Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 67.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is August 25,
1981, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 67.

Twenty years ago on August 14, 1961, the world was shocked by
the news from the divided city of Berlin. For years East Germans
had been flocking to the West by crossing from East to West
Berlin. That flood was about to be stopped. A wall was being
built to divide the two halves of the city. We watched in utter
disbelief as the Berlin Wall was built 20 years ago; but, my
friends, we learned very little.

Today new walls are being built to contain a people, but the
people are asleep and do not see the walls. Once again an entire
people are being divided--not by physical walls but by unseen
divisions among their leaders. The country, my friends, is the
United States, and the people are you and me.

The most important walls of any dictatorship are not those
built with hands but those of the mind and heart. When walls are
built that rob a people of information, they become vulnerable;
and when walls of hatred shut out the ability to think, a people
cease to be free. Slowly but surely free channels of information
in America are being snuffed out in important places.

This month on August 7 the Washington Star newspaper died
after 128 years of publication. In past AUDIO LETTERS I have
frequently quoted the Star for just one reason. It was a far
better newspaper than the Washington Post. It was more
objective, better written, and in many cases simply more honest.
Now Washington, D.C., supposedly the capital of the Western
world, is left with only one newspaper; and that one is, at
times, the handmaiden of the Government, living on Government
handouts and CIA connections. The Post was not always that way,
but today that's all that is left in Washington--in effect, the
people have been frozen out.

With quietness and stealth, the United States Government is
taking on the overtones of two opposing forces at once--Fascism
and Bolshevism. The United States Government is torn within by a
gigantic power struggle. Which group will win is impossible to
predict at this time, but both power factions have one thing in
common--they both want to build the walls of dictatorship around
you and me.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--The entity President Reagan is fond of saying in
speeches, quote: "I was a Democrat longer than I have been a
Republican." Likewise, his past heroes of the White House Oval
Office are more often Democrat than Republican. And the hero we
hear about most often of all from our actor president is Franklin
D. Roosevelt. From the beginning, the so-called Reagan
Administration has been modeled along lines pioneered by FDR in
the 1930's. Like FDR, the present administration tried to hit
the ground running with big changes in federal policies. Now, as
then, the Executive Branch of the Government is claiming a public
mandate to flatten Congressional opposition like a steam roller;
and even though they look different today, the real issues now
are once again the same as they were in the 1930's. Those issues
are: the crumbling economy, approaching war, and the political
future of the United States.

On the domestic level, 1981 is trembling with the hollow
echoes of 1933, and yet there is also one major difference today.
In 1933 there was just one major power behind the throne, so to
speak, dominating the United States Government. Today, in 1981,
there are two powerful factions who are challenging each other
for governmental control. An enormous power struggle is going on
behind closed doors which has afflicted the United States
Government with schizophrenia. Policy-making has turned into a
series of skirmishes between these two power groups. As a
result, the Government zigs and zags, this way and that. Top
officials, such as the Secretaries of State and Defense, are
always in a public tug of war. It all reflects the great power
struggle behind closed doors.

On one side are the Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller
Cartel. Back in the days of FDR five decades ago this was mainly
an oil cartel. From there it grew and diversified into a
world-wide Corporate Socialist empire made up of multinational

On the other side of the current power struggle in America are
the State Socialists, the Bolsheviks. Like the Rockefeller
Cartel, the Bolsheviks have "collectivism" as their ultimate
goal--that is, both groups want to concentrate all wealth and
power in a few hands--namely, their own. But the Bolsheviks want
to do it in a different way.

The Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel want their
own giant corporations to be the real masters of society. By
contrast, the Bolshevik State Socialists want the Government to
be all-powerful. Through the Government, the Bolsheviks want to
control the means of production directly through nationalized

For decades, from 1917 until very recently, these two
collectivist forces had their own separate power bases.
Rockefeller Corporate Socialism held sway in America, while the
State Socialist Bolsheviks controlled the Soviet Union. The two
sides came in contact only on an international basis, and under
those conditions they operated as secret allies. But over the
past five years everything has changed. In 1976 the Bolsheviks
were finally pried loose from control of the Kremlin by a
determined band of native Russians. Their achievement was the
result of six decades of tireless struggle, but it came as a
shock both to the Bolsheviks in Russia and to the Rockefeller
forces here. The Kremlin's new masters want no part of the
international intrigues formerly carried out in tandem with the
United States. They also want no part of the Bolsheviks. The
Bolsheviks are being run out of Russia, so they are trying to use
the United States as their new power base. This situation has
brought the Bolsheviks into direct competition with the
Rockefeller Cartel for power over the United States--and the

In late 1977 I reported that a quiet new Bolshevik revolution
was getting under way here in America with the help of the
Rockefeller Cartel. It was a desperate attempt by these two
groups, formerly international allies, to join forces on the
domestic level. At that time both the Rockefellers and the
overthrown Bolsheviks from Russia were preoccupied with staving
off Russia's new rulers. It was a classic case of that old
famous principle: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

What the Rockefeller Cartel has learned instead is that
sometimes my enemy's enemy is also my enemy. In early 1979 the
Bolsheviks here launched an all-out drive to seize total control
away from the Rockefellers. They did not quite succeed, as I
detailed in past AUDIO LETTERS, but the Rockefeller Cartel was
grievously wounded. For more than two years now the behavior of
the United States has reflected one basic fact--that is: no one
is clearly, decisively in charge. Instead, the struggle

In February 1979 I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 43 that,

"Soon the inevitable internal conflict here in the United
States will be getting under way. On one side there are the
Corporate Socialists of the now headless Rockefeller Cartel. On
the other, there are the Bolshevik State Socialists."

My friends, it is this very internal conflict which is now
showing itself daily in the behavior of the so-called Reagan

I can now reveal that the Rockefeller Cartel, which was almost
out for the count two years ago, has made a surprising come-back
in strength. As of now, the Bolsheviks here continue to dominate
America's foreign policy through their effective control of our
military forces. But in the economic and political arenas, it is
the Rockefeller Cartel that now seems to have the edge. My
friends, they intend to use that edge in some stunning stratagems
intended to rebuild their own power. The power struggle here is
starting to turn into a race against time. The Rockefeller group
lacks the power to simply finish off the Bolsheviks, and the
reverse is also true, so each faction is gearing up to make the
maximum use of its own areas of strength. In this Topic and
Topic #2, I will describe an economic and political one-two punch
being prepared by the Rockefeller interests. If these things can
be done fast enough, the Corporate Socialists believe they can
blast the Bolsheviks here right out of the water; but as I will
describe in Topic #3, the Bolsheviks here have no intention of
giving the Cartel that much time. Before they can be stopped,
the Bolsheviks intend to reach their own goal--NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

The economic surprise which I am about to make public will
come as a shock to most Americans, and yet it has already been
foreshadowed by plans which I have previously reported on two

First, there was the plan for a gold revaluation publicity stunt
which I reported last November 1980 in AUDIO LETTER No. 60.
America's alleged gold reserves are listed on Treasury and
Federal Reserve balance sheets at the old official price of
$42.22 per ounce. As you and I know, they do not in fact have a
great deal of the gold which is listed. Those balance sheets are
fraudulent. But the plan which I reported last November was for
our non-existent gold reserves to be revalued at current market
prices. On paper, that would make our gold supplies look ten
times bigger in dollar terms at current prices. The whole idea
of the plan was to reinforce the false perception that America
has a huge gold hoard. A few weeks later the gold revaluation
gimmick started to surface. For the first time in many years a
major article about the Fort Knox Bullion Depository was
published. Through syndication it was published all across the
United States as well as many other countries. As I reviewed in
AUDIO LETTER No. 61, the article referred throughout only to the
market price of the gold. The old official price was totally

The next element in the plan for an economic shock is the one
which I first reported last April in AUDIO LETTER No. 63. That
item had to do not with gold but with our currency itself. I am
referring to the plan to do away with the $100 bill.

When I first reported on the plan to eliminate the $100 bill,
I received heavy mail about it. People were stunned. But I can
report to you that the plan is still on track; in fact, since I
first made the plan public in AUDIO LETTER No. 63, at least one
bill has been introduced in Congress to do as I described. In
AUDIO LETTER No. 63 I also invited you to send Mailgrams to the
entity President Reagan about our missing gold. Specifically, I
urged you to challenge him to look into the discrepancy of
165-million ounces in the Treasury's own figures. Recently I
mentioned that I had never heard a single word directly out of
the White House in response, and that's still true. However I
have now received copies of the letter which a number of you
received. I thank you for sending them, and I feel I should take
a moment to comment about them.

In every case that I have seen, the response to your Mailgram
consisted of a letter from the Treasury Department. The letter
begins, quote: "On behalf of President Reagan, thank you for your
letter concerning an audit of the United States gold stock." The
letter then describes a so-called Gold Audit which is alleged to
have been under way since 1975 on the installment plan. Enclosed
with the letter is a copy of the latest report on this alleged
gold audit.

My first comment is that this letter and enclosure in no way
answered the question you posed in your Mailgrams. That question
had to do with a glaring discrepancy of 165-million ounces of
gold between two Treasury documents. Nowhere does the Treasury
letter even refer to that discrepancy, much less attempt to
explain it. So Fact No. 1 is: Neither the President nor the
Treasury Department gave you the courtesy of an answer to your
question. Instead they tried to distract you by talking about
something else. That something else, of course, is the alleged
continuing audit of the gold. Too much could be said about that
to go into details here. It's enough to say that the so-called
recurring 10-year audit is a totally fraudulent arrangement using
a different set of college students each summer for a few weeks
time moving the same stock of junk gold in Cell No. 33 back and
forth each summer. It is intended to perpetuate the bogus audit
which was carried out just after the so-called "Gold Inspection
Tour" of Fort Knox in 1974. If you want to know more details, I
refer you to my AUDIO BOOK talking tape recorded in March 1975.

The point I want to make is that the alleged Reagan
Administration is only pretending to look for real cures to our
economic problems. They are not listening to you, and they will
not give a forum to anyone intending to reveal the truth about
our gold supplies. Instead, the gold revaluation and $100 bill
elimination are to be parts of an economic power play. My
friends, our would-be modern day FDR, the entity President
Reagan, is planning to stun the world soon. He will do it by
putting America back on to what will appear to be the gold

Late last year Congress passed a law requiring that a federal
commission be created to study the role of gold in our monetary
system. But federal commissions are never set up in an
uncontrolled or open-ended fashion. No surprises are ever wanted
or allowed from a federal commission. Instead, the Government
first decides what conclusions it wants to hear from the
commission, then the commission is set up in such a way as to
guarantee that the commission will recommend whatever is desired.

That is what has been done with the "Federal Gold Commission."
Congress decreed last year that it be set up in time to produce
its report by October 7 of this year; but after the new
Administration took office last January, the Treasury Department
kept putting off creation of the Gold Commission.

It did not come into being until June 22, and the first
meeting of the Federal Gold Commission was not held until just
last month on July 16. It was held behind closed doors with no
public observers, no witnesses to testify, and with no minutes
kept. As with all federal commissions that matter, the Federal
Gold Commission is a "closed shop." It consists of four (4)
Congressmen, three (3) Senators, three (3) members of the Federal
Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, two (2) White House
advisers, and four (4) nominally public members. The Chairman is
none other than the Treasury Secretary himself; and to shepherd
the group in the desired direction, the Executive Director for
the study is another insider, Dr. Anna Schwartz.

The small contingent of four so-called "public" members of the
Gold Commission were hand-picked for their known views about
gold. Anyone who might have made real waves was carefully
excluded from consideration. My friend Mr. Edward Durell is a
prominent example of this. Mr. Durell offered to serve on the
Federal Gold Commission entirely at his own expense. He would
have brought with him massive documentation and more than a
decade of intensive activity in the realm of our gold reserve.
He would have brought true expertise about gold to the Federal
Gold Commission. His appointment to the Commission was highly
recommended to the alleged Reagan Administration by business
leaders and even a few Congressmen, but he was firmly rejected
because he knows too much!

Now that the hand-picked Federal Gold Commission is safely in
being, it's supposed to make up quickly for lost time. Congress
may be asked to extend the deadline to January 1, 1982, but even
that would leave little time for making any serious study of
America's monetary future. Fortunately for the Gold Commission
members, its conclusions have already been preordained. Even
Congressman Ron Paul, a member of the Commission, is to be used
with or without his knowledge to achieve these ends.

Whenever the Federal Gold Commission issues its report, its
recommendations are to set the stage for dramatic action by the
President. Sometime in early 1982 two things will be done at the
same time. One will be to abolish the old official price of
gold, $42.22 per ounce, and let the gold price "float." The
other part of the announcement will be that Congress will be
asked to restore gold backing for the dollar. It will be a 20%
gold backing, as currently planned, based on the market price of
gold. In effect, the dollar and gold will "float" together in
international markets; but for domestic purposes, it will be
claimed that this is a new gold standard which will restore
stability to the dollar. For the first time since 1968 there
will be a governor or a brake on the supply of dollars.

My friends, this will be only a pseudo gold standard, not a
real one. You and I will not be able to walk into a bank and
exchange a dollar bill for gold. Likewise, the international
gold window which President Nixon closed 10 years ago this month
will not be reopened. The effects of the Reagan pseudo gold
standard will only be temporary, lasting only a year or two, and
even that assumes that there is no war in the meantime, and yet
it will be a master stroke. For a while it will alter the
perception of the dollar. It will appear to be a powerful attack
on inflation here in America. That perception will be reinforced
by the elimination of the $100 bill on a separate occasion. Even
though it will not be a true gold standard, its effect through
the market place will be dramatic.

In relation to the currencies of Europe and Japan, it will
seem to make the dollar much more valuable to be bought and held,
but don't be fooled! For a while it will seem that the heyday of
the so-called almighty dollar has returned once again. My
friends, this will be an illusion, because the enormous damage
done by inflation over the past 10 years will not be undone. It
will only be arrested temporarily.

For the average working man and woman it may provide at most a
temporary breather, no more than that. But for the Corporate
Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel who are engineering it, the
pseudo gold standard will be a bonanza. Huge United States
multinational corporations have issued hundreds of millions of
dollars of debt instruments in Europe in recent years. They did
this when the dollar was weak, with the debt payable in Swiss
francs, West German marks, and other currencies which were strong
then. But now, as these debts come due, the dollar is being made
strong again. This maneuver will allow those debts to be repaid
in Europe or elsewhere in currencies which are artificially
cheap. In this and other ways it all translates into enormous
profits for the Rockefeller multinational corporations.

At the same time, the privately owned and controlled Federal
Reserve Corporation has been creating record-high interest rates
in this country. That is creating vast opportunities here for
the Corporate Socialists in two ways:

First, Federal Reserve policies are creating a depressionary
effect on American industry and business. Basic industries like
steel, automobiles, and housing are being forced to lay off
workers; bankruptcies are spreading; real estate, including farm
land, is lost by owners no longer able to pay their debts; and
businesses large and small are becoming vulnerable to takeover.
It's a time ripe for mergers as the giants swallow up their
smaller rivals--merge or die.

Besides creating this vulnerability to takeover, Federal Reserve
policies are also pulling in the money to big member banks to
take advantage of the situation. So-called "hot money" from
other countries is flowing into the United States in order to
take advantage of the high interest rates here. That money in
turn is recycled through the big banks to finance mergers and
take-overs by the favored few giants. All of this will be
reinforced by the so-called gold standard now being hatched by
the Corporate Socialists.

At the same time, the Bolshevik influence within the Federal
Reserve and other critical financial areas has been reduced in
recent months. The Rockefeller Cartel is calling most of the
shots at the present time in the economic realm. This is
reflected in recent subtle shifts by the Federal Reserve
Corporation with regard to struggling banks. The Bolsheviks here
want to bring down the giant banks which have long been a major
source of Rockefeller power. But now the Federal Reserve
Corporation is positioning itself to bail out any big banks
endangered by defaults on giant loans to foreign nations. And a
few days ago the "Fed" also announced that it will provide
relatively low-interest loans to Savings & Loans that are in

The economic landscape is changing constantly, thanks to the
in-fighting between the State Socialist Bolsheviks and the
Corporate Socialist Rockefeller Cartel. There will continue to
be surprises which neither I nor anyone else can predict, but as
of now it is still the Rockefeller Cartel that is primarily
getting its way on the economic front in America. Even
governmental policies are favoring the Cartel as far as economics
is concerned.

Through the economic route, the Corporate Socialists are
working fast to gather power away from the Government and into
their own hands domestically. They are working feverishly to
make a reality of many parts of the secret new Constitution for
America which I first made public in 1975. Under their secret
new Constitution, all industry would be controlled by the
so-called authorities made up of the giants of industry.
Governmental regulation would be done away with, just as the
alleged Reagan Administration is trying to do right now. Small
businesses would exist only at the pleasure of the big, subject
to licenses limiting their activity. In short, the real economic
power of the country would lie in the hands of the Corporate
Socialists by mergers and other means. That is what is taking
place right now.

My friends, many of the maneuvers now being attempted by the
Rockefeller Cartel are derived from plans conceived long ago, but
they are being executed today in an environment which was not
foreseen. Today, the Corporate Socialists of the Rockefeller
Cartel are in a battle to the death against the Bolsheviks here.
The Rockefeller group are trying to gather economic power to
gigantic proportions here very quickly. If they do succeed in
their drive for unchallenged economic power here in America, that
will be the first big punch against the Bolsheviks by the Cartel.
It will lead directly into their second blow at the Bolsheviks,
which will be in the political arena.

Economic power translates into political clout; and if the
Rockefeller group have their way, their political blow-to-come
against the Bolsheviks here will be decisive. As I will describe
in Topic #2, it is a Sunday punch designed to completely smash
Bolshevik power here. If the Corporate Socialists are
successful, America will be torn by internal convulsions far
worse than the Civil War; but if they do not succeed, the
Bolsheviks believe no one can stop their own plans for domination
of America, and eventually the world.

Topic #2--Last month on Friday, July 17, White House news
reporters readied themselves for an announcement. The United
States had decided to lift its brief embargo on delivery of F-16
Jet Fighter Bombers to the country which calls itself Israel.
Reporters were tipped off that a formal presidential announcement
could be expected shortly.

The F-16 embargo had been imposed less than six weeks earlier
in the wake of Israel's destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor.
The embargo had been so brief as to have no real effect on
Israel; but as I detailed last month in AUDIO LETTER No. 66, it
was not intended to have any real meaning. Like every other
American protest against Israel in the past 33 years, the brief
F-16 embargo was only for public consumption. It was a cosmetic
move purely for the sake of appearances. By July 17 the fickle
mind of the American public had moved on to other things, just as
it always does. And so the F-16s were about to be released to

The expected announcement never came that day, instead there
was a new shock from the Middle East. The Israeli Air Force
launched all-out bombing raids on civilian targets throughout
southern Lebanon. The big bridge over the Litani River was
attacked, causing heavy damage and killing many people. The oil
pipeline from Saudi Arabia, which all of Lebanon depended upon
for gasoline and other fuels, was attacked and blown up. As
reported by the BBC, but not on American television, Israeli jets
bombed every single major town throughout southern Lebanon; and
Beirut, poor Beirut--wave after wave of Israeli war planes
thundered over that city, which used to be the peaceful pearl of
the Middle East. American-made jets with Star of David insignia
rained a holocaust of devastation on heavily populated civilian
communities. The pilots, many with United States and Israeli
dual citizenship, were practicing genocide on the defenseless
Lebanese civilians. As the smoke cleared and the moans of
anguish faded away, the dimensions of Lebanon's agony horrified
the world. In that one raid some 300 Lebanese were killed, 800
more injured, and thousands left homeless. Over a two-week
period some 450 died in southern Lebanon. During that same
period six Israelis were killed in alleged PLO raids.

The White House, which today is a divided house, behaved as if
it had been caught off base. Then the embargo on jets to Israel
was extended again. The United States pretended to be upset, and
Israel pretended to be hurt.

Meanwhile there were words of alarm from an unaccustomed
direction. Voices who are normally raised in support of Israel
were beginning to say in effect: What's going on here? An
example was an article in the New York Times for July 23, 1981.
It described, quote:

"Widespread distress among American Jews over the increased
fighting in the Middle East, including the Israeli bombing of

According to the article, one influential Jewish leader condemned
the raid as, quote:

"Utterly without redeeming social or strategic value and in
absolute violation of community standards."

Another reportedly worried that actions like these represent a
danger to Jews themselves. Others appear bewildered, not sure
what to think. One rabbi reportedly summed it up in the words,

"I still don't think we have all the facts about why Israel did
what it did."

My friends, those words are not far from the truth. The fact
is that most Americans, including most American Jews, are not
being given the facts. The fact is that today an interlocked
military junta is controlling the military actions of both the
United States and Israel!

America's military policies today are not in the best
interests of most Americans. In exactly the same way, Israel's
military policies are not in the best interests of most Jews.

More than six decades ago a galaxy of prominent patriotic
American Jews tried to prevent the creation of a Zionist state in
Palestine. The Zionist plan to set up a new nation to be named
"Israel" was, in their view, a cruel and tragic hoax.

For one thing, in those days Zionism as a political movement
encompassed fewer than five per cent (5%) of American Jews; and
yet the small Zionist minority were claiming to speak for all
Jews. Beyond that, the anti-Zionist Jews declared that the
promises of the Zionists were not only false promises but
prescriptions for tragedy.

Israel, said the Zionists, would be the national home for the
Jews, a place of ingathering, of safety, and of rest. In reply,
the anti-Zionist Jews showed that the so-called nation of Israel
could never live up to Zionist claims. They showed that the
nation to be named "Israel" could never serve as home to more
than a small minority of the Jews of the world, and they
predicted that the only real accomplishment of Zionist Israel
would be never-ending conflict, ever-expanding bloodshed, and
tragedy after tragedy.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 49 two years ago, I called attention to
the prophetic warnings of the anti-Zionist American Jews. Today,
two generations later, very few Americans, Jew or otherwise, are
even aware of those warnings; but it is those warnings, not the
rosy promises of the Zionists, which are coming true before our

As a place of ingathering for the Jews, the nation which calls
itself Israel has been a hopeless failure. Today, 33 years after
its founding, the entire population of Jews in Israel remains
less than that of New York City alone.

From 1969 to 1979 it's reported that more than 500,000 Jews
have left Israel for the United States, and today over 2,500 a
month are leaving for the United States. In a nation of only a
few million, that is a hemorrhage of catastrophic proportions.

And where are all the Zionist promises of a national home
where Jews can live in tranquil security? During the past 33
years, has any other nation on earth been in conflict with its
neighbors more consistently and constantly than Israel? Despite
these and other facts, the Zionist image of Israel is the one
which has been successfully planted in many minds. Even in major
media news reports these days it is often acknowledged that the
Israeli Lobby in Washington is a formidable force.

Today, that power is built upon several foundations. There
are four major groupings in the United States which can always be
counted upon to support Israel in any situation:

(1) One group, of course, are the outright Zionists in America.
They always echo the Israeli line, be it right or wrong.

(2) Then there are the Political Conservatives. Even when they
may be privately irritated by specific Israeli actions, they
remain supportive. They believe that, come what may, Israel is
America's bastion against Russia in the Middle East. An American
Jewish businessman known for his support of Israel, Mr. Meyer
Berger, expressed it this way on the ABC television news program
"Nightline" for July 22, quote: "We believe that Israel is an
inevitable partner of the United States. It's America's
unsinkable carrier in the Middle East."

(3) The third group, a very large group, is that of the
Fundamentalist Christians. They have been persuaded that this is
the real Israel, the reborn Israel of the Bible. This impression
is one which has been fostered deliberately by the Zionists from
the very beginning. The Khazar roots of modern Israel, which I
detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 50, are generally unknown to many
Fundamentalist Christians.

(4) Finally, there are politicians in important swing states.
Wherever there is a rough balance between Democrats and
Republicans, they tend to cancel each other out. That leaves the
Zionist minority with the power to swing votes either way.
Through money and political organization, they make sure that the
politicians who win elections are beholden to them. These four
major groups form the acknowledged support for Israel--the
Zionists, the Conservatives, the Fundamentalist Christians, and
beholden politicians.

(5) But there is one other group, and it is the most important
group of all. That group consists of what the professionals
refer to as the "Little Jews." The small minority of
self-proclaimed "Big Jews"--that is, the active Zionist
leadership here--work on the emotions of all the rest. They do
their best to keep all Jews scared, and therefore herded together
defensively. The so-called "Big Jews" talk incessantly about the
holocaust, making sure that fears and doubts never die. By means
of emotionalism, the small Zionist minority have been able to
persuade most Jews that Israel is somehow their cause.

It is the Jews of America themselves who most of all are the
unwitting victims of Zionism. It is they who are becoming uneasy
as they watch Israel throwing off all restraints in warfare.
And, my friends, it is they, the broad mass of Jews in America,
who will soon begin to suffer for the actions of the Zionists.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 50 I discussed in detail the relationship
between the two political forces known as Zionism and Bolshevism.
Both were forged into living entities in the crucible of World
War I. Both have common roots which claim to be Jewish but are
not; and today both of these political forces use the community
of all Jews as a cover for their own activities. The Bolsheviks,
with headquarters now in America, work hand in glove with their
Zionist brothers who control Israel. Their joint goal is
absolute domination of the entire world.

In Topic #1 I discussed the deadly competition now underway
here in the United States between the Bolsheviks and the
Rockefeller Cartel. Against all odds, the Rockefeller group is
succeeding in regaining total control in many economic areas; and
the economic power which I discussed in Topic #1 is intended to
translate quickly into political power. If the Rockefeller
interests have their way, America is on the road to Fascism.
Their pattern for America is that of Hitler's Germany. That is
their alternative which they are now pitting against the drive
toward Marxist dictatorship here by the Bolsheviks.

In my very first AUDIO LETTER report of June 1975, I described
how Adolf Hitler was brought to power in Germany. It was done
through the power of giant industries secretly controlled by the
Rockefeller combine. The governmental structure set up by Hitler
was Fascism, in which big industry was a privileged partner of
government. Today the Corporate Socialists are working
feverishly to repeat that pattern, only more so, right here in
the United States! This time they intend for their corporate
empire to be so powerful as to be beyond control by the
government; and through their own agents within government, they
plan to have their own way against the Bolsheviks.

Already the so-called Reagan Administration is beginning to
show its Fascist colors in domestic affairs. Anti-trust laws
have effectively been shelved. Instead, the United States
Attorney General has given a clear green light for all-out
corporate mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile the Administration
is rapidly building the walls to contain us all within the prison
which America is to become!! Under the guise of immigration
control, more and more detention centers are opening up.
Likewise the issue of prison overcrowding has been made into an
overnight excuse for an enormous prison-building program. When
the time comes, they will all be ready for their intended use as

The Rockefeller Corporate Socialists here are looking forward
to rounding up and silencing their opposition. In doing that
they believe they will ultimately be helped by the Bolsheviks and
Zionists themselves. The Rockefellers have always made a
practice of studying the psychological profiles of their enemies;
and in studying the Bolshevik/Zionist mentality, they have found
an Achilles' heel--a fatal weakness. That weakness, my friends,
lies in the exercise of power itself. Whenever they have a free
rein, the Bolsheviks and Zionists always go too far. Many years
ago one of these people confided to a very close friend of mine,

"We're becoming extremely powerful, so powerful that it is a
danger to us. The more power we acquire, the closer we come to
the surface. We have left a trail; and as we come closer to the
surface, the danger is that some day someone will start following
that trail. And yet we cannot stop; we will continue to gather
more power, coming ever closer to the surface until we destroy
ourselves with our power."

The Rockefeller group believe that it is starting to happen now.
In Israel the Zionists are casting off all restraints in warfare,
creating revulsion world-wide in the process.

And here in America the Bolsheviks are riding higher and
higher. On all sides the self-proclaimed "Big Jews" are
beginning to flaunt their power instead of using it
surreptitiously. In the news media, in entertainment, in
education, in government, on all sides it is beginning to happen.
In all positions of power here in America, Jews are becoming
conspicuous by their numbers. Up to now, this is still a
phenomenon which millions of Americans are telling themselves
they do not see. We never hesitate to count up the other ethnic
groups we see in powerful positions--be they Japanese-Americans,
Chicanos, Blacks, or whatever; but many Americans are made to
feel vaguely anti-Semitic if they dare to count up Jews in the
same way. Millions of others do see it but talk about it only in
their parlors or country clubs.

But among the Jews themselves, a few muffled alarms are
beginning to sound here and there. A few are beginning to sense
the danger of an anti-Jew backlash from the mushrooming
visibility of Jews in powerful places. For example, the late
Washington Star of May 28 published an article by a top official
of the American Jewish Congress. Its title was: "UNEASY EYE ON
THE ANTI-SEMITIC FRINGE." As one basis of his worry, he pointed
out that Jews, quote:

"...hold public office in numbers disproportionate to their
percentage in the population."

My friends, what it comes down to is this: The
Bolshevik/Zionist elements here in America have acquired so much
power that they are starting to go too far. They are beginning
to surface in spite of themselves, and the Rockefeller Cartel
intends to use this mistake to destroy them. The present
Administration will be forced to turn increasingly Fascist on the
domestic front; and as the echoes of Adolf Hitler grow louder and
louder, there will be a rebirth of what used to be called "The
Jewish Question."

It all brings back memories of a day in Detroit, 1943, my
friends. I was in charge of sending and receiving cryptographic
messages for the late Colonel Charles King, a protege of General
"Hap" Arnold.

One day a family of Jewish friends of mine invited me to their
home. It was a Jewish holiday, and I was to share their holiday
dinner with them. They were a family of refugees from Germany
and I was fascinated to hear about their experiences. Finally I
asked: "Why did the German government go after the Jews?" The
man looked at me and then looked down at his plate as he
answered. There was pain in his voice as he said quietly:

"I was only a Little Jew, in business. I was a good Jew. Lots
of us were, but it was the 'Big Jews' who got us in all this
trouble. They just went too far."

"What do you mean 'They went too far'?" I asked; and he said:

"They had taken over all the reins of power in Germany. There
was nothing they did not control. So now the good apples have to
suffer with the bad." Then he added: "You know, it is several
years now since I came to America. In all that time you are the
first person who ever asked me why the German government went
after the Jews. So, now you know why."

Topic #3--A few days ago, on August 17, reporters were called
together for an announcement by Secretary of State Alexander
Haig. He announced that the United States was lifting its
embargo on all war planes for that country called Israel. It was
a green light for 14 F-16s and 2 F-15s to be sent to Israel
without further delay. It was only one month to the day after
the Israeli bombing of Beirut.

Lebanon is still reeling from that disaster. In percentage
terms, 300 dead in tiny Lebanon is equivalent to 24,000 dead in
the United States. Had a disaster claimed that many lives here
in a short month ago, it would still be the only thing that
mattered to countless Americans. But it happened in Lebanon, not
America; and so it created hardly a ripple when the United States
told Israel, in effect: "Here are some more planes so you can do
it again."

In releasing the war planes, the United States did not even
express an opinion about whether Israel's use of the planes is
proper. In answer to a reporter's question, Haig said that the
causes of the embargo had been adequately resolved. But those
empty words can never raise the dead in Lebanon nor silence the
sobs of those who mourn for them.

The release of the war planes to Israel this month is just a
continuation of the pattern I discussed last month. The
interlocked military juntas of the United States and Israel are
in a hurry. They have a hammer lock on military affairs, and
they are using it to the hilt. They are pressing forward toward
their goal of thermonuclear war between the United States and
Russia as fast as they can. If they can succeed soon enough,
they will cut short the stratagems of the Rockefeller Cartel
which I described in Topics #1 and #2.

Events themselves are showing how great is the rush to prepare
for war. On August 17 the American war planes were released to
Israel. The very next day, late on August 18, United States
time, American war planes were making new headlines. A pair of
Libyan SU-22 jets were lured into a brief dogfight with American
F-14s. The SU-22s are primarily ground-support aircraft. They
are no match for air superiority Fighters like the F-14. The
dogfight was over almost as soon as it began. Both Libyan jets
were shot down, crashing into the sea in the Gulf of Sidra.

The United States has trumpeted loudly about the success of
this air combat. Supposedly it is to tell the world that we mean
business; but in many capitals from Europe to the Persian Gulf
the message is being read in other ways. In Europe many leaders
are nervously saying that Uncle Sam is behaving like a
trigger-happy cowboy. And six oil-exporting nations of the
Persian Gulf are saying that this proves that America has no
intention of dealing fairly with the Arabs.

By shooting down Libyan jets in an artificial confrontation,
the United States is also shooting down any new peace prospects
for the Middle East. Beyond that, my friends, the Libyan
dogfight episode was also staged for more obscure purposes of
military deception. Right now stories about the Libyan dogfight
are being constantly rehashed to keep our attention on the
Mediterranean. Meanwhile, the real action is taking place
elsewhere. Even the stories you have heard about the dogfight
itself are part of a gigantic naval "shell game." The pilots who
shot down the Libyan jets are not the ones identified publicly by
the Pentagon; and, my friends, the planes which shot down the
Libyan jets did not come from the USS Nimitz!

While all eyes are on the Mediterranean, the real naval action
is taking place to the north and west. On July 14 the largest
Allied naval war games since World War II got under way. These
exercises involve 13 nations, 120,000 troops, 250 ships, and more
than 1,000 aircraft. This tremendous exercise called "OCEAN
VENTURE 81" is to continue until the end of October. It will
include air assaults, anti-submarine warfare, bombing raids, even
mock battles between aircraft carrier battle groups. Most
important of all, many of these war games will intrude into areas
traditionally considered to be in Russia's sphere of operation!
These massive exercises, my friends, will include not only the
North Atlantic but the Baltic and Norwegian Seas.

The naval war games now underway in the Atlantic are built
around America's new belligerent strategy against Russia. That
strategy was spelled out in an interview by the Chicago Sun Times
two months ago on Sunday, June 21. The person interviewed was
the Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman, Jr. Lehman spelled out
America's increasing dependence upon aircraft carriers. To make
use of those carriers, the article describes the Lehman naval
strategy as, quote: "an offensive one." Lehman says that our
Navy should be able and ready to bottle up the Russian Navy in
such places as, quote: "the Sea of Japan, Barents Sea, and other
coastal waters." Lehman also gives prominent attention to
(quoting the article again): "protecting NATO's northern flank in
the Norwegian Sea."

My friends, those are the areas into which the massive Allied
exercises are scheduled to intrude! It is a radical departure
from past American naval policy. In the words of John Paul
Jones, it is deliberately sailing "in harm's way." This is
exactly the belligerent new American naval policy which I first
made public in AUDIO LETTER No. 65, two months ago.

My friends, the Bolsheviks here are working faster and faster
on more and more fronts to prepare for war. Two weeks ago it was
announced that America would start assembling its neutron bombs.
That announcement is far behind the reality because they have
been in production secretly for many months! The only real
purpose of the neutron bomb announcement was political. It's
just another way for the Administration to show off the chip on
its shoulder. Like shooting down a pair of Libyan jets, it's a
way of saying: "We are ready and eager for war." Most Americans
would disagree if we were told the truth; but we are not told the
truth, and so we continue down the path to war.

Now the way is being paved to bring back the Draft. Draft
registration is already in effect, and now it is being given
teeth by publicizing federal prosecution of those who do not
register. Beyond that, the Government is dusting off the old
Bolshevik gimmick of posting public "SIGN UP" notices. The idea
is to create resentment among those who have registered against
those who have not. The net result--get neighbors to spy on

Meanwhile we are being told that the manpower problem is the
worst one facing the military. At the same time we are seeing
falsified public opinion polls which say that more and more
Americans now favor the Draft. Under a Declaration of a National
Emergency, it will soon return. It remains to be seen who will
win the hidden struggle between the Rockefeller Cartel and the
Bolsheviks here. Only one thing is clear: regardless of which
one wins, my friends, you and I lose!


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've tried to alert you to the hidden power struggle for
control of the United States. On one side are the Corporate
Socialists of the Rockefeller Cartel--the Fascists. They are
trying to gather power away from the Government by economic
means. Then, using that power, they intend to use the old
"Jewish Question", so called, to throw a political knockout punch
at their Bolshevik rivals.

On the other side, the State Socialist Bolsheviks are using
their control of America's military as their key weapon. They
have already declared war against Russia, and now they are trying
to drag America into that war, a thermonuclear war! They are
trying to do it too fast to be stopped by the maneuverings of the
Rockefeller Cartel.

Caught in the middle is the double-minded Reagan
Administration. The White House is a house divided against
itself--first pulled this way, then that way by the conflicting
forces behind closed doors. Neither the Fascists nor the
Bolsheviks in our country can save you--only YOU can save
yourself with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. He taught us
long ago that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The
collapse, when it comes, will be awesome indeed.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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