Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 64.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K Street N.W.,
Washington, DC 20006

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is April 27,
1981, and this is my AUDIO LETTER No. 64.

"T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4...We've gone for main engine
start. We have main engine start." (Engine noise takes over for
some two seconds) "...liftoff of America's first Space Shuttle,
and the Shuttle has cleared the tower." (Then again the roaring
noise on the AUDIO LETTER tape.)

And that's how it all began, my friends, just two weeks
ago--Sunday, April 12, 1981. After years of delay, America's
first attempt to launch a space shuttle into orbit had finally

In days gone by, the voice of "Mission Control" has always
been a familiar hallmark of American manned flights into space.
In the early days, beginning with "PROJECT MERCURY", the voice
was that of Col. John (Shorty) Powers. Later, during the
"APOLLO" program there were other voices; but regardless of who
it was, that familiar voice of "Mission Control" would always
stay with us throughout each space flight--that is, until this
time. This time the voice of Mission Control, up until the
moment of launch, was that of NASA spokesman Hugh Harris. The
last words Harris spoke as the voice of Mission Control were the
words you just heard: "The Shuttle has cleared the tower."

Television cameras followed the Shuttle as it climbed higher
and higher on a column of steam and smoke. For another 30
seconds or so, we were allowed to hear the slowly fading roar of
the Shuttle's rocket engines. Then the sounds from Mission
Control abruptly changed. Exactly 45 seconds after lift-off,
"live" audio from Mission Control was terminated. In its place
NASA began feeding the radio and television networks an elaborate
tape recording, which had been prepared far ahead of time by
NASA. The change-over from "live" audio to the NASA tape
recording sounded like this: (First, loud roaring for 10 seconds,
abruptly fading, then into a steadily increasing-in-loudness
humming-roaring for some 10 seconds.) "4-34...?" "Roger."
(More of the roaring sound.)

Just 45 seconds after lift-off, the falsified NASA coverage of
the flight of the "Columbia" began. We were still able to see
the Columbia by way of long-distance television cameras for
another minute and a half, but the sounds we were hearing were no
longer "live." They were the sounds of the special NASA tape
recording. For the first minute or so of the tape recording, we
heard nothing but the sound effects simulating conversation
between the Shuttle and NASA-Houston. Then, for the first time,
we heard the anonymous new voice of Mission Control. It was no
longer the familiar live voice of Hugh Harris, but the recorded
voice of someone else. For added realism, the new voice was
interrupted in turn by the recorded voice of the alleged capsule
communicator Daniel Brandenstein. It sounded like this: (first a
high-pitched screech followed by) "One minute 45 seconds, coming
up on go-go-go." "Columbia, you're negative seats." "That
call-up says that, Columbia, the altitude is too high for
ejection seat use."

By that point the shuttle Columbia was more than 20 miles
high, and climbing fast. Everything was going according to plan
so far, so the things we were hearing on the tape recording
corresponded to what we were seeing. We could still see the
Shuttle on our TV sets, but it had dwindled to nothing more than
three bright spots dancing in the distant sky.

The last thing that you and I were able to see and verify for
ourselves about the Shuttle was the separation of those two giant
solid-rocket boosters. A little over two minutes after liftoff,
we were able to watch the boosters, two burning bright spots,
break off to each side. That left only the single tiny flame of
the Shuttle itself, gradually fading into invisibility. Several
seconds later the NASA tape recording caught up with what we had
already seen, and said the boosters had separated. Moments later
the tiny bright dot of the Shuttle faded from our screens. It
was too far away for the television cameras to follow any longer.
We had had our last look at the real space shuttle Columbia!

In AUDIO LETTER No. 62 two months ago, I gave an advance alert
about the secret military mission of the space shuttle Columbia.
At that time I made public what the mission was really all about.
I was also able to reveal what to expect in the falsified NASA
coverage of the mission.

The falsified coverage was designed to accomplish two
purposes. First, to completely hide the military nature of the
mission; and second, to make sure the mission looked like a total
success, no matter what might happen in secret. As I detailed in
AUDIO LETTER No. 62, the Bolsheviks here in the federal
government are depending heavily on the Space Shuttle Program to
get ready for a nuclear war against Russia.

The falsified NASA coverage of the mission of the space
shuttle Columbia was carried out exactly according to plan. I
revealed this plan two months ago. There were the standard brief
cockpit scenes made by techniques which I will describe later.
Just to make it look good, it was spiced up by telling us that a
few non-critical tiles had fallen off. Otherwise we were told
over and over how perfectly the Columbia was performing.

Four days ago on April 23, a news conference about the flight
was held in Houston, Texas, by the alleged two astronauts, John
Young and Robert Crippen. The entity called John Young summed up
the flight in words that were more meaningful than most people
suspected. Referring to the falsified flight which we followed
on television, he called it, quote: "...even better than normal."
And so it was, my friends. The Bolsheviks who now control NASA
bent over backwards to paint the image of an abnormally perfect
shuttle flight. Meanwhile the actual Shuttle mission, which was
carried out in secret, did not go according to plan. After the
Shuttle disappeared from our television screens, the flight
continued for barely four more minutes before disaster struck.
The Columbia never even reached earth orbit!

My friends, I believe you have both the right and the need to
know what happened to the space shuttle Columbia two weeks ago.
I believe you deserve to know, in detail, how and why the truth
was hidden from you. The stakes involve nothing less than the
very survival of our land and our way of life.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--There is an old saying that "Seeing is believing." For
that reason, television has become the No. 1 tool of deception in
America today. Through television we are made to see things we
do not understand so that we will believe things that are not
true. If television were used honestly and constructively,
television could be a great force for good. Instead, it's used
continually to hoax, deceive, and mislead us. Video-taping makes
events which took place weeks or months ago look as if they were
taking place "live" right before our eyes. Computer editing
enables scenes to be spliced together to create completely
artificial images that look real. Special effects of all kinds
enable these television hoaxes to be very convincing indeed.

Two years ago I described one major television hoax in detail
in AUDIO LETTER No. 44. That hoax involved no less than the NBC
television news program "Meet the Press." Now we have been
treated to another great television hoax, and this one was the
granddaddy of them all. In terms of sheer deception, this was
the "Meet the Press" hoax, "Guyana", and SKYLAB all rolled into
one. This was the hoax coverage of the first flight of the space
shuttle Columbia.

To begin with, we were led to believe that until two weeks ago
no space shuttle had ever left the earth's atmosphere and gone
into space. We were also led to believe that the very first
space flight by a shuttle had to be an orbital flight, instead of
something less extreme. To make matters still worse, NASA swore
up and down that this very first flight, pushing the Shuttle to
its limits, just had to have men aboard. At one point even John
Young himself was quoted to this effect very widely in the
controlled major media. For example, two months ago on February
15, the New York Times carried a big article about the Shuttle.
Quoting from the article: "Mr. Young said, to have conducted an
unmanned orbital flight of the Shuttle first would have added
perhaps $500,000,000 to project costs, and meant another year's
delay." Statements like that were cooked up purely to explain
away the many things that did not add up about the announced
plans for the Columbia's flight. Many people believe these
explanations, but they were just a litany of lies.

For example, time after time during the television coverage of
the alleged flight this month, John Young's earlier statement was
totally contradicted. Authoritative spokesmen pointed out over
and over that the astronauts control the Shuttle by telling
computers aboard the Shuttle what they want. The computers then
do all the actual activation and control of the Shuttle--and, in
an emergency, the Shuttle can fly itself into orbit, re-enter,
and even land itself without help from the pilots. So much for
all those lies NASA told us about an unmanned first flight being

The real reason astronauts were aboard the first orbital
flight was the one I revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 62. It was a
military mission, and the astronauts had to be aboard to carry it
out. NASA told us that the flight this month was only a test
flight with the cargo bay practically empty. But the cargo bay
of the Columbia was not empty. It carried a laser-armed Spy
Satellite equipped with special shields to protect it against
Russian space weapons. "But wait a minute", you say. "They
showed us live pictures from space and you could see that the bay
was empty." No, my friends, not "live" pictures but video tapes.
The pictures with the doors closed were taken inside a training
mock-up of the shuttle that is carried inside a specially
modified Boeing 747. The pictures with the doors open were taken
on the ground inside a darkened hangar. Then these scenes were
combined by video tape editing techniques with video tapes of the
earth taken from orbit years ago. The final product was what you
saw on television. It was not what it appeared to be, but
"seeing is believing."

My friends, the next time you see a replay of those scenes
with the Shuttle doors open, supposedly in space, there is a
telltale clue to look for. Look at the shadows visible inside
the open cargo bay. Shadows in space tend to be sharp and harsh
because there is no air to soften and diffuse them. The shadows
we saw in the video tapes on television were softer because they
were not made in space. Also, look at the angle of the shadows.
The earth is shown floating straight overhead, and it is all in
daylight. Look at the slant of the shadows inside the open cargo
bay, then ask yourself: "Where is the light coming from to make
shadows like that?"

The impossible shadows which we saw in the Shuttle bay video
tapes are just one small example of the many discrepancies in the
NASA hoax. More to the point, NASA has pretended that the
Columbia flight this month was the very first shuttle flight into
space. We are supposed to believe that the only previous shuttle
operations were a few gliding tests launched from mid air by
another modified 747. Nothing could be more ridiculous or more

There is one very obvious question about the Space Shuttle
Program which NASA has always managed to side step. Somehow no
one ever quite dares to ask it. The question is: Why wasn't the
space shuttle "Enterprise" the first to be sent into orbit?
After all, the Enterprise made its public debut nearly four years
ago in the summer of 1977.

To all outward appearances, the Enterprise looks almost
identical to its sister ship, the Columbia. The differences
between the two are so subtle that you would never notice them
unless you knew exactly what to look for. The engines of the
Enterprise look just like the engines of the Columbia. The
Enterprise is also covered with the same system of thermal tiles
as the Columbia, so again, the question is: Why wasn't the
Enterprise sent into orbit long ago? Why did NASA wait three
years and more to launch the Columbia instead? The answer, my
friends, is that the Enterprise was designed to be a training
ship for shuttle astronauts. It is not meant for orbital flight.
Instead, it is specially equipped to make shorter, suborbital
flights into space. In effect, it can do everything short of
going into earth orbit. It can climb to orbital altitudes as
high as 125 miles before dropping back to earth. This enables
astronauts to practice working in weightlessness for up to five
and one-half minutes at a time. It also allows astronauts to
practice landing the shuttle, slowing down from speeds of around
5,000 miles per hour.

The Enterprise is exactly like its sister ships in the crew
compartment and cockpit. What makes the Enterprise radically
different is the cargo bay area. The Enterprise cannot carry
cargo because the bay area is taken up by rocket fuel tanks. The
tanks of the Enterprise can hold well over 100,000 pounds of
rocket fuel when fully loaded. To make a suborbital hop into
space, the Enterprise is perched on top of a modified Boeing 747
known as the "Launch Aircraft." Inside the 747 there are
technicians with instruments and support equipment for the
shuttle. The shuttle Enterprise is loaded with rocket fuel, and
then the 747 takes off. At an altitude of around 40,000 feet,
the shuttle is launched. The launch techniques are derived from
the old days of the X-15 Research Airplane and others before it.
The Enterprise is released from its mounts, rises up, and then
falls back behind the 747. As soon as it is clear of the 747,
the Enterprise starts its rocket engines and zooms upward at a
steep angle. After a minute or so the rockets shut off, and the
Enterprise is left to coast upward to its peak altitude and then
drop back toward earth. From the moment the engines shut off
until the shuttle begins re-entering the atmosphere five or six
minutes later, the astronauts inside are weightless.

Astronauts Young and Crippen made more than half a dozen
training flights like this aboard the Enterprise before they
lifted off aboard the Columbia at Cape Canaveral. That is why
they were so ready to go all the way into orbit. They had
already done everything else that was necessary to work their way
up to it. Of course, other training was necessary to work their
way up to those suborbital flights aboard the Enterprise. For
one thing, they spent many hours in the detailed replica of the
shuttle which is housed inside a modified Boeing 747. The
"Flying Mock-Up", as it is called, is a simulator designed to
acquaint astronauts with shuttle operation as realistically as
possible. One of its advantages is that it can even provide
periods of weightlessness of up to about 45 seconds. The 747
pilot does this by flying a precise arc through the air called a
"parabolic trajectory." It's an old technique developed a
quarter century ago to help astronauts get accustomed to

All of these things and more were originally conceived and
developed for purely technical reasons, but they are being kept
secret from you because the Bolsheviks who now control NASA have
turned them into tools of deception against you and me. Lately,
publicity about the Space Shuttle Program has been focused on
three geographic locations. One is the launch site for orbital
missions, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Another is Edwards Air Force
Base, California. The third is that old stand-by, the NASA
Manned Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas.

As always, we are being distracted from paying serious
attention to the one area that is most important of all. It is
the missing link, the true nerve center of the entire Space
Shuttle Program. My friends, I'm talking about the White Sands
Missile Range in southern New Mexico.

Most people today rarely give a second thought to White Sands.
Few people remember that White Sands is where America's Space
Program got its start after World War II. Captured German V-2
rockets were taken to White Sands to be studied and test fired.
After the V-2s, there were American rockets, the Navy's Viking
series, and others. They were launched, rocketed upward into the
fringes of space, and came back to earth--all within the
boundaries of the vast White Sands Missile Range. One time a
missile got out of control, veered south, and almost destroyed a
small Mexican town when it crashed to earth; but that incident
was a dramatic exception to the normal situation. Most of the
time, no one outside White Sands even knew when rockets were
launched. Recently the public has been made aware of the vast
wide-open spaces that constitute Edwards Air Force Base in
California. For comparison, White Sands is so huge that it would
hold nearly 100 Edwards Air Force Bases!

White Sands, my friends, is the training base for space
shuttle pilots; and since late 1977 it has also become much more.
It is the geographic key to the secret military missions which
are now the central focus of the Space Shuttle Program. The
Shuttle Program today is being managed in a way that is far
different from the original plans. In August 1977 we were shown
early gliding tests of the training shuttle Enterprise. The plan
of NASA was to drum up public support for the Shuttle Program,
just as they had done a decade earlier in the Moon Program.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 26 I detailed how the Apollo Program, the
biggest military program in American history, was disguised as a
peaceful scientific venture. In the same way, the original plan
was to bathe the military Shuttle Program in the glare of
deceptive publicity. In the process we would have learned about
the suborbital space capability of the Enterprise. Even the
crucial White Sands would have received more publicity.

What changed it all was the secret "Battle of the Harvest
Moon" in space September 27, 1977. This secret space battle,
which I made public that month in AUDIO LETTER No. 26, took place
barely one month after the first gliding tests of the space
shuttle Enterprise. Russia's military take-over of space was
under way!

Only the next month, October 1977, a newly operational Russian
Cosmos Interceptor shot down SKYLAB. SKYLAB, along with its crew
of five American astronauts secretly aboard, died in a giant
fireball over the United States. I reported on SKYLAB's fate
that month in AUDIO LETTER No. 27, and also revealed that NASA
was initiating a prolonged cover-up of what had happened. NASA
wanted everyone to forget about that mysterious headline-making
fireball, so they pretended that SKYLAB was still in orbit but
sinking unexpectedly. NASA used stories about the space shuttle
as part of their SKYLAB cover-up. They pretended that perhaps
the shuttle would come along in time to save SKYLAB. As I
reported then, that was a double lie by NASA. First, SKYLAB
could never be saved because it had already been destroyed.
Second, the United States was in no position at that time to
launch the shuttle or anything else of a military nature into
space. Russia was deploying her secret new Space Triad of
advanced manned space weapons.

America's previous military control of space had been totally
shattered by Russia. Our military base on the moon had been put
out of action in the "Battle of the Harvest Moon." Russian
Cosmos Interceptors had started sweeping the skies clear of
American Spy Satellites, and Russian hovering electrogravitic
weapons platforms, the Cosmospheres, were making headlines by
creating enormous air booms along the East Coast and elsewhere.
All of these things took place just as America's Space Shuttle
Program was getting off the ground.

The result was a complete reorganization of the Shuttle
Program. The old plans to bathe it in continuous publicity were
thrown out. The Bolsheviks here, who have replaced the
Rockefeller cartel in many areas of power, cast a net of secrecy
over all these new military plans. We were never told about many
of the capabilities of the training shuttle Enterprise, and we
were never told about the many things which are going on at White
Sands in the military Shuttle Program. By keeping these things
secret from us, the Bolsheviks here have placed themselves in a
powerful position to deceive us.

We have never been told about the modified NASA 747 which
carries a complete replica of the crew quarters and cargo bay of
a shuttle. Therefore we are unaware that this airplane,
originally intended for training, has become a Bolshevik tool of
deception against us. When we saw video tapes of astronauts in
the simulated Shuttle cockpit, we naturally thought it was the
real thing. Seeing a notebook float in mid air for a few seconds
next to the astronauts, we were supposed to think: "They are
weightless because they are in orbit." We were given no clue
that these moments of weightlessness had taken place months
earlier in a 747 flying a controlled arc through the air.
Likewise, we were shown one or two episodes of the astronauts
moving around the cabin, obviously weightless for up to three or
four minutes. What we were not told is that these scenes had
been video-taped months earlier during suborbital space hops by
the training shuttle Enterprise.

Many of my listeners have called or written with the same
observation about the first of these episodes shown the day of
the launch. We heard the alleged "live" conversation of Young
and Crippen, and yet, in the television picture, they were not
moving their lips. They had merely posed for the camera during a
suborbital flight months earlier, and they recorded the sound
track we heard only days before the launch.

While NASA may have fooled you and me about the Space Shuttle,
they did not fool the new rulers of Russia. They learned last
fall what the flight of the Columbia was really all about; and,
my friends, when the Columbia was launched two weeks ago, the
Russians were ready and waiting!

Topic #2--A month before the shuttle "Columbia" blasted off from
Cape Canaveral, the two astronauts who were to ride in it held a
news conference in Houston. The day was March 9, 1981.
Astronaut Robert Crippen caught the attention of the reporters
when he said:

"I think the odds, with the way we've designed the mission
right now, are that we will probably come home early."

Then he added, quote:

"As far as John and I are concerned, if we get up and get down,
it's a success."

Those words of astronaut Crippen about a short mission were more
accurate than most people realized.

The real mission plan, which I had already made public in
AUDIO LETTER No. 62, was for a short mission. The astronauts
were supposed to get into orbit and deploy the military satellite
from the Columbia's cargo bay very quickly, then they were to
return to Earth--not aboard the Shuttle but in a special re-entry
capsule. Two days later they were supposed to land the disguised
shuttle "Enterprise" at Edwards Air Force Base as the final act
in the falsified drama staged for our benefit.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 62 I described the military purpose of the
mission in detail. For the first time in three years the
Pentagon was hoping to get a Spy Satellite into orbit that could
not be shot down immediately by Russia. I also outlined
important features of the flight plan which had been conceived
for the Columbia. Now I want to give you more details about that
and tell you how it turned out because, my friends, the
Bolsheviks here in the Government are now planning to try it
again with a second shuttle flight presently scheduled for the
fall of this year 1981.

Knowing what happened this time, I believe you will be far
better prepared to see through it all next time. If you can
think back to American space launches of the past, you may have
noticed something very unusual about the launch of the Columbia.
In the past, manned space launches from Cape Canaveral have
always been made toward the southeast, toward the equator, but
not this time. The Columbia was launched to the northeast, away
from the equator. The reason for this, my friends, was the
secret space reconnaissance mission of the Columbia.

In its public news releases, NASA told everyone that Columbia
was launched into a 44-degree orbit--that is, it would never go
further north or south than 44 degrees above and below the
equator. But the actual orbit chosen for the Columbia was a
69-degree orbit. A 69-degree orbit was chosen because it would
take the Columbia, and the Spy Satellite inside it, all the way
north to the Arctic Circle and beyond. That is the kind of orbit
that is necessary if a spy satellite is to fly reconnaissance
over Russia.

The northeast launch of the Columbia was done in order to
enable the Spy Satellite to start gathering data over Russia only
minutes after the Columbia reached orbit. These days time is of
the essence in any attempt to spy on Russia. Every American spy
satellite launched at Russia during the past three years has been
blinded or shot down before gathering much data.

The secret flight plan for the Columbia was completely
different from what NASA claimed in public. The plan called for
Columbia to be launched on an initial northeast course in the
general direction of Bermuda, then roughly 2-1/2 minutes after
launch, Columbia was to begin an unorthodox course change--a wide
sweeping turn into the north. This unprecedented curving launch
was intended as an evasive maneuver. Planners of the Columbia
mission believed this would enable Columbia to sneak past any
Russian Cosmospheres that might be waiting overhead. Still
accelerating on its curving course, the Columbia was supposed to
pass about 100 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
Roughly 200 miles east of Washington, D.C., the Shuttle's main
engines were to cut off. After coasting in silence for a few
seconds, the fuel tank was scheduled to cut loose as the Columbia
passed 100 miles east of New Jersey. For the next two minutes
the Shuttle and its fuel tank were to be coasting onward past the
east tip of Long Island, over Boston, and onward toward Maine.
During that time the Shuttle was supposed to maneuver away from
the fuel tank, using small maneuvering jets. Finally, just as
the Columbia passed over New Brunswick, Canada, the flight plan
called for the orbital maneuvering engines to be fired.
Somewhere over the Labrador Sea, flying upside-down, the Columbia
was scheduled to reach earth orbit. As soon as it did so, the
flight plan called for astronauts Young and Crippen to go to work
fast. In less than 10 minutes time they were supposed to open up
the cargo bay doors and turn on the sensors of the Spy Satellite
resting inside. As they did these things, the Columbia was to be
racing over the south tip of Greenland, out over the middle of
the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland, above the
Arctic Circle, and then dipping back southward toward northern
Norway, Finland, and Russia. According to the flight plan, the
Columbia was scheduled to cross the Russian border just south of
the strategic Kola Peninsula. The time: a mere 22 minutes, 42
seconds, after lift-off from Cape Canaveral. At that moment
initial reconnaissance over Russia was to be under way. The Spy
Satellite inside the cargo bay, even though not yet deployed,
would have had a perfect view downward through the open doors of
the upside-down Shuttle.

The Columbia was intended to fly over a course across Russia
that began just west of the strategic White Sea in extreme
northwestern Russia. From there the planned course of the
Columbia was to take it southeastward over some 2500 miles of
strategic Russian territory. During the first minute alone, the
Satellite was expected to see parts of the highly sensitive Kola
Peninsula, the White Sea, including the super secret submarine
yards at Archangel and the Plesetsk Cosmodrome. The Shuttle was
also to pass near Kazan, one of the bases of Russia's flying ABM
system. This system, as I revealed a year ago in AUDIO LETTER
No. 54, uses charged particle beams carried by supersonic TU-144

Toward the end of the first pass over Russia the Spy Satellite
was expected to gather data on two more of Russia's four
Cosmodromes--those of Baikonur and Tyura-Tam. In between,
numerous other war targets were also to come under scrutiny. The
Spy Satellite in the Columbia's cargo bay was expected to see all
that during its very first pass over Russian territory. It would
all take only 8-1/2 minutes! Then the Columbia would have
crossed the border with Afghanistan, heading toward India.
Barely 10 minutes later, the Spy Satellite was to be radioing its
data down to the American receivers at Diego Garcia in the Indian

That was the plan, my friends. The Bolshevik military
planners here were confident that their Spy Satellite would get
at least this planned first look at Russia. They were sure that
Columbia's curving launch and the short time involved would
prevent Russia from thwarting the mission. Columbia took off
from Cape Canaveral at 7:00 A.M. Eastern Time, that Sunday
morning. By 7:23 Columbia was expected to be over Russia
already. By 7:31 Columbia was expected to be leaving Russian
skies, and by 7:45 that Sunday morning the military planners
expected to have their first reconnaissance data from Russia.

The plan sounded plausible, my friends, but the Bolsheviks
here are falling victim to the very Intelligence gap which they
themselves created in America years ago. Russian Intelligence
agents were able to learn the general outlines of the Columbia
mission plan some six months ago. Fully one month before the
public roll-out of the Columbia at Cape Canaveral last November,
the Russian Space Command was studying the problem. There was no
question about one thing: The Columbia's mission could not be
allowed to succeed. Given even a shred of up-to-date
reconnaissance data, the Bolsheviks in America are determined to
set off nuclear war. Even so, there was a question about the
best way to spoil the Shuttle mission. Several possibilities
were considered, including sabotage or simply blasting the
Columbia out of the sky. All were rejected because they shared
one weakness. Each alternative would halt one shuttle mission,
but it would not stop the Shuttle Program as a whole, and
Russia's goal is to completely shut down the Space Shuttle

At last they hit upon the solution. What was needed was a
Space Age version of the famous U-2 incident of two decades ago.
In the waning days of the Eisenhower Administration, Russia had
publicly accused the United States of invading its air space with
spy flights. That was before the era of Spy Satellites, and
invading other countries' air space was a serious charge in the
eyes of the world. American spokesmen tried to defuse the
growing furor while carefully avoiding a definitive denial of the
charges; but the Russians kept it up. Finally President
Eisenhower became so exasperated that he flatly denied, in
public, that America was flying spy planes over Russia. That was
exactly what the Russians were waiting for. The Russians
promptly did what American Intelligence specialists thought they
could not do--they shot down a high-flying U-2 on a flight over
Russia. The name of the CIA pilot, the late Francis Gary Powers,
filled the headlines world-wide overnight. The Russians had made
a liar of the President of the United States! A summit had been
scheduled between President Eisenhower and Nikita Khrushchev, but
the Russians icily called it off.

The Russian Space Command proposed to the Kremlin that the
shuttle Columbia be made the focus of a similar incident. All
that was necessary was that the Columbia be made to crash land in
Russia reasonably intact. Having protested continuously about
the military nature of the Shuttle Program, Russia would be able
to stun the world by proving it. They would put the crashed
Shuttle on public display together with its nuclear-powered,
laser-firing Spy Satellite. The Kremlin liked the plan, and
agreed to it. To further emphasize the parallels with the 1960
U-2 incident, Russia has recently proposed a summit with the
United States. The plan was to withdraw the summit proposal in
protest after shooting down the Columbia.

The Russian Space Command went to work several months ago to
get ready. They were faced with a tall order to bring down the
Columbia on Russian territory without totally destroying it. As
recently as a year ago it would have been an impossible task, but
now Russia has a new space tool to do the job. It is a third
version of the Russian levitating weapons platform, the
Cosmosphere. They are called "Super Heavies" by the Russian
Space Command.

The Russian Super Heavy Cosmospheres are still considered
experimental. Even so, the Russians have already built seven of
them. They are mammoth machines, the largest flying machines
ever built. In terms of volume, they are even bigger than the
biggest zeppelins of the 1930's. They can carry a pay load of
more than 50 tons, far more than our own space shuttle; and they
are equipped with powerful electromagnetic propulsion which can
take the Cosmosphere all the way to orbital speed. In short, my
friends, the jumbo Cosmosphere is Russia's space shuttle. It is
still experimental, but it is operating already.

In order to carry out their attack on the space shuttle
Columbia, Russia's entire fleet of seven jumbo Cosmospheres were
made ready. Five were outfitted with special grappling equipment
to enable them to seize a very large object in space. The other
two were outfitted with neutron particle beam weapons. These
weapons are the same type as were used in the "Battle of the
Harvest Moon" in September 1977.

At 7:00 A.M. Sunday morning, April 12, the rocket engines of
the space shuttle Columbia roared to life. Moments later the
giant solid boosters were fired, and the Columbia took off fast.
As it climbed, it rolled around and started leaning into its
flight path toward space. As we watched on our television sets,
it rapidly dwindled off into the northeast. We watched as the
solid boosters separated and peeled away to each side. Moments
later the Columbia vanished from the screen.

The television scene shifted to the alleged Mission Control in
Houston. It was the old familiar scene with rows of Mission
Controllers intent on their consoles. Up in front the NASA
computer-controlled map started tracing the alleged course of the
Columbia. According to the map, Columbia was heading out over
the Atlantic toward Bermuda; but at that moment, free of the
solid boosters, Columbia was already starting its long sweeping
curve to the north. One-hundred-fifty miles east of Charleston,
South Carolina, Russia's fleet of 7 jumbo Cosmospheres were
hovering high over the ocean. As the space shuttle approached on
its elaborate curving path, the Cosmospheres started speeding up
to intercept it. The Shuttle was already flying upside-down with
the huge fuel tank on top. The two Cosmospheres armed with
neutron beams closed in on the Columbia from below and slightly
behind, where they could not be seen by Young and Crippen. The
other five jumbo Cosmospheres with their grappling equipment flew
in formation above and well behind the fuel tank to be out of the
line of fire. The Cosmospheres paced the Shuttle until it
reached a predetermined altitude and speed.

Then the armed Cosmospheres opened up with their neutron
beams. Firing at point-blank range, each Cosmosphere fired just
two bursts from its beam weapon. The first salvo flooded the
cockpit area and an area near the engines in the rear. Young and
Crippen died instantly, the neutron radiation having totally
disrupted all activity of their nervous systems, brains, eyes,
and hearts. At the same time the Shuttle's engines shut down. A
fraction of a second later, the second salvo flooded neutron
radiation into the nose and an area beneath the cargo bay. These
shots were calculated to derange and shut down the Columbia's
flight computers--that is, all the computers except one. The
Russians wanted the backup computer to take over and do its
job--that is, make an emergency automatic re-entry and crash
landing in Russia. They anticipated that it would do so because
the backup computer is heavily shielded against radiation. The
shielding is a material more efficient than lead. It is gold!
The Russians expected that the "Gold Computer", as it is known in
certain circles, would take over after the engines shut down.
Sure enough, within 10 seconds after the engines shut down, the
fuel tank, still a third full, was automatically cast loose. The
Gold Computer was now flying the Shuttle. The five jumbo
Cosmospheres with grappling equipment fastened onto the fuel
tank. Then, using their powerful electromagnetic propulsion,
they veered away with the tank. From its northeasterly course,
the tank was swerved around over the North Atlantic in a great
arc until it was heading southeast instead. The Cosmospheres
then accelerated to orbital speed and cast the fuel tank loose.

Three years ago the first Cosmospheres had sent a message by
way of enormous air booms along America's East Coast. Now
Russia's newest Cosmospheres were using the Shuttle fuel tank to
send a chilling new message to America's Bolshevik war planners.

Meanwhile the armed Cosmospheres followed the Columbia itself.
Having had its engines shut down prematurely, the Columbia was
well below orbital speed. Instead it was following a ballistic
path, just like an ICBM, into the heart of Russia. It looked as
though the Russian plan was going to work, but then the
unexpected happened!

One of Columbia's deranged computers apparently started
working again. The brief shut-down had thrown it out of
synchronization with the Gold Computer, so the two computers
apparently did not communicate with one another. As the Columbia
passed over the border of Russia, it was flying right-side-up
instead of upside-down under control of the Gold Computer. But
the other computer opened up the cargo bay doors right on
schedule. As the Shuttle began to re-enter over Russia, hot air
flooded the cargo bay. Heat sensors in the Spy Satellite
detected the heat build-up, which was programmed into the
Satellite's computer as a sign of "attack damage." Finally, the
temperature built up to a critical point, activating a
self-destruct circuit in the Satellite. The Spy Satellite
exploded, blowing the Columbia apart.

The Russians had hoped for a crash landing in recognizable
form. Instead, the Columbia ended up in wreckage strewn along a
line some 85 miles long in central Russia southeast of the City
of Kazan. As it turned out, neither the Bolsheviks here nor the
Russians got what they wanted. The Bolsheviks did not get their
reconnaissance data, and the Russians did not get a recognizable
space shuttle to show the world. That leaves the stage set for
another "try" by both sides later this year.

Topic #3--Sunday, April 12, 1981, was the 20th anniversary of the
first manned flight into space. It was the anniversary of the
first orbital flight by a Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin. It
was also a day of total disarray among the Bolshevik masters of
America's Space Shuttle Program.

Less than eight minutes after launch that Sunday morning they
knew something had happened to the Columbia. You and I were
still hearing the sound effects of a seemingly successful flight,
courtesy of the NASA tape recording from Houston. But the
military controllers at White Sands, who were following the real
flight, were hearing nothing at all. Columbia had suddenly gone
totally silent.

At 7:45 A.M. the news got worse. Columbia had failed to
arrive over the Indian Ocean on schedule.

Before the morning was out, there was still more bad news.
NORAD was tracking the fuel tank of the Shuttle. It was not
supposed to be in orbit at all--but there it was, in an orbit
that looked impossible.

That evening, Sunday April 12, the Shuttle's fuel tank
re-entered over the Gulf of Mexico just south of Louisiana. The
tank had ruptured but there was still a sizeable amount of liquid
hydrogen and oxygen inside. When the tank re-entered it heated
up and set off an enormous explosion, creating a giant cloud at
the fringes of space. Gold plating, which is used extensively in
the shuttle fuel tank because of its heat transfer properties,
was vaporized and scattered through the cloud. The result was
the same as when gold is added in tiny quantities to stained
window glass--a brilliant pinkish-red color. The giant pink
cloud, with chunks of the ruined fuel tank flashing in the sun,
created headlines as it passed to the northeast over Louisiana
and Mississippi. Meanwhile, Government spokesmen tried to
pooh-pooh it all as, quote "a natural phenomenon."

The Bolsheviks here still are not quite sure what happened to
the Columbia, but they do know that as far as Space is concerned,
the Shuttle Program is their only hope. They have three more
orbital shuttles hidden away at White Sands, and they intend to
launch them all no matter what the odds may be, so the NASA
cover-up of the Columbia disaster went right on according to

Two years ago I first revealed the existence of man-made
genetic replicas of human beings. I was widely disbelieved and
condemned at the time, just as I knew I would be. But they do
exist, and once again they have been pressed into service before
our eyes.

Tuesday morning, April 14, genetic replicas called
"Synthetics" of the late astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen
were readied at White Sands. They were programmed to take a
computerized ride on the training shuttle "Enterprise." The
Young and Crippen entities boarded the Enterprise, which was
mounted on top of the launch 747. After rocket fuel was loaded
for the shuttle, the 747 took off and headed west, avoiding
commercial air traffic. The launch 747 headed out over the
Pacific until it was several hundred miles west of Los Angeles.
Then it turned back toward the east toward the California coast.
On television we were told that the non-existent Columbia was
re-entering from orbit. Meanwhile the "Enterprise", re-labeled
"Columbia", cut loose from the 747 and fired its rockets. It
sped up to a speed of nearly 6,000 miles per hour, then we
watched it as it made that dramatic race in from the sea to a
precise computer landing at Edwards Air Force Base. It was all
timed to agree as closely as possible with the official NASA

Even so, a technical mistake was made that morning and as a
result we were told that the Shuttle would land six minutes
early. My friends, in space flight, six minutes might as well be
a year. Six minutes in orbit corresponds to nearly a 2,000 mile
error in the location of the Shuttle, but on TV nobody bothered
to question it. They all just smiled and said, "Isn't it a
lovely day to watch the Shuttle."

After the dramatic Shuttle landing, former astronaut Gene
Cernan expressed surprise on ABC television. He said the Shuttle
simply did not look scorched enough for a ship that had
re-entered from orbit. Likewise, when the synthetics called
Young and Crippen emerged, they did not act like men who had been
weightless for two days. Instead they bounded down the access
steps and pranced around with restless energy, but no one
questioned it. After all, we had seen the Shuttle landing for
ourselves; and as that old saying goes, "Seeing is believing."

Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary.

My friends, the score in America's Space Shuttle Program is
now "One down and three to go." Three more shuttles like the
Columbia are waiting their turn in the desert at White Sands.
Each will have the name "Columbia" painted on its side. The real
Columbia is now dead, along with its crew; but thanks to these
mechanical clones, the Columbia will live again in the public

I have given you as many details as time will allow about the
Columbia disaster and its cover-up by NASA. The point of it all
is not whether Russia is ahead or America is ahead in the Space
race. The point is that we are being deceived. We are being
given a false sense of security and a false sense of confidence.
We are being led like sheep to slaughter into nuclear war and
Bolshevik dictatorship.

If we choose to believe their lies, then they will succeed,
they will destroy our way of life, and enslave the few of us who
survive their war. OR, we can learn to do as our Lord Jesus
Christ taught us to do long ago. We can learn to look for the
truth, cherish the truth, and believe the Truth. If we do that,
my friends, then we will always be free.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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