Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 68.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K Street NW,
Washington, DC 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is September 30,
1981, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 68.

One day last month an awkward-looking machine in deep space
listened patiently for radio signals from Earth. The machine had
left the earth some four years earlier, and it will never return.
But the machine, a space robot, felt no loneliness. It was doing
the job it had been built to do. After plunging along through
the vast reaches of deep space, it was heading for a dramatic
rendezvous. Finally, the space robot detected the radio signals
it had been waiting for. As the signals came crackling through
space from earth, they were very faint. They had taken nearly an
hour and a half to arrive due to the astronomical distance
involved. Even so, the space robot recognized the radio commands
and obeyed them. It awakened, flexed its mechanical arms and
opened its television eyes, and it radioed back to Earth that it
was ready for its awesome rendezvous in space.

In Pasadena, California, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
announced to reporters that all was well. VOYAGER II was
operating perfectly as it approached that spectacular planet of
rings, Saturn. And equally important, VOYAGER II was right on
course. It had been racing through space for four years, and was
nearly a billion miles away. That's over ten times the distance
from Earth to the Sun, and yet VOYAGER II was only three seconds
off schedule after its four-year journey.

As the VOYAGER II space robot approached Saturn, it started
speeding up. On August 25 VOYAGER II came within 63,000 miles of
Saturn itself. That's only about one-fourth the distance from
the earth to the Moon. As it did so, it was traveling three
times as fast as the alleged Space Shuttle in orbit. Then
VOYAGER II raced outward again, passing through the mysterious
rings as it went.

For days as VOYAGER II approached Saturn, flew past it, and
then left Saturn behind, we got to see full-color pictures of
what it saw. Once again scientists and non-scientists alike
wanted to know: might there be other life out there? The
roiling, angry atmosphere of Saturn itself appeared to say, "No
life here." At least no life that you and I can imagine.

Then we saw pictures of the moons of Saturn. Scientists were
puzzled and amazed by the surprises they saw. Each moon is
different from the others, and yet as far as the question of
"life" is concerned, it seems that they are all the same--cold,
frozen worlds and fragments of worlds, worlds covered with
craters like the scars of a celestial smallpox; broken worlds
having one impossible giant crater on one side and covered with
shatter lines everywhere else.

As far as "life" is concerned, Saturn turned out to be another
Jupiter. Even if some of the building blocks of life are present
here and there, no independent life seems to have gotten started
there. Up to now, man's search of the Solar System seems to have
turned up the same answer everywhere concerning "life." Mars
looks as if it may have held life long ago; but if so, apparently
something destroyed it. Venus is a rich planet in many ways; but
due to its heat and other factors, the richness of Venus
apparently does not include native life. As for Mercury, the
innermost planet, the prospects look even more dim. Mercury is
so close to the sun that it is believed there could be rivers of
lead on the sunward side.

As I say these words, VOYAGER II is once again plunging
through the trackless void of deep space. Next stop,
Uranus--five years from now. If VOYAGER II survives that
solitary journey, it may teach us still more.

But we don't need to wait that long to start drawing
conclusions about our own space ship, Earth. My friends, our
beautiful planet Earth is unique in our solar system. It's just
the right size to hold the atmosphere we need to breathe and to
retain the water we need to drink, and it's just the right
distance from the sun. Much farther away, and our planet would
become too cold; much closer, and it would become too hot. As it
is, everything we need for life is present in a God-given
balance. The other planets of our solar system are fascinating,
spectacular, and perhaps even useful to man some day; but there
is no other planet so useful, so beautiful, and so spectacular as
the blue planet, planet Earth.

Today, men obsessed by greed and lust for power are
threatening to destroy what God created for you and me here on
earth. They are playing games of war with biological and
chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, and genetic engineering. They
are contaminating our world with hazardous wastes to satisfy
their own selfish desires. The present-day pilots of spaceship
Earth are flying us all on a collision course with catastrophe.
If they are not stopped, we have already seen our future through
the robot eyes of VOYAGER II. The good Earth, our God-given
home, will end up as a dead and broken world.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--Earlier this month, on September 10, a two-day summit
meeting between the United States and Israel ended here in
Washington. Afterward, the entities Reagan and Begin gushed with
words of mutual praise. It was as if the recent Israeli air
warfare on Iraq and Lebanon had never happened. There was not a
whisper to suggest that Washington was asking Israel to show any
restraint in the future. Instead, there were glowing words about
a major new enlargement of the strategic relationship between the
United States and Israel!

Officially, this new military relationship will focus on three
major areas:

One area of collaboration will be the stockpiling of American
war materiel in Israel. Supposedly this will include everything
from medical supplies to tanks and other weapons for the
so-called Rapid Deployment Force. The stockpiling of American
weapons in Israel is being presented to the public as if it were
a new development, but the fact is that this has been going on in
secret for years. I first reported about this in my AUDIO
LETTERS as long as six years ago in the autumn of 1975. In AUDIO
LETTER No. 6, especially, I reported the stockpiling of American
weapons, including battlefield nuclear weapons, in Israel. They
were there as part of the long-range preparations for the coming
limited nuclear strike by Israel against the Saudi Arabian oil
fields. Today, six years later, those plans are coming closer
and closer to being carried out.

The second major area of American and Israeli cooperation
announced this month involves joint strategic planning and
sharing of Intelligence. Here again, the public is being told
that this will be something new, while in reality it is already
established practice. When Israel destroyed the Iraqi nuclear
plant last June with American F-16s, it was only part of a larger
joint strategy. Likewise, the Reagan Administration plan to sell
AWACS radar planes to Saudi Arabia has the secret approval of
Israel. It is intended to help give Israel the pretext, the
excuse it needs, for attacking the Saudi oil fields. I have
reported in detail about these joint strategic plans by Israel
and the United States in recent tapes. Likewise, I've reported
in the past about other aspects of this ongoing joint military

My friends, there is nothing new about it at all. The
Reagan-Begin team also proclaimed the initiation of a third major
area of military cooperation. We're told that the military
forces of the United States and Israel will start holding joint
exercises and war games. As with the rest of the package deal,
we're supposed to believe that this is something new; but the
fact is that far more than practice exercises have been carried
out already by Israel and the United States--not mere exercises
but actual joint military operations have taken place several
times in recent years.

Up to now, all these joint military operations have been
covert; all have been totally hidden from public view except one.
That one exception was "OPERATION GUYANA" in November 1978. That
case was unique because a headline-making event was used as a
cover for the secret military operation itself. We were not
allowed to hear any news reports about the secret
American-Israeli Commando raid into Guyana that month. Our
Government had never admitted that there was a Russian missile
base there, and so we were not told about it when that base was
destroyed; but we did see the stomach-turning event which was
staged first in order to make the Commando raid possible--the
Jonestown massacre!

A few days ago the only American trial in connection with the
Guyana tragedy ended in mistrial. Larry Layton, a former member
of the Jim Jones cult, had been seized upon as a scapegoat; but
Layton was no more than a bit player on the Guyana stage, and his
trial ended with a hopelessly deadlocked jury.

Meanwhile, the real culprits at Jonestown have gone scot-free
because the real criminals, my friends, are the members of the
secret joint military junta of the United States and Israel.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 67 last month, I called attention to this
joint military junta and its growing power, and now the outcome
of the Reagan-Begin meeting this month has given public
confirmation of this junta's existence. The broad strategic
relationship between the United States and Israel is not new as

What is new is that the joint Bolshevik-Zionist junta is
increasingly going public. As their power grows, they are
flaunting that power more and more. It is just one more symptom
of the Bolshevik-Zionist mentality I discussed last month. Once
they acquire power, these people always go too far. The
Reagan-Begin Axis is at the very center of an expanding whirlpool
of world crises. World trouble spots are continuing to multiply.
The Bolshevik strategy to prepare the world for war, which I
revealed last spring in AUDIO LETTER No. 63, is having its
effect. Slowly but surely the whole world is being sucked up
into the swirling vortex of tension and conflict; and at the very
center, the Reagan-Begin Axis is stirring the pot faster and
faster. The growing storm of world conflict right now is
centered in the Middle East. In the eye of the storm sits
Israel. Moving outward from Israel in any direction there is
growing turmoil.

First, look to the north at Lebanon. After Begin left
Washington this month, the Israelis wasted no time in once again
heating up their running battle with the PLO. On September 17, a
scant week after the Reagan-Begin meeting, there were two large
bomb explosions in northern and southern Lebanon. As usual, PLO
guerrillas were supposed to be the targets; but also, as usual,
those who were actually killed by the Israeli blasts were mostly
civilians, including many women and children. Those two bombings
killed over 40 people and injured over 100.

Their intended purpose was to provoke retaliatory raids
against Israel by the PLO so that the Israeli government can
shout about their enemy being the PLO menace; but the PLO has not
yet obliged the Israelis by striking back. The Israelis are in a
hurry to whip up new war tensions, so there have been more
Israeli bombings in Lebanon in recent days, and they will
continue. The Israelis intend to goad the PLO however long it
takes to provoke a counterattack. Then, when that happens, the
resulting Israeli casualties will be big news in Israel and
America. Prime Minister Begin will be seen speaking
self-righteously of the unacceptable threat that continues to
come from the PLO, and he will make sure to mention Saudi Arabia
as the real culprit for bank-rolling the PLO. In this way, my
friends, Israeli terrorism in Lebanon is actually being aimed at
Saudi Arabia!

Lately the Israeli government has been talking about a
permanent solution to the alleged problem of PLO raids against
Israel. It started two months ago after an alleged PLO attack
killed and injured several Israelis. Begin announced that Israel
was going to put a stop to these raids, quote: "once and for
all." A few days later the Israeli Air Force horrified the world
by its all-out bombing of Beirut and all of southern Lebanon.
Now the Israelis are goading the PLO into striking again; and if
they do, the Israeli government will say, in effect, that hitting
guerilla bases in Lebanon will never provide the permanent
solution desired. Instead, Begin's accusing finger will point
more and more at Saudi Arabia. My friends, it's all part of the
build-up to the planned limited nuclear strike by Israel on the
Saudi oil fields.

Meanwhile the Reagan end of the Reagan-Begin Axis is hard at
work on the planned AWACS radar plane sale to Saudi Arabia.
That's intended to be just one more nail in Saudi Arabia's coffin
by making Saudi Arabia look like a direct threat to Israel. As
it stands right now, there's a chance that the AWACS sale will
not be approved by Congress. This is a result of the hidden
power struggle now dividing the United States Government. But
even if AWACS does not go through, the Reagan-Begin team have an
ace in the hole. Britain has already promised to fill the breach
if the AWACS deal falls through. If not AWACS, then the Saudis
can buy a similar British plane called "Nimrod"; and for purposes
of giving Israel a pretext for attack, Nimrod will serve very
well indeed.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, Syria is being drawn into the web
of Israeli war plans by way of Lebanon. We Americans often
forget that Syria, unlike Israel, has a legal right to be in
Lebanon. The Lebanese government invited Syria into Lebanon to
put a halt to fighting between the rightists and leftists of
Lebanon itself. The Syrians are there as the main body of an
Arab peace-keeping force; and, my friends, the Syrians have not
been asked to leave. By contrast, Israel possesses no legal
right whatsoever to conduct military operations of any kind in
Lebanon--but to those who rule Israel, might makes right.
Lebanon is weak and Israel is strong, so the Israelis consider it
their right to attack real or imagined enemies at will in

Late last April, Israeli jets shot down two Syrian
helicopters. The Syrians, who, I repeat, are in Lebanon legally,
responded by bringing anti-aircraft missiles into that area of
Lebanon. The Israelis, who had no right to be there in the first
place, immediately cried "foul." A crisis erupted over the
Syrian SAM missiles.

For over three months now, the crisis over the Syrian missiles
has been dormant. Israel has been busying itself in other ways.
It has destroyed the Iraqi nuclear plant and carried out genocide
raids against the residents of Beirut. In the meantime, the
Syrian anti-aircraft missiles have not injured Israel. But now
the Israelis are ready to stoke up trouble with Syria again, and
so just in the past few days the entity Begin has abruptly
revived the Syrian missile issue. He is saying that they must be
removed without delay. Otherwise, says Begin, Israel will not be
responsible for the consequences. Can you imagine?

If Syria can somehow be drawn into the vortex of Middle East
war tensions, it will help bring NUCLEAR WAR ONE one step closer.
Syria is a client state of Russia with the closest ties to Russia
of any Arab state. The Syrian SAM missiles in Lebanon are
Russian-made. Should the Begin government engineer a military
confrontation with Syria, Russia could not ignore it.

And then there is Egypt. The entity known as President Sadat
is being programmed now to self-destruct. In recent weeks he has
suddenly shed the modern image which had been cultivated for
Western eyes. Instead, now there is Sadat's crackdown on all
opposition. It is his crackdown on religious opposition that has
made most of the headlines, but there is more involved too; for
example: special security police are now being planted on the
university campuses of Egypt to squash any student protests
against Sadat. For the moment, these tactics may appear to make
Sadat's grip on his country more secure, but the longer-term
effect will be the opposite. Like the late Shah of Iran, the
entity Sadat will be undone by all these repressive tactics. It
is only a matter of time before "assassination politics" puts an
end to the Sadat era in Egypt.

The end of Sadat, or the entity known as Sadat, will also
spell the end of the Camp David peace accords, so called. Other
Arab leaders, including influential leaders in Egypt itself, are
against the Camp David approach. The events now taking place in
Egypt are setting the stage for collapse of the so-called
Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty. As I detailed long ago in AUDIO
LETTER No. 44, that was always the intention of those in the
United States and Israel who brought about the treaty. As a
former CIA operative revealed to me in this connection, quote:

"To have a war, you first have to have a peace treaty. Then
break the treaty, and presto--WAR."

Already the contrived era of good feeling between Israel and
Egypt is beginning to suffer. Earlier this month on September 12
Egypt canceled a scheduled visit to Egypt by Israeli military
officers. The reason: Israel's Defense Minister had said in
public that Sadat will not be around long!

Under the terms of the Egyptian-Israeli treaty, Israel is
scheduled to complete its withdrawal from the Sinai next April
1982. In the process, two large Israeli Air Bases in the Sinai
will also pass into Egyptian hands--that is, if the treaty
provisions are carried out. The demise of Sadat, or even a
weakening of the present Egyptian government, may provide Israel
with sufficient pretext not to withdraw. At the same time, plans
are also being laid again to trigger a major incident in the
Sinai. This was part of the plan I first made public six years
ago, and it's once again part of the plan now.

Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt--all these nearby
Arab neighbors of Israel are in the front lines of the
Reagan-Begin war maneuvering, but the whirlpool expands outward
from there. When Israeli battlefield atomic weapons cap off
Saudi Arabia's oil fields, it will send shock waves through the
industrialized world. It will cripple the industrial heart of
Europe, it will provide the excuse for gas rationing here in the
United States as our country secretly shifts onto a war footing,
and it will increase the strategic importance of oil-rich Iran
just across the Persian Gulf.

Under the so-called Khomeini regime, Iran is producing far
less oil than its capacity. With Saudi Arabia gone, substandard
production from Iran will seem intolerable to the world. On top
of that, the Reagan Administration will remind us of Iran's
geographic location. Nestled along the strategic underbelly of
Russia, we will be told that Iran is in danger. But to the
Bolshevik military junta in America, Iran's real attraction is
offensive in nature. Because of its location, Iran is an ideal
base from which to attack Russia.

It's no accident, my friends, that Iran is now heading down
the road to civil war! For the past several months, top members
of the Moslem ruling circles in Iran have been the targets of
assassination, including several major bombing incidents.

The process now under way in Iran is the one I warned about
two years ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 52. In that report I detailed
how the Khomeini government came to power in the first place. It
was helped along by forces of which it was not even
aware--Bolshevik forces. In AUDIO LETTER No. 52 I stated that,
quote: "They plan to martyr the entire Khomeini government as
they set off thermonuclear war." And that's what's going on now,
my friends. The first to be martyred was the real Ayatollah
Khomeini himself in February 1980. I reported his death and
replacement by a "double" in AUDIO LETTER No. 54. Now, the rest
of his regime is being cut down for purposes of war.

Elsewhere around the world, the war plans of the
Bolshevik-Zionist military junta are also moving forward. On the
surface, many of these other world tensions have no apparent
connection with the ferment in the Middle East and Persian Gulf;
but behind closed doors, there are connections! What links them
all together is the MASTER PLAN which is to bring nuclear war out
of a world in crisis.

A prominent example of this is Poland. A few weeks ago the
so-called Solidarity Labor Union celebrated its first anniversary
in Poland. Last year I reported that Solidarity had been created
by the Bolsheviks for the purpose of bringing on war. As I
explained then, Solidarity's true purpose is not to serve the
workers of Poland but to use them. The whole purpose of
Solidarity is to create as much trouble as possible for Russia
including, if possible, revolution.

During the year that has passed, Solidarity has behaved
exactly as I told you it would act. Solidarity never rests for a
moment to consolidate its gains. Instead, the moment one set of
demands are satisfied by the Polish government, new and even
greater demands are put forth by Solidarity. The workers who
form the backbone of Solidarity's power have not been given a
moment to taste the fruits of success. Instead, there have only
been strikes, protests, more strikes, strife and turmoil. As a
result, the vulnerable economy of Poland has been thrown into a
tailspin; and now, having helped to create Poland's worsening
economic problems, Solidarity's leaders are demanding greater
power to control the economy.

To see how extreme Solidarity has been in its behavior over
the past year, just compare it with the labor unions in the West.
We are used to unions that bargain, make contracts, and then
abide by them for some agreed period. No union in America, for
example, would even dream of demanding a new contract with
greater demands every few weeks. But that, my friends, is
exactly what Solidarity has been doing in Poland.

In recent AUDIO LETTER reports, I've mentioned that the
Bolsheviks and Zionists are shooting for war to break out around
mid-1982. Events in the Middle East are being pushed along on
that timetable, and so are those in Poland. By next summer at
the latest the Bolsheviks are convinced that Russia will have to
act against Solidarity. The resulting bloodshed will be just one
more spark to help ignite NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

All around the world the Bolshevik caldron of crises is
bubbling hotter and hotter. United States rhetoric against
Castro's Cuba is heating up once again. El Salvador is simmering
with new turmoil, and half a world away tensions are growing
between Pakistan and India. The Reagan Administration is
promising F-16s to Pakistan. In lightning response, Russia has
already delivered superfast MiG-25s to India; and one day, my
friends, India will stun the world by inviting Russian soldiers
into India!

The objective of the Reagan-Begin Axis is to stir up the whole
world for war; and, my friends, they are succeeding.

Topic #2--According to the schedule announced by NASA several
months ago, today was supposed to be the launch day for America's
second space shuttle flight. But once again the space shuttle
has suddenly started encountering new delays.

The first delay was announced several weeks ago when the
shuttle was rolled out to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral,
Florida. The roll-out took place on August 31, five days behind
schedule. NASA spokesmen said that the launch date was being
moved back from September 30 to October 9. "No big deal", they
said, "just a few minor bugs to be worked out." For the next few
weeks, occasional news reports from the Kennedy Space Center
continued to assure us that all was well with the shuttle.

Then came September 22, and suddenly everything changed. We
were told that just past midnight the previous night an accident
had occurred on the launch pad. Supposedly the mishap took place
while the control rockets in the nose of the space shuttle were
being fueled up. NASA spokesmen said that nitrogen tetroxide
oxidizer was spilled on the outside of the shuttle, affecting
several hundred of the critical thermal tiles. Those
life-and-death tiles, my friends, are stuck to the shuttle with
glue, and it was said that 60 or 70 of them fell off after the
leak took place. In addition, perhaps 250 more tiles would have
to be removed to check them for damage.

Suddenly the October 9 launch date went out the window. As of
now, NASA says that the launch will probably take place in late
October or early November. But, my friends, don't hold your
breath waiting for that. These last-minute delays of the second
space shuttle launch are the result of important divisions within
the Space Shuttle Program. If those divisions and arguments are
not resolved soon, there will be still more delays.

To understand what is happening right now at Cape Canaveral,
it's necessary to remember what has happened up to now with the
space shuttle. To begin with, it's essential to understand that
the space shuttle is a military program wearing a civilian
disguise. All kinds of potentially fascinating and valuable
scientific space missions have been scrapped by NASA. Everything
is being cut to the bone except the Space Shuttle Program. Right
now, NASA is trying to cancel a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to
intercept and study Halley's comet in 1986; but at the same time
NASA is also talking about building a fifth space shuttle just to
have a spare on hand. The reason the space shuttle is so crucial
is that it is America's only hope for regaining military use of

Up until four years ago this month the United States had a
secret military stranglehold on space; but in September 1977 the
Soviet Union began a surprise offensive in space to change all
that, and change it they did! The decisive turning point came on
September 27, 1977. On that day the secret American military
Moon Base in Copernicus Crater was put out of action. That was
the outcome of history's first true space battle, the "Battle of
the Harvest Moon." It was a battle of beam weapons and it took
place in secret, and yet it was the most decisive battle of the
20th Century because from that moment on, my friends, Russia
began seizing total control of the military use of space!

When those secret events took place four years ago, the Space
Shuttle Program froze in its tracks. The hard-liners then in
control of the Kremlin had slammed shut the military door to
space. Soon we started hearing excuse after excuse for delays in
the space shuttle. Especially, there were all those stories
about problems with the thermal tiles of the shuttle. Years
passed, and the shuttle stayed grounded. Meanwhile America's
military capability in space withered. In October 1977 SKYLAB
was shot down by a Russian Cosmos Interceptor. SKYLAB had been a
vital way station in America's secretly continuing Moon Program.
By destroying it, Russia made sure that America's eviction from
the moon was permanent.

Meanwhile, the Russians themselves began landing on the moon
without public fanfare. For nearly four years now, Russian beam
weapons have been stationed on the moon, pointed at the Earth!

When the Russians shot down SKYLAB, they did so over the
United States. The result was a giant fireball breaking up into
pieces. It was seen in half a dozen states from Texas to
Missouri. NASA waited a week or so for headlines about the
mysterious fireball to die down, then it began a long drawn out
cover-up of the SKYLAB debacle. NASA pretended that SKYLAB was
unexpectedly sinking from orbit, and just for good measure they
also pretended that the space shuttle might be able to save
SKYLAB. It all sounded good to an unsuspecting public; but the
shuttle stayed grounded, and at last NASA pretended that SKYLAB
had crashed half a world away over the Indian Ocean.

In addition to SKYLAB, the United States lost its space
reconnaissance capabilities to Russian Cosmos Interceptors. By
the spring of 1978, the United States no longer had any spy or
early-warning satellites gathering information over Russia! From
time to time since then, spy satellites have been launched by the
United States. Some of these have succeeded in gathering
Intelligence briefly over other areas of the world; but as soon
as they pass over the Soviet Union, they are always destroyed.
As a result, the United States no longer has up-to-date
reconnaissance data on the Soviet Union!

Without reconnaissance data, my friends, all the weapons in
the world are next to useless. America's military planners know
well enough where Russia's cities are and where critical military
installations were four years ago; but without fresh
reconnaissance, they have no way of knowing about new targets
which might now be more important. On top of that, Russia is now
deploying anti-missile defenses based on beam weapons. Without
fresh reconnaissance data, there would be little hope of getting
American missiles through those defenses; and so over the past
four years reconnaissance has become the No. 1 strategic problem
of the United States. There are plenty of other problems too,
because we have nothing equivalent to Russia's Space Triad of
weapons. But without reconnaissance, even the weapons we do have
are of little use.

The Bolshevik military planners here are determined to launch
a nuclear first strike against Russia, come what may! I have
reported many details about that in the past, and will not go
into it again right now; but with that in mind, they have been
doing everything they can think of to solve the critical
reconnaissance problem.

One of their earliest and most desperate ideas was one which
took place in April 1978. I reported the details in AUDIO LETTER
No. 33. The American CIA, working closely with its counterpart
the Korean CIA, arranged for a civilian airliner to be used for
Intelligence gathering. That was the case of Korean Airlines
flight 902. You may recall it took off from Europe for the
United States, but flew into northern Russia instead. It was
secretly equipped with special photographic and electronic
Intelligence gear, and flew into some of the most sensitive
airspace in all of Russia. In effect, the unsuspecting
passengers were used as hostages to discourage the Russians from
shooting it down right away. Eventually Russian Fighters did
bring it down, but only after considerable Intelligence had been
obtained and transmitted.

The Korean air liner ploy was successful as a stopgap trick,
but reconnaissance data can hardly be obtained that way as a
routine practice, and so for the past three years we've been
hearing more and more about reconnaissance aircraft. Supposedly
these were made almost obsolete for most strategic purposes by
spy satellites, but now they are once again in the news because
we don't have spy satellites on continuous duty any more.

One reconnaissance airplane we hear more and more about these
days is the SR-71 Blackbird. The latest SR-71 incident took
place on August 26 when North Korea supposedly tried to shoot one
down. And then there is that famous predecessor of the SR-71,
the U-2. It was a U-2 that was flown by the late Francis Gary
Powers when he was shot down over Russia 21 years ago. You might
think that the U-2 was ready for the history books in this age of
alleged spy satellites, but No. Now the U-2 is back, all dressed
up and modernized with the new designation TR-1, and its job now,
as always, is reconnaissance.

If we still had all those reconnaissance satellites in the
sky, reconnaissance aircraft would be less important. Naturally
the Bolsheviks here try not to let you suspect the truth about
our missing satellites, but every now and then there are hints
about the truth in the news. For example, only yesterday the
Defense Department released a new 99-page propaganda booklet
titled "SOVIET MILITARY POWER." It purports to give the public
previously top secret information about the military build-up in
Russia, and yet the booklet contains only sketches--no satellite
photos. Why? Because the Defense Department does not have any
up-to-date satellite photos of Russia. Our spy satellites are
long gone.

Up to now the secret Bolshevik military planners here have
been making do with inferior methods of reconnaissance. But
before they set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE, they want better
reconnaissance data on Russia. They have only one tool that
offers any hope of doing the job, and that is the space shuttle.

We've been told by NASA that there are to be four initial test
flights of the space shuttle "Columbia." After those are
completed, perhaps as early as September 1982, the shuttle will
be declared operational. But the fact is, my friends, that these
first four flights are being used for secret military purposes.
The stakes are so high that the secret military shuttle planning
team is prepared to lose a shuttle on each flight if need be.
Before the "Columbia" lifted off from Cape Canaveral last April,
three more identical orbiters were already in existence. They
are hidden away in a remote hangar at White Sands Missile Range
in New Mexico.

The primary goal of the secret military shuttle flights is the
one I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 62. They are trying to use
the space shuttle to orbit a sophisticated new spy satellite to
fly over Russia. It's an armored laser-firing satellite designed
to survive attacks by Russian space weapons long enough to radio
back reconnaissance data. After that, the Bolsheviks here will
be ready to set off the American nuclear first strike against

In order to carry out reconnaissance over Russia, a spy
satellite has to fly far to the north. That kind of orbit is far
different from that which is publicly claimed for the space
shuttle. As a result, a shuttle returning to Earth after
deploying a spy satellite is unable to land at the advertised
time and place. Instead, the shuttle we see taking off from
Florida is scheduled to land out of our sight at a secret
location in western Australia--that is, if it survives the
flight. Meanwhile, a different shuttle, the training shuttle
"Enterprise", is shown on TV landing right on schedule at Edwards
Air Force Base.

When the "Columbia" blasted off from Florida last April, it
was attacked and destroyed by Russian space weapons, as I
detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 64. But the training shuttle
"Enterprise", re-labeled "Columbia", thrilled the public by
racing in from the sea and landing in California. The covered
exit vehicle was wheeled up, and it was made to appear that
astronauts Young and Crippen walked out. The public perception
was maintained that the mission had been a success, but it was
actually a catastrophe even worse than the Bolsheviks here had
thought possible.

The military shuttle planners were thrown into disarray over
what to do next. In AUDIO LETTER No. 65 three months ago I
described their disagreements and what they finally decided to
do. After delaying for a week or so, they sent the training
shuttle "Enterprise" to Florida in order to buy some time. It is
the "Enterprise", a training shuttle not intended for orbital
flight, that is now on the pad at the Kennedy Space Center.

When the secret military shuttle team sent the "Enterprise" to
Florida, they were planning to use it in an intentionally aborted
launch--that is, their plan has been to launch the "Enterprise",
then let one of its engines shut down early. That would lead to
a return of the "Enterprise" to Cape Canaveral only minutes after
its take off. By staging this show, the shuttle planners were
expecting to keep the program alive in the public eye. Meanwhile
they would use the time to make modifications to the next shuttle
mission plan to give it a better chance of success.

As it stands now, the shuttle "Enterprise" is still programmed
for an artificial abort shortly after take off. But the
arguments among the shuttle planners, which I reported last June,
have multiplied during the summer. Several members of the group
are getting very cold feet over the deliberate abort plan.
They're saying: "Suppose something we don't plan causes real
damage to the Enterprise. Suppose Ivan decides to blow it out of
the sky even though it is still in camera range. We have to have
the Enterprise for the public return segment after each mission.
What if we lose it?"

Other shuttle planners are expressing a completely different
worry. This second group is not worried about the Russians
shooting down the "Enterprise" because it will pose no threat to
Russia. What they are worried about is the public relations
impact of an aborted take off. It has even been suggested that a
full orbital launch of the "Enterprise" ought to be considered.
The "Enterprise" could not do anything once it got into orbit
because the cargo bay is occupied by special fuel tanks, but the
viewing public would never know that, thanks to the simulation
films which could be broadcast; and as for re-entry, the
"Enterprise" is covered with the same system of thermal tiles as
the standard shuttles. The first group says that that plan is
not good because those tiles still have never been proven in
full-fledged re-entry from orbit. The "Columbia" was supposed to
do that last April but it never got that far. The "Enterprise"
might get past the Russians only to disintegrate on re-entry; and
that, say the worriers, would be impossible to hide. It would
stop the program.

Out of all those arguments and others like them, only one
consensus has emerged. The only purpose of sending the
"Enterprise" to Florida was to buy time. Meanwhile one of the
three secret shuttles at White Sands is now being modified for
the next mission. All NASA cares about doing now is to continue
to buy time with the "Enterprise" for a while longer. Then
somehow it will have to be returned to White Sands and the new
shuttle will have to be brought to the Cape. And so, for the
moment at least, the "Enterprise" is being used to buy time
through launch delays instead of an aborted launch.

For three years stories about the thermal tiles of the shuttle
were used as an excuse for the prolonged grounding of the
"Columbia." Now, NASA is trying once again to buy time; and once
again an alleged problem with the thermal tiles is being used to
explain away delay. We're told that there was a rocket fuel leak
in the dead of night, and so the tiles came off. Only when NASA
is sure what to do next will the latest tile fiasco quietly go

Topic #3--Two days ago the week began with bad news from the
Stock Exchanges of the world. Investors abroad were convinced
that stocks on Wall Street were about to take a plunge and they
were trying to get out ahead of that. When the Markets opened
later in New York, at first they did drop fast. But the Stock
Market manipulators here are not quite ready yet for a
full-fledged Stock Market crash, so the New York Markets abruptly
turned around and headed up. By the end of the trading day, the
manipulators had driven the market up to an over-all gain for the
day. A world-wide Stock Market panic was postponed on Monday.
Even so, the experience has given public proof of the instability
of the stock market today.

Two years ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 51 I gave a detailed warning
of the parallels between the stock market today and that of 1929.
The stock market has been crashing downward in slow motion in
terms of real value for years now, and soon the stock market
roller coaster will jump the tracks and down it will go!

One of the strong similarities between today and 1929 is the
role being played by the private Federal Reserve Corporation.
Now, as then, the Federal Reserve is deliberately ruining the
economy through contraction of money and credit. The excuse
given is the alleged fight against inflation. We're told that
interest rates have to be high because inflation is high, but
there is a glaring discrepancy in that explanation for current
Federal Reserve policies. According to official Government
figures, the inflation rate is now around 10%. Based on all past
experience, that would mean interest rates should also be around
10%--about equal to inflation; but instead, the "Fed" has pushed
interest rates up to a 20% range, double the official inflation
rate! The fact is, my friends, that Government figures on real
inflation are lies, and so are the Federal Reserve's excuses for
legalized usury.

Last month I described the real purpose of current Federal
Reserve policies. Business here is being deliberately weakened
and made ripe for take-over. The only businesses which are not
being hurt are those of the Rockefeller Cartel, which are
interlocked with the Federal Reserve Corporation. The Corporate
Fascists here are waging economic war to gain power against the
State Bolsheviks in the Government, so don't look for any relief.
Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker testified before Congress
late last month that astronomical interest rates will continue
for years. Most small businesses cannot possibly earn the 20%
profit and more that is required to pay such exorbitant interest,
and so they will simply die. Meanwhile, Rockefeller Cartel
agents within the divided United States Government are pressing
ahead fast with another facet of their plan.

Last month I gave an alert to watch for an alleged new gold
standard to be proposed soon by the so-called Reagan
Administration. Sure enough, within the past few weeks, talk of
a gold standard has started mushrooming all around us. Suddenly
"Letters to the Editor" are being published on this topic which
would have been ignored a few years ago. Even the entity
Vice-President Bush is talking about returning to a gold
standard. And Business Week has just published a cover story in
its September 21 edition entitled, quote: "A Return To The Gold
Standard--Why Reagan might try it, How it would be done, How it
might work."

So far the bogus gold standard plan is right on track. As I
detailed last month, it would not be a real gold standard at all.
It's only a gimmick to influence public perceptions about the
dollar and to silence new questions about our missing gold. It's
being designed to look good, but it's just another corrupt and
cruel trick.

My friends, corruption has become the only way our leaders
know. The long-suffering American people always give the benefit
of the doubt to every new president, and it's always in vain.
The same is true of Congress today--the more they legislate, the
more the country "goes to the dogs"; but while they are in office
we try to tell ourselves that surely they must be doing some
things in our interest. Years later, after it is too late, of
course, sometimes we learn a little bit of the truth. A book
comes out documenting the large number of bribes taken by a
former president, or a former Congressman is indicted for Income
Tax evasion; but we always tell ourselves: "Surely it is
different this time." We want to believe in our leaders; and so
we rationalize away the lies, the double dealing, and the
corruption we see for as long as possible. Our leaders know this
is how we think, and they use it against us.

The entity President Reagan says we must put our economic
house in order. Based on that excuse, domestic programs of all
kinds are being cut down with a meat ax regardless of merit.
Spending on warfare leaves nothing for welfare, and yet most
foreign aid is going on untouched! The only exception to that is
aid to truly needy countries in the Third World. They have no
usefulness to the urgent plans for nuclear war, and so they are
finding themselves "out in the cold"; but foreign aid to help
prepare for war goes right on without letup.

Most sacrosanct of all foreign aid programs are the annual
billions in aid to Israel. Over the past 33 years the United
States has given over 100-billion dollars ($100,000,000,000) in
aid to Israel. Those very same dollars--our tax money--come
right back to Capitol Hill and American multinational
corporations. American tax dollars flow like water through
Israeli hands into Congressional wallets, giving the Israeli
Lobby its clout! American foreign aid dollars to Israel are also
used to buy American-made weapons of war. Those weapons will one
day drag you and me into America's final war--NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

If our leaders were serious about straightening out our
economy, there are many things they could do. To begin with,
they should start telling the truth for a change, instead of
heaping lies on more lies. Instead of a falsified gold standard,
the scandal over our missing gold should be exposed! As I
explained in AUDIO LETTER No. 60, this could be done in
connection with an international economic conference in a way
that would save the world's economy.

The Administration's meat ax approach to domestic programs
should also be scrapped. Yes, my friends, many domestic programs
are controversial--some of them deserve to be; but let's put
first things first.

Before we take a meat ax to domestic aid, why don't we start
with foreign aid--alias Congressional aid. At least a dollar
spent in domestic programs keeps circulating within our own
economy; but those squandered on foreign aid do our economy, as a
whole, no good.

And as for Congress, if a meat ax should be wielded anywhere,
that is where! More and more we're hearing about employees of
all kinds of companies accepting wage cuts to help save their
companies. Meanwhile our spend-thrift Congress has just voted
itself the right to line its pockets even more than in the past!
I say:

Chop all federal salaries in half, starting with Congress. We
cannot afford to let them fiddle any more while our economy

It's time, my friends, to hold their feet to the fire.


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've tried to sound a warning that time is growing
short--economically, politically, and militarily. Men of ill
will and corrupt minds are piloting our world on a collision
course with disaster.

As Americans await the next space shuttle launch, a greater
countdown is underway for spaceship Earth. One day in January
1986, the Voyager II spacecraft is scheduled to be approaching
the giant mystery planet Uranus. Voyager will be preparing to
send a bonanza of pictures and scientific data to Earth. But by
then, will anyone be listening to Voyager here on Earth? The
answer can be Yes, my friends, if the truth of our Lord Jesus
Christ becomes the guiding light for our troubled world. We must
learn to build, instead of destroy; we must learn peace, instead
of war, through universal neutrality and noble competition,
instead of conquest and intrigue. If we do not learn these
things, there may be only silence on Earth by that winter of
1986. Nine years after its launch from the blue pearl of planet
Earth, Voyager II could be radioing signals to a deaf, gray tomb
of a world. That will leave Voyager itself carrying the final
sounds of Earth on a platinum record as it drifts alone forever
outward to the stars.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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