Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 73.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
DC 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is March 31,
1982, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 73.

For the past several days two news stories have been competing
for top billing here in the United States. One is the conflict
in El Salvador surrounding national elections, which were held on
Sunday, three days ago. The other is the third space shuttle
mission, which ended yesterday.

On the face of it, these two headline events would seem to
have little in common. The brutal civil war in the jungles of
Central America seems part of a different world from that of
America's newest space ship, but the fact is that these two news
stories are related to one another. El Salvador and the space
shuttle are both involved in the complex program leading up to
NUCLEAR WAR ONE. El Salvador is just one hot spot in the growing
caldron of deliberate world crises to bring on war, and the space
shuttle is being used for secret military preparations for war

In AUDIO LETTER No. 72 last month I reported that the war
timetable of America's Bolshevik planners is being speeded up.
If their plans succeed, the time left before the outbreak of
all-out nuclear war is measured in months; and so far, my
friends, their plans are succeeding.

All around the world the flames of crisis are continuing to
spread. In Central America the initial crisis in El Salvador has
now expanded to include Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. On
the day after space shuttle No. 3 took off this month, a military
coup took place in Guatemala--and we haven't seen anything yet.
Soon we will be hearing of new threats to our life line through
the Panama Canal. And the Carter Administration's giveaway of
the Canal does not become final for nearly 20 more years. As of
now the Canal remains a potential new Pearl Harbor for us.

Overseas, other crises are also continuing to simmer and
spread. In Iran the plans for a new explosion of turmoil are
right on track. New developments in the Iran-Iraq war are paving
the way for this. Another factor, as I have previously reported,
is to be the revelation that Ayatollah Khomeini is dead. Early
this month there were harbingers of things to come in the news,
especially overseas. For example, on March 6 the BBC quoted a
London Times article questioning whether Khomeini is still alive.
The article expressed suspicions that fake pictures are now being
used showing a "double" for Khomeini.

Another simmering crisis is the contrived flap between the
United States and Libya. For the moment it's on the back burner,
but the Libya crisis is one of the time bombs which the
Bolsheviks here can use to help set off the big war to come. In
that regard, there were two major developments this month which
went almost unnoticed in the news, and they are synchronized
perfectly with the over-all war timetable that I made public last

First, on March 3 Libya's Colonel Qaddafi (Khadafy) drew a
line in the dust against the United States. In Tripoli, the
Libyan capital, Qaddafi delivered a fiery speech to listeners
gathered for a rally. He reminded them of the Nimitz episode
last August when two Libyan jets were shot down, and he said,

"If America enters the Gulf of Sidra, war in the full sense of
the word will begin between us and them--war with planes, navies,
missiles, everything."

Within two weeks the United States promised, in effect, that it
will soon walk across Qaddafi's line in the dust. On March 16
Navy Secretary John Lehman declared that the United States will
conduct naval exercises again within the Gulf of Sidra and we
will do so within the next six months. Lehman's statement was a
virtual promise of war to come. It was reported that day by the
BBC, but went unnoticed here in America!

Crises within the Soviet bloc are also continuing. The war in
Afghanistan continues to drag on, thanks to ongoing heavy
involvement by the CIA. Poland, too, is an explosion waiting to
happen. Martial law has removed the spark for that explosion by
jailing the leaders of Solidarity. Solidarity was the main tool
of the American Bolsheviks in trying to set off a revolt in
Poland, but soon the Bolshevik war planners here expect to
provide a new spark for revolt in Poland. Last fall the
Bolsheviks here re-established the covert influence within the
Vatican which they held briefly three years ago. Now the
Bolsheviks here are trying to revive their old plan called the
Pope's Revolution to occur in Poland.

I gave the details of the original plan in AUDIO LETTER No.
42. It was built around a planned papal visit to Poland on a
highly emotional occasion, the 900th anniversary of the martyrdom
of St. Stanislaus. The original "Pope's Revolution" plan was
foiled by changing the date of the pope's visit, but now a new
papal visit to Poland may be in the works. The occasion is the
600th anniversary of the Black Madonna, the most revered shrine
in Poland. The anniversary takes place this summer, my friends,
less than six months from now.

In addition to the existing crises, new crises are also being
stirred up--with more to come. These will be developing in both
East and West. Right now a major new crisis is building up
between two NATO members, Greece and Turkey. The new government
of Greece wants to extricate itself from the war maneuverings of
the Bolshevik-controlled United States and NATO. Washington is
responding with military blackmail. Turkey's harsh military
dictatorship has designs on sea and land controlled by
Greece--and the United States is egging them on!

Bulgaria and Romania, Soviet bloc neighbors of Greece and
Turkey, are also targeted for turmoil soon. American Bolshevik
agents are hard at work there to create a serious dispute between
these two Warsaw Pact members. If they succeed, it will be just
one more Poland-style headache for Russia's new anti-Bolshevik

The American Bolsheviks here are pressing ahead fast in their
efforts to bring on NUCLEAR WAR ONE. In this they are joined by
their Zionist partners in Israel. In AUDIO LETTER No. 67 I
described the joint military junta which today controls the
actions of both the United States and Israel. The Reagan-Begin
axis is moving the world steadily closer to nuclear war. Neither
government is making the slightest effort to act in the true best
interests of its own citizens! This situation is a secret in
both countries. It's as much a mystery to most Israelis as it is
to most Americans.

In both countries there is growing alarm over the locked step
toward war. Here in America this is taking the form of mounting
demands for a nuclear weapons freeze. In Israel the Begin
government is facing repeated "no confidence" votes over its
repressive policies toward Palestinians, but both governments are
bent on war and they expect to bring it about before they can be

The present Begin government repression in the occupied Arab
territories have been calculated with care. They are intended
specifically to shatter the shaky Middle East peace. For one
thing, Israeli repression of Palestinians within their
jurisdiction is intended to stir up PLO activity in southern
Lebanon. In addition, Israel's suspension of political rights
for Arabs in the occupied territories is a violation of the Camp
David accords. Instead of negotiating increased autonomy for the
Arabs, the Begin government is taking away what little autonomy
they already had. These things are intended to produce a chain
reaction of events--that is: PLO raids on Israel, an Israeli
invasion of Lebanon, war between Israel and Syria creating a
proxy battle between America and Russia, disintegrating peace
ties between Israel and Egypt, an incident in the Sinai involving
America's buffer troops there, ensnarement of Saudi Arabia in the
collapsing peace--on and on, wider and wider, 'seemingly' out of

All these artificial crises are leading fast toward NUCLEAR
WAR ONE; and when it comes, the Bolsheviks here plan to be ready.
For the first time the space shuttle has been successful in its
secret military mission. Even more importantly, their most
ambitious crash-weapons project is now bearing fruit. My
friends, the United States has developed a new superweapon, as
revolutionary as the atom bomb was four decades ago!

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--On December 6, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt
authorized the spending of funds to begin a supersecret weapons
project. Its goal: to develop a giant bomb so powerful that it
would make all lesser weapons obsolete overnight. It was the
beginning of what was later called the "Manhattan Project." The
project was intended to develop a bomb to fight a war that did
not yet exist, but the very next day, December 7, 1941, Pearl
Harbor took care of that. Just one day after the A-bomb project
began, America was at war--right on schedule.

The Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb was the
largest, most complex, and most costly military project in
history up to that time, and yet it was conducted in total
secrecy. The money spent on the atom bomb project dwarfed all
other weapons programs, yet it was spent without the knowledge of
Congress! Entire new laboratories were built, thousands of
people were involved, and yet fewer than 100 persons knew what
the Manhattan Project was all about. The Manhattan Project was
to develop a superweapon, something straight from the pages of
Science Fiction. If most people had been asked they would have
said that an atomic bomb was impossible; but in matters like
this, public opinion counts for nothing at all. A small handful
of scientists knew that it could be done. They did the seemingly
impossible, and they did it in well under four years! The A-bomb
project went from a standing start in December 1941 to the attack
on Hiroshima in August 1945.

My friends, I can now report for the first time that a new
program like the Manhattan Project has been underway here in the
United States. Like the atomic bomb 40 years ago, the new weapon
sounds like something straight from the pages of Science Fiction.
Like the Manhattan Project, the new project has been carried out
in utmost secrecy. Vast amounts of money have been spent on it
without the slightest hint to the public or Congress; and just as
happened with the atomic bomb, the new weapon is intended to make
its debut in war itself--and not before.

I first began reporting that crash weapons projects were being
started here in the United States four years ago in AUDIO LETTER
No. 33. These projects were started in response to Russia's
surprise military take-over of space in late 1977. From time to
time since then I have reported on the progress of a number of
these secret programs to prepare for war.

In "Operation Desk Top", ICBMs have been planted in supposedly
invulnerable locations on the ocean floor. In the secret
"Minuteman TX" mobile missile program a large number of small
ICBMs are now shuttling around the United States in special
railroad cars. Meanwhile the phony MX missile controversy has
been used as a cover for this secret project. Then there is the
high-power Laser Program which has led to a number of laser
weapons. And, of course, there is the Space Shuttle program--a
desperate attempt to regain a military toe hold in space.

While we are shown entertaining space movies on TV by NASA, we
are never shown what is really happening on each flight, never.
I have given many details about these secret weapons programs in
past AUDIO LETTER reports. Now I have obtained urgent
information about a crash military program which is shrouded in
the deepest secrecy of all. It is an Air Force project involving
technology which is as revolutionary today as the atomic bomb was
forty years ago. This secret superweapon project is the basis
for an entire new nuclear war strategy of the American Bolshevik
war planners. It is a renegade program totally unknown both to
the public and to Congress. Even within the military this
weapons program is known only within very limited circles. You,
my friends, will understand the reasons for this extreme secrecy
when you hear how it is to be used in the coming war. I will
reveal this master war strategy, code named "PROJECT Z", in Topic

Ever since the summer of 1980 there have been vague reports in
the news about what is called the Stealth Bomber Program. We're
told that ways are being developed to make a bomber undetectable
by radar. We're also led to believe that a Stealth Plane will
not be operational until 1991. The fact is, my friends, that
these are only cover stories to hide a far more radical weapons
program, and it will be operational not in far-off 1991 BUT THIS
YEAR 1982!

The Stealth program is structured very much like the Minuteman
TX program which I made public in AUDIO LETTER No. 55. In the
case of the Minuteman TX, public attention was focused on the
alleged MX missile; and, in fact, work is underway to develop a
missile called MX, but all of that was set up primarily as a
cover for the secret Minuteman TX program. It provided a way to
camouflage research, development, and manufacturing of the TX.
Now that the TX mobile missile system is virtually deployed on
our railroads, the MX is gradually fading from the scene. The
furious debate over all those ridiculous MX race tracks out West
is gone, having served its purpose of distraction. And now there
is talk of cutting out funding for the MX in the 1983 Budget.
Can you imagine?

It's all very much the same with the Stealth Program. Various
companies and laboratories are experimenting with ways to foil
radar. These experiments include special aerodynamic shapes,
coatings, electronic countermeasures, and so on; but all of this
is important mainly as a cover and a funding channel for the
really secret work. One product of the covert Stealth projects
was called a "Submersible Aircraft", or "Subcraft" for short. I
first described Subcraft in AUDIO LETTER No. 37, August 1978,
when they were beginning flight tests. In January 1980 there was
an attempt to actually use them against Russia--with disastrous
results. The first public leaks about the Stealth Program took
place six months later in the summer of 1980. Up to that time
nothing better than the unsuccessful Subcraft had been produced,
but now the situation has changed. The biggest gamble of all in
the Stealth Program has involved a scientific leap forward as
dramatic as the atomic bomb, and IT IS SUCCEEDING.

What I am about to reveal may sound impossible to some people.
If so, just stop and think about the things that would have
seemed impossible 40 years ago which we take for granted today:
jet airplanes, world-wide television, men on the Moon, local
weather forecasts with satellite pictures of planet Earth,
lasers, photocopy machines, frozen food, and computers.

Think what a giant leap in technology was taken in the
Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb 40 years ago. For
example, there were no computers in those days. Even the most
advanced scientific calculations had to be done by hand with some
help from slide rules, adding machines, and mathematical tables.
By contrast, today you can go to a store and buy a hand
calculator that will outperform anything that was available to
the A-bomb Project; and a hand calculator like that is a mere toy
compared with the powerful high-speed computers that are common
today. In other areas, too, the technology of the 1980's is a
far cry from that of the 1940's, so just ask yourself: If we
could develop the atom bomb using pencils and slide rules, what
might we develop today using computers? And if it took less than
four years with the primitive tools of the 1940's, why should a
crash program today take any longer?

The most secret branch of the Stealth Program, my friends, is
developing aircraft that are invisible to more than just radar.
They are invisible even to the eye. These invisible Phantom war
planes carry special electromagnetic gear. The equipment
includes superconducting magnets which are maintained at
temperatures close to absolute zero. This cryogenic equipment
creates an enormously powerful electromagnetic field around the
aircraft. The field is designed according to the principles of
Einstein's "unified field theory."

Einstein never completely finished his unified field theory,
but it has been studied by numerical techniques using computers.
By this brute-force method, enough has been learned to apply
unified field theory to the new Phantom war planes.

When the invisibility field is turned on, a Phantom war plane
is encased in a sort of electromagnetic bubble. Light that
strikes the field from any direction divides, passes around the
plane, comes together again on the other side, and goes on. The
effect is like a boulder in a stream--water flowing towards the
boulder divides, goes around it, and then comes together again on
the other side.

To understand why this makes the plane invisible, stop and
think how you see objects. Suppose you look across the room at a
chair. Light bounces off the chair in a certain pattern, travels
through the air and strikes your eyes. Your eyes then recognize
the light pattern as a chair. Now suppose someone walks between
you and the chair. Light bouncing off the chair is stopped by
the person who's in the way so you no longer see the chair,
instead you see the person by reflected light.

Now, my friends, consider a new situation. Suppose that the
person were encased in a special bubble like that of a Phantom
war plane. He steps between you and the chair. The light waves
from the chair strike the bubble, flow around him, come together
again, and continue to your eyes so you still see the chair. But
because of the bubble, no light is reflected back from that
person, so you cannot see him--in other words, he is invisible.
He is there all right between you and the chair, but because of
the way the light behaves around his protective shield you cannot
see him. This is basically how the invisibility shield works on
a Phantom war plane. The only difference is that the field is
not as sharply defined as a bubble. It is strong close to the
plane and grows weaker with distance. From a distance the plane
is totally invisible when it is air-borne.

A Phantom war plane is invisible to the eye and also to radar.
Radar is like light except for wave length, and behaves the same
way when it hits the invisibility shield--it just divides, flows
past the plane, converges on the other side, and continues
onward. It does not bounce back so there is no radar return.

Invisibility is the most striking feature of a Phantom war
plane but it is not the most important. The greatest value of
the invisibility field is its protection against Beam weapons. A
Phantom war plane is totally immune to lasers because a laser
beam is just intense light. The invisibility field also gives
protection against Russia's charged particle beam. Charged
particles are far easier to deflect than light, so the charged
particle beam is no match for the light-deflecting shield.

That leaves only neutral beam weapons. Russia's neutron beam
would penetrate the invisibility shield, but ways have been found
to shield against neutron radiation well enough to make neutron
beams ineffective in stopping a Phantom war plane. That's
especially true because extremely effective shielding is part of
the basic design of a Phantom war plane. Without it the gigantic
electromagnetic field, which produces invisibility, would derange
electronic instruments as well as the crew if it is manned.

So the net result is this, my friends: The new Phantom war
plane of the United States is not detectable by conventional
means, and it is believed to be invulnerable to all of Russia's
beam weapons. Those beam weapons have been the keys to Russia's
military superiority since late 1977, so the Phantom war plane is
the ideal weapon to attack Russia.

The Phantom war plane has just one major drawback. In a way
it's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. When the
invisibility field is turned on, incoming light waves do not
strike the plane; instead, the light flows around the plane, as I
have explained. That is what makes the plane invisible to
observers at a distance, but at the same time the field prevents
light waves from the outside world from reaching the cockpit of
the plane. In other words, the pilot cannot see anything outside
the invisibility field. He is required to fly blind.

There is only one technique known in the West by which a
Phantom war plane can be navigated. It's called "Inertial
Guidance", a technique first invented for ICBMs a quarter century
ago. In Inertial Guidance, a computerized system keeps track of
all the forces and maneuvers experienced by the vehicle. By
adding these up over time, the system calculates where it is
without reference to the outside world. For a Phantom war plane,
the Inertial Guidance problem is very difficult. The guidance
system must operate for as long as several hours while the plane
flies to its target. That gives lots of time for errors to build
up which would send the plane off course, but the problem has
been solved.

New Inertial Guidance technology has been developed using
Lasers in place of the old mechanical gyros used on ICBMs, and so
the supersecret Phantom war plane project has succeeded in
producing a new superweapon! It's as revolutionary today as the
atomic bomb was nearly a half century ago. Prototypes are now
flying, and a rush production program is already underway. The
secret war planners here expect to have an operational fleet
ready by this summer of 1982. This is now the pacing item in the
short new war timetable which I made public last month in AUDIO
LETTER No. 72.

The secret new fleet of Phantom war planes are the key to a
complete new Pentagon war plan, which I will reveal in Topic #2.
This is why fresh reconnaissance data on Russian targets is so
critical to the war planning here. When Phantom war planes take
off to attack Russia, they will have to know ahead of time
exactly where the target is. Flying blind on Inertial Guidance,
they cannot look around and change course to find a target.

For a year now the Space Shuttle has been making a desperate
attempt to obtain the needed target information from space. It
would be the first new data since Russia destroyed our Spy
Satellites four years ago. The first two Shuttle flights were
not successful in their secret military mission; but as I
revealed last month, the American Bolshevik war planners in the
Pentagon have scored an Intelligence coup against Russia, and now
Space Shuttle No. 3 has been successful. The war planners here
are now obtaining the most crucial target data needed for a
Phantom war plane attack against Russia. As a result, a whole
new war plan is now being prepared for the coming nuclear war.

America's war strategists are now eager for war because they
now believe they can achieve victory over Russia; but, my
friends, their concept of victory does not include you and me.
The secret war strategists here are preparing to sacrifice
America and most of her people on the altar of WORLD DOMINATION!

Topic #2--The radically new Phantom war plane is causing an
equally radical revision of the master war strategy of the United
States. Elements of several past strategies are now being
blended together to create a new grand plan. It is this new
grand master strategy which America's war planners are counting
on to bring them victory in NUCLEAR WAR ONE, and they plan to use
the war plan very soon--by the autumn of this year 1982!

Strategic nuclear war planning here in Washington is now being
carried out under the code name "PROJECT Z." The letter "Z" was
chosen because it is the final letter in the alphabet. The war
planners here are confident that this is the last war plan they
will need against Russia. War planning under "PROJECT Z" is so
secret that it's not being done at the Pentagon itself; instead,
an elite group of war strategists have been assembled at a
special war room in downtown Washington. The war room is hidden
away in a building which would never be suspected for the
purpose. It's practically within the shadow of the White House!

The elite war planners for NUCLEAR WAR ONE constitute a very
small group. Their job is to think in terms of the big picture.
They have at their finger tips computer terminals with which they
can access any information they need from other Government
computers. This includes not only Pentagon data banks but also
the computer files of other Government agencies.

As I say these words, the "PROJECT Z" war planners have
already arrived at the broad outlines for their master war plan.
Countless details and refinements still lie ahead, but the basic
strategy is already decided! That strategy is what I am about to
reveal to you.

The "PROJECT Z" strategy for NUCLEAR WAR ONE is a three-phase
plan--that is, the war planners intend for the war to proceed in
three distinct phases. These phases are known as:

Phase 1--Initiation
Phase 2--Attrition, and
Phase 3--Domination.

In past reports I've given many details about the process
which is to lead up to the coming war. That process is based on
ever-increasing world crises, like those that led up to World War
I. We are now seeing that process in full swing all around us.
Within six months from now these deliberate crises are supposed
to provide the spark to set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE. The "PROJECT Z"
war planners are concerned with the military acts from that
initial spark onward.

Phase #1 in their plan, the Initiation Phase, will begin with
an American surprise attack against Russia. The surprise attack
will use the new Phantom war planes. They will be the key to the
outcome of the rest of the war.

Some 3-1/2 years ago, in the summer of 1978, I reported that
America was shifting to a first-strike nuclear strategy against
Russia. In AUDIO LETTER No. 37 I described the prime objective
of any such American first strike. It will be to knock out the
Earth bases for Russia's space triad of strategic weapons. If
that can be done, Russia's overwhelming military power in space
will soon wither and die. That will leave the United States and
Russia on more equal terms for the rest of the war. When I
recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 37, the plan was to use a combination
of Subcraft and unmanned aircraft called RPVs for the initial
attack. That plan was actually attempted over two years ago, as
I reported in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 53 and 54. It ended in total
failure because Subcraft and RPVs were no match for Russia's
Cosmospheres with their beam weapons; but now the new Phantom war
planes are almost ready, and the plan is being revived in updated

Phantom war planes are intended to be based in at least three
countries on Russia's doorstep. These basing areas are: northern
Norway; eastern Turkey; and most critical of all, Sinkiang
Province in northwestern China. Already high-power lasers are
being moved into those areas. They are equipped with the new
aiming device called CEIR (pronounced seer), which I described
last month. These lasers have the proven ability to shoot down
Cosmospheres. They will be used to protect the Phantom war
planes from destruction on the ground by Cosmospheres.

The Phantom war planes which will be used are unmanned. They
are equipped with robot pilots which can be programmed to fly
each plane to a preassigned target. Each will be programmed for
a one-way trip. The invisible robot-piloted aircraft will fly
through Russian air space, invulnerable to any beam-weapon
attacks. Anti-aircraft missiles fired at them will be unable to
hone in on them, and so the "PROJECT Z" planners believe that the
robot Phantom planes will reach their targets.

Those targets are Russia's four Cosmodromes for rockets plus
several Cosmosphere installations in central Siberia. The
invisible robot planes will crash like kamikazes into their
targets. Seemingly out of a clear blue sky, all of Russia's
Space bases will suddenly vanish in thermonuclear fireballs. In
addition to Russia's Space bases, the Phantom war plane assault
will also be directed at one other category of prime targets.
Those are the bases for Russia's flying Anti-missile System,
which I described in AUDIO LETTER No. 54. The System consists of
a fleet of TU-144 Supersonic Transports equipped with
particle-beam weapons. They are supposed to provide Russia's
final line of defense against incoming missile warheads.
American Phantom war planes will be programmed to destroy the
TU-144 bases.

Phase #1 of the "PROJECT Z" war plan continues on a very tight
timetable. If the invisible war plane attack succeeds, a furious
counterattack by Russia is guaranteed. "PROJECT Z" calls for the
United States to beat Russia to the punch.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 66 last summer 1981, I revealed the plan
by which America's entire nuclear arsenal is to be fired at
Russia. It will be done by creating a false indication that
America is under nuclear attack. The method which will be
employed is known as "Electromagnetic Pulse" or EMP. EMP is a
phenomenon associated with nuclear blasts at the fringes of
space. As I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 66, our Strategic
Forces are being programmed to consider an EMP episode to be
positive proof of a Russian attack. Under those circumstances,
they are instructed to counterattack against Russia without
waiting for any further orders!

In the "PROJECT Z" timetable, the Phantom war plane explosions
in Russia will be followed moments later by nuclear detonations
over North America. These will be the warheads of American
high-speed missiles called ACMs. They will be launched into the
sky from various locations around the United States to create a
violent EMP episode. Our Strategic Nuclear Forces, obeying
orders, will launch what they will believe to be retaliation
against Russia.

As the American ACMs are launched into the sky over our heads,
still another event is to be underway. Last month I reported
that a Russian Cosmosphere had been shot down for the first
time--in January over New Jersey. In the same way, high-power
lasers located in many places around the United States will be
shooting down as many Cosmospheres as possible. By the time our
ICBMs are launched a few minutes later, it's expected that many
of the threatening Cosmospheres overhead will have been
destroyed. They will be unable to blast all of our missiles as
they are launched, and many will survive to be on their way to
Russia. Thanks to the initial Phantom war plane attack, Russia's
flying ABM System will also be out of action. Stripped of all
her defenses against missile attack, the Soviet Union will soon
be aflame with a sea of nuclear firestorms.

In the "PROJECT Z" war plan, the arrival of American ICBMs on
Russian targets marks the end of Phase #1 of the war, the
Initiation Phase.

Next comes Phase #2, the Attrition Phase. During Phase #2,
the war planners here envision extreme damage to both the United
States and Russia, with the war gradually running down. First
there will be a rain of Russian missile warheads on the United
States. There will also be missile attacks on certain other
targets around the world where American Military Forces are
located; but the real destruction will be right here in the
United States itself!

The "PROJECT Z" war planners do not expect America, as we know
it, to survive a nuclear exchange. Unlike Russia, the United
States has no Civil Defense worthy of the name, let alone
hardened blast shelters; and because of the need for total
surprise in the attack against Russia's Space bases, the ensuing
nuclear exchanges will come without warning. Vacationers will be
on beaches, businessmen will be making deals, housewives will be
in supermarkets, children will be at play. Suddenly air raid
sirens may start to blare, as they did on a summer day in
Hiroshima 36 years ago, but it will be too late. The America we
know and love will die in a thousand Hiroshimas. The war
schemers have planned for all that. While you and I and our
children vanish from the face of the earth, they intend to be
riding out the attack they have caused in Government war bunkers!

Gradually over a period of many months they expect the
conflict between Russia and the United States to sputter out.
Both sides will be exhausted and ruined, both will lose the
capacity to carry the war any further. In Russia, the wounds
will be grievous--up to 50-million dead and millions more
injured; but in the United States the wounds will be mortal. The
"PROJECT Z" war planners have figured it out on their computers.
If we are lucky, from 40- to 50-million Americans may survive at
the end of NUCLEAR WAR ONE. All the rest will have been killed
outright in nuclear attacks or will have died of injuries and
disease. NUCLEAR WAR ONE will leave medical care virtually
nonexistent in what is left of America.

The American Bolsheviks here intend to ride out the war after
setting it off. They will wait until the stalemate point is
reached with both sides unable to fight any longer. That will
mark the end of Phase #2, the Attrition Phase.

Finally, the "PROJECT Z" war plan will move into the third and
final phase. That phase is world domination by the Satanic
Bolsheviks who now control the United States Military. In this
final phase, the Bolsheviks here in America will be taking
advantage of secret preparations which began long ago. In AUDIO
LETTER No. 28 I described the two-prong strategy for world
domination which the Four Rockefeller Brothers launched in 1961.
One side of this twin strategy required the United States to give
the impression that it was growing steadily weaker, disarming
unilaterally; but that was only for public consumption. The
secret side of the strategy involved an actual build-up of
armaments, in secret.

When the Bolsheviks here seized power from the Rockefellers,
they continued the stockpiling of secret reserves of armaments
world-wide. When NUCLEAR WAR ONE sputters out into exhausted
stalemate, they plan to bring these secret reserves of military
power into the open. Even if the entire populations of the
United States and Russia are gone, that will still leave 95% of
the world's population alive. With the world's only surviving
major military force, they believe world domination will be
theirs at last.

Topic #3--Yesterday morning March 30 Space Shuttle Flight #3
officially ended, one day behind schedule. For the first time we
got to see a shuttle landing at the White Sands Missile Range,
New Mexico. As I detailed last year in AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 64,
White Sands is the true nerve center of the Space Shuttle

This third shuttle flight also chalked up another first, and
this one was not visible on television. For the first time, my
friends, a space shuttle has succeeded in its secret military
mission. By doing so, the shuttle has removed one more barrier
to nuclear war. The accelerated war planning now under way here
in Washington will be able to proceed even faster, thanks to the
Space Shuttle.

The third shuttle mission took place nearly one year after the
first flight of April 1981. A comparison between the first and
third flights is a study in ironies. Last April, publicity about
the first flight was designed to give the impression that it was
unnaturally perfect. Meanwhile, the secret military
mission--which we did not see--was a disaster. This time on
Flight #3, it was the other way around. From start to finish the
publicity emanating from NASA gave the impression that the
shuttle was plagued with problems. NASA wanted to be able to
explain it away if disaster should strike again; but as it turned
out, the military mission in space, hidden from our eyes, was a

In AUDIO LETTER No. 72 last month I described what that
mission was. Space Shuttle #3 was supposed to orbit a special
new Spy Satellite, which I described last year in AUDIO LETTER
No. 62. It is hardened against attack from Russia's space
weapons and armed with a robot-controlled laser that can shoot
back. In addition, the shuttle itself was armed with lasers this
time, as I detailed last month.

The public image of a troubled, plagued shuttle flight
actually got underway several days before launch, thanks to the
weather. Drenching rainstorms turned Edwards Air Force Base in
California, used for the first two shuttle landings, into a soggy
mess. The tight military schedule of the Shuttle Program
required that the flight take off on schedule anyway, so for
public consumption a 23-car railroad train loaded with equipment
was sent from California to New Mexico. Ostensibly, NASA was
setting up a spur-of-the-moment landing site at the White Sands
Missile Range. This was done so that the central role of White
Sands in the Shuttle Program would not be suspected by the

Space Shuttle #3 lifted off from Cape Canaveral only an hour
behind schedule on Monday morning March 22. Beginning at the
moment of lift-off, NASA started laying the basis for a cover-up
story should the military mission fail. First we heard the
prerecorded voice of Shuttle Commander Jack Lousma saying
unexplained white flakes were flying past the windshield. Later,
after the shuttle was out of sight, we were told that one of the
power packs called an APU was malfunctioning. These initial
hints of possible trouble had been prerecorded for broadcast
during the launch--for a reason. There was fear that the shuttle
might be destroyed by Russian space weapons before reaching
orbit. Had that happened, the shuttle managers wanted to be able
to initiate a cover-up which would not reveal the military
situation; but as it turned out, the preparations which I
detailed last month were successful. Shuttle #3 did reach orbit
successfully, and a key to success was a radical new maneuver
added to the flight plan.

When Space Shuttle #3 took off last week it headed into the
northeast. Long-distance cameras followed it until the two solid
rockets separated and fell away. Then, as the shuttle
disappeared from sight, it started its long sweeping turn into
the north. It was heading toward a near-polar orbit so that it
would pass over Russia. This much of the flight plan was the
same as in the past, but this time a critical new feature was

Less than 30 seconds after the shuttle disappeared from TV
cameras, the cargo-bay doors were blasted off. This opened up a
field of fire for the defensive laser at the front of the cargo
bay, which I discussed in AUDIO LETTER No. 72. Then the shuttle
and its giant external tanks started rotating slowly in a
space-age version of a barrel roll. In World War II, Fighter
pilots made use of the barrel roll to avoid bullets from enemy
airplanes. Likewise, the Space Shuttle this month used a barrel
roll to protect itself against possible attack from Russian
Cosmospheres. By rotating like a corkscrew, the shuttle made it
impossible for a Cosmosphere to approach safely from any
direction. The barrel-roll maneuver was a very risky one for the
shuttle. The shuttle and tank were never designed with such
aerobatics in mind, but calculations showed that it should
survive a slow roll, and it did.

One of the biggest questions about the barrel-roll stunt was
what it would do to the astronauts Lousma and Fullerton. They
were required to withstand these dizzying gyrations for about six
minutes. At the same time, the shuttle was still accelerating
with up to three times the force of gravity; and because of the
peculiar design of the shuttle and fuel tank, the gyrations were
sickening indeed. Military space doctors knew that at best
Lousma and Fullerton would be very sick for some time after
reaching orbit. Their wild, crushing, spinning ride would end
abruptly in weightlessness. That is a combination guaranteed to
derange the equilibrium of even the toughest astronaut. Nothing
remotely like it had ever been done in space before. Doctors
were worried that even if Lousma and Fullerton survived the
mission and returned to earth, there could be permanent damage to
their equilibrium.

When Lousma and Fullerton reached orbit, they did indeed
become violently ill. That's why we heard those reports about
nausea striking both men. NASA wanted to pave the way for a
plausible public explanation if they should not appear well when
they returned to earth. At the same time, the shuttle planners
knew perfectly well why they were sick. That is why NASA
spokesmen acted so unconcerned when discussing the space sickness
with reporters. When they called it "motion sickness" (quote),
they were making an understatement.

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 72 last month, I reported
that the plan was for Lousma and Fullerton to begin work
immediately upon reaching orbit. Their extensively modified crew
compartment was to be depressurized already, with the two men
depending upon their space suits. This plan had to be modified
slightly when the barrel roll was added to the flight plan.

When the shuttle reached orbit the astronauts were in space
suits, but the cabin was still pressurized. They were allowed
several minutes to get from the flight deck to the Gemini-type
escape capsule stored below. Once inside the escape capsule they
depressurized the cabin; then the Nose Laser System deployed
automatically to protect the shuttle against any attacks by
Russian space weapons. This allowed Lousma and Fullerton to
recover from space sickness inside the capsule.

For the next 24 hours or so, getting well was their main task.
It was a period of vulnerability of depending on the untried
Automatic Laser System for protection. The shuttle planners
wanted to have an excuse ready later should the shuttle be
attacked and destroyed. So the day after the launch we were
shown TV pictures of missing tiles on the nose of the shuttle.
According to those pictures, my friends, at least a dozen tiles
in the black area were lost. If that had really happened, it
would have been cause for great alarm. Later on NASA spokesmen
downplayed it, saying the tiles were noncritical. But there is
no such thing as a noncritical black tile. The black tiles
supposedly lost are to withstand temperatures above 1500 degrees
Fahrenheit. Under the tile there is nothing but a piece of felt
called a "strain isolation pad." It would not last five seconds
in those temperatures, and under the felt is the metal skin of
the shuttle. It is made of aluminum, which loses its strength
above 350 degrees. If exposed to 1500-degree heat by a few
missing black tiles, the shuttle could not possibly avoid severe

The NASA space movies we saw on TV were a prerecorded hoax to
provide an excuse if something went wrong, but it did not. The
astronauts recovered, went to work, and deployed the new military
satellite. Meanwhile NASA spokesmen waved aside the alleged tile
problem as minor. It had served its purpose and was no longer

Throughout the rest of the week we heard about one problem
after another. Supposedly the cargo-bay doors would not close,
the toilet would not work, three out of four communication
channels went out, one of the three crucial data display screens
in the cockpit failed. None of these stories were true; all were
devised to provide a cover story for possible problems with the
secret mission, but in the end none of them were needed and so
NASA spokesmen just waved them aside as unimportant.

The secret military mission was a success, so the pretended
mission which was cooked up for TV was declared a success, too.

Late Friday night March 26, Lousma and Fullerton finished
deploying the new Super-Spy Satellite. It had taken longer than
planned, but it was done. As I explained last month, they left
their shuttle in orbit. They re-entered their Gemini-type escape
capsule, fired its retrorockets, and dropped out of orbit to an
Indian Ocean splashdown. From there they were flown nonstop to
the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The shuttle managers took advantage of a sandstorm at White
Sands to delay the public landing for one extra day while the
astronauts recuperated. Then yesterday morning they boarded one
of the two remaining secret shuttles at White Sands. The shuttle
took off from the north end of the immense White Sands Range,
using small solid rockets. Moments before 11:00 A.M. it made its
appearance on TV. It swooped in from the north, dropped down
over the mountains, and touched down in a cloud of white dust.
Finally after a respectable wait, out stepped Lousma and
Fullerton, rested and refreshed.

My friends, like every other American I find myself wanting to
cheer at the success of Space Shuttle Flight #3. It was achieved
against incredible odds, in the face of Russia's overwhelming
power in space. Determination, ingenuity, and sheer boldness
carried the day. That is how I am tempted to feel--but then I
have to recall the ultimate purpose of all this. The military
shuttle managers are not doing these things to prevent war, BUT
TO PREPARE TO FIGHT ONE! The success of Space Shuttle #3, my
friends, has brought us a giant step closer to thermonuclear war.


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've reported on major developments now taking place in
our headlong rush into nuclear war. The United States has
developed a new secret superweapon, the invisible Phantom war
plane. Its invulnerability to beam weapons makes it the
centerpiece of a whole new war strategy against Russia. This
strategy, code named "PROJECT Z", involves an American surprise
attack on Russia followed by all-out war!

Until now the main weakness of the war plan has been the lack
of fresh reconnaissance data on Russia, but now that problem is
rapidly being solved. Last month I reported a major Intelligence
coup against Russia by the war planners here, and now the success
of Space Shuttle #3 is adding to the momentum for nuclear war.

My friends, for many years now our Lord Jesus Christ has held
back the holocaust that threatens to engulf us. Time after time
we have come to the very brink, only to be pulled back and spared
once again.

Our Lord "is not willing that any should perish", and He has
shown us mercy over and over. But what have we, as a nation,
done in response to that mercy? Have we mended our ways?
Returned to Him? And revived the values that made America great?

The answer, my friends, is found in the words of the prophet
Jeremiah, Chapter 5:

"We have spoken falsely of the LORD, and have said He will do
nothing. No evil will come upon us, nor shall we see sword or

Behold, I am bringing upon you a nation from afar, says the
LORD. It is an enduring nation, it is an ancient nation, a
nation whose language you do not know."

My friends, our Satanic Bolshevik leaders here intend to
destroy the ancient, enduring nation of Russia whose language we
do not know. But our Lord Jesus Christ sees all, and He alone
will repay!

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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