Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 65.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is June 6, 1981,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 65.

Wednesday afternoon May 13 was a beautiful sunny afternoon in
Rome. At the Vatican thousands of people were gathered in St.
Peter's Square. They were waiting for the regular Wednesday
afternoon audience by the man known to the world as Pope John
Paul II. Right on time he made his appearance. As usual, he was
standing in a special jeep-like vehicle, waving to the crowd as
the vehicle drove slowly around the Square. Inside the walls of
the Vatican that afternoon it was a scene of peace and cheer. It
was as if the insane rush of a troubled world had been locked
outside for a few precious moments. Filled with a sea of smiling
faces, St. Peter's Square seemed immune from the presence of
evil. Suddenly the illusion was shattered. There was the sound
of gun fire, and the man known as the Pope crumpled and fell. As
the crowd looked on in disbelief, the papal vehicle sped up and
rushed out of St. Peter's Square. In a matter of moments the
scene of tranquility had been transformed into one of tragedy.
Gone were all the smiles; and in their place, tears. For days
afterward people the world over were asking just one question:
"Why would anyone shoot the Pope?"

My friends, the answer to that question will never be revealed
by the controlled major media. The Vatican has become just one
more battleground in the secret war now raging world-wide. The
stakes involve the fate of over 700,000,000 Roman
Catholics--one-sixth of the human race.

The man accused of the shooting reportedly said right away
that he had acted alone. As an excuse he said he was protesting
against the turmoil in Afghanistan and El Salvador. Then there
were reports, especially here in the United States, that perhaps
he was tied in with the Palestinians in some way. One story
followed another in rapid succession. Meanwhile the Italian
police quickly found many clues that the would-be assassin Mehmet
Agca could not have acted alone. All the evidence pointed
clearly to a conspiracy. In Europe conspiracies are known and
recognized to be a fact of life and so they are not pooh-poohed
when they are discovered, but here in America it is different.
We're treated like gullible children and taught that the legal
word "conspiracy" is a No-No. We must never think that greedy,
powerful men would ever work together to carry out their plans.

My friends, there's a very good reason why we are never
allowed to think seriously about conspiracies. The reason is
that a very small elite number of people are trying to control
all the rest of us. There are an awful lot of us, and only a few
of them. The only way they can corral us and herd us around like
sheep is to keep us ignorant of what they are doing. Keeping you
ignorant is the very essence of their power. That, my friends,
is why plots and conspiracies of all kinds are kept secret, and
that's why the biggest conspiracy of all is the conspiracy of
SILENCE. It's a conspiracy to keep you and me in the dark so
that the forces of darkness can continue unhampered. The one
thing they fear most is the TRUTH, known and understood by the
people, because the Truth is the Sword of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My friends, I live to know the truth, to understand the truth,
and to speak the truth. I want to do my part so that the truth
will continue to have a life of its own throughout our universe.
I believe there is nothing more important than to look for the
truth, and keep an open mind to receive it, because without the
Truth people perish.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--In August 1978 the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic
Church were called into conclave at the Vatican. Pope Paul VI
had died earlier that month, and the Cardinals faced the task of
choosing his successor--a new pope. From all around the world
the Cardinals converged on Rome for the papal conclave. As they
did so, the news was filled with speculation about the presumed
leading candidates for the papacy. Many were convinced that the
conclave would be a long one; instead, it turned out to be one of
the shortest papal conclaves in history. Voting by the Cardinals
began on August 26, 1978, and that very same day there was white
smoke from the Vatican. The Catholic Church had a new pope.

Vatican watchers were astonished at the speed of the papal
election. They were even more astonished by the identity of the
new pope. He was not one of the acknowledged front runners but a
complete outsider to the Vatican power structure. The little
known Cardinal Luciani of Venice had become pope--Pope John Paul
I. The following day, August 27, 1978, I recorded my AUDIO
LETTER No. 37. In that report I gave a warning about the true
significance of the stunning surprise at the Vatican.

The atheistic Bolsheviks, who have lost their former power in
Russia, will stop at nothing in their frenzy to regain that
power. To that end, the Bolsheviks were launching a ruthless
campaign to seize control of a tremendous weapon, the Roman
Catholic Church. The Bolshevik goal was, and still is, to turn
some 700,000,000 Catholics actively anti-Russian.

For the next few weeks there was no visible hint about the
secret conspiracy which I had reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 37.
Instead, Pope John Paul I quickly endeared himself to millions as
the "smiling Pope." Then came the shock of September 28, 1978.
After a mere 33 days we were told that Pope John Paul I had died,
suddenly and unexpectedly, and the man who succeeded him 2-1/2
weeks later was another surprise. He was the first non-Italian
pope in 455 years and the first Slavic pope ever. He was from
bitterly anti-Soviet Poland, and his reputation was that of a man
who stands up to the Soviets. On October 16, 1978, the former
Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland became known as Pope John Paul II.

The Bolshevik intrigues and maneuvering in the Vatican
continued right on track. By late 1978 more and more of the
pronouncements issued in the name of Pope John Paul II were
anti-Soviet in tone. The public signs of rapid change in the
Vatican were dramatic. Meanwhile behind closed doors, the forces
at work were far more sinister and revolutionary than most people
could ever imagine. I reported on these developments in AUDIO
LETTERS Nos. 39, 41, and 42.

The Vatican, my friends, had become the setting for
assassination politics in the spiritual warfare between East and
West. It had begun with the surprise election of Cardinal
Luciani as Pope John Paul I in August 1978. He had been thrust
into the papacy by forces of which he was not even
aware--Bolshevik forces. They intended to use him for
transitional purposes to begin the anti-Soviet transformation of
the Church, but he had turned out to be hard to manipulate into
saying and doing what the Bolsheviks wanted, so the Bolshevik
agents in the Vatican cut short the interim papacy of Pope John
Paul I by assassinating him.

When the next pope was selected, the Bolsheviks made certain
that his image was made to order for their purposes. When
Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland became Pope John Paul II, it was only
his image that the Bolsheviks wanted. The man himself was
strong-minded and independent. He also had plans for
restructuring the Vatican in ways that the Bolsheviks could not
afford. To make sure that Pope John Paul II never carried out
those plans, the Bolsheviks once again resorted to assassination.
The preparations had been made far ahead of time, and they were
carried out without a hitch. In mid November 1978, Pope John
Paul II, the most visible pope in history, virtually dropped out
of sight for a while. As I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 41, he
was being poisoned, and on November 20, 1978, he succumbed.

Immediately he was replaced by a "Bolshevik look-alike", an
actor; and the very next day the Vatican announced that the Pope
had re-appointed all of the top officials in the Vatican
hierarchy known as the Curia. The Vatican restructuring, which
had been planned by the late real Pope John Paul II, was snuffed
out. The Bolshevik actor-Pope then proceeded to make maximum use
of the anti-Russian image of the man he had replaced. Doing
exactly as he was told, he was stoking up bitter feelings toward
Russia in heavily Catholic Eastern Europe; and most of all these
bitter feelings were being encouraged in Poland, the most heavily
Catholic of all.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 42 I was able to make public where all
this was intended to lead. The Bolsheviks were trying to make
Poland explode against Russia in an uprising to be known as the
"Pope's Revolution." It was to be triggered during a papal visit
to Poland in May 1979. The actor-Pope himself was to provide the
spark for revolution in a way which he himself was not being
told. At a critical emotional moment during his coming trip to
Poland, the actor-Pope was to be assassinated.

When I made the details of the plan public in AUDIO LETTER No.
42, the momentum toward a Pope's Revolution was building fast;
but if there is one thing the Russians do not intend to allow, it
is a Bolshevik revolution in Poland. Having learned of the
"Pope's Revolution" plan, the Kremlin directed Poland's leaders
to take all possible steps to minimize the risk. Poland even
announced that foreign journalists entering Poland to cover the
Pope's visit would have to pay very high fees for the privilege.
Meanwhile Russian Intelligence operatives went to work to undo
the plan altogether.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 46 I reported that Russia had finally
succeeded in stopping the "Pope's Revolution" plot. In early May
1979 the Bolshevik actor-Pope was eliminated and replaced by a
Russian actor, another "double." Immediately the Vatican
announced that it would agree to a one-month delay in the papal
visit to Poland, as requested by the Polish government. In that
way, a crucial emotional stimulus for revolution was eliminated.

As I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 42, the original timing of
the papal visit for St. Stanislaus Day had been essential to the
plot. With the threat of revolution averted, Poland then dropped
its earlier demands for high fees by visiting journalists. A
month later the Russian actor-Pope known to the world as Pope
John Paul II visited Poland without mishap.

The Bolshevik plan for a "Pope's Revolution" in Poland two
years ago was thwarted by the Russians, but the Bolsheviks never
give up in their agitation for revolution and war. Soon they
were at work on Poland through another avenue, the so-called
"Solidarity" labor movement, and at the same time the Bolsheviks
have never given up on their dream of seizing control of the
Roman Catholic Church.

For the past two years the Catholic Church has been moving
quietly in the opposite direction to that desired by the
Bolsheviks. The man known as Pope John Paul II has initiated
overtures toward eventual reunification of the Roman Catholic and
Eastern Orthodox churches. If that were to happen in the present
circumstances, it would be an unmitigated disaster for the
Bolsheviks. Catholics in the West and Russian Orthodox believers
in the East would consider themselves "spiritual brothers"
instead of enemies. Worse yet for the Bolsheviks, a papal visit
to Russia has been in the works very quietly in the Vatican. The
Bolsheviks are determined to prevent that from happening; and, as
usual, the Bolsheviks turned to one of their favorite political
techniques--assassination. Early last month the Russian
actor-Pope celebrated a special mass for new Swiss Guards. As if
in a premonition, he warned them that they might be faced with
giving their lives in their role as his protectors. A scant week
later, inside the walls of the Vatican, he was cut down by the
bullets of a professional killer. This time he survived; but as
I said before, my friends, the Bolsheviks never give up.

My friends, we are once again plunging into an era of
assassination politics. For Americans, the shooting in the
Vatican on May 13 created a sense of deja vu. We had seen it all
before as recently as six weeks earlier right here in our own
land. It all looked horribly familiar--and no wonder. The
Satanic forces responsible for the shooting of the actor-Pope are
the same ones who were behind the shooting of the President.
These dark forces, as I have said many times, are the Bolsheviks.
Having lost control of Russia, they now have a stranglehold on
America's government instead.

When news of the Pope's shooting reached Washington, reporters
asked for reactions from the White House. The resulting national
television news reports that evening were very strange. We were
shown only a "still photograph" of the President with the alleged
quote: "I will pray for him." By contrast, we were then shown
the Vice-President talking with reporters on the White House lawn
about the tragedy in Rome. We saw and heard seemingly heartfelt
words of anguish at such brutal and senseless violence. It was
the Vice-President, not the President, whom we saw expressing the
feelings most Americans wanted to hear.

This is just one example, my friends, of a subtle but
important pattern in our news these days. A sophisticated
program of psychological conditioning is now under way directed
at you and me. It is a disarming soft-sell, but it is also using
powerful subliminal techniques to insure success. It's a program
to build up the George Bush image in our minds while letting the
Ronald Reagan image slowly recede. We're being prepared to
accept it easily when the so-called Reagan era comes to an abrupt
end soon!

What's happening now is a preliminary phase in the plan which
I first reported just after the election last November 1980. In
AUDIO LETTER No. 60 I gave a warning that we would soon be told
that the President had met with, quote: "an unfortunate accident,
or a sudden fatal illness." Then we would see a change in the
policies of the White House built around the image of George

Just over two months ago on March 30 this plan of the
Bolsheviks here almost succeeded on the first attempt. Outside
the Washington Hilton Hotel the entity President Reagan was led
into an ambush, about which I will have more to say in a few
moments. It was intended to cut down the President on the spot,
just as several others were cut down. The assassination attempt
did not succeed in that goal, but it was a partial success even
so, because from that day onward the image of George Bush has
been shining brighter and brighter in the public eye.

First, the period of hospital confinement of the President was
exploited. It was an opportunity to show off a restrained,
statesmanlike image on the part of the Vice-President. This
image-building began immediately during the first hours after the
shooting. First, the entity known as General Alexander Haig
rushed into the White House briefing room and seized the podium.
His voice quivering with intensity, he announced, "I am in charge
here." It was a virtuoso performance, an act calculated
perfectly to create headlines, furrowed brows, and a source of
jokes for comedians. Stories of a power tug of war between Haig
and Bush automatically focused attention on the Vice-President in
a favorable light. In contrast to the Haig outburst, the Bush
entity acted humble and deferential. News reports said Bush
refused even to sit in the President's seat in Cabinet meetings.
The Bush image grew as a model of judgment and restraint. As the
President recovered, public opinion polls were taken to judge
what effect the shooting had on people. They found a dramatic
rise in people's favorable rating of the President; but for the
Vice-President the improvement was astronomical--from 31% to 69%
favorable in just a few weeks, according to NBC.

As I say these words, the subtle image-making is continuing.
On Memorial Day almost two weeks ago it was not the President we
saw in news reports laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown,
but the Vice-President. And that same evening the entity Bush
popped up again. Millions tuned into a Bob Hope Special that
evening, and the closing act was none other than the
Vice-President. It was prime time exposure of the supposedly
non-political kind that is most valuable of all in politics.
Those who are building the image of George Bush before us by way
of news guidelines are setting us up for things to come.

What happened last March 30 outside the Washington Hilton was
a warning, and we should not ignore it. It all began that day
when the entity President Reagan emerged from the special VIP
exit of the Hilton. The VIP exit is around the corner from the
rest of the hotel. The hotel itself is many stories high, but
the VIP entrance is set into a stone wall only about 15 feet
high. At the top of the wall is a handrail with a walkway and
trees behind it. In other words, the VIP exit from the Hilton
comes out under a small park-like area. The exit itself is
unmarked except for a concrete canopy extending out to the
curving driveway. A good photograph of the scene appeared on
page 30 of People magazine for April 13, 1981.

My friends, the whole idea behind the Hilton's VIP entrance is
to provide security for important visitors. The natural and
prudent thing from the security standpoint would have been to
park the presidential limousine directly opposite the door at the
end of the short canopy. That way there would have been only a
few short steps from the door to the limousine. And that is how
things are done by highly trained security forces. But, my
friends, everything was done differently on March 30. Someone
had arranged for the President to walk into a classic ambush.

The limousine was not parked at the curb next to the VIP exit.
Instead, it was parked at least 20 feet farther away to the left
as the presidential party walked outside. The car was parked
opposite a rounded corner in the stone wall, which curves away
from the street. Back around that corner waiting to see the
President stood the press and various onlookers, including
allegedly John Hinckley, Jr.; and just behind and above them
there were the numerous windows and balconies of the hotel
itself. I have been informed by certain professionals whose
business is the protection of VIPs that the pattern in all this
is unmistakable. The President walked into the perfect setup for
assassination--a cross fire. As he approached the limousine, the
President became an easy target from two directions at once--one
direction was the sidewalk above the overhanging canopy of the
VIP exit, the other direction was from behind and above the press
and onlookers, which included John Hinckley.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 63 I quoted an early NBC television news
report by Judy Woodruff. She had been with the presidential
party inside the hotel and had walked out the exit. She had not
rounded the corner to the area where Hinckley and the cameras
were waiting, so she could not have seen Hinckley. That's clear
both from her own eyewitness account on NBC and from replays of
the video tapes; yet she said, quote: "I noticed there were some
shots fired from an overhanging, from a sidewalk that was above
where the President's car was." If you will look at the
photograph in People magazine, which I mentioned earlier, you'll
see very clearly the area that Judy Woodruff was describing.
It's not the area where Hinckley was.

As for Hinckley himself, we are supposed to believe he did it
all by himself. Always it's a "lone assassin", always he's
portrayed as "a nut", and always there's a note left behind
conveniently by the otherwise nutty assailant to avoid loose
ends. We are also supposed to believe that Hinckley squeezed off
six (6) shots in only two (2) seconds and hit four (4) targets in
that time. We're not supposed to think about the fact that every
time a pistol is fired, even a small caliber pistol, it kicks.
It deflects upward, spoiling the aim briefly.

If that were not enough, we're supposed to forget about the
bystander who jumped on Hinckley as soon as he started firing.
Alfred Antonucci, a carpenter's union official from Cleveland,
had arrived too late for the President's speech, so he waited
outside for a glimpse of the President. He was standing right
next to Hinckley. On April 13 Antonucci was interviewed on ABC's
"Good Morning, America" by David Hartman. Hartman mentioned the
alleged six shots by Hinckley, and Antonucci said, quote: "Well,
let me say this. He fired the first shot; and whether it was the
second, the split second of the second, I was on top of him to
break the aim." Then on May 1 the New York Daily News published
an interview of Antonucci. Antonucci is quoted as saying, quote:
"I hit him on the back of the neck as hard as I could; and his
gun, which he held with two hands aimed right at Reagan, came
down. He kept shooting with one hand. I was told later by high
authorities that four of the six shots hit the sidewalk."

My friends, we saw for ourselves on television the scuffle to
subdue Hinckley as soon as he started shooting. Mr. Antonucci's
story fits perfectly with what we saw ourselves, but we're
supposed to ignore what we saw and just believe the official
story that Hinckley fired six very accurate shots. Now, suppose
we do a little simple counting. On TV we saw four (4) men
wounded--that's at least four bullets. Four (4) bullets also hit
the sidewalk, thanks to Mr. Antonucci; that brings the total to
at least eight, and from other reports at least two more bullets
hit the limousine. That's a total of at least 10 bullets that we
know of. Hinckley's revolver, my friends, was only a

Those who plotted the assassination attempt on March 30 are
pulling all kinds of strings to cover up the truth. A perfect
example of this was Time magazine for April 13, 1981. The lies
began with the cover itself. It's a painting, not a photograph,
depicting the moment of the President's wounding. It shows the
President viewed across the roof of the limousine--left arm
raised, grimacing in pain. It is accurate except for one thing.
You will see what is wrong with the Time cover if you will
compare it with the photograph I mentioned in People magazine.
On the cover of Time the stone wall is drawn as if it were a tall
building. There's no hint of the overhanging sidewalk from which
NBC's Judy Woodruff said shots were fired.

My friends, we're living today in an "Alice in Wonderland"
world. We're supposed to believe three impossible things before
breakfast, if that is what the controlled major media report to
us. Only those who are determined to search for the truth will
be able to see it in the days ahead.

Topic #2--On Tuesday evening April 28 millions of Americans tuned
in their TV sets to watch the entity President Reagan address
Congress. The speech was to build support for the
Administration's Budget, but most people were interested for a
different reason. It was the first speech by the President since
the assassination attempt nearly a month earlier. Many people
were too absorbed in the dramatic re-appearance of a wounded
president to pay much attention to anything else. No one cared
very much that the space shuttle "Columbia" supposedly arrived
back in Florida that day, nor did many people give a second
thought to the fact that it was a full week overdue. After all,
as far as the public was concerned, the Columbia was a great
success. We had seen it for ourselves on television.

Based on one space shuttle flight, we are being told on all
sides that we are once again on top in space. We are told that
now we are five, ten years ahead of those poor dumb Russians. It
would be nice if all those things were true, but unfortunately
they are not true. In AUDIO LETTER No. 62 I was able to make
public ahead of time the real mission of the Columbia, which was
Military! I described the plan for us to see the Columbia lift
off from Florida, but to see a different shuttle, the
"Enterprise", land two days later in California.

Meanwhile the Columbia was to have carried out a secret
military mission unseen by you. The deception built into the
original flight plan was bad enough; but as it turned out, the
flight of the Columbia ended very quickly in DISASTER; and you
and I were supposed to believe otherwise. The secret disaster of
the space shuttle Columbia and the television hoax which we were
shown to hide it were events of great importance. That is why I
devoted my entire AUDIO LETTER No. 64 to giving you the details.
The space shuttle "Columbia" is no more!

The shuttle which we saw landing at Edwards Air Force Base in
California was the training shuttle "Enterprise." It had simply
been relabeled with the name "Columbia" on its side. When the
shuttle landed in California on April 14 we were initially told
that it would be flown to Florida just a few days later; but as
the days went by, the shuttle just stayed there. NASA cooked up
one excuse after another to explain away the delays to the

Meanwhile, frantic meetings were going on involving key joint
military and NASA personnel. Things had not gone according to
plan, and they were not sure what to do. One faction insisted
that NASA should go ahead according to the original plan. That
plan called for a switch in shuttles between California and
Florida. On Day One a modified "747" would take off from Edwards
Air Force Base, California, with the shuttle "Enterprise" riding
piggyback. News cameras would be on hand to record the take-off.
The Enterprise would then be flown to its home base at White
Sands, New Mexico. Meanwhile the public would be told that the
"747" with the shuttle had made an over-night stopover. Then on
Day Two another modified "747" carrying a different shuttle would
take off from White Sands and fly to Florida. Once again
reporters would be on hand to watch the landing at Cape
Canaveral. The new shuttle, of course, would have the name
"Columbia" on the side just as the Enterprise does. In that way
the training shuttle Enterprise was to be returned to home base
and a fresh orbital-rated shuttle sent to Florida. The switch
would be made without the public suspecting a thing.

In meetings behind closed doors about the situation, others
protested that it would be foolish to go ahead as originally
planned without more information. It was obvious that somehow
the Russians had destroyed the Columbia, but the question was:
"How?" The military shuttle planning group agreed that they
needed the answer to that question, otherwise there would be no
way to devise countermeasures to give the next shuttle flight a
better chance. Finally it was agreed all around that the first
urgent need was to buy time, so NASA spokesmen were told to give
the press a series of stalling stories about the post-flight
shuttle procedures in California. Meanwhile every available
avenue of Intelligence world-wide was pressed to come up with an
answer to that crucial question: "What happened to the space
shuttle Columbia?"

Day by day we saw brief news reports about the post-flight
checkout of the space shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base. The
shuttle was lifted onto the back of the "747" but the take-off
kept being pushed back one day after another. The military
shuttle planning group was drawing a blank from their
Intelligence sweep about the Columbia. The shuttle stayed on the
ground in California a week longer than originally planned, and
still no answer came about the Columbia. NASA ran out of excuses
for further stalling without raising unwelcome questions. The
secret shuttle planning team was still in no position to prepare
for a second orbital mission, and yet appearances have to be

The United States Government is crowing loudly about the
supposed stunning success of the shuttle because it is the only
hope left for America in space. The space shuttle is the only
program other than Defense which has been given increased funding
by the so-called Reagan Adminstration.

Before the shuttle Enterprise left California aboard its
"747", the shuttle planning group had to make a decision: Should
they, or should they not, make the planned switch between
shuttles at White Sands. There are three more orbital-rated
shuttles at White Sands, and a specific mission has been planned
for each one. One of the planners summed up the dilemma in the
words, and I quote:

"How can we send an orbital bird to the Cape? STS-2, 3, and 4
may require major modifications in order to get past the
Russians. We won't know what those modifications are until we
get the missing feed-back on STS-1. I say send the Enterprise.
We can keep it sub-orbital by faking an abort--shut down one
engine before press-to-MECO and let Enterprise return to Kennedy.
That will keep Enterprise out of danger from Ivan. It will also
keep the ball rolling while giving us more time to set up a
successful orbital shot."

Someone else asked:

"What about the public relations impact? One thing we don't
need is to abort a mission this early in the program."

The reply was:

"Would you rather lose another orbital bird to Ivan? Besides,
if we do it right, we could end up with even more public support.
You know what I mean--the idea that the shuttle is safe even if
something does go wrong, and so on."

There was a long silence, followed by more discussion, but
finally the suggestion was adopted. On Monday April 27 the "747"
bearing the shuttle Enterprise took off from Edwards Air Force
Base, California. The following day we saw the same shuttle, the
training shuttle Enterprise, landing in Florida. There was no

The secret shuttle planners are still feeling their way. The
plan could be changed, but as of now it will be the training
shuttle Enterprise that rolls out to the launch pad at Cape
Canaveral later this summer. It will look just like the Columbia
did before its April launch, mated to a giant fuel tank and huge
solid-rocket boosters.

NASA is presently shooting for the very early launch date of
September 30, 1981. According to the present plan the launch is
to proceed smoothly for the first few minutes. Unlike the
Columbia, the Enterprise will not veer north toward the kind of
orbit forbidden by Russia. Then, one engine will shut down
prematurely. It will be earlier in the flight than the point at
which contact with Columbia was lost last April. Then, as we are
still watching on television, the Enterprise will return for its
alleged "emergency" landing at Kennedy. By now the Enterprise
has made so many computerized landings that NASA has confidence
that the landing will be made safely.

There will be an uproar about the aborted space flight, but it
will not last long. Aided by the controlled major media, NASA
will convince most Americans that the safe outcome of the
supposed "emergency" is what counts. It will be said that this
just proves how reliable the shuttle really is. By staging an
aborted shuttle mission this fall of 1981, the joint military and
NASA shuttle team will be buying time. They will not he expected
to launch another mission until early 1982. By then they are
hoping to have learned what they must do to get past the Russians
into space.

Topic #3--When news of the presidential assassination attempt
here in Washington flashed around the world last March 30, it
triggered an old concern in many minds. America was caught in a
vulnerable moment. Would some other country try to take
advantage in some way? Most of all, would Russia decide to
invade Poland? At that time headlines were telling us that an
invasion might be imminent. As it turned out then, our worries
were unfounded. Russia had made no move toward Poland; instead,
they were in the process of cooling down the latest "Solidarity"
labor crisis. Likewise other nations around the world generally
acted with restraint following news of the shooting--that is, all
the world's nations except one. The lone exception was Israel.

The timing could not have been more precise, my friends, if it
had been planned in advance. As the first shocking bulletins of
the shooting flashed across America, Israeli war planes were
starting their engines. As White House spokesmen were gathering
to brief the press, Israeli fighter bombers were gathering over

Through the afternoon and evening we Americans huddled around
our television sets for the latest word from George Washington
University Hospital. Meanwhile Lebanese villagers were huddling
in basements and bombed-out shelters as Israeli missiles and
bombs exploded all around them. On the BBC World Service and
other short-wave radio news reports around the world, the sudden
new Israeli raids on Lebanon that day were big news. Not so here
in America. News of the presidential shooting and its aftermath
drowned out everything else. It was not until Syrian troops
began making moves in response to the Israeli raids that Lebanon
began to enter our consciousness here. Day by day the Israelis
and Syrians lashed out at one another more and more, directly and
through surrogates in Lebanon.

On April 28 Israeli jets shot down two Syrian helicopters over
Lebanon. It was big news overseas. Here in the United States
though it was overshadowed by the presidential speech to Congress
that evening. It was not until the following day, April 29, that
the Lebanon crisis received top billing in America's controlled
major media. The Syrians had moved Russian SAM-6 anti-aircraft
missiles into the Bekaa valley of Lebanon. This was Syria's
answer to Israel's downing of two of her helicopters the day
before over Zahle. Thus the Middle East missile crisis was born.

Another mounting crisis is the growing feud between the United
States and Japan. Lately it seems as if Washington can't do
anything right towards the Japanese. On the morning of April 10,
1981, the first attempt to launch the space shuttle "Columbia"
took place at Cape Canaveral. It ended in failure due to a
computer problem, but it was the top story that day here in
America. It all but drowned out the news story that was No. 1
that day in Japan.

The previous day, an American submarine had sunk a small
Japanese freighter, supposedly by ramming it. Then the submarine
had left the scene without making any attempt to rescue
survivors. Worse yet, the United States had not even admitted
the incident to Japanese authorities until 36 hours later. In
the weeks that have passed since the incident took place, the
episode has raised more and more questions in Japanese minds.
The United States Navy issued a report about it which differs
drastically from the testimony of the 13 Japanese survivors. The
Navy report even puts the location of the collision 3-1/2 miles
away from where it actually happened. The Japanese want to know

To this and many other puzzling questions about the incident,
the Japanese are demanding answers, but they are not getting
those answers. The supposedly accidental sinking of the Japanese
freighter was only the opening gun in the Washington-Tokyo feud.
Since then Japan has been rocked by one shock after another at
the hands of the United States. American naval vessels have
sailed through Japanese fishing fleets, cutting fishing nets to
ribbons. Suddenly there are revelations that American ships with
nuclear weapons aboard have been using Japanese ports regularly
in secret. Secretary of State Haig canceled a visit to Japan.
Even the visit of Prime Minister Suzuki to Washington recently
backfired on him. He agreed to language in a joint communique
that led to accusations in Japan that Suzuki was making a secret
military alliance with the United States. The irony of it all is
that Suzuki's troubles are due to the fact that he is resisting
any such military alliance.

The Bolsheviks here in America want Japan to re-arm, to become
the policeman of the Western Pacific. Suzuki's predecessor,
Prime Minister Ohira, was ready to go along with America's
Bolsheviks despite stern warnings from Russia not to. Then Ohira
died suddenly a year ago, and Suzuki replaced him. Suzuki does
not want to re-arm Japan, and so America's Bolsheviks want him
out of office. Japan has endured all kinds of shocks in recent
months, but they all have one common denominator. They all have
involved loss of face for Japan as a whole and especially for
Prime Minister Suzuki.

In Asia, loss of face is a very serious matter. By using it
as a political weapon, America's Bolsheviks believe they can
bring down the Suzuki government. Whoever follows Suzuki will
have to talk "peace" for domestic consumption, but he will have
to prepare for war if he is to get along with Washington.

Elsewhere in Asia, Red China and Vietnam have supposedly
recently engaged in very heavy border fighting with many
casualties. Meanwhile the so-called Reagan Administration is
preparing to declare openly that it will sell America's most
sophisticated weapons to Red China. The United States
Government, my friends, has gone insane from the cancer of
Bolshevism, and is leading America from folly to greater folly.

In Europe, too, there is turmoil at the hands of Bolshevik
agents. The government of Italy has just been brought down in a
tremendous scandal involving a massive conspiracy of many of the
country's leading citizens. In West Germany, Chancellor Helmut
Schmidt is under fire from forces who want to undo the balance he
has struck between East and West. And in France the Bolsheviks
won a tremendous victory in the election last month. Until now,
France has enjoyed a special relationship with Russia as well as
with the West. The relationship has been one of trust built up
laboriously beginning with the late President Charles de Gaulle;
but the new French president, Mitterrand, is working as fast as
possible to change that. Mitterrand will try to bring France
into the anti-Russian camp, headed by the Bolsheviks here in

My friends, crises large and small are multiplying all around
us, and by and large they are not accidental. They are part of
the deliberate war build-up strategy of the Bolsheviks here,
which I made public in AUDIO LETTER No. 63. By turning the world
into a caldron of crises, they are setting the stage for NUCLEAR
WAR ONE. The whole world is becoming like the uneasy Balkans
just before World War I.

World War I was set off seemingly by accident by the
assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by a terrorist.
Today, we are once again in the era of terrorism, assassination,
and turmoil. Like World War I, NUCLEAR WAR ONE will erupt
suddenly from an unexpected spark, seemingly by accident. But
World War I was brought about deliberately, my friends, and the
same will be true of NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

All of this is not lost on the new rulers of Russia. Russia's
rulers are convinced that it is only a matter of time until
all-out war breaks out between the United States and Russia, so
the Russians are continuing to whittle away at America's ability
to damage Russia.

When the space shuttle "Columbia" took off on its ill-fated
flight last April 12, a fleet of special airplanes were aloft to
help track it. The United States was depending heavily on its
fleet of advanced range instrumentation aircraft. These are
flying radar and communication stations known as "Droop Snoots"
for their huge bulbous nose. This special airplane is a modified
military Boeing 707 designated EC-135N. When they are not
involved in space shots, the EC-135N's also have many other uses,
including the tracking of Russian satellites. There are only a
few EC-135N's, so they are all important. When the space shuttle
"Columbia" took off last April, there were only eight of them.

The Space Shuttle Program is an indispensable key to the
current war plans of the Bolsheviks here, and the EC-135N's are
crucial to the Shuttle Program. On May 6, 1981, an EC-135N
nicknamed the "Boss Hog" took off from its base at
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. It headed east on what
was to be a routine training flight. As the modified "707" flew
eastward, it was heading for an unexpected rendezvous. Hovering
high over the rolling hills of western Maryland, a lone
Cosmosphere was waiting for the Boss Hog. At 10:51 A.M. Eastern
Time the pilot of the jet radioed the words "Flight level 290" to
flight controllers on the ground. The plane was at 29,000 feet.
Moments later the Cosmosphere fired its Charged Particle Beam
weapon downward at the jet plane passing miles below it. The
beam blasted a hole through the top of the fuselage and another
out through the bottom. Explosive decompression emptied the
cabin of its air. The blast also set off a secondary explosion
of some kind, turning the jet into a ball of flames. At the same
time control cables through the tail were destroyed, and the jet
turned violently nose down. Instead of gliding to a crash many
miles away, the ruined airplane dropped like a rock, almost
straight down. Radar traffic controllers were startled to see
the plane disappear suddenly from their screens. It was all over
before they even knew anything had happened. On the ground, eye
witnesses heard a boom-boom-boom, and moments later a giant ball
of fire came screaming downward out of the clouds. For 10 more
minutes small pieces of debris from the plane kept settling
earthward for miles around.

In any air disaster as violent as this one, the investigation
usually extends over a period of months--but not this time, my
friends. On Friday May 29, just over three weeks after the
crash, the Air Force quietly announced that its investigation was
already over. They knew what had blown their radar plane out of
the air, but they also declared that for the time being the
results will not be made public.

While the Air Force was still reeling from the crash of the
EC-135N, it became the Navy's turn. Once again Russia's target
was a highly sophisticated electronic warfare jet. The plane
involved was an EA-6B Prowler based on the nuclear supercarrier
USS Nimitz.

On the night of Tuesday May 26, the Nimitz was engaged in
night-landing exercises just off the East Coast. Carrier
landings are always dangerous, and night landings especially so;
but the EA-6B has a special advantage. It is equipped with an
Automatic Carrier Landing System to permit safe landings even in
conditions of zero visibility. Partly as a result, the Prowlers
are known as some of the safest of all carrier aircraft; but on
that night of May 26 one of Russia's new Jumbo Cosmospheres was
hovering high above the Nimitz. It was one of the two which I
described in AUDIO LETTER No. 64 armed with a Neutron Particle
Beam. As an EA-6B approached the Nimitz to land, the Cosmosphere
waited. At a critical moment of the final approach, the
Cosmosphere fired. The invisible neutron beam instantly killed
the crew of three and temporarily deranged the airplane's
electronic systems. Being suddenly without guidance, the jet
veered to the right and crashed into a deck full of airplanes.
The toll: 14 dead, 48 injured, and 20 aircraft destroyed or
damaged. It was the Navy's worst flight-deck disaster since

Day by day, my friends, the stakes are steadily increasing.
The closer we get to all-out war, the more incidents like this we
will see; yet, somehow, we seem oblivious to the real cause. Our
leaders are telling us that we have to act "tough" to keep the
peace. Meanwhile our supposedly "tough" actions are leading to
the exact opposite of peace--NUCLEAR WAR ONE!


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary.

My friends, these days we hear constantly about something
called National Security. What does that mean to you? Can there
be any such thing as National Security without National Survival?
If not, then our national security hangs by a thread, because our
national survival is in dire jeopardy. Our leaders keep telling
us that the threat to our security is Russia. Then, while we are
not looking, they turn right around and taunt the Russian Bear.
I have a last minute report to pass on to you in this very vein.

As you know, the supercarrier Nimitz entered port only very
briefly after the fiery crash of the EA-6B. It entered port on
May 28 and left again just two days later, May 30. The official
story was that it was heading for the Caribbean for continued

I must now report to you that the Nimitz was ordered to the
north, not to the south. In a drastic departure from normal
procedure, an American carrier group has been ordered into the
Norwegian and Barents Seas, right on the doorstep of Russia.
This deployment is expected to be brief, but it is very
dangerous. It is an insane act of bravado by the Bolsheviks
here, like walking up to a bully and knocking the chip off his
shoulder. Probably the Nimitz will get away with it, this time;
but one of these days we will cross that invisible line in the
dust--and the world will be at war!

My friends, what is called National Security today is a lie.
The more we spend on national security, the less secure we
become. True security can be built only on the foundation of
mutual trust and mutual respect, and those things in turn can be
built only on the TRUTH. Those who secretly control America's
destiny today cannot stand the truth. They are the enemies of
our Lord Jesus Christ, and as He said long ago: They were liars
from the beginning.

We must seek the Truth, cherish the Truth, and pass on the
Truth to others. Only in that way can we break free of the
Satanic power that now grips America.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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