Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 66.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is July 11, 1981,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 66.

A few days ago on June 29, 1981, the Supreme Court ruled in
effect that the United States is now in a state of war. That is
the real meaning of the Court's 7 to 2 decision in the case of
former CIA agent Philip Agee. The Court declared that the
Government can revoke the passport of a person who discloses
secrets about American spying overseas. The decision was
bottomed on the Government's right to restrict public speech or
press stories about the movement of American troops or sailing
dates of American ships.

My friends, this governmental power to restrict free speech
has always applied only during wartime, so a state of war has now
been officially recognized--not by our sleeping Congress but by
the Supreme Court of the United States. And what kind of war is
it? It's a secret war, my friends. The Agee decision hands
important new powers to the United States Government to help in
closing down America for the nuclear holocaust to come. By the
time this secret war erupts into the open, America will already
be on a complete war footing!

The secret war which has just been quietly acknowledged by the
Supreme Court has been raging now for five years. It began in
the summer of 1976 with a crisis which to this day has never yet
been made public officially, the Underwater Missile Crisis.
Since then, the secret war has expanded into pre-war nuclear
sabotage of the United States, secret space warfare, an
Intelligence warfare involving techniques which sound
unbelievable to many people. Many skirmishes in the secret war
have been kept out of the news. Others have been impossible to
hide completely, so instead they have been explained away in
various ways by Government spokesmen and the "kept" media. But
these things, my friends, are becoming harder and harder to hide
because we are inching closer and closer to the brink of all-out
war; and as we do so, the incidents are becoming more frequent,
more violent, and causing more casualties.

In my AUDIO LETTER reports to you over the years I have
detailed many of these developments as they have happened. I
believe you have a right to know because it's your life and your
country that is at stake. For that reason I must now reveal the
greatest tragedy yet in the secret war.

My friends, the greatest naval disaster since World War II has
now befallen the United States. As yet there's no hint of this
disaster in the news. Part of the reason is that the Pentagon is
not yet totally sure what happened. In addition, a frantic
effort is under way to construct a believable cover story which
will save the Pentagon officials from mass dismissals and
disgrace. Their secret war games caused the disaster.

Whenever the cover story is decided upon and released, the
plan is to pretend that the disaster has freshly happened at that
time. That will be a lie. The final act in this twin naval
catastrophe took place, ironically, on American Independence Day,
July 4, 1981. Not one, but two, United States naval vessels have
been destroyed in the secret catastrophe. I will not give the
names of these naval vessels right now out of respect for the
next of kin of their crews. It's only right to let the next of
kin be notified before the names of the vessels are made public.
For the same reason, I will not divulge the types of vessels
involved at this time; but I can tell you that two different
types of naval combatants were involved in the double tragedy.

The remains of the two American naval vessels are resting on
the bottom of the Norwegian Sea between Iceland and Norway. The
navigational coordinates of the larger ship are: 68 degrees, 56
minutes, 24 seconds North 1 degree, 6 minutes, 40 seconds East.

The smaller vessel is to the east of that in two pieces, one
piece about 30 miles away, the other some 40 miles beyond that.
My friends, I cannot say how long the Pentagon will keep quiet
about this tragedy. One thing is for sure, though. They will
keep quiet for as long as they can.

Only a few months ago on April 9, an American submarine sank a
Japanese tanker, supposedly by ramming it. And what did the
United States Government do? The submarine departed without any
effort to save the survivors as the ship sank. Then the United
States Government did not even report the incident to Japan for a
day and a half. It was only because the Japanese knew themselves
about the sinking that the United States admitted it. Even then,
the Navy issued a report about the incident that is full of
holes. But this time, my friends, both vessels which have been
sunk are United States vessels, so there is no telling how long
the silence will last.

We are now on a timetable for NUCLEAR WAR ONE that is aiming
for mid-1982, about one year from now. Whether that timetable
will be speeded up or slowed down by events, I cannot predict;
but I will continue for as long as I can to let you know what you
need to know in order to understand our headlong rush toward war.

My three special topics this month are:


Topic #1--To the north and west of the Persian Gulf there lies a
land whose ancient origins are lost in the mists of time. It's
the land between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the cradle of
civilization. Tradition has it that the Garden of Eden was in
this area, and in fact the Book of Genesis even mentions the
Euphrates as one of its boundaries. Later we're told that the
tower of Babel was located in the same area, spawning the ancient
historical City of Babylon. Elsewhere in that same area, the
famous City of Ninevah also rose and flourished, becoming the
center of the Assyrian empire. All those things took place long
before the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but centuries after
His coming the glory of the land between the rivers rose again.
Those were the days of the Muslim Saracen empire of the caliphs.
By around 800 A.D. the empire of Caliph Haroun al Raschid was
huge. It encompassed all of Arabia, Persia, Egypt, Syria, North
Africa, and parts of what is now southern Russia.

The home of the Saracen empire was that same rich land between
the Tigris and Euphrates, and the jewel at its very center was a
magnificent city. The capital city of the ancient caliphs was
built from scratch for that purpose starting in 762 A.D., and
what a city it was. By all accounts, the court of the caliphs
was the most magnificent the world has ever seen. The palace was
so huge that more than 80,000 servants lived and worked within
it. Gold, silver, and precious stones were turned into ornaments
of unparalleled beauty by craftsmen educated in the highly
advanced science of the day. In the Hall of Audience there stood
a famous tree of gold, and on the branches of the tree, says
tradition, there were perched birds of gold and silver studded
with precious stones. The birds were music boxes and they
fluttered their mechanical wings as they poured forth intricate
songs. Outside the palace, the city was arranged in expanding
circles with a system of three walls at the outer boundary. The
city quickly became a world center of commerce, science,
literature, and art. The city, my friends, was ancient Baghdad,
the city of "The Thousand and One Arabian Nights."

The splendor of old Baghdad made it a tempting prize for other
less civilized peoples who heard of it. It was not long before
ancient Baghdad became a focal point of warfare, involving
especially the Mongols and Turks. Rapacious greed destroyed much
of the beauty which had once been the hallmark of Baghdad.
Constant warfare took its toll, and over the centuries the
Saracen empire decayed in culture and power. The ancient
irrigation systems were destroyed, and what was once a Garden of
Eden began to turn into a wasteland. In 1516 Baghdad fell
permanently to the Turks, and the once magnificent Saracen empire
faded into the sands of a man-made desert.

The Baghdad of today is a far cry from that fabled city of
old. Modern Baghdad, Iraq, lies on the east bank of the Tigris
across the river from the ruins of the ancient city. Even so,
the Baghdad of today does have certain things in common with the
Baghdad of old. Modern Baghdad is struggling once again to
become a city of science, culture, and power; and like the
ancient city, modern Baghdad is faced with a powerful enemy who
wants to destroy it.

Last month on Sunday June 7 an aerial strike force of 14
warplanes started their jet engines in the country that calls
itself Israel. Eight of them were American F-16s loaded with
one-ton bombs. The other six were American F-15s, air
superiority fighters to fly along and protect the F-16s from any
possible defenders. After the planes took off, they refueled
from an aerial tanker for the long war flight they were about to

For days beforehand, the Israeli planes had been flying
training exercises designed to look like the early part of the
real raid. As a result, when the war raid was launched on that
Sunday last month, it looked at first like just another drill.
To maintain the surprise, the Israeli strike force thundered
eastward over Jordan at high altitude, mimicking Jordanian Air
Force procedures. Next, the Israeli fighter bombers raced into
and across northwest Saudi Arabia. Following secret orders from
the Pentagon, the American-manned AWACS radar plane patrolling
over Saudi Arabia did not report the Israeli intrusion into Saudi
air space. Thanks to this pre-planned cooperation by the United
States, the fate of the Israeli target in Baghdad was sealed.

The Israeli F-15s and 16s streaked across the Syrian desert of
Iraq on the deck below Iraqi radar. As they neared Baghdad, they
appeared to rise from nowhere out of the Iraqi countryside as
they climbed to begin the attack. At 6:30 P.M. Baghdad time, a
hail of one-ton bombs began raining down on the Iraqi nuclear
reactor which was under construction. Within a matter of minutes
the reactor facility lay in smoking ruins.

The Israeli bombing raid into Iraq was a momentous event, the
kind of thing we expect to hear about immediately through our
electronic news media. Instead, the world remained ignorant of
the raid for another full day. Iraq imposed a news blackout
about it at first for military reasons. The raid had come
without warning or provocation, and the Iraqis were not sure what
else Israel might be about to do. The United States Government
knew about the raid beforehand; but true to form these days, the
United States said nothing to the world about what it knew. It
was left to Israel itself to publicly announce the raid, which it
did in triumphant glowing terms.

Around the world the reaction was revulsion, shock, and
condemnation--and no wonder. For one thing, Israel is trying to
justify its act of war in arrogantly self-righteous terms.
Israel complains that Iraq was building a reactor--but wants
everyone to forget her own nuclear capability which is already
operational! Israel has always refused to sign the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Iraq has signed. The Iraqi
nuclear facility has been inspected regularly by the
International Atomic Energy Agency during its construction phase
when any violations would be hard to hide; but Israel, which has
never once submitted to international inspection, bombed the
plant anyway.

Beyond these matters of international law and simple justice,
Israel has also opened Pandora's box in more ways than one. For
one thing, Israel has broken an unwritten taboo against attacks
of any kind against nuclear facilities. Now the nuclear power
plants of the world have been made fair game! Military,
paramilitary, or terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants will
no longer be unthinkable, thanks to the Israeli raid into Iraq;
and, my friends, this includes the 72 nuclear power plants now
operating right here in the United States! By secretly going
along with the Israeli raid, the United States Pentagon is sowing
the seeds of nuclear terrorism in our own land.

Most important of all, the Israeli raid on Iraq's nuclear
plant was a dry run for a far more important raid. I'm referring
to the coming Israeli limited nuclear attack on Saudi Arabia's
oil fields. The nuclear destruction of Saudi Arabia's oil fields
is far from a new idea, as my older listeners already know. I
first reported that this was in the works nearly six years ago in
AUDIO LETTER No. 6. At that time the plan revolved around the
so-called "Sinai accord" involving Egypt, Israel, and the United
States. Two hundred or so Americans were in the Sinai under that
agreement, and they were intended to become the focus of an
incident to set off war in the area. The actual attack on Saudi
oil fields was to be carried out using Cobra helicopter gunships
with special air-to-ground atomic missiles.

As I detailed at the time, the plan was part of the ongoing
joint plan between the long-time Rulers of the United States and
the Soviet Union for world domination. As originally conceived,
the plan called for a nuclear capping of Saudi oil fields
sometime in 1976. It was not carried out at that time because
the secret alliance between the United States and Russia started
coming apart in 1976. The old Rockefeller allies in Russia, the
Bolsheviks, were being quietly overthrown there. In their place
a new ruling group were taking over. Russia's new rulers hate
the Bolsheviks and have been expelling them from Russia in great
numbers; and because America's then Secret Rulers, the
Rockefellers, had supported Bolshevik rule in Russia from 1917,
Russia's new rulers were taking defensive actions. The result
was the still secret Underwater Missile Crisis which I reported
in the summer of 1976. The collapse of the Rockefeller-Soviet
alliance during 1976 and 1977 brought a reprieve for Saudi
Arabia. Now America's Bolshevik government has carried over the
plan to destroy Saudi oil fields. The plan has been continuously
updated and revised for maximum strategic value in the new
international situation. I've given reports periodically in my
AUDIO LETTERS about the evolving status of this war plan.

For three years now the secret plan for Saudi Arabia's nuclear
doom has been integrated into a new master strategy for a nuclear
war. Behind closed doors, America's Bolshevik military planners
have secretly shifted to a first-strike nuclear strategy against
Russia. When the Saudi oil fields are capped off in the Israeli
nuclear raid, it is intended to set in motion a chain of events.
Those events are to culminate in NUCLEAR WAR ONE with America
striking first at Russia.

I first reported the broad outlines of this radical new war
plan in AUDIO LETTER No. 37 for August 1978. I reported that the
first step was to be a supposedly surprise agreement between
Israel and Egypt the following month at Camp David. The Camp
David hoax went off without a hitch, and the following spring the
Egyptian-Israeli treaty was signed in Washington. It was called
a "peace" treaty, but its real purpose was to set the stage for

My friends, the so-called Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty is
just a new, more elaborate version of the Sinai accord of six
years ago. The Sinai accord was held together by American
technicians in the Sinai. Likewise, now the Egyptian-Israeli
treaty is leading toward a primarily American military force in
the Sinai Peninsula due to start April 1982.

Now, as then, the purpose is to provide a pretext to drag the
United States directly into a Middle East war. From there the
conflict is to spread into all-out war! In order to carry out
the coming limited nuclear attack on Saudi Arabia, world opinion
must be prepared in advance as much as possible. The idea of
actually using nuclear weapons must be made less unthinkable to
us, and Israel must be provided some excuse for calling Saudi
Arabia a deadly threat. In both of these areas, rapid progress
is now being made!

To make an atomic raid more thinkable when it takes place,
Israel has been using the old technique of "gradualism." For
years Israeli war planes have been striking into Lebanon. For a
while there were feeble protests from Washington, for public
consumption, that Israel might be misusing her American weapons.
Israel replied that she was attacking a vital threat, the PLO,
and just kept it up. After a while the novelty wore off and most
of us began to just accept it.

Next, the Israelis raised the threshold of psychological pain
a notch higher. In clear and direct violation of agreements with
the Pentagon, Israeli aircraft started dropping cluster bombs on
Lebanon. Lebanese villagers--men, women, and children--were
maimed, dismembered, and killed. When we first heard about it,
it sounded inexcusable to many, but after a short while we forgot
about our outrage and went on to other things.

Once again the United States Government was careful to do
nothing. We had learned to accept something a little worse than
before in warfare. Step by step the Israeli violations of
international law and of agreements with the United States have
become bolder and bolder. Each time the United States Government
has given lip service to law, morality, and a momentary concern
of the American public; but each time Israel has been given the
green light again with hardly a pause.

It was only a matter of weeks ago that the Israeli Air Force
shot down two Syrian helicopters over Lebanon using American-made
aircraft. The result was a new crisis over Syrian antiaircraft
missiles. With that crisis still unresolved, Israel has now
destroyed a nuclear reactor in Iraq, and all the while the United
States Government continues to let Israel have its own way
because, my friends, Israel is doing exactly what the Bolshevik
military planners here want done!

Having accepted Israel's destruction of a nuclear reactor,
it's only a short step beyond to accept the use of battlefield
nuclear weapons.

That still leaves the matter of setting up Saudi Arabia as a
credible threat to Israel. The United States is taking care of
that problem while pretending to do the Saudis a favor. Early
next year Saudi Arabia is to start taking delivery of a fleet of
F-15 Fighters equivalent in many ways to those of Israel. On top
of that, the sale of five AWACS radar surveillance planes to
Saudi Arabia is being considered. The secret purpose of these
arms deals with Saudi Arabia is the exact opposite of what is
claimed. The United States claims that it wants to improve Saudi
Arabia's national security, presumably against Russia; but, my
friends, the real purpose is to give Israel the excuse it needs
for a pre-emptive attack on Saudi Arabia.

The model for Israel's attack to come against Saudi Arabia was
the attack last month against Iraq. Israel claimed that the
Iraqi reactor was going to be used some day against Israel. On
that basis, Israel described its pre-emptive surprise attack on
Iraq as a defensive action. It was even said that Israel had
saved lives by carrying out the surgical attack before the
facility was completed.

Much the same things will be said and done when the time comes
for Israel to attack the Saudi oil fields. The Israelis will act
more and more frightened that a Saudi Arabia armed with modern
F-15s will some day use them against Israel. As proof, they will
quote out of context past Saudi calls for a Muslim jihad to gain
control of Jerusalem; and to justify the pre-emptive nature of
the raid, the Israelis will insist that they were forced to
strike before or shortly after delivery of the AWACS radar
planes. As in the case of the Iraqi nuclear plant, Israel will
characterize the Saudi raid as having been designed to spare as
many lives as possible. The raid will not strike at heavy
population centers but at the oil fields. In this way the
Israelis will say that they have eliminated the financial basis
of the alleged threat to Israel.

My friends, when I first began reporting on the plan to cap
off Saudi Arabia's oil wells in an Israeli nuclear raid, many
people found it unthinkable. That was five and six years ago.
Something called "detente" was still the official line. Nuclear
war between the United States and Russia sounded too farfetched
at that time for most people to even pay attention. And as for
Israel bombing Saudi oil fields, even the Saudis themselves could
not believe it when they were informed of the plan.

How quickly times change! People no longer scoff at the idea
that nuclear war is approaching between Russia and America. And
now, even the Israeli plan to bomb the Saudi oil fields is
finally beginning to surface. Last month on June 12, only five
days after the Israeli raid into Iraq, the New York Daily News
carried an article about "Israel's oil weapon." The article

"Israel has an oil weapon too, one just as powerful as the
threat of an embargo by Saudi Arabia or any other Arab state.
Israel can bomb the wells."

Further on, an aide to Israeli Prime Minister Begin is quoted
as saying:

"The Saudis can cut off oil to the West, and so can we."

When Israel decides to bomb the Saudi wells, it will do so in
the same way as it bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant. Israel will
use its newest and best American jet fighter bombers against
Saudi Arabia, just as it did against Iraq. The raid will be
launched with absolutely no advance warning, just as was done
against Iraq; and just as happened to Iraq, the Israelis will
make maximum use of deception in the raid itself.

For some two years now, the Israeli Air Force has been
carrying out mock air raids on northwestern Saudi Arabia. Every
so often Israeli F-15 fighter bombers swoop in unexpectedly
across the Saudi border from the Gulf of Aqaba. As often as not,
they carry out a simulated attack on the Saudi Air Base at Tabuk.
The frustrated Saudis are falling into a trap by reacting exactly
as expected. They are crying out for their own F-15s so that
Israel will be unable to continue these brazen overflights. What
the Saudis have so far refused to accept is that this is all a
ruse, a deceptive trick.

One day in 1982, perhaps sooner, Israel plans to launch the
real raid. At first, it will look like just another of those
mock attacks on the Saudi Air Base; but when the Israeli jets
pass over the Base, they will not turn back as in the past!
Instead, they will thunder overhead in a straight line toward the
Persian Gulf. Disappearing into the undefended interior of Saudi
Arabia, they will disperse to elude further detection. As in the
case of last month's raid into Iraq, the American-manned AWACS
plane will conveniently fail to locate the Israeli attackers in
time. Within two hours, nuclear fireballs will cap off the Saudi
oil wells. The world will be in a state of shock, the industrial
heart of Europe and Japan will be crippled; but this will be only
the beginning.

Bolshevik America will finally be able to put its gasoline
rationing plan into operation. The country will be put on a
wartime basis, our youth will be drafted, and our country will be
made to accept this first open act of nuclear warfare since World
War II.

Israel has paved the way for all this with its destruction of
the Iraqi nuclear reactor. With its attack on the ancient Garden
of Eden, Israel has begun leading the world into "the valley of
the shadow of death."

Topic #2--During the past several months I've been trying to call
attention to a major new trend in current world events. The
world is splintering, splitting up into factions which are all
squabbling with one another. The whole world is becoming like
the Balkans before World War I, a caldron of crises, seething and
bubbling hotter and hotter. We are beginning to see not just one
crisis at a time but several crises all at once. In AUDIO LETTER
No. 63 I gave a warning to watch for this trend to speed up. Our
world is being divided and Balkanized deliberately by the
Bolsheviks who now control the United States Government.

In 1914 World War I erupted suddenly, seemingly by accident,
out of the unstable ferment of crises in the Balkans. Likewise
NUCLEAR WAR ONE is intended to erupt soon out of the spreading
chaos of world-wide crises. My friends, World War I was not
accidental; it was only made to appear that way. Likewise
NUCLEAR WAR ONE will not be accidental, but we are being
conditioned to think it is accidental when it happens.

Most Americans today when we think about global war think
about World War II, not World War I. We tend to think about the
repeated appeasement of Hitler during the 30's by Britain and
France; and we recall that it all ended in the most destructive
war in history, World War II. The so-called Reagan
Administration is taking advantage of these costly historical
memories by saying in effect "No more appeasement." Hearing
that, millions of Americans cheer in agreement. Meanwhile, under
the guise of non-appeasement, the United States is actually
pursuing a policy of confrontation. We are told with a Hollywood
smile that we must act "tough" to keep the peace. Then we go
beyond that, acting not just tough but belligerent in ways
designed to move us toward war.

Long ago President Teddy Roosevelt said, "Walk softly but
carry a big stick." Instead, the alleged Reagan Administration
is swaggering like a bully with nothing but a chip on its
shoulder. The Reagan-style government rhetoric is slanted toward
our memories of World War II. As a result, most Americans are
prevented from thinking about the more important lessons of World
War I.

But the Balkanization of our world today is not lost on
everyone. There are beginning to be worried Establishment voices
talking about it. An example was a recent article in that old
Establishment publication Foreign Affairs. In this article the
author expressed worry over the United States' attitude these
days of not even talking to the Russians. It says this leaves
us, quote: "...in a situation where the risk of war is higher
because of the danger of miscalculation by each side. You could
stumble into war almost like 1914. The Reagan Administration
model is Munich. I think that's wrong. The correct model is
1914." My friends, that's exactly what I reported several months
ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 63 except for one thing. The environment
for miscalculation is not accidental, but deliberate. It's an
old Bolshevik axiom that "In chaos there's opportunity."

Others, too, are breaking with past behavior to express
unprecedented concern. For example: Harvard economist John
Kenneth Galbraith spoke recently in commencement ceremonies at
Johns Hopkins University. As reported in the Washington Star for
May 30, 1981, Galbraith lashed out at, quote:

"Those who say that we have to accept the risk of nuclear war
to protect our democratic system."

Galbraith said that to do that is to risk destruction of that
very system. He pointed out that the highly sophisticated and
deeply integrated modern economic system cannot survive the shock
of a nuclear exchange.

Another example of those now worrying in public is New York
Times columnist James Reston. In his column date-lined June 23,
1981, Reston discussed what he called the Administration's
misconduct of foreign policy. He pointed out that American
government officials seem to be going in all directions at once
yet all in the general direction of confrontation with Russia;
and he says, quote: "The troubling thing about all of this is
that nobody really knows what it means." He expresses puzzlement
over the Administration's public confirmation of Intelligence
arrangements with Red China which can only serve to provoke
Russia. Finally he concludes, quote:

"This is becoming a danger to the Administration; and if it
keeps on goading the Soviet Bear, even a threat to the peace."

My friends, why have these and so many other voices trusted by
the public been so silent until so late in the game? Where were
they five and six years ago? When my AUDIO LETTER reports were
documenting the secret Rockefeller-Soviet alliance and its
collapse, why did they speak only of detente? The answer in some
cases, my friends, is that half a decade ago America's ruling
circles were still in bed with the Soviet Union. The Rockefeller
cartel thought it controlled Russia through the Bolshevik rulers
of Russia. Today everything has changed. The Bolsheviks have
been overthrown at the highest levels of power in Russia.
Flocking here to the United States for a new start, the
Bolsheviks in turn have wrestled power away from the Rockefeller

In the so-called national election last November 1980, the
crumbling Rockefeller oil cartel made a desperate bid to retake
control of the United States Government. In AUDIO LETTER No. 59
last October I reported that the cartel had re-grouped under the
direction of John J. McCloy. Using the figurehead known as
Ronald Reagan, Big Oil tried to oust the Bolsheviks. They wanted
to get America back onto the track of their own Corporate
Socialist Dictatorship. The McCloy-dominated forces of Big Oil
did succeed in their great surprise landslide in the election
itself, but the actual transfer of governmental power was another

In AUDIO LETTER No. 61 last January I reported that the
obscure Branti decision of the Supreme Court would stand in the
way. Sure enough, to this day large numbers of critical
government positions are still unfilled or staffed by Bolshevik
holdovers. The McCloy group are getting their way in some areas
but not in foreign policy. America's foreign policy is still
under total Bolshevik control. These are the facts, my friends,
behind the unusual expressions of alarm by those normally silent
Establishment voices. I have been told confidentially by
extremely well informed sources that the so-called Reagan
Administration has jumped the tracks. It's out of their control;
and now, none other than John J. McCloy himself has been quoted
publicly in exactly these same terms.

Earlier I quoted from James Reston's New York Times column of
June 23. The most significant statement in the entire column was
the following, and I quote:

"John J. McCloy, former head of the World Bank and former
United States High Commissioner in Berlin, was down here this
week saying what he thought as usual about the conduct of
American foreign policy. Mr. Mc Cloy thinks that an
administration whose success he favors has gone off the track."

McCloy and his fellow members of the Rockefeller Establishment
have no love for the independent-minded Russians who now control
the Kremlin; but unlike the Bolsheviks here, they do think it is
to our advantage to at least keep talking.

Recently a faithful listener of mine who is concerned about
the need for arms control wrote an influential American
industrialist who is also a former ambassador to Russia. He
wrote back that it would be dangerous and unwise to simply trust
the Russians in whatever they say except, quote:

"If what is to be trusted is carefully written out and agreed
upon mutually, then I think one can trust them to observe the

I might mention that this agrees with my own personal experience
during my years with the United States Export-Import Bank. The
Russians and their Warsaw Pact partners are always hard
bargainers. They do not regard you as sincere or to be taken
seriously unless you will bargain hard and long; but once an
agreement is reached, they always observe it scrupulously. The
problem is, to bargain with the Russians you have to know what
you want. If you want to genuinely control nuclear arms, you
will have to bargain toward that objective; and genuine arms
control is the last thing that would occur to America's present
Bolshevik-dominated government.

On June 22 the President's nominee to head the "Arms Control
and Disarmament Agency" practically said as much. In Senate
testimony, Eugene V. Rostow said, quote:

"It may be that a brilliant light will strike our officials,
but I don't know anyone who knows what it is yet that we want to
negotiate about."

In the same testimony Rostow also said that the United States
will not be ready to start strategic weapons talks with Russia
until March 1982. He lumped in not only the SALT talks but also
the issue of nuclear missiles in Europe. On June 29, 1981, the
entity President Brezhnev said, quote:

"We are ready to sit down at the negotiating table on that
issue even tomorrow, if you like; but talks have not begun yet
because of the United States' attitude."

The Russians have also said that they would halt deployment of
their European theater nuclear weapons during the talks if
America would do the same. However, this is not a pre-condition
to talks, contrary to some reports in the United States.

When Eugene Rostow mentioned that the United States needs nine
(9) more months to get ready for arms negotiations, it was a slip
of the tongue. Later he had to recant about it to the astonished
Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee, saying he would not
delay SALT negotiations. The nine-month preparation time stated
by Rostow has nothing to do with any coming arms control
initiatives. After all, Rostow himself said no one even has any
arms control ideas to talk about. Instead, Rostow was referring
accidentally to the nuclear war preparations now under way.

Bolshevik military planners here now expect that by March 1982
essential nuclear first-strike preparations will be completed in
the United States. At that point, with the weapons already in
place, we can pretend to talk; but as we talk, we will also be
setting in motion the events which are to lead to NUCLEAR WAR
ONE. The nine-month interval mentioned by Eugene Rostow is based
primarily on two military programs. One is the Space Shuttle
Program, the other is America's secret mobile missile program
which is going on under the cover of the bogus "MX" project. I
reported on the basic outlines of both of these programs in the
past, so I will simply update those reports now.

First, about the Space Shuttle Program. Last month I reported
that NASA plans to intentionally abort the upcoming shuttle
launch in September. The shuttle presently at Cape Canaveral is
not the "Columbia", which was destroyed in the unsuccessful
mission last April. I gave the details about that and the
television hoax to hide the disaster in AUDIO LETTER No. 64. The
shuttle which we will see lifting off from Cape Canaveral this
fall will be the training shuttle "Enterprise" although, of
course, it has been re-labeled Columbia. The Enterprise is the
same shuttle that we saw landing in California after the real
Columbia had already been destroyed. The flight this fall is
intended to keep up appearances while the secret military shuttle
team figure out how to get past the Russians into orbit. One way
or another they believe that a successful shuttle flight will be
able to provide essential reconnaissance over Russia by the
spring of 1982.

The other major factor is the Minuteman TX Mobile Missile
deployment. I first reported on this secret program just over a
year ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 55. In AUDIO LETTER No. 60 last
November, I gave an important update concerning the
Anti-Cosmosphere Missiles which are being deployed along with TX
missiles. I can now report that these Anti-Cosmosphere Missiles,
or ACMs, are becoming an essential key to the Bolshevik war plan.
It is by means of the ACMs that the Bolsheviks plan to set off
what will seem to be "accidental" nuclear war.

To review for a moment, my friends, the Minuteman TX is a
completely secret mobile missile program. For public
consumption, the Pentagon is pretending to be concentrating on
something called the MX. The MX, we're told, will be big and
powerful, each carrying 10 nuclear warheads; and to hide it from
the Russians, we're told that it will be mobile.

Over the years, one basing scheme after another has been
talked about for the MX. About six weeks ago, on May 27, Henry
Bradsher of the Washington Star listed some of the MX basing
systems that have been proposed, quote:

"...orbital basing; shallow underwater submarine basing;
floating missiles in the ocean; attaching them to the ocean
bottom; mounting them on in land waterway barges and on
ocean-going ships; aerial launching from special seaplanes,
special land-based planes, new short-airfield planes, new
vertical takeoff planes and dirigibles; putting thousands of
smaller missiles in fixed silos; moving only the warhead and
guidance systems among multiple missile fuel bodies."

My friends, work is going on to develop a larger ICBM under
the MX program, but that work is being used as a decoy and to
provide a funding channel for America's real mobile missile, the
Minuteman TX. The Pentagon wants to make sure that everyone
focuses their attention on the MX decoy program. The best way to
get people's attention, you know, is to make them angry, so
that's what the Pentagon has done. The Air Force is pretending
to fight tooth and nail for a patently ridiculous basing
system--the infamous race tracks in Utah and Nevada; and sure
enough, people are up in arms over the MX--farmers, ranchers,
environmentalists, anti-nuclear activists--you name it. The MX
decoy system is drawing all the fire like the lightning rod it is
meant to be.

Thanks to the orchestrated MX controversy our real mobile
missile, the Minuteman TX, is being completely overlooked.
Unlike the giant MX, the TX is relatively small. It's being
deployed in the one way which should be most obvious of all. It
is the one way never mentioned in connection with the MX because
the Pentagon does not want us to think of it. The Minuteman TX
missiles are being deployed on America's railroads! They're
moved around constantly, often right under our very noses. In
AUDIO LETTER No. 55 I gave a description of the unique railroad
cars which house the TX missiles. Months later some of my
listeners began sending me photographs of them, and several
months ago I released a special bulletin containing these

In AUDIO LETTER No. 60 I described the ACM missiles which are
beginning to accompany the TX missiles as they are shuttled
around. The ACM is basically like an ABM missile, built to take
off with blinding speed. Each is armed with a cobalt ionization
bomb. When they explode at the upper fringes of the atmosphere,
the Bolsheviks here believe they will interfere temporarily with
any Russian Cosmospheres hovering overhead. Before the
Cosmospheres can recover, the TX missiles will be launched at
Russia in a nuclear first strike. In AUDIO LETTER No. 55 I
explained that the nerve-racking false nuclear alerts by NORAD
were actually deliberate tests by Bolshevik agents. They want to
make sure that they can bring about a supposedly accidental first
strike against Russia that cannot be countermanded in Washington.

Early this year of 1981 the Bolsheviks here concluded that the
best way to do this is to shift the United States onto a "launch
on warning" stance. Up until recently the United States Nuclear
Forces have required a positive order from the President before
launching a nuclear attack. In theory that's still true, but in
practice it's being changed quietly. Our Strategic Forces are
being re-programmed to launch an all-out attack on Russia under
either of two conditions.

The basic instruction is to await a positive command from
Washington, but a super secret new instruction tells Nuclear
Forces they need not wait for a positive launch order under one
extraordinary condition. This extraordinary condition is defined
as, quote:

"Widespread loss of C-3 connectivity due to EMP."

EMP stands for "Electromagnetic Pulse", a phenomenon associated
with nuclear blasts at the fringes of the atmosphere or near
space. In the early 1960's it was discovered by nuclear testing
that EMP can overload and disable all kinds of electrical
equipment, even power lines. It is known that today EMP would
virtually wipe out the command, control, and communication system
of the United States called C-3 by the Pentagon. The Bolshevik
military planners here are turning this vulnerability to their
own advantage. Through the appropriate avenues they are arguing:
"Suppose the Soviet Union preceded an attack on the United States
by using EMP to wipe out our communications. They could set off
a single H-bomb 250 miles over Omaha, Nebraska. All of our
communications from Maine to California, plus parts of Canada and
Mexico, would be fried by EMP. Afterward the President would
have no way to get word to our ICBM crews, bomber crews, or
submarines to retaliate. The Russians could hit us", say the
Bolsheviks, "and we would not hit back."

Using this argument as an excuse, Bolshevik military planners
here are disseminating new secret orders to our Nuclear Forces.
These orders say that should there be an EMP episode that cuts
off communications, that is to be taken as proof in itself, per
se, that we are under nuclear attack!

Under the new "Launch on Warning" posture of our Armed Forces,
they will not wait for any further orders. Obeying the secret
new standing orders, all of our ICBMs, bombers, and missile
submarines will launch all-out retaliation on Russia--that is,
they will believe they are retaliating; but what they will
actually be doing is mounting a nuclear first strike against

When the Bolsheviks here are ready for it to happen, they will
launch the Anti-Cosmosphere Missiles which now accompany the
mobile Minuteman TX missiles. The ACMs will race to the fringes
of space over America and explode their cobalt ionization bombs.
When that happens, it will do more than just interfere with the
Cosmospheres--it will also create a violent EMP episode. All
communications to centralized authority will be cut off, and our
Nuclear Forces will believe it is due to a Russian attack. There
will be no time and no way to double-check, and so United States
Forces will attack Russia. The Bolsheviks here will have set off
NUCLEAR WAR ONE, and they will make it look as if it all happened
by accident!


Topic #3--One year ago this month I began responding to a
question I was being asked at that time by many people. The
question was, "What can I do?" I did so reluctantly for the
reasons I gave at the time, and yet I also did so hopefully. I
felt that if that many people really wanted to take action, there
might really be a chance. I explained why, in my opinion, there
was only one weapon that could possibly save America from our
headlong plunge toward nuclear war. That weapon is the Truth.
In particular, it is the truth about the covered-up Fort Knox
Gold Scandal that could stop our internal enemies in their
tracks. I started giving suggestions month by month for what YOU
could do. We began with Senator William Proxmire, then Chairman
of the Senate Banking Committee. Later on we directed our
efforts and attention to the privately owned Federal Reserve
System, which holds legal title to America's missing gold.
Finally we gave the entity President Reagan the chance to do his
duty to look into the matter.

I believe the time has come to give you an honest accounting
of where we stand. My friends, we have given every possible
opportunity to those who have the appropriate authority and
responsibility to investigate honestly. And what have they done?
Has a single official of the United States Government, or of the
Federal Reserve Corporation, or of Congress taken the people's
side? NO. Without exception they have all come down on the side
of keeping the lid on the facts about our missing gold. Without
exception they're saying in effect that they don't care about the
destruction of our hard-earned dollars and our economy. They
don't care that you cannot make ends meet. They do not care that
America's economic collapse is paving the way for dictatorship
and war. They care only about keeping themselves on what they
believe will be the winning side, and they have proven by their
actions that they believe those who stole our gold will be the
winning side. Senator William Proxmire, aided by the so-called
Inspector General of the Treasury Department, steadfastly refused
to investigate. The Federal Reserve Corporation has also closed
ranks to keep out the light of truth. For a while a few months
ago, certain high officials of the Regional Federal Reserve Banks
were being surprisingly cooperative. Now all that has been put
to a stop. Several officials have resigned. All the rest have
gone silent as stone.

On June 22, 1981, my friend Mr. Edward Durell sent a certified
letter to every single Federal Reserve System Director in the
United States. In that letter he warned each Director of his or
her individual legal responsibility relative to the nation's
missing gold reserves. Based on various legal precedents, each
one is legally liable if any of the gold is missing, and yet not
a single one has dared to break through the wall of silence which
has now been imposed.

And then, there's the President! The entity known as Ronald
Reagan gives beautiful lip service to the idea that any
governmental abuses should be rooted out. So three months ago I
invited you to send Mailgrams to him, urging him or his
representatives to look into the Gold Scandal. For starters, we
urged him to investigate the discrepancy of 165,000,000 ounces
between different statements of the Treasury itself on our gold
supplies. My friends, I have never heard one peep out of the
White House in reply. And, so far as I know, no one who sent a
Mailgram even had it acknowledged.

My friends, there can be no more appeals to authority except
to the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is above all.
Time is running out. By this time next year NUCLEAR WAR ONE
could be upon us, so I urge those of you who still want to take
action to do it right where you are. Use your files of
correspondence to share what you have learned with others if they
are interested. Let the power of the Truth do its work in spite
of the corruption in high places, and let your own knowledge of
the truth about current events help you decide wisely in taking
care of your own family needs.


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. My friends, time is
fast running out for the United States of America. Timetables
can never be firm, but the Bolsheviks here are now shooting for
around mid-1982 to set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE. Even now a great
naval disaster has befallen the United States because of their

My friends, a Day of Judgment is coming soon for America.
Americans by the millions are going along with the Satanic ideas
of the Bolsheviks here. We are filling up a cup of wrath for
ourselves, and soon we will drink it.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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