Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 63.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K Street NW,
Washington, DC 20006

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is April 1, 1981,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 63.

For two days now, news here in the United States has been
dominated by the presidential assassination attempt Monday
afternoon. The entity Ronald Reagan emerged from the Hilton
Hotel waving and smiling at the press and bystanders. Then half
a dozen or more shots rang out in rapid fire. The President,
reportedly hit once, was thrown into his limousine, which sped
off. Also hit were a Secret Service agent, a Washington
policeman, and White House Press Secretary James Brady with a
bullet through the brain. It all happened at 2:25 P.M. EST,
March 30, 1981.

By the time people were coming home from work and tuning in to
the continuing news coverage, it was already beginning to look
cut and dried. A lone assassin, we were quickly assured, an
oddball of some kind. Certainly no hint of a conspiracy; but, my
friends, it is always the early reports that contain the truth.

In the early moments after an episode like this, the unseen
censorship of our controlled news media does not function so
effectively. It is only after the story is told and retold that
the untidy gems of truth are weeded out. In those early moments
there were a number of puzzles which went unexplained and
unmentioned later on. The most significant of these was a report
on NBC television by NBC reporter Judy Woodruff. She was a close
eyewitness, and said, quote:

"I was probably one-car length and a half away from the
President's limousine when the shots were fired. People
immediately hit the ground, and I noticed there were some shots
fired from an overhanging, from a sidewalk that was above where
the President's car was."

Then she continued with other comments.

My friends, those words of NBC's Judy Woodruff can only mean
that there were at least two gunmen.

By now every American must have seen the televised
assassination attempt for himself over and over again, and the
arrested suspect was not the one described by Judy Woodruff. He
was not the one firing from an overhanging structure or sidewalk
above the President's car. Instead, he was on a street level
close to the TV cameras and reporters. Just eight seconds after
she spoke the words I just quoted, Judy Woodruff was cut off in
the middle of her report, and since that moment there has been no
more talk about the assassin firing from above the
President--that is, not by the reporters.

There have been related comments by several different medical
spokesmen interviewed on television. They spoke of a downward
shot which just grazed the President's chest but was deflected
into his body when it struck a rib; and last night NBC Nightly
News even showed a diagram to this effect; but no one is daring
to ask the logical question: "How could a bullet fired by the
suspect we saw have struck the President from above?"

You saw it all for yourself, my friends. The President was
not bending over when he was hit, but standing straight. The
only thing that does explain the bullet from above is what Judy
Woodruff reported just once on NBC television.

I'm sorry to say that the warnings which I made public in
AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 60 and 61 are starting to be fulfilled
already. The Bolsheviks here apparently failed this time to cut
short the new Administration. But this is only a reprieve, my
friends. They are obsessed with the determination to retake
total control of the United States Government.

Meanwhile, the Bolsheviks here are continuing to flex their
muscles in other ways. In particular, they are hard at work to
condition our minds to become more belligerent toward Russia,
even though we will be committing mass suicide.

The next major step in this plan is a four-part mini-series to
begin Sunday April 5 on ABC television. The series titled
"MASADA" was filmed in Israel at a cost of $20,000,000. It's a
story of more than 900 Jews who rebelled against ancient Rome and
held out for years against impossible odds. Then, faced with the
inevitable Roman victory, the Jews of Masada supposedly committed
mass suicide rather than be captured.

Ancient Masada, my friends, was the model for the Guyana
kibbutz of Jim Jones. At Jonestown just as at Masada, more than
900 men, women, and children were supposed to have committed mass
suicide rather than surrender to the imagined enemies of Jim
Jones--but it was actually mass murder, not mass suicide. As I
explained in AUDIO LETTER No. 40, Guyana is intended by the
Bolsheviks to be the model for the United States. They want us
to develop a Masada complex, because they want us to commit mass
suicide in a war we know we cannot win--all to benefit the
Bolsheviks alone.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--As I say these words, a great tragedy is unfolding
slowly in Poland. Less than a year ago a new workers' union
called "Solidarity" started gaining power in Poland. It appeared
to hold out the promise of a better life for Poles. Instead, the
Solidarity union has consistently moved Poland to the brink of
crisis after crisis. Each crisis has been more dangerous than
the one before it. Now, Poland is moving closer to confrontation
with Russia which it cannot possibly win.

What Solidarity is doing in Poland is to taunt the Russian
Bear. The moment one crisis is averted, another is set in motion
in a relentless campaign of labor turmoil. By its actions,
Solidarity is telling Russia, "If you do not intervene
militarily, we will take Poland away from you. After Poland, we
will break off Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and even East Germany,
and then turn them all into enemies on your doorstep.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 59 last October I gave a warning that this
was the true purpose of the Solidarity union in Poland.
Solidarity did not spring up spontaneously from the working
masses of Poland itself. Instead, it is financed and controlled
by the Bolsheviks here in the United States and abroad. The
secret purpose of Solidarity is not to serve Poland's workers but
to use them. Poland is being forged into another Guyana to be
sacrificed on the altar of Satanic Bolshevik power. Already
Poland's economy is faltering due to the recurring strikes and
turmoil. Food shortages, a favorite Bolshevik weapon, are
growing steadily worse; and now the prospect of military
intervention is looming ever closer.

Twenty-five years ago Hungary erupted in revolution, and
Polish workers rioted. Russia wasted no time in putting down
those outbursts by force, yet the United States Government did
nothing at all except to wring its hands for public consumption
because in those days the secret Rockefeller-Soviet alliance was
in full swing.

The contrast between then and now could hardly be more
dramatic, my friends. It is hard to say which nation's behavior
has changed more--that of Russia or of America. By comparison to
a quarter century ago, Russia has moved towards patience and
tolerance. First, in full compliance with the Helsinki Accord,
Polish workers were allowed to form their own union independent
of government control--in the old Bolshevik days that would have
been unheard of in itself. Then, nearly a year of turmoil and
crisis has been allowed to pass without military action by
Russia. Instead there have been government concessions and even
a change of government in Poland, all to defuse labor crises.
From any objective viewpoint, all of this adds up to far more
tolerant behavior by Russia than 25 years ago.

And yet, what is America's response compared to 1956? The
answer is that the United States is now reacting to a lesser
provocation with greater belligerence!

In recent days the United States has issued public warnings to
Russia which are so blunt as to make Russia lose face if she does
not act. Like the Polish Solidarity union itself, the United
States is goading and taunting the Russian Bear. So Russia has
moved toward moderation, while America has moved toward

The public itself is now beginning to see for itself the
collapse of the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, which began coming
apart in 1976--five years ago. The split began with the still
secret underwater missile crisis in the summer of that year. The
four Rockefeller Brothers tried desperately to patch things up,
but Russia finished severing the alliance in September 1977.
Russia began the massive deployment of a whole new generation of
manned space weapons--her unique Space Triad; and, in the
process, America's secret military control of space was broken.

All of this was tied directly to drastic changes taking place
within the ruling circles of Russia. I have detailed all of this
in the course of many past AUDIO LETTER reports. Today it is no
longer Russia, but the United States which is dying from the
cancer of Bolshevism. The old Bolsheviks, who used to control
Russia, have been overthrown and expelled from Russia by the
hundreds of thousands, and now they are replacing the Rockefeller
cartel as the most powerful faction in America.

Meanwhile, having overthrown the Satanic Bolsheviks, Russia's
secret new Christian rulers are struggling to revive the
spiritual roots of Russia. Step by step they are reopening
churches, welcoming legal shipments of Bibles into Russia, and
allowing religious broadcasts into Russia without jamming so long
as they are non-political. But eradicating the deep scars of 60
years of Bolshevism is a long and complex task. It requires a
complete overhaul of the economic and cultural life of a vast

The overthrown Bolsheviks have no intention of letting the
secret new Kremlin rulers finish the job. Instead, they are
obsessed with a frenzy to bring Russia to her knees once again.
In order to do that the Bolsheviks are using their new active
power base here in the United States. Step by step they are
maneuvering America toward an all-out war against Russia. In the
summer of 1978 I reported that America was secretly shifting to a
first-strike nuclear strategy. That is the only way by which the
lopsided military superiority of Russia can be offset to some
degree. At that time, Russia too was making preparations to be
able to mount a first strike if need be; but for about two years
now the Russian first-strike planning has been on a back burner.
Instead the Russian Kremlin shifted its emphasis to intervention
directly within the United States government. Russia's decision
to do this followed the assassination of Nelson Rockefeller in
late January 1979. The Bolsheviks here were launching an all-out
coup d'etat at the highest levels of power in America. They were
moving fast with plans for a Middle East war to erupt that same
spring. That, in turn, was to lead to NUCLEAR WAR ONE. To
prevent that, the Kremlin engaged the Bolsheviks in a
no-holds-barred Intelligence war, a war of "doubles" here in

In AUDIO LETTER No. 46 I revealed Russia's secret weapon in
the war of doubles, her "robotoids." These entities look and act
human, but they are not human--they are simply man-made products
of highly advanced genetic engineering. When I made public what
I did about the robotoids, I was met by widespread disbelief.
Genetic engineering was not in the news then and did not start
making headlines until at least a year later; and so many of my
listeners simply closed their minds, declared that such a thing
was impossible, and turned away. But lately I'm being asked more
and more about this very subject, these genetic replicas of human
beings. With all the publicity in recent months about genetic
engineering, it is hardly any wonder.

What sounded impossible and taboo less than two years ago is
now being hinted at in the daily news. For example, the New York
Times carried a big article just one week ago, on March 24, about
so-called "gene machines." In the light of what I first reported
in May 1979, some words from the article are worth quoting
because all this has a direct bearing on a historical turning
point which has just taken place. The Times' article begins with
the words, quote:

"Some day there will probably be a library containing all the
genetic information needed to create a complete human being.
This idea, alarming to some, enticing to others, is no longer
entirely a flight of science fantasy. New techniques and
automated machines are enormously increasing scientists' ability
to spell out the message of heredity in living cells, to put
together their own artificial messages in the universal genetic
code, and to analyze in complete detail the proteins on which all
life depends. New instruments promise to compress into days or
hours painstaking research that used to occupy weeks, months, or

My friends, there was nothing at all like this in the news two
years ago. These words were published only last week in the New
York Times; but if you will compare those words with what I
reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 46, I believe it will speak for
itself. And always keep in mind what you already know yourself:
Whatever is made public is always many years behind the latest
secret developments.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 51 I revealed that the Bolsheviks also had
begun deploying genetic replicas called "synthetics." A new kind
of guerilla war began at that point, unsuspected by the public,
pitting Russian robotoids against Bolshevik synthetics. To the
many who are asking about the latest in this unseen tug of war,
my comments are unchanged from AUDIO LETTER No. 55. The
situation continues to change daily, both here and in Russia, so
I can only urge you to keep this in mind as you see events
unfold. You will continue to see instances of strange behavior
by high public officials along with flip-flops and U-turns in
policy, both domestic and foreign. These are the inevitable
byproducts of the continuing secret war of genetic doubles.

Another result of this secret war is even more serious. It
has to do with the historical turning point which we have just
passed. A few minutes ago I mentioned that the Kremlin's
contingency planning for a nuclear first strike was put on the
shelf about two years ago, but now I must report to you that
those plans are no longer on the shelf. They are being revived
and updated for use in the highest priority.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 55 last June I reported that the
Bolsheviks were making an all-out attack to retake control of the
Kremlin. They were using every weapon at their disposal,
including synthetics. For a while the Bolsheviks were on the
verge of success. Russia's new ruling group were wounded badly,
and many were killed. It all took place without any notice to
the public. But without explanation, Russia's expulsion of
Bolsheviks slowed to a trickle in mid 1980, and that is how it
remained throughout the second half of 1980.

As of now, Russia's new rulers appear to have beaten back the
Bolshevik onslaught on the Kremlin. Two months ago, in mid
January, Russia abruptly resumed the wholesale expulsion of
Bolsheviks. But the battle still is not over, there is still
turmoil in the Kremlin, and earlier this month the Bolshevik tide
out of Russia was cut back once again. Russia's new rulers have
just had a very close call.

In the meantime, new war preparations have been rushing ahead
here in the United States. A whole new grand strategy to bring
on nuclear war is now being set in motion. Many details of this
vast new plan still remain to be worked out, and also the
Bolsheviks are having to work around the limited power now
exercised by the crumbling Rockefeller cartel. Even so, the
broad outlines of the new war strategy are already clearly
defined. The new Bolshevik road to NUCLEAR WAR ONE consists of
five parallel tracks. They are moving down all five tracks at
once, advancing on five fronts.

These five tracks are:

Track 1--Keep the Russians off balance by means of internal
Track 2--Get the American people ready for war,
Track 3--A limited but crucial American military return to space,
Track 4--Continued expansion of offensive weaponry for a nuclear
war, and
Track 5--The creation of unprecedented multiple crises in the

I have already told you a little about Track 1 of the
plan--that is, fomenting internal problems in Russia.

As for Track 2, I mentioned a little about the psychological
programming of America for war in my introduction. Our
preparation for war, economically and politically, deserves
further comment, and I will do just that in my second topic.

Track 3 of the Bolshevik war path revolves around the Space
Shuttle Program. In AUDIO LETTER No. 62 I revealed the secret
military mission of the shuttle Columbia, scheduled for launch
early this month. Its purpose is to place a laser-armed,
hardened spy satellite in orbit. If it succeeds, it will be the
first time in three years that the United States has had a spy
satellite on duty for any length of time. Russia has destroyed
all the others. I also revealed in my last report that the space
shuttle spectacular scheduled to begin shortly will actually
involve two shuttles, not just one. I can now report that the
plan is to carry out four (4) military missions like this. This
can be done even if a shuttle is lost on every mission because,
my friends, there are five (5) space shuttles already in
existence. Only two of these have ever been seen in public--the
Enterprise in 1977, and the Columbia now at Cape Canaveral. The
other three are being kept out of sight.

Under Track 4 of the war plan, offensive weapons of all kinds
are being readied--some secret, some not. At one extreme are the
secret weapons. One of these is the secretly deployed American
mobile ICBM, the Minuteman TX which I first made public in AUDIO
LETTER No. 55. Another is the fleet of 52 remaining Titan-2
Missiles armed with giant cobalt doomsday warheads, as I reported
last September. At the opposite extreme are the publicly-known
strategic weapons. They, too, are being readied, no matter how
obsolete they have become. For example, last month on February 8
the Strategic Air Command carried out its largest air operation
since World War II. SAC threw everything it had into the
exercise. Hundreds of weary old B-52s groaned into the air along
with assorted FB-111s and tankers. When war comes, the
Bolsheviks know that very few will get through to their targets,
and none will return. But they will be thrown into the conflict
anyway, just for nuisance value. The Bolshevik attitude is:
Every little bit helps.

All these things are important, my friends; but Track 5 of the
plan may be the most important of all. That is the part of the
plan calling for multiple crises. It is through these crises
that the Bolsheviks expect to achieve what they have been denied
up to now--a foolproof trigger for a Nuclear War One. They plan
to confront the Russians with so many potential avenues to war
that the Russians cannot cover them all. Because of this plan,
the whole world will soon be seething with strife and turmoil.
We will no longer see merely one crisis after another--instead,
it will be two, three, four, five major crises in the world all
at the same time.

Even now it is beginning to happen. Right now there are
simultaneous crises in El Salvador and in Poland--one threatens
Russia's client state Cuba, while the other threatens Russia
itself. And in the months to come there will be more, involving
the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Red China, and Australia.

All five tracks in the emerging Bolshevik war path converge
about mid 1982. By then they expect to have America on a war
footing, as I will explain further in my second topic. All four
space shuttle missions are planned to be completed by then. The
offensive weapons now in the works will be ready, and by then the
world will be in a caldron of crises made to order for setting
off nuclear war suddenly and without warning. Just as crises in
the Balkans triggered World War I, a world in crisis will trigger

Russian Intelligence has already informed the Kremlin about
the new grand plan of the Bolsheviks here. Russia's rulers have
considered that information in the light of their own deadly
struggle to retain control of Russia's government during the past
year, and they have come to a decision: The time has come for
Russia to resume preparations for their own first strike against
the United States!

In January 1980 I revealed that the hardliners were once again
in control in the Kremlin. They believe nuclear war is
inevitable, that the Bolsheviks will keep trying until they bring
it about. In their view, the only realistic approach is to
prepare to win the inevitable conflict with minimum casualties to
Russia. In addition, their planning is aimed at minimizing
casualties and irreversible environmental damage to planet Earth.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 38 I described what the Russian rulers
call their "cosmic perspective." They are looking ahead to the
day when planet Earth itself will be the headquarters of the
Interplanetary Russian Empire.

If the Bolsheviks here succeed in striking first, the earth
will be poisoned with deadly radiation and radioactive fallout
world-wide; yet the Bolsheviks themselves will largely escape the
fate which they will bring down upon the rest of us, because by
picking the moment for war they will be able to hide safe and
sound in expensive Government war bunkers!

But Russia's rulers have no intention of letting that happen.
They now intend to strike first. They plan to destroy American
missiles in their silos and thereby prevent their old-style
nuclear warheads from contaminating the earth. Instead, the
Russians intend to fight the entire war with their new-age
weapons which produce no fallout. There will be geophysical
warfare, shattered reservoirs and dams, neutron bombs, and
particle beam blasts from Cosmospheres overhead and from the
moon! In short order the United States as we know it will be no

But our agony will be for us alone--there will be no fallout
to plague the rest of the world. Within the United States, rural
areas and small towns without military or other federal
installations will be spared. If the Russians follow through on
this plan, rural areas will be relatively safe in the initial
attack. Even so, the fate that now awaits our nation beggars
description. We have allowed the Satanic Bolsheviks to live
among us, to warp our ideals, and to corrupt our nation. We have
not resisted their intrigues to get us into war; so, now, plans
are being made by Russia to exterminate the Bolsheviks here--and
when that happens, my friends, tens of millions of us will also
die with them.

Topic #2--Last week on March 26 a new presidential council was
created by a presidential Executive Order. It's called the
will have 23 members. This will include officials from the
Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the FBI, the Justice
Department, the General Accounting Office of Congress, and
representatives of certain Cabinet Secretaries. It will also
include 16 Inspectors General assigned to various government

The post of Inspector General is itself a new one. It was
created by Congress in 1978. It was the Treasury Inspector
General who sent a useless report concerning Fort Knox to Senator
William Proxmire last September 30, 1980. I have discussed that
report for you in previous AUDIO LETTERS recently. It gave the
superficial impression of an investigation to protect the public
interest, but its only real function was to help keep the lid on
the covered-up GOLD SCANDAL.

Likewise we are told that the new Council on Integrity and
Efficiency is being created to root out waste, fraud, and
inefficiency in government. We're supposed to believe that it
will be the Government's way of keeping watch on itself; but, my
friends, this is nothing more than sugar-coating for
dictatorship. It is taken straight from the pages of the secret
new Constitution for America which I first made public in 1975.
We are witnessing the creation of what the secret new
Constitution calls "the Watchkeeping Service." The so-called
Watchkeeping Service would be headed by an official designated
the "Watchkeeper." The Watchkeeper, my friends, corresponds to
the Chairman of the new Council on Integrity and Efficiency,
Edwin Harper.

The secret new Constitution specifies, quote:

"With the assistance of an appropriate staff, the Watchkeeper
shall gather and organize information concerning the adequacy,
competence, and integrity of governmental agencies and their

Further on, the new Constitution adds that to carry out the
purposes of the Watchkeeping Service, quote:

"Personnel may be appointed, investigations made, witnesses
examined, post audits made, and information required."

If you are one of those who demanded a copy of the Treasury
Inspector General's report to Senator Proxmire, the words I just
read from the secret new Constitution should sound very relevant.
These things are exactly what the so-called Inspector Generals
pretend to do; and in describing the new Council on Integrity and
Efficiency, White House spokesmen said that the Council will have
the job of developing, quote:

"A corps of well-trained and highly skilled auditors and

My friends, I first made public the secret new Constitution
for America in my AUDIO BOOK talking tape No. 4 in July 1975.
Shortly after that I also released a pamphlet containing the
entire text of the secret new Constitution. That is what I was
reading from a few moments ago. As I detailed in my special
AUDIO BOOK tape, it is an elaborate prescription for Corporate
Socialist Dictatorship here in America.

When I first made the secret new Constitution public in 1975,
the late Nelson Rockefeller, then as Vice-President, was hoping
to bring it into being all at once. At the same time, he
expected to make himself President of the new disguised
dictatorship for nine years. And, if Sara Jane Moore had not
missed when she shot at then President Gerald Ford, Rockefeller
might have succeeded; but by the grace of God it did not turn out
that way.

So instead, Nelson's late brother John D. Rockefeller III
spearheaded an alternate plan. In full-page ads all across
America, a "Manifesto of Change" was published. It proclaimed a
so-called "Bicentennial Era" from 1976 to 1989. It was said that
it took 13 years from the beginning of the American Revolution to
the final emergence of America's new government 200 years ago;
and so they said they would give themselves that long again, if
need be, to once again revolutionize America's government.

Most people have long since forgotten all about the
Bicentennial and its obscure declarations of change to come; but
step by step, gradually, the Secret Constitution is already being
implemented all around us. It was set in motion by the Corporate
Socialist Rockefeller cartel, and ever since the November 1980
election, the crumbling Rockefeller machine has been trying to
push it ahead. Even the loud cries of governmental deregulation
are not what they appear to be. They are actually intended to
pave the way for the so-called "corporate authorities" spelled
out in the secret new Constitution. These would enable "big
business" to function free of government restraint and yet
exercise life-and-death power over all small businessmen.

It was all set in motion by the four Rockefeller Brothers in
their heyday, but two years ago the Brothers were secretly
removed by the Bolsheviks, and now the Bolsheviks themselves are
turning part of these corporate socialist plans against the
Rockefeller cartel. An example was the Supreme Court Branti
decision which I revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 61. Because of
that decision, the new Administration here in Washington has
already started reappointing some of the Inspectors General who
were Carter holdovers, so it is a very mixed bag right now.

The regrouped Rockefeller forces under John J. McCloy are
slowly gaining power; but as I reported in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 60
and 61 for November and January, the Bolsheviks intend to cut
short the so-called Reagan Administration. Two days ago outside
the Washington Hilton Hotel here, it almost happened already. As
it turned out, the Reagan Administration was not halted that
time, but there will be some slowdown in the plans of the
Rockefeller cartel. Meanwhile the Bolsheviks here will redouble
their efforts to retake total control of the United States

Meanwhile, the United States is being shut down to get ready
for war. Money is being diverted from all kinds of programs with
the excuse that they are wasteful and inflationary. But the
funds are being dumped instead into the most wasteful and
inflationary use of all--massive funding for unproductive weapons
to fight a needless and hopeless war! In spite of all the
political rhetoric about fighting inflation, it will grow
steadily worse. One cosmetic measure after another will be
announced but they will not work, my friends, because they are
not supposed to work.

Finally the time will be ripe for dramatic action. The
President will announce to the nation that the situation is
desperate. He will say that the time has come for tough action,
and millions of Americans will agree; and with that, he will
declare a NATIONAL ECONOMIC EMERGENCY. It will be like August
1971 all over again. President Nixon declared an "Economic
Emergency" supposedly to fight inflation. There were dramatic
actions for cosmetic effect, including Wage and Price Controls;
but the most important action was hardly noticed. Nixon closed
the GOLD window for international settlements. It was actually a
secret declaration of war against the dollar, disguised to look
like the opposite. It set off the stagflation era with inflation
far worse than what had gone before.

Once again we will be told that a National Economic Emergency
is being declared in order to fight inflation; and, just as
before, there will be dramatic measures for psychological impact;
but in the end, the result will again be just to make matters

As of now, the plans are being laid to declare the National
Economic Emergency toward the end of this year 1981. The most
dramatic part of the plan has to do with the $100.00 bill. In
that connection, our psychological programming for things to come
is already beginning by way of the so-called "news." Right now
we are hearing more and more about the old theory that the money
supply is the key to inflation. Those who subscribe to this
money supply theory are called "monetarists."

Monetarist theory no longer holds water, as I explained eight
years ago in my book "THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR." In
this age of multinational corporations, other forces are far more
important than the money supply, but the new Administration is
packed with monetarists. They are hinting that if only we could
restrain the money supply, inflation would dampen down.

In a seemingly unrelated vein, lately we are hearing a great
deal about the tons of cash being used by organized crime. A
recent story on the CBS television program "60 Minutes" was an
example of this. The story dealt with the oceans of $100.00
bills flowing through Miami banks these days. There are so many
that they are not counted, they are weighed. The program showed
$100.00 bills being bundled and stacked for storage and shipment
to other banks by the Federal Reserve branch bank in Miami. The
point of the program was that much of this money was drug money.
Banks are taking in enormous amounts of cash, mostly in $100.00
bills, in areas where organized crime is heavy. Yet in other
areas, cash is scarce. If you don't believe that, just go to
your bank and try to withdraw $1000 or $2000 in cash, if you have
that much in an account. In many areas you will be refused; the
bank will tell you that you will have to wait until the cash will
become available.

In this and other ways, my friends, the $100.00 bill will
gradually be turned into a straw man to be knocked down in the
coming Economic Emergency. When the Economic Emergency is
declared, the presidential Executive Order will declare the
$100.00 bill illegal tender. Everyone holding $100.00 bills will
be given a short time to redeem them. The redemption period
currently planned will be three (3) days. After that, the
$100.00 bill will be repudiated by the United States. If you are
still holding any after that, you will simply be out of luck.

To redeem your $100.00 bills, you will be required to go to
your own bank, one where you have an account. No bank will be
required to redeem bills for non-depositors unless you will sign
an affidavit that you have no accounts in any other bank. When
you turn in your $100.00 bills at the bank, you'll be required by
presidential Executive Order to give your name, address, and
Social Security number. If you turn in more than a certain small
amount, perhaps $500.00, you will also be required to sign an
affidavit stating where you got them. Up to that same small
amount, the bank will redeem your $100.00 bills in cash of
smaller denominations. Any amount beyond that will be redeemed
only as a deposit to your account at any one time.

All of this will come as a complete shock to the American
people. The only advance notice of the $100.00 bill repudiation
will go to foreign central banks. A mere 24 hours before the
Emergency declaration, they will be informed about it. The vast
quantities of $100.00 bills abroad will be subject to the same
brief redemption period as here in the United States.

America's repudiation of the $100 bill will be portrayed as a
tough attack on inflation and on crime as well. The disclosure
provisions will be said to be designed to reveal holders of
concealed wealth, including criminals. More importantly, the
elimination of the $100.00 bill will supposedly help bring the
money supply under control--and with it, inflation!

Hundred-dollar bills now constitute about one-third of the
total dollar value of all United States currency in circulation
here and abroad. Under the plan, many will be redeemed as bank
deposits--that is, bookkeeping entries. Those can be watched and
controlled far more easily than cash. We will even be told that
the supposed anti-crime angle will have an anti-inflation bonus.
Criminals holding large hoards of $100.00 bills may decide never
to turn them in and thereby reveal themselves, and that will
result in an actual drop in the money supply. The monetarists
will assure us that this will be like poking a pin into the
swollen balloon of inflation. The presidential Executive Order
declaring the emergency will also proclaim a "Bank Holiday" of
several days. This will be for the purpose of preparing the
banks for the redemption rush to follow. When the banks reopen,
the actual redemption period to turn in your $100.00 bills will

The emergency proclamation will also close the nation's Stock
Markets for a similar period. Two excuses will be given for
this. One is that the Administration will want Wall Street to
absorb the news in an orderly manner without any chance of panic.
The other excuse will be that large amounts of crime-related $100
bills are being laundered through the Stock Exchange. The cutoff
of those cash transactions will come as a shock to Wall Street.

As a psychological ploy, it will be a master stroke. It will
seem to say that America has finally gotten serious about its
inflation. The dollar will temporarily become stronger abroad,
and the price of gold will plummet. Speculators with inside
information will sell gold short ahead of time; then, after the
price drops, they will buy up the gold again. The psychological
shock of the $100.00 bill ploy will soon wear off, and then gold
prices will head upward again on the crest of new crises.

For all its dramatic impact, the repudiation of the $100 bill
will have no lasting effect on inflation. It will be defended by
the monetarists as justified by their money supply theories, but
it will actually attack nothing but the symptoms of inflation.

If inflation is really to be cured, it must be by going to its
CAUSES, and that cannot be done without tackling the scandal of
America's missing gold reserves.

Even so, the elimination of the $100.00 bill will have a
lasting effect in another way. It will begin to condition
Americans to the idea that there is nothing sacred about the
currency we are accustomed to using. Only a little further down
the road, the process will be completed by replacing our
shriveling dollars with a new currency. But even that will be
only a way station on the way to the final destination of a
cashless society.

The final dream of the money monopoly masters is to reduce
everything to credit entries processed by computers. If they can
achieve that, then they will achieve total control over the money
supply; and they believe they will also achieve total control
over you and me. At long last we will all be their slaves.

The declaration of Economic Emergency will also have another
purpose. It will secretly activate the Emergency powers of the
President for wartime measures. America will start moving more
quickly onto a war footing. The bureaucracy of wartime controls
will start cranking up, all in the name of "fighting inflation";
and having been terrorized by the Government into turning in our
$100.00 bills, as we did our gold in 1933, we Americans will
start developing a wartime mentality. It will take place at a
subconscious level. Most of us will be unable to define why we
somehow feel uneasy; but without being told a word, Americans
will feel the ghostly pre-war echoes of the 1930's. The $100.00
bill episode will also leave many of us feeling helpless to
resist the seemingly almighty Government. The message will be
burned into our minds: Obey or else. We will be on the road to
War, and we will also be on the road to Dictatorship here in


Topic #3--My friends, these are the things which are now being
planned for us. It is real, it is happening. If you still don't
believe it, just think again about those moments outside the
Washington Hilton Hotel two days ago. Assassination politics and
suicidal war preparations have got to stop. We have arrived at
this point along an economic road; so to stop it we, too, must
fight back with economic weapons.

The one economic weapon which is big enough to do the job is
the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL. That is what I explained in AUDIO
LETTER No. 56 last summer when I first began giving you my
answers to the question: "What can I do?" Lately a few of my
listeners seem to be losing sight of this, so I think I should
say it again: If we want to do something about our headlong rush
into disaster, the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL is the way to do it.
If we just get bored and walk away from it, my friends, it's all
over! We will have forfeited America's last chance.

Perhaps there are some among you who are growing weary of our
"Preventive War of Truth." That is why I was so reluctant ever
to begin the process of giving you my answers to the question:
"What can I do?" When I began doing this in AUDIO LETTER No. 56
last summer, I emphasized as strongly as I could that we will
have to stick with it if we want to win; but in our speeded up
world today, scandals are like water poured over sand--they make
a big splash for a moment, but they hardly sink in before they
are gone.

Many people get bored, they are forgetful, they lose interest
quickly; and because all this is so true, our enemies always know
they can get away with anything. All they have to do is wait a
little while and we will oblige them by forgetting about it,
whatever it was. If there are some who feel this way, it would
be best for them to turn back now and go no further. Better to
flee the coming catastrophe now, before it happens, than to end
up later as a pathetic refugee from a devastated America. To
those who feel they must make that choice, I can only say: Go,
and may God be with you.

But large numbers of you are still saying in your letters:
"What is the next step? What is the next action we can take?"
To all of you I say: "May we now redouble our 'Preventive War of

It's time for us to draw our second wind, because the longer
we persist without giving up, the more dismayed our enemies will

In Topic #2 I discussed the creation of the President's new
Council on Integrity and Efficiency. I also revealed its
unadmitted source--the secret new Constitution for Dictatorship
in America. But like other recent Presidents, the current
occupant of the Oval Office is an actor, doing as he is
programmed to do. In the past, other Presidents have later
expressed deep regrets for taking actions which they did not
understand at the time:

Woodrow Wilson publicly regretted signing the bill creating the
Federal Reserve System.

Harry Truman regretted his creation of the CIA, as he said in
public shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy in

And at the end of his presidency, Dwight Eisenhower gave a
warning against the military industrial complex which had
dominated his public life.

So there could be a ray of hope in connection with the new
Council on Integrity and Efficiency. Just after signing the
Executive Order to create it, the entity President Reagan said,

"We are going to follow every lead, root out every incompetent,
and prosecute every crook we find who is cheating the people of
this nation."

My friends, if the President really meant those words, then we
should take him up on it. If he did not mean them, then we
should call his bluff, because the only thing more dangerous than
a declared enemy is a false friend. Either way, you have a right
to petition the President for redress of grievances.

So, my friends, here's what I suggest.

The President promised to, quote: "...prosecute every crook we
find who is cheating the people of this nation." And we, the
people, have been cheated out of practically our entire monetary
GOLD supply. A hundred years ago thousands of hard-working
prospectors scraped together that gold, one or two hard ounces at
a time; but a few manicured international bankers and their
bureaucrats were able to "mine" all that gold out of Treasury
depositories without even soiling their hands!

The President also promised, quote: "We are going to follow every
lead..." If he means those words, then he should be eager to do
what neither Senator Proxmire nor the Federal Reserve Banks have
been willing to do up to now. He should be anxious to follow the
many leads which have already come to light over our stolen GOLD.

My friends, we should bombard the White House with
MAILGRAMS--not letters, not post cards, but Mailgrams--the more
the better from you, your friends, your neighbors, your
relatives. It will cost you some money to send Mailgrams, but
the stakes are enormous. This is one of those moments when
half-measures or penny-pinching will cost us dearly, very dearly!

To send your Mailgram, simply call Western Union and say that
you want to send a MAILGRAM to President Reagan, then dictate
your message. Here is a sample to get you started:

"Dear President Reagan:

When you created your new Council on Integrity and
Efficiency recently, you made some comments which I heartily
applaud. You promised to follow every lead in rooting out those
who are cheating the people of this nation. I would like to
believe that you truly meant those words, and so would all my
friends and neighbors. Therefore I want to call your urgent
attention to some very glaring leads which need to be followed.
They point toward disastrous cheating of the American public by
certain individuals in government. I am referring to the
mounting evidence that large amounts of America's alleged gold
stockpiles have been illegally disposed of.

In a cassette tape commentary last month, Dr. Beter made
public two Treasury documents which contradict each other. Both
documents pertain to the London Gold Pool shipments of the 1960's
but there is a discrepancy of 165-million ounces between them.
At current prices that is over eighty-billion dollars, far more
than the budget cuts you are now proposing. If any lead deserves
to be followed, surely this one does. You can do that easily,
Mr. President, since Dr. Beter's Washington office is located
close to the White House. Dr. Beter has promised to keep his
listeners informed of your response, and I will inform everyone
else I know in turn."

End of Mailgram, followed by your name and address.

My friends, time is growing shorter and shorter. We must know
who is FOR us, the people of America; and who is AGAINST us.
Senator Proxmire has shown that he is not for us; the Presidents
and Directors of the Regional Federal Reserve Banks are gradually
doing the same thing by not acting; so now it is the President's
turn. Let us pray that his response will be different, but
either way we will know.

Now it's time to give you my "Last Minute Summary." Two days
ago an attempt was made to cut short the new Administration under
the name of Ronald Reagan but the attempt failed, giving us a
reprieve from an immediate return to total Bolshevik control of
the Government. Even so, America is being shut down for war. A
"Declaration of Economic Emergency" is being planned for late
this year that will include repudiation of the $100.00 bill. At
the same time the machinery of Dictatorship is slowly taking
shape all around us. And now, plans are once again being
laid--not only here but also in Russia--for a first strike in
all-out nuclear war!

My friends, there is only one way to stop all this--that is to
expose those responsible before America is put to the sword. The
Sword of our Lord Jesus Christ is the TRUTH; and if we will only
use this weapon of the Truth, we will find that it is more
powerful than all the other weapons conceived by man.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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