Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 76.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
DC 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is June 30, 1982,
and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 76.

On the afternoon of June 25, just five days ago, reporters
were summoned to the White House press room for a sudden major
announcement. At around 3:00 P.M. the entity known as President
Reagan strode in and walked to the microphone. Then, with an
announcement about a minute long, he dropped what seemed to be a

For public consumption he began the announcement with words of
praise and regret, but his face was the face of an executioner.
Then he came to the only words that really mattered (Note: actual
voice recorded; reveals tone):

"With great regret I have accepted the resignation of Secretary
of State Al Haig."

The impression was given that Haig had resigned voluntarily and
that its timing was a great surprise, but that impression was not
the truth, my friends. Reagan's very next words were (his voice

"I am nominating as his successor, and he has accepted, George
Shultz, to replace him."

Haig's ouster had been planned very carefully by insiders close
to Reagan. After stunning reporters with the announcement about
Haig, the President refused to give any reasons and left without
taking questions.

A little later it was announced that Haig himself would make a
statement at the State Department. It was scheduled for 4:00
P.M., but Haig was nearly half an hour late. He had learned of
his ouster only a few hours earlier, around noon. He had been
compelled to compose a letter of resignation and pretend, for
public consumption, that he had already given it to Reagan; but
his late arrival at the State Department press conference was due
to the fact that he was putting last-minute touches on his public

When Haig arrived at the State Department auditorium, he faced
an audience of around 1,000 reporters and department employees.
As he was greeted by thunderous applause, Haig looked around
wide-eyed, as if in a daze. He had been ordered to keep his
entire statement to a maximum of five minutes. He had also been
warned not to accept questions.

We have been told by the controlled major media that Haig
resigned as an abrasive prima donna, incensed that he was not
getting his way; but when Haig took the microphone that afternoon
at the State Department, his demeanor was far from that of a
prima donna--he was instead, a defeated General at the moment of
surrender. The peculiar etiquette that governs this type of
situation causes words to obscure this fact, but his voice and
mannerisms were laden with the unmistakable burden of defeat. He
spoke slowly, trying to keep the quaver in his voice under
control. His tones were the lifeless tones of resignation that
say, "I tried, but I failed."

Haig read the text of his alleged resignation letter to Reagan
which he had written hurriedly that afternoon. He began by
praising the alleged original foreign policy plans of the Reagan
Administration before it was subverted by the Bolsheviks here.
At one point he could hardly get the words out (Note: actual
voice recorded):

"I believe that we shared a view of America's role in the world
as the leader of free men and an inspiration for all."

Then he went on to describe a change of course which has taken
place (his voice again):

"In recent months it has become clear to me that the foreign
policy on which we embarked together was shifting from that
careful course which we laid out. Under these circumstances I
feel it necessary to request that you accept my resignation."

My friends, diplomatic language is often so bland that it tends
to make momentous statements sound tame and mild to the public.
In recent months American foreign policy has indeed been moving
away from what could be called a "careful course", just as Haig

As I have been reporting, we are on a fast new timetable for
nuclear war. Haig was the top Government operative of the
faction which has been trying to prevent the coming war; but, my
friends, the anti-war faction has lost, and Haig's ouster is the
most visible signal that this has happened.

In the aftermath of the Haig bombshell, people have been
falling all over themselves trying to explain it; but the more
they talk the farther away from the truth they get. The closest
anyone in the major media has come to the truth was a statement
just 10 minutes after Haig's appearance at the State Department.
At about 4:40 P.M. Eastern Time June 25, Sam Donaldson of ABC
television News, said, and I quote:

"It may seem strange for people who know General Haig's
background; but the hard-liners from the standpoint of the Soviet
American relations and the hard-liners when it comes to trying to
curb what many people see as excessive violence by Israel in
Lebanon, have won on this one."

My friends, Sam Donaldson was right about the hard-liners
having defeated Haig, but there's far more to it than that. The
so-called resignation of Alexander Haig on June 25 was a disaster
for the anti-nuclear-war forces here. It is tied to other
events--the end of the Falklands war, the beginning of the
Mideast war, and others; and the timing of Haig's demise, which
seems to mystify the major media, was dictated by a very specific
event. That event, my friends, was the launch of Space Shuttle
Mission #4 now in progress.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--There is a sad lesson of history that has been repeated
more times than can be counted, from ancient times right down to
the present day. The lesson is that by and large people are
incapable of being warned about major calamities to come. It is
human nature to think that the future will not be much different
from the past. If something has not happened before, we find it
hard to believe it can happen at all; and this has never been
more true than when an impending calamity is the result of
spiritual decay and moral degeneration.

Today we are living under the threat of just such a

The threat exists for reasons which are fundamentally moral
and spiritual in nature; and if the calamity comes, it will have
consequences which are impossible to grasp in advance. As a
result, for most of us the threat of nuclear war is one which we
only half believe. We worry when we hear about new crises and we
squirm at the thought of ever-increasing nuclear arsenals. But
in the last analysis most of us go right on living our lives as
if these things did not exist. Deep down we tell ourselves,
"Surely it can't really happen." We tend to think that our
situation today is without parallel in human existence--but that
is not true.

We are told that in ancient times a man named Noah was warned
in advance about an equally incomprehensible calamity. He lived
in a generation of people who were filling the land with
abominations in total disregard for the Creator and His laws.
Noah was warned that a giant killer flood was coming as a direct
result of these spiritual and moral transgressions. Noah began
building an ark; and he also began warning all his neighbors, as
he had been directed by the Lord.

The building of the ark consumed not just years but decades.
All the while Noah continued to warn the people of his land about
what was to come, but the people were incapable of being warned.
They found the idea of a great flood incomprehensible and
unbelievable because it had never happened before; and besides,
they were too busy living their own lives, doing as they pleased.
So they laughed at Noah and his never-ending warnings--until the
day it began to rain! On that day they suddenly knew that the
warnings had been true; but it was too late, and they perished.

My friends, the forced resignation of Alexander Haig five days
ago may well be the first raindrop of the nuclear storm to come.
If so, the time has come and gone for preventing nuclear
calamity. Unless something very dramatic takes place to
radically change the situation, it is now only a matter of
time--and not much time at that!

As of now, the Bolshevik war-planners in the Pentagon are
still on track with their plan to set off nuclear war by the
middle of September 1982. This is true even though the intended
final phase of their war plan has been crippled, as I reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 74 two months ago. And as of this moment I have
no information to indicate that they will be stopped.

I realize, my friends, that your decisions about what to do
would be far easier if I could flatly tell you exactly what to
expect, and when. I cannot do that because this is a power
struggle on the world stage, and the outcome is yet to be
decided. The best I can do is to keep you informed about the
forces involved and how they are doing against one another. As
of this hour--and the hour is VERY late--the efforts to prevent
NUCLEAR WAR ONE appear to be failing.

I know that what I am reporting to you is very grave indeed.
If you are to derive any benefit from what I have to report, you
must have the assurance that my Intelligence about these matters
is reliable.

Sometimes people ask me for documentation of my reports; but
in Intelligence, documentation of that type is inherently
impossible. Instead, a different criterion is normally used for
judging the accuracy and reliability of Intelligence data. That
criterion, my friends, is the extent to which advance
Intelligence reports are borne out by events. For that reason,
in this AUDIO LETTER I will use direct quotes from a number of my
past AUDIO LETTER reports over the past year or so.

For those of you who have been listeners for some time, this
will serve as a reminder of what you already know but may have
forgotten. For my newer listeners I hope this will help to
establish the reality of the situation very quickly because, my
friends, time is precious.

For some three years now the United States Government has been
torn by a bitter power struggle between two opposing factions.
One faction consists of agents of the Rockefeller cartel of Big
Oil, Big Business, and Big Banking. Until recently the
Government was dominated by the cartel. The other faction is
that of the American Bolsheviks together with the expelled
Bolsheviks from Russia who have flocked here for a new start.

For historical reasons these two power factions, the
Rockefeller group and the Bolsheviks, had always worked together
until very recently. The Rockefeller empire started its climb to
power over a century ago with the aid of the Rothschilds based in
England and Europe. Likewise, Bolshevism as a political force
was created by the Rothschilds around the turn of the century.
When the time was ripe for revolution in Russia,
Rothschild-spawned Bolshevism was injected into Russia with
Rockefeller help. From then on a secret alliance existed between
the Rockefeller interests and the Bolsheviks on a world-wide
basis--but in the past few years all that has changed.

A new anti-Bolshevik ruling group has taken over in Russia and
has expelled most of the old Bolsheviks there. They have come
mainly here, to the United States, in great swarms in recent
years. They were welcomed here with open arms by their old
Rockefeller allies. They re-enforced the long-time American
Bolsheviks who were already here. Then, early in 1979, the
Bolsheviks double-crossed their Rockefeller partners and launched
an all-out grab for power.

The Bolshevik grab for power over the United States Government
began with the murder of Nelson Rockefeller on January 26, 1979.
This was followed by months of in-fighting behind the scenes
including assassinations, resignations, and disappearances of key
people. But true to Bolshevik tradition, it was all carried out
in the shadows hidden from the public eye. Then the turmoil
escalated still further as the Intelligence agencies of foreign
nations entered the fray. By the spring of 1979 a full-scale
Intelligence war was raging here in America, especially in
Washington. In addition to agents of the Rockefeller cartel and
the Bolsheviks, the Intelligence agencies of Russia, Britain, and
Israel were involved. All were trying to maneuver the crisis for
their own benefit, and all were using their most advanced and
most secret Intelligence techniques, including some that would
seem at home in the 21st Century!

These events all took place behind closed doors, hidden from
the public eye by winners and losers alike in each skirmish. In
battles at the pinnacle of power, that is how it is. There is
never an appeal to the public, to the police, or to the courts
for it is they who control the courts, the police, and our other
institutions. At the pinnacle of power there is no appeal to
higher authority because in their view there is none. So
disputes are settled by the oldest means known to man; namely, by
finding out who has the biggest stick. This is why power
struggles take place in governments, and that is why wars take
place between nations. It is all a struggle for raw power in an
arena where no holds are barred.

1979 was a year of strange events, when the so-called Carter
Administration appeared to go crazy on several occasions. At one
point the entire Carter Cabinet was fired en masse. It sent
shock waves around the world until a reconstituted Cabinet was
formed. At another point the entity Carter disappeared at Camp
David for weeks on end. Meanwhile worried rumors swirled like a
storm through Washington circles.

All of these events were the direct result of the hidden
turmoil which I had made public in my reports months earlier.
But for public consumption, these and other shocks came and went
without the truth ever being told officially.

By late 1979 the dust was beginning to settle. The
Rockefeller cartel had been grievously wounded, but it was not
destroyed or totally unseated from Government influence. The
Bolsheviks here had acquired a dominant position over the United
States Government, but their power was complete only in the
military area. For reasons I have detailed in many past reports,
the Bolsheviks here were and are bent on throwing the United
States into nuclear war against Russia. To the
Bolsheviks--aliens in our midst--our entire country is nothing
but a giant tool to further their own dreams of world power.

Up until the hidden Bolshevik coup d'etat here three years
ago, the Rockefeller cartel too was bent on nuclear war; but now,
having lost control of the United States military, they can no
longer afford nuclear war. So now they've changed their tune.
On all sides Rockefeller spokesmen are speaking out against the
threat of nuclear war. The Rockefeller public relations machine
is the most sophisticated in the world. Almost overnight it has
stirred up public fears into a strong anti-nuclear movement.
Within the Government itself, Rockefeller cartel agents have been
slowly regaining some of their lost power. As they do so they
are trying to chip away at the Bolshevik plans for nuclear war,
which is now imminent.

The most important of all Rockefeller cartel operatives in the
Government, my friends, was Secretary of State Alexander Haig.
Haig owed his presence in the Administration to the fact that the
so-called Reagan Administration was initially installed by the
Rockefeller cartel. But the Bolsheviks here were determined not
to let the Rockefeller group consolidate their gains. On
November 30, 1980, just a few weeks after the rigged Reagan
landslide, I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 60, quote:

"...but the Bolsheviks here are working fast. They are in a
hurry to seize control of the so-called Reagan Team themselves."

And further on, quote:

"...some day sooner than you think, we Americans may be in for
a shock. We will be told that the entity President Reagan has
met with an unfortunate accident, or a sudden fatal illness."

Four months later, on March 30, 1981, there was a presidential
assassination attempt at the Washington Hilton Hotel. For public
consumption, all stories quickly converged on the traditional
"lone assassin" theory; and just to make that more believable, a
psychologically programmed scapegoat was on hand firing random
shots--John Hinckley, Jr.

There was ample evidence that Hinckley was not alone and could
not have fired the shot that hit the President, as I detailed in
AUDIO LETTER No. 63. But never mind, seeing is believing even
when it is a lie. Hinckley was conveniently wrestled to the
sidewalk, gun in hand, right next to television cameras. Just
eight days ago a Washington jury shocked the world by finding
Hinckley not guilty by reason of insanity.

As it turned out, the shooting did not cause a change of face
in the Oval Office. Even so, it did achieve what the Bolsheviks
here wanted. It created a period of vulnerability which halted
the momentum of the new Rockefeller cartel governmental programs.

Within a matter of weeks the Bolsheviks here were once again
in the driver's seat, especially at the Pentagon. Secretary of
Defense Caspar Weinberger had come into office with the new
administration, but he was a Bolshevik mole in the Rockefeller
machine. Ever since the Reagan assassination attempt, Weinberger
and Haig have been at each others' throats because they are on
opposite sides of the power struggle. Over the past year or so
there have been more and more stories about Haig feuding with
other members of the Administration. This was because Haig was
the "point man" in the continuing Rockefeller cartel struggle to
unseat the Bolsheviks here.

That situation started coming to a head early this year of
1982. When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 72 four months ago on
February 28, 1982, I reported on major new developments in the
plans of both factions. First I reported that a drastic speed-up
was taking place in the American Bolshevik nuclear war plans. I
stated that, quote:

"...a drastic change is now taking place in the secret war
planning here in America. The timetable for NUCLEAR WAR ONE has
now been speeded up by many months. My friends, as of now the
new target date for an American nuclear surprise attack on Russia
is mid-September 1982!"

I also revealed the reason for the speed-up in war plans. It was
the result of a major Intelligence coup against Russia by the
American Bolsheviks. Thanks to this Intelligence breakthrough,
the Bolshevik war planners here now have critical data which was
formerly lacking to enable an attack on Russia.

In that same AUDIO LETTER report No. 72 I also revealed the
Rockefeller cartel response to this new turn of events. It was
to be a military coup d'etat by military officers loyal to the
Rockefeller group. Here is what I reported four months ago in
AUDIO LETTER No. 72, and once again I quote:

"...the Rockefeller cartel cannot afford to let their Bolshevik
enemies here succeed in setting off nuclear war, therefore the
military coup d'etat must take place before the American
Bolshevik surprise attack against Russia. If possible, the coup
will be carried out before the fourth space shuttle flight this
summer because war will be possible any time after that."

I also reported that, quoting again:

"The General in charge of the coup to come, my friends, is
General Alexander Haig, presently Secretary of State. He's
looking forward to the day when he can really say, 'I am in
charge here.'"

(End quote from AUDIO LETTER No. 72)

In these days of managed news, major events often take place
with little or no notice to the public about what is going on.
Even so, when those events are big enough they usually create a
visible ripple on the surface that can be seen in public. In my
report four months ago I tried my best to prepare you to read the
ripples produced by the struggle over a coup d'etat. Here is
what I reported then (quoting further from AUDIO LETTER 72):

"If the military take-over does take place it, too, is likely
to be largely hidden in its details from public view. Only one
event in the plan is likely to be visible to all. That event, my
friends, will be the sudden death of the entity known as
President Ronald Reagan. If that happens by the end of summer
1982, no matter what the official story may be, you will know
that the military coup d'etat has taken place.

On the other hand, should something happen to Secretary of
State Haig by that time, it could well mean that the Bolsheviks
have foiled the coup. It is all a race against time, my friends,
and the stakes in this race involve nothing less than the very
survival of our United States!"

In my reports since then, I have updated the progress of these
intrigues by both the Rockefeller cartel and the Bolsheviks here.

In AUDIO LETTER No. 73 I revealed the over-all war strategy
which the Bolshevik war planners here were developing under the
code name "PROJECT Z." It is a three-phase plan for protracted
nuclear war following the American first strike against Russia.
In recent days public hints about this new Pentagon strategy for
protracted war have started leaking publicly. Our Bolshevik
Defense Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, was even questioned on
television about the new protracted war plan 10 days ago.
Weinberger was interviewed on the Sunday morning ABC news program
"This Week with David Brinkley." Naturally, Weinberger denied it
all; but, my friends, he lied.

Meanwhile, the Rockefeller cartel has been working feverishly
to try to stave off the nuclear war that will cost them
everything. To this end, a limited quid pro quo for anti-war
purposes has been forged lately between the cartel and Russia's
new anti-Bolshevik rulers. The key Rockefeller operative in this
move has been Alexander Haig. He was engaged in three major
bargaining sessions with Russian Foreign Minister Gromyko in nine
months. The last of these was a two-day marathon in New York
City just days before Haig's ouster. Haig's removal has caused
secret agreements between Haig and Gromyko to be shot out of

One major product of the recent Rockefeller-Soviet
relationship was the secret destruction of key
Bolshevik-controlled military forces in late April. These were
based in the Southern Hemisphere, which is expected to escape
major damage in NUCLEAR WAR ONE. The operation led to the
Falklands War as its aftermath, as I detailed in AUDIO LETTER No.
74. The joint Rockefeller-Soviet operation, which was highly
successful, badly crippled the ability of the Bolsheviks to carry
out Phase #3 of their new war plan. It was expected that this
would slow down the Bolshevik timetable for NUCLEAR WAR ONE; but,
my friends, it hasn't happened! If the Bolsheviks cannot have
total victory, then they will settle for a smoldering stalemate.
They still expect to survive, while their enemies (the Russians
and the Rockefeller cartel) are reduced to ashes.

While the Bolsheviks here and in Britain had their hands full
with the Falklands War, the military coup d'etat here was also
gaining ground. Just last month I reported on a major gain by
the Rockefeller group in retaking control of the CIA from the
Bolsheviks; but early this month, June 1982, it all began to

With the approach of Space Shuttle Mission #4, the deadline
for the Haig-led coup d'etat was near. Security around the
entity Reagan was doubled and re-doubled. When he went to the
U.N. to speak on June 17, the New York Daily News described the
(quote) "extraordinary precautions" that were enforced. His
limousine even jumped the sidewalk, driving up right next to the

All this was happening as key Haig operatives in the intended
coup d'etat were being eliminated! Out of public view nothing
less than a new Bolshevik purge has swept through the United
States Government. It was completed just in time from the
Bolshevik viewpoint. On Friday June 25 Haig was confronted with
the reality of defeat. His anti-war coup d'etat had collapsed
just two days before the launch of Space Shuttle #4!

Topic #2--This month of June 1982 has seen the apparent end of
one war and the beginning of another. The war between Britain
and Argentina for the Falkland Islands ended, at least for now,
on June 14. That day the Argentine garrison at Port Stanley
surrendered to the British. Meanwhile, a new war was already
underway in the Middle East. Israel had launched its
long-planned all-out invasion of Lebanon.

The Falkland Islands war had come as a surprise to the master
planners of nuclear war to come, the Bolsheviks here. The
Falklands fighting and the secret hostilities which preceded it
were intended to upset those nuclear war plans, as I detailed in
AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 74. And so the Bolsheviks, who were
fomenting violence world-wide, stamped out the unwanted Falklands
war as fast as they could.

The Thatcher Government in Britain, which is Bolshevik
controlled, is now left with a legacy of grievous losses which
are being covered up. A major key to the Thatcher cover-up of
the true extent of British losses is the continued posture of
belligerence toward Argentina. It is being said that a sizable
British military presence will be maintained in the South
Atlantic. This provides a tailor-made excuse for the fact that
many British ships, sailors, and soldiers will not be coming home
any time soon. The fact that some of them will never return home
can be hidden, and the families affected informed piecemeal, a
few at a time. In this way the Thatcher Government intends to
keep the lid on the situation.

Another ingredient in the Thatcher cover-up plan is the at sea
repair ship, STENA INSPECTOR. It was bought from American
interests in May and is now being refitted at the Savannah
Shipyard Company in Georgia. Soon it will head for the South
Atlantic to begin patching up many British vessels which were
damaged in the Falklands war. When and if they return to
Britain, the true extent of the damage done to the Royal Navy
will have been literally covered up.

The final outcome of the Falklands war was a setback for the
Rockefeller cartel and their limited partners, the new rulers of
Russia. The Rockefeller-Soviet team won Round No. 1 of the South
Atlantic fray, which was the covert warfare during April. I gave
the details in AUDIO LETTER No. 74; but Round No. 2, the battle
for the Falklands themselves, turned out differently. Despite
the damage done to the Royal Navy, it was the Rockefeller cartel
and the Russians who were outmaneuvered in the Falklands battle.

It was known that the objective of the joint
Rockefeller-Russian action in the Southern Hemisphere was to
upset Bolshevik nuclear war plans. So the Bolsheviks responded
by deliberately over-reacting militarily. Virtually the entire
Royal Navy was dispatched to the South Atlantic. A situation was
created in which a British recapture of the Falklands could not
be stopped without setting off nuclear war itself. Finally, a
totally unorthodox landing tactic was used to get British troops
ashore, as I detailed last month. The end result was that the
Rockefeller-Russian pledge to the Argentine junta was impossible
to fulfill, at least for now.

The Bolsheviks are hoping that the resulting turmoil now
taking place in the Argentine government will halt Argentina's
rapid move toward Russia. In the past, Argentina was always
staunchly anti-Soviet, but under Russia's new rulers, a major and
growing trade relationship has been building between Russia and
Argentina. The majority of Argentina's huge exports of meat and
grain now go to Russia, and last month relations between
Argentina and Cuba suddenly started warming up. The Bolsheviks
here would like to reverse all this and ultimately deny
Argentina's food to Russia. Whether that will happen remains to
be seen.

If NUCLEAR WAR ONE does not erupt first, there are likely to
be many surprises down the road in Argentina and Latin America;
but as I say these words, the final war sequence planned by the
Bolsheviks is already getting underway. This is the sequence of
brushfire wars and regional crises which are intended to lead
directly into NUCLEAR WAR ONE. This intended final sequence of
crises began this month on June 5. On that day Israeli tanks
began moving across the border into a so-called Christian enclave
in southern Lebanon. The following day the world learned that
Israel was launching an all-out invasion of Lebanon.

More than a year ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 63 I made public the
joint strategy of the Bolsheviks and Zionists to pave the way for
nuclear war. It was a complex five-track plan patterned after
the build-up to WORLD WAR I with its proliferation of pre-war
crises. I now quote from AUDIO LETTER No. 63:

"All five tracks in the Bolshevik war path converge about
mid-1982. By then they expect to have America on a war footing.
All four Space Shuttle Missions are planned to be completed by
then. The offensive weapons now in the works will be ready, and
by then the world will be a caldron of crises made to order for
setting off nuclear war suddenly and without warning. Just as
crises in the Balkans triggered WORLD WAR I, a world in crisis
will trigger NUCLEAR WAR ONE."

Mid-1982 has now arrived, my friends, and the Bolshevik
maneuvering to drag the world into war is right on schedule.
This month on June 13 the Washington Post published a major
begins, quote:

"By State Department count, three major and eight lesser wars
were going on last week in a world that seems suddenly beset by
blazing battles."

Yes, my friends, it is sudden, but it is not accidental. The
Bolsheviks here are responsible for the fires that are burning
world-wide. Their plans laid out more than a year ago are now
reaching fruition. As I have detailed in the past, the
Bolsheviks now headquartered here in America are allied closely
with the militant Zionists in Israel. This situation is as much
a mystery to the people of Israel as it is to the people of
America. In both countries the average citizen is getting
worried. In Israel, as in America, the present government is
bent on deliberately raising the level of tension, violence, and
nuclear-war danger. In both countries more and more people are
becoming alarmed over the growing danger without realizing that
it is all deliberate.

The government which now rules Israel came to power in a
sudden astonishing change in April 1977. The previous Prime
Minister Rabin resigned abruptly. As always in these situations,
a suitable excuse was found for public consumption. In Rabin's
case, a mini-scandal over insignificant financial matters was
fabricated to explain away his departure; but the real reason was
what I reported that month in AUDIO LETTER No. 23. Rabin had
learned of secret plans for a major Middle East war and wanted no
part of it.

Rabin was replaced by a man of very different attitudes. The
new Prime Minister was a man who frightened many but had been
thought incapable of seizing control of the Israeli government.
He was known as an extremist, tracing all the way back to his
days as the most wanted of all Israeli terrorists by the British.
The idea that he might actually rule Israel some day had been
unthinkable to many. Suddenly the new ruler of Israel was a man
named Menachem Begin!

Begin is representative of the most extreme faction of the
political movement known as "ZIONISM." The Zionists use
religious sounding terminology and Biblical words to disguise the
true nature of their goals, which are Satanic.

Political Zionism is as different from classical Judaism as
night is from day. Like all of the world's great religions,
classical Judaism is based on worship of the Almighty, and it
does so from its own distinct perspective. Judaism emphasizes
the justice of God; Islam His righteousness and power;
Christianity His love; Hinduism His spiritual essence; Buddhism,
the peace that comes only from God. Justice is the hallmark of
true Judaism, but it has nothing at all to do with political
Zionism except as a deceptive slogan.

The Jews who have been lured to the land called Israel have
gone there by and large believing the promises of a better life,
but what they have gotten instead is a government which per
capita has become the most violent and warlike on earth. "There
is no peace, saith the Lord, for the wicked." And the Begin
Government in Israel is as wicked as the Reagan Government here.
Modern Israel is no longer a threatened underdog, as it
constantly pretends. Instead, Israel has become the world's
third most powerful nation militarily after Russia and the United
States. Using its runaway military might, the Zionist government
of Israel is setting the world on fire. It is doing so with the
blessing and support of their American Bolshevik allies!

The agony which is being inflicted on tiny Lebanon, which has
never done Israel harm, is beyond description, my friends. Over
10,000 Lebanese civilians have been slaughtered by the Israelis
and over 600,000 made homeless. Even the sanitized reports on
American television cannot entirely hide the wanton savagery of
the Israeli invasion. One report after another shows devastation
of entire city blocks on a scale not seen since WORLD WAR II. On
all sides the reports describe Israeli shelling and dive-bombing
of Beirut, Sidon, and other Lebanese cities with one

My friends, classical Judaism regards man as the crowning
glory of God's creation. Man is supposed to have been formed in
God's own image. Would God, the just God of Judaism, have done
what Israel has done in Lebanon? Are arrogance, bestiality, and
genocide in the image of God? Or are they in the image of Satan

What the Israelis are doing now in Lebanon is claimed to be in
retaliation for provocations by the Palestine Liberation
Organization; but the fact is that the present events are part of
the long-range plan to bring on nuclear war. In AUDIO LETTER No.
70 last December 1981, I reported that, quote:

"The joint war plan of the American Bolsheviks and the Zionists
in Israel is still on track. They are shooting for a Middle East
war to break out before the end of summer 1982."

It is now the summer of 1982, and the desired Middle East war is

In AUDIO LETTER No. 68 I reported the Begin plan was to goad
the PLO into violence. Time after time over the past year or so
the Israeli Air Force has mounted devastating air raids on
Lebanon creating widespread devastation and death. The purpose
of these repeated Israeli violations of the cease-fire was to
provoke a highly visible counterattack by the PLO. With that as
a pretext, the Begin Government intended to justify its planned
invasion of Lebanon. But the PLO never did respond in kind to
the Israeli goading. Aside from occasional small raids and
shelling incidents, nothing was done that was sufficiently
dramatic for the intended purpose. Meanwhile, time was running

The fast new war timetable required the Middle East war to get
underway without further delay, so on June 3 the Begin Government
provided its own pretext for war. That day the Israeli
ambassador to Great Britain was gunned down by an assassin hired
by Israel's own Intelligence agency, the MOSSAD! The Begin
Government immediately professed to be outraged, saying this was
the last straw. Two days later the Israeli forces, which had
already been massed along the Lebanese border, invaded.

The unbridled savagery of the Israeli attack has shocked the
world. In effect the nation that calls itself Israel has turned
the Palestinians into the new Jews of the world. They have no
home, they are dispersed. They, along with the innocent victims
of their host country Lebanon, are the victims of genocide--a
military holocaust without justice or mercy.

Protests and condemnation of the Israeli behavior in Lebanon
are mounting world-wide. Nowhere is the worry greater than
within the Jewish community itself. In Israel, popular sentiment
against the Begin Government is erupted into widespread
demonstrations; and elsewhere around the world many Jews are also
speaking out against the Israeli-inflicted holocaust.

But through it all, my friends, the Reagan-Begin axis of the
American Bolsheviks and the militant Israeli Zionists continues
to function smoothly. In his United Nations speech of June 17
the entity President Reagan condemned (quote) "armed aggression."
And to the new Russian pledge not to be the first to use nuclear
weapons in war, Reagan demanded, quote: "deeds, not words."

But when it comes to Israel, those criteria are never applied.
The Begin Government agrees in words to one cease-fire after
another, but in "deeds" it breaks each truce when ready; and
Israeli armed aggression has left nearly 20% of the population of
Lebanon homeless. The whole world is shocked and outraged, yet
all this has not provoked even a slap on the wrist for Israel
from Washington.

My friends, the Satanic Begin Government is now in its sixth
year in Israel. This month, June, is the sixth month of the
year. On the fifth day of the month the Israeli invasion of
Lebanon began, and with it abominations of military desolation.

It all brings to mind the visions of the prophet Ezekiel,
Chapter 8. The prophet says in the first verse that he was shown
visions in the sixth year, in the sixth month, on the fifth day
of that month. He was shown abominations spawned in the Holy
Land by people who arrogantly said, "The Lord does not see us."

The chapter ends in the words:

"Then He said to me, 'Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it
a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the
abominations which they commit here? For they have filled the
land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger;
and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. Therefore will I
also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have
pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet
will I not hear them.'"

Topic #3--Earlier this month on June 18, there was a fascinating
announcement from NASA. Two American spacecraft, the most
distant man-made objects in the universe, may be on the verge of
a major new discovery. These two space probes have been racing
through space for ten years and nine years respectively. After
all that time they are now nearing the edge of our solar system,
whose vastness is almost beyond comprehension; and as they do so,
they're preparing to observe a giant mystery object in the skies.

The mystery object, whatever it is, is thought to lie billions
of miles beyond the outermost known planet Pluto. It is so far
away that it has never been observed by astronomers here on
Earth, yet many are sure that there is something out there.
Something, whatever it is, keeps disturbing the criss-crossing
orbits of little Pluto and giant Neptune. The effect even
penetrates inward to the monster planet Uranus. So no one knows
what it is or where it is--it may be a tenth planet, it may be a
dark star farther away. It could even be that most chilling of
all celestial objects, a black hole, with gravity so strong light
itself cannot escape. No one has seen it, so no one knows.

But now, after a decade of space travel, two American
deep-space probes may be on the verge of giving us the answers.
The probes are PIONEER 10 and PIONEER 11, launched in 1972 and
1973 respectively. They are nuclear-powered spacecraft designed
to escape from our solar system and coast forever through the
void of interstellar space. When they cross the outer boundary
of our solar system around 1990, they are expected to be sending
back data about what they find. It should be mankind's first
taste of interstellar space; that is, if anyone is still
listening by then.

Two months ago on April 12, 1982, Aviation Week and Space
Technology magazine devoted its editorial space to a statement by
Dr. James A. Van Allen. Dr. Van Allen is the space scientist who
discovered the radiation belts around the earth that now bear his
name--24 years ago. His article is titled "PIONEER'S UNFUNDED
REACH FOR THE STARS." He listed an astonishing list of major new
discoveries made by the Pioneer probes during the past decade,
and he issued an appeal for the program to be saved from imminent

Dr. Van Allen's article begins with the sad words, quote:

"One of the most incredible features of the fiscal 1983 program
of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a
premature termination of the deep-space missions of Pioneer 10
and Pioneer 11. The annual saving is $3,000,000 or 4/10,000ths
of the agency's budget."

My friends, the so-called Reagan Administration decision to
cancel the half-completed Pioneer Program is incredible, but it's
in character with this Administration's entire approach to space
and science in general. Anything that will help the Bolsheviks
here prepare to wage war is funded, no matter how much it costs;
but everything that merely adds to the peaceful constructive
knowledge of mankind is being guillotined, no matter how little
it costs.

For the past year and a half I've been reporting periodically
about this developing situation. America's Space Program has
been systematically whittled away to leave almost nothing but the
Space Shuttle. The Space Shuttle has been spared only because of
its critical importance for military purposes. Over the past
year or so military control of the Shuttle Program has become
more and more blatant. The Bolshevik war planners who now
control the United States military will brook no interference
with their nuclear war plans.

The overt military take-over of the Shuttle Program began just
over a year ago in May 1981 following the hidden disaster of the
first shuttle flight. The civilian director of the Shuttle
Program, John Yardley, was eased out. Several months later, in
October, 1981, he was officially replaced by an Air Force
General, James Abrahamson. Since that time the Bolshevik
warlords have been expanding and consolidating their control over
the shuttle and NASA itself. Reorganization has become the order
of the day at NASA with military control becoming more absolute
with each change.

In its original concept the Space Shuttle was to be a stepping
stone into space for both civilian and military purposes. It was
to be a system that would continue to grow and be improved over
the years by continued development. But that idea has now gone
out the window, thanks to the total take-over of the Shuttle
Program by Bolshevik military managers. To them, even the
shuttle is only a short-term stepping stone to war. They intend
to set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE before any further development of the
shuttle could bear fruit; and so, under Bolshevik military
control, NASA is now turning its back on the traditional mission
of advancing the technology of space flight. The entire NASA
emphasis is shifting towards using the Space Shuttle "as is" for
the short time left before war.

The most stunning result of this radical policy change within
NASA was announced about two months ago in April. It involves a
man whose name is practically a synonym for America's manned
space program. This man has played key roles in the planning and
engineering of every single American manned space program. He
was a member of the original PROJECT MERCURY team. He was deeply
involved in the follow-on PROJECT GEMINI, and a central figure in
the PROJECT APOLLO moon program. He directed the design and
implementation of the Mission Control Center in Houston, and for
the past 10 years he has been Director of the Johnson Space

If you have followed America's manned space program closely
over the years you probably know his name as well as I do. I am
talking about Dr. Christopher Kraft. The Bolshevik warlords here
have decreed that NASA's days of technological development are
now at an end, so one day last April Dr. Christopher Kraft was
told that his services are no longer needed, and he was fired!

As I say these words, my friends, Space Shuttle Mission #4 is
underway. This is the last of the four initial crash military
missions to prepare for NUCLEAR WAR ONE. Each of these first
four missions has involved two shuttles, not just one, as I first
reported in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 62 and 63. Each time the shuttle
we see blasting off from Florida follows a path into space that
is different from the one publicly claimed. As a result, it
cannot return to Earth at the time and place it is supposed to,
therefore the two-man crew of each flight returns to Earth in a
small Gemini-like space capsule. Then they board a different
shuttle and rocket into view from a distance to land at the
advertised time and place. I've given all the details in the
past, so I'll not repeat them now.

In the first three space shuttle launches the launch took
place into the northeast. Each time this was the beginning of a
long curving launch into the north to a near-polar orbit to pass
over Russia, but this time the shuttle took off in a different
direction. It took off due east from Cape Canaveral into
something called a "minimum inclination orbit." This time it was
heading not for the North Pole but toward the equator. The
reason for this has to do with the secret Pentagon payload. It
is a special sensor system designed to give confirmation of the
first phase of the planned American nuclear first strike on
Russia! As I reported last month, quote:

"In order to do its job, the Air Force infrared sensor has to
be placed in geostationary orbit. That orbit is over 22,000
miles high over the equator."

In television coverage of the launch three days ago, the new
flight path was mentioned briefly but not explained. For
example, the trans-Atlantic abort site this time was Dakar,
Senegal, close to the equator. This is a change from the first
three flights in which the trans-Atlantic abort site was Rota,
Spain, much farther north. The shuttle itself cannot go high
enough to put the Air Force sensor into its final orbit.
Instead, the sensor is perched atop a rocket carried in the cargo

For engineering reasons, the rocket had to be loaded into the
shuttle while it was standing vertically, not parked
horizontally. That's why, for the first time, the shuttle was
loaded for this flight after it was ready on the launch pad.
NASA spokesmen admitted publicly that this was done, but as
always they never tell you the reason.

Last month I reported that an on-schedule launch of Space
Shuttle #4 would indicate that the Pentagon nuclear war plans are
still on schedule. Sunday morning, June 27, Space Shuttle #4
became the first shuttle ever to take off exactly on schedule.
Not a moment's delay was permitted, even though a sudden violent
hailstorm the previous day had ruined more than 400 critical heat

So far this shuttle flight is apparently proceeding as
planned. That means, my friends, that the September deadline for
NUCLEAR WAR ONE is still in effect as of now.


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've been forced to be the bearer of bad news. The
anti-nuclear-war coup d'etat planned by General Alexander Haig
has collapsed. More surprises are possible, but the time is now
very short.

The intended final war sequence has now begun in the Middle
East at the hands of Israel; and Space Shuttle Mission #4, the
last one needed for nuclear war, is now in progress.

My friends, the danger of nuclear war is now the greatest that
it has ever been since the summer of 1976. I cannot tell you for
sure whether war will or will not erupt by September because
these war plans are the plans of men and they are not infallible.
What I can tell you for certain is that these days ahead will be
filled with danger!

The Rockefeller cartel has apparently failed in its game plan
to stop the Bolsheviks here. That leaves the arena of conflict
to the Bolsheviks here versus the rulers of Russia. Two more
deadly enemies are impossible to imagine, my friends. The
Bolsheviks here are racing to position themselves for an all-out
attack against Russia. Pre-emptive actions by the Kremlin to
prevent that attack are virtually guaranteed. The results may
well shake the world!

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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