Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 78.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
DC 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is August 27,
1982, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 78.

On the first day of this month of August 1982, a heart-rending
symbol of the Beirut holocaust appeared in newspapers all across
America. It was a wire-service photograph of a nurse in hospital
in East Beirut cradling a small seven-week-old baby in her left
arm as she fed it from a bottle. From the tip of the tiny nose
upward the baby's head was swathed in massive bandages covering
eyes and all. The little shoulders were wrapped in still more
bandages. Where there should have been a pair of infant arms,
there was nothing. The baby's arms had been blown off by an
Israeli artillery shell landing near the Green Line separating
East and West Beirut.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case
the picture was worth a thousand sobs. Here was a tiny Lebanese
baby, a brand new human life, ruined before it could even get
started. The picture was a poignant object lesson about the
senseless tragedy of war; at least that is how most people
probably reacted when they saw it.

But the reaction of the Begin government in Israel was far
different. When the picture was brought to their attention they
wasted not a word on trivial matters like simple human
compassion, sympathy, or regret. Instead they lodged bitter
protests against the wire services and newspapers who had
published the photo. There was great concern over the public
relations impact on Israel resulting from that photograph.
Demands were made that retractions be printed about the Israeli
responsibility for the baby's grievous wounds; but to their
credit, wire services here refused to make any retractions. It
had been established very firmly that Israeli bombardment had
caused the tragedy.

To most of us far from the scene, that picture of a tiny baby
horribly maimed for life may appear exceptional. But the fact is
that the plight of that child has been repeated countless times
in the Israeli rape of Lebanon.

Recently this was illustrated by the observations of a
Presbyterian minister affiliated with Princeton Theological
Seminary. The minister happened to be in southern Lebanon when
the invasion began on June 5 and remained in Lebanon for several
weeks into the war. Recently he described what he witnessed in a
talk in Ohio.

The minister had seen for himself areas where the Israeli
onslaught had caused not hundreds but thousands of deaths, mostly
of civilians! He also described the strenuous Israeli efforts to
cover up the extent of the carnage and hide it from the outside
world. In more than one case Israeli bulldozers have even dug
pits, shoveling in piles of bodies and covering them over. But
the most nightmarish scene he described was one where a great
number of children had been killed and maimed. He had come upon
the scene when the cleanup had just begun. He was shown a room
piled high with fingers, hands, legs, arms, and other parts of
children's bodies.

Here in the United States the sheer enormity of the Israeli
atrocities in Lebanon is being censored out. When we hear about
disgusted Israeli soldiers leaving the front and returning to
Israel to protest the war, we are unable to fully understand why.
But elsewhere around the world the news media are less hampered
by the strait jacket of Zionist and Bolshevik censorship here in
the United States, and what they are reporting is in full
agreement with those personal observations by the Presbyterian

For example, on August 8 the BBC reported the observations of
an International Red Cross official about the carnage in Beirut.
He said that more than 80% of the casualties in Lebanon were
civilians, and he insisted that the killing and bombing going on
in Beirut was much worse than occurred generally during World War
II. Two days later the BBC carried a report about Relief women
from Europe and New Zealand working in the Beirut battle zone.
They had walked to the Green Line to protest the Israeli siege,
which had cut off food, fuel, and water for West Beirut. One

"These are the most horrible conditions I've seen in all our
relief work around the world."

And, my friends, the Israelis would not even allow the children
in West Beirut to leave!

Many of the military actions ordered by the Begin government
in Lebanon can only be described as "war crimes." Men who were
Zionist terrorists in the 1940s control what has become the
world's third most powerful military machine--that of Israel in
the 1980s. The result is what we have seen in Lebanon--STATE
TERRORISM. This is military power used according to terrorist

In normal military doctrine the most successful operations are
those which minimize casualties; but in military terrorism the
opposite is the case. Every effort is made to multiply
casualties for their own sake with no distinction between
combatants and civilians. To the terrorist, death is power.

Throughout the siege of Beirut we've seen the Israeli doctrine
of military terrorism at work. On August 13 the Washington Post
described the bewilderment created among Beirut residents by the
merciless Israeli attacks. One was quoted in the words:

"What is the sense of all this killing? What do the Israelis
want? Are they crazy? The Palestinians have said that they are
ready to go, so why don't they let them? Why do they continue to
bomb us like this?"

The answers, my friends, are all found in the doctrine of
Military Terrorism practiced by the Begin government. What they
want is total control through total fear; and to achieve that,
death and suffering is intentionally increased as much as
possible. These are the policies of genocide and of true war
crimes. The war crimes committed in Lebanon by the militant
Israeli Zionists are terrible to contemplate, my friends; but if
we do not stop and think about them, we will not take seriously
the plans for even greater war crimes to come!

The Reagan-Begin axis of Bolsheviks and Zionists are working
fast to commit the ultimate war crime--THERMONUCLEAR WAR. If
they succeed, the agony of Lebanon will pale beside that of

As I say these words, the hurry-up plan to set off NUCLEAR WAR
ONE is still on schedule. I first made public this short-cut war
timetable six months ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 72. In case it
should fail or be delayed, longer-term intrigues to bring on
nuclear war are also continuing world-wide; but as of this
moment, my friends, the United States Pentagon is still counting
down toward mid-September to set off a surprise nuclear war.

This will be my last opportunity to report to you before
"Z-Day"--the war target date now planned in mid-September.

There is a chance that something dramatic will happen to halt
the plan in the days that are left. I have received late word
that the anti-war coup d'etat plans which I first reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 72 may not be totally dead after all. The
Bolsheviks here did succeed in ousting the key man in that plan,
General Alexander Haig, two months ago; but the Bolsheviks here
are not certain that they succeeded in weeding out all of Haig's
men. If not, then anything could happen in the next two weeks.
Even so, action to prevent the war remains a long shot at this
late date.

If the Bolsheviks here do succeed in setting off a surprise
American nuclear first strike against Russia, I want you to be as
prepared as possible. There will be absolutely no official
warning to the public ahead of time if the plan is attempted, but
there are a few important warning signs to watch for in the news.
I want you to know what they are and what they will mean if you
see them take place. I'll also reveal the exact schedule for
"Z-Day" as now planned. My hope is that by knowing what to look
for and when, you'll be able to save yourself if the attack is
attempted against Russia.

My three topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1--When the Israeli invasion of Lebanon began 12 weeks ago
on June 5, it was called "OPERATION PEACE FOR GALILEE." Israel
promised a nervous world that this would be only a limited
operation with limited objectives. The Israelis gave their
solemn promise that their armed forces would go no deeper than 40
kilometers--that is, 25 miles into Lebanon. Within that limited
zone close to Israel the intent was to eliminate all Palestinian
fighting forces. Begin justified the operation in the usual
sanctimonious terms, telling the world that Israel had been
forced into doing it. It was the only way, he said, for Israel
to buy peace for its northern provinces.

My friends, from start to finish the so-called "PEACE FOR
GALILEE" operation by Israel has been a tangle of lies. The word
"peace" was used to give a halo to the most genocidal war yet by
Israel, and the Biblical-sounding phrase "Peace for Galilee" was
designed to hide the true nature of the campaign as much as
possible--from Christians in particular!

When we Christians hear the word "Galilee" we can't help
thinking of our Lord Jesus Christ. The very word itself sounds
sacred to us so at a subconscious level we are tempted to feel
that we dare not condemn what the Israelis are doing--and
feelings like these are reinforced by Zionist influence exerted
through countless churches here in America!

The counterfeit Jews, the Khazar Jews, who control Israel
today, spend vast amounts of money to encourage counterfeit
interpretations of the Bible! As a result, countless millions of
well-meaning but misled Christians close their eyes to Israel's
war crimes, saying: "It's all in prophecy."

The Zionist lies about Israel's operation "PEACE FOR GALILEE"
began even with the officially claimed date of the invasion. The
agreed date used by the major media is June 6 when some Israeli
forces went through a United Nations checkpoint; but the invasion
actually began as I pointed out in AUDIO LETTER No. 76 on June 5,
not June 6. It is almost as if by changing the date of the
invasion the Israelis are trying to avoid the prophet Ezekiel's
prophecy of doom. I quoted from that Biblical prophecy in AUDIO
LETTER No. 76. The Israelis are fond of what they call "creating
new facts", but this is one fact they cannot change.

To set the record straight once and for all, I now quote as an
example from the New York Daily News for Sunday, June 6, 1982:

"Israeli tanks moved across the border into a Christian enclave
in southern Lebanon yesterday while Israeli warplanes and gun
boats pounded suspected Palestinian positions."

The date of the paper, my friends, is June 6. The reference to
"yesterday" in the news article means June 5. Invasion of a
country is a matter of fact, not words; and that invasion began
with tanks crossing the border on June 5, 1982--the same day the
official invasion order was signed.

The Begin government began its abominations of military
desolation in its sixth year, in the sixth month of the year, on
the fifth day of the month. If the Israelis have incurred the
wrath of God as spelled out in Ezekiel 8, it cannot be undone by
lying about the date of the invasion.

The extent of the Israeli lies about the purpose of the
Lebanon invasion is almost beyond belief. But what is even more
disturbing is the extent to which those lies have been
successfully hidden from most Americans. The whole excuse for
invading Lebanon was allegedly to end Palestinian violence
against northern Israel. If you believe there's even a shred of
truth to that, please listen to the following quotation. It's
taken from an article by columnist Anthony Lewis published in the
New York Times of June 7, 1982. I now quote:

"For nine months not a single rocket or shell was fired by PLO
gunners into Israel. When Israeli planes bombed Lebanon on April
21 for the first time since the truce started, the PLO did not
respond. When there was another bombing on May 9, there was a
limited response--about 100 rockets that Israel said caused no
damage or casualties. Then after the massive Israeli bombing
last week, the PLO responded with full-scale barrages. In short,
the cease-fire kept the Galilee safe until Israel bombed Lebanon.
The argument that aggressive new military action was needed to
keep the rockets out turns reality upside-down."

My friends, it all boils down to the fact that the
Reagan-Begin axis was determined to set off war in the Middle
East. The timing of the war had nothing to do with any alleged
provocations by the Palestinians. Instead, it was dictated by
the joint plan of the American Bolsheviks and the Israeli
Zionists to set off nuclear war very soon. That is why the
Israeli forces did not even slow down when they reached their
promised limit of 25 miles into Lebanon. The merciless
bombardment and siege of Beirut itself had purposes far different
from those stated. The presence of PLO headquarters there simply
provided a convenient excuse for what was to be the invasion of
an Arab capital.

Throughout the Arab world an Israeli invasion of an Arab
capital has always been seen as the ultimate taboo. Had that
been the outcome of the siege of Beirut, general war in the
Middle East was virtually guaranteed and that would have created
the ideal cover to explain away the surprise eruption of nuclear
war very soon. But, my friends, the Beirut holocaust at the
hands of Israel ended in a surprise.

The Begin government had no intention of allowing negotiations
for evacuation of the PLO to succeed. They kept turning the
military screws tighter and tighter on Beirut while adding more
and more demands to be met by the Palestinians.

Each time the PLO confounded the Israelis by accepting demands
which they had been expected to reject. As a result, time after
time Reagan envoy Philip Habib warned the White House that an
agreement was becoming unavoidable. Each time that happened
Begin was notified, and the Israeli Air Force started pounding
Beirut again! The result, time after time, was exactly what the
Israelis wanted--a brief derailment of the talks.

The cycle of talks, near agreement, and disruption by Israeli
bombing took up almost the entire first half of this month of
August 1982. Foreign newspapers were filled with editorials
condemning the bloodbath in Beirut and demanding that the United
States rein in Israel. It was put more bluntly by the Morning
Star, a British newspaper with Soviet ties. On August 1 the
Morning Star declared that the United States on its own could end
the siege of Beirut immediately if it cared to do so. But here
in Washington the entity President Reagan and his spokesmen just
wrung their hands as if they were powerless to do anything. The
carnage in Beirut went right on with a continued green light from

Meanwhile there were series of increasingly threatening growls
about the Beirut holocaust from the Russian Bear. Russia's new
rulers are as anti-Zionist as they are anti-Bolshevik, and they
make no bones about it. On August 2 the BBC reported that Russia
had condemned Israel as a "barbarian committing genocide in
Lebanon." On August 3 Moscow Radio charged that the planning for
the take-over of Lebanon had been done by the Defense Department
in Washington. On August 4 the BBC reported increasingly fierce
criticism of Israel and the United States by Russia. The next
day Russia called for a United Nations Security Council meeting,
and at the meeting the next day described the Israeli aggression
as one of insolence and craziness. The exchanges between the
Russian and the Israeli delegates were some of the bitterest ever
seen at the United Nations!

While all of this was going on in public, the Russians were
also flashing warning signs by way of diplomatic channels. The
Kremlin was telling the White House to call off the dogs in
Beirut, but Washington was not listening.

Finally, the Russians decided "Enough was Enough." In the
small hours of Thursday August 12, the entity President Reagan
was awakened out of a sound sleep. He was told that Soviet
President Brezhnev was waiting to speak to him on the crisis HOT
LINE. He was calling from his summer retreat in the Crimea.
When Reagan picked up the phone, Brezhnev's message was short and
blunt. Reagan listened as the slightly slurred words of an
elderly man crackled over the phone in Russian. Then he turned
to the interpreter listening on a parallel phone. In effect the
message was:

Both you and your Zionist partners are deceiving yourselves.
In the end we will not permit a beachhead in Lebanon by your
troops. Either you stop the Zionists now or we will fix them
ourselves. What's more, we know all about your September war
plan. Don't do it.

Reagan, who never makes a decision on his own, could only answer
that he would check into it.

As the Reagan-Brezhnev HOT-LINE conversation took place, dawn
was breaking over the besieged city of Beirut. It was a dawn
that had been shattered by the beginning of the most devastating
bombardment yet by the Israelis. Israeli Fighter Bombers were
shrieking overhead, diving toward the city, then pulling up as
they dropped their bombs. Land and sea-based artillery shells
were exploding within the city at a rate of more than one per

The reason for the Israeli attack was very simple. A final
negotiating session was scheduled for 4:00 o'clock that afternoon
by Reagan envoy Habib and top Lebanese officials. Habib had
warned the White House that unless something was done, an
agreement was a certainty; so to prevent that, the Israelis
unleashed everything they had on Beirut.

The raids went on for 10 hours straight, from 6:00 A.M. until
shortly after the meeting began, and it almost worked, my
friends. Lebanese Prime Minister Chafic Wazzan stormed out of
the meeting with Habib in a rage. He declared that negotiations
be suspended indefinitely; and afterwards, speaking of Reagan's
man Habib, Wazzan said:

"I have told him I cannot carry on, and hold him as well as the
United States responsible for the consequences."

If that had been the end of it, my friends, the Reagan-Begin axis
would have achieved exactly what they wanted. With the talks
broken off indefinitely the Begin government would have had the
excuse it wanted to proceed with its all-out invasion of Beirut.

The reason it did not end there was the Brezhnev-Reagan
HOT-LINE call which had taken place that morning. The Russians
had threatened to "fix" the Zionists, and suddenly there was
evidence that they were preparing to do just that.

Israeli Air Defense radars in Lebanon, on Israeli ships, and
in Israel itself abruptly picked up a chilling sight. More than
100 unidentified blips materialized on radars all over the
region. The blips were stationary, several miles up. It was a
sight most radar operators in the area had never seen before; but
when the reports reached Israeli and American Air Defense
headquarters, the meaning of the blips was understood instantly.
For the first time in several years the Russian Space Command was
making a massive show of force using its fleet of Cosmospheres.
These electrogravitic weapons platforms normally hover at the
fringes of the atmosphere where they are invisible to radar; but
on that afternoon of August 12 over 100 of them descended
straight down to within radar range over Lebanon and Israel.

Bolshevik military Intelligence analysts here in Washington
had to make a decision fast as to whether the Russians were
bluffing or meant business. Because of the known anti-war
attitude of the present-day Kremlin, Russian shows of force have
not always been taken seriously here, but lately the Russians
have been doing things to change that.

Last month I reported on a whole series of warning shots which
the Russians have fired across America's bow lately. They have
been designed to show that the Kremlin is prepared to use its
vast military power. When that was added to the Brezhnev HOT
LINE call, analysts here got a bad case of sweaty palms. It was
decided that the Beirut invasion plan would have to be aborted.
Somehow the PLO evacuation negotiations had to be started up

Suddenly all the excuses that America can't control Israel
went out the window. Instead, evening news reports on August 12
led off by saying that Reagan was cracking down on Israel. There
were planted stories that Reagan had called Begin and expressed
outrage over the massive air raids that day. All of a sudden,
after not lifting a finger for two months to stop the
indiscriminate Lebanon massacre, it seemed Reagan had got

The following day the Lebanese government agreed to resume the
suspended talks over a PLO withdrawal. Suddenly all the previous
obstacles seemed to evaporate. Within days the final agreement
was struck. Barely a week later, on August 21, the first actual
evacuation of PLO fighters from Beirut got underway, supervised
by French troops.

The turnabout by the United States and Israel was so radical
and so abrupt that a scapegoat had to be found to explain it away
to the public. For that reason everyone started pointing fingers
at the Israeli Defense Minister Sharon. There were rumors that
he alone was responsible for the insane bombardment of Beirut on
August 12. All kinds of stories suddenly surfaced to the effect
that Sharon always was kind of insubordinate and dangerous. It
was all his fault, we were told; but Sharon said it was the fault
of the Israeli Cabinet.

My friends, the Russian power play saved Beirut from an
invasion; but when the American Bolsheviks and Israeli Zionists
caved in and gave up on the Beirut invasion plan, it was only a
retreat, not a surrender. They are still as bent on nuclear war
as ever, and the sooner the better provided they can strike
before Russia does.

In the past I've described how the Bolshevik nuclear war
planners always make sure they have available not just one but
many possible paths to war. Having been thwarted in their Beirut
invasion plan, they simply moved on to the next contingency plan.
That plan involves the United States Marines, who arrived two
days ago in Beirut to supposedly help police the PLO evacuation.
The plan is to stoke up a new crisis by creating an incident in
which a number of Marines will be killed. In order to set the
stage for it, the Israeli MOSSAD has already started creating
so-called cease-fire violations which are blamed on the PLO.

Last Sunday on August 22 there were news reports of an Israeli
troop bus allegedly attacked by PLO guerrillas. Stories of that
type are only to condition us for the planned incident to come
against the United States Marines and Lebanese leaders.

My friends, we have been told all sorts of lies that Israel's
enemy in its so-called PEACE FOR GALILEE operation was the PLO,
but on August 5 Israeli Foreign Minister Shamir revealed that the
real enemy was Russia. Speaking to a group of Jewish leaders in
New York City Shamir said:

"Lebanon until now was dominated by the PLO and Syria; and
behind them the Soviets", and he boasted: "Soviet Russia doesn't
play any role now in our area."

But a week later Shamir found out differently when the Russian
Cosmosphere threat forced a surprise end to the Beirut holocaust.

Two months ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 76 I reported that the
Israeli invasion of Lebanon was only part of the greater plan for
nuclear war against Russia. Now United States Marines have been
introduced in Lebanon with a promise by President Reagan that
they will be needed no longer than 30 days.

Before those 30 days are up, my friends, the Bolsheviks here
intend to set off the surprise American nuclear attack against
Russia. The countdown clock for the "PROJECT Z" war plan which I
revealed in AUDIO LETTER No. 73 is still ticking away. All
preparations are now being targeted for "Z-Day"--the day of the
planned nuclear attack itself.

My friends, the exact date chosen by the Pentagon for "Z-Day"


Topic #2--When World War I broke out 68 years ago, world opinion
was far from unanimous about who was right and who was wrong in
the conflict. Many people felt that Austria-Hungary had put up
long enough with harassment by the Serbs. After Archduke Franz
Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serb in Sarajevo on June 28,
1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, and many people
applauded. Austria-Hungary had been given a blank check by
Germany to smash the Serbs. People started having second
thoughts when they saw the dispute mushrooming, sucking in nation
after nation. Even so, world opinion continued to maintain a
great deal of good will toward Germany and her allies--that is,
until the Battle of Louvain (now Leuven), Belgium.

Up until the war, Louvain had been a beautiful, peaceful town,
but Louvain had the misfortune to be caught in the middle between
the armies of the Kaiser and those of the allies. The Germans
won the battle by virtually leveling Louvain. The battle took a
gruesome toll among the helpless residents of Louvain. On all
sides Louvain lay in ruins--once beautiful buildings had been
reduced to piles of rubble. The rubble had become a tomb for
countless civilians who had died inside. The debris-choked
streets were a mournful scene of the maimed, the bereaved, and
the confused.

When news about the fate of Louvain reached the outside world,
a wave of revulsion swept around the world. Many who had
originally sympathized with the Kaiser's policies were repelled
by such extreme military tactics. In terms of public opinion,
Louvain was the turning point of World War I. It blackened the
image of Germany in a way that could never be undone. My
friends, Beirut could well be the counterpart of Louvain for
Israel and her powerful backer, the United States.

Today, as in 1914, the country that ostensibly started the war
benefitted at first by a large reservoir of good will in the
world; but just as Louvain soured public opinion in World War I,
Beirut has shocked the world in 1982. The merciless brutality
and senseless killings by the Israelis in Lebanon has been
symbolized by the siege of Beirut. Israel has been rightly
condemned the world over for its actions in Lebanon; and if the
full extent of the agony of Lebanon ever becomes generally known,
Israel's image will never recover from the shame.

When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in 1914, it set
off a chain reaction that snowballed into war among the great
powers of that day. Likewise the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to
wipe out the PLO has been calculated to help set off a chain
reaction leading to NUCLEAR WAR ONE. The joint strategy of the
American Bolsheviks and the Israeli Zionists is a replay of the
maneuvering that set off World War I. I've given details about
that in past reports, especially in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 63, 66,
and 69. If need be, the Bolsheviks and Zionists--that is, the
Reagan-Begin axis--are prepared to keep multiplying crises until
America's nuclear first strike succeeds.

In the Middle East the de facto move of PLO headquarters to
Syria is setting the stage for a direct confrontation soon
between Israel and Syria. That will create the most dangerous
proxy battle yet between client states of Russia and the United
States. Already Israeli forces are preparing to try to drive out
the legally-present Syrians from Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. At the
same time, Israeli forces are not withdrawing as the PLO
evacuates from West Beirut; instead, they are heading north!
Israeli armored units are already on the outskirts of Tripoli,
just 20 miles short of Lebanon's northern border.

As for Israel's solemn promises to turn back Lebanon to the
Lebanese, nothing could be a more transparent lie. Thanks to the
war, the southern third of Lebanon, including the Litani River,
has now been absorbed into the so-called "Free Lebanon Zone"
controlled by Major Haddad. Haddad is nothing but an Israeli
agent, a shabbas goy doing the dirty work of the Begin
government. When and if the Israelis formally withdraw from
Lebanon, they will still continue to control Haddad's area
including Sidon and Tyre.

And now another Israeli puppet, Mr. Bashir Gemayel, has
emerged from the war rubble as the President-elect of Lebanon.
He is nothing more than another Sadat; and he, too, will meet the
same fate as Sadat when Israel is ready!

Looking around the world, my friends, the amount of trouble
now being stirred up by the Bolsheviks and Zionists is almost
beyond description. For example, Bolshevik agents in Poland are
stirring up new trouble to ruin government efforts to relax
martial law. That keeps the Warsaw regime on the defensive,
unable to appear as anything but a "bad guy."

Or consider Central America and the Caribbean. Panama is now
being destabilized, beginning with the recent surprise
resignation, so-called, of Panama's president. The plan to
create an apparent threat to the Panama Canal is moving right

Meanwhile Congress has recently passed a special Tonkin
Gulf-type resolution aimed at Cuba. It frees Reagan's hands to
take military action against Cuba, just as the Tonkin Gulf
Resolution freed President Johnson to widen the war in Vietnam.

And then there is Asia where war between India and Pakistan is
targeted for around November 1982!

Middle East intrigues and many more world-wide are in the
works as a result of the Bolshevik program to Balkanize the
world; but all those intrigues will no longer be necessary if the
"PROJECT Z" short-cut war plan succeeds. Very soon they plan to
set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE as a total surprise--and they intend to
make it look like a gigantic accident!

In AUDIO LETTER No. 73 five months ago I outlined the over-all
war plan of "PROJECT Z", but as a practical matter the most
important thing you need to know now is how the war is being
planned to begin. You need to know what warning signs to watch
for, and when. For that reason I will now describe in detail how
the Pentagon war planners intend to set off the war. Only a few
hints of what is about to happen will be visible in public; but
if you see them happening, you will know what they mean.

The plan for an American nuclear first strike against Russia
has been in gestation for over four years now. I first reported
on America's secret shift toward a first-strike nuclear strategy
in AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 36 and 37. The prime objective of the
initial American nuclear strike is still as I first made public
in AUDIO LETTER No. 37. The objective is to knock out all of
Russia's complex of Space bases. Those are the logistic life
line, the Achilles' heel of the Russian space triad of strategic
weapons. If the Bolsheviks here can put Russia's space triad out
of action, Russia will no longer be unconquerable in nuclear war;
and so the initial attack against Russia's space triad bases is
to be followed immediately by an all-out American nuclear attack!

Bolshevik war planners here, the hard-liners, have been
putting together the pieces of the military machine needed to do
the job for years now. I have reported on these various pieces
of the over-all military picture over the course of many past
reports. Now all of the factors in the Bolshevik military
equation are coming together as they prepare for imminent nuclear

In AUDIO LETTER No. 73 I described the new secret American
superweapon that is the key to the attack plan. It is the
Phantom warplane, the most radical breakthrough achieved by the
so-called "Stealth Program."

Unmanned Phantom warplanes are being deployed now to their
attack bases in northern Norway, eastern Turkey, and Sinkiang
Province, China. These bases are protected from Cosmosphere
attack by high-power lasers. The lasers are equipped with the
new supersensitive aiming device known as CEIR (pronounced seer)
for "Computer-Enhanced Infrared." As I reported in AUDIO LETTER
No. 72, a CEIR-equipped laser shot down a Russian Cosmosphere
over New Jersey some seven months ago. Its effectiveness is,
therefore, a proven fact; but just to make sure the Russians have
not developed a defense against these special lasers, another
Cosmosphere was blasted out of the sky over the New York City
vicinity just three days ago! It created a huge high-speed
fireball, described in the New York Times yesterday as a possible
asteroid burning up.

When the American Phantom warplanes are launched into Russia
on "Z-Day" they will be swarming toward only six primary and
about a dozen secondary targets. The six primary targets are the
Russian Space bases. Four of these are the rocket bases known as
Cosmodromes at Baikonur, Tyura-Tam, Plesetsk, and Kapustin Yar.
The other two Space bases are the sprawling Cosmosphere
facilities at Semipalatinsk and Novosibirsk.

As for the dozen or so secondary targets, these are the
complex of Russian flying ABM bases. The system consists of
anti-missile particle beam weapons carried aboard converted
TU-144 Supersonic Transports. The Transports were mysteriously
removed from service in June 1978 for conversion to anti-missile
defense. I reported that this was underway in AUDIO LETTER No.
54. Today the system is fully operational. The Bolshevik war
planners here in the United States want to knock them all out, if
possible, to make the American follow-up attack more devastating.

Of all these targets, the two which have become most important
of all are the two Cosmosphere bases. The new Russian Superheavy
Cosmospheres, which I first reported on in AUDIO LETTER No. 64,
foreshadow the day when rockets will be obsolete.

If the Cosmosphere bases survive, the Bolshevik war plan is
doomed to failure. There is only one satisfactory geographic
location from which to launch a strike against the Russian
Cosmosphere areas. As long ago as AUDIO LETTER No. 37 I revealed
that this key location is Sinkiang Province, China. The
Bolsheviks here must have access to Sinkiang Province at all
costs. That is why, four months after I revealed this, the
so-called Carter Administration unexpectedly dumped Taiwan on
December 15, 1978. That day Washington suddenly announced full
diplomatic relations with Peking.

With NUCLEAR WAR ONE approaching fast, the Red Chinese once
again used their leverage this month against Taiwan. Peking has
been pressuring the Reagan Administration to publicly commit
itself to cutting off all arms sales to Taiwan. As recently as
August 13 Reagan's alleged final offer was a refusal to do that;
but then the Red Chinese told Washington that if the United
States did not agree, the Chinese would shut down the American
Stealth Base in Sinkiang Province. Four days later, on August
17, a joint communique was released in Peking and Washington. It
declared that there is only one China, that Taiwan is part of it,
and that the United States will gradually discontinue arms sales
to Taiwan!

The old Reagan campaign pledge to stand by Taiwan was scrapped
in order to prevent a last-minute hitch in the Stealth attack

According to the Pentagon plan, the unmanned Phantom warplanes
will take off from their various bases at carefully predetermined
intervals. Their launch times will be adjusted in order to make
them all arrive at their targets simultaneously. As I detailed
in AUDIO LETTER No. 73, these robot bombers will be flying blind
on a one-way trip, like mechanical kamikaze planes. But thanks
to their advanced new-type inertial guidance systems they're
expected to all arrive right on schedule.

As they fly through Russian air space, they will be
invulnerable to detection either visually or by radar. The
light-distorted electromagnetic fields, which I described in
AUDIO LETTER No. 73, will also render Russian beam weapons
useless for defense. Anti-aircraft missiles, even those which
follow the heat trail of a plane, will also be useless. If any
missile or jet fighter got close to a Phantom warplane, its
electronics would be hopelessly deranged by the Invisibility

As if all this were not enough, each Phantom warplane will
also be following a pre-programmed zig-zag course into Russia.
The Bolsheviks here believe that this will make any attempt to
fire at the Stealth planes with anti-aircraft guns very

All things considered, the "PROJECT Z" war planners are
confident that enough Phantom warplanes will reach their targets
to do their job. Converging from all directions, the invisible
robot warplanes will all arrive at their targets at essentially
the same time. Countdown clocks in all the warplanes will be
programmed to reach "zero" at the same instant. When they do, a
24-megaton hydrogen bomb will explode aboard each and every
Phantom warplane.

The attack is planned for nighttime when the Soviet Union is
asleep. Around the space triad bases and TU-144 bases night will
turn into day as man-made stars erupt into life. That will be
the moment which an American satellite parked high over the
Indian Ocean has been watching for. It is the Attack
Confirmation Sensor which I described in AUDIO LETTER No. 75.
This was the mysterious military payload of Space Shuttle #4
placed in geostationary orbit by an auxiliary rocket. When the
H-bombs detonate over their targets, the Air Force satellite will
detect the flashes of infrared, ultraviolet, and X-radiation.
Instantly the satellite will flash a signal confirming the attack
to listening stations on Earth. The attack-confirmation signal
will confirm that the initial critical surprise attack by Stealth
planes has succeeded.

That will be the signal for all the rest of the "PROJECT Z"
nuclear war plan to go into motion. But, as I reported in AUDIO
LETTER No. 73, "PROJECT Z" is a supersecret war plan, unknown to
all but a few top leaders of the Military in America. Therefore
the attack-confirmation signal will not be routed through
standard existing channels. Instead the Bolshevik war planners
here have created a special new Command for the purpose. It's
called the Air Force Space Command. It is to begin operations
officially on September 1, just in time to get ready for the
planned nuclear attack on September 17. The new Space Command is
located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There it will feed
special information to NORAD headquarters, also located there.

When the Air Force Space Command receives the
attack-confirmation signal from the Indian Ocean satellite, the
follow-up attack will begin:

First a coded signal will be flashed to the Minuteman TX
Commanders in our northern tier of states and certain other
locations. The Minuteman TX is America's real mobile missile,
now full deployed on our railroads, as I first revealed in AUDIO
LETTER No. 55. In AUDIO LETTER No. 60 I reported that they are
also accompanied by high-speed missiles called ACMs. When the
coded signal arrives from the newly created Space Command, the
ACMs will zoom upward to the fringes of the atmosphere. There
they will detonate special cobalt ionization bombs. The
resulting electron storm in the upper atmosphere of the United
States is expected to temporarily disable any Cosmospheres on
patrol. With the Cosmospheres momentarily deranged, the mobile
Minuteman TX missiles will be launched right past them at Russia.

When the American ACMs detonate their bombs high over our own
country, it will also create another effect. It is called
"Electromagnetic Pulse" or EMP. EMP can knock out
communications, fry telephone lines, and cause power blackouts by
overloading power transmission lines. In AUDIO LETTER No. 66 I
described how the Bolsheviks here plan to use this effect to
trigger an all-out American nuclear strike against Russia. They
have been programmed to consider an EMP episode to be evidence in
itself that America is under nuclear attack! America's entire
nuclear triad--missiles, bombers, and submarines--will then
launch a supposed retaliatory strike against Russia. There will
be no need for a normal White House order to attack!

There has been no official admission that this is in store for
us, of course. Even so this re-programming of our nuclear forces
is now being hinted at by discussion of a new military doctrine.
It's called "Launch Under Attack." Military analysts describe it
as "warning by loss of warning." That is exactly the concept I
made public over a year ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 66.

My friends, if all goes according to plan, there will be no
warning to the American public by Reagan Administration
officials. They are counting on surprise to make their nuclear
surprise attack on Russia successful. They aren't about to throw
that surprise away by telling you about it first, SO IT WILL BE
UP TO YOU to watch events for yourself and to make your best
judgment based on what you know. I've already mentioned some of
the visible signs that the plan is still on track up to now.

There remain two more major signals to watch for in the days
ahead. If you see them you will know that the American nuclear
first strike against Russia is about to be attempted:

First, watch for news of a major nuclear false alarm sometime
during the first half of September. This will mean a full-scale
dry run has been carried out involving the brand new Air Force
Space Command. By describing the exercise afterward as a "false
nuclear alert", the war planners will be setting the stage for an
alleged "accidental war."

The final warning will come as the nuclear attack itself is

My friends, the present Pentagon schedule calls for the
preliminary Phantom warplane H-bombs to explode at
3:00 PM E.D.T.
Friday, September 17, 1982.

At that time virtually all of Russia will be in darkness. When
the Indian Ocean satellite signal arrives confirming the attack,
it will be followed within a minute or so by the EMP episode I

If you're watching TV or listening to the radio, there will
suddenly be horrendous static and possibly permanent damage to
your receiver. There may also be a power blackout. Your
telephone may go dead. If those things happen, my friends, don't
wait for any air raid sirens. What's happening is that the
American follow-up nuclear strike against Russia is being
launched. Retaliating missiles from Russia can be expected here
soon afterward.

If you are in a prime coastal-target area, the Russian
counter-strike will hit your area within minutes. The Russian
short-range underwater-launch missiles which were planted along
our shores and the Great Lakes in 1976 and 1977 are still there!
Their short flight time, unfortunately, will leave at most a few
minutes to take cover after the EMP episode.

ICBMs fired from Russia will take approximately 24 minutes to
reach targets near the Canadian border; if you live farther
south, it will take several more minutes.

But if your area happens to be targeted by a Russian
submarine-launch missile, the time could be cut to less than 10
minutes in many cases.

Russia's Moon Bases and Cosmospheres overhead, both armed with
their charged particle beam weapons, can still do great damage to
major cities and United States military installations, but these
cause no fallout.

Topic #3--My friends, if the events I have described take place,
it will mean that the Bolshevik war planners in the Pentagon are
going ahead with their attack plan. But that does not mean that
it will necessarily succeed. As I say these words, there's
preliminary Intelligence that the Russians may have a surprise up
their sleeve for the Bolsheviks.

This is actually the second attempt by the Bolsheviks here to
set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE, as my older listeners know. The first
attempt in late January 1980 was a disastrous failure. It led
indirectly to leaks about the Stealth Program about six months
later. Now they are trying again with better weapons, but in the
meantime Russian weaponry has also kept on advancing! As a
result, there's no way to predict how the Bolshevik-triggered
American first strike will turn out.

Last month I reported that the Super-Spy Satellite launched by
the third Space Shuttle in March had detected something puzzling
in Russia. The puzzle consists of large numbers of small domed
installations arranged in rings around strategic Russian targets.
There is a ring of these domes around each Cosmodrome and around
each Cosmosphere Base in particular, but opinion is divided as to
what they are. Some analysts believe they are more or less
conventional anti-aircraft batteries with domed enclosures.
Others think they are missile batteries. Still others vote for
beam weapons of some kind, either lasers or particle beams. The
only agreement up to now is that they are defensive weapons of
some kind. That is indicated by their arrangement in protective
rings around certain strategic targets.

There's one other guess as to what the domes are. It is a
minority opinion so far which is not accepted by the top American
Bolshevik war planners, but my own information indicates that it
is the right guess. Each dome, my friends, contains a weapon
known as a "Rail Gun." Rail guns have been under study for a
number of years in both Russia and the United States.

A Rail Gun is a kind of super high-speed cannon. The
projectile moves down a track between the pair of long conducting
rails. When the gun is fired an incredibly powerful
electromagnetic field races down the length of the rails welding
them together as it goes. The projectile is forced along ahead
of the fast-moving electromagnetic field, leaving the muzzle with
incredible velocity. Rail gun muzzle velocities of at least
25,000 feet per second have been achieved. This is faster than
the Space Shuttle in Earth orbit!

Here in the United States, Rail Guns are still curiosities. A
Rail Gun can only be fired once because the rails weld themselves
together, and the projectile has to be non-conducting. It can't
be steel or other metal. But to the Russians faced with the
Phantom warplane threat, Rail Guns may be the only answer. The
Russians have the ability to aim Rail Guns at our Phantom
warplanes using Psychoenergetic Range-Finding, which I revealed
in AUDIO LETTER No. 42, and a non-conducting projectile fired at
astronomical velocities could penetrate the Stealth plane's
Invisibility Field.

The use of Rail Guns to defend against the Phantom warplanes
will be a nasty surprise to the Bolsheviks here if they carry out
their war plan; but as of now, the war plan is still on track!
As a result, time may well be running out for the United States
of America as we know it.


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. My friends, in this
AUDIO LETTER I've tried to prepare you as fully as possible to
recognize the signs of imminent nuclear war. The anti-war coup
d'etat plan of General Alexander Haig, which I revealed in AUDIO
LETTER No. 72, collapsed with his forced resignation in June.
Since that time it has been full speed ahead toward NUCLEAR WAR

The rush-rush new war timetable, which I also revealed six
months ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 72, is still on schedule. Target
date: September 17, 1982.

Just 12 days ago on August 15 the Los Angeles Times broke a
bombshell story about these war plans. The syndicated article
revealed that an elaborate secret new protracted nuclear war plan
is now ready. In fact, my friends, this plan is already

The article says, quote:

"According to a member of the Administration, the plan would
contemplate nuclear warfare for as long as six months."

The plan also draws attention to the present vulnerability of our
military command, control, and communications system. The
article quotes a Reagan staffer in the words:

"The system might survive 15 minutes of nuclear war."

My friends, this very vulnerability is the key to the
Bolshevik plan to set off the war by EMP episode I have
described. The fear over all this is so great that three days
ago the Pentagon announced extreme measures to try to squelch the
debate. Our Bolshevik Defense Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, has
sent out 70 letters to key newspaper editors here and abroad to
try to defuse the criticism.

Meanwhile the plan to set off nuclear war soon is still on

In the past I have reported that Russia's new anti-Bolshevik
rulers regard America as Babylon, wallowing in ill-gotten wealth
and degeneracy. If the American Bolsheviks are successful in
forcing nuclear war upon the Kremlin, the fall of Babylon may
well be at hand. As the angel of Revelation revealed to John the
Apostle, the cries may soon ring out around the world:

"Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city, for in
one hour is thy judgment come."

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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