Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 80.
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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), 1629 K St. NW, Washington,
D.C. 20006.

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is November 3,
1982, and this is my AUDIO LETTER(R) #80. Beginning with this
AUDIO LETTER I'm making a small shift in my recording schedule
from the end of each month to early in the month. This change
will help reduce conflicts with holidays and other problems
during the course of the year.

For years now a familiar slogan has been used in the
advertisements for a popular pain reliever. The slogan was so
effective that it helped build annual sales of nearly half a
billion dollars. The pain reliever became #1 in America with 37%
of the market, and yet for weeks now this famous slogan has been
heard no more. The slogan was: "Trust Tylenol. Hospitals do."

Literally over night, just a month ago, Americans by the
millions stopped trusting Tylenol. A number of people in Chicago
had suddenly died after taking Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules.
By October 1, six were dead and a number of others gravely ill.
A few days later the death toll rose to seven. The Tylenol
capsules which they had taken had been contaminated with one of
the deadliest of all poisons, cyanide. Instantly headlines about
the Tylenol massacre pushed all other news stories into the
background here in the United States. A nation-wide alert went
out for people to stop taking Tylenol capsules until further
notice. Everyone was told to look for two suspect batches of
Tylenol, identifiable by their serial numbers. The booming
Tylenol capsule production line was shut down. The manufacturer
launched a Tylenol capsule recall program. Many Tylenol products
were withdrawn from drug store shelves, and those that remained
were shunned by frightened customers.

Thus began a news story which has remained on everyone's
tongue for a solid month. In most cases even the most dramatic
news stories begin to loss their impact after a week or so--but
not the Tylenol scare. It has been nursed along week after week,
piece by agonizing piece like a real-life soap opera.

First there were worries that the poisoning might have been
due to some horrible production-line accident; then it was found
that the deadly capsules had been poisoned deliberately. After a
week or so, new Tylenol poisoning cases came to light in
Oroville, California and in Philadelphia. Those stories revived
fears of a nation-wide poisoning threat all over again.

By mid-month the search for the Tylenol killer was closing in
on the Chicago area itself. For another week or so there were
sensational stories day after day about alleged "hot leads" in
the case. Gradually they all fizzled out but only after keeping
the story alive a while longer. By late in October the Tylenol
scare was at last beginning to die down in its impact.

But the Tylenol massacre was made to order to spawn copycat
crimes by a few unstable individuals here and there. Those
copycat crimes were slow in coming, so the major media were
enlisted to help set them off. Time after time television news
reports about the Tylenol tragedy digressed into discussions in
the "What if...?" category. "What if the poison had been put not
in Tylenol but perhaps food or Halloween candy?" said the
television voices. Time after time they pointed out how easy it
would be to do that and get away with it. And sure enough,
suddenly it started happening. Here and there people received
eye burns from adulterated eye drops. A man ended up in hospital
after poisoning by way of a carton of chocolate milk; and
Halloween candy began showing up with poison, needles, and razor
blades. What had started as the Tylenol scare a month ago has
become an ever-widening fear of adulteration of everything we buy
for food or health.

My friends, the Tylenol massacre and all the other fears it
has spawned will fade from our minds eventually, but for now it
has done its job to perfection. That job was to take our
attention away from certain events on the international scene for
now and to turn our attention inward instead. This change was
desired by the American Bolsheviks because of their failure in
September to set off NUCLEAR WAR ONE on schedule!

For the moment the Bolsheviks here are responding by turning
their energies inward to the domestic scene more intensely than
before. As it stands right now, the Bolshevik-dominated Reagan
Administration expects to emphasize domestic matters for roughly
the coming year. They want to press forward with a quiet new
Bolshevik revolution here in America to tighten their control
over you and me. At the same time they also want to try to
finish off their deadly rivals for power--the Rockefeller cartel.
If the Bolsheviks here can succeed in doing these things, they
will be in far better position to try again at nuclear war.

At present, my friends, the tentative plans of the Bolsheviks
here call for a new crisis sequence toward nuclear war to begin
late in 1983, and culminate in war itself in early 1984! It will
take that long for the military preparations for nuclear war to
be recycled up to peak readiness. Between now and then, you can
expect major crises to erupt overseas which may look like they
hold a threat of nuclear war in themselves; but these interim
crises over the next year or so will actually have a different
purpose. They will not be intended to lead in themselves to
nuclear war but to improve America's geostrategic position. If
successful, this process will improve the Pentagon's chances when
it is time for nuclear war itself.

The process of turning inward by the Bolsheviks here is a
temporary one but very important. It must be understood if you
are to understand many coming events in our economy and in
politics. At the same time, we must also keep our eye on the
ball and look beyond the temporary inward emphasis of the next
year or so. And it is time for an important update about what
the Kremlin is doing in response to all these things.

My three special topics for this AUDIO LETTER are:


Topic #1:

The Stock Market--1980s/1930s

In recent weeks there's been one seemingly bright spot in the
increasingly grim United States economy. With unemployment
climbing, bankruptcies spreading, and factories idle, the Stock
Market alone has acted cheerful. In August the prospect of
dropping interest rates became the excuse for a dramatic upturn
in stock prices. Over the past 2-1/2 months we've seen a series
of wild swings on Wall Street that seem to defy all logic.
Records have been set in trading volume on one day only to be
shattered by an even larger record on another day. Several times
recently the one-day jump in the Dow Jones average has reached
record levels. One of those days was October 8, the same day
that it was announced that the official unemployment rate has
reached double digits.

With unemployment at levels not seen since the Great
Depression, the Stock Market has continued to soar. Three days
after the announcement of double-digit unemployment, the Stock
Market passed the 1000 mark on the Dow Jones industrial averages.

The situation we are seeing now is described well by an
article released by the Associated Press in August. The article
begins in the words, and I quote:

"Wall Street, which waited for years for the recession to
begin, is starting to act like the economic downturn is just
about over. Even as companies report that their profits in the
second quarter were lower than last year, the Stock Market has
continued a rally that has pushed up the Dow Jones industrial
average to its highest levels in three years."

My friends, the article from which I just quoted was published in
August, as I said--but not August of this year! It is dated
August 3, 1980, over two years ago. At that time the Stock
Market appeared to be saying the same thing it appears to be
saying now, that better times are just ahead; but of course
better times were not ahead. The Stock Market bubble of two
years ago burst after a while, while the economy kept heading

What is going on in the Stock Market right now is just another
stunt known in some circles as a "Bear Trap." A bear trap is an
episode of gross manipulation of the Stock Market by certain
large institutional investors to unload unwanted stocks. I first
described how a bear trap works in AUDIO LETTER No. 33 when the
bear trap took place in the spring of 1978. Another took place
around the late summer of 1980, producing the article from which
I quoted earlier; and now in the autumn of 1982 we're watching as
another Stock Market bear trap snares its victims.

During September, and especially October, large amounts of
unwanted stocks were successfully dumped onto small investors.
Instead of setting another new record for a one-day rise in stock
prices, the Dow Jones set a more disturbing record a few days
ago. On Monday October 25 the Dow dropped more than 36 points,
the largest one-day drop since the crash of 1929. The excuse
given was that suddenly there are signs that those dropping
interest rates just might head up again.

My friends, the fact is that even a thousand (1000) on the Dow
is worth only about as much as 400 a decade ago due to inflation,
and the wildness of the ups and downs lately are a very ominous
sign. They are a symptom of instability in the Market, meaning a
small stimulus produces big effects. That is what happened to
the Stock Market in 1929, too, just before the big crash.

The United States economy is fundamentally sick, and now it is
having chills and fever as reflected by the Stock Market
up-and-down jumps. The two engines of our economy, automobiles
and construction, are still running at about half speed. In the
past I've explained why a sustained depression in these two areas
would inevitably spread to engulf our whole economy. And now it
is happening!

Unemployment, as measured by the Government's grossly
understated statistics, reached 10.1 per cent in September, the
highest since the Great Depression. Bankruptcies, too, have now
reached a pace unequaled since the Great Depression. Farmers are
in a tailspin with projected farm incomes for 1982 down 24% from

Banking System Situation

And then there are the banks. The Great Depression of the
1930s really began not with the 1929 Stock Market crash but with
the collapse of our banking system afterward. Likewise today, it
is not the chills and fever of the Stock Market that are the
greatest economic danger--it is the dangerous condition of our

When I recorded AUDIO LETTER No. 44 in March 1979, I reported
that the Bolsheviks here in America were going after the banks.
The Bolshevik coup d'etat against their former Rockefeller allies
had begun two months earlier with the murder of Nelson
Rockefeller; and by that March, Bolshevik moles were going to
work throughout the Rockefeller banking empire. As I reported in
AUDIO LETTER No. 44, they were starting at the top with the giant
Chase Manhattan Bank. If the American Bolsheviks can shatter
Rockefeller banking power, the Rockefeller cartel may well be

My friends, the process which I first made public in AUDIO
LETTER No. 44 is now far advanced. During the first eight months
of this year 27 banks failed here in the United States. Many
others are teetering on the edge, and on August 23 it was
announced that five of America's largest banks are in deep
trouble. They are deep in the "red" due to the inability to
collect on huge bad loans. The five banks which were in the news
that day are all members of the Rockefeller group, and one of
them is none other than Chase Manhattan itself.

The problem of bad loans now plaguing the Rockefeller banks is
destined to just keep getting worse, not better. The final
crushing blow that could bring the Rockefeller banks crashing
down is the mountain of bad loans to foreign countries. Years
ago when the Rockefeller cartel had no rival in governmental
power here, those loans were made without concern. Whenever
loans went bad, they always made sure the American taxpayer
bailed them out through various governmental devices; but now the
situation has changed. The Rockefeller cartel no longer
exercises sufficient power over the whole of the United States
Government to bail itself out in this way. Instead their
enemies, the Bolsheviks here, are increasingly able to block the
Rockefeller group.

This new situation was reflected in the World Economic
Conference of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund two
months ago. At the conference, which was held in Toronto,
Canada, the Rockefeller and Bolshevik factions squared off
against one another--and, my friends, the Bolsheviks won!

Here is basically what happened: Rockefeller cartel banking
operatives both from America and from abroad argued for increased
quotas for the International Monetary Fund--that is, they argued
that the United States and other developed nations should donate
tens of billions of dollars to cover increased international
loans. Rockefeller spokesmen presented their arguments in terms
of the needs of the Third World nations, but what they were
really worried about was the possible consequences to their own
banks of bad loans to the Third World. Increased IMF quotas from
participating nations could have helped bail them out of trouble.
That is what the Rockefeller group tried to do by enlisting the
support of the Third World nations themselves. But the American
Bolsheviks squashed it!

Speaking in Toronto on September 6, the entity Reagan

"The United States cannot afford to bail out the world."

What he really meant was that America's Bolshevik government was
not about to bail out the Rockefeller cartel--and with that,
increased IMF quotas were refused.

So now, my friends, the Rockefeller cartel banking interests
face an untenable situation. They hold vast amounts of loans to
Third World countries, and a lot of it is bunching up and coming
due. During 1983 more than half trillion dollars in these loans
will be coming due. About 80 per cent of that could end up going
unpaid to the banks by financially-troubled nations. That would
add up to a combined default of more than four hundred billion
dollars ($400,000,000,000). If the big banks should lose even a
fraction of that unthinkable amount, it will spell disaster for
America's entire banking system! Very quickly the collapse will
engulf the entire international banking system as well.

As major American banks collapse, credit lines to industry
will be cut off. Unable to finance continued operations, more
and more businesses will close their doors, unemployment will
mushroom, and the depression which we already experience will
grow far worse. The public will clamor for the Government to do
something--and do something it will! There will be reflation of
our currency (that is, more inflation in the depths of
depression), and sooner or later the entity President Reagan or
his successor will declare a NATIONAL ECONOMIC EMERGENCY--shades
of FDR and 1933.

There is an ironic parallel between all of this and what
happened half a century ago to trigger the Great Depression. In
the early 1930s a major New York bank called the "United States
Bank of New York", a private bank, teetered on the edge of
failure. The bank appealed for help to the Federal Reserve
System, which by its charter is supposed to be the lender of last
resort; but the Federal Reserve refused to come to its aid. The
result, which was predictable, was the failure of the United
States Bank. That started a chain reaction due to shared loan
arrangements and other factors which linked that bank to many
others. When the United States Bank failed, it dragged down
others, which dragged down still others. The progressive
collapse of much of America's banking system dragged America's
whole economy downward into the Great Depression--and all because
of the deliberate inaction of the privately-owned Federal Reserve

Today the parallel to all this is taking place at the
international level. This time it is not just one bank but the
whole Rockefeller banking network that is teetering due to bad
international loans. So the bankers have appealed for help
through the international analog of the Federal Reserve
System--that is, the IMF. But at the Toronto Economic Conference
the so-called Reagan Administration prevented that aid from being
given. As a result, the whole Rockefeller banking network is
heading toward almost certain disaster; and because the linkages
among banks that existed in the 1930s exist again today, the
whole banking system of America and the world is threatened!

The irony, my friends, is just this: In the 1930s it was the
Rockefeller interests who helped to bring about the banking
system collapse through their effective control of the Federal
Reserve System. That was how they acquired effective control of
American banking after it was rebuilt, but this time the shoe is
on the other foot! This time it is the Rockefeller bankers
themselves who want help and who face disaster because it has
been denied them.

The United States is leading the world into a new depression
even worse than that of the 1930s, but there is a fundamental
difference between what happened 50 years ago and what is
happening now! That difference has to do with our currency

In the 30's, times were hard but at least our money was still
stable and valuable. It was tough to earn a dollar; but if you
did, you could buy a lot with it. Today, in the 80's, it's
different. The dollar is no longer stable; its value is
shrinking before our very eyes. While jobs are vanishing and
wages are being restrained, even the dollars we do earn are
losing their buying power. The fact is that the United States
dollar is being destroyed deliberately. It is this process of
ruining our money itself that is leading to all the other chain
reactions that are plunging us into depression. This is what I
was talking about in my 1973 book, THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE
DOLLAR. And the destructive tampering with America's currency is
continuing--and even speeding up now!

Pending HR-7283--$100.00 Bill

A year and a half ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 63, I revealed a
scheme was being cooked up to do away with our present $100.00
bill. At that time the plan was still in its infancy. Since
then it has continued to evolve even though the original target
date in late 1981 was not met.

On the first day of last month, October 1982, the stage began
to be set for action in Congress. A Pennsylvania Congressman,
Richard Schulze, introduced a bill which is tailor-made to
Treasury Department specifications. The bill is designated
HR-7283, and has the following long-winded title:


As the title implies, the present version of the scheme
embodies one noticeable difference from that which I reported a
year and a half ago. Originally the plan was to suddenly
repudiate the $100.00 bill altogether. Now the plan is instead
to take away the present hundreds but replace them with new-issue
hundreds that look radically different. This refinement in
tactics makes the plan look a little different, but it will still
accomplish all of the original objectives.

To see how little the plan has really changed in the past year
and a half, one need only look at the bill now before Congress,

The original secret plan required that the present $100.00
bill be declared illegal tender. Likewise, subsection (c) of the
bill in Congress says, quote:

"Such notes shall cease to be legal tender on a date to be
determined by the Secretary."

The original secret plan called for holders of $100.00 bills
to be given a brief turn-in period before they became worthless,
and now HR-7283 says in subsection (c), quote:

"The Secretary shall provide for a ten-day period during which
holders of circulating United States Notes of $100.00 to be
retired may exchange such notes for new-issue notes."

A key aspect of the original secret plan was that anyone
turning in more than a modest amount of hundreds would become
automatic targets of suspicion. Your name, address, and Social
Security number were to be taken for investigation; and sure
enough, here is what HR-7283 now says in subsection (c), quote:

"In any case in which any one holder exchanges $100.00 notes in
the value of $5,000.00 or more, a record of the name, address,
and Social Security or federal employee identification number
shall be recorded and forwarded to the Department of the

Subsection (d) then says that this information will be provided,

"...to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies for
use in criminal investigation or prosecution."

The excuses being given for all of this are still following
the secret plan I made public a year and a half ago. In AUDIO
LETTER No. 63 I reported that the $100.00 bill ploy would be
justified as an attack on crime and inflation. When Congressman
Schulze introduced the bill on October 1, he followed the
Treasury script to the letter. In his remarks printed that day
in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Schulze said, quote:

"The purpose of this bill is to aid law enforcement officials
in the fight against drug trafficking and other crime. A side
benefit would be the reduction in volume of dollars in the
underground economy."

But, my friends, the true purposes of the Treasury-inspired
$100.00 bill stratagem are far different from those claimed. It
is actually a power play aimed partly at you and me and partly at
the enemy of the Bolsheviks, the Rockefeller cartel! The excuses
of attacking crime and inflation are only a means to an end to
close down America.

To help protect yourself and your family in these very
difficult times, I have outlined what you can do in my book, THE
CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR. It is still good advice today.
The main point is that you have most of your assets abroad in
hard currencies, not dollars; and also you should consider the
Currency Hedge Funds in the Common Market which help you to beat

My friends, our money system is being corrupted and destroyed.
The result is a progressive, irreversible disintegration of our
economy of a kind that did not happen in the 30's. We are
slipping backward in the direction of the Dark Ages.

Honest, stable money is essential to civilization itself. In
primitive cultures there is no money; everything is done by
barter. That works only for very simple societies. The
standardized medium of exchange known as "money" is essential in
order to make transactions more flexible and easy. It opens the
way for individuals to specialize more according to their skills.
With specialization comes diversity, breakthroughs, and
advancement of civilization itself. All that starts coming apart
when money becomes a manipulated, unstable, dishonest commodity.

The most dramatic and most ominous sign that a society's money
is becoming useless is the reappearance of barter. It means that
the society's normal medium of exchange--money--is not working.
Today barter systems are spreading like wildfire across America;
and as it does, our civilization itself is disintegrating. Our
rulers' greed for power is now leading us all toward a new Dark

Topic #2--For several years now the nuclear strategy of the
United States has been a first-strike strategy. Top Pentagon
military strategists are preparing actively for nuclear war with
Russia, and they intend for America to strike first.

It was not always this way; in fact, America's shift onto a
first strike posture is a new development in American history.
This is true even though America's leaders have repeatedly gotten
America into war deliberately. The difference is that in the
past America was always dragged into war by at least appearing to
be attacked first. That enabled American public opinion to be
rallied behind the desired war against the chosen enemy. This
approach has always been necessary because most Americans would
never support a war that they knew to be America's fault.

America's deliberate involvement in falsely defensive wars
began as long ago as 1898. On February 15 of that year the
American battleship Maine was resting peacefully at anchor in the
harbor of Havana, Cuba. Suddenly a giant explosion rocked the
ship and it blew apart. Some 260 American fighting men aboard
the ship lost their lives. To the cry of "Remember the Maine"
America went off to war. Afterward overwhelming evidence was
found that the Spaniards had not been responsible for the Maine
disaster; instead, American saboteurs had done the deed in order
to bring on the desired war. But by the time those facts began
to surface quietly, most Americans were not paying attention. We
were just too pleased with ourselves for having crushed Spain and
become suddenly a global power.

In 1941 America's leaders were spoiling for an even bigger war
than America had ever fought before. The reasons had to do with
Saudi Arabian oil, first and foremost, as I have detailed in the
past. The Rockefeller Standard Oil interests had been locked out
of the Persian Gulf by British boycott tactics. To cure that
problem, the Rockefeller cartel had helped create a threat to
Britain in the form of Adolf Hitler.

By 1940 the threat was doing its job. The Battle of Britain
was underway, and Churchill was finally willing to come to terms.
If the United States would intervene and stop Hitler, then after
the war America could have the Saudi oil.

To carry out the bargain, FDR and his Rockefeller sponsors had
to get America into war somehow. But most Americans did not want
war; the only way to change our minds about that was to arrange
for America to be attacked. The Germans were in no position to
do that, but Japan was; and Japan, Germany, and Italy were
inseparably linked through the Tripartite Treaty; so if Japan
could be lured into attacking the United States, we would also be
at war with Germany automatically. As a bonus, this strategy
also promised great new gains for the United States in the
Pacific itself. The solution, of course, was Pearl Harbor.

When FDR called it a "Day of Infamy", he was right. Roosevelt
himself and other top American leaders were guilty of high
treason for their role in setting up the Pearl Harbor disaster.
I have given many details about this in past AUDIO LETTERS
including Nos. 1, 14, 22, and 34. Just in recent months, four
decades after the fact, pieces of the story have started to leak
out and become more widely known. For example, a book was
published recently by the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John
book he documents the fact that FDR and his top military leaders
had plenty of advance warning of the attack, and yet no warning
was given to the forces at Pearl Harbor! Why? Because FDR
wanted the Japanese attack to succeed. The deliberate sacrifice
of more than 2,000 American Servicemen's lives was just the right
medicine to cure America's anti-war attitude. To the cries of
"Remember Pearl Harbor", we Americans went off to war to win
Saudi oil for the Rockefeller oil cartel!

Once again today's rulers of the United States are trying to
get America into another big war; but this time they dare not
allow the enemy, Russia, to strike first as was done at Pearl
Harbor by Japan. America's rulers in 1941 could afford the
luxury of throwing away a big chunk of naval power in the Pearl
Harbor attack. There was no chance that Japan could go on to
actually defeat the United States with its enormous industrial
might, but today it's different.

Today the luxury of time is gone. If the weapons are not
ready when war begins, they cannot be built in time to help; and
even more importantly, the intended enemy today is far more
powerful militarily than the United States! And so today's top
Pentagon strategists are first-strike oriented. In any military
campaign, he who strikes the first blow always has the advantage.
If the first blow is also a surprise, the advantage is tremendous
because of all factors of military strategy, surprise is the most

Just six weeks ago on September 17 the United States came
within hours of actually launching a surprise nuclear first
strike against Russia. It was the culmination of a hurry-up war
plan about which I first began reporting last February in AUDIO
LETTER No. 72. The struggle over this war plan spawned major
headlines this year. These included the Falklands War last
spring and the sudden forced resignation of Secretary of State
Alexander Haig last June. The plan suffered repeated setbacks
and yet it stayed on schedule. It was only during the final two
weeks or so that the so-called "PROJECT Z" war plan finally fell
apart too far to proceed. The critical events which brought this
about were a policy change in Red China, Russian military action
in space, and limited public exposure at the last minute. I
detailed all this a month ago in AUDIO LETTER No. 79.

The war planners here were frustrated this time, my friends,
but they came very close to succeeding. Having come that close,
they are convinced they will succeed on the next attempt, and so
they already have a new war plan underway. Under this new plan,
preliminary preparations and crises are scheduled for about the
coming year. Then in late 1983 they presently expect to begin a
new final-crisis sequence to lead into nuclear war itself in
early 1984.

The new war plan was set in motion on September 14, three days
before the abortive end of "PROJECT Z." The Israeli plan to
murder Lebanese President-elect Bashir Gemayel, which I had made
public the previous month, was carried out. That provided the
excuse for the Israelis to invade Beirut and quickly arrange for
a mass murder of Palestinian civilian refugees. The real pay-off
of all this was the return of American Marines to Beirut in the
beginning of a new and open-ended deployment in Lebanon.

In AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 78 and 79 I reported that the Marines
had been sent there to become the focus of a major incident.
This will come about under the joint plan of the
Bolshevik-controlled United States Pentagon and the Israeli
Mossad. The Mossad is to arrange for a number of our Marines to
be killed in an incident that will be blamed on the Arabs! This
will be used to inflame American public opinion to help lead us
into war, including ultimately nuclear war. It is to be a replay
of the strategy used in 1898 with the battleship Maine.

Already our psychological conditioning for this planned
incident to come is underway. Just two days ago a car bomb
exploded close to a Marine position in the south of Beirut.
There were no serious injuries this time because there were not
meant to be any, but the atmosphere of danger to our leathernecks
is being dramatized. At the same time the Government is starting
to talk about sending in more Marines, many more, perhaps up to
5,000; and those who are already in Lebanon are gradually fanning
out into more and more dangerous duty areas.

All of this was set in motion in spite of blunt Russian
warnings. This was accomplished by carrying out the Beirut
Massacre; but the massacre also had a dangerous side effect in
the form of world-wide condemnation of Israel.

Throughout the latter half of September the reaction to the
Beirut Massacre was building fast, especially among the public of
Israel and America. Within Israel itself, ways were available to
maneuver the protests and keep them from getting out of control.
But here in the United States it was essential to snuff out the
reaction to the massacre very quickly otherwise it could have
done real damage to the Bolshevik-Zionist junta that runs the
American and Israeli military machine. People were beginning to
question America's blind support for Israel's military power.

In order to blot out the Beirut Massacre from American minds,
a second massacre was perpetrated barely two weeks later. It was
the Tylenol Massacre. The specter of over a thousand rotting
bodies in far-off Beirut were quickly forgotten in the scare over
those seven deaths in Chicago.

For most Americans, the Tylenol scare just blanked out
everything else. It was an evil masterpiece of psychological
trickery. Most of us find it hard to identify with what happened
in Beirut, but we can certainly identify with a person taking a
headache pill. One story had to do with a lot of foreign people
in far-off land; the other had to do with what was portrayed as a
threat to each of us personally.

As I discussed in my introduction, the Tylenol story stayed on
the front page for a solid month, all through October. Now,
finally, there is starting to be some renewed emphasis of the
Beirut tragedy in the news. We are hearing about eye witnesses
to the slaughter who have contradicted Defense Minister Sharon's
claim that the Israelis could not see the killing. But now the
psychological danger point is passed for the Israelis. It's now
"old news" to most people. No matter what comes out now, it will
have almost no chance of interfering with the ongoing war plans.

The Reagan Bolsheviks and the Begin Zionists are looking ahead
to next year, but in doing so the Israeli cabinet has suddenly
noticed something that makes their blood run cold. It is right
there on the Hebrew lunar calendar which uses Hebrew letters
instead of numbers to designate the year. For the next Jewish
New Year, my friends, those letters spell the word "doom." The
Begin cabinet is reacting to this discovery as if the finger of
God had appeared and written that word "doom" on the wall of the
Knesset--and no wonder, because they have blood on their hands.

The present Jewish New Year began with the Beirut Massacre
carried out under the authority of the Begin cabinet, but the
militant Zionists in Israel are reacting as they always react
when confronted with unwelcome facts. They never consider
changing their own ways, instead their solution is, in their own
words, "to create new facts." And that is how they are trying to
erase that word "doom" from their calendar. On October 22 a
resolution was passed before the Begin cabinet to change the
designation of the next New Year by rearranging the letters.

The American Bolsheviks and their Israeli Zionist allies are
starting a lengthy process of recycling their war plans for
another try. One factor in this new process is Bolshevik
intrigue to try to set off war between India and Pakistan. In
AUDIO LETTER No. 78 I reported that this war was targeted for
this month, November 1982, if "PROJECT Z" did not succeed first.

The key to war between India and Pakistan is the disputed
territory between them of Kashmir. Kashmir has been held
together in relative stability since 1975 by Sheik Mohammad
Abdullah, known as the "Lion of Kashmir." But about five months
ago Abdullah started having a series of heart attacks. The heart
attacks, my friends, were not natural. Finally two months ago on
September 8 he succumbed to one of these attacks.

Abdullah's removal from the scene has helped start setting the
stage for the Indo-Pakistani war I warned about in August, but
the Russians know what is afoot and they are advising India's
leader, Indira Gandhi, to defuse the situation. As a result, she
invited Pakistan's General Zia to New Delhi for talks on
improving relations. Zia arrived there two days ago, met with
Mrs. Gandhi, and left a group of diplomats to talk further.
Whether all this will prevent the war is an open question, but at
least it should help slow down the Bolshevik intrigues.

The process of recycling for another war-try involves many
aspects of the total military picture. For one thing the
Bolshevik Pentagon war planners hope to rebuild some semblance of
their secret weapons reserves. I first reported on their
existence and role in the intended nuclear war in AUDIO LETTER
No. 73. These were the real reason for the Southern Hemisphere
war last spring of which the Falklands War was only the visible
part. I can now report that the Bolshevik-controlled secret
naval facilities were not destroyed even though they were put out
of action. A crash program is now underway to repair the damage,
both at South Georgia Island and at the two southern New Zealand
sites. As I reported in AUDIO LETTER No. 74, a portion of the
Bolshevik Stealth Navy escaped altogether from the hostilities.

Another aspect of the Pentagon's recycling process has to do
with America's newly deployed secret Stealth Planes, called
"Phantom War Planes." These have yet to be tested in combat but
they are believed to be capable of successfully attacking Russia;
but due to the sudden change in China's policies in early
September, the crucial Sinkiang Province launch area is presently
unavailable. Should it still be unavailable a year from now, the
Pentagon is determined to have the next best back-up site ready
to go. That back-up site, my friends, is none other than
Kashmir, the disputed area between India and Pakistan. It is far
inferior to Sinkiang Province, China, being nearly twice as far
away from Russia's Cosmosphere bases, but it is still better than
anything else, so don't be surprised if Pakistan goes ahead and
attacks India to seize Kashmir within the next year, talks or no

The Space Shuttle Missions

And then there is the space shuttle. As I've detailed in past
tapes, the space shuttle is the indispensable key to the
Pentagon's plans to use space for the coming nuclear war. All 4
space shuttle missions up to now have been military missions,
described to the public as "test flights." Now space shuttle
launch #5 is about to take place, scheduled for November 11, just
a few days from now. Now the alleged test schedule has been used

In order to preserve appearances, there is no choice but to
start following through now with some launches of civilian
payloads. That is what space shuttle #5 now on the pad at Cape
Canaveral will be doing. For the first time there will be no
military payload on this shuttle. For that reason, on this
flight we will probably get to see what is actually happening
during the mission.

Space shuttle #5 will be a "first" in other ways, too. The
first four flights used a skeleton crew of only two astronauts.
This time there are four--Allen, Brand, Overmyer, and
Lanoir--three of whom are civilians.

But the most important "first" for space shuttle #5 will be
one that is totally unsuspected by the public. My friends, this
will be the first mission to use just one shuttle from start to

The first four missions used the two-shuttle stratagem which I
first made public in AUDIO LETTER No. 62. Each time we watched a
shuttle with the name "Columbia" on the side take off from
Florida. Once in orbit, the plan called for the astronauts to
carry out their military mission while the public was shown
falsified space movies about the flight. Then the two-man crew
was to return to Earth, not aboard the shuttle itself but aboard
a two-man re-entry capsule. The shuttle itself, if possible, was
to return to Earth unmanned, landing by computer-control in
western Australia. Finally, back on Earth, the two astronauts
boarded a different shuttle with the name "Columbia" on the side.
It was boosted to high speed and then glided to Earth for the
public to watch. But this time it will be different. This time
it is a non-military mission and there are four astronauts, too
many to fit into a re-entry capsule. The shuttle which takes off
from Florida will have to land in California five days later.

The NASA military shuttle managers believe there will be no
trouble from Russia on this flight. It is purely non-military,
and this shuttle is unarmed; but there is still one major worry.
That worry, my friends, is just this: Will the thermal tiles
really work? No one knows because no space shuttle has ever
reentered from orbital velocity before. All four of the shuttles
we have watched blast off from Florida have been destroyed in
space by Russian space weapons before they could return to Earth,
so space shuttle #5 will actually make the first test of the
tiles. NASA believes that the tiles will hold. If they do, the
landing at Edwards Air Force Base on November 16 will look just
like the four fake landings we have seen up to now. If the tiles
do not work, four astronauts may pay with their lives for the
NASA deception up to now. Even so, having falsified four
allegedly successful landings, NASA will find a way to explain it
away if space shuttle #5 should end in disaster, because a year
from now the space shuttle will be needed to start preparing for
war once again.

Topic #3--On Wednesday October 27 the man known as President
Leonid Brezhnev delivered a speech of major importance in Moscow.
The speech came on the heels of a surprise conference of all
Warsaw Pact Foreign Ministers convened in Moscow just five days
earlier. The importance of the Brezhnev speech was emphasized in
every way possible. Brezhnev was flanked on the podium by his
five senior colleagues in the Politburo, and his audience of more
than 500 consisted of the entire upper crust of the giant Soviet
military establishment. Present were all top Defense Ministry
officials, all Soviet Marshals, the Commanders of all the Russian
military services, all regional Soviet Commanders, the Commanders
of Soviet forces abroad, and the top echelon of the Policy
Directorate of the Armed Forces.

The Brezhnev speech was directed first and foremost to the
Military and to the Russian technological establishment which
backs them up, but it was also directed to the entire Soviet
public and was broadcast in its entirety over nation-wide

In his speech Brezhnev accused the United States of trying to
bring about nuclear war. He said that America's leaders have,

"...raised the intensity of their military preparations to an
unprecedented level."

And he accused the so-called Reagan Administration of, and I
quote again:

"...an aggressive policy which is threatening to push the world
into the flames of nuclear war."

My friends, Government and major media spokesmen always try to
lead us Americans to discount all accusations like that by
Russian leaders, but those harsh words of October 27 in Moscow
were not just rhetoric, far from it. Brezhnev was referring to
the Pentagon's "PROJECT Z" nuclear strike plan which came within
hours of execution just six weeks ago!

Brezhnev even alluded to the superweapon aspect of the present
war threat. America's radically new Phantom Warplanes are
designed to nullify Russia's ability to stave off an attack with
her beam weapons. Brezhnev assessed the situation in the words:

"Competition in military technology has sharply intensified,
often acquiring a fundamentally new character."

And he exhorted Russia's technologists to find the solutions to
the threat.

The Brezhnev speech was most notable for the change of policy
which it revealed. For 18 years now the Brezhnev image has been
associated with detente, but in this speech all that was
virtually abandoned, devalued. Aside from one brief passing
reference, no hope was held out for reviving detente with
America's rulers. Instead, the whole thrust of the speech was
that the Russian people must prepare militarily for the days
ahead. It was not a saber-rattling speech directed at America;
it was a call to arms directed to his own people.

My friends, the significance of this major change in stated
policy can hardly be overstated. It reflects two very important

One of the developments that led to the Brezhnev speech is the
Kremlin's assessment of the inevitability of NUCLEAR WAR ONE. As
I have reported on past occasions, Russia's new anti-Bolshevik
rulers know their old Bolshevik enemies only too well. Having
ousted the Bolsheviks from control of Russia, the new Kremlin now
is confronted by a Bolshevik-controlled American military. The
Russians are convinced that the Bolsheviks will just keep trying
to set off nuclear war until they finally succeed, and "PROJECT
Z" was such a close call in September that the Russians are not
optimistic that they can stop the next attempt.

The second development that led to the Brezhnev speech of
October 27 is that a changing of the guard is underway in the
Kremlin. It's not a power struggle in the old Bolshevik sense of
intrigue and infighting; instead, it's an orderly succession
among a tightly-knit group of men who are convinced that Russia
must prepare for action, and they want to take advantage of the
lull right now while the Bolsheviks here regroup in the wake of
the "PROJECT Z" failure in September.

The Russian people are being prepared for the end of the
Brezhnev era in the very near future. For the very first time
ever preparations are underway for a Soviet leader to peacefully
and voluntarily retire with honors. It will be just one more
step in the new Kremlin's gradual step-by-step program of
changing the rules of life in Russia.

In one sense the so-called Brezhnev retirement will only be a
ceremonial fiction; the real Brezhnev died of complications from
Russian flu on January 7, 1978. I first reported his
incapacitation and replacement by a ceremonial "double" in AUDIO
LETTER No. 30. Later, in AUDIO LETTER No. 33, I was able to
report the date of his death. Since that time several doubles
have been employed to maintain the Brezhnev image until the time
was ripe for change. That time, my friends, has now arrived.

During the interim since the real Brezhnev's death, a
succession of several men have held the reins of top power in
Russia. First there was Defense Minister Ustinov, leader of the
"White Doves." Then it was the head of the Soviet Navy, Admiral
Gorshkov. Next, power was shared among several men, but none of
these men could truly fill the shoes of the departed Brezhnev,
and the search for more effective leadership has continued. Now,
my friends, that search is at an end.

The new ruler of Russia is already taking the reins of power
right now. It may be some time yet before his true role becomes
publicly visible, but his mark is already being stamped on
Russian policies. It was he more than anyone else who was the
architect of the startling Brezhnev speech, so called, of October
27. Russia's new top ruler spent 15 years as head of Russia's
world-wide Intelligence service, the KGB. When he took charge in
1967 his task was to transform the KGB by rooting out all
Bolshevik power over it. His success in doing so helped set the
stage for the final overthrow of the Bolsheviks from Kremlin
power in 1976 and 1977. Now he has been chosen to become the top
leader of the Soviet Union. The name of Russia's new leader is
Yuri Andropov. Right now that name may be unfamiliar to you, but
I urge you to start watching for it in the news. Directly or
indirectly we will be hearing more and more from Andropov from
this time forward.


Now it's time for my Last Minute Summary. In this AUDIO
LETTER I've tried to give you some perspective on the probable
direction of events over the next year or so.

The Bolsheviks here failed to set off their nuclear war plan
in September so now they are recycling for another try in a year
or so. Meanwhile they are turning inward to tighten their grip
on America itself through economic means. At the same time the
Russians, too, are taking advantage of this breather for a
changing of the guard in the Kremlin. They are preparing for
action with a new strong leader at the helm.

Here in America the destruction of our currency is continuing
with the $100.00 bill now targeted for special attack. By this
economic route the civilization of America itself is being
undermined. Over the course of generations we Americans have
been lured to worship the so-called "almighty dollar", so we have
come under the spell of those who have made the dollar corrupt as
a tool of power.

In the last analysis, the most basic cause of our deepening
economic crisis is something our Lord Jesus Christ tried to warn
us about long ago. He said we cannot serve two masters, both God
and mammon--either we will love one or we will cling to the
other. Today America as a whole is clinging to mammon and
forgetting God! If that does not change, my friends, the ages
ahead will be dark indeed.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.

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