Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 70.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
DC 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is December 27,
1981, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 70.

Two days ago my family and I joined millions of other
Christians world-wide in celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus
Christ. It was a day of family togetherness, of worship, and of
joy. That's how it is for those to whom our Lord Jesus Christ is
the whole reason for Christmas; and yet, in our modern world, the
holiday called "Christmas" means different things to different
people. To some it's just an excuse to give and receive gifts
without any deeper meaning. To others, the Christmas season is
mainly a chance to make money from the bonanza of gift buying.
And, yes, there are some among us to whom Christmas is a sad
time--parents who cannot afford any gifts for their children,
children who have no parents, lonely shut-ins to whom no one
brings a word of Christmas cheer. All of us know about these
things. They are the facts of life.

Christmas, like the rest of life, is largely what we make of
it; and, my friends, in our modern world there are evil forces
who have learned to use the holiday season to do us harm. It has
happened before, many times. Those who bear us ill will know
they can always count on us to be preoccupied and vulnerable
during the holiday season.

This began to be used against us as long ago as 1913. That
year the United States Congress ostensibly passed the legislation
creating the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. There was intense
opposition to this unConstitutional privately-owned central
banking system, but no matter. Those who wanted it simply waited
until just before Christmas. Most Congressmen had gone home,
including most of the opponents to the plan within Congress. The
public at large neither knew nor cared about obscure financial
legislation at that moment. Everyone was too busy thinking about
Santa Claus, parties, and Christmas dinner to come. And so as
its Christmas gift to America in 1913, a small group of men--less
than a legal quorum in Congress--slipped through the Federal
Reserve Act! Ever since that time the United States economy has
suffered continuously from that Christmastime act of betrayal.

In military affairs, too, the Christmas holiday season is
always a dangerous time. That is when we are most likely to have
our guard down, vulnerable to surprise attack. On December 6,
1941, thousands of American Servicemen attended pre-Christmas
parties in and around Honolulu, Hawaii. Everything was peaceful,
and life was good. There were no military alerts and all was
calm. After all, it was almost Christmas. But the following
morning, Sunday morning December 7, 1941, more than 2000 of those
Servicemen lost their lives. From that day onward the name
"Pearl Harbor" has been seared forever into the mind of every

Yes, my friends, that's how it's been time after time in the
past, and that's how it's been once again during the holiday
season of 1981. We are especially vulnerable this time because
our usual holiday preoccupation has been compounded by mounting
economic worries. During this holiday season, my friends, not
one but three major crises have been set in motion. All three
are helping to bring the world one step closer to NUCLEAR WAR

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--During the holiday season of 1981 from around
Thanksgiving until now, three major crises have besieged us.
First, there were all those stories about the alleged Libyan "hit
men" bent on assassinating top leaders of the United States
Government; Second, there was the military crackdown in Poland;
and Third, as soon as world eyes were riveted on Poland, came
Israel's illegal annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

On the surface these three crises may appear to be unrelated;
but they are all closely related, my friends, and they are not
what they appear to be. Each is a consequence of the complex
secret war plan of the joint military junta of the United States
and Israel!

Ever since early spring of this year 1981 I've been reporting
on this war plan. It's the brain child of the American
Bolsheviks and their Zionist cohorts in Israel. Briefly stated,
the plan is to engulf the world in a swirling caldron of crises
so widespread that it will be impossible to prevent nuclear war.

The conflicts are intended to gradually escalate until the
time is ripe. Then an American nuclear first strike will be
launched against Russia. Nuclear war will break out in such a
way that it will appear to be accidental. America's nuclear
forces will not realize that they are firing the first shots of
nuclear war. Instead, they will be given false information that
will trigger all-out retaliation against a non-existent Russian
attack! I have given many details about all this in earlier

The prelude to all-out nuclear war is planned to include war
in the Middle East. In the joint war plan of the American
Bolsheviks and the Israeli military planners, the Middle East war
is the responsibility of Israel. In AUDIO LETTER No. 68 I called
attention to the way in which this is making Israel the eye of a
growing hurricane of violence.

The storm of crises is continuing to grow outward. Close to
Israel, the top priority is to do everything possible to destroy
the Camp David Peace Accords, so called. That's why the entity
known as President Sadat of Egypt was assassinated on October 6.
Likewise the Camp David Accords were the real target in the Golan
Heights annexation. I'll come back to that later on.

Moving farther out from Israel, the whirlpool of trouble has
now engulfed Libya to the west and Poland to the north. Soon
we'll see new flare-ups of major trouble to the east of Israel in
Iran, and to the south of Israel in Saudi Arabia.


The first of the three Christmas crises to erupt was the one
over Libya. Actually the first trial balloons about possible
Libyan assassination teams were floated in early November; but it
was not until around Thanksgiving, the beginning of the holiday
season in America, that Libya suddenly became the lead story in
American news reports. By early December we were being told that
a group of three to six "hit men" were thought to be in the
United States. It was claimed that they were gunning for the
President and several other top Government officials. We were
told that the threat was expected to be greatest up until
Christmas, and there was a big display of increased security for
possible targets.

Up to now, the alleged Libyan assassination threat has not
been carried out; but, my friends, that does not mean that the
Libyan crisis is over. In my last AUDIO LETTER No. 69 I reported
that Libya's Colonel Khadafy could be programmed to behave like a
madman. That's exactly what is being done right now. You'll be
hearing more about the Libyan crisis in the days to come. When
you do, be sure to keep your eye on the ball. Supposedly Khadafy
wants revenge against the United States. He wants revenge for
the two Libyan jets which were shot down last August, supposedly
by jets from the supercarrier U.S.S. Nimitz.

My friends, the controlled major media are delivering a clever
dose of psychological conditioning to us all. What they seem to
be telling us is: Watch out for a possible assassination of top
American officials; but at the subconscious level, they are
slipping in other major ideas. One idea is: Watch out for Libyan
revenge of some kind for the Nimitz episode of last August. With
revenge as the excuse, Libya's Khadafy can be programmed to do
almost anything and whatever it is, it will be big and it will
help push us closer to nuclear war.

As I say these words, Libya has been pushed into the
background in most American minds. The Libyan crisis has not run
its course, but it has been upstaged by a seemingly greater
crisis--the military crackdown in Poland.


For three years now the old Bolsheviks from Russia, who now
control America's military policies, have been trying to trigger
revolution in Poland. They first attempted to do this by
subverting the Roman Catholic Church. In AUDIO LETTER No. 37 in
August 1978 I gave a warning that there would shortly be turmoil
in the Vatican. An attempt was about to be made to turn the
Catholic Church strongly anti-Russian in its policies. Barely a
month later the newly elected pope, John Paul I, died
unexpectedly. He had been murdered, as I reported in AUDIO
LETTER No. 39. His replacement, who became known as Pope John
Paul II, was the first non-Italian pope in 455 years, and he came
from troubled Poland. The Bolsheviks within the Vatican who
engineered his election wanted only his potentially anti-Russian
image, not the man himself; and so he, too, was done away with by
poisoning and replaced by a "double" on November 21, 1978. The
new "actor pope" then began issuing a steady stream of stiff
statements against alleged Russian repression of Poland.

In January 1979 I reported that the plan of the American
Bolsheviks to use their power in the Vatican was moving fast.
That month in AUDIO LETTER No. 42 I gave the details of the
Bolshevik plan to set off what would be known as the "Pope's
Revolution" in Poland. The key to that plan was to be a visit by
the actor pope to Poland the following May. The highly emotional
900th anniversary of St. Stanislaus' martyrdom was to be used as
the perfect occasion to set off revolution. The Russian and
Polish authorities were able to head off the Pope's Revolution
plan almost at the last minute. Russian Intelligence was able to
replace the Bolshevik actor pope with their own "double."
Immediately the Vatican agreed to a one-month postponement in the
papal trip. That eliminated the emotionally-charged atmosphere
of the original date, and the trip went off without a hitch.

Having had their Vatican intrigues foiled for the moment, the
Bolshevik planners here in America started down a different
route. Their agents within Poland started agitation for an
independent labor union to be known as SOLIDARITY. In the old
days when the Bolsheviks themselves controlled both Russia and
Poland, an independent labor union would have been unthinkable;
but things have changed and are still changing in Russia and in
Poland. Solidarity was granted a charter by the Polish
government in August 1980. The Bolsheviks here in America had
hoped that the demand for a union charter would, in itself, lead
to confrontation with the Polish government. When that did not
happen, Solidarity then began a relentless drive of demands,
strikes, and more demands without letup.

Well over a year ago I gave a warning that Solidarity had only
one purpose; and that purpose, contrary to claims, was not to
serve the Solidarity rank and file but to use them. Solidarity
was created for the purpose of making conditions steadily worse
in Poland until an unavoidable confrontation was created with the
government. This month it finally happened.

On December 12 the Solidarity ruling council called for a
nation-wide referendum by January 15. It was to decide, in
effect, whether the present government of Poland would be allowed
to continue at all; and the head of Solidarity, Lech Walesa, was
quoted as saying: "I now favor confrontation with the
government." In effect, Solidarity had dared the government to
either clamp down or cease to exist. Barely 24 hours later
martial law was declared in Poland.

Here in the United States news reports and official statements
are making the Polish situation look as bad as possible even
though it's actually easing right now.

Overemphasis/Dramatization--Poland-Lebanon Comparison

In important ways, my friends, the present situation in Poland
reminds me of what happened in Lebanon back in 1958. As you may
recall, there was a flare-up of trouble at that time which
appeared to threaten the pro-Western government there. President
Eisenhower ended up sending in the United States Marines at the
height of the crisis. The 1958 Lebanon crisis was big news here
in America. News reports here conveyed the impression of a major
crisis with widespread violence and the very fate of Lebanon
hanging in the balance. Martial law was declared in Lebanon,
just as it was two weeks ago in Poland; and just like Poland
today, Lebanon in 1958 was under a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

Based on the major media news reports here, most Americans
were led to believe that the 1958 Lebanon crisis was a virtual
reign of terror; but, my friends, that impression was far from
the truth. It was the result of deliberate overdramatization by
the media. Yes, there was a crisis of sorts, that much was true,
but the grain of truth was all but lost among the scare tactics
and the reports by the controlled major media here in the United
States. I think it's worth taking a few moments to describe what
really happened in Lebanon in 1958 and how a false picture of it
all was painted by the American media because today the same kind
of overdramatization is taking place in the reports about Poland;
and if we Americans fall for it, we will be dragged one step
closer to NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

My own involvement in the 1958 Lebanon crisis began shortly
before any fighting had broken out. I was in private legal
practice here in Washington at the time but I had become involved
in Intelligence work many years before. From time to time I was
called upon to undertake Intelligence activities, making use of
my civilian status as a cover.

The Lebanon crisis was one of those times. I was contacted by
an operative of the CIA and told that an imminent crisis was
brewing in Lebanon. I was given a briefing on the situation to
the extent that the operative had been able to piece it together.
There were indications that a full-fledged civil war was a
possibility. The United States Government wanted to prevent that
partly because of the very major investments in Lebanon by
American business and banking interests. The operative had
approached me because I knew Lebanon. I had been there before.

My mission was to go there and find some way to defuse the
crisis. By the time I arrived there, tensions were building
between the two opposing Lebanese factions. The basic
disagreement between them had to do with Egypt's then President
Nasser. Nasser wanted the Arab world to unify and throw off all
vestiges of Western colonialism. To do that he had turned east
for help, to Russia. Nasser's appeals to his Arab brothers were
very powerful. In Lebanon this led to conflict between a
pro-Nasser faction and an anti-Nasser group who preferred the
status quo. It was a conflict between minorities. Most of the
people of Lebanon were not actively involved on either side.
Even so it did carry the seeds of real trouble if allowed to get
out of hand.

The conflict consisted mostly of kidnappings, both real and
rumored; sabotaging of roads with oil and nails; and threats and
counterthreats arising out of old family feuds. There were also
a few scattered snipers, and some rumors of torture but those
were never proven to have taken place. No pitched battles took
place. The real problem was a growing atmosphere of fear and

Lebanon has never maintained a standing army of any
significance. For that reason, Lebanon's then President Chamoun
appealed to the United States for help in keeping order in
Lebanon. President Eisenhower responded by sending in the

Since I was already in Lebanon by then, I went down to the
beach to watch the landing. The landing by the Marines was
totally without opposition and entirely peaceful. In fact, as
Marines waded ashore they were greeted on the beach by young
peddlers hawking Coca-Cola; but for the public consumption back
home here in America, scenes like that were edited out from
television and photographic news coverage. Instead, the
situation was dramatized. United States news agency
photographers and TV crews got groups of Marines to pose in
dramatic menacing gestures. They pointed their guns at imaginary
enemies, and in some cases even fired them to please the media
crews. Civilians stood around on the beach watching it all after
being shooed away from camera range. Some took out cameras to
take snapshots of the goings-on but were brusquely told that
their cameras would be confiscated if they took any pictures.

I was staying at the AUB Club, and one evening after that I
was having dinner. As I was enjoying my kibbeh I became aware of
an unusual conversation between two men at the next table. One
was a reporter for the Associated Press, the other was his
editor--that is, his boss. The reporter had written a story
about the situation in Lebanon, and the AP editor was telling him
how he wanted it changed. He went through it line by line from
start to finish. As I eavesdropped I could tell that the
reporter's original story had been accurate and truthful. For
example, he reported that the only menace which the Marines had
encountered so far was diarrhea until they learned not to drink
the water. He also described how the Marines were spending a lot
of their time on the beach sunbathing, reading novels, and eyeing
the beautiful girls in bikinis. And, my friends, that's how it
really was. I saw it for myself. But the editor was not happy
with that truthful news story. Instead, he was instructing the
reporter on how to rewrite it to give a different version by
using dramatic words. He struck out words, he deleted sentences,
he changed words, inserted phrases, rewrote paragraphs. By the
time he was finished, the editor had twisted the reporter's story
into one that painted a picture of violence, torture, and a
warlike atmosphere that did not exist.

Having seen and heard these media distortions in progress, I
went on about my business. In the end, the Lebanon crisis was
resolved very simply by dollar diplomacy. By disbursing
$15-million dollars among the leaders of the so-called warring
factions, the United States Government snuffed out the conflict.
As one factional leader told me after the settlement agreement
had been reached, quote: "For another $15-million dollars I would
start another war."

When I got back home from Lebanon I was astonished to learn
that my relatives and friends had been worried sick about me.
They didn't know the details of my trip but they knew I had gone
to Lebanon for some reason and they had feared for my life. When
I read the newspaper clippings which they had saved for me, I
could see why. The media had indeed painted a totally false
picture of the Lebanon situation. The American major media had
deliberately distorted their reports, even telling outright lies
in order to overdramatize.

My friends, the same thing is going on right now in the
reports here in America on the Polish situation. The controlled
major media, working hand in glove with our Bolshevik government,
are seizing like vultures on every scrap of negative news--every
ugly rumor that they can dredge up, every unconfirmed statement,
speculation, and outright lies by the Bolsheviks here--all this
in order to create the impression here in America of an extreme
crisis and inhumane oppression in Poland. The American
Bolsheviks are trying to goad Russia into invading Poland.
Meanwhile they are so frustrated that they are trying to convince
us that we ought to consider martial law as the same thing as a
Russian invasion. Can you imagine?

Tough talk by the Reagan entity is making matters worse and
scaring non-Bolshevik government officials here in Washington;
and night after night on the news we hear a drumbeat of Poland,
Russia, Poland, Russia, Poland, Russia. We're being brainwashed
for war, my friends; and as in all brainwashing, facts do not
matter. It is only the impact that counts and the perception!

All of this is not to say that the situation in Poland is not
grave or that there is no crisis there. Of course there is a
crisis. When the so-called Solidarity union was created in
Poland over a year ago, I reported that its entire purpose was to
bring on a crisis like this; and the Bolsheviks here who helped
to create Solidarity in Poland are using the crisis to help
further set the stage for thermonuclear war against Russia.

The present situation in Poland seems to have been stopped
short of outright revolution for the moment; but a revolution is
essential in order to bring on Russian intervention which, in
turn, will be one of the pretexts for war to come. And so the
Bolsheviks here are once again at work within the Vatican, and
now control it! If the American Bolsheviks get their way, a new
version of the Pope's Revolution plan is on the horizon in
Poland. Already the Pope and Poland are linked daily in the


The news of martial law in Poland reached the West early
Sunday December 13. The very next day the Begin government in
Israel launched the third Christmas crisis. On that day the
Israeli government announced its surprise decision to annex the
Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights lie along the northeast corner of Israel's
border with Syria, and are Syrian territory. They've been
occupied by Israeli troops ever since the 1967 war and more
recently by Israeli civilian settlements, but under every rule of
international law the Golan Heights area belongs to Syria. As
always, the Begin government defended its actions in arrogantly
self-righteous terms as it made a mockery of the rule of law!

World-wide the reaction was universal condemnation of Israel,
and within Israel itself there was also bitter criticism.

Then on December 18 the United States announced that it was
suspending (quote) "indefinitely" the allegedly new strategic
cooperation agreement with Israel. In response Israel canceled
altogether the new agreement with America. By mutual agreement
behind closed doors, the United States and Israel are striking an
arm's-length pose in public. This is to free Israel's hands to
act without restraint later on.

Earlier this week former Israeli Prime Minister Rabin summed
it up with the words, quote:

"Annexing the Golan Heights is the beginning of the end of Camp

Rabin resigned as Prime Minister on April 7, 1977, because he
wanted no part of the war plans then being developed.

The joint war plan of the American Bolsheviks and the Zionists
in Israel is still on track, my friends. They are shooting for
Middle East war to break out before the end of summer 1982! From
there, step by step they plan to make the conflict escalate with
other crises continuing to multiply world-wide. It may take many
more months after that, but they are confident that they will
reach their final goal--thermonuclear war by the United States
against Russia. That, my friends, is what the Christmas crises
of this holiday season are really all about.

Topic #2--When I recorded AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 69 early last month
on November 8, America was waiting for the second space shuttle
mission to be launched. NASA was telling the public that a
mission of 5-1/2 days was planned; but I reported that the real
plan was for an abbreviated flight. One possibility still being
considered was the aborted take-off plan which I had first
revealed five months earlier in AUDIO LETTER No. 65; but in my
LAST MINUTE comments last month I reported that another plan had
also surfaced consisting of an abbreviated orbital mission. Four
days later just after 10:00 A.M. November 12 the second space
shuttle launch took place from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and that
afternoon just seven hours after launch it was announced that the
flight was going to be cut short. The secret plan for an
abbreviated mission was under way. As an excuse NASA pretended
that a faulty fuel cell was responsible.

My friends, the abbreviated space shuttle mission of last
month was the legacy of the total disaster which engulfed the
first shuttle flight last April. Last April and again last month
we saw and heard no part of the real shuttle flight except the
Florida take-off. The shuttle Columbia disaster last April was
so crushing and the NASA cover-up so elaborate that I devoted my
entire AUDIO LETTER No. 64 to that topic. The same theatrical
techniques that were used to fool the public last April were used
again last month so I'll not go into all of that again, but I do
want you to know what the military shuttle team tried to do last
month and how it turned out.

Last April we watched the shuttle "Columbia" take off from
Florida--but it was a different shuttle called the "Enterprise"
which landed in California. The Enterprise had been re-labeled
Columbia for purposes of deception.

The Enterprise was a very special shuttle, unlike the Columbia
or the three other shuttles which secretly exist. The Enterprise
was a training shuttle with its cargo bay filled with rocket fuel
tanks. Launched from the top of an airborne 747, the Enterprise
was able to make short suborbital flights into space, but due to
its fuel tanks it could carry no payload in its cargo bay.

In the wake of the secret space shuttle disaster last April,
the military shuttle planners sent the "Enterprise" to Florida,
as I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 65. Originally they were
simply trying to buy time. But time is going by fast because the
American Bolsheviks are on an accelerated timetable to bring on
war! Arguments broke out among the military shuttle planners
over the original plan to throw away a launch just to keep up
appearances. A scheme was finally cooked up to use the
Enterprise itself last month for a military mission.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 69 I reported that a pretended computer
problem would be an important factor in the deliberately
shortened second shuttle flight. Sure enough, the evening before
the launch there was a sudden flurry of activity at Cape
Canaveral. Supposedly a data processing module aboard the
shuttle--that is, part of its computer system--was misbehaving.
We were told that a replacement was flown in, and we saw workmen
rushing to install something aboard the shuttle. It was all
going on literally at the last minute, just before the large
external tanks started being loaded with rocket fuel.

My friends, the last-minute rush at Pad 39-A that evening of
November 11 was not to load a computer module as we were told.
Instead, special photo reconnaissance equipment was installed in
the rear deck of the crew compartment. It was arranged to look
out of the two overhead windows. The Enterprise was unable to
carry a spy satellite in its cargo bay, as I mentioned earlier,
so instead the Enterprise itself was turned into a spy satellite.
The makeshift spy apparatus installed in the crew compartment
rear deck was not as good as that of a regular spy satellite, but
the military planners here are desperate.

It will soon be four years since Russia finished destroying
all of America's spy satellites with her fleet of Killer
Satellites. The military shuttle team were hoping to use
"surprise" last month in order to get at least a little bit of
reconnaissance over Russia. It was hoped that the Russians would
consider the Enterprise to be no threat since it could not carry
anything in its cargo bay. NASA also did everything it could to
convince the Russians that a non-threatening orbit would be used
last month. Finally, the launch time was shifted by about 2-1/2
hours on the morning of November 12. That was intended to make
it hard for any Russian Cosmos Interceptors to readjust their
orbits to attack the Enterprise.

This last item, my friends, reflects a deadly Intelligence
error being made by the United States military shuttle planning
team. They know about Russia's orbital cosmos interceptors, the
Killer Satellites. They also know about the first generation
cosmospheres, Russia's Levitating Weapons Platforms. Both were
first deployed about four years ago. The American planners know
that the space shuttle can outrun the first-generation
Cosmospheres, therefore they believe that the orbiting cosmos
interceptors are the main threat to the shuttle.

What they do not know so far is that Russia now has a small
fleet of semi-experimental second-generation cosmospheres. Last
April there were seven in operation. Now there are at least
eight. These new cosmospheres called "Super Heavies" or "Jumbos"
can outrun and outlift our space shuttle. The Russians gave NASA
a very spectacular hint about their existence last April, as I
detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 64.

There are some in America's Intelligence community who have
correctly interpreted what happened, but the Bolsheviks here who
control America's military space program are refusing to believe
it. They are explaining away the fragments of Intelligence about
the new Russian Jumbo cosmospheres and thereby guaranteeing their
own failure.

When the "Enterprise", relabeled Columbia, took off from
Florida last month there were no human pilots aboard. It was a
suicide mission. The Enterprise followed an evasive, curving
launch, just as the Columbia did last April. It headed far to
the north toward a near polar orbit. When it passed over Russia
the Enterprise was to be upside down with its spy camera staring
downward through the crew compartment windows. Five Jumbo
cosmospheres were on hand and kept pace with the shuttle as it
climbed toward orbit; but when they notified Moscow of the course
it was taking, they were told not to fire. Instead the Russian
Ballistic Missile Defense Forces were alerted. The Russians know
war is coming and they decided to use the approach of the shuttle
as a test drill.

Nearly two years ago I reported that Russia was preparing to
deploy a new anti-ballistic missile system. It's based on
charged particle beam weapons fired from modified supersonic
TU-144 Jet Transports. On November 12 a squadron of TU-144s were
scrambled to intercept and shoot down the Enterprise. The Jumbo
cosmospheres continued pacing the shuttle from a distance as a
backup if the TU-144s should fail--but they did not fail. The
Enterprise swept downward from the north across the strategic
Kola Peninsula. As it crossed over the White Sea the big jets
began firing upward with their beam weapons at the shuttle far
above. The third beam blast tore through the midsection of the
shuttle and it broke in half just behind the crew compartment and

Here in the United States NASA went ahead with its
made-for-television space movies and followed the pre-planned
script for a shortened mission. They knew within an hour after
launch that the Enterprise had been destroyed. Having learned
about Russia's plans last April to create an international
incident with a crashed shuttle, they wanted to complete the
flight in the world's eyes quickly.

The shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base, California, on
November 14 was a replay of the show we saw last April. And when
I say "replay", my friends, I mean it literally. Those long
distance telephoto shots of the shuttle swooping in from the
stratosphere were the same ones that we saw last April. NASA
merely fed video tapes of the long distance scenes from last
April to the networks and added a fresh narrative to them. The
only part of the landing that was live last month was the
terminal portion which could be seen from the ground. The
shuttle we saw land, my friends, was one of the secret new
shuttles from White Sands. It had been carried aloft by the
launch 747 aircraft, boosted to a modest speed and altitude by a
pair of solid fuel booster rockets and then swooped down to
delight the crowd.

As of now, NASA claims to be planning the third shuttle flight
for March 1982, just three months from now. And, my friends,
this time the launch may well take place on schedule or close to
it. The embarrassing quandary of what to do with the Enterprise
is now over with.

Now a new shuttle, the third we have seen with the name
"Columbia" on it, is at Cape Canaveral. Its cargo bay awaits a
new secret military pay load. My friends, this shuttle has been
modified. It is armed for battle in space, but the Bolshevik
military planners here refuse to understand what they are really
up against--and so at Cape Canaveral another tragedy is now in
the making!

Topic #3--For eight years now the powers that be here in America
have kept a blackout on the covered up FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL in
our allegedly free press, but outside the United States there is
a new upsurge of journalistic interest in what has happened to
our gold. Unlike the controlled American major media, some
foreign reporters have started asking questions again, and some
of them don't like the answers they are getting from the United
States Treasury Department.

Earlier this month in its December 15, 1981 issue, a
nationally circulated tabloid called The Globe published a cover
story about our missing gold. It was titled appropriately

The Globe appears on newsstands and supermarkets and drug
stores all over the United States but its editorial control lies
outside the American blackout, in Canada. And just two weeks ago
on Sunday December 13 an even harder-hitting article was
published in England in The Sunday Express of London. It was
written by correspondent David Markham, begins, quote:

"The American Gold Commission in Washington will this week
begin an examination of Treasury documents to decide whether 7000
tons of gold, enough to fill 300 lorries, has been stolen from
Fort Knox, the world's biggest and most protected bullion store."

The article then reviews the basic charges which I have made
together with my friend Mr. Edward Durell, and it mentions that
the Treasury is trying to refute our charges by providing certain
documents to the Gold Commission. The article then zeros in on
the question of the missing 165-million ounces of Fort Knox gold
that I reported on in the spring of this year. If you will
recall, I urged all my listeners to send Mailgrams to the entity
President Reagan last spring demanding that this be looked into
immediately. Based on glaring conflicts among the Treasury's own
documents, this staggering amount of gold disappeared without a
trace from 1961 to 1971.

Those of you who did as I asked last spring received your own
evidence that this Administration, like those before it, is
sitting on the Gold Scandal. They're continuing to cover it up,
and the replies you received did not answer the question of the
missing 165-million ounces of Fort Knox gold.

The London Sunday Express article which I mentioned a moment
ago focused in on that awesome amount of missing gold. They
asked the Treasury Department to explain it, and now listen to
the incredible reply they received. Quoting once again from the

"At the Treasury Department in Washington Jerry Nisenson,
Deputy Director of Gold Market Activities said: 'We have
investigated the claims of Dr. Beter and his supporters and we
contend that the gold was not stolen. There is no cover-up.
They have misinterpreted our books. The gold was being refined
into better quality gold and those ounces just went up the

My friends, if anyone swallows that explanation then I give up.
Three hundred (300) truckloads of gold went up the chimney?? If
it did, then enough gold dust should have settled out of the air
to gold-plate New York City.

The United States Treasury Department is continuing its
cover-up of what The London Sunday Express article says, quote:
"would amount to the biggest theft in criminal history."

My friends, they are lying, and because they are lying the
Fort Knox Gold Scandal refuses to die. One might think that the
forces behind the ransacking of Fort Knox might want to lay low
for a while under the circumstances; but No. Those who stole the
Fort Knox gold have so far been powerful enough to keep it under
wraps. They are so arrogant that they believe they can never be
stopped, and so they are now compounding the felony with a new
Fort Knox-style gold theft! It's going on right now as I say
these words. The target this time is the United States Treasury
Assay Office in New York City. The New York Assay Office is the
Treasury's second largest depository for gold. Having
successfully robbed Fort Knox, which is the biggest depository,
the New York Assay Office is next in line.

In late October rumors circulated briefly in New York City
that the so-called Reagan Administration plans to close the Assay
Office. For that reason, the rumors said that the gold there
might be moved out and taken to the West Point Depository up the
Hudson River from New York. An article about it was published in
the New York Daily News for October 27, 1981. Treasury officials
immediately denied it all, saying no shipments of gold out of the
New York Assay Office were imminent. But as usual, my friends,
they lied.

At 10:00 P.M. Saturday night November 7, 1981, a secret
meeting got under way at the New York Assay Office. Those
present included: Donna Pope, Director of the Mint; Dr. Alan
Goldman, Deputy Director of the Mint; James Edwards, Officer in
Charge at the West Point Depository; New York Assay Office
employees, and others. The entire group remained at the Assay
Office overnight. Then at 5:00 A.M. the following Sunday
morning, November 8, they departed. They were accompanying the
first secret shipment of gold out of the New York Assay Office
'reportedly' bound for the West Point Depository. The shipment
consisted of four (4) truckloads totaling 2.18-million ounces.
Shipments have been continuing like this ever since. Every
shipment leaves in the dead of night in elaborate secrecy.
Everyone at the Assay Office who knows about the shipments has
been sworn to secrecy about them. Meanwhile the gold stock there
is being depleted rapidly--four (4) tractor-trailer loads at a
time. I can report that shipments of four truckloads each left
the New York Assay Office on December 10 and December 11. The
combined total amounted to 144 skids with 80 bars each, or over
11,500 bars totaling over 4-1/2 million ounces. Additional
shipments of four truckloads each were scheduled for December 17
and 20 according to my latest information. There is a mad rush
to complete all shipments before the end of the year! New York
Assay Office employees who see all this going on are being given
the excuse that this is being done, quote "for security reasons";
but that, my friends, is ridiculous.

In spite of the security problems at the Assay Office which I
have discussed in the past, security at West Point is vastly
inferior. The West Point Depository was never designed for gold
bullion safekeeping. It's mainly for the storage of pennies.
It's not designed as a fortress like the New York Assay Office.
There's no high-security gold vault at West Point. There are no
iron gates, no bars, no military guards; and unlike the New York
Assay Office which is situated in Lower Manhattan, the West Point
Depository is isolated, totally isolated. Anything could go on
there and no one would know.

The point is this, my friends: the gold is supposedly being
moved secretly to a location without adequate storage facilities
and with very low security. In other words, it's being made easy
to steal; and, my friends, I have already received preliminary
reports that some of this gold has already begun going to places
other than the West Point Depository!

Meanwhile, day by day the economic news becomes more gloomy.
America's economy, once the strongest in the world, is coming
apart at the seams. The United States dollar, once as good as
gold, is shriveling before our very eyes. In pretended response
our leaders are giving us nothing but theories, rhetoric,
political grandstanding, and hypocrisy. They continue to paper
over and cover up the root causes of our economic woes.

Up to now the so-called Reagan Administration has been guilty
mainly of hiding the past thefts of America's gold, but now they
are compounding their guilt. A major new gold theft scandal is
brewing at the New York Assay Office. The entity known as Ronald
Reagan pretends to be upset over alleged mistreatment of the
Polish people and yet he is mistreating his own people in many


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. My friends, the
Christmas crises involving Libya, Poland, and the Israeli
annexation of Syria's Golan Heights have nudged us one step
closer to NUCLEAR WAR ONE. War preparations continue apace
involving the space shuttle and many other secret developments.
Events are speeding up. Under the circumstances, I have some
comments to make about the future of my AUDIO LETTER Intelligence
report series.

As you know, I initiated my AUDIO LETTER as a monthly report
on cassette tape six and a half years ago in June 1975. Almost
two years ago, in February 1980, my tape reports were interrupted
by a near fatal heart attack. By the grace of God I recovered
enough to resume my AUDIO LETTER reports four months later in
June 1980. Since that time my health has continued to improve
and today I feel that it is essentially back to normal, and yet
you have probably noticed that these days I am no longer
recording the AUDIO LETTER on a truly monthly basis. This is not
because I am physically unable to do it; instead, it's because
the events taking place behind closed doors have repeatedly been
delayed in coming to fruition. Rather than give you a partial
report, I have waited to give you the full story; but now, as we
draw closer and closer to war, events are speeding up.

Some of you have asked me to release reports more often. Many
of you have also indicated your interest in receiving some type
of printed report, and I cannot ignore the fact that due to the
current recession more and more people who are interested feel
that they can no longer afford a cassette tape. At the same time
we, too, are being squeezed by ever-increasing costs in this
stagflation era. I have given considerable thought to how to
meet these emerging needs and I believe the time has come for a
new phase in my AUDIO LETTER Intelligence report program.

In this new phase, my cassette tape reports will continue on a
less frequent basis and they will be joined by a completely new
printed newsletter which will be more frequent and less
expensive. To be more specific, here's what I propose to do:

First--My basic AUDIO LETTER cassette tape reports will continue
but on a less frequent basis. My present plan is to record AUDIO
LETTER No. 71 next month, January 1982, and then quarterly after
that--that is, every three months. When I record each AUDIO
LETTER tape I will try to concentrate on broad perspectives and
major basic new Intelligence.

Second--For the first time ever I now hope to inaugurate a brief
printed newsletter soon, to be known as the "AUDIO LETTER
UPDATE." My hope is to issue the printed UPDATE report every two
weeks except when I record a tape, and two holidays per
year--that is, there will be 20 printed UPDATE issues per year.
My printed UPDATE newsletter will be exactly what the name
implies--a fast update on fast-breaking events behind closed

Most of the basic background you need in order to understand
coming events has already been presented in my 70 AUDIO LETTER
tapes plus several AUDIO BOOK tapes. With events now speeding
up, my printed UPDATE newsletter will refer you back to this
information which is already available; and on that basis it will
bring you up to date on the latest developments.

Subscription prices for the new printed UPDATE newsletter will
come to less than $10.00 for three months at this time in the
United States and Canada. There will also be greatly reduced
prices for multiple copies of any issue. Many of you have told
me that you want this so that you can help spread the truth to
others more quickly.

You'll be able to subscribe in any one of three ways:

(1) You can subscribe to my AUDIO LETTER tape alone if you wish,
receiving it quarterly after No. 71;

(2) Or you may subscribe to the reduced-cost printed UPDATE
newsletter only, receiving it every two weeks with six (6)
exceptions throughout the year;

(3) Or you may subscribe to both, which I recommend if you can
afford it. Incidentally, the combined price of both
subscriptions--tape plus printed UPDATE newsletter--will be about
the same as the tape alone in the past.

For those who have paid-up subscriptions to my AUDIO LETTER
beyond No. 71, naturally we will make equitable arrangements to
accommodate you.

My friends, our business office will be in touch with you
about the details concerning your subscription after I record
AUDIO LETTER No. 71 next month, but for now I wanted you to know
my thinking and give you a chance to respond. After a great deal
of thought and consultation with my associates, I believe that
this new step may be necessary. In this way I believe I can
serve your needs as you have expressed them to me. Also, I
believe this is a way to help you to keep up with the increasing
pace of life-and-death events.

Let me hear any thoughts you may have about this new plan
right away by card or letter. I want to know your reactions
before I announce my final decision about it next month in AUDIO
LETTER No. 71. To make sure I get your messages as quickly as
possible, please send your cards and letters to me at our
business office in Maryland. The address is:

P.O. Box 276
Savage, Maryland Zip 20763

You may enclose your thoughts to me with renewal or other orders,
but please be sure to use a separate piece of paper.

My friends, events are speeding up, and those events are
leading toward NUCLEAR WAR ONE, but my hope and prayer is that in
the coming year you and I can work together to help give the
Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ a chance in our troubled world.
If we will do that, then we will all be doing our part to help
make 1982 a happy, holy, and peaceful New Year.

Until the next time, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank
you, and may God bless each and every one of you.

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