Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 72.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St., NW,
Washington, DC 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is February 28,
1982, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 72.

On the final Sunday evening of last month, January 31,
millions of Americans tuned in their TV sets to watch a special
movie on NBC. It was a major production shown in two
installments on successive nights. The movie was titled "WORLD
WAR III." Viewers were drawn into a snow-swept world of rugged
terrain supposedly in Alaska. At a lonely outpost of the Distant
Early Warning radar network an unidentified blip appeared on the
radar screen. As it did so one crew member, supposedly a Soviet
spy, calmly killed all the others, preventing an alert signal to
NORAD. The blip turned out to be a Russian transport which
dropped a team of Arctic Commandoes onto the frozen Alaska

As the plot unfolded, it turned out that the Russian
Commandoes were there to sabotage the Alaska oil pipe line. They
had been sent to Alaska by Kremlin hardliners who thought that
they could use the sabotage threat to undo an American grain
embargo against Russia. Instead, the plan failed, leading
finally to simultaneous orders by both sides for a nuclear first
strike. During those two evenings of an imaginary build-up to
World War III, a surprisingly realistic atmosphere was created.
There were many technical inaccuracies but they hardly mattered.
What did matter was the emotional impact of the movie, and on
that level it was very effective.

Here in the United States there is a growing fascination with
violence, bloodshed, and war. More and more of our entertainment
is built around themes of hostility and destruction. This trend
is visible in sports, in music, in literature, in motion
pictures, and in television. It seems as if we have been too
well off for too long in terms of material things. We have a
restless craving for change.

My friends, what seems to be happening now in America was
expressed long ago by the Spanish writer and philosopher Don
Miguel de Unamuno. During the latter part of the 19th Century
Unamuno kept a secret and mostly spiritual diary at his workroom
in Salamanca, Spain. His last full entry was made in January
1902. Seventy years later the diary was discovered and
published, first in Spain and later in an English translation
here in America by the Princeton University Press. The Unamuno
diary, titled "The Tragic Sense of Life in Men and Nations",
seems as relevant today as if it were freshly written. Unamuno
wrote, and I quote:

"Men seek peace, they say, but do they really? They are also
said to seek liberty. Not at all. They look for peace in time
of war, and for war in time of peace. They seek liberty under
tyranny, and tyranny when they are free."

My friends, these few words of the Spanish philosopher Unamuno
seem to describe America today. There has not been a war on
American soil, except for Pearl Harbor, in the memory of any
living American; and we have possessed freedom for so long that
we take it for granted, so now we are blindly following leaders
who are betraying us into the ultimate in both WAR and TYRANNY.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--Day by day the pitch of war fever is rising steadily
here in the United States. Every night on the television news
turmoil in Central America is the leading topic.

In El Salvador a government that continuously violates the
human rights of its own people is being propped up by the
so-called Reagan Adminstration. The El Salvador situation
contains the seeds of another Vietnam in spite of White House
lies to the contrary. Like the ill-fated South Vietnam, El
Salvador is riddled with corruption throughout the government and
military. In both cases this situation resulted from CIA
tampering with each country's power structure.

Two decades ago America started wading into the Vietnam
quagmire by way of secret groups of advisers, so called, unknown
to the American public; and today the same thing is under way in
El Salvador. We're told that there are only a handful of
noncombatant advisers there. That, my friends, is a lie! As of
now, there are already more than 300 Green Berets in El Salvador,
with more on the way.

We're also hearing sharp words from the White House directed
at Nicaragua. Over five years ago I gave a warning about
Russia's rapid progress in gaining influence there, but at that
time America's rulers were trying to save their crumbling secret
alliance with the Kremlin so they said not a word to the public
about Nicaragua. Today the secret alliance is long gone, so
today we are hearing, years late, about Nicaragua.

Overseas, too, the clouds of approaching war are growing
darker and darker. In the Middle East, Israel is threatening a
major invasion of Lebanon which could not fail to lead to war
with Syria. The American Bolshevik-Zionist war whirlpool is
continuing to spread outward from its source, Israel.

Two months ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 70 I gave an alert to watch
for new turmoil in Iran to erupt shortly. Now Iran is back in
the news, right on schedule. There have been new bombings in
Tehran, a reminder of the prospects for civil war there. At the
same time we're hearing reports that the alleged Ayatollah
Khomeini is ill and may die soon. Once again, that is a lie as
part of the grand plan to manipulate us into war. The real
Ayatollah Khomeini was killed and replaced with a "double" two
years ago this month, as I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 54.
When the American Bolshevik war planners here in the United
States are ready to play their Iran card in the war build-up,
we'll be told that Khomeini has died. United States-connected
Bolshevik agents in Iran are poised and ready to stir up civil
war there.

As the situation worsens, we'll be told that Russia is
preparing to turn Iran into another Afghanistan. Already chief
United States arms negotiator, Eugene V. Rostow, is making
statements to help pave the way for all this. Lately he has been
quoted to the effect that Russia can be expected to "test us"
(quote) over Iran. Once again America's Bolshevik military
planners are preparing to use Iran as one key to their elaborate
nuclear first-strike plan against Russia. Their military
strategy is an updated version of the plan I detailed 3-1/2 years
ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 37.

The determination of the American Bolsheviks here to go to war
against Russia is becoming evident in other ways, too.

One arena is that of the supposed nuclear arms reduction talks
in Geneva. As a grandstand play, the entity President Reagan has
proposed the so-called "zero option" to eliminate all nuclear
weapons in Europe. It sounds good, but it has no substance. In
the actual negotiations to figure out how to carry out this plan,
the United States has made no practical proposals at all.

In response, the Russians have made two counterproposals
during recent weeks. One would begin by freezing nuclear weapons
in Europe. That starting point may not be ideal, my friends, but
at least it's clear-cut and possible to do. Washington's
response was to ridicule the idea. The other Russian proposal
was made just a few days ago; it's for both sides to completely
halt all manufacture and testing of all nuclear weapons as a
starting point for general disarmament. For the moment the White
House seems to have been taken off guard. Soon though you can
count on the fact that this idea, too, will be rejected with some
excuse by the United States because, my friends, nuclear
disarmament is the last thing our American Bolshevik rulers here

Instead, the Government is now publicizing its intentions to
prosecute youngsters who fail to register for the draft! The
entity Reagan is talking out of both sides of his mouth about the
draft. He keeps telling us that there is no intention to
actually bring back the draft, but on the other hand we're now
told that anyone who fails to sign up for the draft may be
bundled off to federal prison.

At the same time, Civil Defense has become a hot new topic of
promotion by the so-called Reagan Administration. The agency
which is spearheading this drive is relatively new, having been
lifted straight from the pages of the secret new Constitution for
America. It's called the "Federal Emergency Management Agency",
or FEMA. FEMA is doing its best to lull us to sleep about the
dangers of nuclear war. The Agency says, for example, that,

"The United States could survive nuclear attack and go on to
recovery within a relatively few years."

FEMA is planting articles in newspapers nation-wide to drive home
this comforting lie. These planted articles try to tell us that
all we would have to do is to evacuate our cities, learn a little
survival training, and fix up some simple fallout shelters and
we'll all do just fine.

My friends, these articles planted by an agency of the federal
government are the worst kind of lies. Just one H-bomb exploding
on one major city would overwhelm all the hospitals of America
with grizzly casualties! But our leaders want you to believe
otherwise so that you will follow them into a suicidal war.

Recently George Kennan wrote an article which expressed very
well the state of mind of those who now control America's
military policies. Back in the days of the secret
Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, Kennan was one of the proponents of
the policy of containment of Russia. Now the situation has
changed radically, and in the New York Review of Books for
January 21, 1982, Kennan wrote an article titled "ON NUCLEAR
WAR." Kennan said, quote:

"There is no issue at stake in our political relations with the
Soviet Union--no hope, no fear, nothing to which we aspire,
nothing we would like to avoid which could conceivably be worth a
nuclear war."

And further on he added, quote:

"This entire preoccupation with nuclear war is a form of
illness. It is morbid in the extreme. There is no hope in
it--only horror. It can be understood only as some form of
subconscious despair on the part of its devotees, some sort of
death wish, a readiness to commit suicide for fear of death."

My friends, Kennan could not be more accurate in describing
the state of mind of those who now control America's military
plans--the American Bolsheviks here. Ever since Russia's
military take-over of space in late 1977, military planning here
in America has taken on a kamikaze mentality. It's the concept
of 'victory through suicide.' I gave details about this new
suicidal streak in our military planning in the summer of 1978 in
AUDIO LETTER No. 35. It is this hopelessness that led to
America's shift to a first-strike nuclear strategy against
Russia, which I first reported in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 36 and 37.
The American Bolsheviks, who now hold the reins of America's
military, are Satanic and schizophrenic in their thinking.
They're opposed to everything that our Lord Jesus Christ stands
for--Truth, Hope, and Love. They live by lies and deception, and
they are afflicted by utter hopelessness and self-hatred. They
do indeed have a death wish, and they want to take the rest of us
with them.

As war fever is building for public consumption, the secret
war is continuing to escalate. Last month I reported on Russia's
renewed geophysical warfare involving especially weather
modification and artificial earthquakes. These things are
intended to reduce America's ability to go to war. Canada, too,
is being drawn into the American Bolshevik war camp, and recently
parts of Canada have suffered such extreme blizzard conditions
that a "National Emergency" was declared. I also reported on two
incidents in which Russian Cosmospheres triggered plane crashes
last month. I can now add something very important to that

The rash of strange plane crashes that began with Air Florida
Flight 90 on January 13 involved more than just a general warning
from the Kremlin. They were in direct response to a specific act
of secret warfare!

For over four years now Russian electrogravitic weapons
platforms called Cosmospheres have been hovering high over the
United States. They first announced their presence by creating
giant air booms along the East Coast and elsewhere. Since that
time their numbers have multiplied, and they patrol continuously
over all kinds of American strategic target areas!

When war comes, the American Bolsheviks here plan to shoot
down as many Cosmospheres as possible using high-power lasers. I
reported this at least three years ago in my AUDIO LETTER
reports. Until recently, however, it's been very hard to detect
Cosmospheres floating overhead. They're invisible to normal
radar except at very close range, but now one of the crash
weapons projects here in the United States has made it easier to
detect Cosmospheres and to aim lasers at them. The new technique
called "Computer-Enhanced Infrared" is an extremely sensitive
means of detecting the heat radiation given off by Cosmospheres.
It's known by the acronym CEIR (pronounced seer).

On the evening of January 12, 1982, a complete operational
test was carried out against a Cosmosphere which was patrolling
high over central New Jersey. CEIR was used to aim a
ground-based high-power laser at the Cosmosphere, then the laser
was fired. A section of the Cosmosphere erupted into blue-green
flames. As the flames started to spread, the crew accelerated
the Cosmosphere toward the coast. All Cosmosphere crews are
under strict orders to make certain that their craft never fall
into non-Russian hands, and they were making for the sea. The
stricken Cosmosphere, trailing blue-green flames, was seen over a
large area of eastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey. It
had been hovering at an altitude of more than 40 miles, but it
came down fast. It's semirigid shell started crumpling. It
passed over Atlantic City at low altitude and plunged into the
water just a few miles off shore. Many witnesses watched as the
remains of the Cosmosphere burned, floating on the surface of the
water for nearly 10 minutes. The whole incident created a
sensation in the local region, but official Government spokesmen
have treated it all as a non-event!

This very first downing of a Cosmosphere created shock waves
in the Kremlin. It was decided very quickly that a clear message
should be sent to the Pentagon that they would pay dearly if the
incident should be repeated. The Russians knew that a laser had
shot down their Cosmosphere, so the very next day an Air Florida
flight with laser warfare specialists aboard was caused to crash
here in Washington.

Then came a string of crashes and near-crashes--all of them
supposedly unexplainable. All four Air Force Thunderbird
demonstration jets were made to crash, as I explained last month.
A Boeing 737 in California dropped far below its flight path,
seemingly without cause, and narrowly missed disaster as it
clipped some power lines. And strangest of all, a Japan Air
Lines DC-8 crashed into Tokyo Bay during the final moments of its
landing approach. It was a perfect flying day, clear and sunny.
The DC-8 was only 1000 yards from touchdown, flying in a gentle
glide. There were no mechanical problems. Suddenly the pilot
acted as if he were dazed. Reportedly he reached over and
reversed thrust on two of the four jet engines. The big jet
nosed downward; it smashed into light stanchions marking the
approach path and crashed into the shallow water. Later, in the
hospital, the pilot said he had blacked out. The co-pilot
reportedly said he, too, suddenly felt woozy, but fought it and
remained conscious.

My friends, there's not time to go into the full details of
all of these incidents. It's enough to say that in every case,
including the Japanese crash, the targets were chosen to convey a
crystal clear warning to certain people. In every case that I
have mentioned, a Russian Cosmosphere used a neutron beam weapon
to bring about these strange results. As I've explained before,
neutron beams disrupt electronic instruments and also the mental
and nervous systems of people. The Russians are saying to the
American Bolshevik Pentagon in effect: "If you shoot down any
more Cosmospheres, there will be no place to hide."

The secret war is growing more and more intense as we get
closer to the outbreak of all-out war! At the same time the
alignments of powers great and small are continuing to shift and
settle into place.

Last month in AUDIO LETTER No. 71 I reviewed in some detail
the three main Power Factions in the world today and the
relationships among them. One faction is that of the Rockefeller
cartel--the multinational complex of Big Oil, Big Banking, and
Big Business. Another faction is the Bolshevik-Zionist Axis with
headquarters shared between the United States (especially New
York City) and Israel. The third faction is that of the new
rulers of Russia who have expelled most of the Bolsheviks
formerly in power there.

Last month I reported that a new operational relationship is
in the works between Russia's new rulers and the Rockefeller
cartel. I can now report that as of now the emerging quid pro
quo falls far short of the secret alliance that used to exist.
Instead, it's basically an agreement not to damage one another as
a matter of deliberate policy. The prime objective is to free
both of them (the Russians and the Rockefeller cartel) to deal
with their mutual enemy, the American Bolsheviks who have
infiltrated key policy-making government positions here in
Washington. The main area in which the Rockefeller cartel can be
helpful to the Russians is in the economic sphere. The American
Bolshevik dominated foreign policy in the United States is a
policy of economic starvation against Russia and her satellites.
The Rockefeller cartel is in the position to partially blunt
these policies by cooperating with Russia in East-West trade.

American Bolshevik economic warfare against the Soviet bloc is
most apparent right now in the plight of Poland. The American
Bolsheviks here finally succeeded in using the Solidarity Labor
Union to push Poland into martial law. Now martial law itself is
being used as an excuse to make the Polish people suffer even
more at America's hands. A thinly-disguised food embargo is in
place by the United States against Poland. Even chicken feed is
being held back in order to create disaster for Poland's own
chicken farms. Everything possible is being done to drive the
Polish people to such desperation that open revolt will erupt.

The collapse of Poland poses a military threat to Russia and
is an economic drain as well. Russia's new rulers are working
with an unwieldy centralized economy left behind by the expelled
Bolsheviks. It cannot be changed overnight so the Russians are
vulnerable to economic warfare. In order to avoid economic
disaster, the Russians are pushing hard for new ways to raise
hard Western currency. Last month I reported on one of these
Russian moves--a major coup in United States Treasury securities;
but for the long term the Russians want to establish more stable
and mutually beneficial economic ties with the West.

The centerpiece of Russia's economic drive now is the Siberian
gas pipe line for Western Europe. It's a 25-billion dollar
project, the biggest ever between the Soviet Union and the West.
It will be completed in 1984. The Bolsheviks here are trying to
completely stop the gas pipe line project, but the Rockefeller
oil and business cartel is trying to help the pipe line project
go ahead. Earlier this month, on February 17, the United States
Chamber of Commerce, a long-time Rockefeller public relations
organ, went public about the pipe line. It called the Reagan
embargo against pipe line equipment a strategy of economic
warfare against Russia. Just last week the "Joint Economic
Committee" of Congress endorsed the pipe line project; and in
Europe, American multinational oil companies are lining up in
support of the gas pipe line--all of them, that is, except one,
Mobil Oil. Unlike the other members of the Rockefeller Big Oil
cartel, Mobil Oil in West Germany has been publicly opposing the
gas pipe line.

To the Russians the gas pipe line is a matter of economic
survival; and with all-out war on the horizon, the Kremlin has no
patience with those who say one thing and do another. The
Russians regard Mobil's position against the pipe line as a
double cross, in effect siding with the Bolsheviks here in
America. Russia's rulers decided to give Mobil Oil strong
reasons to rethink their position, and fast!

On Thursday, February 11, the Russian container ship Mekhanik
Tarasov departed from a port in Quebec, Canada, bound for
Leningrad. It headed northeast up the St. Lawrence River, then
out through the Gulf of St. Lawrence into the Atlantic. After
skirting the south coast of Newfoundland, the Tarasov set course
east by northeast. It's course was chosen to take it very close
to the world's largest semisubmersible oil rig, passing it on the
south. The rig was the "Ocean Ranger" operated by Mobil Oil. It
was supposedly unsinkable, like the Titanic. The Tarasov, like
many other Russian merchant ships, possessed a military
capability that was not admitted. As it neared the giant oil rig
in a mounting storm, it launched a homing torpedo with a
low-yield nuclear warhead toward the rig. Just before 1:00 A.M.
Monday morning February 15 the torpedo reached its target, one of
the giant underwater pontoons. Nuclear explosions under water
are far more confined than those in air, and this one was hidden
by the hurricane-force winds and pounding waves. A hole was
blasted in the pontoon, and the Ocean Ranger started settling
toward that side. The crew gave a trouble call by radio; half an
hour later they reported that they were manning the lifeboats.
But the Japanese-built Ocean Ranger was designed to be the
world's most unsinkable oil rig! A corner of the upper platform
dipped into the water and than stopped. The rig stayed afloat,
listing at a crazy angle. The roughnecks stopped boarding the
lifeboats, hoping the boats would not be needed after all. Then
a Cosmosphere hovering high above the rig took aim at the corner
of the rig which had dipped into the water. A powerful blast
from its charged particle beam weapon blew a hole in the
partially-submerged corner. Immediately the Ocean Ranger heeled
over and sank. It went down so fast that it was too late for
lifeboats to be launched successfully, and all hands were lost.

The freighter Tarasov continued on course after sinking the
oil rig. The Russians expected that the freighter would be long
gone before anyone figured out what had happened--but they
miscalculated! At around 2:00 P.M. that same afternoon, Monday
February 15, an American Attack Submarine was closing in on the
Tarasov. The "sub" fired a single torpedo at the Tarasov,
hitting it broadside. Water surged in through a giant hole below
the waterline, and the freighter started sinking. Like the crew
of the Cosmosphere that was shot down over New Jersey last month,
the crew of the Tarasov had strict orders to protect the secrets
of their ship, and so the Russian captain refused assistance from
a nearby Danish freighter as his ship sank with its secrets.

Apparently, my friends, Mobil Oil got the message. Just two
days after the sinking of the Ocean Ranger, Mobil Oil shut down
the other two oil rigs which had been nearby and towed them

But our leaders still have not gotten the message. They are
still leading us straight into NUCLEAR WAR ONE!

Topic #2--Early this month on February 5, the entity
Vice-President Bush made himself conspicuous by a trip to Cape
Canaveral, Florida. He was photographed with astronauts inside
the European-built orbital science laboratory called "SPACE LAB."
According to official schedules, SPACE LAB will be put in orbit
by space shuttle in late 1983, about a year and a half from now.
Meanwhile, Bush announced that space shuttle flight No. 3 is now
scheduled for March 22, 1982. Supposedly it's to last for a full

For public consumption, NASA spokesmen are continuing to
pretend that the shuttle is merely carrying out a leisurely
series of test flights. We are told that the Space Shuttle
Program is basically a peaceful civilian program in spite of the
all-military crews flying the shuttle. But the peaceful image of
the Space Shuttle Program is a total lie. The fact is that the
space shuttle flights now under way are part of a crash program
by the United States to regain a military toe hold in space.

The United States has been virtually locked out of the
military use of space by Russia since late 1977, as I have
reported in detail in the past. Russia's domination of space for
the past four years and more has been highlighted by numerous
manned space flights. These have even included cosmonauts from
nine other countries besides Russia. Meanwhile the United States
went more than five years without admitting to any manned space
flight attempts. The Russian long-duration space spectaculars in
earth orbit have been sufficient to build Russia's prestige in
the public eye; but as I've reported in the past, the Soviet
Space Program involves far more than is being revealed publicly.

Ever since mid-October 1977, the Moon has been a Russian
outpost. There are seven (7) manned long-range particle beam
installations on the near side, and at least one base on the far
side. In the past I've reported that regular missions are flown
to and from the Moon in order to resupply the bases and rotate
crews, and slowly but surely the Kremlin is inching its way
toward breaking the news about its control of the Moon. Don't
expect them to tell you everything, but they are beginning to
drop hints about it. An example appears in the Russian
publication circulated in the United States called "Soviet Life"
for this month, February 1982. On page 33 of the magazine there
is a brief one-page feature on Space. Planted near the beginning
of the article are the words, quote:

"Today spaceships shuttle between the Earth and the Moon with
greater frequency than did the first voyages to the New World."

At the top of the page there's a nighttime photo of a moonship
ready to blast off from a Russian Cosmodrome. Below is a picture
of the Earth as seen from space, and in between is a statement in
bold type designed to give another hint about their moon flights.
It says, quote:

"From a distance of 70,000 kilometers above the Earth, the
planet looks peaceful and even defenseless. The common goal is
to protect our blue and green home."

My friends, satellites are not used at altitudes of 70,000
kilometers. The highest orbit that is generally useful for earth
satellites is the geosynchronous orbit for stationary satellites
over the equator. Seventy-thousand kilometers is almost twice
that far from the Earth. The only time when a spacecraft reaches
that far from the Earth is when it is on its way to or from the
Moon or another planet.

Russia's interest in space also extends far beyond military
factors. In AUDIO LETTER No. 38 I described the plans of
Russia's new rulers for the colonization of our solar system.
Those plans are moving ahead steadily; in fact, at this very
moment not one but two Russian spacecraft are approaching the
planet Venus! They are said to be unmanned; but, my friends,
they are manned spacecraft.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 38 I reported that the Russians had
settled on Venus, not Mars, as the first target beyond the Moon
for experimental colonization. They first started landing
unmanned craft on Venus some seven (7) years ago, and they've
learned some key facts not yet known in the West. Four years ago
the Russians began a series of increasingly long-durationed
manned orbital space flights, which were widely publicized.
These were gradually extended to six months and more to learn how
well crews would stand up to interplanetary space travel. Early
last fall these long-duration orbital flights were completed.
The Russians had learned everything they needed to know. Last
October 30 and November 4, 1981, two Russian spaceships blasted
off for Venus. Both ships are manned by Russian cosmonauts, and
both are preparing to land on Venus as I say these words.

My friends, the comparison between the space programs of the
United States and Russia today is a study in tragic ironies. We
Americans are being told that the space shuttle is primarily a
civilian-oriented project, but it is actually military. We're
being told that it is the world's first reusable spacecraft, but
a shuttle is actually being lost on every flight. We're being
told that the space shuttle has put us years ahead of Russia, but
we have actually slipped years behind. We're often told that our
Rulers want only peaceful activities in space, but they are
shutting down almost the entire civilian scientific space
program. Funding is continuing for one or two peaceful projects
which are too visible to cancel without an uproar, such as the
space telescope. But follow-on projects to explore our solar
system are being lopped off and discarded because they contribute
nothing to our leaders' plans for war!

We're told constantly that the Russians have nothing but war
and conquest on their minds; but it is the Russians, not we
Americans, who at this moment have two teams of spacemen
preparing to land on Venus. They're going there for reasons
which have nothing to do with war. The Russians are exploring
the solar system simply because it is there. Russia's new rulers
believe that it is man's destiny to move into space. The urge to
explore that motivated their Viking ancestors of old is alive and
well today in the Russian Space Program.

My friends, I believe that same spirit is still strong also
among the American people today. Why else would our leaders have
to keep selling the Space Program to us as a great adventure?
But the Bolsheviks here who now control America's Space Program
do not care about adventure or exploring the unknown or inspiring
the human spirit. They care only about power, control, intrigue,
revolution, and war; and their plans for war are shaping
America's Space Shuttle Program.

Twelve days ago, on February 16, the space shuttle was moved
out to the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, five days ahead of
schedule. This will be America's third space shuttle launch, and
it is also the third shuttle that is being used. The first
shuttle, the real "Columbia", was destroyed last April, as I
detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 64. It was replaced by the training
shuttle "Enterprise" which landed at Edwards Air Force Base and
was taken to Florida. The Enterprise flight last November was a
stopgap measure while a third shuttle could be extensively

The new shuttle now at Cape Canaveral is one of the three
secret shuttles from White Sands that I mentioned in AUDIO LETTER
No. 63 last spring. It has undergone extensive modification
since the first space shuttle disaster ten months ago in April,
1981. It still looks the same as the original Columbia, at least
from a distance, but this shuttle is actually far, far different.

The shuttle now on the pad, my friends, is armed to the teeth!
The basic mission of this third shuttle is the same as that of
the first shuttle nearly a year ago. One year ago today in AUDIO
LETTER No. 62 I described in detail what the space shuttle was
supposed to do. Its payload was a heavily armored laser-firing
robot battle station designed for space reconnaissance over
Russia. Russian space weapons finished destroying all of
America's Spy Satellites nearly four years ago. That means
America's war planners will be shooting almost blind at Russia if
they start a war without somehow acquiring new reconnaissance
data. The space shuttle is trying to solve that problem by
getting the new hardened satellite into orbit. That is what the
space shuttle flights right now are all about--attempts at

After each shuttle takes off from Florida it follows a long,
swooping, curved launch into the north in order to fly over
Russia. The American Bolshevik military planners here believe
that if they can once get their new super-spy satellite into
orbit, it will do the job. They are confident that it can
survive any attacks by Russian space weapons long enough to radio
back a large amount of reconnaissance data; and once they have
that, the Pentagon will be ready to take America to war.

Last spring the "Columbia" was destroyed before the Spy
Satellite could be deployed. Likewise the makeshift "Enterprise"
mission in November was a failure, but the military shuttle
planners believe it will be a different story with their shuttle
No. 3 now preparing for launch.

In the cargo bay of this shuttle there is a new robot
reconnaissance battle station like the one I described in AUDIO
LETTER No. 62. There is also an additional laser mounted in the
forward end of the cargo bay just behind the crew compartment.
It is a hydrogen fluoride gas dynamic laser mounted vertically,
aimed upward. It is equipped with a swiveling head consisting of
mirrors that can aim the beam around a wide range of angles. The
hydrogen fluoride laser in the cargo bay is intended mainly to
protect the shuttle while it climbs toward orbit.

As I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 64 last spring, the
"Columbia" came under fire shortly before it reached orbit.
Intelligence analysts here eventually obtained enough information
about what happened to decide on installing the cargo bay laser.

As the shuttle climbs, the air will grow thinner and thinner,
dwindling to almost nothing long before the rocket engines shut
off. At the earliest possible moment, the modified cargo bay
doors, which have no hinges on this shuttle, will be blown off by
special explosive devices. As the cargo bay doors flutter away
from the shuttle, it will leave the upper half of the bay wide
open. The cargo bay laser will be ready to fire from that moment
onward. It's equipped with the same system called CEIR that I
described in Topic #1. Since a laser equipped this way
successfully shot down a Cosmosphere last month, the shuttle
planners believe the shuttle will reach orbit safely. Once in
orbit, planners here believe that the main threat to the shuttle
will be Russia's orbiting Cosmos Interceptors. These manned
killer satellites are responsible for sweeping the skies clear of
American Spy Satellites. In order to deal with that threat,
there have been truly radical modifications to the shuttle.

Whenever the space shuttle is discussed, it's always
emphasized that shuttle astronauts can work in their shirt
sleeves--no need for space suits because riding in the shuttle is
almost like riding in an air liner. Not so this time, my

When Col. Jack Lousma and Col. C. Gordon Fullerton lift off in
this shuttle, they will be in spacesuits. What's more, they will
be depending on their spacesuits because their crew cabin will
not be pressurized. The whole lower front portion of their ship
below the flight deck has been turned into a weapons bay. As
soon as the shuttle reaches orbit, the nose will open up to the
vacuum of space. The nose will fold downward and back somewhat
like certain cargo aircraft whose noses fold upward to load and
unload. As soon as the nose opens up, a complex laser system
will emerge. The system has five tubular sections aimed up,
down, to each side, and straight ahead. Each laser tube has a
swiveling mirror-head for beam aiming, like that of the cargo bay
laser I mentioned earlier. Once deployed, the Nose Laser System
will be able to fire in almost any direction. The only exception
is a narrow corridor to the rear of the shuttle.

The Nose Laser System is described as a nuclear-pumped helium
plasma laser with five resonators. The nuclear power pack can
fire any one of the five laser tubes at a time. It's not as
powerful as the cargo bay laser; but unlike the cargo bay laser,
the Nose Laser System can operate for a long time on an
intermittent basis, and the shuttle planners believe it will be
powerful enough to disable the manned Russian killer satellites.
Under the protection of the Nose Laser System, Lousma and
Fullerton are to deploy the robot Spy Satellite. As soon as it
is deployed, they are to return to Earth in a small Gemini-type
re-entry capsule. This part of the plan is the same as I
revealed a year ago for the first shuttle flight. Meanwhile, the
shuttle will remain in orbit.

The Nose Laser System is programmed to keep right on zapping
any Russian Cosmos Interceptors that come within range. It will
continue doing so until it is destroyed or the nuclear laser runs
down, which could be a very long time. It will constitute a very
dangerous nuisance in space, and the Russians will have little
choice but to destroy it. The American Bolsheviks here hope the
Russians will lose a lot of spaceships and men before they
succeed in doing so.

If the military shuttle planners are right in their
calculations, the third space shuttle mission could turn into a
battle royal in space. If they are wrong, they presently plan to
try again one more time.

As of now, the fourth space shuttle mission is scheduled for
the Fourth of July. After that, no matter what happens with the
space shuttle, they are now planning to go ahead anyway in
setting off NUCLEAR WAR ONE because my friends, the American
Bolsheviks here have scored an Intelligence coup against Russia.

Topic #3--For nearly a year now I've been reporting on the grand
strategy of the American Bolsheviks and their Zionist partners to
set off nuclear war. Their basic plan is an updated version of
the one that was successful in setting off World War I. The
prelude to that war involved ever widening, uncontrollable crises
in the Balkans. Likewise today the whole world is being
Balkanized by means of Bolshevik-Zionist intrigues.

Last year I began warning that we would soon be seeing more
and more simultaneous crises in the world as the fever for war
rises. Today these simultaneous crises are now upon us, right on

El Salvador and the rest of Central America are aflame with
internal upheaval. Poland is under martial law, while America
tries to transform Poland's troubles into a complete bloody
disaster. In the Middle East not one but several time bombs are
almost ready to go off since spring is coming. These are the
things I was talking about in my advance reports last year.

The Reagan-Begin Axis of Bolsheviks and Zionists intend to
manipulate these crises--and more to come--to pave the way for
war. Suddenly certain crises will combine to trigger a chain of
events leading to NUCLEAR WAR ONE. The joint military junta of
the United States Pentagon and Israel are working on a fast
timetable for all of this. As I've reported in past tapes, they
are aiming for mid-summer 1982, this year, for the final war
sequence to begin.

This will involve regional conflicts in the Middle East and
elsewhere which gradually escalate to engulf the superpowers.
The whole thing is being set up to make nuclear war appear
unavoidable. At last all-out nuclear war itself will break out
between the United States and Russia. It will be made to appear
accidental; but as I have detailed in the past, my friends,
NUCLEAR WAR ONE will actually begin with an American nuclear
first strike against Russia!

Up to now, the secret war planners here have been expecting
that it would take many months for the final war build-up to run
its course. For example, a Mideast war might be triggered this
summer of 1982, but it could take until the spring of 1983 for
the resulting nuclear war to erupt. That has been their thinking
until very recently, but a drastic change is now taking place in
the secret war planning under way here in America.

The timetable for NUCLEAR WAR ONE has now been speeded up by
many months. My friends, as of now the new target date for an
American nuclear surprise attack on Russia is mid-September 1982!
That is little more than six months from now. The reason for
this drastic shortening of the war timetable is a major
Intelligence coup which has been scored by the American
Bolsheviks here.

Two high-ranking Soviet generals have recently been spirited
out of Russia and brought here to Washington. These two men are
Bolsheviks whom Russia's new non-Bolshevik rulers failed to
detect and weed out. In Intelligence parlance, they remained as
moles in Russia's military apparatus. Now they have been brought
to America, and they bring with them a wealth of data about
Russia's current military posture! Thanks to these two former
Bolshevik Soviet generals, the secret war planners here now have
enough information to plan a nuclear strike against Russia. If
they can refine that information from data from space shuttle
flights Nos. 3 and 4, so much the better; but if neither of the
next two shuttle flights is successful, the war planners intend
to wait no longer. They want to make use of the Intelligence
obtained from the two Soviet generals while it is still fresh,
and so the secret war planners here have now set a deadline for
themselves of mid-September 1982 to attack Russia!

As it stands now, my friends, NUCLEAR WAR ONE could erupt at
any time after space shuttle flight No. 4 this summer and well
before the end of September.

My friends, I am telling you these things not to panic you but
for the opposite reason. I want you to be able to understand
events for yourselves so that you can take action to protect
yourselves and your families. I cannot emphasize strongly enough
that what I am reporting to you are the plans of MEN. If you see
certain things happening, you will know that these war plans are
succeeding and that war is imminent; if you do not see certain
parts of the plan happening in the news, then you will know that
the war plans may have hit a snag of some kind. In that regard I
also want to let you know about the biggest of all possible snags
that may soon trip up the American Bolsheviks here.

For some time now I've been reporting on the hidden struggle
for power that is dividing the United States Government. On one
side are the American Bolsheviks whose chief Government operative
today is Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. On the other
side is the Rockefeller cartel whose chief Governmental spokesman
is Secretary of State Alexander Haig. Weinberger and Haig are
constantly at each other's throats in the news. This is only a
pale shadow of their intrigues behind closed doors! Caught in
the middle is the puppet entity President Reagan.

Our puppet president was installed by the Rockefeller cartel
but has been largely under Bolshevik control ever since the
assassination attempt last March. Like a marionette, he dances
according to whatever strings are being pulled at the moment by
either side. As of now, America's military is dominated by the
Bolsheviks here, but that was not always so.

The Rockefeller cartel has been regaining power and is now
preparing to try to regain control over the military here. As
long ago as 1963, Rockefeller insiders set up a contingency plan
for an eventual military coup d'etat against a puppetized
president. I revealed the existence of the plan five years ago
this month in AUDIO LETTER No. 21.

Early stages of the plan were actually set in motion against
then President Carter, but events later that year caused the plan
to be aborted. Now the plan for a Rockefeller cartel-backed
military coup is being set in motion again, and this time it is a
crash program intended to be carried out within a matter of
months. As I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No. 67, the Rockefeller
cartel cannot afford to let their Bolshevik enemies here succeed
in setting off nuclear war, therefore the military coup d'etat
must take place before the American Bolshevik surprise attack
against Russia. If possible the coup will be carried out before
the fourth space shuttle flight this summer because war will be
possible any time after that.

The man who is in charge of the military coup preparations is
a four-star Army General. That is unusual because coups are
usually carried out by lower-rank officers; but this time the
circumstances are very unusual too. The General in charge of the
coup to come, my friends, is General Alexander Haig, presently
Secretary of State. He is looking forward to the day when he can
really say, quote: "I am in charge here."

Lately Haig has been on major TV programs almost daily. He
has also been traveling almost continuously to help pave the way
for the coup d'etat to be accepted abroad. Most importantly the
Russians were informed of the impending coup during the
Haig-Gromyko talks last month. Part of the new quid pro quo
between the Rockefeller cartel and the Kremlin has to do with the
coup being planned here. The Rockefeller group were afraid that
the Kremlin would interpret a military coup as a sign that an
attack on Russia would follow quickly. Haig has assured the
Russians that this will be an anti-Bolshevik coup and that the
Bolshevik war plans will be terminated. Gromyko was very dubious
in his talks with Haig. He expressed fears that the whole plan
will backfire and cause the American Bolsheviks in the Pentagon
to push the button, but Haig finally extracted an agreement that
the Russians will not interfere with the coup nor use the
opportunity to attack the United States. What is brewing now, my
friends, is really a countercoup.

Three years ago the Rockefeller cartel lost its power over the
United States Government in a Bolshevik coup d'etat. I detailed
those events at the time, but otherwise it was generally hidden
from public view. Now the Rockefeller cartel is trying to take
back the power they lost three years ago.

If the military take-over does take place it, too, is likely
to be largely hidden in its details from public view. Only one
event in the plan is likely to be visible to all. That event, my
friends, will be the sudden death of the entity known as
President Ronald Reagan. If that happens by the end of summer
1982, no matter what the official story may be, you will know
that the military coup d'etat has taken place.

On the other hand, should something happen to Secretary of
State Haig by that time, it could well mean that the Bolsheviks
have foiled the coup.

It is all a race against time, my friends, and the stakes in
this race involve nothing less than the very survival of our
United States!


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've had no choice but to dwell on the subject of
approaching war, NUCLEAR WAR. Nuclear war fever is conditioning
us for war, and hostilities are escalating in the secret war
already under way.

While two manned Russian spacecraft are approaching Venus,
America's Space Program has dwindled to a last-ditch military
stab at space. The war timetable is being speeded up with
nothing in sight but a military coup d'etat to stop it.

The situation we face today, my friends, reminds me of a
course in "Military Justice" which l took in Law School in 1950.
It was taught by an Army General. He started the first class
with a statement that is still ringing in my ears today. He

"If you remember nothing else from this course, make no mistake
about one thing: The United States of America was born in war,
and the United States will die in war."

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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