Open Licensing of the "Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R)" Tapes
Excerpted from NewsALERT, a publication of Audio Books, Inc.;
January 6, 1984 issue.

"Audio Books Inc. hereby grants an open license, without fee,
to any and all producers of cassette tapes who may wish to pro-
duce and distribute any or all of the 'Dr. Beter AUDIO LET-
TER' tape reports. This applies to individuals who may wish
to make and distribute copies; to small commercial tape mar-
keters; and to large cassette marketing organizations. This
open license applies whether the tapes are to be distributed
free or sold, provided the following conditions and limitations
are adhered to:

1. This license applies only to the 'Dr. Beter AUDIO LET-
TER' tape report series. A few other tapes designated 'AUD-
IO BOOK' tapes and 'SPECIAL TAPES' are also being phased
out but will not be licensed.

2. Any 'Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER' tape which is to be re-
produced under this open license must be reproduced exactly as
is, in its entirety, without any deletions, additions, or combin-
ation with any other recorded material on the same tape.

3. Each 'Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER' tape produced under
this open license must bear a statement protecting the regis-
tered 'Audio Letter' trademark. This statement may be on
the main cassette label, on an auxiliary label, or printed di-
rectly on the cassette itself. The statement shall say:

'Audio Letter' is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this
tape recording.

Limitation: The rights and fees which are waived under
this open license are those of Audio Books Inc. only. We are
not empowered to speak for Dr. Beter, who should be contacted
directly about any royalty arrangement he may desire before
producing tapes under this license. As of this printing, Dr.
Beter may be contacted at the following address:

Dr. Peter Beter
P.O. Box 73
Glen Echo, MD 20812"

[Note: Dr. Beter died March 14, 1987, and the address above is
no longer valid. All correspondence and donations should be
addressed to: Mrs. Peter Beter, c/o Wisconsin Report; P.O. Box 45;
Brookfield, WI 53008-0045. (J.V.)]

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