroshimas, but the Satanic Bolsheviks here who now
control our government will use our sacrifice for their own
personal benefit.

My friends, these are the things that lie ahead for us unless
we, the people, take action to prevent it! Under our
CONSTITUTION, this is both our right and our duty.

My three special topics this month are:


Topic #1--Thirty-five years ago this month the age of nuclear
warfare exploded into history at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was
unleashed by the United States in a deliberate display of sheer
mass destruction and stark terror. What America did to those two
Japanese cities became the basis of America's entire doctrine of
nuclear strategy. The basic concept was that America would never
shoot first in a nuclear war. Instead we would hold the specter
of Hiroshima and Nagasaki over the head of any would-be attacker.
America's nuclear arsenal was aimed at Russian cities. Any
Russian attack on the United States would have caused cities all
across Russia to vanish quickly in nuclear fireballs. Knowing
that, supposedly the Russians would never attack us. But early
this month, on August 5, a drastic change in America's nuclear
war strategy was made public. For the very first time ever the
United States is officially adopting what is called a "counter
force nuclear strategy." It has been made official by a document
called "PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE 59." The Directive states that
America's prime nuclear targets will no longer be Russian cities.
Instead the prime targets will now be Russia's military forces
and political leadership.

This change in America's nuclear doctrine is so radical that
it is provoking widespread controversy, especially overseas.
Spokesmen here are trying to give it a sugar-coating so that we,
the people, will swallow it easily. The official excuse for the
new strategy is that it is intended to limit and deter nuclear
war, and yet the same Directive demands preparations to fight a
prolonged nuclear war--not just hours, but weeks or months. So
what does all this really mean?

My friends, to see the answer you don't have to be a military
expert. All you have to do is to use plain old common sense.
For example, listen to some words from a Letter to the Editor
published in the New York Times just a few days ago on August 24.
Referring to the new American plan to attack Russian military
installations, the writer says, quote:

"Does that mean that while they destroy us in the cities, our
Commanders in their shelters would then destroy their military
installations? Unless this is a charade to substantiate the
production of more missiles, it must mean that the United States
is preparing to start a nuclear war with a first strike."

It is signed: Kenneth Boss, Brooklyn.

Those few words of simple logic contain more truth than you
will ever hear in the official excuses from Washington. Over two
years ago, in AUDIO LETTER No. 36 for July 1978, I first revealed
America's secret shift to a first-strike strategy. At the time
not many people would believe me, but now we are drawing closer
and closer to nuclear war itself, day by day, and as we do so the
first-strike strategy of the United States is coming to the

Last February 21, 1980, there was the statement of Defense
Department spokesman Thomas Ross. He shocked reporters by saying
that America "might shoot first" in a nuclear war--and now there
is Presidential Directive 59! By proclaiming America's shift to
a counterforce strategy, it further confirms the secret
intentions to launch a nuclear first strike at Russia. And, my
friends, there is more.

The drastic changes in America's military posture during the
past few years have coincided with a hidden change in leadership
of our country. The Satanic Bolsheviks who have been overthrown
and expelled from Russia have seized control of America's
government. Now they are dragging us down the road toward a war
which will be nuclear suicide for you and me! But as I explained
last month in AUDIO LETTER No. 56, our Bolshevik rulers do not
expect to suffer and die like the rest of us. Instead, they plan
to take full advantage of their first-strike plan for their own
benefit. Last month I said, quote:

"Because they will know when war is about to start, they will
be able to protect themselves. They plan to use their positions
of governmental power to hide in government war bunkers
throughout the United States."

Less than two weeks after I recorded those words in AUDIO
LETTER No. 56, "PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE 58" was leaked to the
press on August 11. In the words of the New York Times the
following day, quote:

"President Carter has ordered more effective procedures for
protecting civilian and military leaders in event of nuclear war,
including plans for the rapid evacuation of key government
personnel from Washington to air-borne and underground command

My friends, the Directive is concerned with maintaining what
is called the "continuity of government"--their government only.
You and I and our children are left to fend for ourselves.

Last month I explained that the Bolsheviks here are possessed
by only one all-consuming goal. That goal is to mount a nuclear
offense against Russia that will set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE. They
don't care how badly the United States is beaten so long as they
can wound Russia with at least 20-million dead. With that
attitude, matters of a defensive nature are of no interest to the
Bolsheviks here. Likewise tactical weapons which cannot be used
to attack Russia are being given very little attention. A
creeping paralysis is slowly crippling America's Armed Forces,
and our secret Bolshevik rulers could not care less. Examples of
this are all around us.

For example, consider the plight of the Air Force's premier
fighter group at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. It's the
First Tactical Fighter Wing with a tradition of leadership that
stretches back to the first World War. They fly America's
hottest new Air Force Fighter, the F-15, and their motto is
"Readiness is our Profession"; but earlier this summer on June 7,
the First Tactical Fighter Wing failed an Air Force readiness
test. Of the 66 F-15s on hand, barely one-third were in
condition to be put to use for missions. There simply are not
enough spare parts or skilled maintenance personnel to go around!
And elsewhere the picture is no brighter; for example, we often
hear about America's supposed increased commitment to NATO, but
readiness of the United States Air Force in Europe mirrors the
situation I just mentioned at Langley. Funding to pay for flight
operations and maintenance has been reduced--not increased.
Instead, the Bolsheviks here are siphoning off every dollar to
focus on secret preparations in their first-strike plan.
Meanwhile Air Force units in Europe are hampered by inadequate
spare parts, fewer flight operations, and declining proficiency
of pilots as a result.

The story is much the same among the other Services. There
has been heavy publicity over the past year or two about the
problems of the Army, including the lack of spare parts and
skilled maintenance. But the Navy is also in the same fix,
especially in certain areas of naval aviation. The declining
readiness of our non-strategic forces is a direct result of our
Bolshevik rulers' preoccupation with nuclear-war preparations.
Another sign of this is the never-ending rash of brush fires
around Russia's perimeter.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 53 last January, I described how Russia's
intervention in Afghanistan was triggered by extensive CIA
activity in that country, and to this day large amounts of aid
are being funneled to the rebels in Afghanistan by the CIA by way
of Pakistan and China. As a result, Russia's involvement there
has been extended far longer than intended, distracting Russia's
leaders and siphoning off resources.

In southeast Asia the United States is pouring arms into
Thailand, which is stiffening its stance against Russia's client
state, Vietnam. Red China is receiving secret shipments of
nuclear weapons from America, and just this month Russia's
western flank has been shaken by the crisis over major strikes in
Poland. As of now the Polish regime seems to have succeeded in
defusing the bomb of possible revolution to the surprise of
CIA-supported Labor Unions. They were hoping to provoke Russian
intervention, making Poland a second Afghanistan, but Russia's
new rulers have outmaneuvered the old Bolsheviks here. These are
some of the many threads which the Bolsheviks are trying to use
to tie down the Russian bear. They want to keep the Kremlin off
balance and preoccupied while they prepare to set off NUCLEAR WAR

In AUDIO LETTER No. 55, I described a major program in the
latest Bolshevik plans for an American nuclear first strike, the
"Minuteman TX Missile." The Minuteman TX, also known as the
Traveling Minuteman, is America's real mobile ICBM. Behind the
smoke screen of controversy over the so-called MX Mobile Missile,
Minuteman TX Missiles are already being deployed. The Bolsheviks
here intend to use them in connection with an elaborate false
nuclear alert to set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE. And they are in a
hurry, they can't wait ten years to build all those so-called MX
launching bases out West. Instead, as I detailed in AUDIO LETTER
No. 55, the Minuteman TX system is being assembled fast. It
borrows heavily from existing hardware of all kinds, and it's
being deployed along existing railroad tracks in our northern

Barely two weeks after I gave the details in AUDIO LETTER No.
55, you may have noticed other hints about it in the news.
During NBC Nightly News on television for July 14, 1980, there
was a brief segment in which retired General John Singlaub made
some remarks. He took issue with the MX Missile scheme which we
keep hearing about. Instead, he said that the United States
could regain superiority over Russia quickly, within two or three
years; and what he proposed in place of the MX was what he termed
a Quick-Fix Mobile ICBM which would not need the elaborate MX
bases out West. General Singlaub's words that evening would have
fit the Minuteman TX except for one thing. The TX is not two or
three years away--it is being deployed right now!

The Bolshevik maneuvers to throw America into nuclear war are
complex and constantly changing, and yet there is one ingredient
that continues to figure in every plan. That ingredient is Iran.
I first made public the crucial importance of Iran for an
American first strike at Russia two years ago this month in AUDIO
LETTER No. 37. The particular strategy of attack which I
outlined in that tape has already been attempted this past
January 1980, and it ended in failure. But Iran continues to
offer very tempting geographic advantages for any attack against
Russia, and so one way or another Iran has so far been included
in every Bolshevik first-strike plan against Russia that has been

The Bolsheviks here know very well that they are working
against tremendous odds militarily. For nearly three years since
late 1977, Russia has been in complete control of the military
uses of space, and Russia's Cosmostrategic umbrella is designed
to make nuclear war difficult to start and impossible to win for
any enemy. But our Bolshevik leaders here are determined to have
their nuclear war, one way or another; and because their plan is
a suicide plan for the United States as a whole, they don't care
very much how they do it. So they are embarked on a series of
plans, one after another, to set off a nuclear first strike
against Russia. They intend to just keep it up until something
works. But the Russians are just as determined to thwart each
war plan as it is attempted, because in this way they are
gradually pulling the fangs of the Bolshevik dragon. Even so,
the Kremlin leaders are convinced that at some point the
Bolsheviks will succeed in setting off nuclear war.

Our Rulers here have been operating on roughly a three-month
cycle in their first-strike planning--that is, every three months
or so they set a new plan in motion. Each plan is different from
the one before, but they all have the same final objective. That
objective is an American nuclear first strike followed by all-out
war with Russia.

The first attempt at an American first strike took place late
last January 1980, as I reported in AUDIO LETTERS 53 and 54.
That attempt was based on an up-dated version of the plan which I
made public two years ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 37. There was no
public hint about what was afoot other than a rapid build-up of
nuclear war talk in the news. Russia succeeded in totally
shattering the attack, inflicting severe losses on the United
States in the process; and here in the United States the nuclear
war talk suddenly went away.

Next came the so-called "Hostage Rescue Mission" into Iran in
late April. I discussed that in AUDIO LETTER No. 55, so we'll
not repeat it here. It was another total defeat for the United
States, and that time it could not be hidden completely.

The third Bolshevik war plan was to begin with a supposed coup
and assassination attempt on Ayatollah Khomeini in late July,
last month. The real Ayatollah Khomeini was already assassinated
long ago, last February 1980, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No.
54, but that didn't matter for the purposes of the Bolshevik war
plan. Part of the plan called for intense fighting at the United
States Embassy in Tehran, supposedly in a new hostage rescue
attempt; but the game plan called for that to fail in a way that
would have aroused American passions and set the stage for
military action.

In the July plan, Russian Intelligence agents were able to
stop it before it even started. On July 7, Russia sent a warning
to certain members of the Iranian government about the plan for a
coup. Three days later on July 10 Iranian authorities announced
that they had foiled a major coup attempt. For several weeks
thereafter, the aftermath of the attempted coup was a story that
grew larger and larger in Iran. Before it ran its course, over
600 people were implicated, including several high military
officers. All kinds of details were published and broadcast
about alleged financing and control from the United States, and
some of the plans involving our hostages were exposed. United
States Bolshevik agents on the scene wanted to make sure that all
of this made no impression on us here in the United States, and
so they arranged a diversionary action.

On July 10 the first announcement was made in Iran about the
halted plot for a coup, but most Americans paid far more
attention to another announcement which was made only a few hours
later. We were told that one of the hostages, Richard Queen, was
about to be released. We were told that this was a humanitarian
gesture due to his illness, but that was not the reason for the
timing of Queen's release! He had been ill for some time. The
exact timing of his surprise release was a CIA ploy--it was
solely to draw our attention away from the other major
developments going on inside Iran.

The fourth Bolshevik war plan was scheduled for this October
1980, but that plan, too, may have been ruined before it could
start. Two weeks ago columnist Jack Anderson tried to publish a
series of articles about the October plan. The White House
reacted with the usual angry denials, and many major newspapers
refused to carry the columns he had written about it. In effect,
he was censored by our Bolshevik government! But, my friends,
Jack Anderson was basically right in what he wrote. Plans are
being laid for an American invasion of Iran beginning on a
limited scale. Jack Anderson's only major mistake is his
speculation that politics lies behind the attack plan. The real
motivation is much bigger than that--not politics, but nuclear

Through every avenue possible, our leaders here are drumming
up American support for their war preparations. To do that they
are tapping our pride and "can-do" spirit by raising false hopes
about our military power. And a perfect example of this is the
publicity which began suddenly about 10 days ago concerning our
so-called "Stealth Plane." We're told that it's a new type
airplane that is virtually invisible to Russian radar, and so it
would be able to sneak undetected into Russia in order to attack
targets there. The Government announcement on August 20 about
our so-called Stealthcraft has led to confused reactions by many
people. On one hand people are encouraged to hear that we have
such a remarkable secret weapon to defend ourselves against
Russia, but at the same time many people are wondering: If it's
so secret, why is the Government suddenly talking about it??

My friends, the Government is releasing information about the
Stealthcraft because they know it no longer matters. They found
out early this year that it is of no use against Russia. The
public statements about the Stealthcraft have mentioned the fact
that it has an unusual shape with rounded surfaces that can help
evade radar, but they have not mentioned that the unusual shape
has another purpose. That purpose is to enable the craft to
perform properly when it is traveling under water instead of in
the air. The Stealthcraft, my friends, is also known by another
name. It is a "Submersible Aircraft", also known as a
"Subcraft." The Government has just announced that it has been
tested secretly for the past two years, but I made it public two
years ago this month in AUDIO LETTER No. 37 because I believe you
had a right to know. In AUDIO LETTER No. 37 I described how
Subcraft were to be used in America's first strike against
Russia, triggering nuclear war. And last January 1980 in AUDIO
LETTER No. 53 I described what happened when our leaders here
tried to carry out that plan. The Subcraft can evade radar,
infrared detection, and other conventional means of sensing, but
they are sitting ducks for Russia's master secret weapon, which I
revealed long ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 42. That weapon is
"Psychoenergetic Range Finding" or PRF, which cannot be evaded or
jammed by any known technique. Last January the squadrons of
American Subcraft with Israeli pilots which tried to attack
Russia were tracked by PRF. Russian Cosmospheres armed with
charged Particle Beam weapons positioned themselves overhead; and
when the order came for the Cosmospheres to begin firing, the
Subcraft all disappeared in blinding columns of fire and steam.
And so the Bolsheviks here know better than to try to use
Subcraft, or Stealthcraft if you prefer, against Russia again.
They are useless. As a result, they now have only one real value
left, and that is propaganda value against you and me. They want
us to believe the lie that we are militarily superior to Russia.
They are determined to drag us all over the cliff of nuclear
suicide. My friends, we are all on the front lines of NUCLEAR

Topic #2--When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 56 last month, I
referred to Russia's expanding campaign of Weather Warfare
against the United States. I first revealed that this was
beginning last February 1980 in AUDIO LETTER No. 54. As I
explained then, Russia's Weather Warfare is in retaliation for
America's giant grain embargo against Russia. The embargo and
other boycott techniques used lately by the United States against
Russia have been imposed by the Satanic Bolsheviks who now
control America's policies.

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 54 last February, I gave
details of a major Russian breakthrough in weather control. It's
a technique by which major storm systems can be created
artificially at sea, then the storms can be guided to specific
target areas, and the technique enables rain to be either
withheld or released in torrents at will. I gave details about
this new Russian weather control technique in the final portion
of AUDIO LETTER No. 54. That is the portion which had to be
released as an Emergency Transcript because of my heart attack.
I was convinced that it was an urgent matter for you to know
about this new threat of weather control; and sure enough, during
the six months since then, Russia has used this new technique to
make drastic changes in our weather. But to judge from my mail,
some of my listeners do not seem to have read the Transcript
carefully. That may have been due to their own immediate worry
over my serious illness at that time; I don't know. In any case,
I believe a few moments of review are in order, because Weather
Warfare is leading toward food shortages as well as other
problems, and you cannot protect yourself unless you understand
why America's weather is going crazy.

I cannot repeat everything I tried to tell you last February,
but let me just remind you of some important points. One is that
the first test of Russia's new artificial storm technique took
place last October 22, 1979 over the South Atlantic. It began
with a mammoth double flash, which was spotted by accident by an
old American Vela satellite. When word began to leak out about
it, the Bolsheviks here in the Government launched a
disinformation campaign to confuse everyone. They began by
announcing the false date of September 22, and for a while they
stirred up falsified accounts that it had been a South African or
Israeli A-bomb test. Meanwhile, White House and other special
study groups were created supposedly to try to figure it out.
Last month, in mid July, the conclusions of the White House
group, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Naval Research
Laboratory were made public, and they all disagree. Some say it
had to be a nuclear blast; others, that it could not have
been--and the public remains in the dark. But in the Emergency
Transcript portion of AUDIO LETTER No. 54 last February, I told
you what the double flash really was. It was created by a twin
Particle Beam blast from Russian weapons on the Moon. It was
exactly the same double flash phenomenon that I first reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 29 for December 1977. The result was what I
reported to you last February. To use the same words that I used
then, quote:

"Tremendous quantities of sea water in the target zone flashed
instantly into superheated steam. The hot water vapor and
surrounding hot air started rising fast toward the stratosphere.
Cooler air started racing into the target zone to fill the
vacuum. The inward rushing winds began to swirl due to the
earth's rotation, and the barometric pressure began dropping in
the target zone. Within minutes the atmosphere above the target
zone was a spiraling chimney of tumbling, rising air and water
vapor. The world's first totally man-made storm cell was being
born over the South Atlantic."

I then continued with details about the methods used by the
groups of Cosmospheres in order to control the storm cell from
that point onward. I described how electron beams are used in
order to keep the water vapor airborne instead of forming into

This basic technique has been used in order to interfere with
natural cloud production this summer in the United States. The
result has been an extended drought and killer heat wave over
much of our country. And now the food shortages which I tried to
warn you about six months ago are beginning to cast their shadow.
America's spring wheat and corn crops have suffered major
reductions, and other crops have suffered too. The effects are
already beginning to show up in higher prices at your
supermarket. And now, the specter of water shortage is growing
worse by the day in some areas.

But the most dramatic Russian Weather War attack so far began
just a few days after I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 56 last month,
and it made use of the very techniques I detailed last February,
scaled up and intensified. When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 56
on July 30, I referred to Russia's expanding Weather Warfare, and
I gave a warning that, quote: "Next, my friends, we must brace
ourselves for hurricanes unlike anything ever seen before in

As I said those words, Russian weather-control weapons were at
work in the Atlantic Ocean east of the Caribbean. Taking
advantage of favorable conditions, they were setting off tropical
storm "Allen", the first of the season. Four days later, August
3, it began creeping into the news. It had just grown into
"Hurricane Allen" and was growing fast. That night it pounded
across the Island of Barbados with 125-mile winds. Then it
changed course just in time for the center to miss Saint Lucia.
Even so eight people lay dead as it pounded off into the
Caribbean. By August 5, Hurricane Allen was making headlines as
the "Hurricane of the Century."

As it made its way across the open waters of the Caribbean,
it was already packing 160-mile winds, and still growing. By the
next day it was rated a "Category 5" hurricane, the worst there
is. Peak winds were 170 miles per hour; and Puerto Rico, 250
miles away, was receiving gusts up to 70 miles per hour.
Hurricane Allen was a killer hurricane, rated the most dangerous
ever to strike the eastern Caribbean; but for the first several
days most forecasters in the United States were confident that
there was no threat to our own coast line. It looked like it was
heading for southern Mexico or Central America--but, in fact,
Russian Cosmospheres were steering the storm. They were shooting
for the narrow gap between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba's
west coast.

Up to that point, the hurricane's path through the Caribbean
was chosen for the least contact possible with land, for two
reasons. For one thing, the Russians wanted to minimize the
number of unintended victims and damage, but even more they
wanted to conserve maximum force in the hurricane for the
ultimate target--our own Gulf coast! This is why Hurricane Allen
kept mystifying weather forecasters with its unexpected twists
and turns. The only place in the Caribbean where Hurricane Allen
swerved toward major land masses was in the vicinity of
southeastern Cuba. The hurricane's eye had been heading straight
for Jamaica, but at the last minute it turned and went between
Jamaica and southwest Haiti. It pounded our naval base at
Guantanamo Bay in southeast Cuba, and then moved further out to
sea again. It bruised the tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula but
avoided populated areas.

Then it entered the Gulf of Mexico. Building up again, the
"Hurricane of the Century" headed for the south Texas coast. The
killer storm, with nearly 100 dead in its wake, headed straight
for Brownsville. But the Russians were not interested in
Brownsville, and they halted the storm while the center was still
more than 90 miles off shore. Once again America's weather
forecasters watched with mouths agape as another prediction fell
apart. Hurricane Allen ignored Brownsville and started
northward. Up to this point the Russian attack-plan using
Hurricane Allen was right on track; but from this point onward,
it started falling apart.

The Russians were hoping to strike three targets along the
Gulf coast with the same hurricane. The intended targets were
the Houston/Galveston area, then New Orleans, and finally Mobile,
Alabama. This was to be done by keeping the eye of the hurricane
at sea. The Cosmospheres were to guide the hurricane along the
coast of the Houston area, then inward toward land to do as much
damage as possible. Then they were instructed to pull the
hurricane back out to sea to rebuild it before it could collapse
over land. With its power rebuilt, the plan was to move on to
New Orleans, repeat the process, and so on.

But Hurricane Allen was by far the largest storm system which
the Russian weather warriors have attempted to control; and when
they turned the storm northward at Brownsville, they started
miscalculating. They were trying to make Hurricane Allen go
against very powerful natural forces, and they tried to do it too
fast. Cosmospheres over the Gulf of Mexico generated proton
clouds in the atmosphere at three points. These points were
south of Houston, and south and east of the Louisiana coast. As
I described in AUDIO LETTER No. 54, proton clouds are used to
steer a storm system, but this time the Russians made a bad
miscalculation in spacing their proton clouds. The storm did
start northward toward Houston as planned and on the way did some
damage to Corpus Christi, Texas, but the greatest effect of the
proton clouds was not as planned. They badly disrupted the
circulation of winds around the hurricane. As a result, the
whole storm rapidly fell apart.

Thanks to the Russian miscalculation, the killer "Hurricane of
the Century", Hurricane Allen, ended in anticlimax. But, my
friends, the Russian weather warriors have learned from this
mistake, just as they have learned from past mistakes.
Artificial storms--rainstorms, hurricanes, or blizzards--are now
a powerful weapon in Russia's arsenal, and the kamikaze war plans
of our own Bolshevik rulers are causing these weather weapons to
be used against you and me.

Topic #3--Last month I reported to you that more and more people
are asking me, "What can I do?" I responded by giving you "Step
One" of my answer. As I told you then, it is only the very first
step. Many more will have to follow if there is to be any hope
for our country. The old adage is still true that "the journey
of a thousand miles begins with a single step"; and, my friends,
we have a very long way to go.

I said last month that I would have more to say about what we
can do--on one condition. That condition depended on YOU. I
said that I would tell you more if, and only if, I received
evidence that many of you are taking action; and I'm glad to
report that up to now many of you are responding wholeheartedly
in this campaign to try to save our land. For that reason I'm
about to tell you what we can and we MUST DO next; because I
emphasize again, we will accomplish absolutely nothing unless we
stick with it. We have to embark on a campaign in which we
refuse to be defeated, and it has to be a campaign that grows
bigger and stronger--day by day, week by week. Numbers count;
every single one of you counts! You count, and so do your
neighbors and friends. The stakes are nothing less than FREEDOM
and SURVIVAL itself.

I cannot in good conscience raise any false hopes about what
we are doing. We have already waited far too long for there to
be any guarantee of success; but if we do not act, we will
guarantee failure! Knowing that there is action which you can
take, you cannot avoid making a decision about what to do about
it. If you just put it off, or can't make up your mind, that is
a decision not to act; and if you decide not to act, then you are
casting your vote against America.

If you do not act, you are voting for economic disaster, for
Satanic Bolshevik DICTATORSHIP, and for America's destruction in
NUCLEAR WAR ONE; because those are the things which are almost
upon us unless we, THE PEOPLE, do our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to stop
it. But if you are joining those who are taking action, then you
are casting your vote for America. By demanding the truth about
our nation's gold reserves, you are voting for economic survival,
for freedom, and for prevention of nuclear war.

I believe that the time has come for all of us to do what is
right simply because it is right.

Last month I explained that our campaign to SAVE AMERICA must
begin with our economy. Specifically, we must begin by bringing
about a truthful accounting of what has happened to our country's
monetary gold reserves, because the most basic of all our
economic woes is our collapsing dollar; and it is collapsing
because, contrary to official Treasury statements, our gold is
gone!! Only a few small dregs of highly impure gold are left.
It's like the so-called "Gold Medallions" which went on sale by
the United States Government on July 15. These medallions are
much lower in gold content than the advertising leads one to
believe; and to make matters even worse, many of the medallions
were botched during the alloying process. As a result, there is
less gold near the rim than there is in the center of the
medallion. Even the natives in the bush in Africa know that if
the money is corrupt, the government is corrupt.

If we want to survive economically, politically, and
militarily, we must clean out the corruption in our land, and the
starting point to do that is to GET BACK OUR GOLD RESERVES and so
return to an honest dollar.

Last month in "Step One" about what you can do, I urged each
one of you to write to Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin. I
suggested that you urge him to open up a full public
investigation of the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL. As a starting
point, I referred to the giant secret shipment of gold which left
Fort Knox on January 20, 1965--the very day Lyndon Johnson was
inaugurated President!! Many of you have sent me copies of the
letters you have sent to Senator Proxmire since hearing my tape
last month, so I'm now going to outline my suggestions for "Step
Two" in what you can do.

We must continue to concentrate on Senator Proxmire, but we
need to do other things too. If you have not yet taken "Step
One" which I outlined last month, PLEASE DO IT NOW! Join with
the rest of us in this campaign. We cannot stand still, my
friends--either we go forward OR we fall backward and fail.

"Step Two" in what you can do can be divided into three parts.
Each one is something which is well within your power to do, and
each one is important.

First, I want to give you access to more information which you
can use as your ammunition in this battle;

Second, I want to suggest that you use this information in
follow-up correspondence with Senator Proxmire;

Third, I want to point out how you can use the same information
to start spreading the word to other people you know.

Let me begin with the matter of additional information about
our gold reserves. This is printed material which you can use
both to educate yourself and to alert your friends. First, my
friend Mr. Edward Durell has published two (2) pamphlets which I
would recommend as a starting point. One is titled: "52

The other is the transcript of a speech by Mr. Durell titled:

Both pamphlets give many facts, figures, names, and dates.
Mr. Durell has agreed to make available a supply of these two
pamphlets for distribution, without charge, from my national
headquarters here in Washington. Anyone in the United States may
obtain these two pamphlets by sending a large self-addressed
envelope, bearing proper postage, to my office. Be sure to send
a business-size No. 10 envelope (not something smaller), and
apply 28 cents postage. It will also speed things up if you will
mark your envelope with the word "PAMPHLETS" in the lower left
corner. Send it to me, Dr. Beter,

Suite 5092, 1629 K St. NW, Washington, DC 20006

My listeners outside the United States may receive the pair of
pamphlets by sending your name and address plus $2.00 to cover
Air Mail postage and handling.

There is also another place where you may now obtain
additional information, and that is from a Congressman--DR. RON
PAUL of Texas. On July 30, 1980, the day I recorded AUDIO LETTER
No. 56, Congressman Paul rose to speak in Congress. His purpose
was to introduce a bill designated:


The bill contains eight separate titles, but the first is the
most important of all. Here is how Congressman Paul explained it
before the House of Representatives, and I now quote:

"Title I requires the Secretary of the Treasury to perform a
full assay, inventory, and audit of the gold reserves of the
United States. This thorough study is to be completed within six
(6) months of the passage of the bill, and double-checked by the
General Accounting Office. The results of the study are to be
sent to Congress so that the representatives of the people will
learn, for the first time in almost thirty years, the true status
of our gold reserves. The Congress will, in turn, release the
information to the American people.

Although present law requires an annual inventory of our gold
reserves, the law is not being complied with, and only a small
portion of the reserves are audited each year. As any
businessman knows, that is no way to conduct an inventory, and
this Bill would correct that deficiency. Such a complete audit,
inventory, and assay would lay to rest the persistent rumors that
gold is missing from our national stockpile, and that the gold we
have is of inferior quality."

(End of quotation from Congressman Paul's remarks.)

My friends, by introducing "The Monetary Freedom Act",
Congressman Dr. Ron Paul has displayed courage that is rare
indeed in Congress today. I strongly suggest that you write to
Congressman Paul and request a copy of his bill, HR 7874; and
while you are at it, be sure to express your appreciation and
support for his efforts. The address is:

Representative Ron Paul
House Office Bldg., Washington, D.C.

It will cost you only a few minutes time and a few cents in
postage to obtain your copies of "The Monetary Freedom Act" and
Mr. Durell's pamphlets; and for that small price you will be
rewarded with information that is powerful ammunition for you to

The next question is: "How do you use it?" The answer is that
knowledge like this will be useful to you again and again. But
for now, I suggest that you make use of these materials in two
ways: One is for follow-up in your correspondence with Senator
Proxmire, the other is in spreading the word among your friends
and neighbors.

In your follow-up with Senator Proxmire, it's time to write
him again now whether or not he answered you last month. If he
has answered you, by all means express your appreciation and take
account of whatever he said. But as I warned you last month,
beware of attempts to just brush you off, which are standard
practice here in Washington today!

Up to now, not one of the many people who have reported
writing to Proxmire has reported receiving a reply from him. If
that is the case with you, let him know that ignoring you will
not make you go away. In any case, I suggest that you call
Senator Proxmire's attention to the Bill just introduced in the
House of Representatives by Congressman Paul. You might ask him
why it takes a junior Congressman to ask for the truth about our
gold reserves instead of Proxmire--the champion of the "Golden
Fleece Award." Urge him to contact his counterpart in the House,
Congressman Henry Reuss, Chairman of the House Banking Committee.
Both Proxmire and Reuss are from Wisconsin, so why should they
not talk to one another?

Urge Senator Proxmire to take the lead in a Joint
Congressional Investigation. Once you have written your
follow-up letter to Senator Proxmire, I urge you to start sharing
all this with your friends and neighbors. They're not likely to
hear one word about it in the news, so I suggest that you begin
by showing them Congressman Paul's "Monetary Freedom Act." Call
their attention to what he said about the gold inventory LAW not
being complied with for nearly 30 years regarding our gold
reserves. Once they realize that this is a matter which has been
put before Congress, they're likely to be more receptive to
learning more about our plight. Of course you will find that
many people will just close their eyes; but for those who are
interested, show them what is at stake in the Gold Scandal--that
is, our ECONOMIC SURVIVAL! And if you can, ask them to write to
Senator Proxmire too. They don't have to be convinced that our
gold is gone. All that matters is that they agree that we, the
people, have a right to know, to learn the truth.

My friends, I have suggested guidelines for three things you
can do as parts of "Step Two" in "WHAT YOU CAN DO": (1) Arm
yourself with more information, (2) Follow up with Senator
Proxmire, (3) Start spreading the word to others. It may sound
like a lot, listening to it all at once, but just take it at one
step at a time, at your own pace. Just do one thing at a time,
BUT KEEP AT IT! That's what matters.

Ultimately our goal is very simple: Either the gold is
there--OR--it is not there, and so the Fort Knox Bullion
Depository will have to be opened up once again. It must be an
honest inspection, unlike the carefully staged peep show of
September 1974. It must include the crucial CENTRAL CORE VAULT,
whose existence was never mentioned to the September 1974
visitors. That presents a problem, my friends, because the
Central Core Vault is contaminated with Plutonium 239, as I
revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 5; but somehow it must be done
because if it is not done, we will continue down the path to

It is now time to give you my "Last Minute Summary." Suffice
it to say that we are drawing closer and closer to NUCLEAR WAR
ONE. All-out war between the United States and Russia will be
set off by the United States by means of a first strike. The
closer we come to war itself, the closer these things are coming
to the surface in the News! Only this month this was reflected
in two major policy announcements by the United States. One is
America's unprecedented shift to a "counter-force nuclear
strategy" against Russia--a first-strike nuclear posture. And
along with that policy is its twin brother calling for better
protection of certain governmental leaders in case of war. Our
Bolshevik rulers are preparing to protect themselves while they
sacrifice us on the altar of Satanic power.

I've tried to urge you to see for yourselves where we are
heading, to stop and think of the true consequences of following
our leaders into war, and to offer you some alternatives--some
things that you can do yourself in an effort to turn the tide
before disaster strikes. There's no guarantee of success if we
do act, my friends; but if we do NOT act, there is a guarantee

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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